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File: 1671424761206.mp4 (23.66 MB, 1280x720, Andor.mp4)


New general since last one hit bump limit.

Previous general:

I hate SW and stopped after Force Awakens, but Andor brought me back. No Jedi/Sith junk just normal people trying to survive along with attempted humanization of Imperials so the Empire is not as much of a cartoon villain anymore. Highly character driven since there isn't any action until the final episode of each story arc (each arc is roughly 3 episodes) and even then action sequences are very brief. Music also slaps and it's a pretty slow burn so ADHD zoomers probably can't handle it. Also no one has plot armor besides the main character so anyone can die or get screwed over at any moment which is a major step up. This is the direction I was hoping the newer trilogy would go in but Disney completely failed and it's no wonder that Andor managed to do it right, because the writer for Andor admitted that he hates Star Wars too and wanted to write an actual story and not just a big budget vehicle with which to shill merchandise and toys. Andor is like one of those EU novels pre-Disney takeover that got brought to life.






File: 1671498091103.png (688.36 KB, 3731x794, tradefederation.png)



Rougue One was already the best out of the bunch of NuSWs so picking off from there was a good choice. I just love how so many fans get mad at Andor because it isn't self-referential and driven by showing off prop, fandoms were a mistake.

But even then I don't even see it. While it's story driven it still does enough fan service to remind you it's still Star Wars, you have Tie Fighters, Coruscant, Mon Mothma, a cute droid, and all that.

Also retarded zoomers can't recognize the political implications and /pol/yps get mad because it's anti-fascist.


Another thing I liked were the constant Chekhov's guns that got fired off. Every time something gets brought up or shown earlier it's almost inevitable that it will be brought up again and advanced or resolved. It made every episode feel important because you never know when something might come up again.
>Someone tells Andor that Maarva was trying to dig up a secret tunnel entrance under the hotel
<Later that exact tunnel gets used by Cass to break in
>Vel realizes Andor is committed to the cause after the heist
<Decides to slow roll her assassination assignment and not do anything to catch him because she doesn't actually want to kill him
>Mon knows her driver is an ISB spy
<Later throws her husband under the bus by accusing him of gambling behind her back in front of the driver, in order so that the driver will report to the ISB and make her missing funds look less suspicious
>Andor takes Nemik's manifesto
<We don't find out what Nemik wrote until the end and it fits perfectly with the scene
>ISB talks about new laws coming in to increase security powers, and to revise prison sentences and increase penalties for previous crimes
<Andor flees to a vacation resort type world and notices a massively increased security presence from droids flying around and guards everywhere
<When he gets caught he has his 6 month sentence readjusted to 6 years
>During the heist planning stage it's mentioned that Cinta had her whole family wiped out by the Empire and Skeen talks about how she's the most ruthless of the entire squad
<Cinta is put in charge of the hostages during the actual heist and we never see them alive again after she walks away from the garrison


You forgot about how prison labor was used to build death star.


I mean yeah that's the biggest one although I didn't like that and was hoping they were building something else smaller-scale like a star destroyer or even parts for the K2S0 droids.
The attention to detail though is insane especially for a fucking Star Wars show.
>Brasso tells Andor that Maarva can afford to put the heating on
<At the end of the first arc you can see Maarva's breath visibly forming since she still hasn't bothered to put the heating on
>Someone mentions that Maarva has stopped taking her medication
<She eventually dies
>Keyla tells Luthen that he's slipping and making mistakes
<Luthen parks his ship in the exact same spot he arrived at when he first came to Ferrix to meet Andor, so Andor easily re-locates his ship again in the finale
>Cinta or someone else remarks on how Vel is a rich girl LARPing as a revolutionary who can go back to her mansion after
<Later it's revealed that Vel is actually Mon's sister
>Mon's marriage is a sham marriage and empty of all affection
<However Mon mentions that her husband is very open minded and at the end they unite in disgust over their daughter's desire to LARP as a trad wife


I liked the parts where star wars kills a bunch of cops and the community has a cop warning system


File: 1671823852539.jpg (224.77 KB, 1600x900, Kino-Loy-andor.jpg)

>named Kino
>is in the most kino episode of any star wars show ever


But yeah Andor was really amazing overall, it actually got me on a star wars kick for the first time in years. Been watching through the Clone Wars show since I never actually watched much past like season 3. Pretty good stuff. Guess I'm just a soy consoomer now.


lol me and my BF said the same joke. but yeah Andor was alright compared to the other dreck


I feel like Andy Serkis worked his entire life for finally getting a role without CGI in a good show. The dude acted the living shit out of himself. I was genuinely impressed. I hope Kino is not dead.

