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File: 1608525920891.jpg (239.1 KB, 1280x720, LDing.jpg)


Any anons practice this? How's it going? I was really into LDing when I was younger but drifted away due to the usual suspects of work, school, and alcoholism.

Been thinking about buying a dream journal and getting back into it. I still remember most of the basic ideas like reality checks and DILD/WILD, but it's gonna take some work to start putting them back into daily practice.


It sounds cool, do you have any basic introductory content about it? What is it exactly? These past weeks I had more and more vivid dreams, sometimes it felt incredibly real. Could it be because of the lack of original IRL events in my life?


How do you even start lucid dreaming at all? I hardly have memorable dreams and the few that are are always weird as hell with multiple layers of dream like Inception.


File: 1608525926863-0.png (58.51 KB, 1663x346, lucid dream guide.png)

File: 1608525926863-1.jpg (158.12 KB, 500x677, lucid dreaming.jpg)


I have started doing this in the quarantine but only with very interesting dreams and dreams where girls show interest in me.

I write them down immediately after I wake up but with spelling errors.

I love it. So much wacky shit. It's too personal to share but you should do it. Very fun.


Second pic is kinda freaking me out. How do you avoid panicking? Is it possible to easily trigger awakening?


Yeah I did try second pic and got sleep paralysis. It was horrific especially here where that concept is still under a lot of superstition (most people here thinks that sleep paralysis is you getting possessed by spirits and shit).


File: 1608525949528.png (666.52 KB, 524x806, spooky.png)

I tried it but got sleep paralysis and saw the nun staring at me from my closet. Honestly too scared to try it again, felt too real.


Does anyone here exercise their image schema capacities to increase their chances of lucid dreaming?


File: 1608525965309.jpg (4.11 KB, 134x118, irritation.jpg)

I've tried realizing I was dreaming using "reality checks" but apparently I'm so good at dreaming that none of them work. The few times I became lucid I tested out the standard reality checks, but all of them worked just like IRL.
>Can't push my finger through my palm
>Can't breathe if I pinch my nostrils shut
>Light switches work normally
>Mirrors work normally
And usually when I become lucid I can't stay dreaming for very long and start to wake up.


I've been dream logging for almost a year now. Nothing yet, though I've only really tried a couple times.


File: 1608525966695.jpg (22.7 KB, 310x310, 564354367.jpg)

Not a lucid dream, but an insane one from the morning:
>Wake up at 6:00
>Shit, that's a bit early… Can I be bothered to get up?
>Nah I'll just go back to sleep, too tired
>Dream starts I guess, hard to tell
>Apparently I'm some sort of D-Tier capeshit
>Stop some unimportant criminal or something, details escape me
>Press conference about it at my home
>See one reporter digging under my bed
>That's where the used tissues are at IRL
>Well they are in the dream as well, and the reporter is digging them up in front of everyone
>Try to stop them, only digs up more
>Grab all the tissues and run to the toilet
>It's definitely not my toilet, looks like something you'd see in a fancy supermarket
>Getting rid of the tissues in a cabin, hear a scuffle outside
>Remember earlier in the dream there was something about a photo being taken of me and my sidekick after another successful crime stop
>I literally have no clue who the sidekick is, but in the background, apparently, the same reporter from before was caught in a kiss with their lover
>Walk out of the toilet to see whats happening
>In front of me I see the cucked journalist shooting the reporter, while also accidentally gunning down my sidekick who I don't even know
>All other press conference members walk in
>Some sort of argument I don't know, think I get roasted for the tissues while trying to argue that the journalist did bad
>Wake up
>My face when
Anyway /hobby/, got any of your insane dreams you want to share?


Literally heard my parents fighting while I was semi-awake, the thing is they live 1000s of miles away from me. Felt like I was there, when I realized it was just a dream, they still kept going at each other for a long time. I know I was sorta awake when it all happened, the whole delirium kinda got me spooked.


I bloody love this insanity. I might share some stuff later, but literally this is a "LOL WTF" moment.


Checked. Yeah I think that's less a dream thing and more of a connection (astral or something) with your closest people. I can feel when my mum's having a night terror she can't wake up from usually, even in my sleep.


Sleeping on your back or stomach helps pressure blood flow from the heart to the brain and causes a mild asphyxiatory effect that allows for very detailed dreams.

An old /x/ theory is that really realistic dreams are ways for demons to steal your soul energy or something.
Personally I think that some more realistic dream events are alternate universe versions of you world and ourselves that we get to visit while in an unclear state of mind.


>causes a mild asphyxiatory effect
bruh wtf. i aint never sleeping on my back again. you can DIE?


Only if you have a really weak heart/lungs. If you're healthy you have nothing to worry about.


Put a foam cover over your mattress and sleep on your back without a pillow. Say hello to wild deams.


File: 1608526904933.png (875.05 KB, 1920x2160, draw_a_mouse.png)

Another guide


Do you live in Romania or something?


That sounds like a Venture Bros episode.


Wrong spelling. It is:


>be me sleeping
>dreaming im in the middle of my small town
>but my breathing is weird and it looks like i don't even move my body
>im going to my house
>I realize that my hand are too skinny and i have really long fingers
>in that moment i figured out that i was looking from someone else's eyes
>and that thing can read my mind becouse it laughs and starts running to my house
>for her laugh im guessing it is a woman but a really weird one
>im trying desperately to wake up but i can't, even in my dream im saying "this is a dream wake the fuck up"
>she enters my house
>walk to my bedroom
>and for too fucking long she just stands by my side forcing me to watch me sleep and make me hear her fucked up breathing


>realistic dreams are ways for demons to steal your soul energy
No wonder I wake tired in the morning.


I never dream, much less lucid dream. I had a wonderful and really interesting lucid dream today. I really need to get into having more.

It's so weird talking to people knowing they are your imagined creations, but you can't really predict, control what they'll say, or "read their mind". It's as if they are their own entity. Really cool.


Congratulations, and yeah it really is interesting.


>TFW there is a Dream thread on /hobby/
>TFW this entire board exists
<retards just post /hobby/ shit on /siberia/
<they get mad that their threads don't get posted in and die after porn threads and /pol/ spam bumps them off the catalog.

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