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it's tiny and at the end of the world, let's paint over that nazi flag


I'm in


Let's make out of this a sovjet flag https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,19480,-14389,22




Awh shit, this again? I'm so down.


Oh yeah, I covered those attempts at swastikas with red stars and tried filling in more of the flag. Having to answer a captcha after returning from long periods of inactivity is annoying.
I also cleaned up a giant Lenin painting that's kind of Southeast from there a bit.



Let's spite /pol/ by restoring the LGBT flag.


That flag's huge though. We'd need a lot more people.


help with this one >>>/leftypol/486218


try turning this into a nazbol flag




someone drew the victory banner in antartica


Why are there so many edgelords on that site?


I heard they got banned from the other pixel site so they all took refuge on this one


Feel free to vandalize further


Might be another /pol/ colony


apparently the site's mentainers themselves are fascists.


The nazi's have a bot that maintains the flag at night. Based but we need bots if we want to counter them.
>apparently the site's mentainers themselves are fascists.
According to who?


Why are nazis such utter fucking limpdick fags


Bro fuck i found actual child porn on the site. Put in tips to https://www.missingkids.org/gethelpnow/cybertipline


>According to who?
visit their discord


It's still online


Help complete this portrait of Lenin


sry, but I can't deal with that much detail


They defaced it. Poor Russian guy


ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy'
What did I do wrong?


Get in here we got a H&S to complete.




who's making those black dots, the hell is that about?


File: 1608525832339.png (1.89 KB, 326x149, okay.png)

Clicking buttons doesn't do anything… help


use the keyboard, press enter preview is a useless waste of time.



File: 1608525832897.png (3.4 KB, 782x296, charge.png)

Can we actually make this reach to the other side?


File: 1608525833076.png (259 B, 65x40, lgbt.png)

drawing an lgbt flag 1537 -10738


File: 1608525833333.png (18.91 KB, 1197x328, TOBERLIN.png)

Keep on the attack. We're going to strike at the heart of the Fatherland.


Can we do this on Victory day?


fuck, wth was that?


File: 1608525833619.png (700 B, 10x655, pallette.png)

if you're going to make your own images for the bot, here's the proper pallete for it


File: 1608525833715.png (1.38 KB, 128x128, sl.png)

can someone help me with this?
1902, -10878


No finish the redline first.


they've relocated to the see, let's focus on berlin, they're giving up.


oops wrong coordinates
its 1573 -10738
Sorry anon…


Honestly, the previous bot was a bit more convinient to use.


File: 1608525834349.png (47.95 KB, 1539x839, 980_-11377.png)

for any one who want to start the hammer and sickle…
>coords are in name





are we winning? do we have enough bots?


If you want to win this you need bigger numbers. Recruit players on leftist social media and imageboards and tell them to attack on a certain date and time. That entire site is /pol/ territory, only us aren't enough to match them. Make sure to give instructions on how to use the right bot too.


I can't use the bot because my PC doesn't work. I can only manually place pixels :(


#d,27786,-18341,4 was completely griefed. Forget about it. Now we are working on the big Nazi flag in Europe #d,1182,-10941,0.
If you can run a bot use the script in the pastebin and use the coords in this pic >>4511


This isn't anything resembling a hobby, this is being a sad act who would get booted off the political discussion board.


Did you hunt the board just to say this?


Perhaps we should modify this to include only the outline?


Join us for a while, anon


Sure, but once the outline is done switch back


No I came over to see if anyone was discussing art but it's a load of movies and games (fair enough) and this (dumb).
You should spend your time doing something that will make you feel better in the long term, not something as short term as winning a pixel game in some backwater of the internet only you and the competitor cares about. This is more time consuming, less skilful and more manpower intensive than a game of CSGO.
The quarantine is a rare opportunity to make yourself a better person than when you went home for the weekend it started, you should steal the opportunity to find something you love doing, not something to mindlessly waste your time with like you're killing time between work shifts.
Jump over to Photoshop or Aseprite or something, this is a waste of time, not a trade, not a hobby, etc.


