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File: 1655340992357.jpg (508.42 KB, 1000x1500, doomerette.jpg)

fucked up that these days most people into fashion are using the walled garden that inst*gram is
i miss when they were all on tumblr and twittard


File: 1655343262252.jpg (151.02 KB, 1600x900, 1655334925285.jpg)


how is IG a walled garden anymore than tumblr or twitter are


hello /fa/ poster


Well you cant fucking browse it without an account for one


tumblr and twitter are the same now
however creating a burner account is easy as fuck
the real problem is, it's not worth browsing much, unless you enjoy the type of content shit out by rich kid students


File: 1655358679017-0.jpg (2.02 MB, 2730x3509, img035.jpg)

File: 1655358679017-1.jpg (647.91 KB, 1519x1920, 038.jpg)

reposting from previous thread because its goat post with a bunch of really eclectic and fun fits - much better than everyone wearing rick baskets like on insta.



exif orientation on first pic is fucked


you don't need a magazine to look like this
just copy whatever the local yuppies dress like


File: 1655369450714.jpg (134.51 KB, 1307x1888, margarethowelllookbook.jpg)

yuppies usually come off try hard, a lot of the japanese mag fits are a nice mix of preppy and slacker that is a lot rarer than you are letting on.

Some brands however do base their entire lookbook off of it. see picrel. i realize it's not everyone's cup of tea but there's no reason to be snide or condescending about it.


yuppies are the extreme opposite of try-hard, they're obsessed with being as inoffensive as possible


i like rowing blazers enough to agree with this, i still rarely seen it done well if r/preppy or mfa normcore is any indication


File: 1655372172212.jpg (826.82 KB, 1704x2272, 1651944462043.jpg)

do you guys wear lefty merch?


File: 1655372999291.jpg (14.92 KB, 217x400, s-l400.jpg)

Does a humble forklift cert cop?




lol, I live in Aus and I see lumpens wearing hi-vis gear to larp as proles or tradesmen


So true, half the homeless population here wears hi-vis.


File: 1655404976823.jpg (585.66 KB, 1280x1209, 1531641958587.jpg)

>tumblr and twitter are the same now
uhhhh no?? you can browse both of them without an account
twitter even has its own onion and because their api is relaxed theres dozens of alternative web clients (nitter.net)
instagram is so restrictive you can barely do anything with their public api


nope, plenty of tumblr accounts i can't access without signing in
twitter for web is slowly becoming more restricted. nitter is a work-around but they also seem to be shoring up their api cuz all of the instances that i try have been glitching out more and more over time


lmfao those login to continue messages show up on nsfw blogs that got closed after tumblr became puritan
and i havent had issues with nitter in months, also thats why there are so many instances, so if one gets limited you can use another one…


File: 1655440152753.jpg (17.37 KB, 494x275, 1655419257155.jpg)

Capitalism breeds innovation.


Lol F for typography


tbf all those original logos are present in current lines like YSL is used all over the place in their jewelry and belts


terrible pretentious fonts to terrible pretentious fonts but newer so badder


>but newer so badder
did you miss the part where they all look the same


This guy really called generic sans-serif fonts "pretentious".


File: 1655446115940.jpg (50.46 KB, 861x647, 6313368567817274.jpg)


So they don't get hit by cars maybe.
Homeless =/= lumpen

Tumblr turned puritan because a US bill called FOSTA SESTA. Basically a law written by libs trying to be woke who dont understand how the internet works or know what sex workers want. A lot of smaller websites outright shut down because of it because they lack the resources it would demand of them. If someone reversed it the internet will be better off.


File: 1655460239754.jpg (33.44 KB, 563x375, buciaratti.jpg)

anyone else spend too much on the ssense mid year sale


what sale? what did you buy
show us


on instagram if you don't have an account, and you try view from incognito, you get walled off after 2-3 accounts

they are shady fucks, i hate facebook


> what sale
the major one going on rn: https://www.ssense.com/
> what did you buy
margiela bracelet
margaret howell dress shirt
mhl pants
mhl sweater
grey nb trainers


>they are shady fucks, i hate facebook
its really fucking annoying, i reactivated my facebook just to browse insta for fashion memes and make fun of people's fits


also if the margaret howell x barbour waxed cotton jackets go on sale or on grailed ill definitely be copping.


anyone scope any recent or vintage printed light jackets. i think they are such a cool statement piece but kind of hard to find. pics are 2 bad examples, the margiela fox print is gorgeous but idk if I like it as a souvenir jacket (red trim is not good either) and the acne jacket has a weird collar and im not a big fan of the print.


