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Ask your /fit/ related questions here.

Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky"

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File: 1621797761383.png (367.97 KB, 820x530, ClipboardImage.png)


No I will NOT lift weights
No I will NOT do any sort of exercise
No I will not eat healthy
No I will not cut carbs and sugar
No I will not eat more diary and meat
No I will not stop watching porn
No I will not have decent personal hygiene
No I will not do anything productive
No I will not use minoxidil to fix my beard
No I will not ever go out unless I'm forced to
No I will not improve my social skills
Yes I will keep playing vydias
Yes I will keep shitposting on imageboards
Yes I will keep arguing with political schizos on Twitter


1) Should I exercise before or after breakfast?
2) Can I sustain myself purely on low-fat curd and not face any adverse health effects? Normal healthy food is either tiresome to make (soup / porridge) and or tastes like dogshit after microwaving (home-cooked chicken / grounded beef).
3) Eggs. Yay or nay?
4) Should I bother with vegetables? I was advised IRL to eat them by a /fit/ friend, but his only points were A) They stuff you up so you wouldn't start eating random shit outside of meals, which is no problem to me since I have good self control, and B) It will make my shits better, which doesn't seem all that amazing. So again, yay or nay?


I'm too lazy to work out but I like stretching.


> http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html
90% of it is lies and outdated scienceaccelerationAcceleration


File: 1621802281792.png (95.87 KB, 300x251, ClipboardImage.png)

2)It sounds like a quick way to become malnourished, get beans, rice, bananas and any other cheap food you can get to remain relatively well fed.
3)Yay, all you can have
4)Vegetables are good sources of nutrients on top of everything you mentioned, so yay.
haha stretch ur anus xddddd


1) You should have a pre-workout and post-workout meal. Before workout you need some protein and simple carbs to boost your performance, afterwards protein and complex carbs or fat for the slow muscle repair, which also consumes energy. If you're cutting you can replace pre-workout meal with coffee.
2) All nutrients are important, but limit simple carbs to pre-workout and limit saturated fats in general.
3) Yay, and eat the whole egg.
4) Absolutely. Some can be a great source of fiber and complex carbs, even protein. Legumes (beans, lentils, etc.) give you all three.


I'm too impatient to stretch but I like working out.


Im a fucking fatass. (170cm, 113kg)
Please give me tips on losing weight


Based bloatlord


Eat less you fat fuck haha just kidding I've put on a few pounds myself and will be doing the same


Go on a fast, get moving. Stop loading on bad carbs and bad sugar. You'll make it.


Just do what lifters do while cutting, look it up. Since you're a fatass you can cut more extremely, your body wants to get rid of that fat as well.


Eat below your daily calorie intake and supplement with low intensity, long duration exercise (Be on a bike for an hour at a level where you can still hold a conversation but are still working, for about 3 or more times a week)

calculate daily calorie intake here:




File: 1621828957668.jpeg (110.77 KB, 718x1024, PksOYty.jpeg)

If right wingers are already jacked gym goers then we need to be so too in order to fight them


I do not cut carbs
I only cut calories


Is the second pdf only useful if I have kettlebell?



You need to be in shape to fight a war.
Running from the enemy, carrying heavy equipment around, living under extreme conditions are things that you can’t do if you are not healthy and fit.


Im not reading all of that but you should shut up and stop shitting up the thread


I don't care; stop shitting up the thread


>t. thinks a 6 pack and arm mass will allow him to ruck 10 miles, get shot at, and ruck 10 more


Literally just fix your diet. You don't even need to work out in order to be 80kg ish, unless there is something really fucked with your metabolism. I only recently got intondoing actual workouts, since I was tired of being skinny-fat, but even then I considered my shape to be average enough.
Main points:
1) Drop all fucking sugar you can find. Energy drinks? Out. Sweetened tea? Out. A snack in the evening? Out. Frosted flakes? You better believe it out. If you want to go a step further, drop ketchup and other similar things that are full of sneaky sugar. At the very least stop using Heinz.
This alone should do wonders considering your current state.
2) Cut all fast carbs. Pasta? Out. White bread and buns? Out. Any sort of cereal? Out.
This is where I am at as I am a bit lazy to go through the next steps.
3) Cut the fat intake. First and most obvious is non-home-made meats, eg sausages. Also in general try to cut all prefab foods. Then, if you do home-cook your meat, do it without oil or butter, aka no frying.
4) Most advanced stage, eat good food. This means REAL greens. Peas, spinache, broccoli, try to find something that you find ok tobeat from those. If you are lazy you can opt for chilled vegetable mixes at the store. Try to eat them along your other meals.

All in all just the first two should do wonders for you as I said. Though I'd also advise some light exercise like going out for a walk for an hour.


definitely make it so that you get to eat after you work out, also yes, go ahead and bother with vegetables, they're really good, but make sure to eat them alongside meat/dairy products if you can.


>Petty boug food diet
You don't know what you are talking about. Maybe its different in burgerstan (I assume you are a burger because you use the ancom flag), but here healthy food is cheaper than the alternative. Refusing to eat shit that is pumped full of sugar, reprocessed from cow bone or filled with cancerogenic transfats isn't le bougie lifestyleism. Buying eggs, oatmeal, uncoocked chicken meat and vegie mixes is cheap as fuck. As for le gym monkeys, sure, its a bit cringe to want to be le muscle mountain, but in the end the process to become one is just a further goal on the path to get into a descent body shape of not being overweight.


File: 1621846767611.jpg (623.91 KB, 1176x1920, ideal.jpg)

post moar fitprop inspo please

No, you can load an adjustable dumbell so it kinda functions like a kettle bell.


If that is true why is it so hard to lose weight?


Because you have to struggle against your own habits. But once you change them the weight will be dropping by itself without you even thinking about it.

I find it much harder to change body composition (reduce fat and gain muscle) once your weight is already fine. Lifting is fun, but there's so much more factors involved, diet has to be more specific and strict, good sleep is much more crucial, etc. It takes longer as well.


man the first pic is such goals hhhhhhhng


how do i pick up a woman while fucking

what is the technique and exercises to do sex in wild positions

other than the glutes and legs
what else needs to be trained

i have no equipment btw


fuck off sexhaver


First lift the woman from the ground then do twenty 4-inch up-down reps at the top, drop the woman for a very quick rest then repeat for a few more sets. You need to aim at high reps and little rest between sets to practice endurance. Once you can do this for 3 minutes you're basically ready.


I'm a 23 year old volcel virgin…

I'm only preparing and practicing for sex, so you can't call me that slur yet

Goddamn it I don't have a woman to lift.

Fuck, I'll try with this with the heaviest furniture I can find.


This post made me realize that there is probably a sizeable contingent of variously aged men who watched too much porn and got a back injury from trying to practice lifting women up on large objects. Ngl, sounds hot, except I am the one who would want to be lifted up and fucked.


File: 1621869918179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.12 KB, 310x230, unnamed.jpg)

Go to the gym and do zerchers and lifting ya gurl will be ezpz


>Cut all fast carbs
I think cutting them completely will more than likely lead to regression. Skip breakfast, eat a protein/fat snack for lunch, allow a small portion of carbs at dinner.


Oh you mean this?
Idk, seems kinda unsafe. I'm afraid of fucking up my posture because I just have a barbell and some dumbbells.


Is it possible to get Rhabdomyolysis without knowing?
What's also boggling my mind is how someone could train that hard, how could they go past the failure to do a rep?


Do you really think its that hard to unhook from fast carbs? Breakfast (the shittiest meal of the day any way you do it) is hard to fix if you are used to cereal, but the rest of it is fine, unless you are some sort of pasta / sandwich monger. Also your proposed diet sounds like a good way to get malnutrition, as well as getting to feel like shit all day due to an empty stomach.

Counter proposal:
>Low-fat curd for breakfast
>Steamed / oven baked chicken + veggie mix for lunch
>Microwaved omelette + veggie mix for dinner
Can you even have a more perfect diet?


