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File: 1608525978713.jpeg (296.41 KB, 1200x800, roller-coaster.jpeg)


I kinda like roller coasters though.


Why would they?


Not in best Korea
In Best Korea these are all wholesome proletarian activities for the masses


>no fun allowed
shut up and go moralize about entertainment somewhere else retard
The entertainment industry was always seen as the recession proof industry (rn doesn't count because its the pandemic keeping everyone away) because no matter how shit things get having fun and joy in your life is incredibly important.


Things like Disney ladn where the rides and shows are largely rip-offfs, yes. But entertainment parks in and of themselves are not decadent.



File: 1608525981192.jpg (10.73 KB, 150x196, 1593276652673.jpg)

Outside of Disneyland and Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, amusement parks/theme parks are an amazing anthology of engineering which documented techniques are useful. Is like game engines which tech is reporpused to software and maths but for machinery and equipment instead of computer sciences

Is just a shame that unlike vidya where you can just pirate it or get a 69.420% discount and click on it you have to drive there and spend a shit ton of money.

I don't see a future where normies or the companies themselves push to make them more accessible or whatever, which is a shame.


If I can't ride the carousel, it's not my revolution! If I can't ride the carousel , I don't want your revolution! If I can't ride the carousel , I don't want to be part of your revolution. A revolution without riding the carousel is not a revolution worth having. If there won't be riding the carousel at the revolution, I'm not coming. No sacrifice is lost for a great ideal!


Better than Disney Land


Roller coasters have some damn fine engineering. They are amazing to watch and to ride. Just the pure roller coaster experience, I don't need any themed Disney corporate bullshit to enjoy it.


Are you the same guy that calls restaurants bourgeois? But to answer your question, no. Entertainment is not inherently capitalist in any way.
That’s like saying everything from the renaissance was feudalistic and in a capitalist society you should reject it.


Amusement parks are very based. They are a form of entertainment that is both social, outdoors, not screen related, involves some exercise (walking around park), and use pure physical sensations to induce adrenaline. Name a more wholesome form of entertainment


There is literally nothing wrong with amusement parks and other entertainment. In communism they will be public projects and free for any to use. The lines will also be shorter because they're not run for profit. When porky runs a park and wants to make money, they inflate ticket prices as much as they can get away with while keeping people away from the rides as much as possible, since that reduces wear and therefore maintenance costs.


The ones that are using pop-cultural brands like Movie Parks or Disneylands are. But there is nothing bourgeois in attaining pleasure by riding a carousel or a rollercoaster? Like, wtf anon?


>Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
what's wrong with it


Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is better. You can ride the coasters and everything!


The USSR had them too. Like a factory, who owns the park is important.


LOL apparently the DIsneyland Pinocchio ride is "too scawwy fow de kidz!"
And I love that it's all adults posting these reviews, not kids (not to mention that it is based on the original Pinocchio's original story and Disney film).


Pinocchio was a freemason.


>Are amusement parks/theme parks just bourgeoisie decadence?
Yes, because you vomit.



theres Gorky park in moscow
it is known from soviet times (but probably originally it wasn't soviet)

soviet parks are just boring and cool

no body screaming
no body running
everyone is waiting in line

good times
but i don't know why its called a park even its just a big Platz on the river side


you also get you Solyanka meal in heavy-ass metal plate (more like thats now for dog food)

and its actually tasty and warm




I'd argue they are some of the most "Proletarian" of non-digital entertainment.
However places like Disneyland or Disneyworld are openly middle-class+


File: 1608526472070.jpg (61.55 KB, 1000x666, 1000x-1.jpg)

Everything is capitalist, everything is bourgeois, and you.have.to.point.it.all.out.


>Name a more wholesome form of entertainment
10 years in gulag


Just make them free to enter and pay for the maintenance of roller coasters with your taxes boom problem solved


But charge tourists money to enter.


*to exit


File: 1608526596164.jpg (265.33 KB, 1043x1560, Z Mouse snow.jpg)


I'm not into them, I find vidya more thrilling. It's more fun to design coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon than to ride them and get spine or head damage from the bumping, plus sometimes they fail and people fall out and go splat.


>Are amusement parks/theme parks just bourgeoisie decadence?
The business models that they arose from (bread n' circus) and their modern exploitation in most countries outside of the USSR is bourg, but they are not by default bourg, and the USSR had plenty of them.


I don't necessarily have a problem with amusement parks if people actually enjoy them. But I don't really get it. You are never in danger on a roller coaster, yes you go fast but you're just sitting on a bench for a few minutes. Jumping from a branch on a tree swing is much more exhilarating and much easier, cheaper and accessible. Like there are a plethora of things that are more fun, cheaper and keep you fit in the process.


you literally just pulled this out of your ass
the speed and the stomach drop
i never really got roller coasters though, the bigger ones only last 2 minutes at most for like literally an hour or 2 of waiting in line, and the sheer wind-blast means you can't see much
i like the ones where you spin around and get dizzy, it's a nice effect
also they usually have nice restaurants and snacks and places to just chill


>literally just pulled this out of your ass
Wrong. Amusement Parks and the like arose from 1890s circus entertainment like Coney Island and involved a lot of fucked up exploitative shit. But the rides in and of themselves are just means of entertainment, and the USSR had rides in various parks, they just didn't make them into viciously exploitative and consumerism-obsessed industries, as under market systems.


fellas is it bourgeois to have fun

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