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Ask your /fit/ related questions here.

Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky"

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Have you guys done spellcasters? I feel amazing oh my god. Took a kava and I can feel every fiber of my core getting shredded


Bridge progressions, anon. Start simple with something like short bridge sets and work your way up to full bridges, wall-walking bridges, and finally stand-to-stand bridges where you don't need wall assistance.


Please explain I thought the "classic" bridge pose was done with leg muscles.


Those are a part of it, but bridges work your entire posterior chain including especially various back muscles.


Isn't she rotating and twisting too much? I think your core should be relatively stable and fixed while you move your center of gravity to the sides.

I actually just tried something like this today with a landmine, and I felt my core muscles working but not hard enough. Will try it with dumbbells instead, so thanks for mentioning it.


>I got my first stand-to-stand bridge
I think I may have actually pulled a quad muscle doing this the other day because my leg is incredibly sore today. Careful attempting to stand back up from a bridge anons, it's a huge increase in demand on your quads compared to other bridging motions. Maybe I should train standing up from bridges on inclines or stairs first and progress towards flat ground from that.


File: 1626858316914.jpg (42.06 KB, 486x536, scared dog.jpg)

>today i did workout with a landmine
say what ?


File: 1626859526394.jpg (32.3 KB, 409x557, your body on socialism.jpg)

get good


File: 1627082730865.jpg (72.8 KB, 480x735, image0-2.jpg)

Was he natty? What was his routine?


File: 1627116507091.gif (976.92 KB, 685x484, landmine-anti-rotation.gif)

Fix one end of a barbell into the ground (e.g. into a corner of a room) then put plates on the other end. This setup is called a "landmine" for some reason.

The benefit of this is that the arc of movement is fixed to the spherical plane so you don't need so much control of the movement as with dumbbells and can thus lift more weight and be more consistent in your form. In some cases I can do more reps with twice as much weight than with a dumbbell variation of the same exercise.

Picrel is the exercise I was talking about in my previous post. I tried spellcasters with dumbbells like anon recommended, but I have to say that I could still feel my core struggle more with this landmine exercise than with dumbbell spellcasters simply because I could work with more weight.


>so you don't need so much control of the movement
That sounds undesirable, why would you want that?


If your support muscles are well developed, there should not be much difference in strength for either motion, but it probably makes sense to do this limited range of motion exercise to prevent injury.


Forehead raises 10x20


Because dumbbell exercises that emulate something else in a different body orientation often have an unnatural direction of force for that arc of movement, which is bad for joints. Not all dumbbell substitutions for what is usually done with machines or in other sports or simply in everyday functional movements are that great.

With a landmine the arc is at least semi-fixed and direction of force is also slightly different, so some of that unnatural force on your joints is reduced and you can load on more weight. Since it's easier to maintain a proper form you can also do more reps. But at the same it also challenges your stability differently because the force comes from a different angle, so for example the core in general will usually have to stabilize more than with dumbbell variations. If you have a barbell and some plates at home then it's a pretty neat setup IMO.


What's an easy workout for forearms and wrists? I don't want big biceps/shoulders with rails for arms, bros.


Forearms and hands:
>hammer curl variations
>all possible variations of wrist curls you can think of, as long as they aren't hurting the tendons in your wrists, be careful
>"grip curls" (don't know the name) - be standing up with your arms hanging at the sides, hang a dumbbell on your finger tips then slowly close and open your grip
>farmer walks
>pinch grip walks - do them with both heavy and light weights, they work the muscles a bit differently in my experience

There are no muscles in your wrists lol, at best you can slightly inflate the tendons but the difference will be negligible. You're stuck with small wrists for life!


Fingertip pushups. Start with an incline and progress carefully.


Anyone do martial arts? Thinking of joining a local Muay Thai gym, but I don't know if I'm going to be into it. I just want to be healthy/fit without boring myself to death in a gym.


Muay Thai is more of a sport system without a lot of structure to its conditioning program, meaning if fitness is your goal you'll have to continually meet in a social context to stay fit. Some other martial arts like karate (depending on the style of course) have developed a lot of rigid floor drills that you do on your own just as easily as you can in a group setting. I have done the basic routine for my karate club on my own three times a week for the past year due to social isolation and stayed in fantastic health. Martial arts in general are a great way to stave off boredom in exercise because you can always find something different about your form and movement to improve and focus on for a given training session.


