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Ask your /fit/ related questions here.

Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky"

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For a broken body starting with Taichi would be good especially if you can find someone who can teach it properly and explain the combat application of the motions since it's decended from military calisthenic drills from back in the hand to hand combat days where there'd have been plenty of old NCO's with broken bodies refining it


Finally joined that Muay Thai gym. Had a fun time; glad I went. I just hope this Moderna shit actually works because this is probably a good place to get COVID


thanks fam :)
the calculator is good


>Not the anon you replied to, but I seriously doubt you've gotten better. 99% of "self-taught" guitar players have shit technical and theoretical fundamentals. Lessons with a good teacher beat self-teaching any day of the week.

you're not totally wrong, but no, most of what i practice is fundamentals. Anyways I'm not saying this is the fastest way, but for me it's the only way that keeps my interest at least, and also it's free. I'm very interested in the fundamentals and theory, music theory is really neat, and the most important and difficult parts are how to strum, pluck, and finger properly (and quickly and accurately).

I can say that I NEVER got this from a guitar instructor. But maybe the other anon's is different, which would be good. But the way guitar teaching went for me was
>this is a chord
>memorize them
>try this song
>ok that's ok, keep doing it until it doesn't sound so bad
>not doing shit i like
>"why am i doing this again?"
>cant memorize shit cause fundamentally confused/undereducated
>drop it

most important for me has been getting a connection to the music, which sounds hippy but i think its very important to focus on improvisation along the way, at the same time as you focus on fundamentals. I use songs sometimes to help train my intuition, give me harder things to do, and learn picking rhythms e.g., but i've 100% dropped trying to memorize songs and it's only helped.

>What do I do bros? I need to get fit; I don't want to die a horrible death when this shithole country eventually collapses. But jesus christ, excerising is so miserable and soul-sucking that I just get depressed and anxious thinking about it.

Don't listen to me cause I just do PRC 4 minute fitness routine every morning, but the only thing that motivates me to do anything is the need. Like you have some goal, which you need to do for a pressing reason, and then you just go and do it. One foot in front of the other. But for real, good on you anon for working out despite hating it. For a while I was running every day and that ended fast, because i had no immediate reason and no social support, so no reason to keep it up except general heath (which really, how many people are motivated by "this will make you function normaler and for longer!")

For me, I do this minimum of exercise because if i don't, my mind and body feel worse. I would say maybe you should take a couple days off and see if you feel like shit (or maybe see if you needed some rest days), but maybe don't because breaking discipline is the road towards total backslide and giving yourself too much slack. So I encourage you to keep up your rigid discipline so you don't let yourself down :) good luck anon


what the fuck? no it's more like 50-60g/day or if you're trying to gain lean muscle tissue 1g/kg body weight not lb.


Does it make sense to start going to the gym while on a low-carb diet?


What is the reason you are going to the gym?


Health and to gain some muscle


Anyone got any advice for building up my upper body strength for doing pull ups, or at the very least, doing pull ups in general as I recently bought a pull up bar


Start by just pulling yourself up as far as you can and then hanging in that position


I wish i could train heavily again, but i have horrible myopia and if I strain too much I risk blindness every time. Ive been warned off by doctors because i risk retinal detachment every time i train, but sometimes i do it anyways because its my passion. Now that ive gotten older, ive tried to develop other hobbies, but i still miss intense training. The condition has ruined so much progress in my life and ill never be happy with my progress because i feel like i didnt rise to the challenge or persevere anyways. I just am too afraid to risk blindness though, the concept terrifies me so Id rather be weak and lazy than continuing to train and risk going blind.

The only cope i have left is light training, coordination, maintenance etc but if I go too heavy on the weights my eyes start acting up from the pressure. Hate my life, i wish i had 20/20 so i didnt have to deal with the anguish every day. Now my own forced laziness takes all the fun out of my life and im just a depressed shithead most of the time


If I work out just for sake of not being sedentary, can expect any good changes in my body In the medium/long term? Haven't really modified my diet because food is getting expensive as shit.


>If I work out just for sake of not being sedentary, can expect any good changes in my body In the medium/long term?
Yes, just doing some light cardio like 30 minute walks every day is a massive improvement over nothing. It won't turn you into a star athlete but it will improve your cardiovascular health and your energy levels.

