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File: 1608525415862.jpg (48.56 KB, 600x450, the chapo boys.jpg)


For all things related to the Chapo.https://soundcloud.com/chapo-trap-house/tracks


Real Chapo Trap Shit


Love my dry boys.


&gt&gt112T H E B O Y S A R E B A C K I N T O W N


tfw no angela nagle gf


&gt&gt167i fucked her


&gt&gt113Damn Peggy


How about: NO


>>168Me too, Stav.


Matt >>>>>>> everybody else


Black wolf feed for podcast playershttp://s221659.gridserver.com/blackwolf/rss


>>186Felix in a close second of course.


>>186>>189Amber is better than both.


It is Chapo Transexual* HouseYou homophobe tankie




This but unironically


I like Virgil, idk if it’s just me


Does amber have nudes?


Someone made a cum tribute for her I believe lmao


I wish I had nudes of Felix.


6 more years of chapo 😌


People still listen to this?


ayyyy cooking thread
i'll post some of my best soon


File: 1650174017274.jpg (2.11 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20220417_073849.jpg)

Droplets of eg


File: 1650174155195.jpg (3.11 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20220417_074040.jpg)

Parsley in


File: 1650174332153.jpg (3.28 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20220417_074136.jpg)

Adjusting acidity w mustard


Im workin w what i have, tbh

Prole cookin


File: 1650175243043.jpg (3.36 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20220417_075916.jpg)

Wahla, ladies & gentlemen

Our final producc


How is it?


When it comes to "random soup?"


p. fucking good, m8


>i'll post some of my best soon
your turn


I don't have any yet of the process(I'm making some vids rn of that actually), but here's like a "Greatest Hits of my cooking adventures"


File: 1650177338778.jpeg (1.47 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5992.jpeg)

I'll like, rank them out of my best:

#1 - Pozole Rojo
the best, my favorite dish of all time
made this for a few ppl, its abuela approved and that's crazy considering I don't use meat or shit in any of my dishes

Jackfruit replaces the meat, it gets super marinated in the dish itself, the main part of the stew is made from tomatoes, guajillo and pasilla peppers. I also blend up a bit of left over hominy and a bit of tostada with garlic to make a natural thickener for it instead of any other way of doing it. Pozole has a super long history both in the culture as a whole but also just in my family. I remember I went to see my fam in Michoacan once, and they made pozole with a pig head and that shit scared me. lmao might be why I don't eat animals anymore

this dish was a 27/10, the best thing I've ever cooked. flavors hit you like it was peyote or some shit, hit so good with all the cabbage and limon and radishes n shit


File: 1650177919126-0.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1806x1738, IMG_9323.jpeg)

File: 1650177919126-1.mp4 (6.85 MB, 720x1280, get around.mp4)

#2 - ???
this one's a custom recipe based on hongshao qiezi, but with my own spin on it and a whole lot of creative liberty. the rice is infused with chili oil I also made, the main dish is eggplant in a sticky, sweet glaze.

#3 - enchiladas verde, with beans, rice, chips, tomatillo salsa, and jamaica (the whole ass video lol)
made this for a dinner party. The faux queso fresco on top of the stuff and the chips are the only thing not completely homemade here. turned out amazing, same jackfruit method for the enchiladas. tomatillos are cheap, and IMO, better than tomatoes tbh.


Got any soups to share?


File: 1650179119020.jpeg (830.96 KB, 2223x1414, IMG_3675.jpeg)

pozole is kind of a soup in itself
I've also done ramen though
idk what the strict definition of soup is tho lol, most of the time its pretty hot where I am so soup is usually winter-only
I love pea soup tho, its near the top of my to-do list

this is udon shiitake ramen with tofu chashu


just tried out mushrroms, garlic and potato


someone give me good ways to use button mushrooms


rare janny L


ayylmao i didn't even see this
i don't think I've ever willingly checked this hobby board tbh


Are you retarded or cannot use catalog? >>38 Literally on Page 4 and full of cooking recipes and related stuff. FFS does this slow board need even more split threads that get shit for posts?



not op but ayyy thx for giving me a reason to be on this board imma hop over there


Chapo? Like the drug lord?


I've been banned for saying this before but I legit do not understand how this podcast is popular. Listening to it is like being transported to a mandela effect universe where the most boring possible assortment of rightist journos, television writers, and succdem hacks have been elevated to a sort of cultural canon. I can never tell if the jokes are just shit or if I'm too (something???) (normalfag maybe???) to understand them.

I can never tell who is who despite listening to literally thousands of hours of it. Last time I got banned it was because I inferred their voices sound similar for ethnic reasons but I was mistaken about that.

I really want to like Chapo. Once in a while I find an episode I like despite not ever knowing wtf they are talking about. Whenever Amber is on I find it a lot more listenable. I've never heard anyone talk about Aaron Sorkin or "West Wing" or Newsroom or whatever but I did enjoy the 3.49 hr compilation titled "The Sins of Sorkin" on YT. They gave enough context for it to make sense and they didn't try to "riff" or whatever.

I really do want to like this podcast. I fw TrueAnon, Cumtown, and Red Scare so I know the chapo guys have good role models for making a decent podcast. They just need to always have a guest and have one of the guys (idc which one) stay home each time. You know, like rotate.

Thank you for reading this Mr Chapo I hope you take my feedback to heart.


Why are you trying to force yourself into enjoying a podcast you don't like? What kind of retard does that?


they blew up for their coverage of the 2016 democrat primaries and election and all of the memes that it generated
i think they should have disbanded soon after instead of trying to keep it running


it was a lot better back in the Virgil era, now it's just Felix saying retarded zoomer memes and Fortnite specifics as if that's comedy


I do it just so that every couple years I can make a single post on an obscure website complaining about how much I hate it.

And because I'm often just immobilized from drugs and alcohol for days at a time listening to whatever youtube autoplays


Yeah that's around the time I started listening.

Who the fuck is Virgil and Felix? Which one always says eldritch to fill up dead air?


New CushVlog dropped, haven't listened yet:


Where in the world is Amber Frost-ironi


>got banned because I don't like chapo

doubt, everyone here hates that shit


this has got to be copypasta from like 2018


I always thought it was pronounced "chap-o" but I listened to it for the first time the other night (their review of tg maverick) and they pronounced it like "chuhpo" wtf

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