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Ask your lifting related questions here.

Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky"

Previous thread: >>15840


how do i stop caring about the gazes of other people when lifting in a crowded gym


Blindfold yourself.


they are mirin you bro


read marcus aurelius



i am the guy who looks


Should I try to pick up a girl at the gym? I feel like it's too risky incase things go really bad and I can never go back but what if my suspicions about a girl are right and things go well. What do?


Just don't interrupt her when she's working out.


Try picking up weights instead









Is there anything like training program for manual labourers?
I'm a carpenter and the tactical barbell book that just got posted made release I haven't come across anything specific that's relevant to me line of work


Fuck all you weak uyghurs


I haven't heard of any specific programmes but if you're doing any kind of manual labour for a living the general rule of thumb is to lift early, eat a lot and sleep a lot.

post body


weaning myself off my drinking problem by consciously leaning more into my eating disorder, how do I time my sugar cravings from booze withdrawal with my carb timing for my latest smolov cycle


lift early?



File: 1660315149868.jpg (3.59 MB, 2880x2160, 20220408_145616[16877].jpg)



G8 w8 m8 I r8 8/8


File: 1660316011157.png (511.97 KB, 600x754, 1660000969654.png)


Most of them are happy you are improving yourself. Only an asshole would bother somebody working out at the gym.


So is the kettleball all I need? If so, migbt buy one. I've been doing basic calisthenics.



>So is the kettleball all I need?
Depends on your goals, but irl a B, some calisthenics, maybe add parkour for evading cops, and you're gtg irl.


You won't get big. Lean, yes. Athletic, sure. But big? No.


*irl a KB, some


Should my goal be become stronger or become toned?




as in early in the morning before work. So if you work at 5 then work out at 3 in the morning, alternatively you can work out late at night


File: 1660439631868-0.jpg (314.71 KB, 818x1140, bromrotfang1.jpg)

File: 1660439631868-1.png (19.66 KB, 224x314, Spartacus_statue.png)

File: 1660439631868-2.jpg (135.65 KB, 814x798, lenin_neck.jpg)

File: 1660439631868-3.jpg (129.46 KB, 736x822, 1653778972386.jpg)


File: 1660439690390-0.jpg (625.22 KB, 2015x2048, 1660359558677-0.jpg)

File: 1660439690390-1.jpg (33.59 KB, 564x564, 1660359558677-1.jpg)

File: 1660439690390-2.jpg (14.1 KB, 236x419, 1660359558677-2.jpg)


Various goal bodies tbh
kyoot mouse


alright serious question. 17, 6ft around 100lbs. i want to work out, but i'm currently studying for a test 9 hours a day. i still have 5 hours free every day. do you recommend me going to gym, or wait until the test is over? got 1 year until the test.


Is Starting Strength still the newbie recc?


>9 hours a day
enjoy burnout
I did that and regretted it. Got 97 in the test but only needed 92, I consider the rest a waste of a year. Social and physical needs are as important.


>6ft around 100lbs
Mein gott… you must look straight out of auschwitz. you should unironically put your entire life on hold till you gain some weight


>shoulders uneven but booba even
smh artist wasn't paying very close attention


Guise I have a srs problem.

How do I get rid of skinny fat? I have some around my lower abdominal area and I don't want to lose weight because… I'm already skinny. I know spot reduction is supposed to be a myth so whatdo?

Also I have a suspicion that some of it may not be belly fat and it could be muscle underneath thats ruining the look. Like I trained the lower abdominals a lot and the muscles there are relatively bigger than my ubber abs which pushes out the fat in that area more. This makes me look like I have more fat there than I should.


In either case, paradoxically, you need to put on weight/muscle to even that out.
Sorry friend, you either can drop below a certain bf% required to get rid of it, or you need to build up other areas around it so it's more proportionate.


>drop below a certain bf% required to get rid of it, or you need to build up other areas around it so it's more proportionate.
The problem is if I drop more weight in an attempt to catabolize the big disproportionate lower ab muscle, I lose all the muscle at the same rate so it still looks the same. I think the only thing left is to just gain muscle in areas around it to make it seem relatively smaller

Smh. Watch carefully what muscles you are training for optimum aesthetics anons. You want a V taper and an A taper like I ended up doing to myself lmao


I started exercising for the first time in many many years mainly cardio and after 6 weeks my libido is getting out of control.
I'm even starting to pop out boners at work when it never ever happened to me before.

wat do


>wat do
Have secks.
A taper ganggang


Thanks anon, here's some more.


>Have secks.


>A taper ganggang
Its ogre for us widehipcels



It's good and normal, it means your testosterone and sex drive are increasing from exercise. Before I started lifting I was jacking it like twice a week, and after that it went up to 4 or 5 a week.


Is it true that Blood Pressure is the highest in the morning when you wake up?

Then is it dangerous to exercise then, I don't want a brain aneuyrusm

Can I lower it quickly by drinking water or should I wait an hour before starting exercise


Why do people progress to different routines?


>Why do people progress to different routines?
Why not?


File: 1662493908181.png (259.58 KB, 713x747, ClipboardImage.png)


How do y'all incorporate training into your work life? Before or after work, gymming

Is it possible to only workout on one day and make gains? Prolly not


After work. I wake up too late to do anything except get ready for work.


If gains are your aims you prefer 2 or 3 days rest after a round of muscle training

During this time your muscles should be relaxed not tense and get lots of sleep

Gives more time for the muscles to grow


>>28620 (me)
ie. take the 2 day weekend or your downtime as a break from it


Bros do your assistance work. Maybe just cos I'm older now. Bust my shoulder.. took me out for two months, came back, bust my lower back.

Point is, shoulder has been fixed with ditching bench and OHP, dips, and doing a bunch of remedial rotator cuff stuff, now the shoulder is actual back better than before, no clicking, I have started pushing stuff again, but its gonna be a slow uphill again and the worry of busting it again will be there.

Came back from that like yipee I can squat now, made the classic mistake, went too heavy too fast, bust my back/hip.

Now coming back from the lower back pain, it seems the problem was actually hip weakness, as I've been doing hip stuff/ glute Medius stuff and it does seem to be having a big effect so far.

That being said, I now have to take extra time each workout to more carefully warm up my shoulder, hips, and to strength stuff with each.

Its a pain and took me out for months. Weirdly, my deadlift seems to be going up consistently, hit 150kg for 3 the other day with some left in. On the road to 200.

Pretty much every other lift is shot to shit though. Which sucks. Basically, if something clicks, snaps, pops, just kinda feels tight and not right. Listen to what your body is saying and go see a physio, do some preventative stuff before it puts you out for a long time, if you are doing the big compound lifts, there are probably areas you aren't hitting


File: 1663301147007.jpg (48.75 KB, 798x582, Wolverine Workout.jpg)

Found this workout regiment a while back, what does /leftypol/ think about it?


It's just pushups and core exercises lol.
2/10 better than nothing I guess. Doing push without pull is unbalanced and can cause bad posture (forward slouch). Find a way to do horizontal pulls at least to avoid this.
Also situps are a shitty exercise. Do planks, leg raises, hollow/bike, etc.


Reason my minimalist routines are good, you warm up with accercories


Hey look, this rack has 5 holders on each side to put weights on
Oh wow, there are plates of 5 different weights
Better fucking put them back randomly, and half on a different rack on the other side of the gym.

seriously ive been to three gyms and all are clearly filled with retards.
im gonna color code those fuckers with little stickers, what the fuck are the staff gonna do about it?


did you fuck up your shoulder while bench pressing? because that's a common mistake people make. It took me months to get the form right. If benching hurts your shoulders / isn't working your chest, you're not doing it right and you should stop asap before you hurt yourself.


Is there something like side planks that does not put weight on the elbow?


File: 1663372097395.jpg (267.09 KB, 828x1235, 1663370454850124.jpg)

About to have the most aesthetically pleasing house gym.


>rolls off if floor even slightly uneven

*psh* nothing personal, kid


been doing nsuns lp pretty consistently for 2 months and first started the program in may. so fucking bored with it, my lifts have progressed a lot, im almost out of novice territory (170 bench desu) but like I've been fucking dreading going to the gym - and being at the gym doesn't improve my mood I'm just angry I'm there - since I picked up a new hobby (drawing) and rather do that.

Should I try a different program just to mix it up and keep my motivation high enough? Something with less volume so I'm not spending > 4.5-6 hours each week on it. 3 day PP?


I also just need to fr lose ten pounds and was thinking of just fasting for a week and not doing the gym, but fuck the DOMS from skipping a whole week of squats terrify me.


Couldn't having really strong magnets in the wood fix that?


Nah doing weighted dips. Got excited to get to adding a 20kg plate on, got to the 4th set all good and then something went. I was hungover and didn't warm up because of time constraints. Dumb Dumb Dumb me. Bench has always been okay for me and I'm a big form freak. The one thing I haven't been a form freak over is dips cos it just seemed kinda "intuitive", well.. this is the result.


had a guy literally attempt to take the weight off the bar on the rack I was using, when I questioned him he got affronted. Actual brain dead individual.

There is more than one person in the gym who just never clears up anything after them. 40-50 year old man, leaves a trail of destruction behind him every time. Ego lifter never progresses, turns up sporadically.

Some true degenerates go to the gym. Infuriating.


File: 1663630264171.mp4 (4.25 MB, 720x1280, russian.mp4)

A Russian worked out today.
Did you?


>feel like shit all week
>finish work late, sleep till noon, get nothing done all day
>depression setting in
>Friday, deadlift sesh 45 minutes
>feel fresh as a fucking daisy
>music in my headphones, previously bored of it, comes back with new vigour like hearing it for the first few times
When you lift, you lift your soul


how do you even get the energy in the first place?


It’s much easier when you are in the habit and seeing the results.

If you are out of the habit or coming back from injury and therefore not seeing results but covering old ground, it’s harder.

Deadlift is the only thing I’m seeing results in right now, hence the only thing I’ve been able to motivate myself to do besides a shitty leg day the other day but it’s starting from lower weight again.

Other than that. I lift for communism :)


>how do you even get the energy in the first place?

You don't allow your energy to ever dip. That's my secret, anon.

Never stop moving. Always be activated. No joke.

Walk and cycle everywhere, all the time. Find a way. Always stairs, never elevator. Chores are always a workout, wax on wax off. Search it. Cheap pull up bars everywhere. Make dip stations everywhere. Do relatively gentle bodyweight stuff through the day, stay activated. Same with bands and calisthenics. You'll progress to a weighted vest and maybe a barbell in the corner. Fuck the box gyms.

Just refuse to stay sitting for longer than 45 without 5 stretching your legs, unless it's on your own time.


Question for burgers

Is all the hate for planet fitness justified? Like I started going there and I think its a good value for the money. It's missing a few of the good machines like a proper leg press, bench press with spotter arms, rack etc, but it has decent substitutes for each like a seated leg press, smith machine etc. Though ngl smith machines kinda seem like easy mode, but for the price its ok.


File: 1664574540966.png (521.16 KB, 800x800, ClipboardImage.png)

>browsing reddit
>see anticommunism cringe
>use the dumbfoundedness that came from it as fuel for my sets


Just smashed my shin with a KB today.

Fuck my fucking t-rex arms.


can you explain how


breh i gotta a question about body
even if someone is fit, does like any new activity tire?

i do cardio an hour on the cycle but taking stairs had me gasping for air through the mask


Yes, but I think stairs are actually pretty intense in general I still get tired if I go up like 10+ stories. They use a lot of leg strength, might be a good idea to train on those holding some dumbbells or something.



You serious? If serious, yeah, any new activity you're not conditioned for will tire, even if you're fit in some other way.

There are famous stories about pro cyclists getting winded walking up a stairs and being unable to do a pushup.

>Yes, but I think stairs are actually pretty intense in general
jesus christ


aight, i'm gonna stairMAXX everyday from now
it's practical strength i need



hell yes anon. also stick a cheap pullup bar in your livingspace or workspace and get the most practical strength possible, without even going to the gym - grip strength. Just doing the most gentle shit for a moment when you're bored gets surprising results.


File: 1664827706000.jpg (252.79 KB, 1674x1238, 1b78575f8c57b5de.jpg)


what about my DICK DAY


I had a school teacher do this as if it was a prank


>forget to brace your core
>thar we go


is nerve strangling (tying your biceps while working out) good? without any side effects?

i'm scared it will like bloat your nerves and make them look ugly
should you tighten them max and should you open after finish the full work or after each set?


this means, leg days are superior
you shouldn't feel good after torture

we both know you do dick day everyday anon


File: 1664968484827.png (39.89 KB, 170x147, ClipboardImage.png)

>you shouldn't feel good after torture
oh shit really?
i dunno i kinda like the pain after leg day


I literally did some PE years ago doing that, and it's never been the same since. Kinda kinked and bulged.


oh morel

so that's a no
can you post a picture? or a reference


You seen the bioneer youtube channel? Hes a bit soy but this is basically what he advocates.

had another good one the other day where I was walking to an empty squat rack, put my stuff down, and some guy who had also been walking to it but had clearly come in second in the race and had not put his stuff down was like "i was just about to use that"

I was like "I was also just about to use that" and he looked genuinely confused. Hes got tattoos and wore and hoody that suggests hes in the army too. And I can squat more than him. Entitled cunt.

I feel like this is a good way to get injured. Seems like something somebody would do if they were going to extreme lengths for aesthetic reasons like a body building competition or something. I cannot see a strength application as its gonna limit range of motion.


>You seen the bioneer youtube channel? Hes a bit soy but this is basically what he advocates.

haven't seen it but it's the way to live. It's very compatible with a lot of lounging around but when you get up, you move like you got a purpose.

Don't do this shit.


I'm just using Dan John's Easy Strength and ABC.

The problem is I only have babby weight KBs (8kgs).

So I do EMOM and finish with AMRAP on the last set (on ABC days, not ES days).

>Experimenting with bands, mostly to stop the clanking which pisses off my aspie senses.


someone give me no equip ab exercises that target my abs mainly, and i can increase with dumbbells or plates, that's not the pull-up, i don't have a bar
most ab exercises activate my back muscles instead

currently i'm doing one where i get up from shoulder blades and rotate, heel taps, bicycle


Pull-ups are supposed to target your back muscles…


Plank variants and leg raise variants.


Swipers: lie on your back with you legs out straight and your arms also on the floor, slowly raise your legs as high as you can, keeping them as straight as possible, until your lower back comes up off the floor, swipe your arms under your back at the top of the motion. You don’t have to do this, but it helps get the form right, your ass should be completely off the ground, as well your lower back, so you have room to fit your hands under. If you don’t do this, it’s mostly a hip flexor movement, so you need to focus on getting all the way up.


File: 1665381516820.png (19.24 KB, 200x133, ClipboardImage.png)

I just realized my legs are pretty big but my ankles look small as heck

I was doing shin raises on leg days but is that not enough or do I need to increase the volume

Are they like wrists and can't be grown? I'm just worried becasue such small ankles can't bear the big calves


i used to do this, can't remember why i stopped, maybe it started hurting the back

how do i load them with weights, hold a dumbbell or plate in between the legs?


in a plank would i strap a plate to myself to incresae the difficulty


Just do the plank harder.


Basically, or put it in a backpack.


Thoughts on HIIT?


Exercises won't make your joint bones bigger lol. If anything training calves will make them look smaller by comparison because the leg muscle gets bigger. Don't worry it's not a big deal though.