File: 1608525835914-0.png (4.94 MB, 1539x839, 980, -11377-outline.png)

File: 1608525835914-1.png (4.94 MB, 1539x839, 980, -11377-inline.png)

Check this out.



>No I came over to see if anyone was discussing art
There's a drawing thread and they discuss art there
Also help us out a bit please? :) It's kinda fun


Can't, already shirking responsibility to other people that I promised art work to. All enjoyment would be sapped by it.
This is why you shouldn't work on temporary projects that nobody else will see, they don't give you that kind of payoff that not doing them does.


Are there any android scripts for this?


Check if you can run this in termux


>>4529 (me)
I'm basically working at this alone comrades


man that curses ui sucks


how do we know you're not a polfag trying to distract us?


Yeah. It crashes on resize. The whole thing can be rewritten. The script only draws once rn. And we need someway to protect art.


Currently running >>4511
Bot works like a charm
That's why we are automating it. Join us, Anon. Join us.


>That's why we are automating it.
pretty much, when putting a sound warning in the script, you can easilly just continue drawing in asperite or play some videogame, and just pause it once you get a warning.


Check this out instead help outlining or filling it >>4529. BTW the bot has three methods of drawing.


That's smart, thanks comrade


If you have time help restore the Russian flag in Estonia (some Russophobe or something is trying to delete or deface it) and maybe add your own flag too https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,4866,-14002,41


File: 1608525838504.png (149 B, 17x12, rus.png)

I wish the bot could read the canvas. It currently attempts to paint over already coloured pixels.


Thank you comrade, now I'm able to undo the damage as soon as he uses up all his pixels. Someone really hates Russia.


Meant for >>4556
Thanks for the bot! And yeah I noticed some pixel activity that didn't do anything. So that's why, huh?


I'm not the dev haha. Yeah, that's the reason. If I was more knowledgeable I could try and implement pixel reading, but I have no clue about how to.
We're gonna need some skilled comrades to get an edge


I think I'm gonna leave my efforts to protect that tiny flag and go back to attacking the Nazi flag. Eastern Europe is full of fascist and reactionary shit anyway, like the thousand Nazi Belarus and Russian empire flags


Ok this shit is actually very retarded. There are multiples nested while loops. And the way it draws is absolutely trash. It saves a different backup for the image it draws and draws it pixel by pixel removing that pixel from that backup image. And it keeps doing that until there are no pixels left. The x, y coords have separate variables, The curses interface is retarded etc… It's probably was written overnight or something. No wonder it kept crashing on me.

I know little python but have no idea how JavaScript or json works. I'll try to do what I can and send it here.


I think I wrote something in the /leftypol/ thread about how the chunks are read, in order to know if it has been painted over or not. I couldn't figure out how it calculates the coordinates of the chunks.

Just fyi, as I said in the other post, I didn't write it, I merely put the bot in a single script and fixed a small bug (and shared it with /leftypol/).

The original dev is very very likely not a leftypol user.


>>4571 (me)
BTW, I didn't know people were still having fun with this here! I should visit /hobby/ more..
I've been botting this >>4511 (if it's the same flag I made on the other thread), here https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,-19092,-1345,15
coordiantes are -19370,-1573
I'm around 1/4 of the way there. I've been doing it very lazily so I guess I'll get done in a week lmao.