File: 1655489273460.jpg (326.94 KB, 417x750, 1365568764410.jpg)

i like them but i feel like outerwear with graphics would be a lot less versatile, idk

mannn ssense often has good sales going


Speaking of graphics did anyone else "grow past" graphical t-shirts? Like I still like them on their own but I just don't see myself wearing them anymore, especially when I've got nicer clothes anyway.


consoomer thread


Not really. Outside of theft you can get clothes from thrifting, dumpster diving or making your own.


low iq post


do you have a plan that you're enacting to destroy capitalism? tell us

if not stfu and post drip
sanctimonius wanker




Cop this instead.


ppl in here aren’t talking about thrifting or even diy or anything like that, they’re talking about getting $800 retail trash bags from FKBOI the hot new app in townhouse neighbourhoods everywhere


but at least it’s not a graphic tee (9th ring of hell) amirite


File: 1655571349666.png (3.13 MB, 1750x2500, ClipboardImage.png)

imagine spending 100s of dollars for clown clothing. Get normal jeans and t-shirts or buy tailored dress clothing. Everything else is for trust fund babies and other man children.


yeah, if i saw this clothinng i would think theyre tryhards but i guess they dont care (oblivious)


>Get normal jeans and t-shirts or buy tailored dress clothing
lol the mfa /pol/tards are here


File: 1655573142345.jpg (210.17 KB, 1000x1000, jacket.jpg)

Souvenir jackets look cool.


File: 1655573297620.jpg (646.74 KB, 3360x1880, Seinfeld203-CZ-208Kramer.jpg)

w2c ruined suede jacket.


Well, speaking of thrifting I found some $200 Nudie jeans for $10 but they were too big for me. :(


No, but I was considering getting soviet milsurp for winter.


>much better than everyone wearing rick baskets like on insta
rick owens got cool combat boots too but nobody cares about those


i already have one actually


I wear the gorka hoodie casually, the lil front pocket on the chest is super useful. Also, when going out to functions or political events, I pin a little red star to my jacket lapel or just above the heart.


File: 1655614171201.png (831.48 KB, 1672x2400, 1644637844370.png)

would it be worth the effort getting oversized japanese clothing only to get it tailored because i hate boxy fits and just care about the materials and style or should i not even bother


youre probably better just going to a tailor local designer. yohji/cdg/issey don't even use *that* good of fabric - i mean youre certainly not getting anything silk lined in their rtw collection.


File: 1655617367089.jpg (572.78 KB, 1536x2048, FVj-OB0WUAMOgWG.jpg)

I'm jelly about other people's thrift finds.

>circa 1960s, metal buttons, pattern on the pocket in-line with the rest of the shirt, long unstructured collar. this is pretty much as close as it gets to the platonic ideal of a hawaiian shirt


guys i just put on a tommy hilfiger® sweatshirt and now i cant stop sieg heiling, can anyone help with this


File: 1655659919490.webm (1.15 MB, 640x360, clown haz.webm)

Clowncore is hot right now.


All the ecelebs are slowly turning into a singular clown entity


Lel I titled it wrong. Clown has. I always get those two clowns mixed up because of the similiarity of their name/look/race.


there's literally nothing wrong with pretty colours
go be a grunglet somewhere else


I agree with >>26102 but that shirt looks kinda bad.

On the topic of graphic-heavy button downs, any good ideas on what to layer them with for cold days?


Just put a tight fit long sleeve white tshirt under it


vest all day


a cardigan?


Anyone know the process of tracking down alternative places to buy stuff I run across on AliExpress? To ship to US takes around to over a month but some clothes I need now for the summer weather. Most the stores on the site dont turn up results by looking up names because they arent quite brand names and reverse image search also sometimes fails me and I find out the photos they used were edited from other brands models.