Started going to the gym for extreme rightoid reasons. Pay for one year membership(very cheap but good enough gym,plus its "walking distance" from my apartm). 2 weeks into lifting i research third position because of normiepol,a reading list for ThrdP contains DAS KAPITAL as neccessary reading. Three volumes? Fuck that. Condense it please. Communist manifesto? Boring. Principles of communism? Weightlifting victim of the mega based fascist-communist pipeline. Thank you gym


use web.archive.org/save/ to preserve full res pictures


File: 1621906893907.png (593 KB, 1200x998, ClipboardImage.png)

What's you opinion on jumping rope? It's like the only exerceise (outside of walking) that I do more or less regularly.


What the fuck does this post mean

>Started going to the gym for extreme rightoid reasons.

what reasons?

I loved doing it but I think it destroyed my knees because I was a fattie while doing them

Would love to do them again if I can find a rope


File: 1621909287840-0.jpg (44.35 KB, 500x686, xg3n30e79fc01.jpg)

File: 1621909287840-2.jpg (453.82 KB, 2048x1536, ExudiBzWEAABxSi.jpg)

File: 1621909287840-3.jpg (141.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

room pic belongs to Chris Hadfield


Grab their throat like Kane and tell them to BACK THE FUCK OFF


>Fuck, I'll try with this with the heaviest furniture I can find.
more cushion for the pushin


>Chris Hadfield
Iron comrade Chris.


don't eat 1 or 2 days a week. Hunger pangs from fasting are much less severe than maintaining a 500 calorie deficit for 6+ months.

> radical /nofun/ diet changes like this make you want to kysaccelerationAcceleration


>Talk about revolution all the time
<Oppose being physically fit
Does not compute


t. Fattie


I can hold a bridge for 2 minutes straight
How long can you comrades?


what the fuck is a bridge
this shit?


I don't generally focus on static holds but I'm currently on wall walking bridge sets in my progression. It's amazing how much harder walking back up from the bottom is from walking down.


Is it wrong to only want muscles to impress girls? Like I know the fitness bros are gonna be like ‘lift for yourself mayne,’ but I dont buy it. I’m sure everyone doing bodybuilding strictly enough is doing it to impress chicks. And I’m also sure the people claiming to do it for themselves is pure cope. Pretty sure bbers start like incels, gain more confidence because of their muscles, got more women and mistakingly thought it was cause of their muscles.

And if so, then why spend years toiling after muscle when plastic surgery or something would be more efficient to impressing chicks.


It's not wrong, and that is undeniably a part of why anyone lifts. Not necessarily girls, it could be to "impress" anyone from family members to coworkers etc., but it doesn't have to be the only reason either. You can pathologize anything if you want, but some, at least partially, want to be healthier and stronger because it makes everything better. Bodybuilders is something else entirely, don't mix that up with regular working out and fitness.


As allways, I take the third, enlightened position, and lift only to help with my weight. Don't give a shit about the muscles more than the fact that maintaining them eats up my excess energy and helps me keep shape, though I guess its cool if I get them as a biproduct, also it has the added charm of me feeling good about being able to raise heavy shit and thus please my ego. As for impressing girls, I find that fucking retarded, mainly because if I need muscles to actually get into a relationship with someone, chances are I wouldn't want to actually be in the said relationship.


Yes, that is a type of bridge. There are a lot of variations both static and kinetic. What are you trying to do?


File: 1622251961957.png (363.92 KB, 400x543, ClipboardImage.png)

I've seen skinny guys, fat guys, short guys, guys that look like the "soyboy" meme, "ugly" guys, balding guys (etc) … all get with fine looking girls. And I mean FIIINNEE looking girls too, whether it's petite girls, thicc girls, athletic gym/dancer/yoga girls, girls with big tiddies, girls with shapely ass, girls with both. I don't believe this theory that you need to be "big/jacked" to attract girls. If you unironically believe that then you are way too online and you need to talk to more people IRL (even if it's by text, DM's or whatever bc the pandemic).
>t. a guy who lifts

The time in my life when I got the most attention from girls was when I was still in school (HS/college). Attention from big tiddy girls too (except that one flat chest asian girl). Back then I was a skinny-to-average guy, the kind of guy you'd expect to see on a cross country team.

Now I'm much bigger, with wider and thicker back/shoulder/quad muscles than back then but I don't get nearly as much female attention nowadays if any at all. Seriously doubt it has anything to do with physique though tbh. More likely you simply have more opportunities to interact with girls on a daily basis when you're in school than when you're an adult at work or NEET or whatever.

Working out or lifting to get big/jacked is fine but it's not necessary to attract girls if that's the only thing you're looking to do.

Oh and "Just b urself" unironically. Having fun, relaxing, not taking life too seriously, making a girl laugh, going on adventures together and making her feel comfortable with you matters way more than whatever you think physique does.spurdoSpurdo


*Being yourself as a good looking guy


I'm not a bodybuilder btw. My routine is more like a powerlifter routine (only big compound lifts, low reps, high weight, once per week) except I'm not a powerlifter bc I don't compete and don't ever intend to compete. Natty too and always will be… not down to shrink my balls, bald prematurely and mess up my heart and liver. I lift because it feels good, it helps me sleep better, it makes me horny af and I love to wack it and nut to hentai and xvideos and I want to get a big, decades early head start on aging gracefully and living a long healthy life. Scientific studies have shown that muscle mass and strength is very important for helping you prevent slips and falls in older age, to keep you balanced and stable on the feet.

We're all gonna make it, brahspurdoSpurdo


how to acquire interest of tig biddy girls please?


File: 1622262523215.gif (40.83 KB, 748x580, -fit-.gif)

post routine also pls


yeah lol
how long can you hold it?

wall waking bridge sounds extravagant
i want to try it

so far the only variation i have added is doing one legged bridges for hips


my brain can plank for 1 minute but my body can plank for 2
getting fit sux


iktf bro

i could do cardio for 1 hr with my phone listening to music and browsing social media
but without it i have been slowly racking upto 15 minutes cardio

we will conquer the mind! it will make us stronger in every way

keep at it!


OK but what is the actual exercise? I tried it and by cycling the muscles I got up to 4m30s but I guess that's not the point?


Do I have to pay precise attention to what I eat (carbs, fat, protein) to have a defined physique? I'm truly too lazy to calculate and write that down every they and to have to think about what exactly I eat every day. I never eat fast food, instant meals or candy, the only thing I drink is water and my meals healthy overall. A bunch of people complimented me on looking athletic. Problem is I want defined muscles. Is that possible without this gregarious bookkeeping?


Strengthening the lowerback and buttocks?

you add variations or try to do maxx reps by thrusting in the air which gives great cooms


So you are supposed only to push down with the legs? Trying to straighten the legs will hold the same pose using different muscles and you can switch between the two to give a little rest for the other. Pushing down the hands will also recruit some extra muscles.


File: 1622333765355-0.jpg (1.44 MB, 2000x3064, 125381468129751656.jpg)

File: 1622333765355-1.jpg (2.05 MB, 2128x4128, 1254184214712056163.jpg)

File: 1622333765355-2.jpg (1.97 MB, 1824x4128, 124518461897405175.jpg)

File: 1622333765355-3.jpg (3.09 MB, 2656x4120, 12451862194618964.jpg)

File: 1622333765355-4.jpg (27.67 KB, 400x352, 1610517952864-2.jpg)

Hello /fit/, I've been working out at home for little over 2 months now, the first 3 pictures are my progress, the fourth one my gear.

My routine consists of:

>3 days per week

<8 sets of 25 dumbbell curls (with the big dumbbell) with 1 minute of rest

<8 sets of 25 triceps dips with 1 minute of rest
<5 sets of 15 upright rows with 1 minute of rest
<5 sets of 20 single arm lateral raises (big dumbbell) with 1 minute of rest
<5 sets of 10 Overhead presses with 1 minute of rest
<200 pushups
<5 sets of 5 zercher deadlifts (adding the cinder-blocks to the barbell) with 2 minutes of rest

Each day alternated with the other set of exercises.

