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Post about drawing and painting and related
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(In the end the best anatomy study is the one you do yourself)


I want to record and post the process of a porn animation I'm doing, which porn site is the least shitty for that sorta stuff? Don't wanna support PornHub in any way, I was thinking of Xvideos maybe since I don't know a lot of sites. I don't like Twitter for porn archiving purposes. Maybe a booru?


File: 1608526960014.gif (358.05 KB, 450x359, 1606034818561.gif)



whatever you do anon please get back to us with a link!


does anyone know how to find schoolism.com lessons for free online? I want to go through one of the lessons but I don't have $300 for a subscription


I'm envious of autists. I've got ADHD but my hyperfocus only happens when I'm doing the most useless shit.




File: 1608526973143.png (2.54 MB, 3225x3082, 9439d7a2a0b3849c85cec1f0bb….png)

Could someone draw Grace-chan mind-broken out of her monarchist thougt by Alunya's futa cock?


File: 1608526974300.jpeg (34.83 KB, 564x705, 6e783427.jpeg)

i don't have an account for that site :(


Maybe I will finally post some stuff for leftypol here
But I don't know what I should draw


commie tiddies and socialist ass


>futa cock.
isn't alunya a girl?


partizan Rodina throwing chetnik Grace into a pit


File: 1609953556194-0.jpg (245.5 KB, 1500x1125, Lilith Manufacturing.jpg)

File: 1609953556194-1.jpg (119.91 KB, 844x1125, Lilith Manufacturing sketc….jpg)

I been practicing my line strokes for a bit now and while I think it looks fine on smaller paper, in more bigger ones iI think it could do some improving, but I don't know exactly where to start.
>pic related what I'm currently working on and it's sketch


Really cool, and bigger paper allow to mask mistakes with more ease, just continue practicing on it


I downloaded ibisPaint X on my phone to sketch some porn and then import it to Clip Studio Paint, so far it's decent but it's also my first time trying to draw on a phone with my fingers


>For I
>Am already saved


File: 1610413411805-0.jpg (315 KB, 1125x843, Lilith Manufacturing_finis….jpg)

File: 1610413411805-1.jpg (301.56 KB, 1082x720, Lilith Manufacturing_photo….jpg)

Im perpetually stuck on early 2000's emo scene and I am not leaving.
[spoiler]Lmao, this took longer than I though (my laziness didn't help either)[/spoiler]
Also, was a good phone scanner? I downloaded Photoscan and give it a retouch on my phone, but I don't like the finish product as it fucks with the colors in a non-fun way.

Thanks and yeah it kinda does, but I still need to get used too as I usually draw in much more smaller paper.


Getting some metal band vibes


In a good way or a bad one?


File: 1610730592082.mp4 (29.2 MB, 1440x1080, IMG_0629.mp4)

Character for a leftist fantasy story I wanna write, thoughts?


Not him but good

I like the design (including the palette), and the face, but you gotta work on your shading, it's too soft IMO. Remember the direction of light at all times, and stick more to the drawing like for example, the shading on the left shoulder strap is inconsistent with the shape of that piece. What you were doing with the hair at 3:11 was pretty good, but the thing you did afterwards left the shading on the hair feeling flat and inconsistent with the shading style on the clothes which has more detail (maybe you got frustrated? I know that feel). I also think you gotta work a bit more on the folds and creases on clothes, but you seem to be getting the hang of it.

A little tip: for symmetrical things such as badges, if your software has the feature, you can use a symmetry/mirror/kaleidoscope ruler divided into more than 2 parts. Here's some tutorial I found for Clip Studio Paint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOX5xXdJVH4
Here's one for ibisPaint:

Aso, what program did you use to record that?


Thanks for the advice! I know I need to keep practicing! I actually didn’t get frustrated making this lol, I’m just very new to digital painting and am pretty new to coloring and shading my work in general. Usually I would just do sketches for fun, but since I want to actually write and am already in my 20s I’m trying to learn digital painting and coloring ASAP

Really I know I just need to practice diligently, though that requires keeping up my motivation to paint


Also I recorded the video via Procreate, apparently it records all your work automatically as you draw


File: 1611420134709.jpg (1.14 MB, 1536x2048, EFzZmaOUwAABROh.jpg)



>tfw have horrible hand coordination

Can i still do pixel art if i practice really hard and put in the effort? It is something i really enjoy and would appreciate anyone who could post resources on how to get started and how to eventually get better at it.


File: 1611705254633-0.png (17.14 KB, 320x400, Killer in Pink.png)

File: 1611705254633-1.png (26.35 KB, 675x775, Broken Mannequin(blue vers….png)

File: 1611705254633-2.png (8.07 KB, 320x600, Alien boy.png)

>Can i still do pixel art if i practice really hard and put in the effort?
Yeah, after my tablet went kaput, I decided to do some of it, since the only thing I have is a mouse and paper
>pic related some of my past works


I like to watch some random speed pixel art drawings to get an idea of what I should be doing, but I'm subcribe to a few that do tutorials and stuff.


