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File: 1655340992357.jpg (508.42 KB, 1000x1500, doomerette.jpg)

fucked up that these days most people into fashion are using the walled garden that inst*gram is
i miss when they were all on tumblr and twittard


File: 1655343262252.jpg (151.02 KB, 1600x900, 1655334925285.jpg)


how is IG a walled garden anymore than tumblr or twitter are


hello /fa/ poster


Well you cant fucking browse it without an account for one


tumblr and twitter are the same now
however creating a burner account is easy as fuck
the real problem is, it's not worth browsing much, unless you enjoy the type of content shit out by rich kid students


File: 1655358679017-0.jpg (2.02 MB, 2730x3509, img035.jpg)

File: 1655358679017-1.jpg (647.91 KB, 1519x1920, 038.jpg)

reposting from previous thread because its goat post with a bunch of really eclectic and fun fits - much better than everyone wearing rick baskets like on insta.



exif orientation on first pic is fucked


you don't need a magazine to look like this
just copy whatever the local yuppies dress like


File: 1655369450714.jpg (134.51 KB, 1307x1888, margarethowelllookbook.jpg)

yuppies usually come off try hard, a lot of the japanese mag fits are a nice mix of preppy and slacker that is a lot rarer than you are letting on.

Some brands however do base their entire lookbook off of it. see picrel. i realize it's not everyone's cup of tea but there's no reason to be snide or condescending about it.


yuppies are the extreme opposite of try-hard, they're obsessed with being as inoffensive as possible


i like rowing blazers enough to agree with this, i still rarely seen it done well if r/preppy or mfa normcore is any indication


File: 1655372172212.jpg (826.82 KB, 1704x2272, 1651944462043.jpg)

do you guys wear lefty merch?


File: 1655372999291.jpg (14.92 KB, 217x400, s-l400.jpg)

Does a humble forklift cert cop?




lol, I live in Aus and I see lumpens wearing hi-vis gear to larp as proles or tradesmen


So true, half the homeless population here wears hi-vis.


File: 1655404976823.jpg (585.66 KB, 1280x1209, 1531641958587.jpg)

>tumblr and twitter are the same now
uhhhh no?? you can browse both of them without an account
twitter even has its own onion and because their api is relaxed theres dozens of alternative web clients (nitter.net)
instagram is so restrictive you can barely do anything with their public api


nope, plenty of tumblr accounts i can't access without signing in
twitter for web is slowly becoming more restricted. nitter is a work-around but they also seem to be shoring up their api cuz all of the instances that i try have been glitching out more and more over time


lmfao those login to continue messages show up on nsfw blogs that got closed after tumblr became puritan
and i havent had issues with nitter in months, also thats why there are so many instances, so if one gets limited you can use another one…


File: 1655440152753.jpg (17.37 KB, 494x275, 1655419257155.jpg)

Capitalism breeds innovation.


Lol F for typography


tbf all those original logos are present in current lines like YSL is used all over the place in their jewelry and belts


terrible pretentious fonts to terrible pretentious fonts but newer so badder


>but newer so badder
did you miss the part where they all look the same


This guy really called generic sans-serif fonts "pretentious".


File: 1655446115940.jpg (50.46 KB, 861x647, 6313368567817274.jpg)


So they don't get hit by cars maybe.
Homeless =/= lumpen

Tumblr turned puritan because a US bill called FOSTA SESTA. Basically a law written by libs trying to be woke who dont understand how the internet works or know what sex workers want. A lot of smaller websites outright shut down because of it because they lack the resources it would demand of them. If someone reversed it the internet will be better off.


File: 1655460239754.jpg (33.44 KB, 563x375, buciaratti.jpg)

anyone else spend too much on the ssense mid year sale


what sale? what did you buy
show us


on instagram if you don't have an account, and you try view from incognito, you get walled off after 2-3 accounts

they are shady fucks, i hate facebook


> what sale
the major one going on rn: https://www.ssense.com/
> what did you buy
margiela bracelet
margaret howell dress shirt
mhl pants
mhl sweater
grey nb trainers


>they are shady fucks, i hate facebook
its really fucking annoying, i reactivated my facebook just to browse insta for fashion memes and make fun of people's fits


also if the margaret howell x barbour waxed cotton jackets go on sale or on grailed ill definitely be copping.


anyone scope any recent or vintage printed light jackets. i think they are such a cool statement piece but kind of hard to find. pics are 2 bad examples, the margiela fox print is gorgeous but idk if I like it as a souvenir jacket (red trim is not good either) and the acne jacket has a weird collar and im not a big fan of the print.


File: 1655489273460.jpg (326.94 KB, 417x750, 1365568764410.jpg)

i like them but i feel like outerwear with graphics would be a lot less versatile, idk

mannn ssense often has good sales going


Speaking of graphics did anyone else "grow past" graphical t-shirts? Like I still like them on their own but I just don't see myself wearing them anymore, especially when I've got nicer clothes anyway.


consoomer thread


Not really. Outside of theft you can get clothes from thrifting, dumpster diving or making your own.


low iq post


do you have a plan that you're enacting to destroy capitalism? tell us

if not stfu and post drip
sanctimonius wanker




Cop this instead.


ppl in here aren’t talking about thrifting or even diy or anything like that, they’re talking about getting $800 retail trash bags from FKBOI the hot new app in townhouse neighbourhoods everywhere


but at least it’s not a graphic tee (9th ring of hell) amirite


File: 1655571349666.png (3.13 MB, 1750x2500, ClipboardImage.png)

imagine spending 100s of dollars for clown clothing. Get normal jeans and t-shirts or buy tailored dress clothing. Everything else is for trust fund babies and other man children.


yeah, if i saw this clothinng i would think theyre tryhards but i guess they dont care (oblivious)


>Get normal jeans and t-shirts or buy tailored dress clothing
lol the mfa /pol/tards are here


File: 1655573142345.jpg (210.17 KB, 1000x1000, jacket.jpg)

Souvenir jackets look cool.


File: 1655573297620.jpg (646.74 KB, 3360x1880, Seinfeld203-CZ-208Kramer.jpg)

w2c ruined suede jacket.


Well, speaking of thrifting I found some $200 Nudie jeans for $10 but they were too big for me. :(


No, but I was considering getting soviet milsurp for winter.


>much better than everyone wearing rick baskets like on insta
rick owens got cool combat boots too but nobody cares about those


i already have one actually


I wear the gorka hoodie casually, the lil front pocket on the chest is super useful. Also, when going out to functions or political events, I pin a little red star to my jacket lapel or just above the heart.


File: 1655614171201.png (831.48 KB, 1672x2400, 1644637844370.png)

would it be worth the effort getting oversized japanese clothing only to get it tailored because i hate boxy fits and just care about the materials and style or should i not even bother


youre probably better just going to a tailor local designer. yohji/cdg/issey don't even use *that* good of fabric - i mean youre certainly not getting anything silk lined in their rtw collection.


File: 1655617367089.jpg (572.78 KB, 1536x2048, FVj-OB0WUAMOgWG.jpg)

I'm jelly about other people's thrift finds.

>circa 1960s, metal buttons, pattern on the pocket in-line with the rest of the shirt, long unstructured collar. this is pretty much as close as it gets to the platonic ideal of a hawaiian shirt


guys i just put on a tommy hilfiger® sweatshirt and now i cant stop sieg heiling, can anyone help with this


File: 1655659919490.webm (1.15 MB, 640x360, clown haz.webm)

Clowncore is hot right now.


All the ecelebs are slowly turning into a singular clown entity


Lel I titled it wrong. Clown has. I always get those two clowns mixed up because of the similiarity of their name/look/race.


there's literally nothing wrong with pretty colours
go be a grunglet somewhere else


I agree with >>26102 but that shirt looks kinda bad.

On the topic of graphic-heavy button downs, any good ideas on what to layer them with for cold days?


Just put a tight fit long sleeve white tshirt under it


vest all day


a cardigan?


Anyone know the process of tracking down alternative places to buy stuff I run across on AliExpress? To ship to US takes around to over a month but some clothes I need now for the summer weather. Most the stores on the site dont turn up results by looking up names because they arent quite brand names and reverse image search also sometimes fails me and I find out the photos they used were edited from other brands models.

You could get them and take it to a tailor to take it in to your size if you like it that much.


Best you can do is reverse search the images they use but I wouldn't count on it.

Also if you're buying shit off AE you might want to know Taobao (both are part of Alibaba Ltd) sells many high quality imitations of designer clothing that you won't find on AE. The issue is that you need to go through an agent to get them shipped if you live outside of China and it's not gonna be any faster either.


the rep community is so funny because they have access to a lot of interesting pieces but all they end up buying is the same fucking tshirts and hoodies with huge hypebeast logos


Dear, Rich kid.

I am the bane of your existence. By the time you have woken up and scratched your ass, I have already checked out at 75% of your local thrift stores with every last worthwhile garment. I drive 30 minutes out from a shitty, poor little backwater and I steal your drip.

The Chanel you wanted to come back for? Mine.
That denim coat that would have fit you *perfectly*? I sold it to a Korean child for $150.
ALL of the milsurp? In my duffel bag as I type this. I have 7 desert night parkas, none of the liners.

Sincerely, Get fucked.


It gets worse, nowadays they're actually on d-scord which is even more of a walled garden than fucking ig.


I was thinking an AI search is ideal to at least browse similar things if not available elsewhere but haven't found any fully functional free ones yet.

Mainly looking for shorts more so currently. Since I hate wearing shorts it's hard to find any I like at all due to them either looking like they belong on a middle aged man or don't look flattering to me with my legs. Also want to get a few pairs of sunglasses in different colours and styles but ideally mostly metal frames and either glass or resin lenses over plastic and probably mostly mirrored lenses. I may have to subject myself to going to a physical store for sunglasses though since you dont know how they feel on your face and your visibility without trying some on but i never find anything to my tastes enough that isnt some overpriced thing.


are you fine with ali quality? the few times ive bought cheap stuff there its terrible polyester stuff that smells like gasoline


Well I don't like poor quality but it's not all bad I assume just a gamble. Polyester is a petrol product so no surprise there it probably just didnt undergo enough washing. Soak it in ethyl alcohol may get rid of the smell then give it a wash though the alcohol may possibly weaken the fibers a little if soaked too long. Problem is the seller rating are pretty useless because they all are over 90% satisfied plus like mentioned before the very long delivery time and occasional lack of delivery. Maybe I'd be better off looking elsewhere for stuff just hard to find anything that isn't too dull looking or expensive.


Should I even care about the inevitability that is stretched out t-shirts? I hate how they look but I don't want to spend money on a new t-shirt whenever it happens.


File: 1655790379840.jpg (86.5 KB, 624x1280, zara ad core.jpg)

Hedi Slimane (bless his work for Dior) ruined so much of mens fashion when he popularized the skinny jeans leather jacket boots combo. Unprecedented damage.

The Nu-Masculine look (coat or a leather jacket, graphic tee with some print like a rose, ripped jeans, and sneakers or low heeled boots) is seriously one of the worst ones ever cause it sells itself as fashionable but has really just stunted most male dress by being so boring.

Looking at Raf and Rick too.


"Trying to talk with your clothes is passive-aggressive." - Tricky Ricky


Stretched where? The neck? Wear shirts with deeper necks or buttons at least on top so it wont stretch over your fat head. The shoudlers? Either fold your clothes or use felt hangers with padding to hold the shape better. Also natural fibers stretch more so get a polyester or spandex blend.


File: 1655808940672.png (339.61 KB, 447x586, Ro5zIgg.png)

>implying nu-male
Stop with the rightoid speak. In the 80s men wore tight jeans too and we all know leggings were originally invented for men. Fashion is dialectically traveling in spirals. Leather jackets and with leather shoes are just classic men's fashion basically just a safe timeless option.


Way to miss the point.

>Leather jackets and with leather shoes are just classic men's fashion basically just a safe timeless option.

That's exactly what I'm complaining about. This post was prompted by someone saying they upgraded their closet to "playboy" clothes and basically dressing like an ad for retail fashion.

>>implying nu-male

Not even what I said, greentexter. I'm literally fucking gay, dude.


its more fucked up that social media and the "archival" meme caused pieces that used to go for $100 on grailed to go for 5x the price nowadays


File: 1655837250374.jpg (25.2 KB, 600x600, vaporflash.jpg)

go for that raver look


i would but performativity means no more soviet surplus for sale

>Remove Russia

>Our old product descriptions include ironic praise of our eastern neighbor and it used to be good fun. Does it piss you off? We understand and agree. However, we won't whitewash the old product descriptions. Instead, we have decided to stop buying Russian products. We sell what we have in stock and that's it.

you can see this disclaimer on anything remotely related to russia on varusteleka now lol


File: 1655838231392.jpg (45.23 KB, 558x580, 1655673791594.jpg)

Has anyone used these before? Are they comfortable?


heres a chinese designer if youre interested


>That's exactly what I'm complaining about. This post was prompted by someone saying they upgraded their closet to "playboy" clothes and basically dressing like an ad for retail fashion.
Not sure what you suggest as an alternative. Yes it's boring if someone wears leather jackets every day with leather shoes or canvas sneakers but it's fine sometimes. Sadly fashion for men pales in comparison to fashion for women when it comes to variety of forms. I'm not against someone wearing clothes made for the other sex but that wont make it look right on their body type if it's not feminine or at least androgynous so that doesn't solve the issue unfortunately.
>Not even what I said, greentexter. I'm literally fucking gay, dude.
I meant your way of describing it has that connotation not inherently that it's what you meant. Just bothers me rightoid lingo dominates the internet.

Not that anon but I actually own some raver pants. Hot as hell to wear though because they are polyester. I wonder if retroreflective fabric helps anonymize you outside of just flash photography.

No but sure doesnt look comfy having your shirt tugged at by your socks at every step though im not type to tuck my shirts in. Should be clipped to top of a belt on the trousers once they are pulled up or something if you want more comfort but even then you may have issue of the metal clasps poking against you if you move a certain way I imagine. Do you like wearing high socks and they just keep rolling down or something? Since it's really more a practical thing from before eslastic was used in fabrics than fashion unless you are wearing shorts short enough it shows. It has a sort of drunk German uncle look unless you shaved your legs then maybe. You do you though


tbf nu- as a prefix is just a general 4chin thing from the last decade


File: 1655858937983.jpg (108.51 KB, 564x803, bal.jpg)

I want 60s Balenciaga back.


are single/no seams t-shirts just a gimmick?



File: 1655872592762.jpg (1.47 MB, 3015x3017, 1655540528172.jpg)

Updated deepwebcore chart just dropped.


nice the old one was more techbro-core


I recently heard the origin of Hawaiian shirts is Japanese immigrants in Hawaii using kimono fabric they had available to make shirts.