>3 days per week

<4 sets of 50 standing barbell calf raises with 1 minute of rest

<5 sets of 40 single leg calf raises with 1 minute of rest
<8 sets of barbell squats with 1 and a half minutes of rest
<Farmers walk with the cinder-blocks until exhaustion

Each day I try to include core exercises but I don't have proper cushion and end up hurting my back with the floor despite using what is available, so I end up doing planks, Russian twists and leg raises until it hurts too much.

My poorfag daily diet (roughly) consists of:
>Omelette (six eggs)
>Coffee with milk and cocoa
>3 bananas
>Half an avocado (if available)
>Ham and cheese sandwiches
<Daily 20 minutes sun bath to pursue glorious yellow skin-tone
<Kremowka with every meal for peak bulking

How long until I can ascend and achieve the ultimate mode, Papiez Mode? Suggestions of all kind are welcome no steroids or supplements please.egoismEgoism


Good work, seems like you're making good progress despite the rudimentary equipment. Arms, upper back and legs have some respectable mass on them - looking like the strongest guy in the Khrushchyovka. Only criticism would be the lack of chest, wouldn't it be easy to incorporate some chest flies or a bench press? Would recommend putting in squats as well.

I'm guessing that you're undertaking a bulk, perhaps put some peanut butter or some seeds into your diet for some easy calories ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcNe1I8X2fg ) [if you don't know you're daily cal intake, calculate here: https://tdeecalculator.net/ ].

I don't know how to achieve papiez mode, but here is a guy following the path of papiez: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0FitzQO0MY. All he needs to do is to consume infants.


File: 1622348492518.png (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 1995x1862, 170022ba.png)

Am I close to first pic yet?


File: 1622359112703.png (4.61 MB, 2121x1414, ClipboardImage.png)

That home-made barbell and dumb-bell setup you made is awesome! Keep it up dude!


File: 1622359869421-0.png (1.88 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1622359869421-1.png (2.84 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1622359869421-2.png (2.57 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1622359869421-3.png (2.27 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

>Do I have to pay precise attention to what I eat (carbs, fat, protein) to have a defined physique?
I don't think so. It's simple: CICO (calories in, calories out). Healthiest is to balance all 3 (carbs, fats, proteins) with carbs making up most of your calories. You need the glycogen to maximize gains from lifting and/or cardio workouts because muscles are fueled by glycogen.

Follow the Okinawan way. Eat until you're 80% full ( "Hara hachi bun me" ):



Looking thick, solid, tight.
Keep us updated on your progress.

Try some pullovers (both with dumbell and barbell, on floor and on bench/laying on cinderblocks).
And for chest, add some floor pressing.

I mean just with that set up you've got lots of option!
Put that barbell in the corner to turn it into a landmine press.
Use dumbbells as a kettlebell.
Use cinderblocks to do dips and deep pushups.

Lots of good stuff, look at old school workouts for inspo so you can mix it up.

Now, your legs…

I'd recommend doing some hip thrusts for glutes, and heels raised (use that wood block to elevate your heels) front squats (start with the dumbbells in a goblet squat style).

Also try strapping the dumbbells to your foot so you can do raises, that'll hit your hip flexors and lower abs.

Otherwise, looking good and keep going. Consider even asking /fit/ CBT threads just for extra suggestions.


File: 1622371683035.jpg (105.31 KB, 1078x1331, correct.jpg)

Oh shit, and your forearms!

See if you can steel some rope or chain to make a wrist roller. That's make 'em blow up!

And for more ass and quad, split squats or lunges will do a lot too.


>My poorfag daily diet
uygha you eating better than me
i got nothing but potatoes and onions to live on


He could just use dumbbells to do various variations of wrist curls and other movements with wrists in all directions (sideways as well) since there are many different muscles in the forearm, plus hammer curls and similar. farmer walks, pinch grip walks… there's a lot you can do just with dumbbells and plates


>be me
>workout 10 years natty
>still skinny af/ not impressive
>gf sees guy shirtless outside
>gf mirin him, says he looks good shirtless
>dude clearly on roids
>start railing against steroids to her as futile cope
>she agrees, but it clearly doesnt matter
>still feel like shit
>fml why even bother


See, this is why I stay fat.



Stay mad, liftcel
t. Swimchad


rip to you but my fictional girlfriend would NEVER!


File: 1622506445266.jpg (412.16 KB, 1551x1868, 1617838541803.jpg)



Kinda bad pic so can't do a full analysis but looking great dude. If your goal is the OP pic, you wanna be leaner, a little bigger biceps, and delts. Youre very close though in terms of work, great fullness, mirin forearms hard


thanks, i am trying to lean out a bit more after years of permabulking


Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation


I wanna lick you bro


>fat manlet
The worst possible combination.


File: 1622527362657.png (130.03 KB, 494x582, 4wlt6y.png)



170 isn't manlet.


It is


File: 1622558995634.jpg (13.94 KB, 251x242, 1444332982705.jpg)

Nobody is 170 ft tall you fools


Should I do lever pushups or archer pushups on my journey to one-hand pushups? Which is better?


Go away, imperialist!


Beautiful post


My post doesnt mean anything really. I am exfacist(brazilian integralism and national syndicalism") that used to read pol and fit in 4chan. I started to lift because of "muh testosterone" and "muh asceticism". I wanted to start reading on third position(fascist economics i guess?) and das kapital was required reading for some reason. I hated the idea of communism,even though it benefits me for being both a failson and a spic living in a colony. But the contradictions were unbearable,and i ended here after stupidly avoiding it for almost 30 years. So i posted useless random crap on a thread i fealt excited about.


I'm getting seriously burned out on my usual dumbbell push-pull-legs routine.
Watched some Pavel's intro to kettlebells and started doing swings (with dumbbells) instead, shit's great, it's more like cardio and I can finally feel my ass getting pumped up.




Thread reminder that the matrix /liftypol/ room exists in case you would like to to chat with other leftypol users working out ( #/liftypol/:matrix.org )


>I can finally feel my ass getting pumped up.
k-keep us posted haha



bros i'm bulging my viens in the legs and hands are poppin

is this temporary or will they go if i stop doing pushups and walking?

were these always here because i was fat that and i couldn't see them?

are veins really as bad as people say they are?
i'm nowhere near low bf but i can see many of them at young age


File: 1623395821822.jpg (108.89 KB, 634x588, chimp-hairless.jpg)

You might be shocked to learn that we all are actually full of veins and arteries.


File: 1623406085575.jpg (39.03 KB, 640x640, 1497993415678.jpg)

you know what i meant


What is the best tactic for a skinny-fat dude like myself. Focus on Lifting or Cardio?


Your leg veins popped from…….walking ?


That's because your muscles need more blood flow than usual, so your veins are adapting to that. There's no way around that. And yes, they expand ("pop out") more during exertion, then get less pronounced after some rest.


Both. Lifting is also great for burning fat. Also, if your posture is fucked (often the case with skinny-fat dudes) then focus more on pull and back exercises, and stretch a lot.

As for diet - slight caloric deficit and more than enough daily protein. Cut out all junk and sugar. Some inexpensive, low-calorie, high-protein and stomach-filling foods:
>greek yoghurt

And have a rest day once in a while where you do nothing and eat more than usual. Otherwise you won't recover and your metabolism will slow down, so you'll get stuck at a plateau. Same goes for your mind, don't stress too much, take multiple days off if burned out, switch your routine, try new exercises, etc.


I don't get it


sardines, eggs, and beans make a great meal called Fisherman's Eggs.


sardines, eggs, and beans make a great meal called Fisherman's Eggs.


Ignore the liftcels and start swimming. Best exercise, uses every muscle group. Also swimmers unironically look the best out of all athletes. Liftcels just become swole ogrons and runners become stickmen. Swimchads on the other hand look like Superman. The only minus is that you kinda have to go to a club for it, unless there is a clean water source near you.


