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post your best

















Is punk music leftist bros


Not necessarily but it can. Example: The Clash


Clash are the first punk band I listened to. Learned they were socialists.
I think punk is the most lefty dominated music genre. Lotta anarchists.


Hotdamn none of these load on newpipe. Google is so awful with their little tricks


Revolutionary rap
>Some chilean maoists (they have a party, chilean politics is interesting)
>The half of the sky
>Marxism-Leninism, Pablo Hassel (a spanish rapper)
>Comunista, same guy


Not really into punk but where I live there is an overly sized punk scene and significant cross over with leftist circles. Despite the generic punk being a self described anarchist, punks which are actually politically involved seem pretty even between communist and environmentalist circles here, with the anarchists generally staying within punk circles rather than joining the actual anarchist community. Which at least keeps the punk scene from going too lib from all the pseudo anarchists, but also makes them a bit useless for anything other than fundraising for shit from shows.


Holy shit this is mind-blowing, probably the best song I've discovered this year
I oughta listen to more Korean music from now on




I used to blast this from my apartment's window when the protests hit last year


My favorite version tbh


got any complaints or any other interactions about it?


not really :(


Sabaton anyone? Or does this belong in another thread?




Anyone got anymore chinese stuff?


Nicolas Jaar - Marks & Angles (full EP)


Try this,it will give you a need to revisit space



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