I liked how they made them fat as well. They looked like Soviet propaganda posters depicting American cops. That fat Scottish sergeant is hilarious for some reason though, hope he survived that explosion.


I'm glad Andor only goes for 2 seasons and season 2 was already planned through from the beginning. Shows go to shit after 3 seasons, especially a big franchise show like in the Star Wars universe because at some point it will turn to pure pandering.


That's hardly a universal rule, but yes, generally shows that are planned out completely from the start are better.


>I liked how they made them fat as well.

And how the sergeant clocked immediately what had happened and came to reasonable conclusion to sweep it under the rug only for Javert to fuck everything up by playing hero cop


Watching the final season of clone wars…why did they feel the need to introduce two annoying Puerto Rican lesbians into the star wars universe


i think season 2 ends right before rogue one.


>Previous general:
previous OP here, thanks for the 2.0, archived https://archive.ph/Ujzm0


>I feel like Andy Serkis worked his entire life for finally getting a role without CGI in a good show
He was in other stuff like The Prestige or Einstein and Eddington, but he does the CGI characters because he likes it.


File: 1672800316756.jpg (45 KB, 598x574, dumb frog.jpg)

I think a lot of shows can be improved with more lesbians.


ah shit. Want more


File: 1672811761811.gif (998.24 KB, 500x264, building shrug.gif)

Depends on circumstance and portrayal.


Puerto Rico exists in starwars?


File: 1673421194884-0.png (52.26 KB, 185x259, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673421194884-1.png (30.67 KB, 897x108, ClipboardImage.png)

Lucas predicted vaping


I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Bad Batch season 2 so far. I kind of wish they didn't bring in Cody at all rather than have him go rogue after one mission with Crosshair.


File: 1674053235543-1.jpeg (76.1 KB, 858x960, 1671932670576.jpeg)

File: 1674053235543-2.jpg (37.11 KB, 350x364, consider this.jpg)

are there more of these kinds of images? I kinda like 'em.


Kek at the first one


File: 1674107213554-0.png (363.28 KB, 851x591, [sighs].png)

File: 1674107213554-1.jpg (156.89 KB, 1280x1074, bruh.jpg)

File: 1674107213554-2.png (641.02 KB, 1280x611, clone judgement.png)

good news, I found some more


File: 1674157386436-0.png (1006.88 KB, 1920x825, ow.png)

File: 1674157386436-1.png (2.3 MB, 1920x831, warcrimes.png)

>Bad Batch Ep 3 has the Separatists casted as the good guys fighting against Empire-supporting clones and nearly winning
>The droids are all expressing joy and fear during combat and shouting things like "protect the civilians" or "keep the governor safe" while the clones go wild and cause all kinds of collateral damage
<The episode ends with Commander Cody so PTSD and guilt ridden that he goes AWOL

I really like how they are doing the Empire with recent shows like Andor and Bad Batch, and even the Dooku segments from Tales of the Jedi really show how all the corruption and imperialism endemic in the Empire were all inherent in the Republic. But it only makes the end of the OT / the sequel series look even more dumb for all the liberal idealists like Mon Mothma thinking that they could just magic away the corruption inherent to the heavily human and Core planets centric Republic by being good or virtuous or whatever, I can't decide if its funny or sad that they all probably died to 1st Order deathsquads.


do you ever think about how a lot of the companies that supported the Separatist war effort were also part of the rot of the late Republic in the first place, only to be handed over to the loyalist contractors like Kuat Drive Yards


