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Ask your lifting related questions here.

Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky"

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That's Billy Herrington.


Ah, ok


They are literally counter-revolutionary.

You know what must be done…


Using a weighted vest and doing some kind of _outdoors_circuit training/calistenics/cardio would be more beneficial for most people than the usual gym experience.


can't mirin mah bros there


Fell off the wagon for a week now my shit is kinda fucked
Doin a project in my workout area, hopefully done in two days so I can get back at it. Could use some inspo
Strong lifts to you frens
>do pre workout stims make much of a difference?
Yes if you mean amphetamines


This one doesn't even have staff, so they just auto-lock the electronic door at midnight and unlock at 6:00.


when i sit and type to tie my shoelaces, in that position of sitting and touching my toes, i feel a pain in my pelvic, groin region
anyone else feel that? any familiar injury?


Ask doctor for referral to physiotherapist if you want to know for certain
Speculating it might be a tendon issue or early arthritis?


File: 1685083172368.mp4 (613.84 KB, 720x406, unzipped_me.mp4)

did my first proper leg day in months



what can i do to prevent arthiritis, do you know anything to solve a tendon? will stretching help


When and how did it start?


eat healthy, eat enough creatine, eat enough omega 3s, excercise regularly but not too much wear on joints, about kajillion different anti-aging/longevity compounds, anti inflammatories like tumeric, cannabis oil, ashwagandha for lower stress and cortisol and increase T if u r male, sleep as close as possible to 8 hours straight every night etc.


I think when I started running everyday, I hop on platforms too with one leg


it's so over.


lmao y? cheap and easy to do all or most rq with a routine. the more you do the moar energy and motivation you have for adding more in


It's only just begun


o also good posture, including walking, texting, computer, sleep. if there is something fucked start by correcting that for ez improvements


also I am a massive autist and used to be really dysfunctional so no doomer cope
you will eat the bugs
you will do the healthy habits and things you enjoy
and you will be happy


yeah ik, it's just that micro managing all this stuff, my brain fries out a lil, ill try my best

do i need to take creatine supplements or are there general foods that have it?


>yeah ik, it's just that micro managing all this stuff, my brain fries out a lil, ill try my best
Yeah understandable
>do i need to take creatine supplements or are there general foods that have it?
Good question. I know fish has a lot but idk if it's enough to reach optimal levels for health, especially if u work out a lot. Vegetarians have lower levels of creatine unless they supplement. Do you ever protein shakes? if you put half a teaspoon of micronised creatine in a shake the taste and texture will probably not be detectable and it'll dissolve b4 the powder. Some people make baked protein squares, like a brownie, instead of the shakes, you can put all the vitamins and supplements u take in that. Can serve as a full meal replacement. Requires some baking but you can make a bunch at once and store em in ur fridge or freezer. Not too much harder than a shake you gotta wash each time, if you do those. If you workout and don't get enough protein that also is gonna cause your joints to ache like hell. Luckily it's reversible.


the good burnnn


i tried fruits, but i've found the flavourless cheap soy powder i have, blends well into most savoury dishes i eat, so i just mix it and eat like that

damn i'm a vegetarian, i thought creatine was only for blowing up muscles and making them look good and not a important vitamin type deal


However you like it is how to do it

>damn i'm a vegetarian, i thought creatine was only for blowing up muscles and making them look good and not a important vitamin type deal

yeah. fr if you are vegetarian it's good for a lot of stuff but you gotta eat some additional nutrients you might lack otherwise, could be why your joints ache. Creatine is very important for health and strength and endurance, u could be deficient in other vitamins tol tho, like for example vitamin b12


>urban coastal elite moves to backward inland rural
>there's some hiking paths and parks with mostly groups of old women
>go to park for daylight, walk and light training at lunch most days
>people stare at first, eventually become known
>over 6 months some of the old women start to bring younger women with them
>they're doing my convict conditioning exercises on park benches


Very cool


Someone made a /pol/ thread about us…



File: 1685821601890.jpg (119.92 KB, 824x609, iljsavifpqp71.jpg)

They're saying that getting jacked will make us leave leftism lmao

U mad brah?


>Leftypol is lifting and preparing for revolution while we jack off to hentai and haven't left mommy's basement in 3 weeks.

Its over…
So they have finally admitted that they're nothing but fucking losers?


File: 1685822235561.jpg (119.92 KB, 824x609, iljsavifpqp71.jpg)


I've heard wool shirts are good for this. Moisture wicking shirts I've found online all use polyster so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Love to hear it m8


Thanks for the recipes m8


File: 1685824558286.jpg (70.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

If y'all want a fairly simple plan for general fitness, try this:

>Steve Reeve's Old School Bodybuilding Routine


1. Farmer Squats [3 sets, 12 reps]
2. Shoulder Press [3 sets, 12 reps]
3. Tricep Extension [3 sets, 12 reps]
4. Bicep Curls [3 sets, 12 reps]
5. One Arm Rows [3 sets, 12 reps]
6. Pushups [3 sets, 20 reps]
7. 30min of Power Walking for cardio

If you want it to be more of a bodybuilding routine, don't complete the sets to a certain number of reps. Instead, do all sets until you reach muscle failure or until you're 3 or less reps of failure (near failure). For bodybuilding, you'll probably also want to add some other exercises to this to round it out. 1 for calves, another for forearms perhaps, you decide based on your goals.

