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general lego tread


can anyone give a leftist analysis of Lego ninjago?


Sokebody opennupntue archives


why are legos so expensive? are we gonna get cheap quality legos under communism?


comrade mainstream media also made this beautiful analysis on the Lego movie



File: 1608525700715-0.png (324.73 KB, 975x548, kulak.png)

File: 1608525700715-1.jpg (7.71 KB, 250x167, commiego.jpg)

kai (best ninja forever) is called the RED ninja, he also owns a smith with his sister in the beginning of the story, clearly he is a red state republican kulak, but later as he gets attacked and his sister gets kidnapped he is forced to train with sensei wu, a old (probably soviet) spinjitsu master, there kai learns there is more to the world then just his career as a smith, there is a beautiful moment in the story where his sister is safe, but the evil lord garmadon is still on lose, and he decides to risk his live to save the world, the red that first represented his right wing selfish republican side changed meaning, now he is a true selfless red communist, this is the main arc of our main character in season one, and i get tears in my eyes every time i rewatch this beautiful piece, its recommencement to watch the whole series if you have not yet, its truly a masterpiece, and this arc is just a small part of the communist message the creators put into it


File: 1608525701088-0.jpg (10.65 KB, 291x164, poor proles.jpg)

File: 1608525701088-1.jpg (14.44 KB, 480x360, epic final battle.jpg)

File: 1608525701088-2.jpg (8.3 KB, 285x160, kai, our comrade.jpg)

then you also have sensei wu himself, not only did he make kai communist, he himself is obviously a soviet, just can see how he took the ninjas from all different parts of the world, all of them poor working class people, because sensei understood that the proletarian is the only thing that could destroy lord garmadon, who himself is a LORD, the ultimate bourgeoisie, he has a whole army of workers who he worked to the bone, nothing more than tools for garmadon, you can clearly see this when the ninjas do the tornado of creation, that turned all the skeletons in a Ferris wheel, nothing more then a tool, you can see this in all of them but one, samukai, the leader of the skeleton (clearly no democracy in the workplace like with the ninjas) that wanted to overthrow his lord, and everyone who saw the show knows what that lead to, this shows a very clear message, no, you cant just become the new bourgeoisie, like what kai wanted to do as a smith, as a small independent smith he tried to take over the weapon industry, although he was mediocre at it at best because he didn't learn this crucial lesson, in order to become rich you need to exploit labour of others, just like garmadon, as kai looks at samuKAI, he looks at what he could have become, a smith, a parasite, but instead he choose to use his powers to help others, his fellow ninjas, his comrades

there many more communist messages in this amazing series, does anyone read these and want to know more?



the official Lego website CLEARLY states that "Lego's" is never a proper term to use, Lego is the name of all Lego products, you can have 2 Lego bricks, never 2 Lego's, get away from this tread you Lego peasant, your not a true fan

>are we gonna get cheap quality legos under communism?

to answer your question, yes we would, this is why we need communism


File: 1608525701523.png (2 MB, 1920x1080, hisssss.png)

yes, please continue, your analysis is very interesting. do you think that the serpentines are supposed to represent libertarians?


File: 1608525701782.jpg (18.74 KB, 652x417, haqr7lxmdg441.jpg)

i'm sorry ;_;


yes, exactly, like you read my mind just there

its okay anon, not everyone can be as big brained in the knowledge of Lego as me


Oh the snake were fricking bad ass ,each one had a species based ability, the anaconda was the last of its species .
Legend if chima had better politics, with the lion kulaks holding all the chi and not giving it to the other tribes


> with the lion kulaks holding all the chi and not giving it to the other tribes

lol, as a kid i never got how the lions where supposed to be the good guys, i always rooted for the wolfs


File: 1608525702120-1.jpg (281.02 KB, 1600x900, lib.jpg)

File: 1608525702120-2.jpg (54.24 KB, 640x628, epic lego meme.jpg)


then you have season two, garmadon can come back any day now, but the ninjas are more or less prepared, then they notice him,

loyd, the son of the lord, if the lord is the aristocracy then out of aristocracy comes the bourgeoisie, a lesser evil, but a evil nonetheless,
so the ninjas fight it, but fast they learn a valuable lesson, you dont need to destroy the world with the bourgeoisie, you only need to transport the bourgeoisie world into a socialist world, so they transform Loyd (the bourgeoisie) into the embodiment of socialism,

the green symbolizes the care of nature a lot of young socialists have today, which is fitting in the more modern setting (ninjago city, showing times have changed and we are more in the future now) but that the bourgeoisie is defeated in Loyd doesn't mean it was defeated in the world,
and like kai has learned in the pilot, there is more to the world then just you, that why we still have the serpents, the libertarians, who first was befriended with loyd,
but like kai loyd had to learn you cant trust snakes,python is obviously Jeff Bezos, a bourgeois libertarian, that is why he rules all other snakes while giving them a facade of liberty with the tribe leaders who get chosen by strength, as we can see with the end of the old Hypnobrai leader and the beginning of the new one,typical of libertarians

(i once made a poem about them "in capitalism you are free, its not a slave if he got paid to be, here you have only one right, getting freedom with your own might, but what about the weak? what if they to for freedom seek? well they are out of luck, dont you agree that commies suck?" and i think that describes the snakes "everyone can be tribe leader" mentality pretty well)


Dude the "bad guys" were more interesting, the wolves wolfs were a nomad always on the move , the rhino's were proto communist whos leader loved that eagle girl, the crow's who were ancaps
The good guys had the cliché peaceful gorillas although the bears that slept and went to the dream world was pretty nice


>the rhino's were proto communist

kek where do you get that from?


