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Side jobs ideas?

I'm looking to make some extra cash.

I've seen videos about flipping furniture, but I don't have space to do it. Maybe I could find a shared carpentry space.

I've been thinking of making hot sauce, but the profit per bottle might be too low and not worth it. Still considering it.

I've also been looking into dumpster diving and reselling. I don't have experience doing either. I knew a guy that made some cash selling vintage video game consoles he picked up at his local "used/donations" store.

Any ideas or experience?


Flipping furniture is easy money if you know what you're doing. Are there makerspaces that you could do it in?


I met a millionaire that imported cheap watches from China and sold them on the domestic market


I don't know what I'm doing yet. I've never done any carpentry. I'm willing to learn. I've looked for courses, I plan to take one before I do anything myself. I've also seen many videos/tutorial on youtube. I think I can absorb a lot by watching them, to optimize the learning time in the hands-on course, and later on by myself.

I searched for "maker spaces" online (thanks for the tip). I found some offers that do hourly for ~10 €/$ an hour, and I found one that already has all the tools I would have to buy otherwise (drill, electric sander, etc) and nails etc. They open on weekends too, which is the only time I'd be able to work. It's a great deal IMO. Thanks for the tip.

I'm really skeptical of online "private label" shit. It's really a hit or miss and markets tend to be highly saturated, and besides I'm not willing or capable to deal with import laws in my country.


get a real job lmao


I already have a well paying job, double uyghur. Shit is expensive as fuck. If I can set up a stream of money I can save more in case I get fired or quit my current job I don't really like. If I can make small amounts of cash with a side gig, I could sustain myself for longer while being formally unemployed, which might mean I might make enough from the dole + side job income. I also have expenses in the horizon which means I wouldn't struggle so much to pay them, or pay them off quickly.

My current job is a computer job. Everything I make is digital. It is incredibly alienating. I yearn to be closer to the process of production too. Be it cooking, carpentry, or even an online business. Right now I just submit code in an ocean of code that is not even used, and nobody really likes anyways.

I have a friend that's been in all sorts of side gigs. He did a fragrance side job, for example. But it seems to me that all those side jobs are basically mostly sustained by friends making solidarity purchases.


how do you earn money without being able to go outside or have a bank account????


You can get paid with online platforms, including paypal (which randomly closes accounts with money in them btw). You can also look into buying a shell company if need be, they are not suuuper expensive. Why not just open a bank account though?

As for work, online freelance or call center is probably the most reasonable route. Other options are arbitrage. If there's something of value locally you might be able to buy it and sell it online for more money. For example, vintage items or locally made products.


i don't have any of the legal documents rn
that's the probs


Just do 3d animated furry porn with pre-rigged models m8


Can you just get them? What impedes you from this?
How do you start doing this?


if you're good at being a snake oil salesman then try your hand at creating a new cryptocurrency, tons of tutorials online to get you started, you just need to find the right niche to grift


lot of bureaucracy and waiting in line to get them
i don't have the vaxx so it's gonna take at least a year to get it in order :(



Blender tutorials and finding models through databases, big one’s Smutbase and should have what’s necessary for Blender


then get it you fucking retard


anyone have experience buying from alibaba?


>Just do the poorly tested medical concoction that has a higher mortality rate than pure Cov-19!
NTA but that's a shit idea by stupid people.


then give me vaccines, shit for brain

i don't live in your rich countries where you can dumpster dive to get free vaccines or get coddled with free donuts and chance at lotteries because of anti-vaxx sickos like this >>21799


Maybe there is a lot of this you can do online. I was surprised at how technological/digital my third world country can get in random bureaucratic niches.


Help rich foreigners practice english.




anyone play online poker? How long did it take for you to become a winning player?



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