HIIT is generally shown in research to be a good way of improving cardiovascular fitness. It's not ideal for fat burning or just a bit of cardio. It's more for training. HOWEVER, if you do a round of Tabata (specific kind of HIIT) it supposedly will boost your metabolism for hours and improve your calorie burning if you do other cardio afterward.


What's good for burning fat?


File: 1665425640613.png (2.14 MB, 1769x1241, ClipboardImage.png)

Caloric deficit in general, in terms of cardio what seems to work best is low-moderate difficulty/heartrate cardio. That way you aren't taxing yourself too much but you are going hard enough to burn plenty of calories. The more intense you get, the less able to replenish the chemical energy you are burning. Ideal fat burning is actually just a more active lifestyle, walking around more. But if you are looking at cardio exercises specifically, your best bet is to go with fairly low intensity stuff like light jogging or biking.


Thinking about paying a personal trainer. Never been to a gym in my life.


Is walking actually enough? I remember reading that it does not count as exercise.


>Thinking about paying a personal trainer.
imo it's worth is just to learn some basics so you can self-train later.


good to know

im probably doing them wrong if i feel it in my lower back more


what's tabata and what do i need to do it


Agreed with this advice. I payed for a month. Really expensive but worth it.
I saw a video that suggested not doing cardio at first. Just walking. Walking fast uphills if you feel adventurous. And coupling it with HIIT 3 times a week (spaced a day in between at least). Then when you're more fit, you can maybe add cardio to your routine. Idk anything though. I've found walking is really good for me. It regulates hunger, makes me way way less depressed, accelerates metabolism, more energy during the day. The issue for me is actually doing it.

>HIIT is generally shown in research to be a good way of improving cardiovascular fitness.
Thanks for the answer. My goal is weight loss and health first and foremost, as opposed to fitness, or some sports goal. My biggest hurdle is doing the exercise itself. There's a really expensive HIIT gym near where I live, part of the reason I ask. I thought of maybe paying for it for a few months.
I'm already dieting. I cut out all desserts. I'm eating lean in general. Drinking water. I was doing calisthenics but I was not noticing too much results besides getting better at it.

Since my goal is not strength, but weightloss, I've re-considered it and maybe what I need is more aerobic exercise (as opposed to anaerobic cardio) like walking daily, and transition to cardio exercise slowly (jogging). I've seen people shed weight like crazy with jogging.



>You don't allow your energy to ever dip. That's my secret, anon.
>Never stop moving. Always be activated. No joke.
>Walk and cycle everywhere, all the time. Find a way. Always stairs, never elevator. Chores are always a workout, wax on wax off. Search it. Cheap pull up bars everywhere. Make dip stations everywhere. Do relatively gentle bodyweight stuff through the day, stay activated. Same with bands and calisthenics. You'll progress to a weighted vest and maybe a barbell in the corner. Fuck the box gyms.
>Just refuse to stay sitting for longer than 45 without 5 stretching your legs, unless it's on your own time.
Sounds amazing, how do I get into this? Anyone do this with an office job?


Walking absolutely counts as cardio. It's just on the very light end of the cardio spectrum. But especially if you are not experience walking is good. You will build up more strength in your legs and your cardiovascular system will get more used to being stressed more than your usual activity level.

There's plenty you can google about Tabata but it's literally just a specific pattern for high-intensity workouts. You can apply it to whatever type of exercise you want, whether that's running or it's lifting (but it needs to be weight you can lift at this intensity).
All you do is this:
>20 second intervals of maximum effort
>10 second intervals of rest
>repeat 8 times for 4 minute total
It's been found to help pro athletes improve their cardio. It will just help improve your fitness overall so you can burn more calories in the long run. It's not the core of a routine.

Jogging is generally an effective way to lose weight and also good for your health. I tend to agree with the sentiment that weight loss is more about controlling your diet vs exercise but obviously exercise helps increase the calories you burn. I would recommend walking/jogging early in the morning if possible, ideally while you are still in a fasted state after sleeping (meaning don't eat until after you exercise). That will force your body to rely on the energy you already have for the cardio and increase the fat you burn, as well as put more of your food later toward recovery from the exercise.

Ever hear of the pomodoro time management technique? I mention it not to help with productivity (although that's what it's for), but because you set a timer to go off every half hour to remind you to take a 5 minute break. If you do that regularly it is an opportunity to get up and do something physical before you get back to whatever you were doing. Just get up and do some light calisthenics, not necessarily even enough to make you sweat, just like jumping jacks or something will help.


Are you doing a cobra pose or what? You shouldn't need to use your lower back for a plank. "Tuck your tail" by squeezing the glutes, pulling your ass down.


> My goal is weight loss and health first and foremost, as opposed to fitness,
That's what fitness is…


Probably those ankle weights you can get would be best, be sure not to drop a dumbell on yourself but if you feel confident to do it prob best way.

Also hanging leg raise is good but you need group strength


Thanks mate. You're a charm.


>but you need group strength


Bros I started doing leg raises,
I have a tiny problem where I can actually hear my femur bone grinding inside my pelvis on one leg

Hope it's just starting sounds, and will go away, I don't feel a pain
It's just like one of those action figure legs, not properly fitting, ig


squeeze the glutes, yes i forgot
same thing with push-ups

remember to squeeze the glutes and tuck and push, thanks


I pretend I'm trying to suck in a fat shit or avoid getting railed in the ass while whispering "no no nonono"

Glutes and kegels have never been more activated


*grip strength


Ok fitness-sama. Yesterday I walked a bunch. Today I tried jogging really fast without moving (hard to explain, basically just something to get my heart racing) for round 30 seconds whenever I remembered. Also whenevr I started feeling tired, I did that.

My findings:
>the sleepyness is gone, especially post-work
>very easy to raise my heartbeat in 30 seconds or less
>very little motivation needed to do it since its just less than 30 seconds.
>pushed away bad emotions

I'm going to sign up to the gym in a bit. 👍👍👍👍


>I tried jogging really fast without moving (hard to explain
Running in place? That's a normal thing to do.




unlocking ur full potential


>>the sleepyness is gone, especially post-work
How? I get sleepy as fuck afterwards, and have trouble waking up the next day.


I guess? I dont know the word but it sounds right.
Try "running in pace" whenever you start to feel groggy. But like really go at it. I did like 30 seconds to a minute and it gets your heart running, gives you a boost of energy. Tbh 10 seconds is probably also good. 10 seconds is nothing to get rid of after work groggyness.


ive never done anything but machines at the gym, and i used to jog regularly but my knees are starting to hurt (which is fucking bullshit, did couch to 5k a year ago, was able to do 5k twice a week for maybe 10 months before my knees started to hurt, bad shoes or maybe i just run like a fucking retard). Since I'm already sitting on a gym membership i figure ill do this
"Stronglifts 5x5," but like i said i never done this before, i dont know what a deadlift is for example. Did yous legit start by just going to a gym and fucking around trying to figure out how to do a deadlift, or is it 100% necessary to have a guide here? i can ask some friends of mine how im supposed to do this so it's not the end of the world, i just gotta know what to do here


I used to run in place before upgrading to a bicycle
Treat it like actual jogging, when I started I did 7 minutes then 2 minutes of rest and repeated that 3 times and as I went on the times running became longer and the rests became shorter until I was running in place 40 minutes straight.
If you love TV just put something on the TV and run.


You can

1) watch YouTube for form, there is a huge amount of people showing you how to deadlift, I believe stronglifts has instructions for each lift on the website also
2) get an experienced friend
3) get a session with a PT


File: 1665796933596.jpg (197 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

New dank /leftyfit/ propaganda


i rode the train all day and my back hurt???
how, i do rows 2x a week

is that not enough


if i workout in upper/lower body split, i should be working out 6 days a week, right?


>i rode the train all day and my back hurt???
classic train




s-shut up, that's not what i meant!


It most probably hurts because you overwork it. Try stretching your hip flexors and see if it improves your posture and relieves some of the load placed on your lower back.



This video really helped my lower back.


Apparently, and, I’m not a Pt or a doctor or anything, but supposedly half the time the problem is tight hip flexors, but the other half, it’s hip weakness, specifically glute medius weakness, in the above video, and when it’s that, stretching makes the problem worse


File: 1665899114919-0.png (718.41 KB, 732x549, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665899114919-1.png (517.13 KB, 1024x512, ClipboardImage.png)

yo it's the jaw relaxation dude!!
i will try these

i think mine are not weak, i do those athlean-x toe stabs and hip drops

and also those resistance band hip training
i broke mine, anybody have tips on the best kind to buy,

ones that come in a closed loop or ones that have handles?


Should I delete that post? I don't want anon to hurt themselves.


Nah nah, like half the time you will be correct


File: 1665927304339.png (509.33 KB, 612x459, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm suing you! You better lawyer up


File: 1665944777351.jpg (317.95 KB, 1280x720, sg.jpg)


Damn pull up bars are awesome. I have way more motivation to exercise when it's as simple as doing a pull up or chin up. I can get up from my battlestation and do a workout without having to go to the gym or anything.


The gym, like libraries, should be free of use for whatever person that wants to use it.


Absolutely comradely take.


how do i get into working out properly if im a pussy who is too adverse to pain
i dont feel very sore after sessions so i guess i must not be doing it right


it shouldn't hurt, it should feel good, and soreness should only be the day(s) after, you should not feel sore at any point before you go to sleep


Wait until you get some waist high paralettes too brudda


File: 1666169332986.gif (288.08 KB, 426x240, 3137597315.gif)

How do I train my neck? I'm going to a metal show in around a month and I don't want it to be sore for a week afterwards.



Start small and build up. You can see gains doing very little. Start with simple movements to build a functional level of strength and core strength, then move on to the big boy stuff once you feel confident.

Not feeling sore is fine, if you are doing it properly, at the start you shouldn't really feel to much effort exerted apart from at the end of your last few sets. If you keep adding weight, reps, gradually, you will progressive overload and eventually will feel the pump/burn


i train neck by using 3kg plate and going all 4 directions with a tucked in chin when i can

it grew for me


File: 1666280848353.png (542.08 KB, 798x702, fuck the.png)

bros… should we like stop?


Everything that can be feasibly run like a library should run like a library.


Did you balance the plate on your forehead or how?


Guise my benchpress is my weakest lift and I feel bad. Almost every other lift I make decent progress, but I literally never can lift more on bench. Im stuck at like 130 lbs.


What about your OHP?

Try dumbbell work for a bit to see if it's an imbalance.

Bench pin presses to overload the last part perhaps?


i take a towel and put it on my face and keep pressure with my hand, it gives an extra weight too :)


i love the second gif, it looks like he's going to burst into a musical
anyone know the source


I think it's Billy Herrington.


>i love the second gif




i am traumatized


I am healed


what's the original source for the video also wow
billy herrington was just a dude, just like us

i always imagined his voice to be like some big guy, unattainable

but he was a dude, just like us
does anyone know what his regimen was?
also why are all the comments in russian


Tales from the Foxhole. It's about sexual abuse in the army, which might explain the Russian comments.


at what rep count should you stop and move on to another ab exercise or add weights?
i'm at like 30 for the bicycles (best form) and 17 for basic leg raises

thanks, what an imdb summary


I've seen a couple people say more than around 30 reps is generally gonna be junk volume if you're going for strength or size gains. If you want to build muscle endurance that's different.


what other lifts are you doing and where are you placing it in your workout?

You can always try deloading and building back up also if you've hit a plateau, take some weight off, focus on form, do some assistance stuff like the other anon says, some chest or triceps isolation. Are you doing enough back stuff?

Where about in the lift are you struggling most? In the bottom where the bar is closer to your chest or in the middle of the lift or near the top?


I guess I could try the pin press thing, but most the difficulty for me is near the bottom close to the chest area. The middle and top are usually better, but by the time the bar is moving back up I lose strength.

I do like 40 lb dumbbell flys, chest press machine, pushups etc everything but it never really carries over to benchpress. Also it's probably my form because I try to do the benchpress without arching my back at all.

I heard you're supposed to arch the back, but it just feels like poor form to me. If I can't do a strict benchpress with just my arms and chest, why arch the back to push more weight when the chest and arms aren't ready for it?


Seems like a calorie deficit of over 500 proportionally doesnt make you lose much more weight than 500 calories wtf


The thing about arching your back is it also protects your shoulders, but on top of that allows you to engage your hips, lats and core. Your lats actually help to push the bar back up at the bottom of the lift and stabilise it on the way down a bit. Your whole body should be tensed and engaged throughout the lift.


I also meant like, what other things to you do besides chest/triceps stuff?


gonna try this, if i fuck my shit up and fall on my head,
it's over


is sitting cross legged a way to relax those hips?


File: 1666935042979-0.jpg (165.65 KB, 594x799, R (6).jpg)

What are your go to healthy food recipes. Found this good chicken recipe, as I hear that just eating chicken and rice was like some good "diet". But this is pretty good. Want to find other seasoning as well to it doesn't get repetitive.


what are the macros of paparika and garlic powder


> just eating chicken and rice was like some good "diet"


My diet looks like this:

Breakfast 7 days a week: Porridge (a bowel idk weight) a bunch of blueberries and strawberries on, 3 quorn veggie sausages, a cafetier full of coffee with oat millk

Lunch: one fillet of cod, brown rice, 1/3 bag of tenderstem broccoli

After gym: 1 chicken breast 1/3 bag of tenderstem broccoli

Dinner: 1 chicken breast, brown rice, 1/3 bag of broccoli

Chicken is marinated in olive oil and a bag of mexican seasoning from Lidl.

I eat differently on the weekend cos I'm usually also cooking for me and GF or shes cooking for me, so I kind of eat whatever over the weekend.

At work in the evening I will usually have a cup of coffee with whole milk and a bag of crisps before dinner.


Are you saying you eat the same thing every day except two days of the week?


Yes. It means on a Sunday I prepare all the chicken and then only have to do minimal cooking throughout the week, two big boils of rice, daily broccoli steaming. Then on the weekend I can enjoy myself. I simply do not have the time to do it any other way .


File: 1666973060569.png (624.45 KB, 736x944, ClipboardImage.png)

How well do you control your breathing, /leftyfit/? Remember that how you breathe has a big impact on how well your cardiovascular system functions!

Next time you exercise, pay close attention to your breathing. If you are lifting, it can help to inhale as you release tension and exhale as you flex and do the lift. If you are doing cardio, try to hold in your breath for a few seconds after the inhale before you exhale, instead of breathing in and out constantly. Keeping the air in your lungs gives them more time to exchange gases and helps make your cardiovascular system more efficient

When you go out for a walk or a jog, try to breathe in, hold, and breathe out on a regular pattern. Count the steps at each stage and try to push yourself to hold onto the breath for a bit longer. It's better for your lungs to adapt to getting more oxygen out of each breath (and also reduces the total amount of pollutants you inhale the less you breathe overall).


Are you trying to get us to faint?


You won't faint from holding your breath for 5 seconds instead of breathing in and out constantly. It's not actually good for you to do the latter, because it reduces the amount of time your lungs are full and able to maximize gas exchange.


Which part of the hip?


QRD on vitamin pills?


any part


Well, why don't you sit cross legged and see if it relaxes anything in your hips? Pretty easy way to find out.