Thanks for your efforts. Why haven't we asked /tech/ for help? There's no thread about this there.


reposted from another thread:
these threads need to die. if we are to conduct any sort of fuckery on pixelplanet, then we need to coordinate ourselves on a secure platform where members are vetted (e.g. discord). there are significantly more /pol/fags lurking on this website now because of our pixelplanet activities. to conduct pixelplanet activities on this website will, therefore, only invite an immediate countermeasure from /pol/ - ultimately making anything we do pointless.


been trying to write a simple bot myself, the problem with that set_pixel() function is that it paints over pixel with the same color, without being able to detect the color and takes away cooldown time for basically not changing any color at all. the example bot tries to avoid painting over the same pixels with that backup image but even that is a waste of time since it doesn't recognise the pixels that haven't been painted allready on the canvas without the bot and it when the bot paints a pixel it won't touch it again anymore which makes this bot useless when trying to fight over another image with active pol's erasing your image. If one of you anons could write a functions that returns the colors from the canvas, that alone would make the bot incredibly faster.


ok, I've beeen running this >>4505 at 1717, -11273 (https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,1822,-11208,23). half over the swastika and as you can clearly see the swastika is completely clean while the white area has been vandalized.
this makes it pretty obvious that the swastika is the bot.

also, were is this https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,4233,-3456,-3 coming from?


File: 1608525846493.png (19.25 KB, 256x256, muestra trafico.png)

Botting it!

I'm still a codelet, but this is what I've found as of now.
When you're zoomed out, the map is displayed with several 256x256 PNGs, like pic related.
When you zoom in, data is received as 64Kb octet streams. I have no clue what to do with those, but I'm positive that's where the info we want is at.
I got one of these from the Firefox dev console by right clicking-copy-copy response. From the size and the 4 byte patterns it contains, I believe it stores the actual pixels for a 128x128 area. But I'm afraid that's as far as I can get with my current knowledge, I haven't managed to translate the data to any of the palette's colors.

So we could turn the swastika into the Iron Front's 3 arrows without them being deleted? Sweet. I'll try to make a PNG.


a more simple script that gets rid of the curses ui. it keeps painting over the same colors but if my math is correct, you should atleast be able to paint 50% of your image without much trouble, after that it will probably start slowing down. on the other hand tho, this will atleast allow you to protect the image if someone tries to paint over it.


File: 1608525846852.png (6.79 KB, 400x400, 980_-11377.png)

same coordinates but no filtering and appropriate color for the pallete.


File: 1608525846968.png (8.71 KB, 1539x849, 3arrows.png)

Thanks guys!
PNG is done. Run it at 980,-11377.
Their bot seems to use a PNG for the swastika, leaving the white areas unprotected.


seems to get stuck at waiting with this image.


Try using the curses ui, maybe there's some bug in the new one


File: 1608525848843-0.png (2.27 KB, 100x100, bunkerchan.png)

File: 1608525848843-1.png (512 B, 64x64, lp.png)

File: 1608525848843-2.png (182 B, 41x8, stalin.png)

some images for bot


no shit, there's an if statement blocking the script from printing the color black…



Bots have been banned. I don't know how to feel about this.


That means that we can go back to invade their flag without the bot undoing all the damage. Organize!


File: 1608525856716.png (248.89 KB, 1813x958, kek.png)

Holy shit the swastika in germany got raided, get in here lads.




That tiny swastika to the southwest is weirdly resilient. Might be the Ukranians testing out a new bot.


File: 1608525857275.png (202.21 KB, 1581x883, Untitled.png)

I'm making a sickly at the cornor, help me out


might be a little too small


File: 1608525857754.png (32.6 KB, 1244x764, switzerland.png)

switzerland status: LIBERATED


feels like its telling of something that as soon as bots gets btfo, all the nazi shit can't stand on its own


It’s not the bots getting banned that caused it if you want to be truthful. It was almost entirely done by the Russians at 2ch. Bots being banned only means that smaller raids like ones from here won’t do as well during the day when it’s only one source of attack.


The best way to attack the Nazi flags is to attack the white part of the flag since coloring over white takes away 4 seconds, while coloring over another color takes away 7 seconds.

In other words, the Nazis expend more time trying to restore the white, and you can add more colored dots that they can restore.


The white parts are almost all red now. After that, I'd suggest painting over one of the crossing lines of the swastika so that it's more difficult for them to determine how to outline and rebuild it.

