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>Expensive>Overly complicated to maintain>Overlapping wheels frequently jammed>Difficult to get to the battlefield>Gun not that much more powerful than the Panzer IV>Inefficient armour layout meant it was only impenetrable for a few months>Subsquent medium tanks from all sides were better armed and armoured while also being cheaper, lighter and more serviceableWhy does the propaganda about the Tiger tank (and most German engineering from WW2) being the best during the war last to the modern day? The Tiger was an awful tank, a waste of resources and did nothing to change the course of any battle.


Probably because they want to paint americans as "brave heroes who fought against the odds and won the war thanks to their corageusness"


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their rokkits were kool tho


File: 1608525501959.jpg (22.23 KB, 758x421, STG44-Sturmgewehr[1].jpg)

>>893I suppose the StG-44 also was actually a good idea and ahead of its time, but it only really immediately influenced the Kalashnikov, most other militaries stuck with full-sized rifles until around the 70s.


>>894sorry I'm gunlet. what is so special about that gun? Is it easy to maintain/cheap to produce?


>>895Nah it just has a shorter boolet so firing it rapidly or at close quarters is easier while still having more range than an SMG.


>>893They were the first country to send an object into space which was that rocket.


File: 1608525502328.jpg (26.4 KB, 896x664, js7w149n12d01.jpg)

>>897Actually the first man-made object to go into space wasn't a V2, although it was built by the Germans. It was this big ass railgun(no not that kind) in WW1 known as the paris gun and was so freaking big that it hit its target by using the earth's rotation cause it went up so high.Stupid krauts and making stuff that's practically useless but does some cool things on the side.


>>898why didn't they just install it on top of battleship or something?


>>895its the predecessor to the AKhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPWJOJZQCs8


>>899Because Germany didn't have a fleet in WW1. Ok well it did but it may as well didn't. That's sorta the joke. And also cause Germany had run out of steel and couldn't build anymore guns. Or if they had put one on a ship, they didn't have enough fuel for the ship. >>900It's really not, in fact the AK was mostly done by the time the Soviets got their first captured Stg. The AK started in 1944 and was more about having something that was a cross between a PPSh and SKS instead of having an SMG and semi-auto rifle respectively, whereas the Germans dusted off plans from some intermediate-rifle cartridge from the 1920s for the Stg and didn't really know what the wanted as the Stg didn't really fill any roles and was more just the Germans getting high off mid-war Euphoria and making really cool stuff that's ultimately useless and since it started development around 1941 it didn't show up until 1944 and by then they didn't even have enough steel for bolt-action rifles let alone making a new weapon nobody knew how to use. The Soviets just wanted the AK cause they wanted a semi-auto rifle that could fire on full auto indoors, Kalashnikov himself stated that many times and stuff like the gas operation show why although they're aesthetically similar, mechanically they're about as different as you can get.


>>901(me)Ya just found the quote I was looking for, Kalashnikov said "I created a machine gun for a soldier", he literally just wanted a 1-man lmg for every single soldier in the army and did so by mashing together an SMG and LMG and based it on the M1 Garand of all things, it looked a lot different in its original iteration as it was just a very light LMG and had a drum magazine, belt feed, bipod etc. It got the sickle magazine, ejection chamber and lack of bipod and grip from the Stg so I guess you could call that inspiration but functionally the Stg didn't really do anything for the AK


>>901>>899Let's stick it onto a submarine


File: 1608525503658.jpg (296.58 KB, 2175x1298, 5aa4982a34b5.jpg)

>>903French beat them to it actually. (As a note this sub spent most of WW2 on vacation in the French West Indies and sunk by getting rammed by an American freighter who thought that no sane allied sub would be in the area and thought it was a U-boat)


>>916>chad burger freighter rammed submarinebut how? was it parked near dock or something???


>>901The M1 Garand also had a huge influence on the design of the AK.


>>917Nope, it was the middle of the night during a new moon and the freighter rammed it by accident, heard people yelling in a language that wasn't English and put 2 and 2 together and said "wait that's gotta be a German sub, ram it harder!". My guess is that the french sailors were just so damn drunk that they didn't see the giant freighter about to hit them, that or God smited their asses for getting drunk in the Caribbean while 20 other countries were bleeding on French soil for them. Fucking surrender monkeys. Oh also when France fell the sub sailed to Portsmouth and had to be physically stormed and seized by British marines because the sub crew wanted to sail back and join Vichy France. So they got a traitor's death in the end.>>918Ya I mentioned that here >>902 don't really know what he took from it though, maybe the spring loading mechanism?


>>919frogies are entertaining bunch I see


>>891Tanks, in general, are pretty shit ngl. Aircraft carriers are much better.


>>894>only really immediately influenced the KalashnikovNot this shit again… seriously why do people still believe in that nonsense? The AK-46 has more in common with the STG-44 and was dismissed for overcomplexity and unreliability. Meanwhile the USA and NATO use more components of the STG-44 than the soviets ever did, such as in the M-16.


>>964>Aircraft carriersTheir only real use is to act as transport and launch pads for imperialist fleets to park off the coast of a smaller country and bomb it to shit. When face with an opponent of equal technological advancement or even slightly comparable technology these carriers are sitting ducks to cruise-missiles.https://www.quora.com/Why-have-big-battleships-e-g-USS-Iowa-and-the-Bismarck-become-obsolete-in-modern-navies/answer/Chuck-Garen


>Why does the propaganda about the Tiger tank last to today
It's part of the whole "le uber reich/clean wehrmacht" myth about how the heroic, well trained Germans all killed the soviet horde 10:1 but lost because "muh red zerg rush"


>Still pushing this shit meme
Wehraboos are truly subhumans


Post this on AKM because it's military related


given the thread has been necroed, reminded me of this military project I recently learnt about


basically, immense underground complex in greenland ice to be able to launch nukes at ussr

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