File: 1667366584620.jpg (83.46 KB, 354x423, 1485558699478.jpg)

>Mom is overweight
>Loves processed food
>can't even eat real chicken, it must be precut, deboned and already covered in breadcrumbs
<no joke I once made a roasted chicken, she had one bite and hated it
>hates cooking and thinks putting anything in a pan is too much work, she shoves her processed food into an air fryer and all her meals are like that
>Thinks proteins makes you fat
>Thinks red meat is unhealthy
>I tell her that we should eat healthier but she answer by crying and saying that her life is too busy to cook good food. This is a bullshit argument because dad is the one who cooks.
>buys groceries once a months and stuff the freezer and the pantry with snacks and and processed food.
>We literally can't close the doors of the freezer and pantry because of how stuffed they are with junk food.
>She thinks she's healthy
>TFW I will never lose weight as long as I live with my mom


Just feed her until she can't walk, then like lock the doors or something.


gotta speak to the old man then


so if dad is the one who cooks why don't you tell him to cook better stuff?

also these things are better done with slow substitutions, and little changes here and there

don't buy processed food anymore, ban it or at the very least, buy fewer of it

also get some tasty protein shakes, those will get her hooked on the sugar and keep her full longer


also fruits are nature's cocaine


Cant you cook your own food?


I tried snorting some berries, would no recommend.


I've thought about it but it's hard, she may eat unhealthy but eats small servings and that helps her weight to remain stable.
How can I or my dad cook better food if we don't have anything that isn't processed?
Like yes my dad and I prefer baked potatoes over fries but if we have to eat the processed chicken then it doesn't amount to much. A salad may be good but if my mom only buys vegetables once a month then we can only have that the first week or so.
My dad used to buy groceries with his own money but my mom will get mad when she saw it and they'll start fighting about money, my dad lost his job and has no pension no that isn't as frequent anymore, last week we bought some read meat and basically we had to eat it before my mom saw. Right now I'm unemployed but I'll have to see what does my mom do if I buy my own groceries.
Yes my mom is a narcissist.


What are some extremely easy to cook healthy and tasty meals? I'm too lazy to cook complex shit


there are a lot of recipes and regional variations for beans and rice you could try, most are pretty easy. slow cooking anything is pretty simple too. if you want a specific dish, chicken adobo is extremely easy to make and goes well with plain rice as a side


chicken, rice and brocolli


you're supposed to take them rectally

look up some recipes
for example, i love eating yogurt and rice with some sabji (veggies mixed with spices and cooked)

like take some, butter, potatoes, onions, peas, and cook them with salt, turmeric and chilli powder and mix them and in like 10 minutes it will be tasty to eat with that yogurt and rice


Is this good or bullshit?


It is good, but it can be tricky to well the first time, here's some explanation


Vitamin and mineral supplements are good to take to cover anything you might be missing from your diet and that's about it. Extra doses of stuff is either just going to be pissed out if it's water-soluble or it will accumulate if it's fat soluble and might put you at risk of toxicity. Don't take large doses of vitamins unless you know what you're doing, but a multivitamin is fine and can patch dietary holes a bit.

Good reminder that most of the time being overweight is a personality type.


>Good reminder that most of the time being overweight is a personality type.
big if tru


this is a great site, he says the deadbug is the most important core exercise,

do you know what else he says is the most important exercise for other parts?


found this on /fit/ years ago and have been doing it since then (except I don't throw in the oats and just eat them with the shake)


What about the sides? My left side seems very weak compared to the right.


If you have some money, you could easily buy stuff for yourself and cook. There are many recipes which are super easy and few ingredients. It's also probably cheaper than the processes food. Sometimes I just buy rice and chicken. Cook rice, which is super easy, and just put paprika, salt, and pepper on the chicken, put a little oil on the pan, and just cook it at mid heat.


Ah, back in the day…


no way that's 900 calories


never thought of that, i could try but still feels like cooking on hard mode
it's truth
ATM I'm unemployed, been doing interviews and sanding CVs and you know how hard that is.
I do want to buy my own groceries.


as long as you set up everything and streamline the habit, it'll go smoothly everyday like a factory

meals done in 1 hour or 30 minutes, in part while doing other jobs


File: 1667725344085.jpg (171.81 KB, 400x600, neder.jpg)

Posting with the anarchist flag because I love squats.


File: 1667725955342.jpg (146.5 KB, 640x814, anarcho-exercise.jpg)


>finally got below 200 lbs on my cut
Feels good, bros


GJ my dude
Keep it up




would like to get fit but i don't want to go to a gym


do calisthenics then go to gym


Define get fit. You don't have to go to a gym if you just want to lose fat.


File: 1669362226858.mp4 (294.39 KB, 194x144, average gay groupchat.mp4)

> i don't want to go to a gym
On serious note. The first thing is of course a home gym. Like if you have no money, obviously look up cardio you can do. This will be your push up, burpees, all that. If you can buy weights, get yourself some dumb bells, ,maybe a kettle bell. Stuff you can use to incorporate weights into it. If you're really loaded, maybe a barbell and its weights and a treadmill. Though thats as far as you can go unless your super committed and have the money for an at home legit gym with machines. Though might I ask, why wouldn't you just want to go to the gym?


Can shivering build muscle?


Possibly, you’d probably want to look at the actual data before doing anything. Also numbers look nice


1) get a pull up bar. 2) get a weight vest 3) Do pulls ups 3) Do push ups 4) do squats 5) add weight to all of these


niceu digits


You need to tax muscle beyond its normal use to build it. Building muscle happens when you rest and repair micro-tears in the muscle fiber induced by resistance training. Shivering won't do that, although it might induce more blood flow and improve cardiovascular supply to the muscles, and it does burn more calories than simply sitting still (it's known that if you adjust the temperature where you are to be uncomfortably cold, you burn more calories passively to maintain body temperature).


Why is not shivering (or even cramping) resistance training? The muscle tenses, is there anything else that needs to be done?


>Good reminder that most of the time being overweight is a personality type.
"I'm a good, virtuous person because I've made rational choices in the free market!" Neoliberals, please learn historical materialism
Raw grains/legumes/vegetables aren't ideal due to anti-nutrients bonding to iron/zinc/etc. You should at least eat uncooked oats with foods rich with vitamin C or something fermented.


do you think i'm over working my kidney because my main source of protein is using raw soya chunks and powdering them and mixing them with water and drinking? is my power liver/kidney having to do a lot work because of that?


Your liver is kill


Need to breakdown the muscle fibres


can I do that with a hammer:


Liver King is on the roids lmao


File: 1670010340670.jpg (49.55 KB, 750x938, LiverKing1.jpg)

Oh, you think so?


File: 1670032798640.jpg (38.62 KB, 500x478, 5bfgg2.jpg)

These guys have their all meat diet. Its time we announce the Stalin Diet. 100% Grain. All grain related foods. We will build our physique on the men and women who defeated fascism. And the man of steel himself, Joseph Stalin


Yeh its just funny cos he so publicly and vehemently denied it and now he is doing damage control.

Imagine being the doctors and watching all this shit. Patient confidentiality a bitch.

Quinoa and brown rice is probably an okay ish diet in a pinch


>"I'm a good, virtuous person because I've made rational choices in the free market!" Neoliberals, please learn historical materialism
You are the one who isn't a materialist. Personality is mostly a product of material conditions, but people's personality gets fixed according to the material conditions of the past and they don't adapt later on. It's neither good nor bad (you read that in), but rather a causal relationship that goes experience -> behavior -> physique. The point is that people aren't predestined to have a certain body type. Genetics doesn't determine those things. They are a result of lifestyle and the person's relationship with food and activity.


File: 1670180394504.jpg (60.34 KB, 612x950, OIP (11).jpg)

What are some good social media accounts for fitness. Like Youtube channels, twitter accounts, all the shebang. Doubly so if they are any type of marxist, communist. But just like apolitical fitness channels work well too. Usually I only use those channels when there is a exercise I want to do right or don't know about. Also if you have, health in general would be great



Athlene X, Jeff Nippard.

I like this guy Pigmies channel its not strictly fitness but he does a lot of fitness and wellness related experiments.



Just a heads up, 90% of the fitness industry is roiders shilling products and thinking that being muscular automatically means you can teach fitness and sports science. Try to avoid popular roiders and rely on people with a qualified background or long teaching experience.



>Big hands to Griff for being a good sport..I had no clue who he was and just challenged him to a pose down for no reason…just two half naked men deciding to simultaneously squeeze and grunt…



a lot of my ab exercises just activate my back instead
no matter how much i try to keep it closed and touched with the surface

i recently tried keepin both my hands and a pillow while doing floor leg raises, and it makes me feel my abs now

but is this bad for the back? a curvature while doing this exercise?

any advice


This video shows pretty clearly how to make your back flat by activating the abs. Note that his knee bends a little when doing this, don't fight this. I don't really understand what you are doing with your hands but this exercise should not involve them. You can have them by your side just don't put them under your ass.


thank you
i keep them folded behind my back to provide some support for the back


i don't think i did the pelvic tilt fully or properly but now i really feel my abs, tensing them works


Yeah, don't do that.


well.. i have fallen completely off the wagon. Berate me, tell me I am scum


It's okay.


It's all good, tomorrow you can try again :)

do ur best


i would but it's because you're a rude samefag & attention seeker namefag that's like a certain stalinist wiener


So have I. Went back to martial arts and dropped out of gym, and I'm too lazy and poor to do both at once.


Remember fags, dont buy any gym gear right now, prices go up because of the fatties with fly by new years resolutions. Wait a few months after new years when theyve all given up to snag gear on the cheap




soon i will go back thanks to your kind words
we can do it together famrade


How do I lose the extra weight I put up during the festive season?


why must you tempt me with such images


File: 1672368670277.jpg (121.54 KB, 1280x947, plop.jpg)

good advice :
Crash diets don't work, avoid at all cost.
You have to change your life style incrementally.
Do activities that raise your metabolism and change what you eat to stuff that's got less calories.

bad advice :
the fastest way to burn off calories is forcing your body to produce heat.
Some people have done daily ice baths with dramatic results.
This can weaken your immune system and you risk getting hospitalized with a wicked cold

how about this one ?


So ice baths are no good, what about panic attacks?


File: 1672456611325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.01 KB, 1242x1245, ya.jpg)


Sharing some progress/experience. Maybe it helps someone.

Started out my fitness journey by walking around my apartment for a few minutes every time I remembered. Then escalated to jumping jacks every time I remembered. Just being less sedentary has helped me actually arrive at the gym which was a ridiculous goal before.

What has been hammered in to me is that calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight. What I'm doing now is eating less and eating better. I'm trying to eat a nice meal in the morning and then eating smaller meals later, ideally with greens which btw frozen veggies are great. I take metamucil which works great. I try to drink a shit ton of water throughout the day. Also drinking water right after waking up works well too since I usually wake up dehydrated.

I'm also going to the gym. Doing a 6 day routine broken down into 3 muscle groups exercises. Building strength burns calories which means I can reach my calorie deficit goals. I also do cardio by walking quickly at a 3 in incline which means I'm burning calories but I'm not panting and heaving. This means I can do more aerobic exercise and hence burn more calories. I took a 2 month break but I resumed two weeks ago.

I am planning on buying a treadmill to walk while I work from home. Sitting on the desk is killing me and standing is too tiring.

The next part to tackle is maintaining this lifestyle and understanding/internalizing that this is who I am now (just motivational shit I guess) and good sleep hygiene, which is massively important for weight loss and a bunch of other important stuff.

I unfortunately binge eat too often. That's something I've been understanding and coping with. Drinking large amounts of water (with a teaspoon of metamucil) right before eating helps me eat less. Cardio also suppresses my appetite. Being busy also helps me with not eating due to fake hunger. I also cut out all sweets, no exceptions, and I look out for products with too many added sugars, or sugar-based like ketchup. This helps me with regulating cravings too.

Another thing I'm learning or rather unlearning is how and what to eat. I uses to think eating boiled potato was the opposite of healthy, and it basically meant getting fat. I now understand more that potatoes are carbs, sure but say a chocolate is way more calorie rich than a potato. It's likely better to eat boiled potato until satisfaction than chocolate bars.

I don't do calorie counting because its too hard. But I definitely would benefit from it. For now, my main goals are keeping an OK diet, going to the gym regularly, walking a bunch daily, and going to bed on time most days.

Once I got that nailed down, I was thinking of maybe getting into kettleball exercises to do in the morning before work, besides the other habits so far mentioned. Nothing too crazy.

Anyways, the main takeaway I've had trying to get fit is that nothing is more important than just fucking doing some physical activity consistently. For diet specifically, calorie deficit is key, and watching what you eat. The easiest formula to lose weight is calorie deficit and daily physical activity.


File: 1672571656569.jpg (227.86 KB, 1929x2635, 1671720045796.jpg)

So it is new year, how do I get into shape?


Been back to the gym 2 days in a row boys, who else is on some new year new me ting



A little bit of motivation: Once you've go the weight down and you start focussing on your strength, then you get to start eating a bunch again, good stuff, steaks, chicken, good veggies.

Sounds like sugar is your achilles heal. Fuck sugar, stuff is poison.

Carry on the good work


Nice work bruddha.

Also can recommend KBs, just try them once a week for reps eventually.


I think something that can help is to buy fruit and veg that you actually like and when you get cravings to eat those rather than some kind of junk. They aren't that calorie dense but they're more filling and also nutritious. Even if you still eat junk after, eating the good stuff can slow you down and make you tend to eat less.


Thanks for the support.
>I think something that can help is to buy fruit and veg that you actually like
That's a great idea. It's really hard to get good reliable fitness information.

I like a bunch of fruit, like strawberries, berries, grapes, mango, pineapple, citric fruits, peaches, man they're all really good (except papaya, disgusting. also bananas smell disgusting but taste great). I will probably buy most of the things frozen since they keep better and also prevent me from binge eating a huge plate of fruit. Just something nice to go with greek yogurt.

I also bought "meal replacement" powder and gym protein. My plan is to try to eat a full meal, then eat two or three small meals, like a meal replacement shake, or a small cup of yogurt with some fruit.
For meals, I will probably go back to eating chicken breast or lean turkey or beef, potato, lots of veggies, and potato as a "base".

And I've fallen into bad habits again. I haven't gone to the gym in a few days and I'm sleeping like shit :/
Work sucks the absolute life out of me. How do y'all get to the gym?


I am so fucking hungry 😭😭😭
I just ate 2 carrots, I'm still hungry as fuck.


>How do y'all get to the gym?
home gym master race
not really I wish there was a good gym around me

Carrots aren't very filling. You'd be better off with something that's got more fiber or more fat like an avocado.


>home gym
What workouts do you do at home?
>Carrots aren't very filling. You'd be better off with something that's got more fiber or more fat like an avocado.
Yeah true. It's just an easy cheap snack. Maybe I'll switch to celery to get that chewing anxiety, and some avocado as a snack when I'm hungry.


Update >>31821
Got my sleeping back in order, and it's been the best sleep hygiene I've had probably in years. I'm also back to the gym. Recently, the diet has gone way better than when I started. I'm actually eating less and it's way easier. I also finally got nice "meal replacement" powder and powdered fiber which has helped me stabilize my appetite. It really helps to not eat sugar and other crap.

Apparently 1kg of fat has 7700 calories. So if I'm on a consistent calorie deficit of 500 calories a day, that's two weeks per kg. If I want to lose say 15 kg, then it will take at least 33 weeks. It's nice to think that my goals are achievable within one year, but it's also too much time and I fear I will start to lose focus and motivation if I don't see consistent results. To speed up results, I was thinking of doing exercise twice a day, one hour walking in the morning, then going to the gym to lift weights in the afternoon.

How are your fitness goals going?


