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Share recipes and ideas for cooking delicious food! Hotdogs, chili, preferably healthy food!I am vegan and I would like to say vegans and non vegans need to get along in this thread or I will fucking gut rape all of you.I just made a fucking delicious Setain steak seasoned with onion and garlic powder with a little salt and pepper. On the side I had a salad and some riggatoni. I could get a picture, but, i'll make it tomorrow and post it up here in the general.Here's some recipes, also: https://veganheaven.org/all-recipes/seitan/ https://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/champignon-mushroom-risotto/These cookies are off the chain good.https://spoonuniversity.com/recipe/the-best-vegan-chocolate-chip-cookies-you-ll-taste-in-your-entire-lifeEnjoy!




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>>934I've been working on my tagliatelle ai funghi lately, but the only non-awful mushrooms I've been able to find are hen of the woods and pleurotus eryngii. I reckon I could murder this dish if I got ahold of some porcinis, but fuck chance of that in the tropics.


Some pasta that fucking slaps:https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/cacio-e-pepe/


If you can't cook for shit but want to eat something good, try making japanese curry. You can buy curry roux online, in ethnic shops or at your local chinatown. I recommend S&B. Generally speaking you can put anything you want in your curry and it will taste good, but for something easy just use meat (it's impossible to fuck up with chicken and pork), potatoes and carrots.


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Sharing this video that I like. catchy music and a tasty (if fatty) recipe.


>>1004someone tell me what thsi swingy music is!


>>1005Art Tatum - Fifty Second Street Blues


Y'all can probably Google Translate this, it's a great recipe: https://vegokak.se/nyar/nyar-snabb-oumph-bourguignon-vegetarisk-vegansk/Now that the grey and cold are here, stews and soups are the coziest shit (and most super easy to make vegan if you just use veggie stock).


>>1003Indian food is really easy to make too if you use the spice boxes. Pretty sure most of them are one-skillet too (besides the rice, obviously), so it's easy to clean up.


>Stews and soups are the coziest shit



>Art Tatum - Fifty Second Street Blues
You sure? The Melody is quite different


that looks disgusting, just a bunch of cheese and fat and the texture is like hot diarrhea


Keep outta the kitchen ya dweeb! You don't understand nothin' about cookin'.


Does anyone know how to prevent the glaze from burning when you are cooking rack of lamb? I made some today with a honey glaze and I cooked the meat to medium well (cooked it at 450 Fahrenheit for 15 minutes in the oven BTW) but the glaze came out burnt.


for sugary glaze, it is best to apply them at the last minute or while you are resting the meat.


Thank you.


If you want good kebabs, mix any amount of ground beef with half that amount of pork and afterwards add lots of onions, black pepper and salt in the mixture before shaping them into whatever you wish.
You can stop eating at McDonalds now.


>You can stop eating at McDonalds now.
&lteating there in the first place


Don't all westerners eat at McDonalds because they believe that their food is safer than any local made food?


Not all of us, no.


Ima be honest here, that looks like pure vomit.


not every westerner is American.


>they believe that their food is safer than any local made food
Even in the USA they don't believe that, in Europe McDonalds has a lot of European dishes and anywhere its consumed more because its cheap and less because it 'tastes good', well that and ignorance by some burgers.


Nice samefagging. If you judge food based on how it looks first you don't belong in the kitchen.
Also I don't know what kind of vomit you've been looking at (alien vomit?), cause it sure as hell don't look like it to me.

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