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File: 1655616889209.jpg (154.75 KB, 1080x748, FVarBCiWIAAh7Ze.jpg)


I'm genuinely curious if people like this ever got into Pokemon/Yugioh cards or Warhammer as kids. At least you learned how to paint or play the game and became cynical of ever collecting anything ever again.


I don't even understand the point of this kind of collection. they're enormous ugly pieces of plastic that doesn't even act as a bobble-head, they're not toys to play with. FFS even figurines of anime makes more sense since they're actually well-made most of the time and are at least decent imitation statuettes.


I don't know why people collect things to begin with, I guess it's just fun to purchase things or they see it as an investment or even an ego thing (I am more extreme than yo therefore I like X more).


File: 1655752765182.jpg (80.29 KB, 750x902, FVt6izdUAAA9qHl.jpg)

why is the face of the "consoomer" thing always people who buy cheap funko tat and not people who spend thousands on variations of air jordans


File: 1655774707044.jpg (266.62 KB, 1440x1635, 20220613_205221.jpg)

Constructing models used to be a common hobby. Now it's been mostly replaced with consooming.


I dont know they are kind of cute but since they basically look alike I dont get why someone would have a large collection so maybe it's just for sake of having a display of what characters they are a fan of so other people can see and bring up conversation but I suppose for some it's an investment attempt like the Beanie Baby craze back in the 90s.


That I really don't get especially if they dont even fucking wear the shoes. I can get it if they are just trying to buy them cheaper, restore them and resell for profit since shoe refurbishing is a legit hobby plus it makes money.




because air jordans are actually insanely priced,whereas having an entire armory of funko pop is around a thousand bucks,so it's more niche.


Some people have the same collections but with well-made Chinese imitations.


This raises some interesting philosophy. If an immitation is as good as or better than the real thing can it really be considered an immitation?



File: 1655832612442.jpg (187.58 KB, 1280x720, 1617471871897.jpg)


File: 1655859190007.mp4 (2.63 MB, 320x568, k0VcjI9tX_yqF7AA.mp4)

I hate anglos so damn much.


This is actual mental illness.


Hearing him say "normies" out loud made me die inside


This is great, it will make it so much easier to avoid vapid people.


What are people using to make these images?


>Imagine not scratch building all of your minis
Consoomers were a mistake.


What a fucking dork. Please tell me this is a joke.

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