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File: 1608525932123.jpg (431.83 KB, 1200x1800, dKaYsb2h.jpg)


I guess I'm copying the only good thread of /sci/.

Will this Musk dude bring capitalism to Mars? Is it a scam? Is it space imperialism? What should we do about it?

This is also a place where we can discuss about rockets.


He's just some rich kid playing with his toys and doing this as a PR move. The technology to get one man in Mars is pretty lacking let alone bring imperialism there


wsws has a great take on it
>inb4 sectarian trots
can any russian comrade redpill us on the post-soviet russian space program? it's certainly the oldest and most esteemed in the world, but objectively how innovative is it


Weird question to ask but what makes the Soyuz program so enduring and reliable? While most US rockets and shuttles get shelved in a few decades, the Soyuz rockets still serve as the main way of transportation in space.
Also can we all agree how goddamn good the Mir was? The thing get defunded, only meant to last 5 years but ended service 10 years overdue. Just imagine how amazing of a space station the Soviet would have built after the Mir if it hadn’t collapsed.


>what makes the Soyuz program so enduring and reliable?
They were built to be reusable, and were built by hand. The USSR lacked the coplex electronics and other advantages of a more developed and richer country like the USA, so they made up for it by having their scientists be so thoroughly grounded in their knowledge as to be able to do complex calculations and research with the bare minimum of tools, let alone the top-of-the-line equipment of the space program.

TL;DR: they were built to last, be pragmatic, reusable and easily adaptable/modulated.


Remember that SpaceX is basically reusing technology from NASA and some other agencies. I mean they are just living of NASA contracts right now. So the SpaceX is only succesfull because of "muh free market entepreur" and hip lolberts stocks.


i hate elon musk like i hate no other human being
he co-opts this sort of image that he's this randian uberman dragging humanity into the star trek future, but he isn't. he is the final death of that future. thousands of years from now, regardless of whether we perish on this planet or expand into space (and almost no matter what system we do that under) his car full of reddit pop culture references will be floating around martian orbit. it's an insult, it's the most disgusting thing in human history bar none. our entire species faces the very real risk of that becoming our tombstone. it disgusts me like nothing else, it is perhaps the single most vulgar act in the history of humanity. a voyager plaque for the neoliberal generation.

if a communist revolution succeeds, i would regard recovering that atrocity and melting it down for scrap as a political space mission with the same importance as the colonization of mars itself. it makes me seethe like nothing else in the universe. it is fundamentally wrong, not in the mild, recoverable way that the entire neoliberal counterrevolution was - which was at least confined to earth and capable of being made part of a "mistake" narrative - but in a new way, a method of malprogress wherein some genuinely new and impressive technology was applied to the most sickening, vulgar and egotistical of ends. a glorified fucking car advert.
there is a type of person - lacking in understanding of what this all means - who says "so what? they needed a test payload". these people miss the point entirely

my one hope (of a sort) is that musk succeeds in getting to mars only so that he may immediately die there in a space accident. i object to his car polluting space, but i would not object to his fetid corpse being refused return to humanity's homeland. beyond that, the bankruptcy of SpaceX is a moral imperative on a level with that of communist revolution itself. there are plenty of incorrect ways to march headlong into the stars, and the one currently succeeding the most (in large part due to NASA subsidy and so on) is the worst of all possible worlds.





>the most disgusting thing in human history bar none
While I agree about Elon Musk and I understand this may be hyperbole, there are a lot of things in human history more disgusting than that.


In sci-fi, whenever an ancient fallen civilization is discovered, in the ruins of them they are able to reconstruct pretty consistently how this society worked, because their remains made logical sense. They could sketch out the hierarchies, the scientist caste, the soldier caste, what they regarded as art, etc.

I wonder how a potential alien race would react to our ruins thousands of years from now, if we perish? Like, as you said, a car with reddit pop culture references. I couldn't even imagine how such an equivalent would look like when we would discover a long lost civilization. I think I could legitimately not comprehend that, I'd be unable. It's like finding a meme from The Avengers: Endgame in a Maya pyramid.


Even worse. Imagine if the only thing left to our existence is the 9Gag meme rock.
>yfw future cockroach people will have to decipher that and Elon Musk meme


Do you NOT know about 9gag's giant meme stone they buried for future archeologists?


Hopefully when there's a serious mars mission they'll make destroying musk's car one of their objectives.

Has anyone been keeping track of his starlink project? he wants to launch 1,500 satellites into orbit by the end of the year. He's only done 600 and astronomers are already mad as hell.

Musk wants to put out 42,000 eventually, which is twice the number of objects that are already in earth's orbit.


Thanks for reminding us about that. Its existence is infuriating, but what can we do against it? How is culture grown organically even? Fucking Musk's car is part of our history now. There are probably archeological remnants that were considered sacrilegious by old civilizations standards. I'm still sad for those things, but it's no use actively hating it. It should be fuel to create more beautiful things and aim for art and sincerity. Down with irony, down with unseriousness.


Pour a shit ton of soluble acids to turn that lime stone slab into liquid. 4chan already found its location in Turkey.


File: 1608525939377.jpg (55.73 KB, 640x492, ixgjk35zply21.jpg)

Well that's a possibility too.


File: 1608525942519.jpg (269.73 KB, 1300x1899, koro.jpg)

The person who wrote this article is very bad at the technical things and it kind of spills everywhere. For example:
>the rockets are still based on the crude process of setting some combination of kerosene, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen on fire
This false, the engines of the falcon use methane and oxygen, which is a big part of why they can be recovered and reused, others space agencies are actively researching reusable solutions

Yeah I liked reading this post but still I disagree and want to see those rockets fly. Edison was a fucking capitalist asshole yet we used them light bulbs for a long time

Here's a cool picture of a dog and a rocketman


>found its location in Turkey.
… It's in Spain though


This guy is singlehandedly destroying astronomy


I hate that some of my close friends have become Musk worshippers.


This post basically expressed my feelings in extremely vivid detail.


>Musk wants to put out 42,000 eventually, which is twice the number of objects that are already in earth's orbit.
Fucking why though? Do he really want our future to be like Wal-E where the orbital space is filled with a cloud of trash? That’s disgustingly unnecessary.


Because capitalism and its cancerous effect on transhumanist development.

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