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What are your drugs anons?

Acid is something I could do everyday but I need to get more.

Sometimes drugs:
Mescaline is cool, but it spanks you hard. I dunno if I could be on a mescaline high everyday and be functional.
Spanks you way harder than mesc but I'm a weirdo who likes Salvia for some reason. It freaks you out, but I really owe my spiritual growth first and foremost to Salvia I think after weed. It really shocks you out of your default mindset.

No more drugs:
>stims, dextroamphetamine, methamphetamine, methylphenidate
I was prescribed high doses of that shit at an early age. So many of my most traumatic experiences in life were on stims. Don't think I want to fuck with them again, although sometimes I feel like I could use that boost. I just now how crazy they make you.

Tried it once. Can't say I remember it doing anything. Maybe it was bad MDMA or I didn't do enough.
I was prescribed Hydrocodone once and I remember getting a eupohoric high and feeling like everything was right with the world. Don't know if I want to really get into them seeing all the opiate junkies and how it effects them. Definitely don't want to shoot anything into my veins and collapse them and all that. I'd maybe smoke it or do it orally.

Want to try:


I forgot shrooms. Shrooms were cool but definitely another sometimes drug. Maybe microdosing would be cool. Definitely another one of those spank your ass drugs.


File: 1664943422405.png (46.5 KB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)

I bought some carts in New Mexico on a work trip because I didn't want to risk smuggling the herb. I dunno, I love flower so much more. These things were expsensive as fuck but I didn't have time or opportunity to shop around. 70 a gram. Supposedly 98% THC but it's not getting me blasted at all.

Sucks being in a state with no legal THC-9. They sell THC-8 and THC-10 at every gas station, but that shit is pretty whack to be honest. I guess it's better than nothing. Smoking the real herb is way better than anything else.


up to once or twice a week, alcohol. 25yo



I quit weed finally, surprised at how easy it is, I'm having a much harder time quitting alcohol and coffee


File: 1664957826957.jpg (4.06 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20220920163226.jpg)

I tried weed multiple times but I don't really like it, I dunno why I keep doing it though, I'd hate to do anything stronger, like psychedelics but curiosity is a bitch


File: 1664958414382.png (1.97 MB, 2448x3264, ClipboardImage.png)

My bad. Shoulda searched the catalogue first.
>I quit weed finally, surprised at how easy it is, I'm having a much harder time quitting alcohol and coffee


File: 1664958737626.png (35.08 KB, 400x300, ClipboardImage.png)

Weed is great. Maybe try mescaline. I think everyone has a good time on mescaline. It'll fuck you up but you'll probably like it. You're going to have to clear out a whole day for it because you'll be fucked up for like 12 hours. The analogs are also pretty good IMO.


Love between man and weed is the purest form of love.


File: 1664958998051.png (73.14 KB, 465x345, ClipboardImage.png)


I quit weed for financial reasons, I hate it but I need to get out of debt first


That's the thing, if I have a 'bad trip' you're pretty much trapped in a hell for hours. Perhaps if I took MDMA in tandem it would prevent it?


Bad trips you can learn from


I can barely handle weed probably because I am predisposed to neuroticism beforehand and it exacerbates it, doubt I could do psyches, I'm still a newbie though.


Psychedelics are different from weed I can tell you that much, psychs can be anything from escapist fun to finding and confronting truths about yourself you're uncomfortable with. If you are going to do psychedelics you need to treat them with the respect you would an extreme sport like skiing or skydiving. You can get hurt.






i don't do it anymore but i used to…


nice song.
I ordered some speed to self-medicate, if it's effective I might try go through legitimate means but it is tedious.


CBD when I feel anxious (so quite often).
Alcohol with friends occasionally when I got out night.


Very rarely and with lots of prep:
Rare because its hard to obtain but great fun:
>vaped dmt
Every two or three months:
>coke (a new one for me)
>a tiny puff of hash (weed high doesn't suit me well)
Every 3 weeks:
>very drunk on whatever
Twice a week (at least):
>beer (trying to change it to wine for the calories)


To alcohol consumers:
How do you even manage to swallow that shit? The taste is awful.


what are you drinking lmao, there are so many varieties you gotta find your niche and so many mixes you can experiment with.

But if you're drinking straight liquor or spirits than yeah it's gonna be an 'acquired taste' for most.


The secret is to just chug whatever cheap crap you have as quick as you can to get absolutely fucked.
Ive been staying away from alcohol for a little while now and I am trying not to get back into it.


Drink liqueurs instead, they taste nice AF


File: 1665340728849-0.png (4.24 MB, 1600x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665340728849-1.png (123.6 KB, 333x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Vodka mixed with your drink of choice. My dad was a wine man since forever, but now I've converted him to vodka cocktails. I personally don't like dark liquors. The flavor makes me want to gag. Beer I don't want a beer gut and all those kind of issues. Wine is ok but give me heartburn actually. Vodka cocktails is where it's at.

