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Lol Russia couldn’t even score a single decisive victory on its own anywhere in Ukraine. The CSTO is history.


>burger named leaf
Cultural appropriation!


carefull now, you're gonna od on that copium


India called Azerbaijan an aggressor at a meeting of the UN Security Council.
France stated in the UN Security Council — "the territorial integrity of Armenia must be respected."
The Russian Permanent Representative to the UN said that Russia is doing everything to ensure that the Armenian and Azerbaijani military returned to their original positions.

Azerbaijan has stated in the UN Security Council that Armenia's accusations are false and fabricated. Azerbaijan also used the term"conflict along the non-delimited border".


the CSTO is maybe good for putting down unarmed protestors in Kazakhstan
against an actual military enemy they’re not very effective


File: 1663256949186.png (449.41 KB, 900x514, ClipboardImage.png)

>BREAKING: @Europarl_EN recognises that #Hungary is no longer a democracy.

>The report by @GDelbosCorfield declaring #Hungary an “electoral autocracy” has been adopted with a large majority.

Orban will get woke sanctions


"electoral autocracy" god i hate liberals


The EU has a spine?!


America probably told them to do it lol


File: 1663258474223.png (66.8 KB, 320x245, Screenshot (75).png)

i saw this gif posted by a kosovar and tried looking for the footage but google didnt pull up literally anything besides wikipedia articles. anyone got the footage?


you can't screenshot a gif


i mean it is what it is
applies to them too tho


File: 1663270240102.png (348.32 KB, 1324x622, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like the original is a purged youtube video, although the footage survives in some amateur music videos eg:
Also found this oddity that appears to be anti-NATO, anti-EU, pro-Serbian Slovenian(?) rap, has slightly different footage to the other two links

There's a reupload that doesn't have any music, just air raid sirens, not sure if the audio ever existed but it's from a video recorder so it should have at some point:

That's where you're wrong bucko


Ottawa sends Beijing envoy to Taiwan amid rising tensions with China
>The federal government is sending its acting envoy in Beijing to take on the unofficial role of Ottawa’s ambassador to Taiwan amid China’s escalating military threats against the self-governed island, three sources say.
>Jim Nickel, chargé d’affaires in Beijing, will become executive director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, Canada’s unofficial embassy in Taiwan, according to two Canadian officials and a source in the Taiwanese government. He replaces diplomat Jordan Reeves.
>“It’s a good move because Jim will be one of the more senior guys we’ve sent to Taipei, and because of his experience in Beijing, I think he will be an important person to provide advice back to Ottawa,” said Guy Saint-Jacques, a former Canadian ambassador to China.
>Mr. Saint-Jacques said Mr. Nickel is an experienced diplomat who will give Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly on-the-ground intelligence on Chinese aggression against Taiwan and strategic input into the Indo-Pacific strategy that is being drafted by her department.
>He added that Mr. Nickel will be able to provide analysis on Chinese disinformation campaigns in Taiwan and their efforts to influence the election in two years’ time as well as military tactics and manoeuvres in the Taiwan Strait and the Indo-Pacific region.
>The two Canadian officials say Ms. Joly has selected a female career diplomat to replace Dominic Barton, who resigned in December to become chairman of mining giant Rio Tinto, but Beijing has not yet approved the appointment. Both sources say there has been no pushback from China about the pending appointment of Mr. Nickel. The Globe and Mail is not identifying the Canadian officials or the Taiwanese source because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the matter.
>David Mulroney, who also served as ambassador to China, lauded Mr. Nickel as “exceptionally competent” and noted that Taipei is an important post.
>“It is one of our larger and more important posts in terms of staffing, the significance of our interests, and the complexity of the issues,” Mr. Mulroney said.
>Beijing has repeatedly conducted military drills simulating the invasion of Taiwan, and in recent years has militarized the South China Sea and stepped up intimidating warplane sorties against Taiwan. Beijing has never ruled out the use of force to bring Taipei under its control.
>Canada does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state and does not maintain official government-to-government relations with Taipei.
>Mr. Nickel, who is in Ottawa for briefings at Global Affairs, has been acting ambassador to China after Mr. Barton’s resignation. Mr. Barton was praised for helping secure the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor from Chinese custody, but criticized for strongly pushing closer trade ties with Beijing and ignoring China’s human-rights abuses.
>The Canadian officials say China lodged a formal complaint to Global Affairs about a planned visit by a Canadian parliamentary delegation to Taipei in early October.
>China does not approve of foreign politicians visiting Taiwan. Beijing’s authoritarian rulers consider Taiwan a breakaway province even though the Chinese Communist Party, which seized power on the mainland more than 70 years ago, has never ruled the island.
>“China firmly opposes any form of official exchanges between the Taiwan region and countries having diplomatic relations with China,” the Chinese embassy in Ottawa said in a statement Wednesday. “We urge the Canadian side to abide by the one-China principle and respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
>The embassy warned that “China will take resolute and forceful measures against any country that attempts to interfere with or infringe upon China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
>Veteran Liberal MP Judy Sgro, who heads the Taiwan-Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group, acknowledged that the Chinese embassy had lodged a formal complaint but said Canadians MPs would not be bullied by China.
>She said the goal of the visit in the week of Oct. 8 is to enhance the relationship with Taipei and noted that members of the group usually visit the island democracy twice a year.
>“They [China] have complained before and I know they have complained this time but I don’t think we should be bullied by anybody,” she said in an interview Wednesday. “We are enhancing democracy and respect for democracy and building relationships. We are not going there to comment on what China does.”
>Now that the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be on the wane, Ms. Sgro said Canadian parliamentarians are keen to visit Taiwan and their trip would seek to expand commercial ties between both countries.
>The Communist Party has not ruled out using force to take control of Taiwan, which peacefully transitioned to democracy from martial law in the late 20th century.
>In August, China encircled Taiwan with threatening military exercises that included firing missiles near the island after Taipei played host to U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the highest ranking American official to visit in decades.
>Last month, China fired missiles over the island and sailed warships near Taiwan after Ms. Pelosi’s visit, which Beijing declared as a provocation.
>In the wake of the Pelosi visit, other Western legislators are scheduling visits to Taiwan, including a delegation from Germany.
>Canadian warships transit the Taiwan Strait about once a year. Last October, the Chinese military condemned Canada and the United States for each sending a warship through the disputed waters, saying they were threatening peace and stability in the region.