>How are your fitness goals going?
I've been trying to focus on boring 5x5 (1x5@60%, 1x5@80%, 3x5@100%), hopefully just to reach 1/2/3/4 1RM by the end of the year.
Ideally I'd do more light bodybuilding stuff (like sets of 4x8, 2x12 etc.) because once I hit 1/2/3/4 I don't much care for higher weight.


It’s good to see you making progress anon. One thing I’d say is it may be tempting to do loads but you don’t want to burn yourself out. However if you are finding you feel good about the whole thing and are excited to get more active then the motivation is there so you may as well capitalise on it. Doing a lot of work though, be careful not to push too hard and get an injury, which can set you back. Particularly if you haven’t done much before. However, as long as you add things in gradually and know your what limit is you should be fine. You seem to be going about it in a level headed way so your judgement is probably the best tool here.

My own personal goals not going so great. Had some life situation upset with my flat and stuff, finding it difficult to motivate myself amongst this, which is silly because it would probably reduce stress from this situation.


I read this as running, doing an extra hours walk in the morning should be absolutely fine. You could even slowly build it into light jogs


Fuck ya uyghaz! Within 5lbs of my fitness goals finally. Took me about 1 year to get here, but shits gettin real finally




>What workouts do you do at home?
dumb bells
body weight stuff with heavy mechanical disadvantage
farmer carries
grip training
no bar bell type equipment due to no space sadly

based and robust


Is the link not working for anybody else?



There are no recipes easy enough for me to tolerate this anymore. Eating food and cooking is the single biggest nuisance and waste of time activity known to man. It's a constant battle to eat and especially to try and eat healthy, all the stores stock complete garbage so people choose to poison themselves out of ease. Under communism there would be food kitchens and cafeterias, but under this capitalist hellhole Id rather starve. You have to buy a million cooking gadgets and they dont make things any easier. Eating out is also a shit alternative unless you're rich and can afford 15$+ healthy food 4 times a day.

I will die on this hill, cooking should be abolished and capitalist mode of food consumption is utter trash and designed to take up every spare moment of your life.


Meal prep with comrades, it helps.


>go to soup kitchen
>get free meal
>espouse anti-capitalism while in line
I mean, look, will they get mad if I'm on a high income?


Agree with every single thing you said. It's incredibly frustrating….
There's no nutritious food near the office, so I don't like to go. Which means I spend most of my days at my apartment, fucking dying. Anyways…

I usually cook every day. If I have left over, I still have to heat it up in the stove because I don't have a microwave due to space. And yeah, I try to use the least number of plates and stuff so I don't have to clean so much up. Here's some recipes I do.

EZ filling chicken breast and potatoes meal (the most basic bitch meal of them all):'
Put potatoes in water and boil until you can stick a fork in it and it feels soft.

Get some chicken breasts. Hit them to tenderize them until they are kind of the same thickness all around (maybe like an inch). Put a random number of spices, random amounts. Defintely some salt, and some pepper.

Put them in a pan with a drizzle of oil. Medium heat. Should only have to turn them once during the cooking, but more times is ok if they're still raw.

Cut one open. Is it raw? put it back in. Otherwise enjoy.

EZ delicious salmon that will make you cry (if you like salmon skin)
get some salmon with skin.
Cut it into portions (maybe like 4 so you can eat it for 4 meals? depends on your calories goals). Each portion should go in line with the ribs. You want each piece to be around the same thickness all around. If your salmon has a long piece with not so much meat, you can cut it off and cook it as a separate piece.
heat a pan on medium, with a little oil.
once its hot, place the salmon skin down. Leave it on for a while until its brownish on the bottom. Then flip on all sides.

If you have boiled potatoes you can smash one into the pan and put some salt on it.

You can also put lime juice on the whole thing at the end. Fake lime juice works well too. Vinegar works too if you're in a pinch.

Other easy tips:
- Buy frozen fruit and vegetables. Better yet if they are pre-cooked (for vegetables).
- buy meal replacement powder, and replace one or two meals with it. It doesn't have to be soylent. Those retards didn't invent meal replacement.
- Drink tons of water and fiber before each meal. Powdered fiber is best (as opposed to pills). Metamucil is great. The first week will be not good until your body accommodates. This helps in regulating appetite, so you don't have to eat so many times.
- Greek yogurt is a good meal too. A small portion with some fruit (see the frozen thing above) and you're good to go.
I can't into meal prep. I just cook every time.


cant say I see this pov dawg I cook for myself every single day and its great

the issue isnt cooking itself the issue is how fucking overworked everyone is

I guarentee you would not hate cooking if you had ample free time to prep meals, cook and enjoy stuff rather than having to run around.

Also if you're a ameriburger I imagine the expeirence of getting food is more annoying, I live in the kind of city where a grocery shop for a week takes me 20 minutes to complete due to just having to walk across the road to get it.


I eat cheaply and 100% healthy. 100%.
I probably spend just a little more time prepping and cleaning as someone who eats tv dinners.


>I probably spend just a little more time prepping and cleaning as someone who eats tv dinners.
thats hard to believe but ya I have a hard time believing there are people who think cooking is this hard. The absolute longest it takes my to cook something is 45 minutes and thats because potatoes take forever to boil/bake. Sometimes Ill make a pasta sauce and you can let that simmer for hours and hours but thats just a matter of occasional stirring. If you really want to make it as simple as possible, get a crockpot, do 10 minutes of prep in the morning and come home to a meal


Indeed. I don't boil potatoes unless they're sliced. Otherwise I go crazy waiting for that shit.

You also have to realize that cooking takes a lot of planning, cleaning, and knowledge that to you is obvious but to many isn't.


>You also have to realize that cooking takes a lot of planning, cleaning, and knowledge that to you is obvious but to many isn't
thats true and I probably picked up more from my parents than I know, but I really think I learned most of what I currently know from just winging recipes I find online. You might fuck up a few times if its not a straight forward thing but its really not hard. I mean I taught myself to make pizza from scratch these last few weeks, if I can do it anyone can.
I think the biggest obstacle is rather the tools you have on hand. Ive invested a fair bit into my kitchen and appliances


>thats hard to believe but ya I have a hard time believing there are people who think cooking is this hard. The absolute longest it takes my to cook something is 45 minutes and thats because potatoes take forever to boil/bake.
Ok, a specific example. Let's go. I don't eat potatoes that often but eat a lot of other root vegetables that take slightly longer to cook. No way I'm waiting for 45 mins for potatoes to cook and no way I'm boiling them (nutrients will leach into the water).
>method 1
peel and chop potatoes into chips to reduce cooking time. cook in microwave in large covered pyrex bowl with a little water. 10-15mins prep and cooking when you've done it a couple of times.
>method 2
peel and cook (whole) potatoes in the steaming tray of a pressure cooker stove pot. I'm not a kitchen toys person but this one is as essential as a sharp knife. It cooks pulses, root vegetables and cheap meat cuts really quickly, healthily and efficiently. I got a steel one for $55. Prep and cook time for potatoes 15 mins with a little practice, no shit.
*cook time obviously varies a little with quantity.


I have a shit kitchen but I know how to cook because I experiment and I'm not afraid to fuck up. Plus I think it's valuable to invest time into making the food I make taste better, improving techniques etc.

I think recipes are a barrier for some. You should follow very vague recipes if you want to learn how to cook lmao. I wing all my meals and cook better than my sinking who is incredibly meticulous with recipes.


Update: >>32052
After getting my diet in order, and regular exercise, I can now see the progress. I think if I keep this up for maybe 4-5 more months, I'll be in very good shape, better than at any other point in my life. I saw myself in the mirror and I can see a muscular body beneath the fat. Maybe 6 kgs less of fat and I might finally be at my target weight. The scale hasn't moved in a bit, its been frustrating, but I think part of it is because I'm putting on muscle. It's really hard to tell tbh, but regardless, this is long term thing and expecting the scale to always go down is not the way to go. I just have to be consistent and disciplined for long periods of time and results will show.

Also, doing exercise no longer makes me want to kill myself, so that's also a huge benefit, lifestyle-wise. If I can do it, anyone can.


File: 1677375010296.jpg (47.31 KB, 369x368, grazi.jpg)

proud of you :3


Dollar store home gym adventures.
Consider a $10 planter platform with castors and an $8 set of pushup handles. Your feet aren't on a fixed point anymore and pushup variations become much more difficult in different positions. Add a $20 weight vest and it's a pretty serious strength workout.


Absolutely based keep going


hello - best bulking meals for someone that only has a hot plate and a microwave? and only one pan lmfao


If you could form a fitness/sports/street group, what would it be called?
Liubers (Soviet youth from area who beat up punks/hippies/bougie culture)
Jugendwiderstand ("Youth Resistance" Maoist group)

I was thinking October Movement (OCT. MVMT), something like that. Feel like its a good name


meat, veggies, and rice. Rice doesn't need to be made in a pot if your pan has a lip, just need to experiment with the ratio of water to rice, might need to re-add water while it cooks. If you can get a pot life will be much easier, you can get get cheap cuts of meat to make stews, save scraps to make stocks which are very nutritious.




Trained after a long time and was sore af for 3 days. Feelsbad but Im probably just getting older. I think past 30 muscles take longer to recover


You're doing good work comrade


>Get large glass pyrex bowl and glass lid
>4/5 egg whites I egg yolk
>chopped produce and herbs and spices, onions, garlic, chopped broccoli, chopped whatever
>nuke for 8-12 mins on max or until eggs are cooked
>Add olive oil or other cold pressed oil or coconut oil
>Handful of nuts or seeds
>Green leaves, spinach
>Add complex carbs. I like pulses and oats. A lot of you want to bulk, a little if you want to cut.
>Make it pretty if you care, I just scarf it down.


What else would you need? You have all the utensils necessary.


Hello, recently I got told about ready-to-use therapeutic food by some charity faggot trying to get me to donate to UNICEF. anyhow it seems interesting- theoretically 50 cents a bar, one bar is 500kcal and, from what i was told, at least 10g of protein. That seems like a godsend to a poor retard trying to bulk

the only thing is these things dont seem to actually exist. like sure i look it up online and i see various sites advertising that they make them, but nowhere are they commercially available. i am convinced they are a figment of the imagination to justify charity spending. please someone show me how to get these magicbulkbars


the whole point is i'm poor and all of those things are expensive. and i certainly dont own a food processor. nor a freezer atm lol


Bruh I dont know what to tell you then, bulking is expensive there's no other way around it. I used to be a poorfag too and I bought the cheapest food but I needed to eat a lot of it and it came out to at least 300$ in groceries every month. If you can't afford at least like 250$/month, just focus on exercise and strength training more and just eat as much as you can afford.

Contrary to bodybuilding chinlets, you dont necessarily need to bulk to get fitter/stronger, its mainly just for aesthetics. Just save more money until you can afford more groceries then buy cheap shit like peanut butter, oats, rice etc.


Dollar store gym adventures part 2
>stand in front of mirror
>Do a perfect chin up or pull up motion with the broomstick in front of the mirror
>Full range of motion, focus on the top position: how it feels, which muscles you're gonna be contracting, how it feels to pull the bar to your chest, how it feels to have your chest up and out, how it feels to have your shoulders locked back and down (scapula retracted).
>watch a video on perfect pull up form.
>keep doing the broomstck shit for a couple of weeks to train the muscles how to contract at the top of the pull up, stick pulled to your chest
>take it slow, you're fighting against a lifetime of hunching over a phone or keyboard and rounding your shoulders forward.
>Get weakest exercise band your can find
>Attach it to the roof or pull up bar or whatever and also to your broom stick, to provide very light resistance while doing the pull up motion in front of the mirror
>focus on the top position again , getting the stick to your chest, shoulders locked back, chin slightly tucked.
>keep watching videos on perfect pull up form
>slowly add more bands to increase the difficulty, always focusing on the top position - getting to it, holding it with good form.
>Now you are in a much better place to actually start training bodyweight pull ups with good form.
I was doing pull ups like MTG, shittily, until the realization about training for the top position. It feels like focusing on that for a few weeks has had a massive effect on strength, posture and shoulder width? Someone said that my neck looks noticeably thicker and shoulders look wider.
Do the same thing for dips, press ups and weighted squats. You'll be in extremely good shape without the cost of a gym.


Patriot Front Boxing Breakdown
Patriot Front Shield Training

If you can't fuck one of these chumps up, learn how.


>what would it be called
Iron Lads League

Then I'll call a meeting, jam the doors, burn the gym down and collect insurance money.


Interesting. I don't have anything I can hang from, but you just gave me the idea of using the bands attached to something on the ground, like a sofa or door, and doing "pull ups" lying down, horizontally.

I've been doing unweighted, squats, pushups, and rows (with bands). I've been demotivated from going to the gym, so I've been doing this simple daily routine at home instead. So far, only my chests are swelling up. Big booba for my future twink son bf.


>nteresting. I don't have anything I can hang from
Door pull up bars are $20 in some dollar stores. The reason I posted that blogpost is that focussing on something like pull ups, done conciously with perfect form, has given me better overall results than time in a gym.


watch some videos on how to exercise without equipment. A pull up motion can be kind of replaced with an upside down row, hanging under a table. It's pretty good.


Share video
I can't picture it.



Just took cretene for the first time ten minutes ago.

What can I expect?


Nothing major son fewer joint pains and maybe kidney problems


Drink water because creatine and the powder dehydrates the fuck out of you.


File: 1683496277931.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1448x2047, 1681399960830581.jpg)

is there a way to avoid flabby muscles? do i just need to workout with less breaks or increase weighs?


Do you guys work abductors? I have so much power in my ass and upper pelvic area, I think I could crush greek gods into dust by juggling my glutes


tighten your skin and maintain elasticity in general by eating well and getting enough sleep. stay out of the sun with sunblock, moisturie your whole body and rub retinol on flab. also work out muscles for support, like don't neglect less prominent muscles etc, you wanna hit em all. or do you mean like how to make only lean muscle with less fat? if so aim for a 1/3 ratio of protein to carbs/fats and take ashwagandha to boost T and lower cortisol. and yeah try to stay physically active all day every day in order to raise your metabolism, there is ways to tho this even at the computer


As I've aged, my ass has looked less and less plump, and more like a Europ*an ass, so I've made it a point to start training more and more ass.


based. wyd?


>there is ways to do this even at the computer
How? I have a desk job. I've resorted to using elastic bands to sneak in some bicep curls and rows recently.


I do Bulgarian split squats, but recently trying hip thrusts. I feel the hip thrusts activate my ass more, so I think I'll do more than Bulgarian squats. I also sometimes do hip abduction with resistance bands.

I haven't been to the gym recently, so I do this mostly at home. If I go to the gym, then I do all the leg workouts. Its a small gym, and they don't really have a machine that targets the ass, the gulteus maxibussy, that specifically, unfortunately.


yeah that's not a bad idea. swap out your chair for an excercise ball if you can. I like to stick on ankle weights and slowly stretch my legs out one foot at time while sitting on the ball doing whatever on the computer. if you can break every so often to do some body weight excercises like planks or squats or tricep dips just to stretch out and move around a little it's good to get your blood pumping. If you can do bands at your work station without feeling self conscious or whatever then there is tons of excercises you can do that don't need heavy equipment so you can hit different muscles throughout the day


Which ones are hip thrusts? Is it like glute bridge pulse? https://www.exercise.com/exercises/bridge-pulse-527964f0-f31e-42fe-af86-d13f73bd0ba0/
Good you do abdcutions tho. Most people actually overwork out the other muscles of the ass more than the gluteus maximus and neglect the other 2(3?) one thing that's important is ass lift, which the glute bridge excercises are good for


File: 1683539314427.png (159.24 KB, 900x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Its like glute bridge but raised. This is with weight but without weight you can still feel it.
At home I have push up handles and resistance bands. But I also have a treadmill for walking that I used while on a standing desk. I had to get rid of my previous standing desk, but I plan on buying a new one. It's really nice to walk while I work. Some days I got 20k steps before work was even over.

