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A thread dedicated to the discussion of collecting stamps, coins, weapons, military awards, etcDo not buy items from sellers on eBay if they do not have an excellent reputation. On the web-site you can find copies of coins and badges that cost $10 each but people sell them as originals, so you are not safe even when buying cheap items. There are also web 1.0 style forums for professional collectors and dealers, like this onehttps://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/they are quite good and many people on them have decades of experience in collecting. These forums function like auctions and they are also very useful if you want to find out for free if your jewelry/coin/whatever is fake, or just take a look at people's collections.


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File: 1608525492023-2.jpg (1.33 MB, 2448x3264, CAM00211.jpg)

First of all, collecting DOESN'T help to prevent these things from being lost to the sands of time. I like full sets of awards with veterans' stories and photos, but majority of collectors of military awards collect medals, not the history of these veterans, thus full sets of medals become rare, because dealers simply break sets into pieces and sell each item individually. My set consists of photos + medals + orders + documents to every medal and order + badges + a real airclock from a panel board of I-16, but how many people want to buy ALL this? It makes more sense to just split the set and sell things separately, it will be much faster, even though you won't get an extra % of cash for the story. It matters a lot who was the original owner of a medal and how did he get it. For example, the sets of military awards belonging to former members "Night Witches", the Soviet all-female aviation regiment, cost a lot even if the awards themselves are not rare. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_WitchesThe awards that belonged to generals, NKVD, pilots or sailors attract additional attention from buyers. Now, the most interesting part of Soviet awards and what makes them exceptionally well suited for collection of people's stories, not just shiny trinkets: the Soviet awards are numbered. Every military order (but only some medals!) has a number on the back side, the numbers were recorded in special award books that were issued to each person who received the award and in government documents that were sent to the state archives. Thus, you can find out to whom and what award belonged by just having an award book or access to the archives. Access to the archives isn't free and costs about $15, but access will pay for itself if you discover that the award belonged to someone important, thus boosting the market value of your item.I don't know about the post-war award system in the West , but I know that only the Mongols (Mongolian People's Republic was a thing and its awards were made by Goznak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goznak ) and the Soviet Union marked their awards during WW2. It would be much harder to get a real set of awards of an American/British/German soldier. You can fake the Western sets of awards simply by buying the necessary documents and then some random suitable military orders, it would be nearly impossible to disprove that the awards and documents are not from the same set.I once saw at the auction a set of Soviet awards which belonged to a veteran who stole his orders from his dead brothers-in-arms during the war, it would be impossible to discover that the awards didn't belong to him if it were not for the numeration.In my photos you can see my order of the Patriotic War of 2nd class, about 921 000 of these orders were issued during the war + 350 000 of orders of the Patriotic War of 1st class; this one does not belong to any rare sub-category and has no great value. On the technical side, the difference between 1st (3rd pic) and 2nd class (1, 2nd pics) is that the 1st class had golden rays (585 probe), instead of silver, behind the star. The order of the first class consists of 8 grams of gold, 16 grams of silver and weighs 32 grams, while the order of the second class consists of 0,300 grams of gold (non-enameled parts were gilded), 24 grams of silver and weighs 28 grams. The Soviet government was very willing to use precious metals in their awards, I do not know about the state in the world that used gold, silver and platinum as massively as the Soviets did, there's only a handful of German awards which used silver of gold. Germans don't call the Iron Cross "Iron" for nothing. The Order of the Patriotic War and the Iron Cross performed similar functions and were issued in similar quantities, therefore I consider them to be similar awards.


I just collect magic the gathering cards.


>>800cardboard fetishists rise up


File: 1608525492777-0.jpeg (82.27 KB, 898x1600, helmet 1.jpeg)

File: 1608525492777-1.jpeg (95.62 KB, 898x1600, helmet 2.jpeg)

Only thing I have on my colection, a British Mk.IV "Turtle" Helmet, probably never used, but still cool to have.I also have some pics of bunkers from the spanish civil war I can post them if someone wants


File: 1608525493590-0.jpg (1.98 MB, 1931x1779, 20191029_181304.jpg)

File: 1608525493590-1.jpg (577.11 KB, 1800x643, 20191029_181238.jpg)

I got some old bibles and history texts that belonged to my grandparents before they died. This one is a large illustrated bible that is nearly a 150 years old. My great grandmother left a lot of bible study pamphlets, letters and pressed leaves in it. The collection of books is quite interesting.


I only collect bad memories.


Currently trying to collect East German uniforms and equipment.


Post the bunkers fag


File: 1608525600740-0.jpeg (283.95 KB, 898x1600, bunker 1.jpeg)

File: 1608525600740-1.jpeg (176.67 KB, 898x1600, bunker 1 more detail.jpeg)

File: 1608525600740-2.jpeg (292.47 KB, 898x1600, bunker 1 outisde.jpeg)


File: 1608525601020-0.jpeg (350.96 KB, 1600x898, bunker 2.jpeg)

File: 1608525601020-1.jpeg (134.07 KB, 898x1600, bunker 2 entrance.jpeg)

File: 1608525601020-2.jpeg (63.61 KB, 898x1600, bunker 2 inside up.jpeg)


>all that trash
It's somewhat depressive.


Yeah, I've spoken to the mayor multiple times but it was of no help


>get a big fucking snow plow shovel
>loads of trash bags
>clear whole place out
>install new metal doors on the bunker
Free bunker.




File: 1634655523656.jpg (264.36 KB, 1706x960, bells.jpg)

Does anyone of you collect stuff? And are there any stores of which I can buy those mementos from?

I'll start with picrel (I collect bells).


You only have 4? What are the stories behind them?


>>789 is a collection thread anon, use catalog.


I collect bad memories.


oh thanks. i have never visited /hobby/ before


>collecting is bourgeois


collecting is bourgeois


i collect knives


Say OP do you mind if the mods merge your thread into the older collection thread?


Why? What's the story behind them?


File: 1634816029057.jpg (63.87 KB, 636x608, dinner.jpg)

not the knife collector anon, but how is collecting knives dangerous ?
I don't know what collectors do but assuming they put the knifes in a box, and they sometimes take out the knives to look at them, that can't be any more dangerous then using cutlery for eating a meal.


>2 collection threads in catalog


I think it's because having a bunch of sharp steel is concerning to the polizai.


request for the other thread to be merged here if you want


It already has been, the other one (guns OP) is at the bottom of catalog and old. >>20519


>but how many people want to buy ALL this?
I dunno, their families?


Oi, you got a loisence for doze m8?

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