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"Our hands pass down the skills of the last generation to the next"
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Pipes are better than cigarettes but harder to maintain and acquire tobacco for (pipe tobacco is not the same as cig-tobacco)


>Do you smoke a pipe?
Only for weed.


I exclusively smoke via pipe, not a huge awesome one, just a tiny one hitter


sm*kers get the bullet too


I had a corn husk pipe I would smoke weed roaches with, after a while it tastes like absolute shit. Getting a real pipe and maintaining it might be fun.
How is it different?


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Good topic. A pipe is a poor man's cigar, anon.

Pic related: Jimmy Hill ,pipe-smoker, footballer, trade unionist and TV pundit (Rest in Power) https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2015/dec/19/jimmy-hill-maximum-wage-three-points-match-of-the-day


Can you still buy Soviet cigarettes OP or what do you mean Eastern Bloc cigarettes are easy to get?


OP here, in my country they still sale old GDR cigarette brands like karo or duett. You just have to search a little or buy online. About soviet fags I don't know. Would be awesome if.


pipesmoker of the year (featuring >>8971 and Harold Wilson)


Smoking a pipe or the tobacco?
A pipe is detached, no extra paper, leaves or filter in the mouth, just a literal pipe, sucking in the smoke. It's more a different feeling when breathing it in than a specific tangible difference.

Tobacco wise, finely grounded and very dry tobacco works poorly with pipes in my experience. Burns away too fast and you can accidentally inhale the ashes since they're so fine. stringy not fully dry tobacco works best (don't pack it down into the pipe bowl though)


>>10326 Cigarette smoking thread


I don't want to get cancer anon, so no.

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