>>The embassy warned that “China will take resolute and forceful measures against any country that attempts to interfere with or infringe upon China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


File: 1663299880769.jpg (36.75 KB, 623x615, facts.jpg)


They won’t do shit LMAO it’s their bluff that was called


As in China won’t do shit


RIA Novosti: "The border service of Kyrgyzstan told RIA Novosti that clashes between the military are taking place along the entire length of the Kyrgyz-Tajik border"
We must critically support kyrgyzstan because they have an immensely cooler flag than tajikistan.


File: 1663304061855.png (1.24 MB, 2000x1690, BRIVsDot.png)

Westoids are so far up their own ass that they actually go on and claim that them treating Taiwan like a real country and then wave away by claiming that they are supporting one-China principle. hell, USA went back even on one-China principle and changed the stance from "there's only one China" to "haha we recognize that Beijing thinks that there's only one China wink-wink"

China needs to buckbreak some big Westoid country to stop this nonsense. Or maybe force Taiwan to submit via targeted sanctions.


China is already buckbroken. They can’t even get the US and Canada out of the Taiwan Strait and always end up having to huff and puff about them being meanies who don’t play fair.


China doesn't really want to go to war with Taiwan, though? USA sailing one ship doesn't matter one bit, whenever China does drills, American dogs run away behind Japan, lmao


Luxembourg be like "sign me up for that railroad fam"


>impotent sabre rattling


Sputnik Kyrgyzstan: "The Tajik side uses tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and mortars, the Border Service of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan reported
In response to the armed aggression of the Tajik side, the border guards of Kyrgyzstan are taking adequate measures, using all available equipment and weapons to force the enemy to a ceasefire, the ministry noted."
Kyrgyzstan current ruling party: Center-Left Social Democrats, part of the Socialist Internationale since 2018
Tajikistan current ruling party: Right-Wing Peoples' Democratic Party


Kirghiz parliament stated that if hostilities does not stop by tomorrow general mobilization and martial law will be ordered.


Not to detract from Canadian imperialism but you just know the burgers make the leafs do this shit to outsource their sabre rattling onto their (according to the spurious stereotypes) friendly, peace loving neighbor.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed his irritation over Turkey's intention to become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)


File: 1663695760778.png (50.68 KB, 268x188, ClipboardImage.png)


The new president of the Colombian left wing and former guerilla leader Gustavo Petro defends the legalization of cocaine at the United Nations General Assembly in front of representatives of UN countries and observer members from around the world and in the most natural way compares its harm to fossil fuels.
"What is more poisonous to mankind? Cocaine or carbon or even oil"?