Btw if you're new to this type of training see this article for more details: https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/layne-nortons-guide-to-failure-training.html


File: 1685825846627.jpg (740.02 KB, 1000x1248, 1685825057655.jpg)

If you want to look like the Silver Era bodybuilding dudes like Steve Reeves, try this plan (done with supersets)


>Silver Era Aesthetics Program (Steve Reeves Physique Workout)

Intermediate – (3 sessions a week, 12 sessions a month, 140-150 sessions a year)

Auto-regulated abs training:
Goal of 80 to 200 reps, 8 to 10 abs isolation weekly sets total, no more than 4 per day, for no more than 20 reps per
set and no less than 10. Always place after upper body lifts, when lower body compounds are done for the day.
Exercises recommend: Decline sit-ups (weighted), Leg raises (weighted), Hanging knee raises, V-sit ups, Windshield wipers.

Squats (BB or Hack) 3/4x6-12 + Seated cable rows OR Seal rows 3/4x8-15

Incline press (DB or BB) OR Machine incline press 3/4x6-10 + Reverse curls (DB or BB) 3/4x6-12

RDLs OR DB bench 4x8-12 + Upright rows (DB or BB) OR Lat pulldowns 4x10-15 + Neck curls 4x15-20

Cable curls 4x12-15 + French press OR Lying triceps extensions 4x6-10 + Sited calf raises 4x15-20

BB rows 3/4x8-10 OR Good mornings 3/4x6-12 + Wide-grip BB shrugs OR DB shrugs 3/4x12-20

Weighted dips OR Close grip bench 3/4x6-10 + Split squats OR Smith/Dellinger squats 3/4x12-15

Weighted chin-ups 3x4-6 + DB OR Machine shoulder press 3x6-10 OR Face-pulls 3x15 + Leg curls 3x12-15

Pelican cable curls OR DB Fat grips Preacher curls 4x10-15 + Cable pushdowns 4x8-15 + Lat raises 3x15

Deadlifts 3x3 OR 3x5 + Cable triceps extension OR Cable drag curls 3x10-12

OHP (BB or DB) OR BTN 3/4x6-12 + DB pullovers 3/4x8-12

Leg press 4x8-15 + DB / Cable chest flies OR DB/Guillotine press 4x10-15 + Hammer curls 4x8-12

Wide-grip pulls-ups 4x8-12 + Hyperextensions OR GHR 4x10-15 + Standing calf-raises 4x12-20

The video also has a 4 day advanced program, see the video description


File: 1685838291757.png (5.12 MB, 2285x2917, ClipboardImage.png)

haha OP is insufferable and I love it.
trolls trolling trolls; fun from a distance
>that red-brown burger
>that autistic pink-ID burger losing their shit at them

Too bad they didn't take pics from swoletariat actually probably a good thing because it's much easier to raid posters there. oh wait /pol/ can't even raid
>kremowka anon
im not polish so im just drinking custard and berries with powder instead


being a manlet is cheating



File: 1685956400646.png (220.78 KB, 461x739, ClipboardImage.png)


Avoid injury. Actually work the right muscles. Good guides are easy to find.


Achievable natty?




Silly anon we all know natties can't be big. 1.82m (6ft) men can only be 72kg (160lbs) or else they're juicing!

(memes aside this is more than achievable natty)


Some dude legit made an clownish equation to "prove" if someone's natty or not that would make 1.82 meter dude's natural limit is 72kg as discussed in this video



I am horribly mentally ill and have access to explosive materials en masse




File: 1686083079601.pdf (8.29 MB, 197x255, Desk To Defender.pdf)

If your goal is overall fitness and you don't care for aesthetics, I'd recommend the fitness section from Desk To Defender. It's page 13 through page 26.

I'd also recommend reading the whole book to all leftists cus it's about community defense and disaster relief and stuff. Useful for when real shit happens.


Guys how do I fix my posture permanently? I noticed if I stand truly straight I automatically look more ripped and like I actually lift. However if I do my natural posture, I look almost fat. With proper posture alone my chest, shoulders and neck look bigger, waist goes in, I get a more triangular classic bodybuilder shape.

Is posture something that can be 'fixed' or is it more just a habit? Because I can hold the correct straight back posture if I wanted, it's more a matter of choice but by habit I always revert to the slumped nerd neck posture. However, I also feel like if I walked around with the straight posture outside I would kind of stick out or people would see Im forcing it. I kind of puff my chest out and pull the waist in and push my neck back.

Is it something that even needs to be fixed or should I continue walking with a slump to look more natural? Basically if I walk straight I look far more ripped than I really am




A habit is often a fix, cormade.

This was a decade ago so I'm just going from memory, but a physio (paid advice, they work for a rugby team so they're legit) recommended core exercises (esp. back extensions and planks) to strengthen possibly-fatigued muscles, a neck exersice because I was slouching my head forwards (get your palm, put it on your nose, and push your face directly back. Now do that movement without you hand like 10 times) and habitually correcting posture.
I've gotten compliments for my posture, but that was from computer programmers, so grain of salt) so habits can probably fix it.


I've heard you can work certain muscles. Idk though.

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