You could get them and take it to a tailor to take it in to your size if you like it that much.


Best you can do is reverse search the images they use but I wouldn't count on it.

Also if you're buying shit off AE you might want to know Taobao (both are part of Alibaba Ltd) sells many high quality imitations of designer clothing that you won't find on AE. The issue is that you need to go through an agent to get them shipped if you live outside of China and it's not gonna be any faster either.


the rep community is so funny because they have access to a lot of interesting pieces but all they end up buying is the same fucking tshirts and hoodies with huge hypebeast logos


Dear, Rich kid.

I am the bane of your existence. By the time you have woken up and scratched your ass, I have already checked out at 75% of your local thrift stores with every last worthwhile garment. I drive 30 minutes out from a shitty, poor little backwater and I steal your drip.

The Chanel you wanted to come back for? Mine.
That denim coat that would have fit you *perfectly*? I sold it to a Korean child for $150.
ALL of the milsurp? In my duffel bag as I type this. I have 7 desert night parkas, none of the liners.

Sincerely, Get fucked.


It gets worse, nowadays they're actually on d-scord which is even more of a walled garden than fucking ig.


I was thinking an AI search is ideal to at least browse similar things if not available elsewhere but haven't found any fully functional free ones yet.

Mainly looking for shorts more so currently. Since I hate wearing shorts it's hard to find any I like at all due to them either looking like they belong on a middle aged man or don't look flattering to me with my legs. Also want to get a few pairs of sunglasses in different colours and styles but ideally mostly metal frames and either glass or resin lenses over plastic and probably mostly mirrored lenses. I may have to subject myself to going to a physical store for sunglasses though since you dont know how they feel on your face and your visibility without trying some on but i never find anything to my tastes enough that isnt some overpriced thing.


are you fine with ali quality? the few times ive bought cheap stuff there its terrible polyester stuff that smells like gasoline


Well I don't like poor quality but it's not all bad I assume just a gamble. Polyester is a petrol product so no surprise there it probably just didnt undergo enough washing. Soak it in ethyl alcohol may get rid of the smell then give it a wash though the alcohol may possibly weaken the fibers a little if soaked too long. Problem is the seller rating are pretty useless because they all are over 90% satisfied plus like mentioned before the very long delivery time and occasional lack of delivery. Maybe I'd be better off looking elsewhere for stuff just hard to find anything that isn't too dull looking or expensive.


Should I even care about the inevitability that is stretched out t-shirts? I hate how they look but I don't want to spend money on a new t-shirt whenever it happens.


File: 1655790379840.jpg (86.5 KB, 624x1280, zara ad core.jpg)

Hedi Slimane (bless his work for Dior) ruined so much of mens fashion when he popularized the skinny jeans leather jacket boots combo. Unprecedented damage.

The Nu-Masculine look (coat or a leather jacket, graphic tee with some print like a rose, ripped jeans, and sneakers or low heeled boots) is seriously one of the worst ones ever cause it sells itself as fashionable but has really just stunted most male dress by being so boring.

Looking at Raf and Rick too.


"Trying to talk with your clothes is passive-aggressive." - Tricky Ricky


Stretched where? The neck? Wear shirts with deeper necks or buttons at least on top so it wont stretch over your fat head. The shoudlers? Either fold your clothes or use felt hangers with padding to hold the shape better. Also natural fibers stretch more so get a polyester or spandex blend.


File: 1655808940672.png (339.61 KB, 447x586, Ro5zIgg.png)

>implying nu-male
Stop with the rightoid speak. In the 80s men wore tight jeans too and we all know leggings were originally invented for men. Fashion is dialectically traveling in spirals. Leather jackets and with leather shoes are just classic men's fashion basically just a safe timeless option.


Way to miss the point.

>Leather jackets and with leather shoes are just classic men's fashion basically just a safe timeless option.

That's exactly what I'm complaining about. This post was prompted by someone saying they upgraded their closet to "playboy" clothes and basically dressing like an ad for retail fashion.