I have a new job and I'm going to the office more, so I don't get so much time at home.


>Its like glute bridge but raised. This is with weight but without weight you can still feel it.
cool thanks. gotta try this


Damn, otherwise educated people really do hate the idea of any kind of competence or confidence in themselves or their comrades.


Being fit is a very important pillar of mental health and general health.

I get the opposite feeling from everyone, friends, leftists, or whomever. People from my collective, organized yoga classes, self defense, and some went to the gym together. It's not about some "leftists are stronk to fight fascism" just basic health and self-defense for safety because of living in a dangerous city.
Make that ass GROW!
I was reading today that creatine takes some time to accumulate in your muscles. I don't know if its my imagination but I feel a bit more swollen since I started taking it. Maybe I'm just noticing changes of my workout.

I'm slowly growing some massive pec-tits. Not sure if I should tone down the pushups and focus more on something else…. My main goal is to lose weight and gain muscle so that I can have more steady blood sugar and not lose muscle while I lose weight.


are there any drugs that make exercising enjoyable lol




No shame in caffeine


It gets better after doing it for a while. Sporty people have no idea how shit starting to exercise can feel. Start small. Have small goals you can measure and achieve. Stay active during the day, keep the blood pumping. Every hour or two do something that raises your heart rate.
You'll have way way more energy and doing exercise won't feel as shit.


weed feels nice as long as you dont do anything risky
not so sure about stims, if youre anxious youll feel even worse
benzos could work too as long as its a low dose


GUISE GUISE. What gym clothes should I get? I want something that wicks moisture and doesnt leave me all sweaty. I tried a polyester shirt and it just traps the sweat and doesn't help. Cotton soaks too much and gets all wet and stinky.




what do people usually hammer curl here


chinlets that do vanity isolation exercises


File: 1684003094307.png (133.07 KB, 416x449, 65jwyz.png)

do pre workout stims make much of a difference? all i know about them is that they have a bunch of caffeine and other things in them. is there a difference between them and say, a cup of coffee or black tea?


65 lbs. 29.5 kg


No. It's porky consumerism.


I am sick of my left arm being shorter by two inches and fucking up every bilateral exercise.
Tried kettlmemes and ended up smashing my forearms to bits.


Started doing creatine like a month ago. Really nice. Also on Magnesium glycenate. And also on vitamin D, and vitamin b12 due to coming low on blood tests. I now have nice boobs made of fat and muscle. Also my ass is a little fuller. Still struggling with the cutting part. God damn is losing weight hard! How do people do that shit?

I use different things depending on the day, the fit I'm going for, and how I feel. Usually breathy shorts and cotton underwear, plus a graphic tee I don't care about.
There's a bunch of exercises that don't require both hands.
I actively avoid that shit. No thanks.


different things work for different people. try them out and post results


do weighted blankets turn sleeping into a workout


optimizoor here. you mfer. this is so very good.


File: 1684262354820.jpg (185.21 KB, 1700x1700, 71-XcAFhUoL.jpg)

>try them out and post results
i used this. wasn't cheap but it wasn't as expensive as the stims i saw at nutrient stores, and was at walgreens and was curious. i put a little bit bit in a cup of water (less than the serving size) and it tasted like grape soda, minus the carbonation. 20 minutes later i would get a buzz that worked as i worked out, and would actually last throughout the day. this buzz was also stronger + lasted longer than any tea or coffee i've had, and i wouldn't have a sharp comedown like i did with those.
should mention that when i tried it i did not think it would have caffeine but a caffeine substitute. a brainlet move of me bc i usually read the nutrition facts. and nope. it has more caffeine than a monster energy drink, as well as other nurtients i did not recognize.
i've never had a full serving of this yet, and would probably be too terrified to.


Nope, they are a spook. 200mg of caffeine, or from memory 2,5 average shots of coffee is more than enough. Spend the money on clean food or unadulterated bulk whey protein if you have to buy something.


or buy actual drugs


>started gym routine
>was sometimes sloppy and sometimes forced to miss workouts due to conflicts, but overall building consistency
>realized I misread the routine
>I've missed an entire 5x5 on two exercises every single session
>for about two months

anyway now I have to start scouting the nearby gym to see when it's not full and I can spend
2 x 30 minutes in the rack without pissing people off. I really thought the place wouldn't be packed at midnight on a friday, but shit, what do I know?


>midnight on a Friday
Bruuhhhh my gym opens from 9 am to 10 pm. Saturdays closes 8 pm, Sundays closes 6 pm.
Its a small gym, not super busy, but the hours are a fucking pain the ass.


That's Billy Herrington.


Ah, ok


They are literally counter-revolutionary.

You know what must be done…


Using a weighted vest and doing some kind of _outdoors_circuit training/calistenics/cardio would be more beneficial for most people than the usual gym experience.


can't mirin mah bros there


Fell off the wagon for a week now my shit is kinda fucked
Doin a project in my workout area, hopefully done in two days so I can get back at it. Could use some inspo
Strong lifts to you frens
>do pre workout stims make much of a difference?
Yes if you mean amphetamines


This one doesn't even have staff, so they just auto-lock the electronic door at midnight and unlock at 6:00.


when i sit and type to tie my shoelaces, in that position of sitting and touching my toes, i feel a pain in my pelvic, groin region
anyone else feel that? any familiar injury?


Ask doctor for referral to physiotherapist if you want to know for certain
Speculating it might be a tendon issue or early arthritis?


File: 1685083172368.mp4 (613.84 KB, 720x406, unzipped_me.mp4)

did my first proper leg day in months



what can i do to prevent arthiritis, do you know anything to solve a tendon? will stretching help


When and how did it start?


eat healthy, eat enough creatine, eat enough omega 3s, excercise regularly but not too much wear on joints, about kajillion different anti-aging/longevity compounds, anti inflammatories like tumeric, cannabis oil, ashwagandha for lower stress and cortisol and increase T if u r male, sleep as close as possible to 8 hours straight every night etc.


I think when I started running everyday, I hop on platforms too with one leg


it's so over.


lmao y? cheap and easy to do all or most rq with a routine. the more you do the moar energy and motivation you have for adding more in


It's only just begun


o also good posture, including walking, texting, computer, sleep. if there is something fucked start by correcting that for ez improvements


also I am a massive autist and used to be really dysfunctional so no doomer cope
you will eat the bugs
you will do the healthy habits and things you enjoy
and you will be happy


yeah ik, it's just that micro managing all this stuff, my brain fries out a lil, ill try my best

do i need to take creatine supplements or are there general foods that have it?


>yeah ik, it's just that micro managing all this stuff, my brain fries out a lil, ill try my best
Yeah understandable
>do i need to take creatine supplements or are there general foods that have it?
Good question. I know fish has a lot but idk if it's enough to reach optimal levels for health, especially if u work out a lot. Vegetarians have lower levels of creatine unless they supplement. Do you ever protein shakes? if you put half a teaspoon of micronised creatine in a shake the taste and texture will probably not be detectable and it'll dissolve b4 the powder. Some people make baked protein squares, like a brownie, instead of the shakes, you can put all the vitamins and supplements u take in that. Can serve as a full meal replacement. Requires some baking but you can make a bunch at once and store em in ur fridge or freezer. Not too much harder than a shake you gotta wash each time, if you do those. If you workout and don't get enough protein that also is gonna cause your joints to ache like hell. Luckily it's reversible.


the good burnnn


i tried fruits, but i've found the flavourless cheap soy powder i have, blends well into most savoury dishes i eat, so i just mix it and eat like that

damn i'm a vegetarian, i thought creatine was only for blowing up muscles and making them look good and not a important vitamin type deal


However you like it is how to do it

>damn i'm a vegetarian, i thought creatine was only for blowing up muscles and making them look good and not a important vitamin type deal

yeah. fr if you are vegetarian it's good for a lot of stuff but you gotta eat some additional nutrients you might lack otherwise, could be why your joints ache. Creatine is very important for health and strength and endurance, u could be deficient in other vitamins tol tho, like for example vitamin b12


>urban coastal elite moves to backward inland rural
>there's some hiking paths and parks with mostly groups of old women
>go to park for daylight, walk and light training at lunch most days
>people stare at first, eventually become known
>over 6 months some of the old women start to bring younger women with them
>they're doing my convict conditioning exercises on park benches


Very cool


Someone made a /pol/ thread about us…



File: 1685821601890.jpg (119.92 KB, 824x609, iljsavifpqp71.jpg)

They're saying that getting jacked will make us leave leftism lmao

U mad brah?


>Leftypol is lifting and preparing for revolution while we jack off to hentai and haven't left mommy's basement in 3 weeks.

Its over…
So they have finally admitted that they're nothing but fucking losers?


File: 1685822235561.jpg (119.92 KB, 824x609, iljsavifpqp71.jpg)


I've heard wool shirts are good for this. Moisture wicking shirts I've found online all use polyster so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Love to hear it m8


Thanks for the recipes m8


File: 1685824558286.jpg (70.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

If y'all want a fairly simple plan for general fitness, try this:

>Steve Reeve's Old School Bodybuilding Routine


1. Farmer Squats [3 sets, 12 reps]
2. Shoulder Press [3 sets, 12 reps]
3. Tricep Extension [3 sets, 12 reps]
4. Bicep Curls [3 sets, 12 reps]
5. One Arm Rows [3 sets, 12 reps]
6. Pushups [3 sets, 20 reps]
7. 30min of Power Walking for cardio

If you want it to be more of a bodybuilding routine, don't complete the sets to a certain number of reps. Instead, do all sets until you reach muscle failure or until you're 3 or less reps of failure (near failure). For bodybuilding, you'll probably also want to add some other exercises to this to round it out. 1 for calves, another for forearms perhaps, you decide based on your goals.

Btw if you're new to this type of training see this article for more details: https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/layne-nortons-guide-to-failure-training.html


File: 1685825846627.jpg (740.02 KB, 1000x1248, 1685825057655.jpg)

If you want to look like the Silver Era bodybuilding dudes like Steve Reeves, try this plan (done with supersets)


>Silver Era Aesthetics Program (Steve Reeves Physique Workout)

Intermediate – (3 sessions a week, 12 sessions a month, 140-150 sessions a year)

Auto-regulated abs training:
Goal of 80 to 200 reps, 8 to 10 abs isolation weekly sets total, no more than 4 per day, for no more than 20 reps per
set and no less than 10. Always place after upper body lifts, when lower body compounds are done for the day.
Exercises recommend: Decline sit-ups (weighted), Leg raises (weighted), Hanging knee raises, V-sit ups, Windshield wipers.

Squats (BB or Hack) 3/4x6-12 + Seated cable rows OR Seal rows 3/4x8-15

Incline press (DB or BB) OR Machine incline press 3/4x6-10 + Reverse curls (DB or BB) 3/4x6-12

RDLs OR DB bench 4x8-12 + Upright rows (DB or BB) OR Lat pulldowns 4x10-15 + Neck curls 4x15-20

Cable curls 4x12-15 + French press OR Lying triceps extensions 4x6-10 + Sited calf raises 4x15-20

BB rows 3/4x8-10 OR Good mornings 3/4x6-12 + Wide-grip BB shrugs OR DB shrugs 3/4x12-20

Weighted dips OR Close grip bench 3/4x6-10 + Split squats OR Smith/Dellinger squats 3/4x12-15

Weighted chin-ups 3x4-6 + DB OR Machine shoulder press 3x6-10 OR Face-pulls 3x15 + Leg curls 3x12-15

Pelican cable curls OR DB Fat grips Preacher curls 4x10-15 + Cable pushdowns 4x8-15 + Lat raises 3x15

Deadlifts 3x3 OR 3x5 + Cable triceps extension OR Cable drag curls 3x10-12

OHP (BB or DB) OR BTN 3/4x6-12 + DB pullovers 3/4x8-12

Leg press 4x8-15 + DB / Cable chest flies OR DB/Guillotine press 4x10-15 + Hammer curls 4x8-12

Wide-grip pulls-ups 4x8-12 + Hyperextensions OR GHR 4x10-15 + Standing calf-raises 4x12-20

The video also has a 4 day advanced program, see the video description


File: 1685838291757.png (5.12 MB, 2285x2917, ClipboardImage.png)

haha OP is insufferable and I love it.
trolls trolling trolls; fun from a distance
>that red-brown burger
>that autistic pink-ID burger losing their shit at them

Too bad they didn't take pics from swoletariat actually probably a good thing because it's much easier to raid posters there. oh wait /pol/ can't even raid
>kremowka anon
im not polish so im just drinking custard and berries with powder instead


being a manlet is cheating



File: 1685956400646.png (220.78 KB, 461x739, ClipboardImage.png)


Avoid injury. Actually work the right muscles. Good guides are easy to find.


Achievable natty?




Silly anon we all know natties can't be big. 1.82m (6ft) men can only be 72kg (160lbs) or else they're juicing!

(memes aside this is more than achievable natty)


Some dude legit made an clownish equation to "prove" if someone's natty or not that would make 1.82 meter dude's natural limit is 72kg as discussed in this video



I am horribly mentally ill and have access to explosive materials en masse




File: 1686083079601.pdf (8.29 MB, 197x255, Desk To Defender.pdf)

If your goal is overall fitness and you don't care for aesthetics, I'd recommend the fitness section from Desk To Defender. It's page 13 through page 26.

I'd also recommend reading the whole book to all leftists cus it's about community defense and disaster relief and stuff. Useful for when real shit happens.


Guys how do I fix my posture permanently? I noticed if I stand truly straight I automatically look more ripped and like I actually lift. However if I do my natural posture, I look almost fat. With proper posture alone my chest, shoulders and neck look bigger, waist goes in, I get a more triangular classic bodybuilder shape.

Is posture something that can be 'fixed' or is it more just a habit? Because I can hold the correct straight back posture if I wanted, it's more a matter of choice but by habit I always revert to the slumped nerd neck posture. However, I also feel like if I walked around with the straight posture outside I would kind of stick out or people would see Im forcing it. I kind of puff my chest out and pull the waist in and push my neck back.

Is it something that even needs to be fixed or should I continue walking with a slump to look more natural? Basically if I walk straight I look far more ripped than I really am




A habit is often a fix, cormade.

This was a decade ago so I'm just going from memory, but a physio (paid advice, they work for a rugby team so they're legit) recommended core exercises (esp. back extensions and planks) to strengthen possibly-fatigued muscles, a neck exersice because I was slouching my head forwards (get your palm, put it on your nose, and push your face directly back. Now do that movement without you hand like 10 times) and habitually correcting posture.
I've gotten compliments for my posture, but that was from computer programmers, so grain of salt) so habits can probably fix it.


I've heard you can work certain muscles. Idk though.


Varying sitting posture throughout the day seems to help. People will say doing wall angels and face pulls regularly fixed their posture, you can try them if you want.

It will take time, but you can improve it


Ass to grass only works if you're short. Tall bros, do not force a form that doesn't work for your body.


I wasnt as active as I wanted to be when I was teenager. Now I have bitch tits and a small dick. Did I inadvertently feminize myself bros? I feel like there's something be said about being unhealthy and inactive as a teenage male that can really set you up for failure in the future. I can kinda deal with the small dick thing but if I can afford I'm totally getting gynecomastia surgery


How bout working on being healthy (fit) for your health (redundant) including your body and mental health then worry about tits later?