File: 1655898636006-0.png (377.73 KB, 292x920, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655898636006-1.png (1.4 MB, 681x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


kinda off-topic but how do you find out what clothes will last long?

is it always more money, brand name = longer lasting?

is there anyway by touching and feeling i can tell when buying clothes

also are these two style choices the only fa options when you live in a tropical region, pokemon region?


If you can gather info such as material, thread count (which will be only mentioned in expensive stuff if at all probably), and construction techniques such as what stitch pattern is used you can probably guess the lifespan with some research. For example for shoes you ideally want shoes that can be resoled which requires the inner to be stitched not just glued to the shoe but this mainly just exists in dress shoes and boots but very small number of small production trainer/sneaker manufacturers do it too. Materials like elastic dry up and fall appart in some years which causes loss of stretch and a sort of crispy crunchy sound when pulled on. Hopefully bioengineered spider silk makes it way to the mainstream market cheap soon because it would likely be superior to elastic as well as more environmentally friendly because it wont use petrol to produce.


Covering your body will make you less hot than wearing short sleeves and short pants. There's always linen. Be creative about it.

>is there anyway by touching and feeling i can tell when buying clothes

Generally thicker fabrics last longer than thinner ones. If you can see your hand through it, it’s too thin.
Tug on the seams and buttons to check how well stitched it is and check for skipped stitches or loose stitches.
The less synthetic used the less likely it is to pill, though regular cotton tends to pill too, unlike pima cotton which is overall more durable.


File: 1655948019883-0.png (910.98 KB, 1909x787, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655948019883-1.png (1.91 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

thank you, so thread count also matters for durability and not just for comfort?

higher = better?

>bioengineered spider silk

science really is awesome, wow

thank you also, thick is good
fuck synthetic polyester shit, micro-plastics, literally would burn into your skin if it caught on fire

i can't imagine other than umbrellas what's the point for a consumer to get them

>Covering your body will make you less hot than wearing short sleeves and short pants

Heretic, how is that possible


File: 1655951463306.jpg (189.77 KB, 1439x1076, pimp ed.jpg)

why do t*kt*k hoes hate raf simons so much


You need clothes to protect you from the sun burning on you. Being naked is best for the heat if it's late at night.
>Researchers have studied the heavy black robes worn by Bedouins in the desert. They say the key there is thickness. The outer layer of fabric does get hotter because the black color absorbs more heat. And that heat doesn't get transmitted to the skin because of the thick fabric.
>But thin black clothing transmits that heat to the skin, making a person hotter.


File: 1655955176125.png (1.53 MB, 1059x1050, Techno interests me.png)

Time to post this classic.


File: 1655955749426.png (840.95 KB, 1368x1298, 1591335412264.png)


Post cool shows hopefully everyone saw the balenciaga one a few weeks ago


why is fashion so addicting anons



please go back to twitter or /fa/



I'd love to hear the rest.


rafs still got it tbh


File: 1656033472313-1.jpg (53.07 KB, 800x450, f41.jpg)

Just look at the contrasting patterns, that tasteful thickness. Obviously a Rei Kawakubo CDG piece.


These coats are fire.


The bags are amazing too, best collection I've seen for both men and women this year.


TWEWY has such good looks and good music too


The spider silk doesn't use spiders in it's production. The genetic modification is adding the spider silk protein genes to yeast. There is a DIY science YouTuber that shows you how it's done if you look it up. It's supposed to be really durable and has sstretch to it which makes it a superior replacement to spandex. Pic shows you how it can look.

Other cool tech in fashion I've been keeping an eye on is mushroom myselium based immitation leather. Pic related is some Adidas made with it.

It had recently been discovered adding rice husks to natural rubber helps it be more durable which I have seen some shoe makers use this so called rice rubber already. Also natural rubber isnt very sustainable and comes from one country almost exclusively so the use of dandelions and sunflowers to produce rubber is being relooked at. The Soviets first were the one's researching dandelions for rubber production.

Also you can get clothing dyes from mushrooms too but problem with natural dye is it really only works well with animal based fabrics. On plant based it doesn't look as vibrant. If that old tech became common it would be a lot healthier than wearing petrol based clothing dye on your skin.

Now as for fabric quality yes more tightly bound threads will create a stronger material less likely to tear or snag. You can get a rough idea by how smooth it feels and how much light shines through if you put it up to your eyes with a single layer.

About temperature. Natural fabrics let your skin breathe better generally speaking. Synthetic blends while they often are sold as UV protectant moisture whicking fabrics it ironically can make you overheated and get heat stroke. Cotton and linen are better. Ive geard bison wool is all wealther where it actually lets some heat out but Im not sure on that.

Oh and for the record anything that says made from bamboo is usually actually rayon that has been made from bamboo. Id avoid it because it uses all sorts of chemicals to process which arent good for the people working on it. It originates from natural but it's really a semi ssynthetic fabric. Similarly avoid chrome tanned leather in favour of oil tanned leather because the unprotected workers in India and likewise countriesand it's an evironmental hazard but Im getting off topic there.

I had been thinking about this in past how people in Mid East dress. Wouldnt the ideal be two layers? A lower black layer to block extra light coming in and an outer white layer to reflect the sun off them to reduce the heating effect on the black? Plus mosquitoes are attracted to black if I recall correctly.


I was checking Blackmeans' runway debut


exciting things are happening in the textile industry

how do you know so much about this stuff anon?

also hot, mushroom leather


I have interests in a lot of stuff so I take notice and have spare time. I pick a topic I want to know more on and spend hours researching. I happened to want to look into eco friendly and alternative clothing materials both high tech and low tech. For more low tech, alpaca is potentially least environmentally harmful animal source of wool outside of people making clothes from their pet's hair which is a thing on a small scale. Linen and hemp is a more environmentally friendly crop than cotton which requires a lot of water and unless it's organic cotton pesticides are also used. This is why you really should wash new clothes before wearing, plus because they usually use petroliun based dyes.


Why are all the fashion fbi.govs filled with highschool zoomers who somehow have multiple chrome hearts pieces. Entire generation is trash.


Reps I guess. Which kinda defeats the purpose because the only thing CH has got going for them is the materials they use. Like the reps are basically just 501s.


love to see an item marked as "x blend" and see "1% x" on the tag


File: 1656138495571.jpg (119.21 KB, 640x1424, P13.jpg)

ok mr i read wikipedia do you know if bbs jeans are any harmful
ssense says "resin-dyed vinyl-coated" and "antiqued black sterling silver hardware"


File: 1656139457620.png (1.51 MB, 1600x970, 1655917706404.png)

Rick's home gym takes up half his apartment he just like me.


> 'cashmere blend'
tbf cashmere with any other natural fiber is still divine


how to get bad smells off a dry clean only jacket, i dont want to spend money on taking it to a dry cleaner


File: 1656186225390.mp4 (492.03 KB, 720x720, firstdate.mp4)


Surely I use more than Wikipedia. Antiquing silver likely just uses some sort of chemical oxidation process. Metal isnt very absorbant so no health worries there for wearing it. No idea what resin dye is. I failed to find anywhere explain what it is including lists of major types of dyes. I assume resin dye is a synthetic dye meant to make the colour last long against UV rays. Which means a chemical your body likely cant break down easily if at all which tends to not be a good thing generally speaking. Vinyl coating means PVC plastic coating usually on polyester. If the coating is against skin that's a big issue. PVC leaches what are called dioxins that can get absorbed into the body. Alternative would be for you to just wax denim jeans (predictably undyed or natural dyed that is) using bees wax (as opposed to paraffin wax). It will protect the colour and make it waterpoof and glossy. You take away the breathability in the process though so cant be worn in hot weather. I never tried this before so im not sure how to make it not tacky to the touch or too stiff since waxed fabric is actually an old fashioned food cover that was used before plastic wrap.


Some say you can steam with dry clean only clothes. If you dont have a steamer just use steam from an electric kettle or coming off a steam iron or hang it up in the bathroom and run hot water in the shower. That's one way. Another way is spraying it with ethyl alcohol assuming it doesnt have any polymer fabrics in it but you should do a test spot to make sure. You should have a mask on so you dont get an unknown amount of alcohol in your system but this is more a concern if you use isopropyl alcohol than ethyl alcohol. It's a solvent so it may damage certain fabrics in time which I think happens more with plastic type fabrics but just a brief moment before evaporating is fine probably maybe. I have a silk pillowcase I put some ethyl alcohol on and surprisingly it didnt disintegrate as delicate as silk can be. Third option is getting a portable ozone generator. They primarily are used for deoderizing shoes so you likely will find a reference to it in it's name. Just keep in mind ozone is very bad for your lungs so do this in a ventilated area. Also ozone decays some materials like rubber for example so I assume it may potentially damage synthetic fabrics. Fourth option is a UV sterilization light. Problem with a UV light is it will fade colour over time so dont do this unless it's white or you want it to look faded. Anything else and youre just covering up the smell.


Hell yeah


I've heard otter wax is really good too.


File: 1656303897528.jpg (88.34 KB, 600x800, bepis.jpg)


File: 1656310466181.jpg (257.42 KB, 2048x2048, drip.jpg)

Found out there was a Jujutsu Kaisen x Dolce & Gabbana collab a couple months ago lmao


so what makes some clothing fade and wear out better than others


>otter wax
I was concerned a minute upon looking this up it would be like looking up blue waffle. Relieved it's just a brand. Anyway what does it feel like once applied to clothing? How does it effect being washed?


>Both linen and hemp become soft and supple through handling, gaining elegance and creating a fluid drape.
>Both hemp and linen are resistant to moths and other insects.
>Both hemp and linen have anti-bacterial properties.
>Both hemp and linen are natural insulators: both have hollow fibers which means they’re cool in summer and warm in winter.
Reading on hemp and linen and coming to the conclusion that cotton is pretty much the worst natural fiber out there lmao it ain't even a contest. I hate that clothes made out of them are even harder to find than woolen ones.


Your pic looks like it's a heavyweight cotton probably.

>so what makes some clothing fade and wear out better than others

Being heavier weight, natural materials such as cotton or leather.


File: 1656375980303.png (1.08 MB, 852x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

Although heavier weight synthetics probably won't wear out at all TBF. I have a Jungle camo real M65 and that thing is pretty indestructible. It's probably some kind of blend.

>cotton or cotton-nylon or cotton-polyester blend sateen fabric

One of these.


I was trying to find linen shirts and pants for summer but yeah a lot of things labelled as linen aren't even actual linen or are a cotton blend with linen. Silk also is anti microbial but you have to get a low quality silk to get something affordable often as far as I am aware. I assume hemp you can more easily find from eco centred shops or something.


>Silk also is anti microbial
same with wool really, seems like cotton is the odd one out


File: 1656380815360-0.jpg (105.57 KB, 600x842, cjhirzxusaagqk6.jpg)

File: 1656380815360-1.jpg (35.88 KB, 450x562, cjhbv-2uyaakn95.jpg)

File: 1656380815360-2.jpg (91.42 KB, 599x337, cjgleqouwaatjpf.jpg)

Looking at pictures of non-cosplay Comiket attendees to figure out at what point I would be overdressing for a con.


Im in burgerstan. Should I wear this communist pendant outside, or would it be unsafe/cringe? Im just worried some polcel might take my pic and put it in their collage to make fun of commies or target me or something



youre probably safe as long as you dont wear it during protests


I'm wondering why sheeps wool feels itchy. Is that an allergic reaction or from the fibers themselves?


It's just abrasive.


Merino isn't itchy though BTW.


That is good to know since I got a mereno scarf recently just havent used it yet.


How do I get this chineseboi baggy street aesthetic. Is there like a particular long sleeve shirt style or do I just get oversized


only the first pic is wearing something "different", a boxy cut shirt one size too large for him


From some clothing distributer photos ive seen I think it's a bulge in the shirt starting below the armpits rather than the shirt being straight down. You can see this when the shirts are layed flat no one in them. I assume this makes the shirt look somewhat correct fit on shoulders but a looser flowey appearance on the torso and not tent out at the bottom so much like just getting an oversized shirt would.


Something like this is more stylish IMO.


Yeah I can see what you're saying the shoulders fit pretty well and the middle looks like it has some excess fabric and the bottom still tapers in. Im wondering if theres a name for this style. Maybe theyre buying shirts for extra tall men only so they're not just overall loose


I don't know if it has a name. I usually see it labelled with all sorts of nonsense on Aliexpress since their tags seem to be AI generated or random.


File: 1656456969243-0.jpg (54.77 KB, 474x316, otakukiller.jpg)

id wear jun inagawa stuff to a con if i had the money or there were reps of it


File: 1656457028023-1.jpg (699.04 KB, 1536x2048, 40wCWsCU.jpg)

File: 1656457028023-2.jpg (34.18 KB, 800x533, DqP0jJCWkAgt-W5.jpg)


Is picrel the most stylish mens icon? Everything he wears looks good on him. Just makes me wonder how much people conflate 'style' with good looks in general. Is it even worth dressing well if youre ugly?


you should dress well because it makes you feel good who cares if youre "ugly"
dont really care about the guy in your image


File: 1656467565679.png (352.19 KB, 597x599, 1513174162565.png)

mfw cavempt's website can access the unaware's mic and webcam and then permanently store videos of them for anyone to see
im surprised nobody from europe has sued their asses yet


yea idk whats up with that, did they remove their online store?


> most stylish
beckhams fits are pretty boring


lmao d&g is garbage but id probably would of copped for my weeb ass


these aren't even intricate yohji fits, you can style this cheap from muji or uniqlo. arket is another cheapy staple


Afaik they pull that bullshit between seasons.


i hate loose clothes but most designers i like make loose clothing. hm.


File: 1656556091092.mp4 (765.81 KB, 1920x1080, You want nothing.mp4)


buncha fashion books scans in here


neighborhood are the fascists


he looks like a generic tool


Not that anon but do you know what it's called? Like I mentioned earlier it appears to be a shirt type with the centre bulged out either how it's sewn or just is stretched on a machine during manufacturing . Also while I have some familiarity with Yohji what do you mean by intricate fits? Yohji is hit or miss with me personally. Some looks like I could see myself wear it while many look goofy and impractical to me. Im starting to think loose clothes better suit short people trying to ad mass to their appearance. Being over 6 feet idk how I feel on that sort of thing these days even though I used to wear massively oversized clothes.


Is there a way to figure out what mm lens size to get in round shades from online? Too large or too small neither would fit the look I want. It's easy if it were extreme numbers but Ive seen pairs available in sizes only 2mm difference available and the photos with models dont tell you which lens size is pictured and of course you have to guess how big a model's face is. Also is lens size the size of only the lense or the lense plus the frame?


boxy fit? i dont think it has an official name but you see it often on japanese brands


If the glasses are expensive the store should be able to tell you if you asked them.


