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post novel recommendations, I’ll start
The Elementary Particles is a great book, it deals with themes of social breakdown and alienation. On the downside the epilogue is fucking retarted, and the main character is a bit of a reactionary, but it makes sense in context…


Great taste anon. I've read all Houellebecq and I think it's his best, with Extension du domaine de la lutte (Whatever I think in english), more raw about alienation. A lot of Houellebecq's characters are reactionnary or straight up incels, but that's just for the sake of being edgy. They are blatant reflections of who he is, an edgy author sperging about Islam in interviews but deep inside he is very fragile. The possibility of an island is his first sci-fi/anticipation novel and as a fan of the genre I love it, and it's not like most French sci-fi which is completely retarded most of the time.
Since we are talking about Houellebecq, I recommend Virginie Despentes aka the female Houellebecq (minus the reactionary ideas, plus the fierce passion), from whom I've only read Rape me and King Kong theory. The first is a novel about two lumpen girls fucking shit up, it's very cathartic. The second is an essay about feminism with some Marxist bits inside, but reads like schizo rambling (I don't think she is schizo though, there's just a lot of info and it's written with a lot of emotion).


The dune books are great. They get a lot of hate now due to anti-hype but the world building is amazing and the 4th one: God Emperor of Dune, is fucking great

Currently going through the dark tower series, just finished the first book. Its cool


Do you got and .pdfs of Whatever I think or Virginie Despentes’s work?


You can find them on libgen.is (searching by fiction). Houellebecq novel is just Whatever, my bad.


I've only read the first two Dune, I loved the world building but couldn't get into the new age and mystical shit. But it's interesting to have that next to political plots.


It gets a lot better imo, the third is were a lot of people fall off bit its more off closing up everyone's arc as the story moves on

Tiny spoilers; the 4th, considered the best skips a few centuries. The less I say the better, but someone turns into a giant worm God, its a very trippy book


Are the Philip Roth books any good?

What are these series where fictional authors inside his own books tell a story?
What is this kind of story telling


Anyone here read Red Mars or any Kim Stanley Robinson?


Been reading the entire Discworld series. It’s some seriously great world building for just a joke setting. Kinda sad that Pratchett was gone so soon right after writing the long earth series though.


Anyone has read Flashman? Ι know it's supposed to be satire of colonialist tropes but i have seen this fucking pic in too much halfchan cope posting

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