File: 1612443980821-0.gif (2.98 MB, 712x900, Beatrice kills the crab op….gif)

File: 1612443980821-1.gif (2.55 MB, 816x904, Aphrodite NSFW optimized.gif)

File: 1612443980821-2.gif (2.66 MB, 855x870, Zagreus OPTIMIZED.gif)

File: 1612443980821-3.gif (2.74 MB, 932x1092, Rika Let It Snow VERY SHIT….gif)

Am I the only being blocked from access to Bunkerchan because Kaspersky identifies it as as malware?
Live2D doesn't support graphic effects, Cyrillic script (it changes any Cyrillic text into the "#`141%$" runes), you can't change the language in menu and I was very disatisfied with the gif conversion which produced EXTREMELY heavy gifs and was freezing my laptop in the process. I learned Adobe After Effects but my laptop is so 10 years old and it was medicore even back then, rendering takes me hours because of that. I produced some gifs that took me LOTS of time but didn't attract much attention on media, I received 0 commissions and a guy that pretended to be my first commissioner scammed me for a free sketch… I wanted to be a good guy and charge only AFTER he approves of the sketch, unlike other artists who charge upfront, but being exploited for my kindness is very unpleasant. Later I saw him on 4chan's /aco/ acknolwedging that he scammed me and saying that I have unique and interesting style.

I need money now and I don't have much time left to improve my skills, so I try to go into furry in hope that I will acquire commissions. PayPal also doesn't work in Ukraine, which adds me more headache and insecurity about my own future. I started doing frame-by-frame animation because gifs like that can be produced by me within a single day while the painted works were taking a week or more and brought me around 10 likes each, with the Beatrice and Lambdadelta being only exceptions. I did 5 animated colored gifs and only 2 of them succeed while 3 backfired and didn't bring any followers.I don't want to spend a week of my life creating a drawing that brings less than 10 likes, 0 retweets and 0 commissions, I don't have a family to bankroll me and I need to earn money (which I can't earn in improverished Ukraine) to visit my gf living in a neighbouring country.


File: 1612444309962-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 786x1000, Chad Furry NSFW no clothes.mp4)

File: 1612444309962-1.gif (Spoiler Image, 746.71 KB, 600x450, Good boy.gif)

File: 1612444309962-2.gif (1.04 MB, 650x488, Killjoy.gif)

This is the furry stuff I tried to do. After it failed, I tried to adapt and find a way to produce decent looking works that don't take multiple days. I decided to go into frame-by-frame gifs without coloring (earlier I was using special animation program instead of frame-by-frame animation) because ironically frame by-frame animation takes me less time than my painted works that you see in my posts. The "good boy" gif was my first frame-by-frame animation I have ever done and the "killjoy" was the second and the last one. Each took me only a day to produce while Beatrice took 9 days and genderbend Zagreus (3rd gif, the girl with a sword) took around the same and didn't bring any attention.


>After it failed
I was just about to ask if you've tried uploading your stuff to e621. It looks like someone else already posted your gif, and it's quite popular. (I'm assuming you weren't the one who posted it, since I thought that you considered that it failed because it didn't get any traction on Twitter. Also you can't see who's the uploader, I think)

I'd say use this to your advantage, make an account and start posting your new animations there. You'll probably get some commissions faster that way. Twitter is pretty shit for art promotion (any social media is, imo) especially if you're new and have no followers. But on a booru site, and especially a furry booru, where people can quickly find the exact content that gets them off thanks to a complex tagging system, and art is neatly organized per character, it's much easier to get a big audience and find potential clients, even when nobody knows about you. After all, you get much more visibility on a specialized art site used daily by that specific and massive fanbase, than on a social media platform used for all kinds of random purposes.

I'd suggest ditching Twitter altogether at least for furry porn, although if it doesn't take you much effort you can keep updating both platforms (you could still gain a following there as do many porn and SFW artists). Personally I'm not a furry but once in a blue moon I'll go to e621 to fap to some animations, so I'm a bit familiar with the site. Many artists themselves post their stuff on there and many of their works are commissions. If you search the "conditional_dnp" tag you'll find examples of artists or commissioners who post their own stuff. With your output and high artistic skill, and with animations that are a little bit more finished than this one (what matters in animated porn is the smoothness after all), you could become popular.


Hm, thanks, what a pleasant surprise! I didn't upload it. I guess there's some demand for that kind of gif, I will go back to producing them. I have some ideas on how to make them look better, I can put more effort now. That furry gif was only a slideshow to test how frame-by-frame works in Clip Studio Paint.