Im looking at cheap shades with metal spring hinge frames and UV400 lenses so quality doesn't seem bad. I just hate getting things and having to send them back. If I wanted to spend more cash I could likely easily find something at a physical sunglass shop.

Yeah just seemed odd I kept seeing shirts with like a (___) shape to them and didn't know if it's a cut or just a weird way they fold the clothes to display


why is every haircut for men a variation of cropped on the top with a faded side


File: 1656649200499.jpg (40.22 KB, 768x768, 2779383_master.jpg)

Why does everyone like distressed clothing except for pilling
I think Damir Doma is the only designer that goes for it


Probably because it's too tweaky since it's not firmly attacked. I have a hard time looking at that top and not want to reach out and pluck off the little fuzzballs even though aesthetically Im not against it.


Finally scored something decent when thrifting. Some avant garde japanese jeans for $10.


ive got some mutuals on twittard who keep finding shit like dior shirts
i wish lady luck was on my side…………


File: 1656735525145.jpg (149.83 KB, 850x1240, 1656645372833.jpg)

w2c boots like this


Just found what seems to be a good YT channel Stylish D with a guy that gives easy to follow instructions and tips on tailoring clothes and he mainly focuses on men's clothes. I will post this one about taking in the waist because this will be most applicable to anyone here regardless of style choices.


Seems I get some similarish looks looking up "leather cuff buckle boots" and "baggy buckle boots"
But you can pull off same look taking any boot and putting a thin leather cuff buckled down to hide the actual structural part of the boots rise and hides any laces if there are any.


you know she stole it


>But you can pull off same look taking any boot and putting a thin leather cuff buckled down to hide the actual structural part of the boots rise and hides any laces if there are any.
why didnt i think of this, thank you


File: 1656825120350.png (73.86 KB, 194x259, ClipboardImage.png)

Also look up "harness boots"


So anyone else look at anime fits and try to make them work irl without turning into cosplay or just me


File: 1656825921982.jpg (43.82 KB, 603x759, cover.jpg)


>On the topic of graphic-heavy button downs, any good ideas on what to layer them with for cold days?

…A woolen blazer?


i look at video game character design




You're welcome. A little side info black veg tanned leather has a more distressed look than chrome tanned which is more deep black. So try to match up. Fake leather may work okay some these days look and feel real enough they often get mixed on leather couches back and sides to keep cost down.

Why not just look at Japanese street fashion? It's often put together better than anime character designs but a lot of it is pretty much same styles give or take. Sure you can get a rough idea what you're looking for from anime but it will be harder for you to find actual products and some of the aesthetics used only in anime will look like cosplay right off a lot of the time.

Thanks I will check it out when I get some time. I've been thinking open source fashion would be a neat thing. Like have templates available online that can be adjusted to someone's measurements. Though i dont know a very practical way to print templates that large. It would require printing many sheets of normal paper and taping it together or alternatively using a projector to protect directly on the fabric and manually measure some parts to make sure it's right size then mark it off in chalk and cut the peices for assembly. Actually i think sites like Instructables has a small amount of stuff like that idea but a lot is pretty amateurish such as the shoemaking tutorials ive read.

The pinkish one actually is fairly aesthetic to me if only it was silk or something instead of ugly PVC in there. I've actually been looking for clothes like the black and white one. It's a pattern called dazzle camouflage which is a type of camo sometimes used on naval ships to visually obscure their direction, shape, size on the horizon and their numbers in groups.


its the zoomerstyle or late 2010s style. In the 90s it was spiky hair


Dont shop online for clothes, I hate shopping for clothes online. Every single fucking time its always the wrong size, bad fit, not as described etc. Then you have to go through a pita return process


How is this different from a normal XXL size shirt? Maybe it looks like the length is shortened, but everything else looks the same.



Here I think I found it. It seems like they're revamping the 90s trend of baggy clothes with a new more boxy cut take with heavier cotton. Imo it looks much improved compared to simply buying three sizes too big. They're called 'oversized' at least in the west. I don't think height is the concern, but I think it's a good style for lanklets like me since the extra fabric adds heft and makes one look bigger. I think its why its big in asian countries rn because the men typically have thinner bones/frames then westernoids.



>its the zoomerstyle or late 2010s style
It's literally just a military cut.


more info, tldr is revamp of baggy style with better consideration of key structural/fit elements rather than carte blanche oversizing

>Suiting, if you’re old enough to recall, still had that by-the-numbers look from the ‘80s: Wide, tapered, and meant to practically hide the wearer at the office. It’s no wonder fits slimmed down so quickly in the subsequent decade.

>Clothing shouldn’t just be big and baggy, as if worn by a child who’s told: “You’ll grow into it – just give it time.” Rather, ordinary facets are wider or longer, while key boundaries – mainly, necklines, wrists, and hems – give a garment structure and cohesiveness.

>At the same time, oversized clothing isn’t positioned specifically as a ‘90s revival. Instead, designers and fashion publications have deemed it “Anti-Fit” – or, to put it plainly, clothing that drapes around most of your body without entirely appearing shapeless



As a lanklet I've tried on Japanese oversized clothing and it doesn't look right on me, but maybe it's just a taste thing.


Did you read sizing charts? Every brand is a bit different and on top of that different countries have different sizing systems which ads a whole extreme. It's same way with shoes make sure you read their actual interior size.


Japanese are shorter generally too so make sure length seems right. Also if it was listed as Asian sizes instead of Western sizes you may have to go up a size or two. Different sizes in different countries makes things pretty hard especially with a fit like that since it's hard to figure what part of the size chart to go by.

Ah so that's what it's called. Actually the style probably looks good on toned people which helps give even more structure to some areas but yes it ads size. Thicker cotton sounds nice though. Thicker fabrics fold differently. Actually id prefer linen, hemp, silk other more cool natural materials like that other anon.


I found this guy on yt and he goes into hella detail about the oversize fit. But it seems like Uniqlo does sell some oversize shirts like that other anon mentioned, so next time Im in the mall I'll pay em a visit, hoping they have a long sleeve shirt.



>Japanese are shorter generally too so make sure length seems right. Also if it was listed as Asian sizes instead of Western sizes you may have to go up a size or two. Different sizes in different countries makes things pretty hard especially with a fit like that since it's hard to figure what part of the size chart to go by.

This is true I usually size up 2 sizes for asian sizing, gotta keep in mind some shrinkage is possible after you buy too. Thats why I like thrift stores its mostly what you see is what you get since theyve been prewashed etc.

>Ah so that's what it's called. Actually the style probably looks good on toned people which helps give even more structure to some areas but yes it ads size. Thicker cotton sounds nice though. Thicker fabrics fold differently

Hmm my shoulders aren't super wide but I have a fairly toned lanklet body so I'm hoping it would work. I think it would look good if there's some good definition around the traps/shoulders/collarbone area as it starts flowing downwards from that point. I love the feel of flowy fabrics as well as theyre more comfy to me.


File: 1656904345184.jpg (571.6 KB, 1500x1000, LeBron3_0-2931170688.jpg)

More and more convinced that high-end Chinese sneaker replicas of stuff worth 3-10 times are functionally and look the same.


any tips on how to get that deconstructed look?


Be a shitty sewer.


File: 1656908035842.png (116.34 KB, 1340x879, ClipboardImage.png)

Who else here /H&M/ gang?


what board is that


Now you mention it there seems to be some Uniqlo roughly where I live apparently so I guess I should check them out see if they have any oversized shirts so I can see how it looks on me at least. I found this site that carries various brands and ships globally. Seems mostly womenswear but menswear is also on there. Prices a little high on some things but not designer fashion high. Site is a bit buggy though and only semi translated. Some things appear in Japanese and some parts in English. Sometimes you see prices in yen till it flips it to dollars. If it doesnt switch just move decimal point of yen price two to the left to get a rough idea of the price overestimated without having to do a proper conversion. Still looking into other sources too.

The seams look reversed. Just turn your clothes inside out lol

For looks it's all good if it seems good but you have no idea how durable they will be. Also for some reason a lot of Chinese stuff that uses synthetic materials has a strong stank you have to figure how to get rid of. Also ive heard some of their leather is from cats (if who reads this happens to be a psycho who is fine with that cat skin is too thin for a proper leather and will tear)


finding out about the ultraman-inspired ss11 collection of undercover


I was looking at Undercover stuff a while ago and noped it for insane prices. I seriously hope none of you are buying a bunch of expensive designer stuff other than used and mainly are just using for inspiration.


File: 1656993340187-0.jpg (49.09 KB, 512x768, IMG_2261_l.jpg)

1. unpick seams
2. sew the garment back however you see fit
3. ???
4. profit


the current baggy boxy look with dropped shoulders was inspired by kimonos and popularized by japanese designers
i wish we saw more traditional clothes from around the world inspiring new trends in fashion but its all anglos or japan now


Rick's SS23 collection goes hard. It has colors!


File: 1657023492423.jpeg (28.13 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpeg)

What about harem pants? Harem pants are based.on the traditional Dhoti worn in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The DIY huaraches sandals and lifestyle of the Rarámuri / Tarahumara in Mexico inspired the barefoot/minimalist sandals and shoes thing that is a big cult following among athletic people and people with foot or back problems or just hate wearing shoes. The shoes also cross over with soft sole moccasins, and Japanese jika-tabi.

Would it get negative attention for a white guy to wear something like a kurta?


are turtlenecks too formal to mix with streetwear


File: 1657069462888.png (2.25 MB, 1280x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

>i wish we saw more traditional clothes from around the world inspiring new trends in fashion but its all anglos or japan now
I want to get a Mandarin collar suit.

>Would it get negative attention for a white guy to wear something like a kurta?

Eye of the beholder. I think most people from X culture is flattered rather than offended as long as there is no disrespectful bent to it. It's only the real anglocized boojie liberal ones that care so much about "muh cultural appropriation," IMO.



File: 1657069575621-0.png (925.51 KB, 930x973, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1657069575621-1.png (1.16 MB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1657069575621-2.png (785.14 KB, 800x800, ClipboardImage.png)

I guess it depends on the turtleneck in question, what you wear with it, etc.


Not a fashionfag but are turtlenecks considered formal wear? If its true, I guess I associated it with my rural, blue collar uprbringing because at that point it was well out of style and people only wore it as hand me downs.
Nothing sexier than a thick turtleneck with some tight corduroy jeans, Im sure the streetwear fags can pull it off


Yeah turtlenecks could be business casual at most.


This old Georgian dude looks cool as fuck in his traditional Caucasian (as in from the caucus not simply white) wear. The wool coat is a chokha. The pockets at the chest are called gazyr which was used to hold canisters and bullets. Not sure what his headwear is called.

Mandarin collars are already in some mainstream Western fashion. It's just a lot less common to find.

It's not I'm so much worried about cultural appropriation accusations as I'm concerned about being mistaken for a Muslim and getting harassed or at very least misrepresenting myself as having those beliefs (even though Hindus and atheists wear these too) and as result possibly drawing people that wont interest me. I'm in US so most people aren't familiar enough with ethnic clothing for differentiation between near by regions and whether it's secular wear or religious affiliated. I have seen around where I live one man in what I believe was a kurta. I should have asked him but Im not very outgoing. Confusing I've seen some things near knee length described as a thobe but Wikipedia says thobes are ankle length. Are there knee length thobes that are similar to kurta? Just wondering how many ethnic clothes are around crotch to mid thigh to knee length tops. Don't think id feel comftorable any longer than that though from restricted movement and most would incorrectly interpret it as crossdressing once it's long enough. I'm over six feet tall so I think some of it could work on me well.

I found this site that describes and has pics of traditional clothing from around the world. It's just difficult to navigate because it's blog format.


I'd like to wear this kind of stuff without seeming like someone who fetishizes Asian countries.


You possibly could pull off a kimono like that. It's basically an overdized cardigan when worn open. The other shirt probably not at least not without wearing it with other easily identafiable ethnic clothing paired with it to create an international ecclectic look which doesn't look so obsessive.



Do cropped pants look good with low top chunky sneakers?


japanese designers are a lot cheaper compared to everyone else, the thing is that youre better off buying from places like rakuten or yahoo jpn


Could someone explain why every shoe size chart I find online contradicts eachother? Are shoe sizes same globally but just different numbers or do the sizes in each country differ from eachother some so there is no exact equivalent? Only one I think i may understand is the Japanese sizes which are literally just cms of the interior. How big are US men, and EU sizes? Why does the US use two seporate systems for men's and women's shoe sizes? I'm only used to US mens sizes and even then my shoe size differs brand to brand model to model depending if they run big, average, or small likely because I exceed a normal sizing miniscually. Is the only good way to measure your feet is those metal measuring devices they have at shoe stores? I tried using other methods at home but kept getting slightly different measurments even at same time of day.

Yeah I know there is a few options for fairly normal prices. Some Japanese brands and retailers do international shipping I think also and have English version of their sizes. How does Korean stuff compare in price and quality to Japanese? Chinese seems to be more hit or miss mainly miss since it's mass produced for China's huge population.


Sadly sizing has always been inconsistent from one brand to another, sometimes even between stuff from the same brand for lower end stuff.
Always go by the insole measures if you can't try them on in person, you can't trust vanity sizing alone.


you can notice the /pol/ takeover of /fa/ and everyone else leaving by comparing the fits posted in waywt threads from a decade ago until today


Especially now that the yen keeps devaluing.


Post cool sunglasses you'd recommend.


File: 1657242123016.jpg (49.16 KB, 800x499, frame-dimensions.jpg)

You could make cardboard cutouts to get an idea of how they'd look I guess.


Yeah but there must be some standard measure they try to adhere to wouldn't there be? Was just trying to figure what that is then "runs small" or "runs big" would hold more meaning when I see people say that.

Hm I guess that could possibly work to a degree. Not sure why I didnt think of cardboard.


File: 1657260786523.jpg (714.19 KB, 1170x1594, goals.jpg)


It's wildly subjective but it means that they tend to be smaller/bigger than most brands with the same size.


File: 1657262231293-0.jpg (91.3 KB, 720x1098, 48201679.jpg)

File: 1657262231293-2.mp4 (400.58 KB, 202x360, videoplayback (25).mp4)

File: 1657262231293-3.jpg (1.7 MB, 4032x3024, Zip22Right.jpg)



Your goal is to dress like LadyDevimon? It's just tattered BDSM wear basically.


i dont have recs but if you want to cheap out on sunglasses id suggest getting cheap chinese shit and testing if the uv protection works with a uv flashlight, the uv protection is the only thing that matters with these things


File: 1657413052289.jpg (56.26 KB, 900x675, 202106171625354.jpg)

Your opinion on accessories like rings, collars and bracelets?