File: 1627176805861.jpg (14.34 KB, 248x300, funakoshi.jpg)

A good quote from Gichin Funakoshi, the guy who brought karate to Japan and founded the Shotokan style:
>Almost no other form of exercise, be it judo, kendo, archery, swimming, or horsemanship, can be performed at any time or place as easily as karate.



OK, well I have no friends and maybe this will be a way to perhaps make friends. The main reason I want to do Muay Thai is because it's the closest gym to me…Karate and Boxing seem more interesting, but there are no dojos/gyms that are close to me.

I just need to do something to get off my ass while not breaking my bank. I'm taking guitar lessons right now–which I really enjoy–but that won't make me fit and it's already costing me around $110 a month.


I just had diarrhea for a week and couldn't exercise as a result. Did I shit out my gains?


Muay thai is based, pls ignore the flippy bullshito artists itt


File: 1627322103173.gif (2.33 MB, 300x168, muay-thai-lesson-Cory-Hill.gif)

Gotta be wary of their advice on kicking technique though.


Is having a low body fat percentage (let's say below 10%) a good idea in a hot climate? I'm worried about cutting starting next year.


I wouldn't go lower than 12%. around 15% is probably ideal for peak strength
t. natty powerlifter


actually, I'd even say anywhere on the 15 to 20% range bf is the ideal range for peak strength, peak test and minimal cortisol


Why would it be something to worry about? It's fatties that have a problem dissipating heat due to their surface area to volume ratio, not skinnies.


File: 1627501690393.gif (477.15 KB, 498x387, 310b114e39e45abe07bb1e52f6….gif)

Went to the gym two days ago for the first time in god knows how long, my arms feel like they're on fire today and not at all in a good way.


Because your muscles were in deep sleep for ages. They'll quickly get used to being used at all.


Perfect time to go again
(you didnt go put 100% intj


into it, did you?)


I wanted to take things slowly this time around so I don't end up getting burnt out easily, but it still hurts like fucking hell.


Does getting vaccinated affect gains?


Don't forget to work on your penis boys. There is evidence that stretching can add another inch to your penis. Also, do kegels.


I just use a BathMate for fun tbh


Do I have to do cardio if my job is already physically demanding?
I'm a carpenter and only sit down at lunch time.


>went to the gym today
>they were playing the sigma male song on the speakers


Guys just trying to brag here- i can do 2 finger one arm pushups.

Sike kidding, its not that special. I didnt really have to work hard for them for some reason the one arm pushups and finger strength came kind of naturally


arguably you don't have to do as much as someone with a sedentary job however you need to have some level of intense cardio training to improve efficiency of heart + lungs


Okay that's interesting.
What will be a fitting routine for me?


Low impact exercise such as swimming, biking or rowing would be good so as to minimise stress on joints (the last two can be done on machines) . Each of these three have their own programs and routines which I would imagine are plentiful online but a simple routine would be to hop on a bike machine for 30-60 mins 3 or more times a week - your intensity should be at a level where you can still talk but above a "casual" level.

Of course you don't have to bind yourself to this, you could do circuit work, crossfit or even a sport for cardio but each of these has their own demands that you would have to adjust to.


I'll have to think about this.
I feel the 20 - 30 minutes walk (each way is 10 - 15) I do from home to the train stations may be good but I sure I should do more.
Maybe just walk for longer.


My gym closed during covid and went out of business and I haven't worked out for over a year now. I'm (slightly) fat and out of shape due to this, how does everyone here work out. After work it usually takes me like 20 minutes to go to a gym nearby, an hour to work out, and 20 minutes to drive back, so when you add in in between times and showering its like 2 hours of post work time thats taken up. I'd be willing to invest in a home gym but i live in a small apartment so its not really an option.

What about body weight exercises? i have nothing against them for basic fitness, sortof like a boot camp style workout but id rather do some resistance training on top of it as well if possible


A karate routine with calisthenics progressions keeps me fitter than lots of gym rats. I haven't needed a gym to stay in shape for a long time.


Started working out at nights during summer (body weight at home, no gym within miles), but winter will come and it will be so cold that I will be seriously demotivated. How can you make it warmer?
I mean, maybe switching to exercises on lunch break might work, but it's obviously not idea.


rug up, get a treadmill (or go to a gym with one), stop being a bitch, many good options


If you lived in a cubicle and stayed trap forever there but still got all the nutrients

What exercises you would do to train your entire body and all the necessary things to live a long life


Why would you want to live a long life trapped in a cubicle?


if I'm not allowed any equipment then:
- the usual: squats, pushups, sit ups
- also: handstand push ups, pistol squats, bridges, lunges
circuits for cardio + running on the spot

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