No, the bot ban definitely helped. But yeah, they're much more numerous and organized than us. We've also helped though.


it's fucking gone, lol


Don’t forget that most of the time this site has been here it was just you faggots talking about making bots. When bots were banned and 2ch made their raid you guys act like you’re the ones doing it. Do you actually believe your doing some righteous and attacking “Nazis.” The few people here did close to nothing to attack the German flag. Bots being banned meant that you guys were outnumbered while the more people who actually had a good amount of people who are well coordinated fight against Ukie and German. Has the internet really devolved down to people fighting over ideologies in a pixel game instead of having fun.



Chill out dude.
I personally enjoyed tormenting edgy fags with my two IPs these last few days but nobody is pretending that we did most of the job. Many people lost interest but the few of us that remained helped the Russians a bit, and it was definitely fun


That’s not the point of what I said. It’s about people being retards now and fighting over what obscure ideology is better. Back when we restored the UJ it wasn’t because we hated the trannies that made it into a gay UJ it was just shitposting online. Now with the swastika being attacked it’s a bunch of newfags on /pol/ and the average punch ‘Nazis’ crowd shitting up the game. The major thing that kept me still playing was chat and now it’s just retards with meaningless fights. It’s not board specific I just felt like venting. Can’t even have a normal conversation in chat without retards. Idk why I typed this out and spent a few minutes of my day but I’m tired of people virtue signaling on the internet, newfags on /pol/ and the commies alike.


I don't think we're trying to prove shit, just mess with those fags
And why do you even pay attention to the chat? It's obviously gonna be filled with retards


Sorry guys, I'm new to this image board and I'm the creator of that shitty bot and ppfun python libarary. Honestly, I'm very surprised about how you found them out, I've never advertised them anywhere. Yes, it in fact was thrown together overnight. I'm sorry for all the inconveniences and headaches it caused, and, since PixelPlanet.Fun now has a new WebSockets API, I'm currently reverse-egineering it and writing the new library. I'll try to make it more convenient for you, dear users. It's so shitty 'cause I only thought it will be used by me and two of my friends, but it somehow spreaded across a lot of image boards and forums like this.


so why would you join us commies out of all?


Almost done with this.


I've been doing it manually.


Chat was the only reason I stayed. Now that the original people from /pol/ left, the Irish, and the other people that didn’t want to talk about politics 24/7 left, chat is filled with 1-2 leftist arguing with 2-4 people that have been to /pol/ for a few months and just repeat the same talking points without anything of their own. >>4777
Bots are b& btw.


I'll help you out
The bot was good mate


we did it~

thank you


gj, been trying to remove all the text arround it, it gets reverted instantly I have a suspicion that it's botted aswell, hwy wouldn't they attack the hammer and sickle instead?


The read larp and fred cock hot is me




Not lurker just average amerimutt /pol/tard ‘nazi’ who heard that they were attacking the swastika a week and a half ago and came to shitpost.


Anyways I’ll let you redo the larp Fred cock hot. This is going to be my last shitpost here and I’ll fuck off. Sieg heil everyone, remove kebab, 1488, deus vult, retake Jerusalem, retake Constantinople, Hitler did nothing wrong. Yeah I think that’s enough.






What's wrong with Postone?


File: 1608525865360-0.png (935.93 KB, 1920x958, raid.png)

File: 1608525865360-1.png (108.46 KB, 1920x972, hammer and sickle.png)

made some screenshots of the hammer and sickle raid


can you turn this into


File: 1608525865815-0.png (1.95 KB, 966x268, aggot.png)

File: 1608525865815-1.png (1.57 KB, 965x269, aggot2.png)

He couldn't see it coming before it was too late. (Old pics but whatever.)


how the fuck do i zoom in and out in this thing


added an outline


use mousewheel on desktop or pinch on mobile


looks someone griefed it; I've been patching it since last night


bump anyone want to do anything?

Unique IPs: 1

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