T. drinks a handle plus of vodka a week.

This is my go to vodka right now. I was drinking Green Mark before because it's slightly cheaper but still good and glass bottle but they actually passed a law or something against Russian booze when the war started lol.


Dont drink it straight or stick with beer.
I can relate tho, only whiskey goes down easily for me


Beer is the worst tasting one of all (to me) but then I'm a supertaster which sucks


You will probably want mixed drinks then, can't say Ive had many but I really liked the white russian I tried once despite realyl hating vodka


they're the menthol of alcohol


Ooof. Stay away from IPAs. I personally like low sweetness, sour, and slighlty bitter mixed drinks.

Easy and really good cocktails:
Mezcal or tequila with soda water and a splash of grapefruit juice is the bomb.
Rum with soda water and a splash of sprite or coke.
Vodka with soda water and practically any berry or citric juice, even gatorade, most if not all sodas, or a splash of a nice tasting energy drink (just don't drink too many energy drinks, of course).

Make sure you fill your glass to the brim or even more with ice, then the liquor, then the soda water, then the splash of whatever.

You don't need any special equipment or technique. Just eye ball it and you'll get the hang of it quick. Super easy.


It would be way better if it wasn't for the extreme horniness.


I'm addicted to sugar.


Weed. "Purple Trainwreck." It makes me feel rekt.


me too bestie


>Mescaline is cool, but it spanks you hard. I dunno if I could be on a mescaline high everyday and be functional.
Lol. Where did you get mescaline? Sounds like bullshit to me.


Personally I find weed makes me feel like shit, really paranoid and ruminating self consciously every time. Psychedelics I find easier to handle, although last and biggest experience I had was still very difficult and kind of hellish for a few hours, spliced with moments of pure bliss, my life is really fucked up though and I was not in a good set and setting as it were so YMMV. I started messaging all my contacts and nearly fucked up and did insane shit on social media just by not understanding technology, and ruined that "face" though, so I recommend doing it with someone you asbolutely trust and feel comfortable with (I have no such people, so do solo) or at least abandon technology and do a small/medium dose somewhere safe and without judgemental strangers. Anyways this is just my two cents but I am also neurotic and hate the feeling of weed. I will say overall the experience was a positive one and I feel I have shed some amount of the negative emotionality and at the time anyways it helped me break out of toxic life patterns and discover things about my own life I had not considered. That being said it was emotionally and existientially exhausting and it could have ended much more poorly.


Pyschedelics are a totally different animal from weed, it's not like they're just a stronger version of it or something. I was nervous about trying shrooms for the same reason (weed makes me paranoid), but every time I've done them it's been a wonderful experience.


I'm on 40 mg adderall for my adhd and it helps me focus abit.
What other adhd drugs should I check out?


depression is my drug of choice


I'm utterly addicted to weed and crystal meth. I've had multiple psychotic breaks that put me in jail, the psych ward, and the state mental hospital.

I have been smoking pot from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep since about 2017 (2 rehab stays and aforementioned institutionalizations notwithstanding, although I did get high whenever the opportunity presented itself in those settings).

I did a lot of psychedelics at one point in time. Probably too many. Initially I had only very positive experiences but over time the trips started to take on a hollow, sinister despondent, agonizing sort of vibe and I stopped taking them more than once or twice a year.

How do you feel about marmite?

Here's two ways to get mescaline (out of at least 5 I could think of)



just weed, sometimes party drugs when im out with friends but mainly it's a crippling dependency on weed.

getting better though. went from an everyday smoker smoking a bag over a few days, to still being an everyday smoker but just one gram before bed.


I've never done adderal but dextroamphetamine/vyvanse I think is smoother probably with less PNS stimulation/heart stimulation. probably worth checking out


Also I know you said adhd drugs but try omega 3 supplements and exercise, good sleep hygiene and probiotic stuff like yogurt. It helped me a lot anyways. Also take magnesium citrate or other bio-available magnesium supplements right after you dose in order to help prevent tolerance formation


Anyone else here fuck with Kratom, in my experience It like a more upbeat codeine(if your liver actually metabolizes well).

I like it and take it about twice(sometimes 3 times but never more that) its just a weak but chill opi, and im lucky enough to have shops near me cliqued in with good vendors.

after hearing it original purpose as used by the rural proletariat of southeast asia I tried it out while doing yardwork and that shit had me digging up gardens bed and wheelburrowing with ease


coke ket alcohol are the holy trinity for me - occasionally speed

used to really enjoy various tryptamines and psychs in general but recently every trip has just made me suicidal by the end. same for weed.

very sad because i used to love both.


