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What is /leftypol/'s opinion on domesticating animals and keeping/training pets?


>domesticating animals and keeping/training pets?
based based and based
the only issue for me is when eugenics gets involved


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in the case of dog breeding it's more like dysgenics


I watched that episode of sopranos where tony hunts out the guy who ratted out their group and that dude would have died way sooner if he didn't have a dog protecting his house

I mean I'm pretty sure he got to have sex with his topless wife before dying all because of that dog bark.

It made me realize how useful domesticating dogs are, They're like very cheap bodyguards and companions. All you need to give them is some food and shelter.

So for utility alone I am fine with it. The breeding for aesthetics shit is weird and should be banned. If mutts are the end result, I don't care.



I took in a stray kitten. Will never get another pet again. Jesus fuck it is a shit ton of work. She started getting seizures at 3 weeks old, I had to spend at least 10k in vet bills. She’s on meds now 3 times a day, whenever she has a seizure she pees and poops. Cleaning that up is a hassle every time. She fights and grumbles all the time because of her meds. Steps in her poop still because she didnt have enough time to learn.

If you get a pet ever make sure they’re healthy af.


Depends on what breed, some are very healthy and cool, others should not be allowed to breed (anyone involved with the Kennel Club should not be allowed to breed either).


I do feel a bit weird about that aspect but dogs/cats don't really seem to mind that much. Of course I guess we don't really know what goes on in their heads.


Cats kick out their young kittens at 12 weeks after teaching them how to hunt for themselves. My cat loves being indoors, if I put her on grass or concrete she thinks she stepped on something gross lol. I think getting indoor pets are ok as long as you play with them.



Well that's pretty shitty. Maybe she should've been euthanized at some point.


How the fuck can you read that article and conclude that you hate dogs? Your rage should be directed at that fucking pig


Dog culture is fucking cancer, fuck the police too


Yeah pretty sure you're just projecting some fucking weird issue here. That story has nothing to do with the dog.

Cats definitely should stay indoors or in a fenced in garden (fencing which they can't get over, so like, high). Dogs on the other hand need to be walked (but don't leave them outside all the time either, it's kinda fucked up IMO). The problem of cats killing birds is due to negligent owners that leave them outside (which is also bad for their health).


Oh yeah, and if you're the kind of person that thinks your dog needs to be kept in a crate, why not consider just not having a dog since you obviously don't give a shit about it.


I can’t understand how people crate high energy dogs, those guys are pretty smart and ideally need some job to do to be happy. It’s like prison for them.

If you want a lower energy dog, just get a small one. Papillons are known to be pretty smart and lower energy


That's a ridiculous urbanite idiocy. It's good for cats to explore and hunt. My cat wants to be outside and goes exploring the neighborhood. He's already nearing 20 years but still active.


>It's good for cats to explore and hunt.

It certainly isn't good for your local ecosystem, typical ruralite narcissism.


leftover from a time where they actually served a purpose in human labor, they're now emotional slaves for egoistic cunts who mostly dont take good care of them despite what they think, and use them to have a social relation where they have a clear and uncontested domination with minimum moral repercussions.
Should be forbidden in cities


File: 1621782314512.png (715.27 KB, 667x1000, 17526276272231.png)

I want to be domesticated by a mature woman.

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