File: 1613628654971.jpg (1.89 MB, 1691x1742, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg)





as someone who was considered “good at drawing” in grade school but never pursued it professionally where should I start? I am probably newspaper comic strip tier in terms of skill level if I has to guess.


Post whatever comes to your mind at any platform you don't mind using would be a good start.


Did you draw that? that looks sicccc!


how is commission material generally copyrighted? is it polite to request (cleaned) original sketch for production of meme material purpose if I don't sell t-shirts out of it?


File: 1613797682848.jpg (4.12 MB, 3330x4000, 1613797348320.jpg)

Not the guy who provided that resource but the answer is Max Klinger drew that. if you like that you might like other lithographers from the decadence movement.


>draw regular non-sexual art intended to give me more followers
>it's bland shit that looks like a 10 year old's deviantart fanart
<finish that porn I was drawing for myself a while ago
<it's the best thing I've done in months


File: 1613889800145-0.jpg (423.87 KB, 2000x3000, Commission-1.jpg)

File: 1613889800145-1.mp4 (28.66 MB, 600x600, Battler JoJo short mus.mp4)

My first "commission" I ever did was from /aco/, a dude asked me to draw his OC. I wanted to be a good guy and drew him a sketch before charging him money, so he ended up scamming me by approving the sketch, giving me a greenlight and then simply ghosting me. My mistake was saying in the 1st post that I am a noob, he took advantage of that and correctly guessed that I won't charge money before doing sketch. He never intended to pay, of course. The 1st pic is the sketch I did for him.

The 2nd mp4 brought me 350 retweets. Unfortunately some people were turned off and didn't follow me because my feed is full of me doing stuff for various fandoms, furry including, so I didn't benefit much from a blow up. Lesson learned, I change artstyle and topics too often, it's hard to predict what will I produce. It's a pity because on one hand I want money and audience but for money you need lewd furries while for big audience you need memey-SFW art.


File: 1613892812107.jpg (121.01 KB, 960x720, Get a life.jpg)

>be 14
>get obsessive about a cartoon, discover chatroom, discover dA
>make fan art, came 2nd in a monthly fandom competition
>become casual friends with a (16yo?), Ramirez, who was more experienced and famous in the community for making decent art (came first in that competition)
>open up for free requests because thats what people did and I wanted attention
>one of them ('Wolf') wants comic about the mother designated-waifu character magically becoming small like a kid again
>start drawing it
>get two pages in and start posting, it already has a storyline with drama, irony and humor. It's a lot of effort but I like it.
>Ramirez messages me
>"Did 'Wolf' ask you to make that comic?"
>"He asked me to make the exact same comic. Check out his gallery."
>it's all sizeplay of that character and her daughter, dozens or hundreds of requests of this stuff
this was my first exposure to SFW fetishfags on dA and as a young teenager I was creeped out, so I just stopped drawing the comic
naturally they sent me a message or two asking if I was still drawing it and I ignored them and started drawing other stuff

>log in after three years to upload a shitpost to my old gallery
>mffw new reply from Fox, sent two weeks ago: "are you still drawing this?"


File: 1613902232818.png (2.46 MB, 1500x784, fox-reynard-royal-10.png)

What time do you guys normally draw?


>Lesson learned, I change artstyle and topics too often, it's hard to predict what will I produce
Have you tried having several specialized accounts for differents artstyles/ subjects?
Because i recall some videasts doing that when they try something that strays a lot frtheir original concepts, because the people who watch them "expect" a certain concept from the channel they subscribed to. Kinda like you come to a fruits store then all of a suden it became a delicatessen. Consequence of commodification of art and the like i guess.


why does the middle one have down syndrome?


It would make gaining followers extremely hard. You can't post often enough on each profile to gain decent following. Several profiles can be good only when you are already well known and can convert people from main profile, otherwise you have to promote the other accounts as hard as the 1st one never leaving any profile too empty for too long.


If it's on stream, it's usually in the evening. If it's porn, late night-early morning


File: 1614707199121-0.jpeg (23.11 KB, 720x1280, 1.jpeg)

File: 1614707199121-1.jpeg (34.31 KB, 720x1280, 2.jpeg)

File: 1614707199121-2.jpeg (43.77 KB, 720x1280, 3.jpeg)

so here is a strage ass drawing that Iam making for a tattoo


File: 1614714749607-0.jpeg (95.95 KB, 720x1142, 4.jpeg)

File: 1614714749607-1.jpeg (93.81 KB, 621x968, 5.jpeg)

File: 1614714749607-2.jpeg (98.45 KB, 559x928, 6.jpeg)



File: 1614715065616-0.jpg (99.34 KB, 720x1280, 7.jpg)

File: 1614715065616-1.jpg (169.06 KB, 720x1280, 8.jpg)

there it is, I tried to convert it to jpeg but I must have failed miserably, anyway I'm thinking about tattooing this nonsense.


Are you doing the tattoo or getting the tattoo?

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