>buying a zip gun

why lmao


just picked up a margiela bracelet on sale. it's nice. will be wearing it on dates and stuff. rings aren't really my thing but I have deformed knuckles that make it hard to remove them.


I'd get cheap stuff but I don't want lead poisoning


found out about therealreal now that grailed seems to have less and more expensive stuff lately


> therealreal
really good for lesser known brands, pick up rag&bone there dirt cheap
i still get better deals on grailed usually by low balling, but buyers are getting stuck between the greed of the platform (9% grailed + 3% paypal + income tax above $500) and sellers who believe that inflation means their old shit is somehow worth more.

kinda fucked up that this stuff on sale (new with return policies) is not much more expensive than the grailed used stuff.


Frames are a scam.


UV flashlights emit near UV I think. You can actually take shades to an optician and they will test them for free I've heard. I do wish there were more sunglasses that block IR too because for one it dries your eyes and for another IR cams can see through normal sunglasses but not IR blocking. I've only really seen IR blocking on some safety glasses and also welding goggles.


my 2c: a chew toy necklace has more swag than a chain
also, stop wearing them over your clothes


>are turtlenecks considered formal wear
There's lots of interesting historical materialism about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polo_neck
<Turtle neck–like garments have been worn for hundreds of years, dating at least to the 15th century. They were originally designed to protect the necks of knights wearing chainmail. Royalty adopted high-neck fashion, with the height and volume of the neck ruffle indicating status.
<the polo neck came to be viewed as an anti-tie, a smart form of dress for those who rejected formal wear.
<"the turtleneck was the boldest of all the affronts to the status quo. It was the picture of masculine poise and arrogance, redolent of athletes, sportsmen, even U-boat commanders. The simplicity of its design made neckties seem fussy and superfluous by comparison"
"I'm not just a liberal, I'm a rebellious liberal" Nice faux-transgressive PR branding, Steve Jobs


i hate steve jobs so much


Why is contrast stitching a thing


How do replicas work?

I wanna get plain replicas of expensive hiking/walking shoes, like in just one color. They have to be of similar quality to the original.

How do you find the model? How can you be sure of the quality?

>ordered a replica shoe from from ali

>had the original to compare
>photos looked great
>shoes arrive and look great
>sole is rock solid, flexible as a thick chopping board
>sole detaches almost entirely, in one piece, hanging on by a few stitches


I hope you asked for a refund. Ali tends to take the side of the customer as long as you provide enough evidence.

There's a whole community for reps where they post how they look to keep tabs on which ones are good, though to get 99% of the good stuff that doesn't make it to Ali you'll have to register on taobao and use an agent. Taobao has a reverse image search too. The only way to make sure of the quality is checking reviews on either these communities or the ones posted on the taobao listing. Also with an agent you can check how it actually looks and measures so you can decide if you want to send it back or ship it.


you cant please everyone with "ethical clothes", you either use fabrics that suck up dozens of liters of water to be made, dead animals or fossil fuels


Leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and lasts forever so meh.


mushroom leather seems promising


i would never buy vegan leather


Almost all of the fake leather you see is PVC. Mushroom, cactus and pineapple leather is expensive as fuck, even more expensive than regular leather.


File: 1657692345999.png (232.37 KB, 1280x720, hachi.png)

Any recs for wide-brimmed hats? Something that won't make me look like a cowboy.



Thanks anon. Good links there.

Have you seen any discussion around replicas of expensive functional hiking/walking shoes and boots that the buyers plan to actually use for hard hiking?

Most fashion replicas are just used for walking around a little, hiking boots would have to be high quality and more accurate replicas of the original in every way to avoid damaging your feet.


File: 1657700619302-0.png (1.05 MB, 1259x901, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1657700619302-1.png (699.98 KB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)

Panama hat.


If you want to protect yourself from UV rays then whats wrong with floppy hats like you posted


Get some shoe glue and reattach it or take it to a cobbler to stitch it back on and ad glue for reinforcement.

Whatever those wide brim hats that had some popularity in like the 80s or something were. You know what I mean? The ones where they wore it tilted at the back of their head so their fringe showed. What are those hats called? Has some popularity with some goths still I think.


File: 1657756674173.jpg (3.25 MB, 3024x3288, 0qqm8pun4ta91.jpg)

Got any tutorials on how to make patches like this yourself?


>expensive embroidery sewing machine
>hand embroidery
>resist dyeing
>stencil and paint
>stencil and bleach


>he didn't know he needed to buy the suspenders as well


File: 1657774315757.png (68.9 KB, 201x250, ClipboardImage.png)

Those are machine made. You need the machine. Or you can just order some from someone who has the machine. It's not that expensive.


File: 1657774463485.png (270.21 KB, 468x305, ClipboardImage.png)

>that won't make me look like a cowboy.


Aren't the ones on the bottom just screen printed?


A have a jacket with that strichtarn camo


strichtarn's great, i highly recommend the east german backpacks to everyone, although my personal favourite camo pattern from a socialist country is cuban lizard, especially the grey variants. Pity you can't find any kit of it anywhere.



Does it make any sense to get a wool poncho when you can get something synthetic and waterproof for cheaper?


Screen printing is one other method of patch making, yes. But I believe usually screen printing has a sort of gloss to it and you wouldnt see individual threads so I dont think those specific one's are screen printed.

Looks like an egg body without a belt loop to hold the shape.

If you like the looks sure. I don't think a poncho is ideal for water shielding anyway from how the rain follows the folds so it could pool up on your legs or something.


yahoo japan resellers are getting way too bold, asking $500 for something that shouldnt cost over $80
the grind and hustle never ends for social media bugs


File: 1657919772422.jpg (78.93 KB, 626x1200, fit.jpg)

Muffin tops in this sort of pictures look good but when I do it it looks bad, am I being too self-conscious? I'm skinny btw.


How does one who doesnt know Japanese navigate Japanese clothing and reseller and reshipper sites? I dont want to have to rely on Google Translate.


Not my thing since I hate tucking my shirts in but I get the impression it has to be mid to high waisted to work or else it just looks like you're being sloppy.


That's how most do it. You can also use deepl for translating if you don't want to rely on G**.


DeepL supposedly has better translation but everything has to be done manually since it doesnt have a web translator function at least not in free version. Problem with using Google translate aside from some bad translations is im concerned it will make financial transactions more vulnerable. Thankfully at least some Japanese sites have English versions at least.


well as a tech nerd i wouldnt use google in the first place
theres not much to translate, a few ui things plus description of whatever items catch my attention and agent websites are already in english, i just do it manually


Agents have been mentioned a few times and i still dont quite get it what they do and where you find them


Where do I find affordable stuff like this that isn't trash quality. Lots of layers without extra weight and some irregular asymmetric forms.


ive seen mall-tier brands (h&m, zara, etc) make stuff like this very rarely but on closer inspection in the store the construction and materials were shit as expected
maybe someone else can help you more but i think you will have to go for second hand stuff on resale sites if you want both style and function for "cheap"


I need clothes. Seems like the only ethical choice is to thrift. How the fuck do I thrift? Tried going into a thrift store and couldn't tell what was crap and what was worth buying.


>ethical choice


also brands are generally a good indicator of the quality of a piece of clothing


I will keep that in mind. Only cheap brand that makes more fashion like clothing I found cheap is Incerun which is a Chinese brand but I noticed most their stuff is polyester which makes me question quality and polyester gets really sweaty and smelly so it's not appealing to me much.

There also are sites that sell used clothes. Money doesnt go back to the company unless they are the one's selling used clothes or the person you buy from is a huge consumer. Also keep in mind not all thrift shops are equal. For example Salvation Army is a Christian church that uses money for right wing propoganda.

Sadly it's harder than just brands because some brands have different lines within their brand and they may also use multiple manufacturing facilities in different countries so youd have to take note of where the clothes are made to guess which factory it may have came from.


My bad I quoted myself on accident instead of you. Top comment was the reply to you.


File: 1657943320587-1.jpg (63.25 KB, 1169x1411, Screenshot.jpg)

File: 1657943320587-2.jpg (395.28 KB, 1152x2048, prada sneakers.jpg)

File: 1657943320587-3.jpeg (986.85 KB, 1500x2000, n77rryQ.jpeg)

File: 1657943320587-4.jpeg (672.68 KB, 1536x2048, kj39l56.jpeg)

My thrifting advice is go around NYC. Upper class fuckers have no issue throwing away stuff that costs hundreds or thousands.


Sadly I live in a relatively poor area. Though there is some rich people and government agents that live around here.

Which reminds me. Anyone know how to get military surplus clothing without the money winding up in the hands of the government?


holy FUCK i feel so envious looking at this


File: 1657949364790.jpg (41.61 KB, 474x474, lining.jpg)

Anyone into sewing know if it's possible to line a jacket that is already assembled without taking it apart?


Closest guide to what you're asking I found https://missmatti.com/how-to-add-a-new-lining-to-your-coat/


File: 1658120048170.jpg (54.8 KB, 621x466, c0064530_251373.jpg)

old undercover stuff


"the waist shouldn't matter for a jacket, buy a jacket that fits your chest and shoulders."
would you agree with this statement?


First Aid for Injured, AF Artifact, Damir Doma and 11 BBS can get quite cheap on sale/grailed.


holy shit boys i found you
so i have a question about form and function

i have a problem
i'm gonna be riding the public transports and my phone and other little stuff has high chance of falling or getting stolen

no most men wear backpacks 🤓🤢 but that's ugly asf

and i don't have a fanny pack,
a coat or jacket would be ideal but i don't have any money

what's are the other forms of clothing that can hold stuff? bags? what else?

i can't think of any, all my pants have open pockets too so they're out sadly

post packing, luggage, pocket inspo
how to casually carry your stuff without being a dork with a suitcase


File: 1658128826147.png (106.25 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)

what about arm bags? they would look awkward without sports wear tho right?

have they made any progress in mens fashion other than handbags and fanny packs?


I know you said you have no money but Rick Owens is known to make his clothes with a lot of pockets with a lot of space each.

>Every jacket I make has interior pockets big enough to store a book and a sandwich and a passport.


The correct way to carry lots of stuff is either cargo-pants or a rucksack.
Handbags harm you spine and shoulders, fanny-packs limit your mobility, and these arm strap-pockets are either to small or a hindrance.
Unless we get better functionality like clothing with climate-control, there is no reason to care much about fashion.


but i dont wanna look like shit bro


look for messenger bags on etsy


File: 1658184920211.jpg (136.23 KB, 805x1024, dior vest.jpg)

Get a nice looking utility vest.


File: 1658190130439-0.jpg (1.47 MB, 3015x3017, deepwebcore1.jpg)

File: 1658190130439-1.jpg (585.04 KB, 1236x2160, deepwebcore2.jpg)

File: 1658190130439-2.jpg (617.57 KB, 1188x2806, deepwebcore3.jpg)

Wish I had the balls to dress like this.


File: 1658198276149.png (1.49 MB, 1600x1066, ClipboardImage.png)

but if you put something heavy on it, the pants will fall, like a phone :(
yeah true about climate change, don't know how it's going to change fashion forever

Yo this actually looks
It's like a small town newspaper kid who's also a dective on the part-time
And this don't seem like it would harm the spine or shoulder

>Every jacket I make has interior pockets big enough to store a book and a sandwich and a passport.
Gigabased, The first thing I will do when getting money is buy a jacket
Dunno if they're good for all weathers (Don't wanna passout in a heatstroke)

it's time to be the batman,
how many of you would wear a functional bat suit if you could?

what's the most fashionable version of it?


File: 1658198461871.png (784.95 KB, 800x800, ClipboardImage.png)

look deep down anon
you've got balls

you just have to force yourself through the cringe and then you'll have it

i'm gonna go out today dressed like this
i've never done it before but I'm gonna do it

accompany with someone so maybe you'll have something else to focus on the first time


>but if you put something heavy on it, the pants will fall,
Wear a belt


File: 1658202363900.png (391.82 KB, 600x600, Cav Empt Icon Pullover.png)



Back pouches?


File: 1658204187358.jpg (460.21 KB, 1283x1683, w2c.jpg)

gotchu fam


Personally I just carry my phone and slim wallet in my front pockets where I can feel them at all times and the pocket lining is thinner so not as likely to be pickpocketed.

Anyway, there are sling bags which are something easy to find but a bit harder to find multmulti pocket ones that don't look like a mini backpack which helps avoid you digging around around like older women do with their big purses. You can wear sling bags on your back or chest so it has some versatility. Sometimes they are incorrectly labelled fanny packs but you can tell they arent from the strap angle or bag shape. There also is something harder to find but leg holster bags. You can get some for like $20 on Aliexpress. Then there is another phone holster I found on Kickstarter that is another copy of a gun holster design basically forms an X on your back when wearing it which kind of a look in itself but you could put a shirt or jacket over it too but that may get it mistaken for a gun easier.


I <3 cheap chinese shit so much


at least get a military-inspired bag and not this ugly shit jesus


the holster bag lmao so fucking bad

it makes you look cheap


Ah yes, the just-use-a-backpack-you-pretentious-asshole bag.


File: 1658237428612.png (94.03 KB, 201x251, ClipboardImage.png)

how does he do it?
make trench coats work with sleazecore


File: 1658237734000.png (2.4 MB, 1600x959, ClipboardImage.png)

what do i call these types of jackets?
i only can get raincoats and those deliveryman bouncy jackets on my amazon

A Jacket to surpass all jackets
No one can tell what are hidden beneath in all those pockets


Honestly works, I'm not sick enough yet to try and pull-off holsters

But I know this youtuber guy has worn holsters to hold smartphones

It's cool


I think it's just old fashioned British charm. It's quite impressive though


The first is called an anorak and the second is a cargo bomber jacket, but it's hard to find jackets with back pouches.


how to pull off yellow plaid shirts


its actually quite difficult to find a sleeveless leather vest that gives off a "card fight protagonist" vibe rather than "embittered vietnam veteran"


shave your head and make a music review youtube channel


God bless Rick man


pairing up socks in the morning is an aesthetic choice in itself


A little tip. I discovered a good number of things on Etsy are not handmade goods by individuals but mass produced products from China being baught in bulk and resold and sometimes with a scam level of price increase like five times the price or more falsely presenting it as handmade by the seller. A few clothing items are same price as Aliexpress though. For example I saw the same leg holster bag above in previous posts of mine on etsy for nearly $90 iirc. Though also do keep in mind sometimes Chinese capitalists just copy things people make. So it's not always clear who came first unless you had both to compare in person.

