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>the episode where Arthur tells off a literal kulakWas this show secretly redpilled?


Arthur is confirmed comrade


what is a kulak


If you're not joking it was the wealthy peasants that owned all the land in Imperial Russia.


>season 1, episode 2
>communist party literature
holy based


Wait wtf sauce?


The people who did holodomor


An orthodox saint.


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yooooooooo wtf based


Anyone I don't like.


post sauce


wait, what's that last book supposed to be?


read the wiki article for arthur spooner

he literally is a comrade. in season 2 finale he causally talks about freeing paris from the nazis.

i am upto season 3 and he talks a lot about being against the porky bosses and corporations and in an episode i heard about he literally calls the ussr a worker's paradise.
He insults cops and calls them blood thirsty murderers.

I don't know how they let this character on the air on national tv for so many years. There's an episode where a lib even gets made fun of for being annoying. But i'm probably reading too much into that. I don't know who the writers were or what their leanings were.

To be honest, I'm guessing he was supposed to come of silly and stupid because he screams and mocks every time doug does anything to suck up to a boss and whatnot.
But instead he comes off looking based as fuck.
There's an episode where he tries to build a imaginary business with spence about umbrellas and eventually he blames the losses on the worker's benefits.
One could assume this was because he was senile and keeps forgetting stuff but most like it was just anti-communist rhetoric to potray us as hypocrites.

Fun show nonetheless. Give state granted hot wife please.
The next episode I'm watching is literally called "Class Struggle" lmao. Will update with what it was about


never heard of this show but no you're just a reactionary wearing red that has fetishized violence to such an extent that when someone happens to be violent to someone you identify as an obstacle to communism you take them to be a comrade


>never heard of this show
>hasn't watched the episode
>proceeds to wokescold on a hobby board
i love bunkerchan


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>that episode where Arthur tells of an anti-USSR contractor
Arthur is confirmed comrade.

also please allow 4 image posting bunkerchan




he is literally me

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