Thanks man. Appreciate the response.
I did go regularly before covid. If I could take a guess, swimming halls will be the last to open again.
>Also swimmers unironically look the best out of all athletes
I agree


what can you do as a substitute for a swimming bod if you don't have any place to swim


File: 1623487083208.png (714.92 KB, 933x707, ClipboardImage.png)

>are veins really as bad as people say they are?
Yes. Having veins means you are gae.


File: 1623487482516.png (258.64 KB, 640x360, tenor.png)

jumping rope……..but without the rope




you just pretend you hold the rope ?


I wonder if it would have the same effect than if you were actually forced to jump to not trip


real poor anon hours


Not at all, it's more of a full body workout with the rope, you need to coordinate your movements, keep up the tempo.


Alright comrades I'm finally back in the gym after losing all my 2019 progress to covid. What's the move for the summer workout plan?spurdoSpurdo


Continue my calisthenics progression that I began during social distancing.


Buy a memebell and just drop it on my face


it's rain
the move is to keep running out and get every glimpse of the sun you can see


File: 1623817007584.jpg (151.42 KB, 549x696, ccd49d64d57e948.jpg)

How the fuck am I supposed to lift weights if I arrive tired form work and have little free time?


Start with cardio so you can increase your energy levels.


Workout in the morning before work, do supersets to cut time


do meth


I already do cardio
scratch off the first thing I said my issue is time more than energy.
How can I exercise if I have little free time?


I already told you: supersets. Instead of doing all sets (and rests) of exercise A and only then moving on to exercise B, you do 1 set of A then immediately 1 set of B, and so on, with no rest between sets. Obviously it makes sense only if A and B target different muscles, so that one group of muscles is resting while you're torturing another group.
I bet you can cut more than half of workout time this way if you plan your workout carefully. For example, on a push day you might do something like flies (chest), lateral raises (shoulders), skull crushers (triceps). Since all of them isolate those muscles very well, you can do them one after another with no rest, ABCABCABC for three sets of each. Assuming one set takes you about half a minute (8-12 reps), that's 4-5 minutes total. With normal sets and rests (A-A-A-B-B-B-C-C-C) you would be adding 8 mins of just rest.


I tried these methods and failed miserably because I lost motivation when I couldn't see number go up. Also no qts for test boost.


>Also no qts for test boost.
just bring your own smh


Okay so question about deadlifts:
I was making decent progress before the pandemic, was somewhere above a 3 plate dead, but every time I did them I woke up with a fucked up lower back the next day. I swapped to hex bar and it helped, but was still fucked. It was definitely injury and not just soreness. First attempt at one today back in the gym after like a year with 1 plate and I strained my back on the first pull. WTF.

The possible reasons I can think of are that 1. my hams are too tight and keep me from being able to use proper form (though I've videoed myself dozens of times and my back is totally straight). 2. My core is too weak to properly stabilize and provide IAP during the lift. 3. My arms are too short and prevent me from using proper form.

Anyone have any advice or better theories? I'm pretty well convinced that I am biologically incapable of doing DLs in a way that won't hurt me. Alternative lift recs are also welcomed.spurdoSpurdo


That's actually really smart, I'm going to try it out.
Right now I have two routines, lets call them A and B if I mix them for a superset should I do AB 3 times a week or should I create another pair of routines and alternate between AB and CD? or can I do this less than 3 times a week?
and should I continue doing 30 mins of cardio 3 times a week? I really like it could go for 40 but I feel like 30 minutes takes too much of my day.


Start fasting, get some rings


File: 1623929997240.png (504.93 KB, 660x495, ClipboardImage.png)

What kind of rings?


Moving on to archer pushups after doing uneven pushups for a while and I'm finding the increase in difficulty enormous. Is there something else intermediate between the two?


Wooden rings


Have you tried various DL variations to see if there's one that helps alleviate this?

As lame as it sounds, I found farmer carry style deads and block deads to be what saved my lower back,


I've tried them sitting on safety bars in a rack maybe a foot from the ground, and I would think the hex bar is probably similar to the farmer's carry.spurdoSpurdo


post vid if you can crop your face out


I been doing supersets for a while, they're really intense and still have to take rests in the middle but I know once I get used to them I can do them straight, I'm saving time right and know I can save more soon.
I'm still unsure about cardio, if my work is physically intensive enough I can cut it down a little, right? What could be the ideal?


Depends on what sort of carido you're doing - if its high intensity then you should probably cut down, but if it's low intensity stuff then it should be fine.


>>16995 see >>16996

Super setting for the first time is probably in and off itself enough IF you're also doing moderate cardio.

In fact I'd be inclined to say do no extra cardio until you can do your supersets properly.


>I know once I get used to them I can do them straight
And once you get used to that
Try doing them gay


I'd rather do them bi or pan, thank you very much


Alright, I'll cut jogging for a couple of months and after that see how much jogging is enough for me.
Thanks everyone!


why is low intensity better than high intensity?

i keep doing slow cardio for 50 minutes daily but my heart rate is stuck at 70-75 bros

i just want to achieve the best BPM without any equipment


>tfw definitely getting stronger and more fit (can do higher reps with more weight, more energy) but the fat is still taking its time to burn

It sucks but I'm gonna make it bros.


File: 1624867743522.jpeg (190.69 KB, 1482x740, platz.jpeg)

Leg day is objectively the best day.

The feeling of a leg extension pulverising your quads is hell and heaven simultaneously. The devastation that is the leg curl machine. The adrenaline rush of squatting and leg press.

No other muscle group compares.eurekaEureka


Pull day is unironically the most important, it's the base strength for maintaining good form in most other exercises, it's also the best for good posture.

I actually split it further into 1hour back workout in the morning and 1hour biceps+forearm+grip workout in the evening or the next day, so even 2 consecutive days just for pull.


wtf is pull day


File: 1624896295033.gif (1.87 MB, 600x600, typical-pull-day.gif)

a day on which you PULL


I pull on my dick everyday
Everyday is pull day then


Ok, I am fat lazy, broke, and I want to get off my ass and, hopefully, prevent an early death by the time I am 40 - 50. What can I do right now to shed pounds and get ripped?


you can start by eating less and exercising more and following that regimen properly

you can also examine what you eat and if it really is nutritional to you
going back from 3 hamburgers to 1 is good but switching to eating more vegetables and rice is better

so do that
also common sense things like junk food, binge eating snacks, sugary drinks and food are bad

try to eat less processed food and cook more food on your own


What's wrong in it? Any section in particular? Anyone can suggest something better/more updated?


you must have a death grip strength then


Start with walking. Start lifting (small weights first then gradually progress) but don't ego lift just do it for health. Progress to cycling or swimming when you don't get too tired from walking anymore (jogging or running is an option too but it's hard on the knees so I wouldn't recommend it if you are fat right now and trying to burn off a lot of fat running kind of sucks anyway, for me, don't get offended runners you're cool it's just not for me).


He's memeing/shitposting. The sticky is based. Read the sticky.


Just chiming in to say that I recommend getting a test-booster plus fat burner 2-in 1 supplement to go with the workouts. I started on it last week and already I can feel and see a difference.

Plus my orgasms are so good now they sort of "hurt" but the good kind of hurt.


Lol. My natural "test-boosters" are eggs, good sleep, and daydreaming about a certain woman. I don't dare fuck with hormone pills, don't want to become dependent on these "boosters".

Looked up what is a "fat burner" and it's just caffeine. So just drink coffee instead. Should probably do it irregularly otherwise your body will just become immune to it.

In any case, you still need to maintain a slight deficit and eat lots of protein.


How the fuck do I eat less? I've heard heavy smoking does the trick but I don't want to start ruining my body in a different way.


You need to seek out food that fills you up, takes a long time to metabolize, and doesn't have a lot of calories. So dietary fiber, complex carbs, protein, some healthy fats, and absolutely no sugar.

Eat a fixed amount of food and no more, even if you still feel hungry. It takes some time for the body to register.