But that isn't even unusual looking just an attention grabbing pattern. Or do you mean wearing shorts that length which isnt super common with men in current fashion except among body builders and athletes? Did you happen to get something made by Incerun or just using the pic as example? Ive been wondering what the quality is on their stuff. I get the impression it's not good just looking at their material choices.
So a chest bag? They look pretty bad IMHO though this one looks good in some of it's other configurations but it's way outside the price point of the anon asking.
It's a poor quality fake leather what do you expect. Ive seen better examples of same concept which doesn't look so bad but couldnt be bothered ffinding them.

Use a seam ripper to cut off the breast pockets. It's unflattering especially in tartan pattern where it doesnt align. Wear a black denim jacket over it maybe if it uses those colours. Also could just splash peroxide on the shirt let it sit a bit then rinse it off in the wash so it has uneven colouration for a my cat pissed on my shirt look.


File: 1658328765735.png (995 KB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

I meant like wearing a shirt with my full chest out in shorts like a thug

And I did it btw
I understand why women feel so self-conscious about their cleavage now

Pic related jacket is 100% guaranteed way to get killed by stupid pigs who'll think it's a suicide vest

I love tacticool gear, That pocket shoe is awesome

they make clothes too???

this looks like that munitions expert, bomb defuser gear vest, cool


Is it a middle-class myth that people with nice sneakers get mugged?
For the first time in my life I got interested in designer shoes but now I'm not so sure, maybe I should get some cool boots instead.


wait for the impending recession to buy sneakers for lower than resale


File: 1658360745129.png (282.77 KB, 430x620, drain.png)

rick stuff seems ideal for shoplifting


>Use a seam ripper to cut off the breast pockets. It's unflattering especially in tartan pattern where it doesnt align.
What if it's a high-quality shirt where it does align perfectly?


Puffy skate shoes like Osiris did shoe pockets in the 2000s iirc. Some put a zipper in the fat tongue to store keys so they dont jingle out of pants when someone is skating.

The bag is actually cooler in how it can be worn different ways. $190 though. I'm sure there is a good copy somewhere out there because it's a good design and nylon bags are easy to copy.

People get murdered over hyped sneakers but depends where you live. Just look up news articles for your country or state over murders which make news more than muggings.

Depends the size and height of the pockets and what your chest looks like. A double breasted pocket tends to draw attention to your chest and for some people make it look bigger or shaped odd. If too low it looks off and so does too high or too small. There will be pin holes where the pockets were stitched if you remove them but that goes away (at least with cotton) if you just rub it some lightly maybe with a toothbrush then wash it it just shifts the threads over. It's a personal choice though just do whatever you want.


reminder that no one pays retail for clothing except the ultra wealthy


Careful not to fall for 'designer' sneakers from the mid '00s; that is to say, the era where fashion houses made sneakers because they were cost-effective and trendy, not because they put thought into the look.



Should I get wool underwear for summer or does having a layer of some other fabric over wool fuck up the cooling properties?


I've never used wool underwear but it should be fine if you're wearing lightweight breathable trousers (cotton, silk, linen).

>Modern wool underwear and bras can easily be worn year round, and are just as perfect under shorts as they are under ski pants.



yea i think a lot of anons not interested in fashion don't realize that everyone who is interested in it buys their pieces either used (though its been getting really pricey) or at 30-60% off retail during twice annual sales.


Does everyone do biannual sales?


yea pretty much, smaller bridge companies tend to have more sales throughout the year but they aren't as good. It seems like sunspel and rag & bone have a sale every 3 months.

im truly envious of Japanese brands, from the few newsletters I follow they are always running deals on top of their biannual sales.


Thanks but
>sees nothing under $90 on sale price
Am I missing something here?


Not just sales, the variety of stuff you can find in Japanese thrift stores is amazing too.


Swedish motorcycle jackets have a big front pouch too.


Ah I see. Only Japanese thrift store ive heard of is Grimoire. How do you even find about Japanese thrift or vintage stores?


i need to stop wearing chunky belts because i hate tucking in shirts so im left with a bulge between my crotch and my navel


File: 1658563457107.jpg (201.81 KB, 1500x935, MT91BKTTI_3.jpg)

Found a clothing business that only produces clothes where there is enough demand and only produces for those make orders. The prices are high but actually seem relatively low for their materials and build methods compared to what I've seen elsewhere for similar items.

Also I found a group that does reports on clothing manufacturers how they pay their workers and their safety and if they are involved in union busting

Wear a ratcheting auto lock belt or something then. Personally I've been looking into belts with clicking buckles of some kind or another such as tactical buckles. Hard to find any that look good fashion wise and don't cost too much. Though im debating this since although the mechanism is fun the way you have to put them into your belt loops and fit to size seems really inefficient and awkward.


I want to buy some cheap waxed denim sold on taobao but I'm worried they might use potentially harmful stuff for the waxing. I wash all clothes regardless of where I got them but with waxed pieces it obviously gets tricky.
Should I go ahead or nah?


> disruptive fashion business
< cuts look like shit



When I looked up how to wax cotton it's usually a 50/50 mix of bees wax and parafin wax. Sometimes linseed oil is added to help penetration. So depends what you are concerned over. They have to be washed and dried a specific way i think.

Do you mean for shirts or jeans or both? Because at least with jeans everything comes in regular/straight, slim and skinny if you missed that bit. But yes it does seem a little off.


There's otter wax too which is all-natural.


Otter wax according to the company is bees wax, plant based material, and lanolin. Lanolin is a waxy substance made by sheep to coat their wool and also is used as a skin care product. The plant based likely is just linseed oil or something similar though I question if linseed would be used for clothes because it's highly flammable Ive heard. I have heard some people say Barbour wax is better than Otter Wax in being more flexible and light but i dont know which of each they were comparing and if they applied properly.


Well I'd rather not be wearing paraffin on my body tbh, is it safe? I remember some reviews of different waxed clothes on taobao saying they stank of gasoline.
I was looking up how to remove wax coatings and the only actual result I could find was a reddit comment pointing out they are rather permanent and will only disappear very slightly with time and use, plus it would be silly to buy waxed clothes only to remove the wax and then apply a different one ig


A lot of Chinese stuff smells like gasoline. My assumption is poor quality production of petrol based products where there is impurities such as polyester and parafin wax. Spraying in alcohol will get rid of the smell some but I can't be sure it is decontaminated after being washed which also would require placing it in a closed cloth bag I believe.


linseed oil should be okay after drying, the issue is the fumes when applying it but if you do it in a ventilated area it should be fine too


i once bought a rep of waxed jeans and it had a super strong odor, the paper-thin material wasnt even denim and felt like sandpaper against the skin and im not even sure if it actually was wax and from what i gather from others that bought similar items it seems to be the norm when buying waxed shit from the chinese


Where do I get hemp clothes that aren't over priced and have a bad shape to them? Seems odd it's so hard to find even when the hemp industry is increasing. I know kimonos were traditionally made of hemp yet even the Japanese use cotton for all their stuff except kimonos where they use silk too. Tons of hemp is grown in China but the Chinese are using cotton and a low quality polyester. Why isnt there cheap Chinese hemp clothes? What the fuck? Is it just because it's three times more durable than cotton and doesn't require pesticides to grow and is more all season than cotton? But because it uses no pesticides and less water and high yeild you would think everyone would get on it. But even that were the case that it's just trying to make clothes fall appart sooner there always is someone who doesnt follow standard quality of mass produced clothes. I shouldnt have to spend around $40 - $80 for a single T shirt. Also oddly hemp denim jeans is almost entirely unheard of. Is it because Ive only looked in mens clothes and women's clothes more frequently use more fabric variety so that's where it might be?


File: 1658640537517.jpg (177.7 KB, 1080x738, cdg.jpg)


And then there's Play…


"Butler said he recently visited factories in China where many glasses for the U.S. market are manufactured. Improved technology has made prices even lower than what Dahan recalled.
“You can get amazingly good frames, with a Warby Parker level of quality, for $4 to $8,” Butler said. “For $15, you can get designer-quality frames, like what you’d get from Prada.”
And lenses? “You can buy absolutely first-quality lenses for $1.25 apiece,” Butler said.
Yet those same frames and lenses might sell in the United States for $800."


Since thrifting keeps being brought up it should be noted you really should look around for legit non profit thrift shops if possible to avoid supporting one of the most lucrative business models. Though on the other hand these big thrift shops are likely where the rich normies donate clothes to and where most resellers look and you may want to shut down the resellers. So who is the bigger problem, for profit thrift shops especially chain ones or is it resellers?


Hey, there's always shoplifting.


I hate that everything must be a grind these days but I guess I can't fault people for wanting to make some more cash under this failing system.


its rarted that second hand clothes from the fucking 90s are so expensive today


And poor me lost most my late 90s early 2000s clothes gone a while back. Though not my fault some bitch donated them without asking me just because the hem was frayed on the legs. My fav i lost was shiny denim jeans. Not sure i recall what they were made of that made them shiny. Could have been a polyester cotton blend or was treated with something because the black one had an almost slightly oily feel though nothing came off of it.


Rare Rick Owens Interview on Club MTV (1988)


There's this common myth that most bootleg shoes are made in the same factories as real shoes with the same materials. Apparently Nike and the other big brands check on their subcontractors to make sure this doesn’t happen. It’s said a lot of the rep factory employees are former employees from the big brands though. I don’t think a factory would risk it’s contract making millions of dollars worth of shoes to make a few bucks in the side.


Anyone else think the rule of thirds doesn't really work as well as some make it out to for fashion? It seems to work decently for women often enough but for men it seems it only works for a few. It basically requires you to always tuck your shirt in or have it be a quite short cut and pull your pants up relatively high and tighten a belt to force them to stay up because you likely dont have the hips to wear them that high naturally without falling down or your shirt or jacket has to go near knee length unless you are wearing platform boots or have freakishly long legs. Seems anything as long as it's not perfect halves divide of an outfit it's probably fine even if not in thirds and may be better to not go exactly thirds unless it fits your body proportions.


I feel like the Carpe Diem crowd (CCP, MA+, A1923, etc) are overrated as fuck. I agree their stuff looks great but the prices are ridiculous.


The rule of thirds matters a lot less than fit, layering, colors, etc. tbh


File: 1659143508497.jpg (304.26 KB, 1108x1528, BalenciagaSpeed2-0.jpg)

any of you got or had these? how comfortable are they?


Wouldn't want something heavy to drop on my feet when wearing these.


Wouldn't want something heavy to stop on your feet when wearing most kinds of shoes.


Very, and I got them secondhand. Balenciaga might attract mostly nouveau rich irony lords but their construction is still good.


Ive seen tons of cheap Chinese sock shoes like those.


Well they're better made than guidi and offer more variety of designs


File: 1659488094299.jpg (61.88 KB, 483x750, curtis.jpg)

Rec me some postpunk-y shoes please.


beaten down oxford shoes


File: 1659493818086.jpeg (82.59 KB, 665x665, 1630500852-16931800.jpeg)

Check out T.U.K Footwear. I kinda like the looks of their pointed creeper sneakers personally.


I went to a lecture on Marx that was organised and advertised towards ML's and was immediately reminded of the "bland, drab, olive-coloured clothing" line from this Seinfeld bit. I don't think I've ever seen so many fisherman caps in one place. How can I avoid this? Or more specifically, what are some some good looking but cheap sneakers?


File: 1659587329337.jpg (918.2 KB, 1080x1920, 1414432576535.jpg)

Leftoids love their workwear.


First thing to consider is how you approach proportions and silhouette; For example, balance heavier upper blocks with bigger pants. Easiest way to get into looser clothes is to get loose pants with a taper or a crop, and add in looser stuff like big tees. mixing up proportions is cool too - a big tee or shirt with a cropped jacket is classic and can be mixed up with cropped pants and weighed down with big shoes. There's a lot of ways to go about attempting oversized clothes and it helps to study things that work before you get in over your head.

There's a reason why Yohji is the first name most people cite when discussing big clothes. notice the length and width of each piece and how they complement each other to create a deliberately oversized look that may look sloppy, but never accidental.

Now, Yohji's pretty advanced for the average guy just getting into oversized clothes, so I highly recommend checking out wear.jp because Japanese people have little to no stigma regarding proportion experimentation.


i'm all for 'you do you' and 'wear what you like' but buying rick sneaks is the ultimate in following trends. there's a metric ton of interesting stuff on grailed and rick shoes are pretty low on the interest scale. I don't mind people doing their own thing but a lot of people don't seem to realize that regular chucks are infinitely more versatile than rick sneaks and are much easier to work with proportionally. Not to mention that $500 could buy a pair of 70s chucks, a pair of pants, a jacket, and maybe a shirt, if not more, depending on the brands - or just one pair of ramones.


When you see an unboxing video, you're watching someone attempt to provide entertainment through opening/enjoying new clothes. This is how they make money. I have never seen one of the popular clothing channels unbox something and then complain about the mediocrity - you can see people unboxing everything from Zara to CDG Play Cons and they'll always gush about the quality. You're right, they definitely won't give you a reputable idea of quality. For what it's worth, most people in the streetwear scene generally seem to have a very flighty sense of quality and don't consider much more than whether something is embroidered or if the fabric is heavyweight, etc.

Quality is how well something is made. That can be the construction and craftsmanship, the textile, the details, and so on. When you look at brands like Bape, Cav Empt, Palace, and Supreme, you'll notice that they aren't using expensive fabrics, they're often producing in China (Cav Empt does often produce in Japan), and they pieces they design are often very typical streetwear pieces (jeans, tshirts, jackets). Their quality is generally okay, nothing special, and their prices reflect that. What I mean by okay quality is that the textile is generally cheap; the construction is acceptable, but not exemplary; the details are few to none; they're mass-produced in some factory in Guangzhou. If you want an example of what higher quality clothing would be, imagine something with a nicer fabric, a unique cut, created in a smaller factory or workshop. That's how most higher-end Japanese brands produce their clothes. A cheap Gildan hoodie is probably going to be comparable quality to a Bape hoodie nowadays. That being said, when the Urahara scene was getting started and labels like Bape, Goodenough and WTAPS were young, they were produced with much higher standards. When you compare a 15-year old Bape hoodie and one made in 2016, it's ridiculous - the old Bape hoodies are heftier, have better details (drawstrings, zips are nicer), the print is more substantial.