Well note I made the point of saying "Separatists" rather than "the CIS". The underlying movement upon which the CIS built itself upon was ultimately correct, and Dooku (whether by altruistic intent or intentional manipulation of politics) fed them completely correct information about the corruption in the Republic, up to and including Sith infiltration in the government. The worlds that wanted to leave the Republic were, as you could see with Clone Wars episodes of the Separatist Senate, largely non-human and were likely often excluded from the halls of power in the Republic Senate, since representation on the Senate was not something you automatically got from being in the Republic, the rest of the Senate had to vote you in. Hell, even from the perspective of your rank-and-file seperatist, a corporate alliance against the Republic would make sense as a move for a pan-nationalist coalition meant to make secession easier, since it was the Republic which kept the power of corporations enshrined with many of them having their own seats in the Republic's Senate, which was hilariously not the case with the Separatist senate.

Ultimately, devoid of Palpatine shenanigans, the Separatist cause is correct imho.


>The Republic is corrupt and letting the elites stomp all over the little guy
<Which is why we should support the based corporate mega conglomerates like the Trade Federation and InterGalactic Banking Clan
Palpatine literally admits he started the entire war with two false controlled-opposition factions and yet y'all are still desperately trying to engage in lore revisionism to justify "your" side all these years later. They both suck.


Oh yeah, and to add onto this, the Republic was basically the United Nations in space. It didn't even have a standing army until Palpatine got his emergency powers and activated the clones! The reason Naboo suffered under the Trade Federation was because planetary sovereignty was respected (by the Republic, as in, they were not going to invade you to force you to change your government) and no one in the Republic cared about what was going on outside their planet. It was unironically a multipolar galaxy turned into a uniplolar galaxy under Palpatine because he couldn't stand the thought of planets just doing whatever they wanted with no fascist/sith supervision. Remind you of anyone? *cough* America *cough*


Mega-conglomerates were literally on both sides of the war (and in the case of the Banking Clan, catering to both sides of the war via profiteering), with aristocratic/monopolistic corporations like Kuat Drive Yards or Intercom having massive stakes in the Republic and becoming the Empire's own MIC in the afteryears of the Clone Wars. As far as an inter-capitalist conflict goes, there are basically 3 factions to the conflict: long-established and predominately corporations like KYD which wanted to secure their long-existing power as a privileged Core worlds company against emerging power in the Outer Rim, relatively new Outer Rim companies like the Techno-Union or Trade Federation which were largely non-human and fighting to establish themselves against heavily privileged and preferred core worlds companies, and longstanding institutional companies like the Banking Clan and select military manufacturers which could afford to profiteer off the conflict and sell to both sides.
Its equally as easy to make a reading along the lines of "Palpatine provoked the Seperatist cause and corralled them into following figurehead leaders so he could both exploit the crisis to expand his power and simultaneously purge leadership and movements which would stand against the expansion of that power through the war." After all, Palpatine sated the Core Worlds through superimperial profits off of exploitation of the Outer Rim and humano-centrism creating social divisions to preform idpol politics along to justify that exploitation. These are policies which were longstated and existing in the Republic, but put into overdrive with the Empire because they were convinced they had won the war and purged all resistance. In effect it was the centralization of the galaxy's wealth in the core worlds and reducing the peripheries into resource extraction hubs to fuel Core industry, which was the entire impetus for the CIS to launch the Clone Wars. The Separatists were unironically correct about the course of the Republic and actively tried to resist it, while nobody within the framework of the Republic was even marginally effective in delaying the culmination of power in Palpatine through their supposed democratic means.