And also drink water along with your meal, it helps fill you up faster.


Whenever you think you're hungry drink water instead.


>How the fuck do I eat less?
Have you tried being less of such a foodslut?

Eating before marriage is a sin


I know you're joking but my weight has been literally the same for a decade already. I just don't know how to eat less (or more, for that matter).


Question is not how to eat less, but how to eat healthier. Unless you are literally chomping down like 4-5 full meals a day, that is not a problem. Instead of eating less, stop eating any sugar. Afterwards cut shitty carbs like pasta or white bread. Finally cut animal fat. In short, eat plain chicken, eggs and oatmeal.


myfitnesspal has a search engine where you can roughly or exactly count your calories

i feel like most stuff you can just try smaller portions which would be easily to eat less calories
obviously some stuff like dried mangos while may look smaller than regular magoes but have calories

so for some stuff you may have to check to make sure how much they have in

there's a website for calculating how much calories you need to keep your weight TDEE or something
eat below that maintenance level

say you need 2000 calories to stay the current fatty self

you should eat like 1600 calories daily to start losing weight without even having to exercise
the main thing that matters to weight loss is the commitment to it


comrades, i need advice. currently, i am a skinnyfat manlet. gyms are still closed in my area and i do not have a car with which to travel to further gyms. what exercise can i do at home with no equipment?bolshevikBolshevik


walking, planks, get a pull up bar etc.


Calisthenics (copesthenics) is all we've got for those who live where gyms are closed and have no equipment.


Other than calisthenics, you could probably improvise a kettlebell.




I can't go to a gym so I have to cope doing pushups and shit


I can go to a gym but I do calisthenics anyway because they're great whole-body exercises compared to boring targeted weight lifting.


File: 1626176310140-0.png (80.14 KB, 743x242, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626176310140-1.png (139.22 KB, 745x411, ClipboardImage.png)

Daily motivation /fit/bros


Taken from here


well, shit bros, I've just weighed and measured myself for the first time in a long time, 90 kilos / 179 cms, over 10 kilos of pure fat more than last time, it's time to pick up iron once again and achieve the ultimate battering ram mode, wish me luck!


I hate squatting i prefer deadliftschristian_communismChristian Communism


I don't know how much I should bend my knees during a deadlift. If bend them only slightly I feel my lower back muscles more. If I do bend them more then my legs work more, kind of like a squat I guess.

What muscles should I be feeling during a deadlift?



bro i want to prove science and time wrong
i want to surpass humanity

how do i bypass the overtime DNA damage
assume i have no money problems

what can i do to with the health side of living to a long age
help me and give some tips

i'll come back and thank you in 100 years


Cybernetics most likely.


120 is the right number
The issue is not living long but still being self sufficient at that age


>Stand straight
>Put bar over middle of foot exactly
>Bend knees until your shins hit the bar
>Drag the bar up your legs
If you do this you shouldn't have to think about the bend, it'll be decided by your bone lengthslavojSlavoj


wouldn't i have to live long for that too?

how do i live to see cybernetics

if you're living in a regular house without life support how bad can it really be, even at 120


Was probably doormode


Comrades, I finally figured out how to land into a bridge from a handstand today and I got my first stand-to-stand bridge. Soon not even bullets will be able to penetrate my back.


Good job back-san


How do I get bulletproof backs, please tell me your secrets


Have you guys done spellcasters? I feel amazing oh my god. Took a kava and I can feel every fiber of my core getting shredded


Bridge progressions, anon. Start simple with something like short bridge sets and work your way up to full bridges, wall-walking bridges, and finally stand-to-stand bridges where you don't need wall assistance.


Please explain I thought the "classic" bridge pose was done with leg muscles.


Those are a part of it, but bridges work your entire posterior chain including especially various back muscles.


Isn't she rotating and twisting too much? I think your core should be relatively stable and fixed while you move your center of gravity to the sides.

I actually just tried something like this today with a landmine, and I felt my core muscles working but not hard enough. Will try it with dumbbells instead, so thanks for mentioning it.


>I got my first stand-to-stand bridge
I think I may have actually pulled a quad muscle doing this the other day because my leg is incredibly sore today. Careful attempting to stand back up from a bridge anons, it's a huge increase in demand on your quads compared to other bridging motions. Maybe I should train standing up from bridges on inclines or stairs first and progress towards flat ground from that.


File: 1626858316914.jpg (42.06 KB, 486x536, scared dog.jpg)

>today i did workout with a landmine
say what ?


get good


File: 1627082730865.jpg (72.8 KB, 480x735, image0-2.jpg)

Was he natty? What was his routine?


File: 1627116507091.gif (976.92 KB, 685x484, landmine-anti-rotation.gif)

Fix one end of a barbell into the ground (e.g. into a corner of a room) then put plates on the other end. This setup is called a "landmine" for some reason.

The benefit of this is that the arc of movement is fixed to the spherical plane so you don't need so much control of the movement as with dumbbells and can thus lift more weight and be more consistent in your form. In some cases I can do more reps with twice as much weight than with a dumbbell variation of the same exercise.

Picrel is the exercise I was talking about in my previous post. I tried spellcasters with dumbbells like anon recommended, but I have to say that I could still feel my core struggle more with this landmine exercise than with dumbbell spellcasters simply because I could work with more weight.


>so you don't need so much control of the movement
That sounds undesirable, why would you want that?


If your support muscles are well developed, there should not be much difference in strength for either motion, but it probably makes sense to do this limited range of motion exercise to prevent injury.


Forehead raises 10x20slavojSlavoj


Because dumbbell exercises that emulate something else in a different body orientation often have an unnatural direction of force for that arc of movement, which is bad for joints. Not all dumbbell substitutions for what is usually done with machines or in other sports or simply in everyday functional movements are that great.

With a landmine the arc is at least semi-fixed and direction of force is also slightly different, so some of that unnatural force on your joints is reduced and you can load on more weight. Since it's easier to maintain a proper form you can also do more reps. But at the same it also challenges your stability differently because the force comes from a different angle, so for example the core in general will usually have to stabilize more than with dumbbell variations. If you have a barbell and some plates at home then it's a pretty neat setup IMO.


What's an easy workout for forearms and wrists? I don't want big biceps/shoulders with rails for arms, bros.


Forearms and hands:
>hammer curl variations
>all possible variations of wrist curls you can think of, as long as they aren't hurting the tendons in your wrists, be careful
>"grip curls" (don't know the name) - be standing up with your arms hanging at the sides, hang a dumbbell on your finger tips then slowly close and open your grip
>farmer walks
>pinch grip walks - do them with both heavy and light weights, they work the muscles a bit differently in my experience

There are no muscles in your wrists lol, at best you can slightly inflate the tendons but the difference will be negligible. You're stuck with small wrists for life!


Fingertip pushups. Start with an incline and progress carefully.


Anyone do martial arts? Thinking of joining a local Muay Thai gym, but I don't know if I'm going to be into it. I just want to be healthy/fit without boring myself to death in a gym.egoismEgoism


Muay Thai is more of a sport system without a lot of structure to its conditioning program, meaning if fitness is your goal you'll have to continually meet in a social context to stay fit. Some other martial arts like karate (depending on the style of course) have developed a lot of rigid floor drills that you do on your own just as easily as you can in a group setting. I have done the basic routine for my karate club on my own three times a week for the past year due to social isolation and stayed in fantastic health. Martial arts in general are a great way to stave off boredom in exercise because you can always find something different about your form and movement to improve and focus on for a given training session.


File: 1627176805861.jpg (14.34 KB, 248x300, funakoshi.jpg)

A good quote from Gichin Funakoshi, the guy who brought karate to Japan and founded the Shotokan style:
>Almost no other form of exercise, be it judo, kendo, archery, swimming, or horsemanship, can be performed at any time or place as easily as karate.



OK, well I have no friends and maybe this will be a way to perhaps make friends. The main reason I want to do Muay Thai is because it's the closest gym to me…Karate and Boxing seem more interesting, but there are no dojos/gyms that are close to me.