>>implying nu-male

Not even what I said, greentexter. I'm literally fucking gay, dude.


its more fucked up that social media and the "archival" meme caused pieces that used to go for $100 on grailed to go for 5x the price nowadays


File: 1655837250374.jpg (25.2 KB, 600x600, vaporflash.jpg)

go for that raver look


i would but performativity means no more soviet surplus for sale

>Remove Russia

>Our old product descriptions include ironic praise of our eastern neighbor and it used to be good fun. Does it piss you off? We understand and agree. However, we won't whitewash the old product descriptions. Instead, we have decided to stop buying Russian products. We sell what we have in stock and that's it.

you can see this disclaimer on anything remotely related to russia on varusteleka now lol


File: 1655838231392.jpg (45.23 KB, 558x580, 1655673791594.jpg)

Has anyone used these before? Are they comfortable?


heres a chinese designer if youre interested


>That's exactly what I'm complaining about. This post was prompted by someone saying they upgraded their closet to "playboy" clothes and basically dressing like an ad for retail fashion.
Not sure what you suggest as an alternative. Yes it's boring if someone wears leather jackets every day with leather shoes or canvas sneakers but it's fine sometimes. Sadly fashion for men pales in comparison to fashion for women when it comes to variety of forms. I'm not against someone wearing clothes made for the other sex but that wont make it look right on their body type if it's not feminine or at least androgynous so that doesn't solve the issue unfortunately.
>Not even what I said, greentexter. I'm literally fucking gay, dude.
I meant your way of describing it has that connotation not inherently that it's what you meant. Just bothers me rightoid lingo dominates the internet.

Not that anon but I actually own some raver pants. Hot as hell to wear though because they are polyester. I wonder if retroreflective fabric helps anonymize you outside of just flash photography.

No but sure doesnt look comfy having your shirt tugged at by your socks at every step though im not type to tuck my shirts in. Should be clipped to top of a belt on the trousers once they are pulled up or something if you want more comfort but even then you may have issue of the metal clasps poking against you if you move a certain way I imagine. Do you like wearing high socks and they just keep rolling down or something? Since it's really more a practical thing from before eslastic was used in fabrics than fashion unless you are wearing shorts short enough it shows. It has a sort of drunk German uncle look unless you shaved your legs then maybe. You do you though


tbf nu- as a prefix is just a general 4chin thing from the last decade


File: 1655858937983.jpg (108.51 KB, 564x803, bal.jpg)

I want 60s Balenciaga back.


are single/no seams t-shirts just a gimmick?



File: 1655872592762.jpg (1.47 MB, 3015x3017, 1655540528172.jpg)

Updated deepwebcore chart just dropped.


nice the old one was more techbro-core


I recently heard the origin of Hawaiian shirts is Japanese immigrants in Hawaii using kimono fabric they had available to make shirts.


File: 1655898636006-0.png (377.73 KB, 292x920, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655898636006-1.png (1.4 MB, 681x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


kinda off-topic but how do you find out what clothes will last long?

is it always more money, brand name = longer lasting?

is there anyway by touching and feeling i can tell when buying clothes

also are these two style choices the only fa options when you live in a tropical region, pokemon region?


If you can gather info such as material, thread count (which will be only mentioned in expensive stuff if at all probably), and construction techniques such as what stitch pattern is used you can probably guess the lifespan with some research. For example for shoes you ideally want shoes that can be resoled which requires the inner to be stitched not just glued to the shoe but this mainly just exists in dress shoes and boots but very small number of small production trainer/sneaker manufacturers do it too. Materials like elastic dry up and fall appart in some years which causes loss of stretch and a sort of crispy crunchy sound when pulled on. Hopefully bioengineered spider silk makes it way to the mainstream market cheap soon because it would likely be superior to elastic as well as more environmentally friendly because it wont use petrol to produce.


Covering your body will make you less hot than wearing short sleeves and short pants. There's always linen. Be creative about it.

>is there anyway by touching and feeling i can tell when buying clothes

Generally thicker fabrics last longer than thinner ones. If you can see your hand through it, it’s too thin.
Tug on the seams and buttons to check how well stitched it is and check for skipped stitches or loose stitches.
The less synthetic used the less likely it is to pill, though regular cotton tends to pill too, unlike pima cotton which is overall more durable.