File: 1663881686920.png (312.99 KB, 534x633, EwDBICwWYAsj5WW.png)

"Roman Catholics outnumber Protestants in Northern Ireland for the first time in its provincial history, according to the latest census.

The newly released data reveals that 45.7% of the population identify as Catholic, compared with 43.5% who are Protestant."



I have the feeling that you are exaggerating, if that was the case -taking it more seriously than just an illustration in a speech- he would have already been condemned by all the nations of Latin America, and of course the US.
The headlines that I have read only say that he just called like many others the failure of the "war on drugs"
But it reminded me of a certain fella of the 80s…


File: 1663909545295.jpg (370.55 KB, 1227x1161, asia-countries.jpg)

made this to piss off dengists (but only the nationalistic type)


Too afraid to touch Cambodia, I see.


The only way there will be "a multipolar world" is if China wills it so. Literally the only thing Russia can contribute is fossile fuels



The global South has lost $152 trillion through unequal exchange since 1960

>Dependency and world-systems theorists have long argued that “unequal exchange” is a key driver of global inequality. Since wages and natural resource prices are much lower in the global South than the North, poor countries must export many more units of embodied labour and resources than they import in order to achieve a monetary balance of trade. This creates a constant transfer of labour and ecology from the periphery to the core, developing the latter but impoverishing the former.

>In a recent paper in New Political Economy that I co-authored with Jason Hickel from the University of London, and Huzaifa Zoomkawala, a data analyst based in Karachi, we quantify the value that has been appropriated from the South through unequal exchange since 1960. To do this, we use a method developed by the economist Gernot Köhler. Köhler proposes that we can use purchasing power parity (PPP) exchange rates constructed by the World Bank to value the South’s exports at the North’s price level. By subtracting the actual market price that the South received for its exports from this figure, we can measure the commodities appropriated by the imperialist states, in terms of the Northern price of those commodities.

>Using Köhler’s method, we find that in 2017 the ‘emerging and developing economies,’ as defined by the IMF, lost $2.2 trillion worth of goods to the ‘advanced economies.’ This represents an enormous loss for the South. These resources could have ended extreme poverty 15 times over, but instead they were transferred gratis to the core. This windfall is of enormous benefit to the centres of empire. For instance, in 2017 the U.S. gained $2,634 per person through unequal exchange, while the average Australian citizen received $3,116 from the South. Since 1990, the North’s annual gains from unequal exchange have sat at 5.2% of GDP, considerably higher than the North’s annual growth rate. In other words, if not for imperialist plunder, aggregate income in the North would have been declining for decades. The extraordinary levels of material consumption currently enjoyed in the North are predicated upon exploitation and poverty in the periphery.

>Figure 1 shows total value transfer since 1960. All up, the South has lost $62 trillion (constant 2011 dollars), equivalent to 97% of its 2017 GDP. If this surplus had been available to the South, it could have been reinvested in domestic economic development. If we assume this surplus would have grown at the same rate as Southern GDP, it would now be equivalent to $152 trillion.

>Our findings indicate this exploitative relationship has worsened over time. Figure 2 presents a time series showing the annual drain of surplus from the periphery over the post-colonial period. During the 1960s, the South lost about $38 billion a year, just over 1% of total Southern output. However, by 2005 drain from the periphery amounted to almost $3 trillion, or 9% of output.

>This increase in the scale of value transfer was driven by a concerted imperialist assault on the third world. On the one hand, Northern states have intervened to suppress Southern wages and prices. Through the 1960s and 1970s, Western powers violently toppled independent governments, installing military juntas that crushed organized labour, as in the Congo (1960), Indonesia (1965), and Chile (1973). Similarly, during the 1980s and 1990s, the IMF and World Bank (both controlled by the G7) forced global South countries to de-regulate labour markets and cut-back public sector employment. At the same time, Northern states have sought to preserve the monopoly power of their own firms, and insulate their high prices from competition. The IMF, World Bank, and WTO have pressured the South to eliminate tariffs, decimating its indigenous-controlled industrial sector. This has given Northern monopoly capital overwhelming control over the international market and the terms of trade. These imperialist policies account for the dramatic rise in exploitation since 1960.

