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Not sure who here is into watches, but I really enjoy them as both time-capsules for the aesthetic sensibilities of a period as well as for craftmanship and engineering.
picrel is a Soviet made Raketa 'Big Zero' Khrushchev's favourite watch but heres some other interesting examples;

> Mao had an Omega pocket watch given by Zhou Enlai

> Che was often seen wearing a Rolex Submariner
> Fidel also favoured Rolex and would rock up to 3 timezones at a time (typically Havana/Moscow/Washington time)

Think it's worth mentioning that Rolex wasn't a luxury brand the way it is now and was more of a tool watch.
Anyway, show us what you got or just tell me fuck myself, whichever suits you


I’ve always love the Raketa 24h watches. They’re cheap as hell and extremely easy to find replacement parts. It’s kinda annoying that they only get into my country after the Union collapsed in the 90s. Most Soviet watches here are from the Vietnam War era Poljots.
Also I think there’s practically nothing wrong with just looting porky shit for yourself or being given luxury goods. The whole debacle with the Red Army being ashamed of the soldier holding the Soviet flag over the Reichstag having Nazi watches was so dumb and one of the big reason it continually getting dug up and used as anticommunist proof of “censorship”.


Im one of those people that actually likes Casio watches like the f91 and the w86, I have an ancient battered 86 I really need to get around to replacing the screen is gouged now its barely readable from some angles

Reccs for a decent entry level analogue watch for someone with small wrists? The 86 is about as big as I can wear without looking stupid, most stuff I see for sale at prices I can afford are way too big and look guady, Id prefer something small and modest looking


Can anyone tell me how good Soviet dive watches were? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amfibia


I’m sure they are well-made and easy to find replacement parts for.


For anyone interested (nobody) I ultimately settled on a Lorus Field watch, which for £50 I'm extremely happy with


Pretty cool looking watch


Like a Lada in a form of a watch. Durable as shit, can be fixed in any bargain bin watch shop, has its own kind of charm, but not very accurate >>8788
I have a weird love for their calculator and satellite watches. Their gimmicks are great. And having a satellite one just to keep the time on your other watches accuracies on point is always a plus.


File: 1608526475552.jpg (221.43 KB, 1438x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

Got an interesting little French watch for £17 off of ebay, can't seem to find anything out about the brand but I like it, fits my tiny wrist well and looks really really nice in real life

Should I relume the hands or not?
Its really small so I'm kind of worried about breaking something doing it myself but its hard to justify bringing it to a watch maker's to get it done when I spent so little on the watch initially, the Lume isn't the gold bits, I know old lume sometimes turns that colour, it seems to have been the white bits as there's a green-white strip down the middle of the hands that must have glowed at some point


The thing with the censoring of the soldier with multiple watches wasn't anything like good communists don't want nice things or that it was wrong to take wealth off of fascists but rather the obvious implication that he would have stripped them off corpses iirc

Agree it was a stupid thing to bother trying to cover up though


Is eBay a good place to find cheap watches? I always have suspicions towards it even though hunting the discontinued wave ceptor is so difficult with it.


Yeah its pretty good so long as you read carefully, and remember that if somethings seems to good to be true it is

You can get loads of good old Soviet/Old microbrand watches through it for very little money for the quality, you can also get way better deals on more mainstream stuff like seiko's etc. if you want to spend more or want one of the older styles

There are people selling fakes and garbage though like any other specialist interest so just have a think before buying anything, usually proper listings have high quality photos of everything on the watch including the case back and sometimes the movement or are low volume one or two offs by individuals instead of businesses with lower detail descriptions,

low no. of pics from a mass seller or someone in Pakistan having 20 of the 1980's Railwayman Seiko etc. you want but having pics that look like they're scans of a laser jet print out are bad signs

Above is for stuff £100 and under, which is nothing in watch land but will get you plenty of really nice, quality stuff new and used, if the price is still above that used I'd go to a specialist reseller first if I had the choice


>Can anyone tell me how good Soviet dive watches were?
Here's a good review,
<I’ve been on a James Bond kick lately. So as the release of “No Time to Die” draws closer, I decided to check into buying one of the watches worn by the iconic super spy. But, a quick glance at the prices was enough to nix that operation.
<Vostok Amphibian
<Well, if I can’t afford a Bond watch, what about something that could have been worn by one of his Russian nemeses? Enter the $60-ish Vostok Amphibian, a Soviet timepiece released in the same year as the Connery classic “You Only Live Twice.” These watches are legendary for their oddball appearance and durability, backed by a legitimate diving pedigree.
Full review:


File: 1632276825478.png (440.97 KB, 768x439, ClipboardImage.png)

>TFW you had a massive effort post discussing Castro's Rolexes, the reasons he had them, and the reasons it didn't make him "le hypocrite"
This thread reminded me of that post, from 8ch /leftypol/ and I'm mad, so here's a bump


Is there any chance of it having been archived?


There is a chance, but I've sifted all the archived threads I can find and nada. I did a couple weeks before the 8ch crash of August 2019.


Both on archive.md and Wayback Machine?

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