File: 1655948019883-0.png (910.98 KB, 1909x787, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655948019883-1.png (1.91 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

thank you, so thread count also matters for durability and not just for comfort?

higher = better?

>bioengineered spider silk

science really is awesome, wow

thank you also, thick is good
fuck synthetic polyester shit, micro-plastics, literally would burn into your skin if it caught on fire

i can't imagine other than umbrellas what's the point for a consumer to get them

>Covering your body will make you less hot than wearing short sleeves and short pants

Heretic, how is that possible


File: 1655951463306.jpg (189.77 KB, 1439x1076, pimp ed.jpg)

why do t*kt*k hoes hate raf simons so much


You need clothes to protect you from the sun burning on you. Being naked is best for the heat if it's late at night.
>Researchers have studied the heavy black robes worn by Bedouins in the desert. They say the key there is thickness. The outer layer of fabric does get hotter because the black color absorbs more heat. And that heat doesn't get transmitted to the skin because of the thick fabric.
>But thin black clothing transmits that heat to the skin, making a person hotter.


File: 1655955176125.png (1.53 MB, 1059x1050, Techno interests me.png)

Time to post this classic.


File: 1655955749426.png (840.95 KB, 1368x1298, 1591335412264.png)


Post cool shows hopefully everyone saw the balenciaga one a few weeks ago


why is fashion so addicting anons



please go back to twitter or /fa/



I'd love to hear the rest.


rafs still got it tbh


File: 1656033472313-1.jpg (53.07 KB, 800x450, f41.jpg)

Just look at the contrasting patterns, that tasteful thickness. Obviously a Rei Kawakubo CDG piece.


These coats are fire.


The bags are amazing too, best collection I've seen for both men and women this year.


TWEWY has such good looks and good music too


The spider silk doesn't use spiders in it's production. The genetic modification is adding the spider silk protein genes to yeast. There is a DIY science YouTuber that shows you how it's done if you look it up. It's supposed to be really durable and has sstretch to it which makes it a superior replacement to spandex. Pic shows you how it can look.

Other cool tech in fashion I've been keeping an eye on is mushroom myselium based immitation leather. Pic related is some Adidas made with it.

It had recently been discovered adding rice husks to natural rubber helps it be more durable which I have seen some shoe makers use this so called rice rubber already. Also natural rubber isnt very sustainable and comes from one country almost exclusively so the use of dandelions and sunflowers to produce rubber is being relooked at. The Soviets first were the one's researching dandelions for rubber production.

Also you can get clothing dyes from mushrooms too but problem with natural dye is it really only works well with animal based fabrics. On plant based it doesn't look as vibrant. If that old tech became common it would be a lot healthier than wearing petrol based clothing dye on your skin.

Now as for fabric quality yes more tightly bound threads will create a stronger material less likely to tear or snag. You can get a rough idea by how smooth it feels and how much light shines through if you put it up to your eyes with a single layer.

About temperature. Natural fabrics let your skin breathe better generally speaking. Synthetic blends while they often are sold as UV protectant moisture whicking fabrics it ironically can make you overheated and get heat stroke. Cotton and linen are better. Ive geard bison wool is all wealther where it actually lets some heat out but Im not sure on that.

Oh and for the record anything that says made from bamboo is usually actually rayon that has been made from bamboo. Id avoid it because it uses all sorts of chemicals to process which arent good for the people working on it. It originates from natural but it's really a semi ssynthetic fabric. Similarly avoid chrome tanned leather in favour of oil tanned leather because the unprotected workers in India and likewise countriesand it's an evironmental hazard but Im getting off topic there.

I had been thinking about this in past how people in Mid East dress. Wouldnt the ideal be two layers? A lower black layer to block extra light coming in and an outer white layer to reflect the sun off them to reduce the heating effect on the black? Plus mosquitoes are attracted to black if I recall correctly.