>Since 2005, the scale of value transfer has declined somewhat. But this has been driven almost entirely by a change in the position of China—one of the few countries that was not forcibly structurally adjusted, and which continues to protect domestic industry. For the rest of the South, neo-colonial plunder continues at historically unprecedented levels.

>A common critique of unequal exchange theory is that global price differences reflect differences in productivity; Southern workers are less efficient than Northern workers, so their low wages do not provide a flow of value to the North. However, there is little evidence that the South is less productive than the North when it comes to production for international trade. The South’s export sector is equipped with advanced, ultra-modern technology provided by foreign capital. Similarly, Southern workers are subject to brutal Taylorist discipline that is illegal in the North. Indeed, one study of export processing zones in Mexico finds that Mexican metal workers, electronics workers, and seamstresses produce 10%-40% more output in an hour than their U.S. counterparts. Despite this productivity advantage, we find that Mexico lost $1,619 per capita through the undervaluation of its exports in 2017. Low wages and prices in Mexico’s export sector do not reflect low productivity; they reflect imperialist power imbalances in the capitalist world-system.

>These findings indicate that rich countries continue to rely on the exploitation of lands and bodies from the global South in order to maintain their high levels of growth and consumption. If we want to end poverty and ensure all people have access to the resources they need to live well, we must change the structure of the global economy. An important first step could be a global universal basic income of $5 a day. This would eliminate extreme poverty immediately, and reduce the South’s dependence on Northern-dominated export markets. Our research demonstrates such a cash transfer is owed, not as charity, but as compensation for the trillions appropriated from the South since 1960.



You should look into the recent history (last 60 or so years) of Yemen, it's very interesting spot in west Asia.


China Is Quietly Trying to Dethrone the Dollar
>At their recent summit in Uzbekistan, members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)—a prominent regional organization led by China and Russia—agreed on a road map to expanding trade in local currencies. A road map for using local currencies in trade and developing alternative payment and settlement systems has been part of the SCO’s economic plan for years.

>This agenda is in line with individual policies on the part of the group’s most prominent members, including Russia’s attempt to cushion the blow of Western sanctions, China’s deteriorating relations with the United States, India’s use of nondollar currencies in its trade with Russia, and Iran’s recent proposal for a single SCO currency. Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed to address development deficits through regional integration, especially by expanding the shares of local currency settlements, strengthening the development of local-currency cross-border payment and settlement systems, and promoting the establishment of an SCO Development Bank.

>Xi did not openly discuss the geopolitical risk of U.S. dollar dependence when addressing the recent SCO summit. However, his proposal reflected Chinese leaders’ deep concerns about the vulnerability of the Chinese economy to U.S. dollar hegemony and their desire to develop alternative systems to hedge against the risk of the dollar’s dominance.

>Beijing is not, for now, attempting to make the yuan an internationalized currency. It does not seek to dethrone the U.S. dollar and replace the dollar’s dominance in the global system with the yuan. Instead, it is taking steps to make the yuan a regionally powerful currency through local institutions in China and regional intergovernmental organizations such as the SCO. Beijing wants to increase the use of the yuan in China’s cross-border trade settlements and investment, reduce its dependence on the dollar, minimize exchange risk and dollar liquidity shortage, and maintain access to global markets during geopolitical crises.



"With almost 67% of the votes in favor, Cuba said "Yes" to the new reform of the Family Code submitted yesterday to a referendum, which introduces gay marriages and adoptions in the country (previously there were civil unions) and surrogacy, among the news."


another step towards making women obsolete


Any info on the BRICS currency basket


So what we thinking on a potential Aegan War?


File: 1664379938152.jpg (145.36 KB, 750x464, stavroshalkias.jpg)

Greeks will win because they'll recall Stav to the motherland, at which point he will destroy the Turkish army by calling them small dicked fags who get no pussy.


File: 1664380069246.jpg (193.23 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

He will install Hasan Piker as his puppet President. Tarik will be his Prime Minister.


File: 1664577087424.jfif (408.68 KB, 2048x1536, Fd7hz_gWAAYjTsi.jfif)

It seems like the military president of Burkina Faso has been overthrown by one of his captains. Its also been said that he dissolved the government and constitution


>thinks a fat burger can swear half as well as a real person like any greek


>CoD ghost mask

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