I got to the gym 5-6 times a week. What would be mentally unhealthy is for me to think working out can get rid of a condition and not get the surgery if it's an option


I don't think simply being inactive would cause that. It sounds like something that happens to fatties.


Well it's not just the inactivity leading me to that hypothesis. I think being inactive during the 12-18yo time span was more so the problem. I think I read somewhere that testosterone if not put to use easily turns to fat. I just think at that stage when you're full of hormones in a developing body still it's not ideal for boys to not use their bodies more. And these days with microplastic in everything shrinking sperm count and dick size an inactive young male can really be at risk


that kinda seems like psuedoscience, I mean if you're still fat then lose the weight first and see if it helps


I am and it's not. I dont know what some of you arent understanding. Gynecomastia is a condition. It's not just adipose tissue. It's breast tissue. It cant be burnt be exercise alone. Before you get the surgery it's literally recommended to work out chest as much as possible so surgeons can differentiate the tissue from muscle and other fatty tissue.


Yes I understand some people have gynecomastia but if you haven't lost weight then you have no idea if you have it or not


I know plenty of nerds who barely ever stood up from the computer and remained skinny walking skeletons despite that. Just admit that you ate like a pig.


The reading comprehension in this thread. I did loose weight like 20lbs and yeah BTs still there douche bag

I work with a lot of those nerds. They hit late 20s and good luck staying that way. And ya I did eat like a pig, and didnt do much. But for like the 3rd time, I'm saying the timing was the problem


And I am saying the timing was not the problem, eating like a pig was.


I miss lifting, but I don't have the money to renew my YMCA membership right now. In school I'd go to the campus gym 4 times a week, but since graduating and the pandemic, I have turned into a fat weak blob of a man. As a not athletic kid it was super awesome to get to squatting 2pl8 ass2grass. Do I like… start running? Lifting a rock in my backyard? Stop eating and go skelly mode? I MISS FITTING INTO MEDUM SHIRTS.


can't you just buy weights for home? if you cant afford that then just pushups for now?


>I know plenty of nerds who barely ever stood up from the computer and remained skinny walking skeletons despite that.
I actually have to put a conscious effort into gaining/maintaining weight, even if I do approximately 0 exercise. Literally not leaving the house, going between rooms and programming, all week.

I've started turning that around with results showing already so don't worry about me, I'm getting good habits going.

and I'm calling bullshit on that bizarre testosterone coping mechanism theory: my blood tests note I'm high test. How much test would you need to gain that much fat anyway?!? Might as well be filling a swimming pool with your dick.
This is your brain on broscience.


you can do bodyweight exercises to target every muscle, every muscle group.

anon, just start being active. find something you can do, and do it until you're out of breath and your muscles are sore. not too sore.

start doing it



anon, im fit and i literally inject estrogen

skill issue


running is hard on your joints cause you hit the same shit over and over at high load
different bodyweight stuffs and yeah you can use whatever heavy shit as weight supplement
biking or hiking is good too


very cool


While there is good general advice, this wouldn't help much users without any fitness experience or knowledge. When I got back to it I had forgotten most of what I learned in high school and I wouldn't pay to go in gym to use machines, so I searched a little for a solution and I found the r/bodyweightfitness subreddit which helped me, notably with the BWF Primer of Nick-E.
It's great, it follows the idea of your book of not using any machine save for a pullup bar (and even then there are workarounds) which means you can exercise wherever whenever, it gives a lot of general theory around fitness and detailed information on each exercise so you end up with a good form for each if you just follow the manual.
Then at the end you got your 3 days/week routine and you have sufficient knowledge to progress to where you want to go.


File: 1686678918595.jpg (17.16 KB, 396x396, 1586344931225.jpg)

Seems great. Thanks for correcting me m8


File: 1686680328106.gif (52.65 KB, 119x300, posture.gif)

Look up what type of posture problems you have and then look up exercises to address those problems. The solution depends on what the issue is. You might hunch forward, sway back, lean to one side, etc. The solution depends on the problem.

And you absolutely should fix it, bad posture is bad for your health in the long run since it can lead to overworking certain muscles, injuring joints, and possibly even interfering with breathing and other important functions.


File: 1686861030127.jpg (279.78 KB, 1080x606, 1686858780349.jpg)

If you're 2 broke for dumbells but still wanna workout, you can use a rope with plates. You can get high quality ropes for cheap, this shit will save you a good amount of money. Home gym bros, rejoice!



Dieting is going well. I just bought whey protein isolate and creatine, so no big complaints there. I realize that if I want to lose weight faster, I'd have to starve myself more, and I don't think that's sustainable for me. Maybe for one or two days. I'm losing like half a kilo a week at most, and I intend to lose 10 kilos.

However, I have lost motivation to go to the gym. I was doing so well and now I can't be arsed to go. What do? How do I restart going to the gym? Any tips from things that have worked for you are welcome.


do plates use a standard, uh, hole size? I bought some adjustable dumbells that use a nut to hold the weights, it had like 20kg worth of plates but I'm starting to reach this mark for certain exercies, so can I buy plates from wherever? will they fit


>do plates use a standard, uh, hole size?
Definitely for barbells. Idk about dumbbells but should be pretty standard. The plates presumably will have specs on their size and even if they don't list the size of the hole you can probably calculate it based on pictures and listed diameter of the plates.


Update: turns out bitching about it works. Went to lift weights, going home now.


To that anon that recommended powdered peanuts, thank you. Well the anon said powdered peanut protein but powdered peanuts is great for smoothies. Low calorie, mid proteins, and delicious.


Hi comrades
I'm looking for the source video that the shitposting channel Mel on youtube made an edit of.

Its original title seems to be "Chairman Mao's 4 Minute Physical Fitness Plan" and was even narrated by an Englishman, Maxwell L. Howell

Does anyone ITT have it? I would love to start the day with the original of this exact tape, and/or before doing heavier exercises. Also if there are even more videos like this from Mao-era Chinese fitness classes feel free to share them.


File: 1688819786494.jpg (52.61 KB, 600x351, bench.jpg)

How much you guys benching?


Like 240 before I started reading theory and got fat.


How tall are you?


5' 10"


Not much, only about 115 libs.
I have a late pass.


385 in high school. Get mogged, faggots


120lbs. Not a body builder though


That‘s where I‘m at right now



I finally cracked weight loss. I can't believe how fucking easy it is and how I've struggled my entire life. It feels so unfair…. Poor education and communication is fucking deadly.


Can you tell us your secret?


Not a secret… At least where I'm from, this isn't well known and nutriologists will put you on complicated diets without giving you any insight into why you're eating what you're eating. One time a nutriologist told me to eat a banana a week as part of a diet. I never understood why, I don't really like bananas. Can I replace it with something else sometimes?

Anyways. It's pretty simple, you want to reduce the number of calories you usually eat, long term. Like months. If you've ever looked into health shit online, you'll see a bunch or people telling you otherwise, or warning you that if you don't eat enough you'll get fatter. Or that calorie counting doesn't work because x or y. Or that hormones means this doesn't apply to you. That's a load of bullshit.

Second is that you want to make this as easy as possible. This will be your diet from now on, essentially. So you need to be ok with your habits not being "temporary". You might also want to ease into it.

Third is that losing weight isn't an all or nothing thing. It's more of a gradient, from where you were when you started, to the "cleanest" you eat. Just because you ate a cake doesn't mean you're breaking your diet. You're moving that slider. Just because you fucked it one day, doesn't mean it's over or you're putting all the weight back on. This is also why diet plans are preposterous. It's really hard to never eat outside the plan. Then you feel guilty that you broke the diet and you stop doing it. It's OK to fuck up because you're doing something long term. You want to gradually eat less unhealthy or fattening foods. You can't expect someone to break their sweet tooths from one day to the next.

Fourth, there is no one size fits all, there are no silver bullets, and there is no way to quickly lose weight through sheer willpower you already know you don't have. One month dieting is simply not enough, neither is 4. We're talking about more. So don't convince yourself you can will yourself to simply lose weight by not eating or whatever, you'd have done that already if you could.

Fifth, the "types of calories" you consume isn't as important as some people make it out to be. Don't fucking sweat it if you're carbs are long chain or some other bullshit. Just to dial down on the refined sugar (including added sugar in products) because that shit makes you hungry, calories in it are not that significant, but it could make you eat more calories in the end. I don't mean fruits, I mean pure sugar. Sugary drinks are best to consume in small quantities, or not at all, including fruit juice. It takes a while to change your sweet cravings, that's normal. After a while the sweets you liked will be too sweet for you.

Sixth, you'll lose weight very quickly at first. Which is really nice and motivating. But then when the scale stops going down, motivation can quickly erode. Set your expectations correctly. If the scale stops going down for a few weeks, then think of what you can change in your diet and habits to get an even lower calorie intake during the day.

Seventh, take it easy. Don't stress out too much. This is a daily thing for at least half a year. You can't expect to suffer for so long.

These might sound super obvious to many. I want to think that they're already not overweight. These took me fucking years of struggling to finally figure out. I've tried all types of fad diets and going to nutritionists. Nothing fucking worked. What did work was understanding how dieting works, a little bit of science behind it, and tried and tested things you can do. Not randomly eat a banana a week, or just eat meat and fats, or eating only cucumbers.

The gist of the diet that works for you should have these in mind:
- low calorie. You don't have to count calories to the last digit. Significant figures are in the hundreds, meaning if you eat something with 110 calories vs 150 it's practically the same, don't sweat it. If it's 100 vs 200 then it's something to take note of. Basically take it easy, don't be so anal, count calories but you don't have to be a fucking tax accountant about it.
- high protein. I recommend supplementing with whey isolate. Many nutritionists will shun protein supplements and prefer more "whole foods" approach. OK they can fuck off. The point of your diet should be to make it easy to follow. Not fit some "Perfectly healthy natural organic diet".

Besides that, egg whites, chicken/turkey breast is great. It is filling, low calorie, and high protein.

-fiber. Your diet should ideally have fiber. I just supplement it.

- filling. You should aim to eat foods that are filling. Ironically perhaps, boiled potatoes are great for this. I was taught my entire life that potatoes made you fat. Well, if you research online you'll see that boiled potatoes are actually a great diet food.

Drink plenty of water. Particularly before a meal is great but it's ok if you do it after. During the day is also great. This will suppress those random appetites significantly.

- easy. Constantly think of how you can change your eating habits for them to be easy or easier and also healthier. Remember you're in this for the long haul. Make eating healthy easier than it was for you to eat fattening diets.

- sleep. Super important. Again this is not an all or nothing. The more you do to improve your sleep hygiene, the better. Buy a sleep mask. Tape your mouth. Don't drink water right before going to sleep. Maybe don't use your cellphone as an alarm clock. Don't watch action TV or play video games before sleeping.

- physical activity. Another important myth I had to unlearn is that you lose weight by going to the gym or doing sports. If you're like me and you hate doing sports then it's yet another reason to feel that weight loss is impossible. The reason why physical activity is good is because it makes your sleep better, reduces cravings, counterintuitively gives you more energy, and as a bonus, will reduce symptoms of depression, negative thoughts, shit like that. Doing exercise is NOT to burn calories. Don't trust, nor pay attention to, any measure of calories burnt on exercise machines or smart watches either.

I'd break down physical activity into low intensity and high intensity.

Low intensity is just moving your body. Eg walking, cleaning shit, taking a shower. Shit like that. If you're sedentary, the more of these activities you can do during the day, the more energy you will have.

High intensity exercise like gym, running, football or whatever is also really good. I recommend the gym. It really fucking sucks at first but then it actually gets less bad. Again the gym is not an all or nothing. You can go every day or once a week. You can put in your all or just do some light weights and leave after 40 minutes. You can do only cardio or only weights. Doing literally anything, however small, is leagues better than doing nothing. Whatever you do on top of the smallest effort to do exercise is just cherry on the top. Don't feel discouraged if it's hard to consistently go or if you took a big break. Just go whenever you can. If you can't find the motivation to do your usual X minute run, then maybe do a x/2 minute run. In fact if you can't do even that, then try a 30 second run.

I hope that helps. Let me know if it works out for you too.


>>35354 (me)
Basically tldr eat high protein, low fat, low sugars. Depending on how overweight you are, just this change might make you drop from obese to overweight. Easy mode, supplement with whey isolate before eating. 40g should be good.

Another very good way to reduce your calorie intake is to do the so called intermittent fasting. It sounds worse than it actually is once you get used to it. Basically eat all your daily calories in one meal or as close as possible to each other. At first it's hard but then it's easy. It's a good way to not overeat. Your mileage may vary but by sheer probability this will also work for you.

At this point, with this knowledge, and unless you can't afford whey, or have other class inflected issues preventing you from doing this, then being obese, or almost obese, is basically a choice you should stop taking.


<someone who hasn't been overweight in my entire life
I think it's worth specifying that it's not necessarily "low" fat, but the right fat that's good (unsaturated); olive oil, fatty fish, avocado, etc. Problem is that we're immersed in a culture peddling SAD which partially consists of large quantities of majorly unhealthy fats (saturated). Unsaturated fats aren't the culprit of an obese persons bodyfat, it is saturated fats in conjunction with refined/added sugars as well as lack of fiber, whole grain (the whole complex of the SAD).


You might be right, I don't know, but if you're trying to lose fat, generally avoiding fat is a good idea since fats are the most calorie-dense.
You should still eat fats, let me be clear. Fats are a great source of energy, the issue is that the calories can be very sneaky. Like a handful of nuts have a surprising shit ton of calories because of fats, but they aren't really filling.


Real good shit m8, good explanation


What are some wrongs or writes I got when writing this call to arms, but more like a call to fitness


>sitting for an hour
>8 reps x 3 sets band assisted dips focusing on form while water boils
>roll blunt
>shakes and tremors while lifting coffee cup
>fine motor skills perfect but drinking like a parkinsons patient
It's been a good run anons, gonna be in a wheelchair in 6 months


I can't gain weight. I've been starting to workout more and I'm getting more toned, but I can't gain weight. I've been trying to eat more because I think I'm too low fat, but it just doesn't work.

I'm starting to think weight gain is purely metabolism or something. Well I guess and shocking your system with insulin from excess sugar and whatever other shit people eat. I eat fuck loads of fat on my foods but nothing. I eat pasta and bread but nothing either.

I'll like gain 5 pounds and then I measure it a day later and it went down 5 pounds.




What do you eat usually? Give your stats as well.


133lb /60 kg right now was like almost 139 yesterday. 5'6" 167.64cm I don't really have a usual per se. I eat a lot of meat and eggs. Veggies too of course but that doesn't really factor in the calories. I put a lot of cheese and butter/olive oil/avocado oil on my foods when I cook them.

That sounds like a lot of milk, but maybe I should. I drink milk with my coffee everyday, but nowhere near that much.


Don't got any bmi info but I can see all all my ribs clearly.


ur weight will fluctuate due to the digestive system and liquids you take in and excrete.


Yeah I know, I'm just like, how much weight in food do I have to eat to gain a pound? I dunno, I'm finding it hard to eat that much. I don't know how fat people do it.


Ok I think I'm gonna try this gallon of milk a day thing. Probably better than trying to use protein powders and all that processed shit.

On that note: I can't believe people actually by anything less than whole milk. You're paying the same price for them to take food content out. That's crazy.