I just need to do something to get off my ass while not breaking my bank. I'm taking guitar lessons right now–which I really enjoy–but that won't make me fit and it's already costing me around $110 a month.egoismEgoism


I just had diarrhea for a week and couldn't exercise as a result. Did I shit out my gains?


Muay thai is based, pls ignore the flippy bullshito artists itt


Gotta be wary of their advice on kicking technique though.


Is having a low body fat percentage (let's say below 10%) a good idea in a hot climate? I'm worried about cutting starting next year.


I wouldn't go lower than 12%. around 15% is probably ideal for peak strength
t. natty powerlifter


actually, I'd even say anywhere on the 15 to 20% range bf is the ideal range for peak strength, peak test and minimal cortisol


Why would it be something to worry about? It's fatties that have a problem dissipating heat due to their surface area to volume ratio, not skinnies.


Went to the gym two days ago for the first time in god knows how long, my arms feel like they're on fire today and not at all in a good way.


Because your muscles were in deep sleep for ages. They'll quickly get used to being used at all.


Perfect time to go again
(you didnt go put 100% intj


into it, did you?)


I wanted to take things slowly this time around so I don't end up getting burnt out easily, but it still hurts like fucking hell.


Does getting vaccinated affect gains?


Don't forget to work on your penis boys. There is evidence that stretching can add another inch to your penis. Also, do kegels.


I just use a BathMate for fun tbh


Do I have to do cardio if my job is already physically demanding?
I'm a carpenter and only sit down at lunch time.


>went to the gym today
>they were playing the sigma male song on the speakers


Guys just trying to brag here- i can do 2 finger one arm pushups.

Sike kidding, its not that special. I didnt really have to work hard for them for some reason the one arm pushups and finger strength came kind of naturally


arguably you don't have to do as much as someone with a sedentary job however you need to have some level of intense cardio training to improve efficiency of heart + lungs


Okay that's interesting.
What will be a fitting routine for me?


Low impact exercise such as swimming, biking or rowing would be good so as to minimise stress on joints (the last two can be done on machines) . Each of these three have their own programs and routines which I would imagine are plentiful online but a simple routine would be to hop on a bike machine for 30-60 mins 3 or more times a week - your intensity should be at a level where you can still talk but above a "casual" level.

Of course you don't have to bind yourself to this, you could do circuit work, crossfit or even a sport for cardio but each of these has their own demands that you would have to adjust to.


I'll have to think about this.
I feel the 20 - 30 minutes walk (each way is 10 - 15) I do from home to the train stations may be good but I sure I should do more.
Maybe just walk for longer.


My gym closed during covid and went out of business and I haven't worked out for over a year now. I'm (slightly) fat and out of shape due to this, how does everyone here work out. After work it usually takes me like 20 minutes to go to a gym nearby, an hour to work out, and 20 minutes to drive back, so when you add in in between times and showering its like 2 hours of post work time thats taken up. I'd be willing to invest in a home gym but i live in a small apartment so its not really an option.

What about body weight exercises? i have nothing against them for basic fitness, sortof like a boot camp style workout but id rather do some resistance training on top of it as well if possible


A karate routine with calisthenics progressions keeps me fitter than lots of gym rats. I haven't needed a gym to stay in shape for a long time.


Started working out at nights during summer (body weight at home, no gym within miles), but winter will come and it will be so cold that I will be seriously demotivated. How can you make it warmer?
I mean, maybe switching to exercises on lunch break might work, but it's obviously not idea.


rug up, get a treadmill (or go to a gym with one), stop being a bitch, many good options


If you lived in a cubicle and stayed trap forever there but still got all the nutrients

What exercises you would do to train your entire body and all the necessary things to live a long life


Why would you want to live a long life trapped in a cubicle?


if I'm not allowed any equipment then:
- the usual: squats, pushups, sit ups
- also: handstand push ups, pistol squats, bridges, lunges
circuits for cardio + running on the spot


Somethings are not upto us anon.
I would like to be free to leave the cubicle too.

And this would exercise your entire body?
Nice. I will do these



File: 1628010198296.jpeg (110.26 KB, 576x1024, Solitary Fitness.jpeg)

This man has some ideas.



Too big for upload, but it's a pretty lousy book anyway. Convict Conditioning is much better (although it presumes access to an overhead bar for a third of its exercises).


Better cold than hot and humid like where I live. Some days I simply can't exercise. When I do I feel like passing out, getting dizzy. In the coldest days of the winter I just take more time to warm up and wear more layers.


What about back muscles?


meant for >>18719


Bridges cover that.


Holy shit they made the tom hardy movie into a real guy!!!


they say that the lighter you weight the longer and better you live because something about the human body

muscles weigh more than fat

so skinny sticc with low bf% would be better for living than otter mode with low bf% ????


>they say that the lighter you weight the longer and better you live because something about the human body
That's probably related to the common confusion between losing weight and losing fat.

>muscles weigh more than fat

Per same volume, meaning they don't simply weigh more (which by itself makes no sense), they are more dense. So your argument would only apply to volume i.e. same volume of fat would according to the above logic be healthier (weigh less) than same volume of muscle. But fat definitely poses a higher risk to health than muscle lol. Of course extremely low fat is also unhealthy.

There still might be some truth to lower muscle mass being healthier to some degree, if you compare a gorilla mode to an otter mode: less energy needs to be consumed, so less food needs to be processed, so less stress is put on body's various organs.

Skinny sticc on the other hand will be dangerous for your joints among other things, not to mention your body being barely functional in everyday life. Otter mode is definitely better.


Will soreness just go away or do I just have to get used to it?


Intense soreness and/or soreness that lasts more than a day is a sign that your muscles aren't used to working hard.
Once you start working out regularly it will disappear for most muscles and get reduced to slight one-day soreness for others. You'll only feel sore if you exert those same muscles but not while resting.


Otter mode 4 Lyfe

Somebody should do a study on all the various body types and see which body type comes on top and gives the longest life



This is also why you can't really judge the effectiveness of a workout by how sore you feel. Just because your muscles get used to it and the soreness goes away doesn't mean it's not working.


How exactly does laughing help with fitness
Should I laugh at least once a day?

Which body parts will it work out


RIP John Meadows

Some of you probably better know him as mountaindog1 on YouTube.

One of the most kind and caring individuals to probably ever grace bodybuilding.eurekaEureka


RIP Big man


Another steroid abuser bites the dust.


what could have possibly killed an age 49 bodybuilder?


Blood clot that traveled to his lungs. Classic consequence of steroid abuse.


Why the fuck am I getting headaches while doing pushups out of nowhere? Shit sucks.


don't forget to breathe


just came back from the gym. recovering from heart surgery from about a year ago so it's slow going. but hey - I can see progress and I didn't feint!


keep it up


File: 1629477718631.jpg (51.21 KB, 658x573, i.jpg)

Musclegirl thread for motivation


that just makes me want to stay weak so she'll bully me.


anyone ever dealt with limited range of motion? I can't completely straighten my left arm do to an old injury and I'm wondering if I'm headed towards something bad lifting with it.


Gimme your best post-workout meals my dudes. I know protein is the big one, but are carbs also a good idea? Sometimes I just feel like having a big fucking bowl of plain oatmeal after a session but don't know if that'll fuck my gains over, for example.


choccy milk



but it's hotter if you're both stronk and she has to use more force to bully you


Try gently stretching it and, if it no longer hurts and there are no structural limitations due to the injury, you will gradually regain your range of motion.


nearly fainted in the gym today lmao


dude i can say from experience, lessons are probably not worth it
i've gotten way more skilled by just learning some scales and slowly learning chords on my own and practicing and practicing by just playing little songs and having fun than going to lessons and learning songs. That shit sucks the vitality out of it and sucks your wallet

probably not
one time (when i was a teenager, so max T and n00b gains bonus, so take with a grain of salt) i didn't exercise for a week and when i got back to it, i could do more reps at same weight. I don't think it's the same for women. But basically you're just having an extended rest day :) you might be weaker for a bit if you lost weight but it won't be too bad probably. Well, only you can say, right. I should be asking, what's the outcome? Did you shit out your gains?