A good textile is expensive. It simply costs more to use nicer cotton/wool/linen and avoid using polyester/acrylic (although there are a lot of uses for polyester, and its presence doesn't always mean that the textile is poor quality). Add in the costs of nicer details (better zippers, horn/acorn/wood buttons, nicer drawstrings), better construction (better finished seams and stitching, adherence to an unusual pattern), and better craftsmanship (the use of ethical, fairly-run factories and workshops with higher pay for talented workers) and you have more expensive, higher quality clothes. One thing I love about most Japanese brands is that they actually produce most of their clothes in Japan. Brands like Bape are simply unreliable, but labels that are considered niche in the west - Nonnative, Digawel, Unused, Needles, Sasquatchfabrix, Yaeca, Bed JW Ford, Phingerin, Dulcamara, and even heavy-hitters like Sophnet - produce most of their clothes domestically, meeting all of the aforementioned standards of quality.

I believe many Japanese brands are indeed superior in terms of quality for price. This is why I'm such a big proponent of buying clothes secondhand - you can get extremely nice clothes for incredibly low prices. Even at retail however, you can find examples of nicer Japanese clothes. You do have to recondition yourself to consider things in a similar way as Japanese consumers. For example, Filmelange's tees are generally about 7000 yen at retail, and can be found for under $20 secondhand. This is a label that owns and operates a small factory that produces their shirt designs using specific organic cottons harvested to create extremely comfy and high-end clothes at reasonable prices. They're usually considered a med-tier brand in Japan, as they're pretty ubiquitous. Low end stuff might be Uniqlo, Urban Research, Beams, etc. Med-tier (particularly in terms of price) would be Filmelange, Curly, and Universal Products. Higher end stuff would probably be Auralee and Comoli, labels that feature a lot of hand-knit/hand-loomed stuff. These are all generalizations of course, and the difference between low and med-tier stuff is generally a much more significant upgrade than med and high-end stuff. Even a med-tier brand is going to lightyears beyond most comparable Western alternatives. It all depends what you want to pay for - personally, I wouldn't want to settle for anything less than med-tier, but if I can buy high-end stuff secondhand, why not?

Price is relative, as is quality. You can't really say that just because Crepuscule uses proprietary fabric and Anonymousism hand-knits their socks that their product is that much nicer than a good knit from Phigvel or Niuhans. At the end of the day, to me, a quality piece of clothing is just something that's well-made (both in terms of ethics and quality), utilizes quality fabric (and trust me, you can tell the difference between a sweater from Neon Sign and a sweater from Bape), and either has some kind of detail or fit that differentiates the item from any other piece. I mean, Hanes and Gildan make stuff that won't fall apart and is decent enough. The only reason to buy stuff from a streetwear brand would be because: A) you like the design B) the quality is higher. Most streetwear brands aren't gonna be that much nicer than those brands or stuff that you could thrift, so most people go with A, which is fine. There are some exceptions, like Supreme outsourcing hoodie production to Reigning Champ in Canada. Yhere's a whole world of Japanese brands that offer extremely high quality clothes at reasonable prices, and they're almost all available at good secondhand prices on Yahoo! and Rakuten.

tl;dr streetwear stuff is generally gonna be focused on design, over quality. There's a lot of things that go into determining quality, but at lower prices, very little differentiates brands. Quality is difficult to completely quantify but if you handle some nicer stuff, it's clear that they have the edge over cheaper clothes. Japanese brands are often nicer than comparable Western brands due to domestic production and the desire to improve their product consistently.

One caveat about Visvim - their quality is often not worth the price. Hiroki has made a ludicrously successful career out of storytelling and sneakers. Although the clothes are generally pretty nice, for the most part, they trade on the reputation they've attained rather than the extreme quality. Yes, some garments utilize hand-dyed fabrics and traditional craftsmanship – and trust me, when they do, they're incredible – but you can see similar techniques from brands as disparate as Blue Blue/Hollywood Ranch Market, FDMTL, Kuon, Porter Classic, and Kapital, for instance. Don't get me wrong, Vis is cool, but if you aren't buying a special, signature piece it's not usually worth it


File: 1659592799572.jpg (1.41 MB, 2557x4160, e6wervd7nye91.jpg)

Rick has so much varied stuff but everyone always goes for the e-boy/e-girl samey looking bullshit. Pic related is full Rick.


By not being a LARPfag. What is cheap to you and what do you consider good looking? You can make any shoes look a lot more put together doing simple things like changing the laces to something like velvet or satin or leather or embroidered laces and doing a non standard lacing method. You can custom dye the shoes for a less common colour and yes even leather you can refinish give it a hand done veg oil tanning will make it look expensive. You can ad accesories to sneakers which can either look good or really tacky up to you. If you get faux leather I bet a good paint job could make it look more convincing but I would stick with canvas for an easy to work with material. Not sure if this would work on sneakers but you can get these toe and heel caps meant for cowboy boots which would up the style appearance. If you get something thrifted or dumpster dived just put it in a bag and keep in the freezer a week to get rid of the odour and potential pests then spray down with vodka to get what survives.

If it's about proportions how is that so many people seem to pull off an oversized top with fitted pants? Any good alternatives to boots to ad weight to a look? Maybe just make sure as fit goes down colours get darker from the rest of an outfit maybe? I just dont find boots and platform sneakers comphy enough even though I like the look they project to outfits. Also not a big fan of leather shoes except when it's suade.

As for pants is there is a style of pants like harem with a taper but not so much of a drop crotch? Just more looseness on the thighs and knees mainly.

I hate that chucks are so narrow. I want to not have my pinkie toe mutilated thanks big shoe companies.

If only there was a fashion equivalent of Project Farm. Someone to just measure fabric thickness, beat up clothes to see how they hold up in various tests like abrasio, tears and burns and how much pilling occurs. That would be a more quantifiable way to measure quality. On a related note I found out silk is self eqtuingishing from fire yet all fire resistant stuff you can find is cotton treated with nasty chemicals.


Should I get ear piercings as a dude and is it customary to only do the left ear? Or would magnetic earrings suffice enough?


>Should I get ear piercings as a dude
Why not, do you live on some place where gays are stoned to death or something


If you don't even know just get some clip on or magnetic ones to see how it feels having something on your ears all the time.


piercings hole heal btw especially if you regret it shortly after


File: 1659670496596.jpg (77.13 KB, 681x1024, julius.jpg)

50" inseam



It's just cyberghetto/cybergrunge.


I wish y2k revival was actually a thing beyond the few people "in the know".


File: 1659841431897-0.jpg (2.8 MB, 3024x4032, su99t236hod81g.jpg)

File: 1659841431897-1.jpg (2.42 MB, 3024x4032, 4k6my236hod81g.jpg)

File: 1659841431897-2.jpg (1.59 MB, 3024x4032, 0ahdn336hod81g.jpg)

Some guy thrifted some Kapital pants that RL was using for "competitor research".


File: 1659842380660.jpg (71.9 KB, 954x512, larp.jpg)



"As one of the younger designers developed under the umbrella of Comme des Garçons, Fumito Ganryu emerged in 2007 as a former pattern-cutter and protégé of Rei Kawakubo. With her backing, he launched his own line, following in the footsteps talents like Chitose Abe of Sacai and Tao Kurihara (whose label also went too soon). But of the other brands in its stable, it was probably closer to the work of Junya Watanabe. Both seemed to take a certain pleasure in taking the most prosaic items of clothing – denim jeans, coach jackets, hoodies – and making them look the same, yet different.

It could be an unexpected seam, distorting the line of a pair of trousers. Or the scooped collar on baseball t-shirt. Or a fluorescent collar on an otherwise unremarkable jacket. Even if it sometimes veered into the extreme, you were guaranteed that no item was boring. Its aesthetic was a kind of mash-up between American sportswear and Japanese deconstruction, created with a gleeful colour sense: seafoam green, cornflower blue, and safety orange all bumping up against one another.

Taken together, it could seem intimidating and hard to digest. But if you pulled a piece out, and tried it on, it started to make sense. The clothes felt like they were giving you a gentle nudge: why can’t you wear a bit more colour? Don’t you want to try something a bit more fun? It’s only clothes. And are you really wearing navy again?"



File: 1659867584072.png (364.69 KB, 530x620, ClipboardImage.png)

The tweet that saved fashion


Wish I could make a successful indie game so I could become a fashion victim too.


I don't understand fashion at all. I've read this entire thread and looked at every image and nothing makes any sense, I can't make heads or tails of what the appeal is, you could put a great outfit next to a terrible one and I wouldn't be able to tell you what sets them apart. Give me your secrets, fashion chads


At least learn colour theory. It seems pretty universally used in almost all styles


Layering, textures and silhouette are more important than complimenting colors tbh.


If you want a more refined look yes but colour combinations are something everyone notices and easily has a pretty universal opinion on even if they dont follow fashion.


What are the twins from Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul boot style called? I know it's a type of cowboy boot but that's it. I know the tips serve a practical purpose of preserving a part of the boots that normally get worn and are seemingly just called tips (though there maybe is a more specific name) but not sure if that's specifically the style where or just an addon. And what is that type of toe that's narrow pointed and turns up called? Is there other style shoes with that kind of pointed toe and metal tip?


Please don't.
Why are adolescent men such a fashion disaster, holy shit.




Norteno style boots


i literally work in fashion industry and wear bolos and cowboy boots on the reg


File: 1660008749381.jpg (45.47 KB, 1200x857, cdg x supreme.jpg)

I'd get this if it didn't have the fucking text.


then how would anyone know you spent money on supreme??



Not that age matters to how one should dress but no not an adolescent. Also I wouldn't want exact same thing just considering similar forms. I am not very into cowboy boots from their top slip in form or boots in general from being too heavy and stiff, just the shape of the toes and metal tips has an appeal. It wouldnt go with everything so I wouldn't have it as my only footwear. Why conform to the same normie and hypebeast stuff? What's the point in looking the same as everyone?

>Norteno style boots
Thank you. Gives me something to look through.

>bolos and cowboy boots on the reg
Not my thing but bolos look good on some people. Are all cowboy boots toe smooshers or do some have a little toe splay room?

>walking billboard ad
What's with the 15-16 part? If that was a shirt size that would have been hilarious to display. All it's missing is the washing instructions.

Neon green is a really hard colour to pull off. Especially if you got light skin which will reflect on it making you look sickly. Works better as an accent.


toxic clothes alert
>Shein, AliExpress, Zaful
>A Marketplace investigation found that out of 38 samples of children's, adult's and maternity clothes and accessories, one in five items had elevated levels of chemicals — including lead, PFAS and phthalates — that experts found concerning. 
>some were possibly intentionally using lead as a pigment


>Are all cowboy boots toe smooshers
All of mine have been, cause I like the pointy toe ones.
But when I lived in wyoming i got clowned for walking around in 'buckaroo boots' (pointed toe, high angled heel) which are meant for riding.
Most of the stock at a place like boot barn are comfy square-toes meant for strolling and labor.


Yeah I always wash clothes whether I got them second-hand or new.


File: 1660083409933.jpg (239.1 KB, 2229x1254, issey-miyake.jpg)

Oh fuck Issey Miyake died.


I don't get that. Why do designers think your feet have to be crushed when you could still have a pointed toe with toe splay room? This especially should be true with an almond toe.

Unfortunately that may not even solve all the hazards. For example AZO dye is still used in some clothes which readily absorbs into your skin and bloodstream. More I learn about the fabrics and dyes and processing steps in fashion the more I feel I should learn how to sew and dye my own clothes but seems like a big task to do without being stuck looking rediculous.


i hope his stuff doesnt get even more expensive lol
i mean yeah it sucks that he died, he sounded like a nice man in interviews


wearing tasteful pleats today in his honor


File: 1660168181658-0.jpg (196.53 KB, 1265x1097, retrosportscore.jpg)

File: 1660168181658-1.jpg (1.65 MB, 4416x3548, retrosportscore2.jpg)


File: 1660183883397.jpg (117.58 KB, 1080x1218, rick peepeepoo pants.jpg)

new ricks just dropped


Boots with Vibram soles y/n?


I've been checking Yohji's runway shows from the last couple of years and the main line for women feels so much more inspired and varied than pour homme.


frank miura watch


Do colors work if the shades are slightly mismatched? Like usually I have some faded black pants and then the shirt is darker black etc. Don't know if it looks totally consistent.


I think it looks better when you can tell it's intentional such as a charcoal grey with black or if the darker black is distressed in part of it to be faded closer in colour to the faded black.


File: 1661085262550.jpg (93.93 KB, 700x951, alexmcqueendrawing.jpg)

alexander mcqueen sketch


I kind of like this sort of thing. Something with influences of historical fashion but some modernizing in design. Not sure I like the layered strips or not though.


As an old school goth we just deal with it.


dior hedi > slp hedi >>>>>>>> celine hedi tbh


Would graphic-heavy tops look out of place with boots similar in style to Guidis?


lmao these prices https://archived.co/Store
capital A archival clothing is so retarded


"Everything is contextual to an aesthetic. A hundred years ago, the scope for good taste—what Bourdieu would describe as legitimate taste—was confined to the taste of the ruling class. That is no longer the case today. This means rules about colors, silhouettes, proportions, and other such ideas are contextual to the aesthetic you’re trying to create. I’ve written some posts about how to think about silhouettes and color. But whenever a reader emails me to ask whether black pairs with blue or if a particular garment fits correctly, I feel that, in today’s culturally open world, you have to start with the aesthetic, not compartmentalize things as universal rules. This is partly why some guys who favor classic tailored clothing struggle with casualwear—they try to transport cultural ideas about suits and sport coats to very different aesthetics, such as workwear or sportswear. Sometimes rules can stretch across aesthetic spaces (like ideas linking romantic languages); sometimes, they do not (like trying to apply English grammar rules to Chinese). Derive your rules from aesthetics and your aesthetics from culture."


list of ""avant garde"" designers/brands i found somewhere

paul harnden -ポール ハーデン
layer-0 (alessio zero) レイヤーゼロ
elena dawson
isabella stefanelli
araki yuu
a diciannoveventitre / augusta / a1923 (simone ceccheto) -オーガスタ
archivio j.m. ribot
individual sentiments (yoko ito)
wuyong (ma ke)
arts & science (sonya park)
atelier suppan
atelier aura
guidi -グイディ
geoffrey b. small
taichi murakami
forme d’expression (koeun park)
ansnam (yasushi nakano)
label under construction (luca laurini) -レーベルアンダー
bergfabel (klaus plank)
ie (erik ohrstrom)
ma+ (maurizio amadei) -エムエークロス
carpe diem (maurizio altieri, maurizio amadei, simone ceccheto, luca laurini, sara lanzi, taichi murakami) - カルペディエム
lost & found (ria dunn)
primordial is primitive
ann demeulemeester -アンドゥムルメステール
ziggy chen
carol christian poell
yohji yamamoto -ヨウジヤマモトプ
comme des garcons (rei kawakubo)
aleksandr manamis
song for the mute
the viridi-anne -ザヴィリディアン
avantindietro (maurizio altieri)
volga volga
casey casey (casey vidalenc)
lumen et umbra
the crooked tailor
by walid
army of me
ffixxed studios
y’s (yohji yamamoto)
attachment (kazuyuki kumagai) -アタッチメント
sara lanzi
alexander fielden
plantation (issey miyake)
first aid to the injured
m_moria / m_moriabc (maurizio altieri)
sruli recht
julius_7 -ユリウス


File: 1661738764389.jpg (101.17 KB, 1000x500, uniqlo-x-jun-takahashi-6.jpg)

I wish Uniqlo would do another collab with Undercover already….


i love my proletarian red tag levi’s


red tab*


Feeling like no pants under $200 are remotely interesting and good quality.