File: 1608525702582-0.jpg (58.68 KB, 640x640, epic cuck.jpg)

File: 1608525702582-1.jpg (28.08 KB, 590x290, team ninja.jpg)

its also telling how garmadon became evil because he got bitten by the ultimate snake, the great devourer (metaphor for mass consumerism)

lords, bourgeoisie and libertarians all seem to be connected, and that is why the ninjas fight against all of them, throughout the entire series, the season ends with the snake defeated and them spinning on the path of communism



There only currency were rock's and they literally lived in a rock pit ,also the king lived as am equal with his people


based rhinos


season 2: (just checked, pilot doesn't count as a season oops) ultimate lord, biggest aristocrat of them all, if garmadon is a baron then the overlord is the king long ago defeated (first spinjutsu master is the leader of french revolution who beated the king) also intresting how the skeletons help the ninjas out once there master is gone (they reached class consciousness, there not the bad guys) also the snakes help, having learned from there mistakes and became libertarian socialist

season 3, technology falls in the hands of the overlord (king) monarchs are more dangerous then ever

season 4, literal bourge fast food store owner wants army of libertarians to take over the world

season 5, ronin is a literal petty bourge, ghost are lead by old guy who cant let things go, what does that remind you off? (conservatives)

season 6, after being kicked off there homeland some ghosts (Zionists) try to invade someone else's land to live there, the ninjas are pro Palestine and beat them

season 7, (honestly i grew up around this time, everything else i watched after this point and even a bit before that was pure out of nostalgia) some guy is obsessed with time, ultra conservative, other guy is a neolib who doesn't care but doesn't want to get confrontational so goes along with it all

season 8, insane religious cult tries to resurrect to go back to "better time's"

season 9, Netflix doesnt have this yet and dont know howto get it, dont know what happens after this point


File: 1608525703018.jpg (28.08 KB, 590x290, team ninja.jpg)

so that is my communist ANALysis on lego ninjago, if anyone has questions, objections or there own interpretation ill be glad to hear it


thank you, I appreciate your analysis of ninjago very much. do you think that nya's character is supposed to represent feminist themes? also why does her outfit have the colors of vietcong?


that is a striking analysis, the feminist part is probably unironically true since Nya was a damsel in distress stereotype in the pilot but i like how the creators decided to give girls a role model to look up to

so Nya is a Vietcong, skyler is a mutualist (she owns her own fast food chain but is still sympathetic to the ninjas)
Jay is transhumanist (he also shows interest for technology so makes sense),
zane a pacifist that rather uses his head to solve problems then to fight them out, we saw this a few times like instead of fighting the Zionist ghost he played chess with him,
Cole is a anarchist and kai obviously is a communist, although later in the show we saw a lot more black, so we can guess that the ninjas became a lot more anarchist as time went on, the ninjas also became lot more independent from sensei wu as the show went on so you see how the ninjas get more and more passionate for a stateless society



well because she is sympathetic to the ninjas she probably doesn't own it herself, maybe she does for legal reasons in the capitalist society that ninjago is but its probable she runs it like a co op


Bumping this thread.

Guys, where is the online lego community these days? I am very nostalgic for like 2008 or 2010 when Flickr, Eurobricks, Brikwars MOCpages, Saber Scorpion Forums etc were super active, tons of custom creations and activity

since then all those websties have largely died. Feels super fucking bad man.

Like there is r/lego which is dogshit. the lego general at 4chan is even worse.

Is everyone on instagram now or something?


LOL, its not so secret given the fact that the mainstream media was bitching about its anti-capitalism for weeks


>the new republic
the hell is that even?



It's actually LEGO for singular and plural


Good article.


Lego women are cute


there are actually some pretty good knockoffs out there too if you look


How active is the Bunkerchan Lego community?

im trying to get away from 4chan as the constant /pol/ism there is getting tired, never got into using reddit, so im trying to find new communities for my hobbies.

This seems to have a post every few weeks.


We're a slow board but if you post enough questions and other posts, you'll get people replying more actively.


have you checked out /lg/ on /toy/ lately? The super mario sets have caused a wage of /v/ shitposters that spam the threads non stop and have made them totally unusable


motherfucker build me right here and now a 5 stud wide car that resembles an actual car with steering and opening doors that also fits a minifig or two if you're so cool
i take 6 studs if you can fit the minifigs side by side

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