BTW does anyone have advice on gaining weight healthily? If I eat healthy food, i maintain a low weight or lose weight. If i binge junkfood, high cal foods, sugar, etc. I can maybe make some gains over like a couple weeks but my pee starts smelling weird/sweet after a couple days and I kinda worry about pre-diabetes. Is there a way to put on some mass without fucking my body up, when you're naturally skinny/lean?? I know this isnt really exercise related but if i can't put on good weight i never get good gainz. Or is it just body type and not fixable?

this is related to growth hormone mostly as far as i know… basically the bigger you get and the more you are in an anabolic state overall, the shorter your lifespan. The difference though, for otherwise healthy people, is maybe 20 years at best. There are different ways to be healthy, and you can be big and healthy but you might die sooner, or you can be lean and healthy and live longer. The same ways to maximize healthspan are the same though - exercise regularly, eat foods that have a lower insulin impact, let yourself be exposed to the elements some, be social, don't do drugs excessively, etc. The normal stuff.

what happened?


>not wanting to be at roughly the same level so you can wrestle fuck in an evenly matched contest for dominance


I've been taking swimming lessons for a month but I still get fatigued very easily. Is that bad?


if you're skinny, and you've probably heard this a million times, but eat in a high caloric surplus, and eat high protein meals. You can have chicken, rice, and veggies every meal if you want to, but that fucking boring, so make shakes with oats, blueberries, protein powder, etc etc. Eat foods high in natural (good) fats, like steak. If you want to you can supp other vitamins but it's not essential.

Here is a 'bulking calculator': https://fitnessvolt.com/weight-gain-calculator/

Also, fitness YouTube is a really great source of information if you know the right guys. I'd suggest watching people like Jeff Nippard and Geoffrey Verity Schofield for top tier info, but there are other great channels out there.


>what happened?
I tried increasing my benches from 12 to 18 but my body just couldn't handle it, I was sweating so much and then suddenly I lost my balance.
Learned a good lesson that day.


I meant reps, sorry.


Are you benching for 18 reps in a set? And is the bench press the exercise you are performing? Anything more than 12 for compound lifts is retarded tbqh.
As I remember, anon, getting good at cardio takes several months of hard conditioning, some of the hardest physical exertion you will undertake in your life. You're leveling up but there are no shortcuts.


I hate working out so much, lads. My entire life I have dreaded going to practice or to a gym or whatever involves physical activity. I'd rather do anything else than lift heavy weights or run on a treadmill until exhaustion. The only thing I marginally like is biking but it's way too fucking hot where I live + I live in a shit-tier American suburb where biking is suicidal. I also enjoy ping-pong, but the closest ping-pong club near me is half an hour away and that's if I'm not in rush hour.

What do I do bros? I need to get fit; I don't want to die a horrible death when this shithole country eventually collapses. But jesus christ, excerising is so miserable and soul-sucking that I just get depressed and anxious thinking about it.

>i've gotten way more skilled by just learning some scales and slowly learning chords
Not the anon you replied to, but I seriously doubt you've gotten better. 99% of "self-taught" guitar players have shit technical and theoretical fundamentals. Lessons with a good teacher beat self-teaching any day of the week.


There should be enough variation in a single session for it to combat the monotony and for it to be stimulating enough. For example, even on my slowest and energy-sapped of days I can go through the motions of each exercise and feel like there's enough difference between them to not be bored. But other than that it seems like you have a motivation issue. Not motivation in the sense of getting you into a gym but the reason(s) why you're lifting in the first place. For me, lifting puts me on the path towards becoming the person I want to become, each rep pushes me further and further along - but ultimately, even if I don't reach that goal, being on the path is enough. So it doesn't matter how depressing and soul-sucking a session might be, as long as I know that I'm on that path, I don't feel like I'm wasting my time. In the end, that motivation has to come from you. It's there already, you clearly have a desire to get fit, you just need a figure out a way to get out of your own way.

Self-help stuff can be good in this area, Dr. K is a very normie psychologist who's done a bunch of stuff on motivation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QWIxElEnc8). You could always try and associate lifting and enjoyment but going with a friend or changing up your routine. Or you can always try and brute force it and hope the motivation comes after.


You don't need motivation, but discipline. You need to form habits around this. Start by making yourself do a very little bit and work up from there. Make yourself go do a pushup or something and keep making yourself do it every day. Then make yourself do more things until you have a whole workout.


Not that anon but speaking from experience: Without a trainer, you need motivation first and build discipline around that. I can run for miles if I have someone I'm running with, but on my own that becomes much harder because I lack the same motivation, sure I can keep doing it, but the results are weaker because I'm just not into it. A trainer can really help in that regard but not everyone has the money (or friends) to acquire one.


If you build discipline on motivation then when you lack motivation the discipline won't work. If you build discipline in spite of lacking motivation, you can make yourself do things even when you lack motivation, and when you do have the motivation you will do them better.


If you build it with motivation, then after the motivation may lessen your discipline will already remain to keep you going IMO.


File: 1631080915470-0.jpg (489.51 KB, 1186x890, 1318383850044.jpg)

File: 1631080915470-1.jpg (47.77 KB, 659x720, 1322437573563.jpg)

First of all, to get fit you HAVE TO EXERT YOUR CORPUS. If you don't like the idea of weights try calisthenics, boxing, plyometrics, hell even yoga. Start small. If you're in a hot place you'll get a workout just by walking a couple miles outside. Get to the best nature park you can and enjoy it. I assume it won't be too large so maybe just take your time. You get toughened up by repeated exposure, and Rome wasn't built in a day. At the end of the day, you have to want it. And in this day and age, 'physical prowess' or whatever may not be the be-all end-all for shtf situations.


In my last sentence I mean to say, maybe there are other valuable skills and aptitudes you can develop that aren't physical fitness. It sounds like the thing is a demon in your head and won't allow you to approach fitness soberly or rationally and that can be a problem if you really do intend to improve with it. Good luck.


I think the idea of taking time out of your day to do training isn't going to be accepted by many people.
Because going to a room and moving heavy stuff up an down for no immediate apparent reason is very unnatural behavior.
If you could make a full body suit that puts additional resistance on your muscles, while you do normal stuff, that's something that people might actually accept.


Depressed young poorfag here who broke his body in the military and got out. Been living pretty unhealthily the past two years and my life has been shit, so I'm hoping to get into some regular calisthenics to at least get something going again. Not trying to get big, legit just not want to feel like shit 24/7 and exercise will probably help. My question is: does anyone have any recommendations for stuff I could do to practice basic self-defense (I remember a buddy of mine being super into shadow-boxing and boxing drills, I got super smoked the few times I did it with him when I was more active) while getting some basic calisthenics/cardio done at the same time? The area I live is in shitty so I want to pepper in stuff like that to make myself feel a bit better/more competent.


The recommended amount of protein per day is around 160 grams, right? And the amount of protein you should eat per day for beneficial muscle gain is 1 gram per pound. I'm 110 lbs though (I'm very short so I have a normal BMI anyways), so that recommends me to consume 110 grams~ for beneficial muscle mass. Should I stick around that 110 grams estimate or do I have to push it to 160 minimum?


For a broken body starting with Taichi would be good especially if you can find someone who can teach it properly and explain the combat application of the motions since it's decended from military calisthenic drills from back in the hand to hand combat days where there'd have been plenty of old NCO's with broken bodies refining it


Finally joined that Muay Thai gym. Had a fun time; glad I went. I just hope this Moderna shit actually works because this is probably a good place to get COVID


thanks fam :)
the calculator is good


>Not the anon you replied to, but I seriously doubt you've gotten better. 99% of "self-taught" guitar players have shit technical and theoretical fundamentals. Lessons with a good teacher beat self-teaching any day of the week.

you're not totally wrong, but no, most of what i practice is fundamentals. Anyways I'm not saying this is the fastest way, but for me it's the only way that keeps my interest at least, and also it's free. I'm very interested in the fundamentals and theory, music theory is really neat, and the most important and difficult parts are how to strum, pluck, and finger properly (and quickly and accurately).