>long-established and predominately corporations
*predominately core world corporations


It’s actually pretty funny how complex and innately tied to pretty logical set of political, social, historical, and economic circumstances in the three Star Wars trilogies, for a story that’s pretty simple on its face the actual wars are explicable the way real world wars are explicable


forgot about clem


Watched 3 episodes of Andor. Fuck it was bad. Bad pacing, plotting, character development, really everything. Splicing one stupid flash back sequence (where nothing happens) between 3 whole episodes(I assume it's only the 3 and they're finally done with it)


Imho its because Lucas made the Republic/Empire out of a heavily mythologized version of the US, its also why you saw the sequel trilogy tying itself into "resistance" stuff as much as it did; trying to draw political relevance from ongoing happenings with Trump but without really having any coherent political messaging unlike Lucas' stuff, save maybe for episode 8.


fil t. ered
but yes the flashbacks sucked and it's only part of the first arc/first 3 episodes



Which is sort of the problem actual irl "resistance" stuff had


Please make it to the prison arc


I think how much they’re meant to be the US is somewhat overstated, the Republic has elements of the Roman Republic, the European Union, and the UN as well. The Galactic Empire has as many if not much more in common with the Third Reich, the British Empire, and the Roman Empire than the US in all honesty. The Rebel Alliance, I’d say, actually is more or less a space version of 20th Century communist insurgents/anti-fascist resistance though.


Is bad batch worth watching? I didn't care for them in their clone wars backdoor pilot arc, they felt oddly generic for star wars.


It has its high moments but its also got its lows, a bit like mid-season clone wars. I'm watching it on release mostly cause I like the idea of the era (transition from Republic to Empire) but if you don't specifically dig that idea I'd recommend just waiting until it all releases and following a watchlist so you can skip the middling episodes.


Oh, as for their genericness, they are slowly branching out from it into being individuals instead of war movie stereotypes. I think it was lowkey intentional in their story arc? But its also kinda retreading concepts from the Clone Wars, so who knows.


Ah interesting. Yeah the tropey-ness of them kind of annoyed me. Like you got the nerdy tech guy, the big meat head with his dumb catchphrases, etc.

The Era is actually the reason I'd want to watch it. That whole transition period is sort of something new. Interesting how much recent star wars is focused on a corrupt but nominally democratic society slides into naked autocracy, can't imagine why.


Yeah them becoming actual people is still kind of a slow burn, I think it'll be done by this season though.

If you want a single episode to make-or-break if you want to watch this whole thing now, I'd recommend Season 2 Episode 3. It's pretty standalone and pretty evocative of the overall tone from the storytelling, while being the best of this season yet. Really the first 3 episodes were all pretty solid, since they heavily dealt with the end of the CIS and Republic now moving into the new Imperial order.


Noted. One thing I loved about going through TCW recently was the gradual buildup to the fall of the Republic. Even before Order 66 it already starts to feel like the Empire. So I'm intrigues by how this show depicts the culmination of all that.


The Bad Batch were so hilariously insular that they didn't even realize what was happening, not even as order 66 dropped. From there they are trying to make sense of it all for most of season 1.


Lmao that sounds fun. I'm watching S2E3 right now and enjoying it, probably gonna give it all a watch soon.

Gotta say it's impressive how much the animation has improved since early Clone Wars. This and Tales of the Jedi look phenomenal



Republic planets aren't like nations, you have to understand sci-fi writers have little sense of scale. Planets are more like cities or small regions. In that context, it makes far more sense for the Republic to be basically a Gilded Age era America with no standing army except for basic enforcement, and local oligarchs (think the bad guy from Open Range or the governor from Red Dead Revolver) rule.

In this case, the Republic is basically the US and Naboo is some small midwestern town that gets blockaded by Amazon PMC forces because the federal government (which has no military and allows Amazon a seat in the house of representatives) passed some minor taxation or regulation. The local mayor or whatever goes to Washington and petitions the senate, but they're so corrupt that only the FBI/CIA (which the Jedi are as the only enforcement arm of the republic government) bothers to send anyone to help them, and they end up having to gamble on a NASCAR race in Arizona run by a local drug cartel, and marshal enough forces to take their town back from the baddies Blazing Saddles style.

In that case, it's less of the Republic being the western-dominated UN and the Seps being the multipolar east - it's more that the core worlds which form the republic's heart are the old money New England WASPs and financial capitalists, while the seps are the western states capitalists, land barons, etc. as well as Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs. The Republic are Ivy League old money oligarchs and the outer rim corporations are the oil barons and railroad barons.

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