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"Our hands pass down the skills of the last generation to the next"
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Ask your /fit/ related questions here.

[b]Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky"[/b]

how do i overcome the wall? i'v been working out for almost a year now, gained about 33lbs mostly muscles.

i have no made any gain in the past 4 months now despite woring out and eating the same way. how do i get past this and gain muscles again?
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High T in men and women is associated with bisexuality


File: 1618502048835.jpg (24.91 KB, 480x480, fboy face.jpg)

Hey! don't insult her

Sorry about that queen, You know I'm always here if you need a baby daddy hahaha


>Why is walking up a wall with your hands from a bridge
Post vid
I can't imagine this


File: 1618503395847.jpg (21.59 KB, 350x490, step-7-wall-walking-bridge….jpg)



That's walking down the wall. It's step 8: walking back up it that's really heckin hard.


i can only fig 96 maybe

dunno what you can use that flexibility for but i want it


File: 1618540945738.mp4 (6.29 MB, 1280x720, Kyriakos Kapakoulak.mp4)

If you can't afford a wall, vidrel is a thrifty alternative


It's not just flexibility. Bridging makes your back super strong, which is useful for all sorts of things.

That's impressive but it's only half the motion.


I thought it was a bad idea to come out of stretches using the muscles that you have just stretched.


That's not a stretch, that's a calisthenic maneuver.


I just tried it and it definitively felt like a stretch.


File: 1618596910082.mp4 (19.27 MB, 1280x720, Yoga Wall Backbending Demo….mp4)

I will never be able to do this


Now do it several more times in a row, as a set.


With a gut and upper body as massive as that guy, it's most definitely a strength maneuver for him.


"Fun" fact this is actually bad for your back




File: 1618604199636.jpg (21.28 KB, 470x705, contortionist.jpg)

>A medical publication from 2008 suggests that long-term damage to the spine, called scoliosis, is common in long-term contortion practitioners. A study of five practitioners using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by Peoples et al. documented limbus vertebrae, intervertebral disc bulges, and disc degeneration. Three of the five practitioners also reported back pain.[2]


Ouch, well, normal bridges aren't necessarily contortionism. You don't need to smash your hands into your feet like that woman. Pretty small sample size regardless, though.


As a matter of fact, bridges are often prescribed by physical therapists to patients with scoliosis.


mashallah let this infidel nazi die soon with the worst heart attack


Would like to join but kept getting kicked and now I'm banned. Why? I'm not aware of doing anything wrong.


>uneven pushups -> 1/2 one-armed pushups
This progression is ridiculous. Isn't there some other kind of intermediate step here?


What is the best way to get drunk with least amount of negative impact on my gains? I'm thinking I should wait 48 hours after my last workout and maybe eat all my daily protein in the morning. I think I can even workout on that same day because muscle regeneration doesn't begin immediately anyway.

So it's probably best to just get drunk right after the first workout after a resting day, right?


>>15307 (me)
>maybe eat all my daily protein in the morning
Or should I first get drunk, then eat protein after I sober up? Alcohol stays in your blood for up to 6 hours, while protein stays in your system for 24 hours. Apparently it's also not very effective to eat that much protein at once, it should be consumed across multiple meals.


Me and my gym buddies used to get smashed every night. Even on a cut, I'd budget in calories for a half pint of whiskey. Stop worrying about micromanaging your entire leaf based around gains. Go to gym, eat protein, sleep long


Stop caring about them. Nobody cares about your stretch marks and neither should you. People you meet don't go about their lives thinking about you or picking out your flaws (real or perceived) in their heads. They think about their own lives and responsibilities. The sooner you learn this, the better.


What will happen to my body if I lift 1.5Kg objects until exhaustion

I want to see what the body looks like with absurd reps with extremely low weights


File: 1620022129382.jpg (36.66 KB, 750x393, sandow.jpg)

Well Eugen Sandow, the first modern bodybuilder, was known for training using very high reps and low weight.


It's surprising how little bodybuilders know about the soviet system

Shock those muscles, build that tone



> know about the soviet system
what's that


It's about torturing your body as much as possibly by surprising it with different regimens
Arnold explains it nicely


i knew not having an organized exercise regimen would benefit me someday


Nothing Arnold says about body building can be taken seriously because he's a well-known juicer.


File: 1620185653334.jpg (40.3 KB, 480x612, markerperiodizationchart.jpg)

Well, Arnold's system is different. He's a nazi not a commie.
But the core concept of a "varied-routine" is core to the "soviet system".


Steroids are so effective at building muscle that people taking them generally put on muscle doing nothing at all faster than people actually doing strength training without them.


>He's a nazi
ayo what


Can I just get fit doing activities such as biking, hiking, and kayaking? I never liked going to the gym.


Define get fit


Just generally healthy. I don't care about aesthetics or being "strong", I just want to be active and healthy.


If you take it seriously then yes, but just doing those things casually will only get you moderate amount of success


File: 1620272231546-0.jpg (6.05 KB, 400x250, sidecrowvar-56aa40e45f9b58….jpg)

File: 1620272231546-1.jpg (65.44 KB, 960x642, b80502786b3ac9cef9514582a6….jpg)

You could "get fit" by doing yoga or "get fit" by doing strongman

The choice is yours


>mfw all the effort and time put into fitness during my youth is being eaten away as aging cripples me and I can’t do all the shit I used to


what about strongman yoga?


File: 1620311198527.jpg (23.02 KB, 350x350, human flag.jpg)

You mean calisthenics.


If you don't already lift, start. If you already do, continue to lift. Trapbar deadlift is probably ideal. Muscle mass/strength is the most important thing for people to be stable on their legs and help prevent slips/falls in older age. Look it up if you don't believe me.




i don't understand how that can happen if you're exercising regularly


Gymbod training and gym culture are bourgeois and inherently problematic. A fit, capable body should be a BYPRODUCT of a lifestyle full of work and free from capitalist influence, not the GOAL at the expense of avoiding work and indulging in capitalist (gym) influence. Exercise should be free comrades.


But how is that possible
So much of modern work is computerized


Father Time is undefeated and has a 100% Knockout ratio

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