I was checking Blackmeans' runway debut


exciting things are happening in the textile industry

how do you know so much about this stuff anon?

also hot, mushroom leather


I have interests in a lot of stuff so I take notice and have spare time. I pick a topic I want to know more on and spend hours researching. I happened to want to look into eco friendly and alternative clothing materials both high tech and low tech. For more low tech, alpaca is potentially least environmentally harmful animal source of wool outside of people making clothes from their pet's hair which is a thing on a small scale. Linen and hemp is a more environmentally friendly crop than cotton which requires a lot of water and unless it's organic cotton pesticides are also used. This is why you really should wash new clothes before wearing, plus because they usually use petroliun based dyes.


Why are all the fashion fbi.govs filled with highschool zoomers who somehow have multiple chrome hearts pieces. Entire generation is trash.


Reps I guess. Which kinda defeats the purpose because the only thing CH has got going for them is the materials they use. Like the reps are basically just 501s.


love to see an item marked as "x blend" and see "1% x" on the tag


File: 1656138495571.jpg (119.21 KB, 640x1424, P13.jpg)

ok mr i read wikipedia do you know if bbs jeans are any harmful
ssense says "resin-dyed vinyl-coated" and "antiqued black sterling silver hardware"


File: 1656139457620.png (1.51 MB, 1600x970, 1655917706404.png)

Rick's home gym takes up half his apartment he just like me.


> 'cashmere blend'
tbf cashmere with any other natural fiber is still divine


how to get bad smells off a dry clean only jacket, i dont want to spend money on taking it to a dry cleaner


File: 1656186225390.mp4 (492.03 KB, 720x720, firstdate.mp4)


Surely I use more than Wikipedia. Antiquing silver likely just uses some sort of chemical oxidation process. Metal isnt very absorbant so no health worries there for wearing it. No idea what resin dye is. I failed to find anywhere explain what it is including lists of major types of dyes. I assume resin dye is a synthetic dye meant to make the colour last long against UV rays. Which means a chemical your body likely cant break down easily if at all which tends to not be a good thing generally speaking. Vinyl coating means PVC plastic coating usually on polyester. If the coating is against skin that's a big issue. PVC leaches what are called dioxins that can get absorbed into the body. Alternative would be for you to just wax denim jeans (predictably undyed or natural dyed that is) using bees wax (as opposed to paraffin wax). It will protect the colour and make it waterpoof and glossy. You take away the breathability in the process though so cant be worn in hot weather. I never tried this before so im not sure how to make it not tacky to the touch or too stiff since waxed fabric is actually an old fashioned food cover that was used before plastic wrap.


Some say you can steam with dry clean only clothes. If you dont have a steamer just use steam from an electric kettle or coming off a steam iron or hang it up in the bathroom and run hot water in the shower. That's one way. Another way is spraying it with ethyl alcohol assuming it doesnt have any polymer fabrics in it but you should do a test spot to make sure. You should have a mask on so you dont get an unknown amount of alcohol in your system but this is more a concern if you use isopropyl alcohol than ethyl alcohol. It's a solvent so it may damage certain fabrics in time which I think happens more with plastic type fabrics but just a brief moment before evaporating is fine probably maybe. I have a silk pillowcase I put some ethyl alcohol on and surprisingly it didnt disintegrate as delicate as silk can be. Third option is getting a portable ozone generator. They primarily are used for deoderizing shoes so you likely will find a reference to it in it's name. Just keep in mind ozone is very bad for your lungs so do this in a ventilated area. Also ozone decays some materials like rubber for example so I assume it may potentially damage synthetic fabrics. Fourth option is a UV sterilization light. Problem with a UV light is it will fade colour over time so dont do this unless it's white or you want it to look faded. Anything else and youre just covering up the smell.


Hell yeah


I've heard otter wax is really good too.


File: 1656303897528.jpg (88.34 KB, 600x800, bepis.jpg)


File: 1656310466181.jpg (257.42 KB, 2048x2048, drip.jpg)

Found out there was a Jujutsu Kaisen x Dolce & Gabbana collab a couple months ago lmao


so what makes some clothing fade and wear out better than others


>otter wax
I was concerned a minute upon looking this up it would be like looking up blue waffle. Relieved it's just a brand. Anyway what does it feel like once applied to clothing? How does it effect being washed?


