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File: 1656310466181.jpg (257.42 KB, 2048x2048, drip.jpg)

Found out there was a Jujutsu Kaisen x Dolce & Gabbana collab a couple months ago lmao


so what makes some clothing fade and wear out better than others


>otter wax
I was concerned a minute upon looking this up it would be like looking up blue waffle. Relieved it's just a brand. Anyway what does it feel like once applied to clothing? How does it effect being washed?


>Both linen and hemp become soft and supple through handling, gaining elegance and creating a fluid drape.
>Both hemp and linen are resistant to moths and other insects.
>Both hemp and linen have anti-bacterial properties.
>Both hemp and linen are natural insulators: both have hollow fibers which means they’re cool in summer and warm in winter.
Reading on hemp and linen and coming to the conclusion that cotton is pretty much the worst natural fiber out there lmao it ain't even a contest. I hate that clothes made out of them are even harder to find than woolen ones.


Your pic looks like it's a heavyweight cotton probably.

>so what makes some clothing fade and wear out better than others

Being heavier weight, natural materials such as cotton or leather.


File: 1656375980303.png (1.08 MB, 852x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

Although heavier weight synthetics probably won't wear out at all TBF. I have a Jungle camo real M65 and that thing is pretty indestructible. It's probably some kind of blend.

>cotton or cotton-nylon or cotton-polyester blend sateen fabric

One of these.


I was trying to find linen shirts and pants for summer but yeah a lot of things labelled as linen aren't even actual linen or are a cotton blend with linen. Silk also is anti microbial but you have to get a low quality silk to get something affordable often as far as I am aware. I assume hemp you can more easily find from eco centred shops or something.


>Silk also is anti microbial
same with wool really, seems like cotton is the odd one out


File: 1656380815360-0.jpg (105.57 KB, 600x842, cjhirzxusaagqk6.jpg)

File: 1656380815360-1.jpg (35.88 KB, 450x562, cjhbv-2uyaakn95.jpg)

File: 1656380815360-2.jpg (91.42 KB, 599x337, cjgleqouwaatjpf.jpg)

Looking at pictures of non-cosplay Comiket attendees to figure out at what point I would be overdressing for a con.


Im in burgerstan. Should I wear this communist pendant outside, or would it be unsafe/cringe? Im just worried some polcel might take my pic and put it in their collage to make fun of commies or target me or something



youre probably safe as long as you dont wear it during protests


I'm wondering why sheeps wool feels itchy. Is that an allergic reaction or from the fibers themselves?


It's just abrasive.


Merino isn't itchy though BTW.


That is good to know since I got a mereno scarf recently just havent used it yet.


How do I get this chineseboi baggy street aesthetic. Is there like a particular long sleeve shirt style or do I just get oversized


only the first pic is wearing something "different", a boxy cut shirt one size too large for him


From some clothing distributer photos ive seen I think it's a bulge in the shirt starting below the armpits rather than the shirt being straight down. You can see this when the shirts are layed flat no one in them. I assume this makes the shirt look somewhat correct fit on shoulders but a looser flowey appearance on the torso and not tent out at the bottom so much like just getting an oversized shirt would.


Something like this is more stylish IMO.


Yeah I can see what you're saying the shoulders fit pretty well and the middle looks like it has some excess fabric and the bottom still tapers in. Im wondering if theres a name for this style. Maybe theyre buying shirts for extra tall men only so they're not just overall loose


I don't know if it has a name. I usually see it labelled with all sorts of nonsense on Aliexpress since their tags seem to be AI generated or random.


File: 1656456969243-0.jpg (54.77 KB, 474x316, otakukiller.jpg)

id wear jun inagawa stuff to a con if i had the money or there were reps of it


File: 1656457028023-1.jpg (699.04 KB, 1536x2048, 40wCWsCU.jpg)

File: 1656457028023-2.jpg (34.18 KB, 800x533, DqP0jJCWkAgt-W5.jpg)


Is picrel the most stylish mens icon? Everything he wears looks good on him. Just makes me wonder how much people conflate 'style' with good looks in general. Is it even worth dressing well if youre ugly?


you should dress well because it makes you feel good who cares if youre "ugly"
dont really care about the guy in your image


File: 1656467565679.png (352.19 KB, 597x599, 1513174162565.png)

mfw cavempt's website can access the unaware's mic and webcam and then permanently store videos of them for anyone to see
im surprised nobody from europe has sued their asses yet


yea idk whats up with that, did they remove their online store?


> most stylish
beckhams fits are pretty boring


lmao d&g is garbage but id probably would of copped for my weeb ass


these aren't even intricate yohji fits, you can style this cheap from muji or uniqlo. arket is another cheapy staple


Afaik they pull that bullshit between seasons.


i hate loose clothes but most designers i like make loose clothing. hm.


File: 1656556091092.mp4 (765.81 KB, 1920x1080, You want nothing.mp4)


buncha fashion books scans in here


neighborhood are the fascists


he looks like a generic tool


Not that anon but do you know what it's called? Like I mentioned earlier it appears to be a shirt type with the centre bulged out either how it's sewn or just is stretched on a machine during manufacturing . Also while I have some familiarity with Yohji what do you mean by intricate fits? Yohji is hit or miss with me personally. Some looks like I could see myself wear it while many look goofy and impractical to me. Im starting to think loose clothes better suit short people trying to ad mass to their appearance. Being over 6 feet idk how I feel on that sort of thing these days even though I used to wear massively oversized clothes.


Is there a way to figure out what mm lens size to get in round shades from online? Too large or too small neither would fit the look I want. It's easy if it were extreme numbers but Ive seen pairs available in sizes only 2mm difference available and the photos with models dont tell you which lens size is pictured and of course you have to guess how big a model's face is. Also is lens size the size of only the lense or the lense plus the frame?


boxy fit? i dont think it has an official name but you see it often on japanese brands


If the glasses are expensive the store should be able to tell you if you asked them.


Im looking at cheap shades with metal spring hinge frames and UV400 lenses so quality doesn't seem bad. I just hate getting things and having to send them back. If I wanted to spend more cash I could likely easily find something at a physical sunglass shop.

Yeah just seemed odd I kept seeing shirts with like a (___) shape to them and didn't know if it's a cut or just a weird way they fold the clothes to display


why is every haircut for men a variation of cropped on the top with a faded side


File: 1656649200499.jpg (40.22 KB, 768x768, 2779383_master.jpg)

Why does everyone like distressed clothing except for pilling
I think Damir Doma is the only designer that goes for it


Probably because it's too tweaky since it's not firmly attacked. I have a hard time looking at that top and not want to reach out and pluck off the little fuzzballs even though aesthetically Im not against it.


Finally scored something decent when thrifting. Some avant garde japanese jeans for $10.


ive got some mutuals on twittard who keep finding shit like dior shirts
i wish lady luck was on my side…………


File: 1656735525145.jpg (149.83 KB, 850x1240, 1656645372833.jpg)

w2c boots like this


Just found what seems to be a good YT channel Stylish D with a guy that gives easy to follow instructions and tips on tailoring clothes and he mainly focuses on men's clothes. I will post this one about taking in the waist because this will be most applicable to anyone here regardless of style choices.


Seems I get some similarish looks looking up "leather cuff buckle boots" and "baggy buckle boots"
But you can pull off same look taking any boot and putting a thin leather cuff buckled down to hide the actual structural part of the boots rise and hides any laces if there are any.


you know she stole it

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