You shouldn't combine alc with keta or coke. It can be very toxic.


yeah I use it to help me get thru workdays, and helps concentration for my hobbies. I brew it in the mornings and keep it in a tea flask to sip through the day I find that works the best. then every week or so I switch around the strain to prevent tolerance build up.


maybe if you're a boring faggot sure

if you know your limits who gives a fuck


Yeah Kratom is cool but have you tried fentanyl? love this shit 🤤(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


im a lil concerned anon


I only do weed (and alcohol and tobaco sometimes) for now, but i want to do all psychedelics


I drank a coffee today and it didn't hit well as it sometimes happens. I was having anxiety and not having fun. I had some ashwaganda pills I had bought but was reluctant to use. But since I was having a bad time, and figured lowering my cortisol was probably better than just suffering while I rode it out, I took an ashwaganda pill.

It might be pure placebo but it drastically lowered my anxiety to almost negligible levels, with no drowsiness, euphoria, or disinhibition I've heard comes from using barbiturates.

Easily next time I have an anxiety episode I'll be popping one of these babies. Nothing beats regulating anxiety like going to the gym but unfortunately I've been lacking recently which is why I think I got an episode.




vaped and eaten


once a month


2-3 times a year



i've done pretty much every drug, ive settled into this routine because its safe and fun


Like the other guy said, you can legally buy mescaline containing cactuses or you can also buy synthesized mescaline or mescaline analogss.


How crazy that most of human society says Alcohol+Tobacco+Caffeine are the only acceptable drugs. The main argument they have against weed is it "makes you lazy." What a slave driver argument huh? Not to mention it's completely empty and can be used for any form of entertainment.

>whoah this guy doesn't have a job and plays video games or watches anime all day

>that must be the cause not a correlation!


weed is truely the best drug on the planet if you vape it, I hit it through a bong all day + use the leftovers to make edibles.

Im productive af and hold down a job ect, its just a risk free fun drug on the level of drinking a coffee lmao; at worst it can make me a bit anixious, which I just slow my roll/go for a work out about.


Caffine everyday, and I've bummed the occasional weed gummy off my mom before.


Tons of coffee and a pack of cigarettes every day. No alcohol or weed.


'ove speed
'ove stim rants
'ove manic energy
'ove turbo focus
'ove unearned confidence
'ove min-maximing literally everything
'ove robot mode
'ove lower neuroticism
'ove increased strength and athletic ability
'ove more active life style
'ove TAAR activation and anti-depressant effect
'ove 48 hour séxo
'ove daily driver use to actually treat ADHD
'ove increased extroversion and socializing with people
'ove shenanigins or game autism with friends
'ove obsessively absorbing useless information
'ove petting cats
'ove hiking
'ove not chasing the dragon and getting caught in hedonic treadmil
'ove organizing shit and keeping the place clean
'ove doing shit with me free time instead of posting here
'ove seeing in the dark real good with dilated the fuck pupils and increased cognitive visual acuity
'ate dehydration
'ate tolerance
'ate 14 hour wank addiction
'ate insomnia
'ate actual mania
'ate treating people like shit
'ate impaired emotions and random coldness or lack of empathy
'ate risky behaviours
'ate inability to eat babushka's pie
'ate all the times people get addicted and their lives get shreked even more
'ate stim dick
'ate freaking people out by being stimmed the fuck out with dilated af pupils


shit. take a line, it'll straighten you out.


ive not gotten the weed makes you lazy shit. Couchlock is definitely real but plenty of people are productive on weed, anyone who works retail or fast food alr knows this. that being said if weed somehow does make it impossible for you to be productive you should only smoke on the weekends



wow I literally did some amp yesterday. I wasn't expecting it but it really is one of my fav drugs(as long as I have weed and phenibut on hand, I bet that shit sucks without downers on deck). its like a much less empathetic but more sustainable and less intense MDMA roll.

>any tricks and tips from veteran amp users?

>post amphetamine choons


this track fire af I'm always looking for commie electronic music, I feel like rave music and communism share a natural affinity or at least PLUR is antithetical to capitalism.


don't drink too much on it. hash is better than weed. best way to consume it is to dilute it in water and drink it, snorting comes on too fast and lasts too short.


illegal raves have always been counterculture. we see an explosion of these EDM and hippie psytrance shit all over the place cause capitalists want to exploit and capitalise on the sentiment/feel. of course all the EDM and psyrance artists are safe, support all the liberal causes, etc.


god I really fuckin hate hippies sometimes
I also hate that the nearest legit underground rave might not even exist and is also a 2 hour drive away. at this point i might just start my own but I feel like that is much easier said than done


MDMA is an amazing drug. DMT and MDMA are my favorite. Unfortunately its not so easy to get my hands on DMT and I don't think MDMA is too healthy to do too regularly.