I'd go safer with something like cropped combat boots


That "trash fits" account feels like such an oversocialized normalfag.


Sure, you can even buy some separate vibram soles and sole glue and add it yourself


File: 1661917819448.jpg (610.43 KB, 2344x1158, 1661883297515489.jpg)

i regret buying a pair of docs so much, they feel like fucking plastic
solovairs seem like the same shit but with a markup for being "made in england"


Only thing I like about them is the ones with visible steel toes. Does anyone else do anything like that?


this can be said of most if not all of cringe culture tbh


File: 1661961989395.jpg (18.76 KB, 342x357, 1661784580806.jpg)

Hey guys. I dont usually come to hobby but ive been thinking about how shitty my hair looks. Im afraid to have it cut because i want to have cute hair but its completely unkempt and it isnt really cute. I cant keep it in a ponytail so ive been thinking maybe i should go for a pixie cut by cutting the back so that the front and back comes down to the same level. However i wonder if that would look too good to boymode with. Any suggestions? For reference my front hair comes down to my chin. I dont know what im doing at all.


Go for a shag cut.


Get the pixie cut and confuse people by looking like a girl who wants to be a boy when boymoding


is footwear supposed to be symmetrical


also it's fucking doc martens lmfaoooo how did you buy them thinking they were haute couture or something


File: 1662047302042.jpg (96.46 KB, 960x500, 1621450521150.jpg)

Shocked by the low prices of designer clothes in yahoo jp, what's the catch?


Just like on ebay, a lot of buyers don't place bids until the final hour. Also it has an anti-sniping function that extends the auction if people bid in the last minutes. And then there's shipping and taxes.


File: 1662055163397.png (941.81 KB, 813x1136, 9wwyawen65l91.png)

I-I think I might like Balenciaga.


File: 1662084615748.jpg (173.79 KB, 1100x1467, TETSUOOOOOOOOO.jpg)


File: 1662095208397-0.png (800.99 KB, 1200x629, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662095208397-1.png (867.46 KB, 960x641, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662095208397-2.png (11.72 MB, 2000x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

I've googled before and can't find any write up article on Sauly' boys Suits and his style

What are your thoughts?
Are colourful suits more expensive,
What do you call dressing in flamboyant colours and how to make it work

do you get robbed more if you dress like that


File: 1662133943879-0.jpg (61.75 KB, 700x1000, 1595115769913.jpg)

File: 1662133943879-1.png (2.96 MB, 1695x1100, 1603085209758.png)

Sleazecore my man.


It's just suits with brightly coloured shirts and matching pochette. Also he wears penny loafers.


If you arent in the us its better to get japanese designer stuff from there than say grailed i think


File: 1662173163816.jpg (133.04 KB, 584x862, 1662149671793834.jpg)



twitter is down the hall and to the right


File: 1662173578555.jpg (126.11 KB, 1000x1000, mao.jpg)

Personally I'd wear the 9/11 joggers with this.


File: 1662192468684.png (150.17 KB, 555x555, ClipboardImage.png)

what is the asthetic called?
bright dumb fuck?

oh, yeah, i forgot he has a combover and stuff
in the ending scene tho, he straight up looks like a mafioso


based. anyways what's the best way to boost from thrift stores? anyone done it? I think it's pretty ez to switch the tags out but I wonder if it would just be easier to conceal or walk out or whatever


Next level boosting is buying something from Nordstrom where they don't require tags and sending their /r/qualityreps equivalent back.


File: 1662267951618.png (2.56 MB, 1225x1280, hardest gucci piece.png)


Junya SS23 feels too jokey in a bad way tbh.


File: 1662349411789.jpg (212.72 KB, 640x1138, wiwt.jpg)

"There's an appeal to fits like these, and that appeal is the comfort, and nostalgia, of old Polaroid family photos. An appeal to the dark days of childhood fashion, and the lighthearted whimsy found within it. It's not a new current, from the trucker hats and big "nerd" glasses from 10 years ago, to "ugly sneakers" of today, the appeal is depending on how you swing on that spectrum of comfy whimsy, and mocking kitsch. The universal appeal is that grandma is not going to get it, neither is Joe Schmoe, but you, and your friends on forums like this, will.

I've always had problems with these trends. There is an appeal in that, yes, it can be seen as a comfy inclusivity, the veneration and embracing of counter ideals, or opening up to a more fun, and whimsical, styling. But, there's that deep cynicism, mocking irony, and intellectual, not to mention classist, elitism that is right there with it.

These movements capitalize on camp and kitsch, while demeaning it. Which feels nonconstructive, I do personally have a hard time seeing what is exciting, or what it successfully says. The ironic embrace only extends to those that are in the right place to recognize the irony, the appeal not being the surprise, but in "understanding why it's surprising". The greatest critique is a classist one, because it can't just be thrift store clothing. While the sweaters remind you of the ones your family bought for you on vacation, and the jeans your friend wore to try to learn to skate in, or the Payless jelly sandals your parents bought you to run around on the playground with, it is never just wearing those things. It's about wearing the 900$ version."


what is it with online fashion posters and being extremely obviously insecure morons


meh, not even some leftoid message like raf's consumed


demna makes good stuff, the problem is the price point and the "hype"


File: 1662442921423.jpg (416.1 KB, 2048x2048, ylb3wvigobd81.jpg)

"Vetements is one of those controversial houses that people come out of the woodwork to defend by declaring people just don't "get it". But, no, I genuinely feel Vetements is the ugliest side of fashion as art.

Fashion isn't like other art forms because clothing has a very real practical use. Everyone needs to wear clothes. Clothing also degrades when used, you can't just go back and appreciate your clothes after they fade, tear, and stain. So, fashion lends itself towards the consumer cycle more-so than other art forms. Why is this a big deal when it comes to Vetements?

There's two ways to view Vetements, as an ironic statement, or as an absurdist neo-dadaist anti-fashion. As an ironic statement, Vetements doesn't just ironically poke fun at "bad taste", it punches down. Many people wear "ugly" clothing simply because it's what they can afford. In this regard, Vetements isn't so much a group of art students making grand, kitschy displays for a laugh, it's a group of aristocrats putting on peasant clothing and laughing at how poor it all is. And paying 1000 USD for the pleasure.

As an absurdist statement, the message falls flat. It's taking something useful, that someone needs, and turning it into a joke. I suppose it is absurd, in a cruel sense. I'm sure that Duchamp's Fountain would have been viewed a lot differently if it was unveiled in a world in which a significant portion of its population had trouble maintaining a proper place to go to the bathroom. It's people in ivory towers, casting stones on society's institutions from the unmatched security of their privileged positions."


Fashion is an op to keep the middle classes occupied.

In my experience 2 clasees of people realize this, or are taught it, and don't participate.

The boarding school elites who are told they are destined to rule the world. They've dressed in classic preppy shit forever.
The lumpen who know they will never have any influence or wealth. They dress in sweatpants from the local walmart.


u must b very smart


File: 1662492051167.jpg (296.36 KB, 1400x1400, 1662443878147827.jpg)

all this rick got them mortified



they're literally just describing a raver who does mdma and chews a pacifier while tripping balls on XTC to prevent his teeth from being ground into powder


>serious reply to a troll site from 20 years ago


Why do you know this?


Is there a style of pants that's low rise and wide on the leg or at least in the thigh but like without being saggy on your ass?

Also does anyone else have trouble keeping their pants up where their rise is meant to go even with a belt on? What's up with that?

It's common knowledge on drug sites and anyone that knows subcultures.


If you don't want your pants to more easily go down then don't get low rise, but if you really want to get low rise wide jeans then you will have to get stuff for women like "no gap waistbands".


File: 1662740827887.jpg (79.66 KB, 750x1000, UO6Z0016.JPG)

Found a store that uses natural dyes and has interesting fabrics like hemp.


No I have that problem with standard mid rise where it falls down to a lower position than the rise is designed for. Dont own any high rise so not sure if same happens there but it's not really so much an issue with low rise since they sit about where my pants usually fall. Must be my body shape or something.


Are you sure you got the correct waist size? I got some super high rise pants and I don't even need to wear a belt with them.


I'm pretty sure but even if it wasnt best fit shouldnt a belt keep it in place ? Yet it doesn't it just slides down even if tight. Oh well..


Maybe the belt is too loose?


Can someone one post an archtype or guide of all men's fashion styles?

Also do you have to stay in your gender? Do women's clothing have anything to offer


File: 1662788479174.png (740.19 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

There should be a site where you can add your face and play dress up and see what works and not

does something like that exist


Finding out Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto dated at one point which I think is really cute.


File: 1662789822128.jpg (52.39 KB, 720x715, fit.jpg)

"i feel like an old fart saying this but streetwear used to be this cool thing that emanated from below and reflected actual street culture. now it's dictated from above and barely tweaked. to the degree it's tweaked, it's tweaked just enough to show you spent a lot of money"


lol rick owens is so different from his fans
what a cool dude


File: 1662791575291.jpg (49.33 KB, 640x360, shot0005.jpg)

i mean look at his closet


I am seriously considering shooting T and becoming a fag.
Post gay chad kino.


File: 1662821216199.jpg (219.5 KB, 1277x800, 2019_31_yukio_main.jpg)

Obligatory "not a fash but"


Im getting hair highlights today. Will be my first time doing them, Im kinda nervous because I dont like the social pressure of having to sit there for hours while the salon lady does her thing. And Im kinda self conscious. But we'll see how it turns out, I'll post a hair pic before after if theyre good


File: 1662853575454-0.jpg (1.08 MB, 2148x1955, 20220906_150650.jpg)

File: 1662853575454-1.jpg (910.27 KB, 1898x2180, 20220910_163141.jpg)

File: 1662853575454-2.jpg (681.55 KB, 1707x1723, 20220906_150643.jpg)

File: 1662853575454-3.jpg (1.47 MB, 2517x2647, 20220910_163219.jpg)

What yall think? Tbh I asked for highlights and it seemed like the stylist just did the whole thing on the top, but looks ok I guess
(smileys for the fed ai algos)


looks worse, you should have gone lighter either lighter or redder instead of rusty orange


junya is always pretty meh and contrived. like kapital (not in this pic) but worse in everyway. cdg is great ofc just dont like any of the junya stuff.


always buy the made in england docs, they are actually pretty decent quality and their derbies go with everything.


I think the lady messed it up, I asked for highlights with just a few strands mixed in with the black, but she literally made the whole top orange. I think as it grows more only the ends will be like that and look better. Smh I've never gone to a barber or anyone and had them follow the pictures I show or directions I give. I just cut my hair myself at home now


It looks fine but yeah highlights would've looked better.


The weird thing is when she bleached the hair it looked like she was only doing part of it, then later when she put the color in I noticed she did the whole head. Why does it seem like no one in america understands english


I've had mostly terrible experiences with hairdressers and stylists too and I'm in the third-world.


What do you dislike about Kapital? Their stuff that doesn't rely on graphics seems good.


i wasnt hating on kapital, instead saying junya makes stuff that looks like kapital but worse.


rip, you look cute though, im sure it'll grow out well king.


dang where does one go to get a good haircut. The only part I have a hard time cutting myself is the back of the head.
thnx anon, Im kinda disappoint so I hope so lol


hasan? lol


It's called virtual try-on. Most is centred only on women's clothing and specific retailers and fashion brands. I found one more generalized one.

Too orange and flat in colour. Id say just bleach it a little further or dye it a different shade that is multi tonal.

Find someone with hair a similar type as your own and ask where they got it done. Alternatively just get a manager to do your hair. They not always but often are among the most competent or skilled I've found but they also tend to like all hairdressers cut your hair shorter than you tell them for some reason. Or you can just come in and ask who has the most experience with your hair type and the stype you want and just say you could come back another time if they arent there. Annoying thing is often the really good ones tend to move around. You may find them in a place that is low cost but then they may take a job at an expensive salon later.


i aint no succdem boi
I got a really bad stylist I think, looking at this vid on youtube she really didn't do any of the techniques or section out the hair properly. Shit was expensive too, now I'm just fucked until it grows back again then I'll get em done somewhere else better next time. Shoulda done my research but smh under capitalism you can't trust anyone to just do their job right, they just want the money and have no passion


Could have been worse. You could have gotten chemical burns or at least had your hair turned white to point the structure is damaged and starts falling out from lack of experience with doing men's hair. Men have a slightly higher body temperature so the chemical reaction can be more intense if i recall correctly.


Didn't know this thread existed. I've got a gorka jacket (one of the full button downs) and it is one of my favorite pieces of outerwear right behind my fringe suede brown leather jacket.


I am cute and have long hair. Dubs and I will post a pic of my mug


Lol, I just set that pic as my phone wallpaper yesterday


Lucky number 11, pass the line and give us a mugshot cutie


uyghas on grailed littering a listing with names that are NOT the one behind the product just so they show up when searching are pissing me off.


File: 1663007066807.png (955.15 KB, 1080x1004, spidermao.png)


Another reason he's the best Spiderman.


File: 1663032839016.png (5.69 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

would it look bad to tailor an asian boxy fit tshirt like this? the chest is ridiculously big


There was some guy worried about buying Chinese clothing on some thread that got deleted


>I bet you don't put your keyboard or phone in the washing machine when you buy it, clothes dont have heavy metal in them idiot <- they do if its a dragonforce shirt
my sides


you jsut wait tom holland's spiderman is broke now

he will finish what stalin started in spider 4: no home for bourgeois


>request a demo
damn i thought it was a user thing



>Inspired from greens springing out of from cracks of tiles, concretes and man-made materials, this piece recreates the liveliness of such plants emerging from seams and pockets.
Solarpunk as fuck


File: 1663116384489.jpg (243.16 KB, 900x1255, Ann Demeulemeester.jpg)

Is using fabric softener a bad idea? I heard it builds up over time.


File: 1663117159540.png (91.32 KB, 636x505, ClipboardImage.png)

>3-4 layers
>5-7 layers
>13+ layers
WTF? Who the fuck made that retardation?



