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Is Naruto liberal or is it reactionary? Its obviously not leftist because they constantly defend a feudal government.


>Is Naruto liberal or is it reactionary?
Neither. It's Maoist third worldist


What does that mean.


>obviously not leftist because they constantly defend a feudal government
They don't do that though. The Daimyo stuff is just Japanese LARP and has almost 0 influence on the actual story or world-building. Naruto isn't really about politics relevant to any modern ideology. Their society is essentially a constant Cold War, bordering on hot. This is the background of worldbuilding but is less relevant to the actual plot since the focus is human interactions and conflict; Loneliness and Friendship, Genius and Hardwork, bravery vs fool hardiness, and accepting facts of life or defying them. Politics did become relevant in things like the Chunin exams and the theme about World Peace (Nagato vs Naruto), but again more in the background aspect of political games of diplomacy and war.

For example in Naruto one of the earliest themes was that of Naruto's reason to fight. He started off like a child wanting attention. Then the Land of Waves Arc occurred and he gained a real reason: Fighting to defend his precious people. This evolved into his idea that to be Hokage he must protect the entire village, because the entire village, no matter how they viewed him, were precious to him, because to lead properly, you have to care for the people you're leading, so as to not end up like Danzo (Glownigger Inc), sacrificing everyone to get the political advantage. Back to Land of Waves, Kakashi and Zabuza tell him that to be a shinobi is to be a tool and thus they should kill their emotions… yet it is impossible to truly do and is wrong, and Naruto declares defiance of this. This isn't some Communist ideal, but it is a human fight for betterment.

If you have any more specific questions ask away, Imma head out for now.


What about all the anti-war stuff? Naruto seems deeply anti-war, every discussion of the wars of the past are mostly how horrible they are and every scene of the three world wars is tragic or brutal. How do you feel about it’s stance on war?


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It's definitely anti-war, however it doesn't exclude the necessity of it sometimes. An occasionally unavoidable and necessary evil if you will. The stance on war is also realistic. It isn't the feined pacifism of liberal diplomats who just preach about utopian idealisms, it is a genuine statement on avoiding war and related conflict because of its horrific results, and the lack of consideration for innocent, bystanding people that often occurs (Pain's speech demonstrates this well).

Unlike American depictions of war, and similar to Soviet depictions, War in Naruto is brutal and horrific. There can be heroes and good causes, but is a human tragedy regardless.

TL;DR: It is right about War, and matches Soviet attitudes towards it. Hail your heroes and try not to let their sacrifices go in vain, so that new sacrifices will not have to be made.


Reposting my old responses to the anime thread, so that this one can die


There's now an anime board, which hopefully will be soon in the top bar >>>/anime/






it's mostly Moopy Path stuff which is hyper based


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