>if I wasn't happy before, I am now
>elevator, take me to the top floor, I'm in heaven


good comedown song also why does every art hoe have a stim abuse phase


its easily one of the best drugs of all time, I only use it 3-4 times a year cuz so far the research Ive read indicates that several MDMA metabolites are bad and dont play nicely with serotonin receptors. Amp and phenibut are p good alternative that wont take a shit on your serotonin.

DMT is also rare where I am, I just want a DMT cart so I can have subbreakthough trips in random places. Just hike out to a cool area trip my dick off for 15 minutes and on to the next spot and a safe drive home.


>I only use it 3-4 times a year
this and only this
heed this


File: 1688431348684.jpg (109.02 KB, 500x500, not-a-gif.jpg)

I [for whatever reason] happened to get a small baggie of unknown white powder into my possession. All I know is that it's a drug of some kind.
Question to the more seasoned ITT: How do I determine whether it's a stimulant, opioid, hallucinogenic, etc? Is there a non-incriminating way of finding out what this is, scientifically? I assume there's also easier vs more expensive ways of doing this, right?
Don't know if it adds anything but it's like 1 gram.


the best option is getting 1 or possibly 2-3 test kits if your able to just order shit online otherwise small white powder could be god knows what

>will OP post the baggie?


>How do I determine whether it's a stimulant, opioid, hallucinogenic, etc?
Take a pic, I could probably tell. Crush it with a card, does it go into a fine powder? Is it made up of tiny crystals? Is it white or is it off-white? Smell it, do you smell gasoline or acetone? Take a tiny bit on your finger, lick it. Is it bitter? Is it sour? Did it make the tip of your tongue go numb?

It's probably not a hallucinogenic. It is most likely coke, speed or MDMA. If you live in the US, it's probably laced with fentanyl and you should throw it away.


File: 1688863729800.png (897.44 KB, 1125x1113, misato_stoner.png)

how is /drugs/ doing :3


p gud did shrooms and phenibut at the pier today had a great time


Not good because I'm in Texas and drug dealers are a fuck. I'm on booze as always but I can't get weed because weed dealers her are retarded. I'm a Californian born and raised and I can't deal with not buying weed from the store. Bout to just drive to colorado and get some weed fr fr. Just cost me $100~ in gas.


damn that sucks heard texas got cheaper lean tho at least


Anyone know any legit places online to buy drugs in the UK?


File: 1692324992355.png (9.3 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Picked up some Bromazolam recently anyone have any experiences with it, my research seems to indicate its overall similar to Alprazolam but longer lasting and more amnesic. I'll have to report back later with a comparison. attempt at xanaxjak mod pls dont delete


Just use a darknet market and order domestically


Is pot a rich/bougie persons substance of choice? Back in my day USA for ref 1g of MJ went for $20 usually. No idea what its like now since I dont typically buy MJ for various reasons now. But I remember thinking back then $20 for something so small. Even now today, you could get absolutely hammered for $20. Someone explain this to me


I only do scopolamine


I dont drink much so Im struggling to compare the two but at least where I am weed is $10/g at most (buying in bulk is way cheaper, $100 for an oz) and the booze is heavily taxed so I wanna say the former is more bang of your buck but maybe thats not true in ur location.


also for most people who dont smoke weed, you take one puff of that and you're gone whereas I feel like even a lightweight such as myself could knock back a few beers with being hammered, but again Im struggling to imagine a pound for pound comparison




Not sure about that. Not all pots made equally. Obviously it takes more work with beer but I hate beer. Dead fucking last choice of booze for me


File: 1693095076034.png (103.07 KB, 469x835, ClipboardImage.png)

What do you drink then? for reference here's the stuff in the 20 dollar range at my local store, meanwhile .gov site claims high quality weed averages at $7/g


Cheap vodka, primarily. Whatever gov site you're looking at probably isnt taking region or black market mark ups into account. 1g for anything less than $20 is unheard of where I live


File: 1693097530969.png (515.37 KB, 769x761, ClipboardImage.png)

Absolute cheapest vodka is $10 for 200ml and you're right that site didn't take into account the illicit market but the illicit market is even cheaper than the legal one here. Yes its clear we're in different countries, Im just using this as an excuse to complain about alcohol costs and now im genuinely interested in optimizing buzz/dollar


what's that? another opportunity to post norm? will do


I'm high on life


this but without smugness


File: 1693636639757.jpg (113.41 KB, 640x590, oldfieldsuccession.jpg)

tripping on muscimol rn whats good anons




dayumm. drinking coffee

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