File: 1663199961011.jpg (462.45 KB, 1500x1500, 1600049218786.jpg)

>Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company
Real ballsy move wouldve been turning Patagonia into a coop but oh well.


What makes a good looking mariners cap? Seems there is a lot of subtle variance in design and some good some look like shir. I figure newsboys and flatcaps are overplayed for men these days so considering these. Also have long hair thought it may go better.

What a waste to not have that happen. I for quite some time been saying a law should be made to transfer companies into co-ops after original owner leaves.


what happened, i cna't read it

what is the point of it?

is there one for hot weather?
pls don't tell me it says to be naked or something


Better off without it. Ignore the EWGs tip using vinegar it's toxic to cats and dogs and if mixed with bleach it produces toxic fumes. Get some wool dryer balls. Take note dryer balls sometimes throw off sensor dryer settings.


Casually wearing something that’s for a specific function makes you look like a tool
Sneakers for casual wear are awful for the same reason


If you want Doc Martens with actual build quality, derby boots are what you’re looking for


Skechers @ Yeezy


File: 1663268894795.jpg (173.96 KB, 1920x1080, poison.jpg)

If we went by this we should also stop wearing jeans unless we do manual work, but if you want it to look less larpy you need either of these:
- Broad shoulders, heavily coated
- Stocky bastard
- Old and feeble, but the graceful kind of feeble
Also if you're under 40-50 keep the bill thin.


Jeans are allowed since they're better than trousers, the closest kind of fashion item to them


Or, better than other kinds of trousers. Jeans are a type of trouser in general, woops.


I think that would only rarely ever be true. Just because it's called a Mariner's cap doesn't mean only Mariners used it. Just because it's also called a Greek Fisherman's cap doesnt mean just Greek fishermen used it it just was popular among them for a time. A hat is a hat they all serve the purpose of providing some shade from the sun and these kind some warmth for your head. I cant see how anything about the design really has a unique use to being sea bearing that cant be more broadly used, can you?

Likewise sneakers/trainers are literally just any shoe with a relatively soft rubber sole with a gripy pattern which is commonly used for waking on modern surfaces. Just because rubber sole shoes started as sports wear doesn't mean they aren't for casual use. They were from very early on. A sneaker is literally just rubber soled shoes. Otherwise you get stuck with leather sole shoes which unless you are wearing soft sole moccasins are used more for dresswear these days because they arent the most comftorable and slip more easily on hard floods. Even the thin and narrow Converse were originally what all the basketball players wore. I can't imagine what you even expect people to wear on their feet day to day. If someone wears rain boots and it stops raining is that a cardinal sin?

Though dont forget modern denim isnt same as what is retroactively called raw denim.

I don't really fit your descriptive criteria but also not that far off on everything. I know certain clothes have a certain image to them but im not one afraid to break fashionfag rules as long as it doesn't make people completely misunderstand me in a confrontational way which I dont think it would because there is no steriotype just an association with old men due to it being more popular with them. I likely only would wear such a thing if I get a wool coat or some sort of jacket of sorts because it would look off without that to me. Yes too big a brim probably would look stupid though too short also is no good. Having a brim shorter than your nose is off your face can make your nose look bigger in profile.


There are Oxford shoes and Blucher shoes with rubber soles nowadays
>A sneaker is literally just rubber soled shoes
It's a word originating from early 20th century English referring to any professional athletic shoe, especially ones that help grip onto a hard surface better


File: 1663278508789-0.jpg (51.8 KB, 416x750, leninfit.jpg)

File: 1663278508789-1.png (604.46 KB, 589x744, Mariners cap.png)

File: 1663278508789-2.jpg (289.54 KB, 1500x1500, corbyn drip.jpg)

The more important things about the cap itself would be material and fit. Headwear of this type is a bit uncommon these days so you'll want to make sure that it's made out of decent materials, because if you wear an obviously, visibly cheap one it'll look incredibly tacky. Fit speaks for itself, badly fitting clothes look bad. A last thing to keep in mind with the cap is that you'll want to be careful with the more flashy ones with embroidering on them, you're wearing a mariners cap and that's already a bit out there, getting an eccentric one on top of that will be very hard to pull off.

But honestly more important than the cap itself is the rest of the outfit you're wearing it with. You don't want to look like the equivalent one of those neckbeards wearing a fedora with a t-shirt and cargo shorts. A mariners cap looks best either on a suit and coat (aka the Lenin larp), on a sweater and wool trousers (like the middle guy minus the neckerchief), or on old people (aka the Corbyn larp).


Oh and also, don't wear it to anything politics-related unless you're really really sure you can pull it off, because it will be immediately obvious you're copying Lenin's style as a political statement and if you mess the look up it can potentially be very cringe-inducing


>Sneakers for casual wear are awful for the same reason


Fair points. Would just avoiding anything with polyester and go for high wool content be enough to avoid poor quality or is there an easy way to identify how well sewn it is? I despise polyester with a passion anyway. Is there a specific weave to look for? Yeah I know it would look stupid paired with something lightweight or synthetic fabrics which I already have seen back when a puffier version of this hat was a trend for girls. I dont plan on wearing anything political with it but if I did it would be just vintage Soviet buttons sewn on the coat or something else subtle and Id play with silhouettes to not be just dressed classic menswear in which case it wouldn't look like LARP.


File: 1663290375278-1.jpg (809.74 KB, 2000x3000, 80s Levis Mom Jeans.jpg)

Is acid wash and these cuts too boomer?



Wear what you want. With the age of social media it will just be a trend again anyway if not already.


File: 1663372999781-0.jpg (24.68 KB, 470x470, b_470x.jpg)

File: 1663372999781-1.jpg (37.64 KB, 470x470, c_470x.jpg)

>Image print is not pixelated on item.
Would you?


>being an advertisement
no, I wouldn't.


this nerd doesnt have band patches lmao


No no no never. Anyone who doesnt know Death Grips will just think I'm a BBC lover. Plus at least in some parts of the US I could very likely get arrested for that.


i would if it wasnt so expensive, but id keep the censor


File: 1663469953994.png (306.25 KB, 1334x1418, 1663450434506141.png)


File: 1663490458942.jpg (88 KB, 399x432, soviet button.jpg)

It's a niche enough item that I'd say you can generally trust that any company that bothers to use all/high wool instead of polyester will be of good quality. The weave isn't too important for the same reason. For the buttons I assume you mean one like picrelated? If so, that sounds good, it's nice and subtle.


Yeah that's the button kind I had in mind.



service worker shoes


nothing wrong with service workers ofc but corporations have ruined black sneakers and black button ups for me


they're the classic nike air force 1's
not sure what they have to do with service work


Black sneakers are strongly associated with low-tier service workers, just like how white sneakers are considered basic bitch shoes.


funny, considering they also have a reputation for being worn by lumpen criminal types, which is what that pic is referencing


Is this an American thing?
For the record I prefer black sneakers with slight accents but all black sneakers are fine too.


File: 1663823779687-0.jpg (338.08 KB, 1175x1763, 1661861291842488.jpg)

File: 1663823779687-1.jpg (284.09 KB, 1175x1763, 1661861230821519.jpg)

File: 1663823779687-2.jpg (278.67 KB, 1200x675, 1661861024395864.jpg)

Tokyo Fashion Week was a couple of weeks ago.


File: 1663871478492-0.png (371.97 KB, 694x535, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663871478492-1.png (125.29 KB, 242x374, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663871478492-2.png (375.62 KB, 482x528, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663871478492-3.png (109.12 KB, 209x407, ClipboardImage.png)

Rewatching la Chinoise. Kirilov has drip


File: 1663903552336.jpg (187.24 KB, 640x853, hgtm9r2jyqg81.jpg)

How to successfully pull off wearing a skirt as a guy? Ideal body type or clothing style to go with it? Are wearing Yohji or half-skirts a copout? Any inspo?

And I don't mean in the reddit-tier le manly kilt sense nor do I want to seem like someone just experimenting or shittily wearing some cheap skirt to farm social media points. I want to look good in a skirt.


Just buy solovair imo, better than docs made in england


File: 1663972105612.jpg (88.5 KB, 1200x800, kilt highland games.jpg)

>And I don't mean in the manly kilt sense
Yeah but that's one of the rare occasions it actually does look decent.

To be fair skirts usually don't look that good on women either. Everybody expects Japanese anime skirt physics, but in reality it tends to be just fabric awkwardly flapping about.


File: 1663992171621.jpeg (27.38 KB, 283x539, tgguy.jpeg)

Kilts arent only types of skirts men have worn. Here is a fustanella which is part of traditional costume in places like Greece.


Don't expect cheap shit to flow the same way as high quality skirts made from 100% wool or silk.


Designers passing off their whining that people don't want to pay retarded prices and prefer reps as environmentalism.


Margaret Howell's new Fall lookbook has a bunch of skirted men. It looks pretty good and is a bit different than her normal casual but stylish attorney look.

If you aren't familiar with her stuff check it out - its reasonably affordable considering she uses better fabrics than most designers, on sale its a steal.



Should've had degrees, at extreme cold you should be wearing jumpsuits/overalls/boilersuits whatever they are in english


I have the uncensored album cover on my phone. Don't know how I'd explain that one if someone saw it by accident.


>muh free market is justice
Silence glowpork. Companies like that dont only take designs just from big name filthy rich designers they use digital art without permission from starving artists and give no money to the them and they copy designs of clothes that isn't even that expensive coming from small time designers that only operate online and independently.


D.HYGEN A/W20 Leather Knit Pullover


I'm pretty sure it's a joke about "darkwear".



This is good shit, thanks.


Seriously debating getting a rep that fucked up and doesn't have exactly what I do not like about the original piece lol


idk if i should look better but pockets in jeans feel so small and uncomfortable compared to seamed pockets


Any internal pocket is easy enough to extend the length of though just so long as your short length is long enough to not hang past the leg. I do wish more pants had cell phone pockets though. Back pocket you sit on, front pocket too close to where your leg bends, and cargo pockets it just flops around banging into your leg and low objects.


What's a cell phone pocket? Like this?

Coin pockets are GOAT.


File: 1664330723653.jpg (133.19 KB, 1080x1350, earthy [アーシー].jpg)

earthy [アーシー]


i know sweatshirts should be folded but should i do the same if they come with a full zipper or should i hang those instead


File: 1664422192717-0.jpeg (213.98 KB, 1067x1600, VRbEdG8.jpeg)

File: 1664422192717-1.jpeg (39.88 KB, 570x735, LIQ1VWK.jpeg)

File: 1664422192717-2.jpeg (178.75 KB, 1563x2345, 5wlkHA2.jpeg)

File: 1664422192717-3.jpeg (100.88 KB, 620x953, bbn8Aui.jpeg)

>Any inspo?


File: 1664430148191.png (1.72 MB, 800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Bowie's wearing a Sherwani, which is like the frock coat. It's based off of the more folk-ish male dresses of the Caucasus however a bit more modern.


I only trust the Japanese to make cargo pants.


I appreciate they make pants you can put a 3-liter bottle in.


I think a very "sensual" approach to menswear is hard to do well. Even as a dude who wears skirts and taller Cuban heels, I find myself disliking a lot of the work that some cheapo-price, IG/Tiktok, dropshipped "brands" are doing to cater to this more open clientele.

Brands I think do slinky, sexy stuff well for guys: Dion Lee (corset & crop tops), Carlota Barrera (especially the high-cut hems on button-ups), Ludovic de Saint Sernan (low rise pants, knits), Rick Owens (Dylan tops, sheer jerseys), Jean Paul Gaultier (the OG), GmbH (sporty-meets-kinky stuff).


rappers and k-pop fags ruined the second-hand market


thoughts on a look that incorporates this?


Are you trying to go for a clown goth look or shoplift a turkey in your pants?


File: 1664682391178.png (157.03 KB, 512x512, 1655496412832.png)

>clown goth
I fuck with this.


I was trying out Japanese clothing and jesus christ you have to be a twink to fit that shit if you're remotely tall.


File: 1664921213691.jpg (141.39 KB, 600x900, 1364699078803.jpg)

East German webbing


File: 1664921283323-0.jpg (156.55 KB, 600x900, dakimakura scarf.jpg)

File: 1664921283323-1.jpg (441.02 KB, 1000x1500, 1364717715172.jpg)


That last one is too much for my sides to take. I dont think it's real. Anyway, a mini dakimakura as a sort of scarf is kind of an interesting concept even if goofy.


silhouette of second guy goes hard


File: 1664926817086-0.jpg (119.68 KB, 523x930, 1390006581203.jpg)

File: 1664926817086-1.jpg (82.79 KB, 500x667, 1389942199960.jpg)

File: 1664926817086-2.jpg (205.84 KB, 1000x759, 1389942330440.jpg)

File: 1664926817086-3.jpg (103.25 KB, 600x600, 1375185581645.jpg)


File: 1664941021430-0.jpeg (63.83 KB, 512x512, 9k=(1).jpeg)

File: 1664941021430-1.jpeg (58.71 KB, 512x512, Z.jpeg)

File: 1664941021430-2.jpeg (65.32 KB, 512x512, 9k=(2).jpeg)

File: 1664941021430-3.jpeg (73.17 KB, 512x512, Z(1).jpeg)

File: 1664941021430-4.jpeg (49.89 KB, 512x512, 9k=(3).jpeg)

At this point the direction the thread is going. Might as well just take cues from AI for fashion.


This is just blurry FRUITS magazine.


But for real, should I apply the corpsepaint at home and go through the city with public transport wearing it or just put it up at the workplace?


File: 1664953999300.jpg (31.17 KB, 474x338, DIMMU BORGIR.jpg)

I don't see why not. Also it's october so it's fitting.


File: 1664985768634-0.jpg (209.96 KB, 1181x1600, 1664641738493468.jpg)

File: 1664985768634-1.jpg (476.61 KB, 2560x1706, 1664867836695425.jpg)


File: 1665006729995.jpg (28.93 KB, 316x316, Unknown_Pleasures.jpg)

Having this JD album cover anywhere on your clothes was already the sign of a poser back in the 80s but I actually like how it looks, what do?


Make your own design like it, print to transfer paper. It's not a very original art concept to begin with.


>It's not a very original art concept to begin with.
"Seinfeld is unfunny."


File: 1665014656723.jpg (45.57 KB, 767x1001, 1591399425400.jpg)

Wear this instead.


File: 1665018525874.png (561.82 KB, 508x634, ClipboardImage.png)



get that fucking image off the board, it doesn't need to be in front on anyone's eyes.


File: 1665091422128.jpg (607.14 KB, 1624x2048, 1664991939861315.jpg)

damn the new undercover looking wild


Pretty! This was a really wonderful article.
Thank you for supplying this info.

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