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Byron "Reckful" Bernstein was one of the esports legends, one of the greatest World of Warcraft players and streamers of all time. Struggled with depression and committed suicide.

PRESS F to pay respects


Can someone explain what happened i saw he proposed trough Twitter


yeah he killed himself, he had depression and going thru corona isolation without a GF made it worse. he was joking onstream about killing himself, then he did it (we don't know how yet)


Basically he publicly proposed, presumably it didn't go well, and a lot of people made fun of him for doing so. However, I think the moral guardians now going 'oh look what you did cruel internet' are off base because if you do something dumb online of course you'll get laughed at, you can't treat everyone with depression with a silk glove because like 75% of people on the internet are depressed in some way.


That's pretty sad


shut up


Yeah, it is, but I am not sure that the internet really had anything to do with it. I think the thing that made him kill himself was probably between him and that girl.


It's probably a combination of both.
I.e. "Oh no my girlfriend rejected me forever" and "Oh no my embarassing twitter proposal with personal photos didn't work out, now the internet is gonna cancel me forever."


>internet is gonna cancel me forever

Please don't talk boomerish


Well, I'm just guessing. His entire career is depending on internet standing, and he knows what the internet crowd could do to a figure like him for such a deed, from 4chan cringe runners to angry feminists.


Damn I wish I had the balls to actually do it.


we all love you comrade


Oh he didn't have a GF for a little while…. how FUCKInG TRAGIC



>because like 75% of people on the internet are depressed in some way.

t.actually diagnosed with depression


Me too, and so? We live in a depressed age, and it's only getting worse. The internet self-selects for depressed people.


No there is just a bigger spotlight on depression on the internet than IRL, not necessarily more depressed people are online than not.


I was recently discussing how systems western capitalist society exacerbate and pathologize mental illness. Either by creating a pathology for behavior that is threatening or ill-suited to social/state/capital norms (eg ADHD, "oppositional defiant disorder") or by creating shit life-values that make us never happy and and isolate us from our support networks. Not saying that mental illness is made up but capitalism and aspects of modern technology are explicitly making it much worse.

So ya pretty much we are all getting a lot more depressed.

My friend I was discussing with recommended this essay to me- haven't read it yet, they have a much better handle on academic writing than I do. https://www.uib.no/sites/w3.uib.no/files/attachments/ann_cvetkovich.introduction.depression.a_public_feeling.pdf


So who the fuck was this guy and why should I care?




I agree. Maybe we should have a topic about depression on here? I dunno.


>>>/dead/ is literally for this shit niggas


I meant about tackling depression, not wallowing in it.


Good board


>tackling depression, not wallowing in it


Nigger shut the fuck up

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