>Both linen and hemp become soft and supple through handling, gaining elegance and creating a fluid drape.
>Both hemp and linen are resistant to moths and other insects.
>Both hemp and linen have anti-bacterial properties.
>Both hemp and linen are natural insulators: both have hollow fibers which means they’re cool in summer and warm in winter.
Reading on hemp and linen and coming to the conclusion that cotton is pretty much the worst natural fiber out there lmao it ain't even a contest. I hate that clothes made out of them are even harder to find than woolen ones.


Your pic looks like it's a heavyweight cotton probably.

>so what makes some clothing fade and wear out better than others

Being heavier weight, natural materials such as cotton or leather.


File: 1656375980303.png (1.08 MB, 852x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

Although heavier weight synthetics probably won't wear out at all TBF. I have a Jungle camo real M65 and that thing is pretty indestructible. It's probably some kind of blend.

>cotton or cotton-nylon or cotton-polyester blend sateen fabric

One of these.


I was trying to find linen shirts and pants for summer but yeah a lot of things labelled as linen aren't even actual linen or are a cotton blend with linen. Silk also is anti microbial but you have to get a low quality silk to get something affordable often as far as I am aware. I assume hemp you can more easily find from eco centred shops or something.


>Silk also is anti microbial
same with wool really, seems like cotton is the odd one out


File: 1656380815360-0.jpg (105.57 KB, 600x842, cjhirzxusaagqk6.jpg)

File: 1656380815360-1.jpg (35.88 KB, 450x562, cjhbv-2uyaakn95.jpg)

File: 1656380815360-2.jpg (91.42 KB, 599x337, cjgleqouwaatjpf.jpg)

Looking at pictures of non-cosplay Comiket attendees to figure out at what point I would be overdressing for a con.


Im in burgerstan. Should I wear this communist pendant outside, or would it be unsafe/cringe? Im just worried some polcel might take my pic and put it in their collage to make fun of commies or target me or something



youre probably safe as long as you dont wear it during protests


I'm wondering why sheeps wool feels itchy. Is that an allergic reaction or from the fibers themselves?


It's just abrasive.


Merino isn't itchy though BTW.


That is good to know since I got a mereno scarf recently just havent used it yet.


How do I get this chineseboi baggy street aesthetic. Is there like a particular long sleeve shirt style or do I just get oversized


only the first pic is wearing something "different", a boxy cut shirt one size too large for him


From some clothing distributer photos ive seen I think it's a bulge in the shirt starting below the armpits rather than the shirt being straight down. You can see this when the shirts are layed flat no one in them. I assume this makes the shirt look somewhat correct fit on shoulders but a looser flowey appearance on the torso and not tent out at the bottom so much like just getting an oversized shirt would.


Something like this is more stylish IMO.


Yeah I can see what you're saying the shoulders fit pretty well and the middle looks like it has some excess fabric and the bottom still tapers in. Im wondering if theres a name for this style. Maybe theyre buying shirts for extra tall men only so they're not just overall loose


I don't know if it has a name. I usually see it labelled with all sorts of nonsense on Aliexpress since their tags seem to be AI generated or random.


File: 1656456969243-0.jpg (54.77 KB, 474x316, otakukiller.jpg)

id wear jun inagawa stuff to a con if i had the money or there were reps of it


File: 1656457028023-1.jpg (699.04 KB, 1536x2048, 40wCWsCU.jpg)

File: 1656457028023-2.jpg (34.18 KB, 800x533, DqP0jJCWkAgt-W5.jpg)


Is picrel the most stylish mens icon? Everything he wears looks good on him. Just makes me wonder how much people conflate 'style' with good looks in general. Is it even worth dressing well if youre ugly?


you should dress well because it makes you feel good who cares if youre "ugly"
dont really care about the guy in your image


File: 1656467565679.png (352.19 KB, 597x599, 1513174162565.png)

mfw cavempt's website can access the unaware's mic and webcam and then permanently store videos of them for anyone to see
im surprised nobody from europe has sued their asses yet


yea idk whats up with that, did they remove their online store?


> most stylish
beckhams fits are pretty boring


lmao d&g is garbage but id probably would of copped for my weeb ass


these aren't even intricate yohji fits, you can style this cheap from muji or uniqlo. arket is another cheapy staple


Afaik they pull that bullshit between seasons.

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