I can say that I NEVER got this from a guitar instructor. But maybe the other anon's is different, which would be good. But the way guitar teaching went for me was
>this is a chord
>memorize them
>try this song
>ok that's ok, keep doing it until it doesn't sound so bad
>not doing shit i like
>"why am i doing this again?"
>cant memorize shit cause fundamentally confused/undereducated
>drop it

most important for me has been getting a connection to the music, which sounds hippy but i think its very important to focus on improvisation along the way, at the same time as you focus on fundamentals. I use songs sometimes to help train my intuition, give me harder things to do, and learn picking rhythms e.g., but i've 100% dropped trying to memorize songs and it's only helped.

>What do I do bros? I need to get fit; I don't want to die a horrible death when this shithole country eventually collapses. But jesus christ, excerising is so miserable and soul-sucking that I just get depressed and anxious thinking about it.

Don't listen to me cause I just do PRC 4 minute fitness routine every morning, but the only thing that motivates me to do anything is the need. Like you have some goal, which you need to do for a pressing reason, and then you just go and do it. One foot in front of the other. But for real, good on you anon for working out despite hating it. For a while I was running every day and that ended fast, because i had no immediate reason and no social support, so no reason to keep it up except general heath (which really, how many people are motivated by "this will make you function normaler and for longer!")

For me, I do this minimum of exercise because if i don't, my mind and body feel worse. I would say maybe you should take a couple days off and see if you feel like shit (or maybe see if you needed some rest days), but maybe don't because breaking discipline is the road towards total backslide and giving yourself too much slack. So I encourage you to keep up your rigid discipline so you don't let yourself down :) good luck anon


what the fuck? no it's more like 50-60g/day or if you're trying to gain lean muscle tissue 1g/kg body weight not lb.


Does it make sense to start going to the gym while on a low-carb diet?


What is the reason you are going to the gym?


Health and to gain some muscle


Anyone got any advice for building up my upper body strength for doing pull ups, or at the very least, doing pull ups in general as I recently bought a pull up bar


Start by just pulling yourself up as far as you can and then hanging in that position


I wish i could train heavily again, but i have horrible myopia and if I strain too much I risk blindness every time. Ive been warned off by doctors because i risk retinal detachment every time i train, but sometimes i do it anyways because its my passion. Now that ive gotten older, ive tried to develop other hobbies, but i still miss intense training. The condition has ruined so much progress in my life and ill never be happy with my progress because i feel like i didnt rise to the challenge or persevere anyways. I just am too afraid to risk blindness though, the concept terrifies me so Id rather be weak and lazy than continuing to train and risk going blind.

The only cope i have left is light training, coordination, maintenance etc but if I go too heavy on the weights my eyes start acting up from the pressure. Hate my life, i wish i had 20/20 so i didnt have to deal with the anguish every day. Now my own forced laziness takes all the fun out of my life and im just a depressed shithead most of the time


If I work out just for sake of not being sedentary, can expect any good changes in my body In the medium/long term? Haven't really modified my diet because food is getting expensive as shit.


>If I work out just for sake of not being sedentary, can expect any good changes in my body In the medium/long term?
Yes, just doing some light cardio like 30 minute walks every day is a massive improvement over nothing. It won't turn you into a star athlete but it will improve your cardiovascular health and your energy levels.

Don't do that. Do eccentrics. Jump up to the top of the movement and then flex your muscles so that your descent back down to neutral is slower. You can work up your strength by slowing the movement down more. Once you can do at least 1 pull up you're better off doing something like 1 of that movement daily until it becomes normal and gradually increasing reps.

Also you should just hold the bar and hang at the bottom for a while. It will help straighten out your back using gravity, activate some of your stabilizing muscles in your core (depending on where you hold your legs), and help build your grip strength if it's weak.


>Jump up to the top of the movement
By that, you mean jump as high as possible?


>just doing some light cardio like 30 minute walks every day
Welp, i'm embarrassingly out of pace.

>It won't turn you into a star athlete but it will improve your cardiovascular health and your energy levels.

That's great to hear! Thank you, anon.


posting some vintage Bugez vids


are you on keto? is it healthy? if so then yes.
>>19604 do push ups and abdominal stuff on the floor. then do your pull ups in an L sit, and work on doing leg lifts for reps. have a heavy object/s to lift or carry for traps.
I dearly sympathize. I don't know what I would do without the iron.
Happy trails
A demigod amongst mortals.



>have bad guitar teacher
>hurr durr all teachers are bad
>hurr durr teachers kill creativity and don't have you improv

retard-tier generalizations. Enjoy taking forever to learn properly when you could've just taken your learning seriously and put in the effort to find a good guitar teacher.



not the guide, its probably fine, but inhabit, lameeeee


shush, rude mouth
also self-crit
also also, bourgeois. a teacher costs hella money, learning on your own is free. A good teacher costs even more money


File: 1632194774908.jpg (94.39 KB, 612x678, 1626870022132.jpg)

Nice design, reasonable content, simple language with a sprinkling of crypto left language, perfect for edgy normies on the cusp of getting left-pilled (so good marketing, "insurgents", "inhabit", lol).

Not sure about the font, seems a bit R E T V R N T O T R A D T I T I O N-esk but I guess that's the edge factor.

Sadly I'm >picrel


File: 1632708498642.jpg (53.3 KB, 500x683, Zyzz-1.jpg)

Why are Zyzz memes making a comeback lately? They're trending all over Youtube and shit. Did I miss something?


He wasnt even that aesthetic smh


File: 1632709461950.jpg (36.86 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Zyzz has always been an integral part of online alternate fitness communities. He was one of them who "made it." I'm guessing why its resurging is because people either want to pay their respects to the legend or cash in on oldfag nostalgia.




>By that, you mean jump as high as possible?
No, just to the top of the movement, like where you would be at the top of a regular pull up. Look up some video of somebody doing it on youtube or whatever. Easy to find.


How to become more flexible? I've been stretching for months without any noticeable difference.


Use a bigger stretch obviously


Wtf do I eat 1 hour before going to swim in the morning?


A. stretch progressively farther
B. stretch for longer IIRC you want to go for about 60 seconds on the stretch if you want to increase flexibility


>baked potato
>a tropical fruit (mango, pineapple)
>avacado toast
basically anything high in carbs


Is cum high in carbs?


it has sugars and proteins in it to keep the sperm cells alive


Much appreciated comrade


>it has sugars and proteins in it to keep the sperm cells alive


>finally started lifting again after a year of inactivity
we're all going to make it





comrade Kim is looking real good lately


It's good my homie is losing weight but he looks like he's like 45 now. I'm pretty sure he is in his mid thirties.


I was thinking that myself. Fat makes you look younger (even though it's babymode youth).


oh shit you're right

damn maybe that's why I have a chubby milf kink :\


Here's a cookie recipe that I got more than a year ago on Bunkerchan


God this one has to be like 10 years old at least. I have made it before and can confirm it's good. Ditch the splenda for some stevia though. I would not recommend using steel cut oats in this method, though, since they absorb liquid better slowly over time and under heat. The texture isn't great, and you can see in the picture they are still in hard little clumps lol.


what are the macros like?

unrelated, but just tried hip thrusts like a week ago and they are a god tier exercise, they are a must for leg days.


>what are the macros like?
Don't have them on hand, but a strong mix of all 3. It's been years so I don't recall the ratio.


>what are the macros like?
They look pretty normal sized to me.


2 important things from /fit/

/fit/ information repository (3 gb torrent with lots of books on strength training and diet): Tinyurl com/fit-information-repository

/fit/ 87 recipes: https://m.imgur.com/r/4chan/5nbmA


>3 gb torrent with lots of books on strength training and diet

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