Don't do that. Do eccentrics. Jump up to the top of the movement and then flex your muscles so that your descent back down to neutral is slower. You can work up your strength by slowing the movement down more. Once you can do at least 1 pull up you're better off doing something like 1 of that movement daily until it becomes normal and gradually increasing reps.

Also you should just hold the bar and hang at the bottom for a while. It will help straighten out your back using gravity, activate some of your stabilizing muscles in your core (depending on where you hold your legs), and help build your grip strength if it's weak.


>Jump up to the top of the movement
By that, you mean jump as high as possible?


>just doing some light cardio like 30 minute walks every day
Welp, i'm embarrassingly out of pace.

>It won't turn you into a star athlete but it will improve your cardiovascular health and your energy levels.

That's great to hear! Thank you, anon.


posting some vintage Bugez vids


are you on keto? is it healthy? if so then yes.
>>19604 do push ups and abdominal stuff on the floor. then do your pull ups in an L sit, and work on doing leg lifts for reps. have a heavy object/s to lift or carry for traps.
I dearly sympathize. I don't know what I would do without the iron.
Happy trails
A demigod amongst mortals.



>have bad guitar teacher
>hurr durr all teachers are bad
>hurr durr teachers kill creativity and don't have you improv

retard-tier generalizations. Enjoy taking forever to learn properly when you could've just taken your learning seriously and put in the effort to find a good guitar teacher.



not the guide, its probably fine, but inhabit, lameeeee


shush, rude mouth
also self-crit
also also, bourgeois. a teacher costs hella money, learning on your own is free. A good teacher costs even more money


File: 1632194774908.jpg (94.39 KB, 612x678, 1626870022132.jpg)

Nice design, reasonable content, simple language with a sprinkling of crypto left language, perfect for edgy normies on the cusp of getting left-pilled (so good marketing, "insurgents", "inhabit", lol).

Not sure about the font, seems a bit R E T V R N T O T R A D T I T I O N-esk but I guess that's the edge factor.

Sadly I'm >picrel


File: 1632708498642.jpg (53.3 KB, 500x683, Zyzz-1.jpg)

Why are Zyzz memes making a comeback lately? They're trending all over Youtube and shit. Did I miss something?


He wasnt even that aesthetic smh


File: 1632709461950.jpg (36.86 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Zyzz has always been an integral part of online alternate fitness communities. He was one of them who "made it." I'm guessing why its resurging is because people either want to pay their respects to the legend or cash in on oldfag nostalgia.




>By that, you mean jump as high as possible?
No, just to the top of the movement, like where you would be at the top of a regular pull up. Look up some video of somebody doing it on youtube or whatever. Easy to find.


How to become more flexible? I've been stretching for months without any noticeable difference.


Use a bigger stretch obviously


Wtf do I eat 1 hour before going to swim in the morning?


A. stretch progressively farther
B. stretch for longer IIRC you want to go for about 60 seconds on the stretch if you want to increase flexibility


>baked potato
>a tropical fruit (mango, pineapple)
>avacado toast
basically anything high in carbs


Is cum high in carbs?


it has sugars and proteins in it to keep the sperm cells alive


Much appreciated comrade


>it has sugars and proteins in it to keep the sperm cells alive


>finally started lifting again after a year of inactivity
we're all going to make it





comrade Kim is looking real good lately


It's good my homie is losing weight but he looks like he's like 45 now. I'm pretty sure he is in his mid thirties.


I was thinking that myself. Fat makes you look younger (even though it's babymode youth).


oh shit you're right

damn maybe that's why I have a chubby milf kink :\


Here's a cookie recipe that I got more than a year ago on Bunkerchan


God this one has to be like 10 years old at least. I have made it before and can confirm it's good. Ditch the splenda for some stevia though. I would not recommend using steel cut oats in this method, though, since they absorb liquid better slowly over time and under heat. The texture isn't great, and you can see in the picture they are still in hard little clumps lol.


what are the macros like?

unrelated, but just tried hip thrusts like a week ago and they are a god tier exercise, they are a must for leg days.


>what are the macros like?
Don't have them on hand, but a strong mix of all 3. It's been years so I don't recall the ratio.


>what are the macros like?
They look pretty normal sized to me.


2 important things from /fit/

/fit/ information repository (3 gb torrent with lots of books on strength training and diet): Tinyurl com/fit-information-repository

/fit/ 87 recipes: https://m.imgur.com/r/4chan/5nbmA


>3 gb torrent with lots of books on strength training and diet

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