Are you a twink trying to bulk? Because a gallon of whole milk is 2,400 calories, bruh. That's like, a 6'4 man's entire TDEE.


TDEE isn’t influenced by height, it’s based on mass. Maybe that anon is super heavy, in which case his TDEE will be really high


If your body isn't used to that much milk you could cause lactose intolerance and shit out all your gains.


Don't. Do whey protein. Or whey protein isolate. You can also eat a shit ton of egg whites or whole eggs. It doesn't make sense to put on weight. Why not just gain lean muscle? You were gifted with resistance to gaining fat, at least for now. If you want to grow big, do progressive weight increment and consume at least 140 grams of protein a day. How often do you go to the gym and what do you do?

Also do 5g of creatine daily.


Mass isn't defined by height but it definitely is influenced by it.


Sure, I was just saying he doesn’t have to be tall to eat a lot


this anon gets it, you probably don't even need the creatine.
my today
>3 egg whites 1 yolk
>2 cans sardines in water
>2 chicken legs
>all the produce and some pulses oats and oils


I like the For Fitness section, it explains that fitness doesn't have to be individualist. I think the left gets turned off of most self improvement stuff cus they think it's a selfish endeavor.

I'd perhaps write a line about how fitness can turn you into a good example for other gomrades and the people around you. Leadership should be about action not position, ain't it? Me and many others get inspired by gym gomrades like @the_swoletariat. Not only that, it breaks the sterotype of activists being weak and frail, showing that gommies can be normal people that do stuff to improve themselves is good for le optics.


I have too much body fat so I'm increasing my cardio to burn it off before I start lifting more. I think it's working. It seems like cardio and ab work is the best way for me personally to loose weight. Why does it seem like every fitness place online is like "Bro. Dont do cardio to loose weight, cause I dont like it. Just lift weights and diet" Meanwhile that does absolutely nothing for my body fat.


post detailed daily diet and activity level
>It seems like cardio and ab work is the best way for me personally to loose weight
you'll loose nothing


Because you have to have a caloric surplus to synthesize muscle. You can lose fat and build muscle at the same time but it takes longer and you have to balance your catabolic and anabolic processes


File: 1690824329242.png (666 KB, 960x540, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why does it seem like every fitness place online is like "Bro. Dont do cardio to loose weight, cause I dont like it. Just lift weights and diet"
A lot of gymbros are afraid of cardio because they believe that "cardio kills your gains." This is both true and false.

In the end losing weight comes down to calories in vs calories out. H O W E V E R as many people notice your body has a lot of tricks to adjust it's metabolism, and if you reduce your calories your body will try to reduce how much it burns. Cardio is good for forcing your body to burn more. Lifting weights is also good, but tends not to burn as many calories directly – by building up muscle, though, it increases your resting metabolism (maintaining muscle takes more energy than maintaining fat). First thing's first, cardio is good and everyone should do it for cardiovascular health. Heart problems are a big killer and you're not immune just because you're swole (or young, RIP Zyzz). But cardio is a double edged sword when it comes to developing strength or mass. Better cariovascular health will help you achieve these goals, so it's good to train witih cardio (particularly types of training that improve conditioning like high intensity interval training, which can also be done quicker and burning fewer calories).

There's a couple ways cardio can fuck up your other training though. One is by overtraining in general - fatiguing yourself too much with cardio can make it harder for your body to recover from resistance training by building up your muscles - you don't want to put muscle gains in competition with cardio for your body's available resources.

The other big way cardio can "kill your gains" is if you put yourself into a caloric deficit you won't grow your muscles. Overall your body is either anabolic (growing) or catabolic (breaking down). If you have a surplus of calories, your body will be able to build up muscle (if you aren't doing muscle training with a surplus you will just gain fat). If you have a deficit of calories, you will lose muscle mass regardless of what you do, along with losing fat.

This is why people often go on cycles between a "bulking" phase and a "cutting" phase. While you're reducing your body weight you will lose some muscle no matter what, but you will generally be able to build up more during a bulk than you lose during a cut. Lifting during this period should be to maintain your strength and mass as much as you can, not to increase it. The reason to do a cut at all is if you have more fat than you want, which his the case for a lot of people starting out and is almost always the case with people building muscle. It's borderline impossible to put on significant amounts of muscle without also adding fat. How much to cut vs bulk is a question of what your goals are, and that method may not suit you at all.

You should be advised that if your cardio makes your calories out bigger than your calories in, you are going to get smaller, not bigger, regardless of how you train your muscles. You can, however do a pretty large amount of cardio (certainly enough to cover good cardiovascular health) without fucking up your gains IF you also eat enough to compensate. The only people who seriously have to worry about going for a run ruining their muscles are the bodybuilder types who have to eat a small meal every hour or else their monster pecs start to shrink.

>It seems like cardio and ab work is the best way for me personally to loose weight.

The ab work probably just makes your stomach feel firmer (which is good) but it's not going to contribute majorly to fat loss unless you are doing enough ab work to constitute cardio. You should also make sure to balance ab work with back work to avoid un-balancing the muscles and pulling you forward into a slouching posture. Look for back exercises online that reverse the movements you do with your abs (often you can find exercises that work the "opposite" muscles by looking specifically for that). Slouching's bad in general but it will also make you appear fatter by scrunching the flesh on your stomach together. You can start with basic stuff like the superman pose.


File: 1690829216837.jpg (8.89 KB, 300x209, Servant-Service.jpg)

Fucking finally. A good fitness post


File: 1690873214284.png (3.41 MB, 1800x1800, Antidote Physical Pain.png)

I'm surprised this quote isn't used more often. Its fits right in with what it's all about


Holy based.


This also applies to cutting.


Did senpai really say that? It's quite a fire quote.


its made up


It could be. I mean, it’s on a lot of quote websites and seemed widely attributed but that doesn’t mean he actually said it. I guess my question is, do you have proof he didn’t say it


File: 1690982206390.jpg (17.87 KB, 408x408, 1615576952526.jpg)

You're the one who needs to prove Marx said it and where, retard. It's a quote you only see on dumb motivational posters and quote aggregators.


I've found this. Doesn't mean shit but I am curious whether this was the source for why people cite Herr Vogt as the place where the quote comes from. I'll look through it to make sure whether it does or doesn't come from there, but I'm pretty sure this is why people claim its from there


This is the closest thing I could find to a real source as of right now. It says its an extract published from Marx & Engels on the Irish Question, Progress Publishers, Moscow 1971, p. 331. I would have to somehow find this thing and make sure it actually from there but for now, this is what I could find. Will keep you updated to see whether its bogus or not


I really need to find the real deal, given that only a snippet from it is found on Marxist.org for "Letters to Jenny Longuet December 7, 1881". So we know there is some truth to it, at least that section, but it could be possible the rest is entirely fictional


Hey, I used to lift regularly a few years ago but because I was a retard I had terrible flexibility so I popped a hernia in my lower back pretty bad while squatting which made me stop. Now I want to go back to it. I have received no real medical treatment for it and I'm quite a bit heavier. I do believe it will be much less of a concern once I manage to lose weight, but until then what or how should I do it?


Assuming this is 100% legit, which I assume given its within a collected work of Letters from M & E from 1880 to 1883, it could be said that Marx did in fact say that quote, within a letter to Jenny Longuet on December 7 1881. Page 185 of PDF, 92 of the actual book


Yes, the letter is in MECW volume 46 and contains the quote:
< There is only one effective antidote for mental suffering, and that is physical pain.
The German version is in MEW 35, page 240.
<Gegen Gemütsleiden gibt es nur ein wirksames Antidot, und das ist körperlicher Schmerz.

(As for Herr Vogt as a potential alternative source: That work is several hundred pages long. The translation of it is in MECW volume 17. I did a quick ctrl-f and could not find the quote there. Maybe a word got split between lines, in such cases my crummy PDF search does not work.)


If you have a herniated disc (which is what it sounds like you mean) you should not do any heavy lifting until you can get medical attention for it. That stuff doesn't just magically go away on its own anon. You could end up losing feeling or getting paralyzed. If it's just a regular hernia then it's still not going to just fix itself, but the consequences of it getting worse over time are less dire. Lifting is still inadvisable though.


anon you don't want to do anything that will compress your spine until you get medical attention or some kind of expert advice about your herniated disk.
I've got plenty of broscience you can have tho. You can still do plenty of exercise, and you should, that won't compress your lower back. Chin ups, pull ups, hanging reverse row variations, dip variations and progressions. There's an endless amount of exercises that won't compress your lower back and will get you in whatever form you want. Cardio should be swimming or cycling or anything low impact. You should also focus on full body stretching, yoga, pilates, whatever, to start hopefully reversing the spinal imbalances we all have. You say you're quite a bit heavier. Here's a simple 6 week program that will change your life if you follow it. Make it the focus of your day.
1 Eat only food without added sugar, as much as you want
2 Cycle, walk or swim for 30 minutes every day.
There is no reason anybody cannot do this. When you set this routine you can build on it.


I will be scouring this thread for more information on weight loss and muscle gain, for my How to Fitness section. While the information is not bad, it could definitely be more informative.


File: 1692378496446-0.jpg (110.88 KB, 828x1039, FohnP2nXoAYskBj.jpg)

>Been losing weight at a steady pace
>Get too cocky
>gain either 0.5 or 1 lb
It isn't much, but its still a step backwards. Need to keep focus and keep up habits.


That's well withing the range of normal weight fluctuation.


I lost 7 kgs and now my weight loss has slowed down significantly :/

I'm eating way less calories but the scale doesn't seem to move. If I do even less I'm not able to have energy to do anything besides go to work and lay on the couch.

Granted, I drink a lot of beer on the weekends but I don't want to give it up :(


It could be. Though when you are on a constant weight decline, you would probably think that something is up. I hope it isn't the dreaded plateau, but we'll see next week
Firstly, what do you eat? Sure, cutting calories does make you lose weight. But its also what you eat that is a big factor.
>Granted, I drink a lot of beer on the weekends but I don't want to give it up
You should at least start slowing it down if you really do drink a lot. Doesn't have to be instantaneous, no cold turkey. But 1 beer less every 1-2 weeks could make you begin to lose any beer weight you gain Anon


File: 1692506921521.jpg (1.57 MB, 1594x1080, 1692506916684.jpg)

big true






literally no one cares and at worst they are mirin


My plan is to not do alcohol for all of September and tighten my diet a bit. I injured my wrist so I might not be able to be as physically active as usual :/


>I lost 7 kgs and now my weight loss has slowed down significantly :/
Yeah same like literally same, I'm also plateauing after losing exactly 7kgs for almost 3 weeks now. I have drinked some fancy sugary girl cocktails here and there instead of beer though.


Ok I weighted myself and the scale came up with 72kg two days in a row, so I think I broke the plateau a little bit but man it gets so hard to lose the last few kgs


Gonna cycle to the peoples park later, put a tarp on the wet grass and do some calisthenics. I got a light vest that takes a couple of water bottles and works as a weighted vest. Bringing a stove for coffee and a cushion for the park bench. Larpmaxx. GTFO anons.


Mao Zedong once said the best way to practice physical education was in the nude. From what I am hearing, you will be not. Sorry, but you aren't truly larpmaxxing to the fullest potential


Damn you anon you're right. I failed to maximize vit D absorption by doing my park bench jailhouse exercises naked. The great man is proved right again. Ever see the videos of chinese guys power walking backwards on long walks? I chinamaxxed in a different way by doing that for 20 mins. It's supposed to counteract the tendency to hunch forward that phones and life force on us. I forgot the tarp though, because packing for cycling is a different thing. It's pretty nice to be exercising in the outdoors, drinking coffee and talking about the most inane shit (the weather) with neighbors and people that have become familiar. GTFO for a while anons.


So I'm trying to lose weight. I've been eating 50 grams of whey isolate plus the food I normally eat but I figure I'm not really hitting my protein goal which is closer to 140 grams. I thought about it and figured that it might be the reason I have plateaued in my diet. I've weighed around the same despite doing more exercise and eating the same low calorie food. I'm probably eating extra calories via snacks or on the weekends with alcohol.

I've upped my consumption to 70 grams in the morning and 30 grams before bed of whey, which comes to around 85 grams of protein. So far I've been feeling better. I'll update if I see good results.

It seems so wrong to consume so much whey though…

I like getting naked at the park, or at the lake but exercising naked is a no go for me. I don't like sleeping naked either. At least a boxer brief.


if serious
>GTFO anon
if this is how you fuck around
>you really need to GTFO anon


File: 1693586396927.png (333.32 KB, 553x437, ClipboardImage.png)

how to achieve popeye mode?


I've decided to start going to a gym so I don't have to look like Waluigi anymore. Is Planet Fitness worth it or is it a meme gym?


File: 1693613965880.png (419.85 KB, 602x453, ClipboardImage.png)

PF is definitely a meme gym although results may vary.
There are a lot of problems with them, mostly that they actively discourage people from working out (business model based on keeping you stuck in "this is the year!" mentality more than most gyms). One of their rules is against dropping weights, which is stupid for a lot of reasons but mostly because dropping weight is sometimes the only way to bail out of a lift you're failing. They also outright ban deadlifts which are important for a well-rounded routine.

You probably have a better alternative like a mom&pop gym with the necessary equipment and space.


Lmao they actually do that alarm shit? Fuck that. What's the point?

Anyway, I'm gonna look around more. Only considered PF because my friend wanted to go there. There's a Golds Gym near me too. They're more expensive but whatever, I'll check them out.


>Lmao they actually do that alarm shit?
Depends on the place, some are more chill. But the atmosphere does come down from the corporate level.


Extremely fucking cringe nonetheless. PF seems retarded.

I think I might just start running at my local track and doing bodyweight shit at home. Gyms sound like cancer tbh.


There's nothing wrong with gyms in general.


>Fuck that. What's the point?
Minimize upkeep cost obviously. Mom&pop gyms don't have tight profit margins, nor do they give a shit about the general aesthetics of the place, but most big gym chains do care about their floors being presentable and about extracting as much profit as humanly possible


File: 1693856608897.png (148.66 KB, 474x369, ClipboardImage.png)

a girl called me big at the gym


File: 1693857053556.png (210.51 KB, 308x339, ClipboardImage.png)

Did you give the correct response?


File: 1693858349867.png (190.41 KB, 400x354, ClipboardImage.png)

i just said thanks


I go to a tiny gym and it does the job. I'm not even that experienced. Just be patient. It really fucking sucks at first for many of us. Then it gets way better. Just be patient and consistent. Don't try or expect to get ripped in the next 6 months.
it'll pay off though, for sure.


hey it's better than "y-you too"


>Just be patient and consistent.
This, fitness needs to be a lifestyle/habit. It's more important at first to stick to it until you get into a groove and get comfortable doing the exercises (whatever they are). Once you are used to it and start to enjoy it then it's time to really start pushing yourself and experimenting with different approaches. First build the discipline, then use it to push yourself.


I currently pay 50 USD/EUR for the closest gym from my apartment. It's pretty small, doesn't have many machines. It has 3 treadmills. I'm thinking of biting the bullet, paying 80 for the next closest one that has like 40 treadmills, a pool, a ton of machines, plus towel service, and opens and closes later. I can afford it, but paying 80 for a gym feels way too much, but on the other hand, 50 for a neighborhood gym is way too much as well.

I never thought I'd enjoy going to the gym. You have no idea how much I hated doing sports growing up. I wish I could've become sportier sooner. I'm actually beginning to crave doing sports which is insane for me.


