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How do you dress? What are you wearing today? How should you dress, as a Marxist? Which trends are proletarian and which are bourgeois?
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Sounds like you need to lear nto tailor your own clothes friendo


I laughed at least

No, they're not, where'd you get that idea?


oh yeah what is a sign that a cloth is of good quality and last for ages?

how do you make clothes last for a long time?


File: 1624217952620.jpg (226.48 KB, 1080x1080, ad.jpg)





blyat and so on…


File: 1624381479546-0.jpg (128.22 KB, 724x1024, NKdrip.jpg)



Yeah but you'd have to be asian for that to look good.


Damn yo. When'd the Norks up their game? uygha in the first picture looks like he's from the future.


>Yeah but you'd have to be asian for that to look good.
No this could be universally fashionable, to give you an impression i gave the dude a generic caucasian mannequin head.


It's the north Korean version of the Zhongshan / Mao suit known as the inminbok


I wanted to get these to cosplay as a slav then found out they're actually expensive as shit.


Sadly brands are a reliable way to tell at least the materials might be good. This is why I always thrift.


I keep reading guides but still can't figure out how to dress well AND how I want to.


Still haven't bought those boots. I can't decide what to do.

Is there someone whose style you like?


Trousers closest to denim jeans that aren't denim jeans?


File: 1625999823634.jpg (60.41 KB, 640x852, 1625999815832.jpg)

Average Dengoid



Comrade Detective


File: 1626330136823.png (11.65 MB, 2000x2500, ClipboardImage.png)





If you want that haircut you can just show that image to a hairdresser.


I can't afford a hairdresser.
I need instruction video so I can ask my family to cut my hair like this

But I don't know what this haircut is called to google instruction video


A regular barber then?


No barbers
Only family


How/where to get inspo?



Movies (with a modern setting).


All trends are bourgeois, suck my cock.


Sorry dude, counterculture stopped being a thing at least a decade ago thanks to the internet and globalization.


>not sticking to your own style instead of following trends
smh my head


>he thinks he exists in a vacuum and has free will


Any tips to get into tailoring my own stuff? Should I get one of those expensive sewing machines?


Get a cheap used one, the older the better (but check it works properly first). Last I checked, which was long ago admittedly, you could find one for around $50.


flatirons are your friend


So the "solution" is simply not having curly hair?


nah you could go dreadlocks instead.


motherfucker, I know I don't exist in a vacuum, but I got my style from other influences, not current fashion trends, and I'm sure most of us do the same.


Just have medium long with some light oil to reduce volume.


All styles have either been a past trend, are currently a trend or will be a future trend.


i love the fluffy breezy vibe of hawaiian shirt + shorts combo

but they give off a very sleazy fuck boy vibes

what other shirt types give off breezy, chill vibes?


So the solution is to not wear any clothes to avoid following both current and old, dead "bourgeois" trends?


Does this help >>15664


Something like this. Peak aesthetics.


Does anybody know a fashion trend that will work for someone without a car,having to walk everywhere and living in very hot and very humid tropical "paradise"? Currently wearing dark gray athletic shorts,pink tank top. I think this works for me because I have fairly muscular chest,shoulders and neck,at least relative to my general body size, also nice legs compared to a lot of car-human hybrids. My fashion choices are based on wanting to expose my chest hair,my legs and if it would lose or not "style" if I am sweating.


where can i buy steal this adidas suit


Fucking retarded as shit


That's not how trends work and that's not what following a trend means.


Please explain then


I envy zoomers who pull off extravagant fits or even go full cosplay tbh

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