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Ask your lifting related questions here.

Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky"

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Are you trying to get us to faint?


You won't faint from holding your breath for 5 seconds instead of breathing in and out constantly. It's not actually good for you to do the latter, because it reduces the amount of time your lungs are full and able to maximize gas exchange.


Which part of the hip?


QRD on vitamin pills?


any part


Well, why don't you sit cross legged and see if it relaxes anything in your hips? Pretty easy way to find out.


File: 1667366584620.jpg (83.46 KB, 354x423, 1485558699478.jpg)

>Mom is overweight
>Loves processed food
>can't even eat real chicken, it must be precut, deboned and already covered in breadcrumbs
<no joke I once made a roasted chicken, she had one bite and hated it
>hates cooking and thinks putting anything in a pan is too much work, she shoves her processed food into an air fryer and all her meals are like that
>Thinks proteins makes you fat
>Thinks red meat is unhealthy
>I tell her that we should eat healthier but she answer by crying and saying that her life is too busy to cook good food. This is a bullshit argument because dad is the one who cooks.
>buys groceries once a months and stuff the freezer and the pantry with snacks and and processed food.
>We literally can't close the doors of the freezer and pantry because of how stuffed they are with junk food.
>She thinks she's healthy
>TFW I will never lose weight as long as I live with my mom


Just feed her until she can't walk, then like lock the doors or something.


gotta speak to the old man then


so if dad is the one who cooks why don't you tell him to cook better stuff?

also these things are better done with slow substitutions, and little changes here and there

don't buy processed food anymore, ban it or at the very least, buy fewer of it

also get some tasty protein shakes, those will get her hooked on the sugar and keep her full longer


also fruits are nature's cocaine


Cant you cook your own food?


I tried snorting some berries, would no recommend.


I've thought about it but it's hard, she may eat unhealthy but eats small servings and that helps her weight to remain stable.
How can I or my dad cook better food if we don't have anything that isn't processed?
Like yes my dad and I prefer baked potatoes over fries but if we have to eat the processed chicken then it doesn't amount to much. A salad may be good but if my mom only buys vegetables once a month then we can only have that the first week or so.
My dad used to buy groceries with his own money but my mom will get mad when she saw it and they'll start fighting about money, my dad lost his job and has no pension no that isn't as frequent anymore, last week we bought some read meat and basically we had to eat it before my mom saw. Right now I'm unemployed but I'll have to see what does my mom do if I buy my own groceries.
Yes my mom is a narcissist.


What are some extremely easy to cook healthy and tasty meals? I'm too lazy to cook complex shit


there are a lot of recipes and regional variations for beans and rice you could try, most are pretty easy. slow cooking anything is pretty simple too. if you want a specific dish, chicken adobo is extremely easy to make and goes well with plain rice as a side


chicken, rice and brocolli


you're supposed to take them rectally

look up some recipes
for example, i love eating yogurt and rice with some sabji (veggies mixed with spices and cooked)

like take some, butter, potatoes, onions, peas, and cook them with salt, turmeric and chilli powder and mix them and in like 10 minutes it will be tasty to eat with that yogurt and rice


Is this good or bullshit?


It is good, but it can be tricky to well the first time, here's some explanation


Vitamin and mineral supplements are good to take to cover anything you might be missing from your diet and that's about it. Extra doses of stuff is either just going to be pissed out if it's water-soluble or it will accumulate if it's fat soluble and might put you at risk of toxicity. Don't take large doses of vitamins unless you know what you're doing, but a multivitamin is fine and can patch dietary holes a bit.

Good reminder that most of the time being overweight is a personality type.


>Good reminder that most of the time being overweight is a personality type.
big if tru


this is a great site, he says the deadbug is the most important core exercise,

do you know what else he says is the most important exercise for other parts?


found this on /fit/ years ago and have been doing it since then (except I don't throw in the oats and just eat them with the shake)


What about the sides? My left side seems very weak compared to the right.


If you have some money, you could easily buy stuff for yourself and cook. There are many recipes which are super easy and few ingredients. It's also probably cheaper than the processes food. Sometimes I just buy rice and chicken. Cook rice, which is super easy, and just put paprika, salt, and pepper on the chicken, put a little oil on the pan, and just cook it at mid heat.


Ah, back in the day…


no way that's 900 calories


never thought of that, i could try but still feels like cooking on hard mode
it's truth
ATM I'm unemployed, been doing interviews and sanding CVs and you know how hard that is.
I do want to buy my own groceries.


as long as you set up everything and streamline the habit, it'll go smoothly everyday like a factory

meals done in 1 hour or 30 minutes, in part while doing other jobs


File: 1667725344085.jpg (171.81 KB, 400x600, neder.jpg)

Posting with the anarchist flag because I love squats.


File: 1667725955342.jpg (146.5 KB, 640x814, anarcho-exercise.jpg)


>finally got below 200 lbs on my cut
Feels good, bros


GJ my dude
Keep it up




would like to get fit but i don't want to go to a gym


do calisthenics then go to gym


Define get fit. You don't have to go to a gym if you just want to lose fat.


File: 1669362226858.mp4 (294.39 KB, 194x144, average gay groupchat.mp4)

> i don't want to go to a gym
On serious note. The first thing is of course a home gym. Like if you have no money, obviously look up cardio you can do. This will be your push up, burpees, all that. If you can buy weights, get yourself some dumb bells, ,maybe a kettle bell. Stuff you can use to incorporate weights into it. If you're really loaded, maybe a barbell and its weights and a treadmill. Though thats as far as you can go unless your super committed and have the money for an at home legit gym with machines. Though might I ask, why wouldn't you just want to go to the gym?


Can shivering build muscle?


Possibly, you’d probably want to look at the actual data before doing anything. Also numbers look nice


1) get a pull up bar. 2) get a weight vest 3) Do pulls ups 3) Do push ups 4) do squats 5) add weight to all of these


niceu digits


You need to tax muscle beyond its normal use to build it. Building muscle happens when you rest and repair micro-tears in the muscle fiber induced by resistance training. Shivering won't do that, although it might induce more blood flow and improve cardiovascular supply to the muscles, and it does burn more calories than simply sitting still (it's known that if you adjust the temperature where you are to be uncomfortably cold, you burn more calories passively to maintain body temperature).


Why is not shivering (or even cramping) resistance training? The muscle tenses, is there anything else that needs to be done?


>Good reminder that most of the time being overweight is a personality type.
"I'm a good, virtuous person because I've made rational choices in the free market!" Neoliberals, please learn historical materialism
Raw grains/legumes/vegetables aren't ideal due to anti-nutrients bonding to iron/zinc/etc. You should at least eat uncooked oats with foods rich with vitamin C or something fermented.


do you think i'm over working my kidney because my main source of protein is using raw soya chunks and powdering them and mixing them with water and drinking? is my power liver/kidney having to do a lot work because of that?


Your liver is kill


Need to breakdown the muscle fibres


can I do that with a hammer:

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