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Youtube Videos, Youtube Channels and Youtubers that you like to watch


I've been watching this channel like nonstop for the last month. Its your average compilation channel but it has good stuff tho


This is a bad habit, anons.


File: 1608525714133.png (858.77 KB, 1500x1500, Questioning.png)



Been watching a shitton of Isaac Arthur.
He talks a lot about potential future tech and how it would actually work.
He's a B.S. in physics, so he's just as qualified as any popsci author to talk about the shit he does.


You get used to his Fudd speech impediment.


damn that's some extremely fake shit


Are you sure? The pickle rick GTA scene seem pretty real to me.


File: 1608525717385.jpg (141.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

A youtube channel that I really like is SnapCube, especially their real-time fandubs. Their really well known for the "I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT.." copypasta https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYIwBA7mwDWnrckXs7gt76Q


Did you watch the Sonic Riders dub? It was really funny, though as much as the 06 dub


*not as much


This is an April Fools video but it's a good example of propaganda I think.


i always thought these kinds of games where kind of a good metaphor for being millionaire, just chancing numbers, no substance behind it, just like a millionaire has more money then he could possibly spend and being useless for him a player of one of theses games just tries to get a number higher without the number being good for anything


oh he addressed that exact thing in the video


File: 1608525721053.jpg (169.22 KB, 1089x1200, ETHaJ0YVAAA383Z.jpg)

I did! My favorite part was when Jet was talking about putting quarters into the redbox. Though I do agree that the 06 dub is better but the Sonic Riders dub is still funny.,


I have no interest in liberal identity politics or their moralisms about pronouns, the two 'journalists' are shallow pricks deserving scorn. However Ben is also disingenuous, and is deliberately provocative. The reaction of this transgender person is honestly understandable considering the situation. Imagine some snooty white dude - who looks and behaves like an edgy 15 year old - is talking smack and bringing up non-sequiturs about something in the lives of people like yourself while knowing nothing outside his own political dogma. Its the kind of behavior that in any other circumstance would get him a smack up the side of the head. Trans debate is important and Jenner's "bravery" is a PR-stunt, but to denigrate a mental issue with "muh genes" is the kind of derisive rubbish reserved for private arguments between friends and not public debates.

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