High school sports have a stupid culture that drives a lot of people away. In communism we will have local sports leagues with adults so that they can direct their energies there instead of projecting onto their kids playing school sports, which is embarrassing and pathetic all around.


The real question is whether the more expensive gym has equipment you need or is open on hours that would be significantly more convenient. Based on the metrics you gave the price increase sounds like more bang for your buck.


Yeah. Plus the division between genders also fucked me up. Machismo in sports, particularly team sports, was fucking horrible. Thankfully I wasn't bullied much, but being excluded, picked last, shit like that was fucking horrible. And of course teachers don't give a fuck about these issues.
I wouldn't go so far as prescribing a socialist sports agenda but I do think there's a huge missed opportunity to foster sports in people from a very early age, an extremely important thing to do in terms of holistic health.
I also like the anonymity of big gyms. I don't like feeling watched. OK I think I made up my mind 👍 thanks chief.


I prefer equipment at home to a gym because it makes it easier to be consistent. What if the weather is bad? I want to avoid obstacles, no matter how trivial. For that same reason, I avoid complex ritual for putting out the equipment and putting it away again. The stuff just lies right there all the time. Buying equipment doesn't have to cost much. Instead of a stationary bike I just got one of those cheap pedal thingies you can put under a table and use while sitting on a chair.

>picked last
This humiliation can be avoided: One person creates two teams, the other person chooses the team they want to be on. I have to say that I'm thinking here about preteen kids. At some point you just have to get tough and deal with it :P


>Instead of a stationary bike I just got one of those cheap pedal thingies you can put under a table and use while sitting on a chair.
Anon, no offense to you but they are designed for geriatric people with no mobility. They could also cause a muscle imbalance or affect your joints depending on how you use them. It would be much more beneficial to walk fast outside for 10 minutes 3 times a day.


Juts curious. For any well trained or even body builder anons, are you an Arnold ride or die or a Mentzer head when it comes to training and diet. If anyone doesn't know, Arnold is high volume (long times in the gym, with many reps) vs Heavy Duty (High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at only 30-45 minutes). And diet wise, Arnold was more classic chicken, water, good fats, meanwhile Mentzer was high fat low carb diet.


The trick is to find what works for you. Different people react differently to food and training. The fact that you can post such different approaches that both achieved great success illustrates this.

That said, high volume doesn't necessarily promote growth, there's a golden zone for that. Arnold was just a freak who loved pumping iron for its own sake.


the main thing is volume. You can either do a few big lifts or many little lifts.
Intensity is more important for powerlifting because it stresses the CNS more and more reps are better for hypertrophy to tear down the muscles fibres, at least that is the common theme, idk if it's bro science.


70.7kg man this kinda sucks but at least i'm making little progress bit by bit


HIT is mostly bullshit created as a marketing gimmick to sell exercise machines. Vid rel talks about the specifics, but quite simply, there have been two Mr Olympias who have exclusively used HIT: Mentzer and Yates. Arnold, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, and every other man (IDK about the women's competitions) to take home a Sandow used regular training methods.

In your pic, Arnold has better Biceps, Delts, and chest, and Mentzer has better legs, triceps, and thicker forearms; this is probably from the 1980 olympia though, where Arnie wasn't at his best anyway.


>HIT is mostly bullshit created as a marketing gimmick to sell exercise machines.
HIIT for bodybuilding is kind of weird, it's more of a cardio conditioning thing. People will try to mix things that don't necessarily go together so they have a new gimmick to sell, that's capitalism for you.


HIIT was definitley useful for me to specifically build enough cardio condition to run a marathon in a relatively short time (3 months for a couch to 10k program), on that regard, it was crazy fucking useful. I dunno how it's meant to sell machines either.


Some cardio machines like treadmills have settings built in to do a HIIT cycle. Maybe that's what they meant. Doesn't really related to bodybuilding THOUGH.


I think HIIT is for cardio more than for muscle. For muscle, this >>36276 was the science before but now it's not about volume. Intensity and training to failure is more important. More important than specific training techniques is getting your nutrition on point and having consistent sleep hygiene.
Holy shit. And how did you go from 10k to the full marathon? I hate running, I don't think I'll ever do one.


It's taken on a life of its own, but initially HIT for mass - NOT HIIT, which is cardio - was invented by a guy with a line of exercise machines (Nautilus was the brand, I forget the guy's name but he was a weirdo in the vein of John McAffe). He authored a bullshit study to prove the effectiveness of his method, and Mentzer was one of his protogés. It's explained in the video I linked.


> And how did you go from 10k to the full marathon?
perhaps i'm confusing terms, but i thought 10k WAS a marathon lol, i'm barely at 8miles still after 5 months or so. i sticked somewhat close to this program http://www.myrunningtips.com/couch-to-10k.html


I would like to know how communism plays into lifting as well. LIke how can I ideologically support the habit? I like it and tell myself that weightlifting has existed since the dawn of humanity, but sometimes I think it's vanity.. How do I overcome this mentality?


Lifting weights is good for your health. Being in good health is a social good. It reduces the chances of injury and illness, reducing the social cost of you being alive and also allowing you to become more fulfilled and live longer for a higher quality of life.


What? If you enjoy it then just do it. You don't have to pledge misery like a Christian religion.


alright i started going to the gym and i feel like a faggot. Gonna keep going though


That's normal. It takes a few weeks to shake off the feeling every time I go back.


What's the best exercise to target specifically the ass? I want a big juicy ass. Bulgarian split squats are activating the quads too much.


I've never been to a real gym before (well it's Planet Fitness, but I gotta start somewhere lmao) and I'm just overwhelming by all the shit there. I'm trying to figure out just *what* everything does, let alone how. I'm just going to experiment for the first weeks until I figure out a good routine.


Ass to grass barbell backsquats


For isolation, do these with weights. There are machines for glutes as well. The one where she is holding a bumper plate works not just glutes but your posterior chain muscle group (


Maybe someone here can recommend a 3 day routine. Its the easiest to follow.
Right now I'm doing leg day one day, then upper body the next. It's not ideal, but I don't go often enough for it to matter that much. Sometimes I just do whatever I feel like.

Just do whatever you want for now. Its way more important that you are consistent than what you're doing.


How does the 1st one help with glutes? I don't think I can do it with weight and maybe can't do it at home.

I was doing right now the second one but elevated. I feel it on my ass.


Also, what's wrong with planet fitness lmao. Just go to whichever gym is more comfortable to go to.


The glutes contract and raise the upper body to parallel. The spinal electors (lower back) are involved as well, but compound lifts are ideal for beginners because you train a muscle group rather than a single muscle
They don't have barbells. The dumbells they do have are up to 75 lbs. 150 lbs dumbells arent abnormal for a normal gym


PF is basically a fake gym for people who want the appearance of working out without actually doing anything. They have a really bizarre "woke" attitude toward lifting, like doing too much of it is toxic or something.


OK nice. Next time I'm at the gym I'll hit the bowing chair with no weights.
Sorry, another question. Any exercises to strengthen the Psoas? I pulled that muscle and it fucked me up so royally. Basically gave me back pain for a good 6 months.


what the fuck. do not do this lmao. you want to get a blown out lower back disk?





I like how they won't let people bring in gallons of water.

Do the machines actually serve any purpose or am i wasting my time? I'm a skinny faggot and I want to at least get some muscle and tone, but I have no clue what I'm doing and there's only like 3 actual benches for lifting at PF.


The machines work but it's company policy to try to keep people from using them too much or with the weight too high because that makes you a "lunk" and "toxic." They make all their money on people who are like "I should work our… I'll do it eventually."


Excise faggot from your vocabulary.
Yes, the machines do stuff. Consume plenty of lean protein. Then just do front of the body (bicep, chest, shoulder, abs) one day, back another (Delts, upper, lower back, triceps), then leg another (don't forget calves). Then just cycle through these.

You want to lift as much as you can. Anything between 6-14 repetitions of an exercise, done like 3-4 times (sets) is great. The goal is that at the end of your repetitions, you're struggling to finish and you push through as best as possible. If you can't finish 6 then lower the weight and continue to try and finish the set. You can also do a warm up set, like doing a set with 50-70% of the target weight, it's optional but I feel it helps.

Even better if you do some full body to acclimate your at the beginning (optional). Do 2 or 3 full body training days first. Just try to hit all the major muscles. You want to do maybe 15 to 18 reps 3 sets. This means setting the weight so that you can do 15-18. You want to first acclimate your muscles. You'll be sore only at the beginning. After these full body days then do the 3 day thing.

More than anything just try to keep going for a few more weeks then your perspective will be different.


>You can also do a warm up set, like doing a set with 50-70% of the target weight, it's optional but I feel it helps.
It's also helpful for correcting your form.
Tbh lots of people prioritize weight too much and their form suffers and they wind up amplifying their mistakes over time.
Larger number of slower reps at a lower weight with better form is better in the long run for a beginner.


Yep, true. I really tried to give a solid but super simple workout routine that will serve the anon for a long time.

It's really easy to get inundated with a shit ton of micro-optimizations, frequently contradictory and have very little impact. Anon just needs a routine and to go the the gym. The routine is more to give a sense of order than for anything specific.

I don't recommend free weight exercises for beginners because it requires knowing the exercises. Machines have instructions written on them and the muscles they target. This is really useful in building intuition on what type of movements activates which muscles.

Basically anon needs to keep it super simple. Priority for now is to give it some sense of order to feel useful and to be consistent. Anon will start to see results in a few weeks. Anon also needs to buy whey protein, or whey protein isolate if they can afford it, and drink a shake of at least 50 grams a day of that shit at any point Anon is awake (doesn't have to be before or after gym, for example).

The grouping of the muscles is arbitrary. I suggested an ez way to think about it. Front body, back body, legs. If you like cardio then introduce it into your workout. Don't optimize anything, just enjoy lifting weights. Super good for you.


Yeah the routine you do is better than any you don't.


Thanks anon. It's sort of overwhelming at first but this all seems doable.


Very overwhelming and even worse if you watch workout shit online. They're like
>stick your tongue out and pinch your nipple, it is the ONLY way to do a barbell curl or else you're losing 99.9% of the gains.
There's so much bullshit out there lol. Keep posting your progress. How it went, how did you feel, why you didn't go, etc.


Personally I've gotten better results just flat out buying adjustable dumbbells and ditching the gym altogether, i did it because I was unable to fit going to the gym on my overemployed schedule, but if PF is too fucking annoying or something, you could always try to workout from home instead and expect good results regardless


i will


i dunno if this is the right place but has anyone tried ozempic? i just want to lose like 3 or 4% of body fat for a trip to the beach for january 2024, and i'm tempted to try it but i dunno if it has long term side effects or if it compromises muscle perfcentage or something. more than tempted, i want to say curious about it and want to know if i should seriously consider it for a one time thing only. if it doesn't worko i'll gladly go to the beach with 23% bfp it's not that unseemly.


You really don't need a drug for your goals. 3-4% body fat is not much to lose within 2-3 months (and 23% bf is not that much either). That's like 3 kilos if you are 90. You can do that without any special drug. You just need to get yourself into a caloric deficit. There's calculators you can use to determine how many calories it takes to maintain your weight vs lose x weight per week. You can lose about 1/4-1/2 of a kilo per week safely based on how much of a deficit you use. with ~10 weeks you're well within the ability to do that. There's free calorie trackers you can use to stay within the guidelines, but you don't need to be that precise. As long as you pay attention to what you eat you can maintain roughly the right deficit on average.

It might be better to focus more on the composition of the diet, eating more filling things to curb your appetite (like fruit and veg) instead of the normal food items. Instead of just restricting yourself, if you try to replace with new things then you can improve the quality of the food and distract yourself with the novelty. Eat plenty of fiber and protein to help promote weight loss, as well.


Ozempic is safe and good for people with overweight and especially obesity. I don't know how much it helps with your case though. You could try it I guess, you're already at a good weight. You'll probably still need to complement with a tight diet regardless so might as well do the tight diet now as you debate doing it.


>You really don't need a drug for your goals.
You can't know that from his post.


Comrades, I've stagnated my weight loss or even gone backwards. I'm putting more muscle, sure, but not enough to compensate the weight gain.

What's a good way to lose weight? Should I just keep eating lean and keep building muscle? My hope is that eventually I'll be like those gymbros that have a maintenance calories of 3000 and it will be a bit easier to lose weight. But by the looks of it, that would take at least a year of consistently going at least 3 times a week to the gym.

Any other advice?

What do you mean?


Assuming there's no unusual medical situation what anon describes is perfectly doable with a caloric deficit.


100%. It's ridiculous to immediately reach for drugs.
>It might be better to focus more on the composition of the diet, eating more filling things to curb your appetite (like fruit and veg) instead of the normal food items. Instead of just restricting yourself, if you try to replace with new things then you can improve the quality of the food and distract yourself with the novelty. Eat plenty of fiber and protein to help promote weight loss, as well.
Pure wisdom anons. Was gonna say it's like taking ozempic while eating shittily. Of course there's an anon up the thread asking about exactly that. Truly the most medicated population in the world.


for real
>what pill do I need to fit society's standards?
and for a minor cosmetic diffrence too


Why not use pills? It's what the rich do


>all this stuff
just buy a dumbbell set and a mat and do exercises at home if you dont wanna get too crazy
beginner routine is 3 days a week for exercising distinct "muscle groups": one of them for chest/shoulders, another for legs/pelvic region, and the last for back/abdomen/arms
you can find exercises for each online through googling/duckduckgo-ing and youtube
figure out how many sets and repetitions in those sets and additional weight (with dumbbells) is reasonably enough to train the muscles and build up strength without dangerously overexerting
30-60 minute walks most (or all) days of the week are good too
try to get more meat and veggies and fruits into your diet if there's not enough
this is good enough if you're not a bodybuilder or something


Why are ab machines so easy to max out? I mean, I'm not that strong and I always skip abs when I go to the gym. Surely I'm doing something wrong…

I personally think it's fine, with the caveat I made that you should still do everything right, meaning going to the gym, cutting calories, getting enough protein etc. Celebrities sell their image. It's their livelihood. It's not the same for you. Take care, whatever you do.

That said, Ozemic is pretty safe from what I understand. As someone who's struggling to lose weight, I'd strongly consider it. You're already at a healthier weight, no idea how much it can help you.


been going to the gym for the past month or so and i still want to kms, now what


Keep going.





Keep going scrub we need you good and strong in case you need to punch fascists.


anyone with adhd pls tell me lifting gets easier with meds


I don't have ADHD but it should, yeah.


You'll start to enjoy it and it's very healthy for your mind and body. As a side effect, you'll feel way better, have more energy, your mood will improve, you'll get better sleep. And another side effect that's not as important as the others is that your body will start to look nicer and you'll feel more confident, plus people will trust you more and other things like that.

Just go. It's basically a necessary activity to be healthy.


I've stopped losing weight. I've counted my calories and sure, there's still space to reduce even more but then I'll be fucking hungry all the time and that's not really sustainable. Most of the weight I've lost has been relatively easy, but now I'm stuck. Diet fatigue is a bitch.

Any advice?


Do more exercise? And drink more water


Not the answer I wanted but probably the correct one.
I'll do that. It's really hard to do exercise more than 3 times a week :/


Try to get into the habit of moving more. There's a known correlation between people being "fidgety" and keeping a lower weight. So the more opportunities you can find to move around or just move part of your body (like tapping your foot), the more calories you'll burn in a day.


This seems cool
Aside from https://www.strongerbyscience.com/complete-strength-training-guide/ and Starting Strength >>27273 (3rd edition on libgen), these are the other reading recommendations

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