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File: 1655618854211.png (1.82 MB, 957x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

Think about all the money this guy saves on jackets.


The obsession ukroid nazis have with these ridiculous tattoos is really intriguing to me. Leftists are not this tattoo-crazed, why is it different with rightoids?


Leftists aren't obsessed with A E S T H E T I C S. Maybe anarkiddies. Tattoos and stupid fashions separate the LARPers from the serious.


New Mearsheimer dropped


File: 1655619972678.jpg (167.55 KB, 1332x1658, FVkEenzWAAAu73t.jpg)

Testimony by an American volunteer fighting with Ukrainians in Severodonetsk.


fuk u just say bruh? mike tyson is a direct descendant of Ioseb


if you get a tattoo youre a "larper" for some reason


Officially it's psychological warfare against Russian lol.
More seriously, Ukraine was part of the USSR and a whole culture revolving around tatoos grew in the gulags among criminals. It is not far fetched that there would be some cultural exchange at some point between regular criminals and anticommunists.


File: 1655620265732.png (473.42 KB, 625x509, ClipboardImage.png)

Tyson is a based lumpen at best.

To put it more clearly it's about style vs substance. But yeah tattoos are really stupid. All body modifications are stupid. If you're getting a tattoo "for the cause" you're even more stupid.


File: 1655620451230-0.png (484.75 KB, 640x447, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655620451230-1.png (52.69 KB, 159x317, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655620451230-2.png (557.22 KB, 750x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655620451230-3.png (170.42 KB, 630x630, ClipboardImage.png)



Is commodification of dead people supposed to prove a point?


File: 1655620692296.png (843.78 KB, 900x600, ClipboardImage.png)

The point is tattoos as a political statement are for retards. and tattoos in general but to each his own


File: 1655620881349.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 31.39 MB, 1080x1920, G7wn_pB_mU9F2Oas.mp4)

Video of wounded Americans being evacuated from Severodonetsk. Content/Gore warning.


Also these AZOV guys are a prime example. A bunch of them might've gotten away if not for their stupid Nazi tattoos. That's why police everywhere catalogue tattoos of arrestees. Easy identification.


speaking of which, it seems like a website should exist that catalogues all these pictures of Ukrainians caught over the course of the war with nazi tattoos and iconography.
does such a thing exist?


File: 1655621659847-0.png (1.3 MB, 720x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655621659847-1.png (1.71 MB, 957x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655621659847-2.png (1.63 MB, 957x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655621659847-3.png (825.79 KB, 900x624, ClipboardImage.png)

That's a good idea. Maybe I should make an imgur or something. Maybe an instagram. The Nazis of Ukraine.

Here's some more pics.


File: 1655622266281-0.png (1.38 MB, 1280x806, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655622266281-1.png (250.15 KB, 525x921, ClipboardImage.png)

Or actually maybe a booru? That'd be good so then everyone could upload.

>This is Kent McLellan, aka Bone Face. A US citizen, a hereditary neo-Nazi, and an officer of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion. He is hiding somewhere in Azovstal labyrinth in Mariupol. Do you still believe that there are no Nazi’s in Ukraine?

<very good photoshop +15 rubles. try better next time

Lel the libs literally can't believe their eyes.




Tattoos aren't that serious bruv~

If these guys were smart they would've blacked out their nazi pieces in the first week of the invasion


What people don't realise, when you make Ukrops look this bad, you also make the Russian and DPR/LPR forces look bad in return, because they aren't completely steamrolling them. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those issues were common on the other side too.


>What people don't realise, when you make Ukrops look this bad, you also make the Russian and DPR/LPR forces look bad in return, because they aren't completely steamrolling them.
Are they tho? We have no reliable casualty figures on Russia. Ukraine just admitted they lost 50% of their shit. There's no shame in going slow and cautious. Why sacrifice more men to go faster?


Ukraine lost up to 50% of its military equipment during hostilities – official
>According to Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Karpenko, Western arms supplies cover less than 15% of his country's total demand


File: 1655625266209-0.jpg (288.33 KB, 1720x968, Battle Plan.jpg)

Lukashenko would like to interrupt the news of the ongoing and expected Ukrainian defeat and humiliation with a stunning new update on Marxist theory and socialist analysis of Fascism:

Fascism is when you start indulging in Nationalism. The more Nationalism you indulge in, the more Fascist you become, and when you become REALLY Nationalist, then that's Neo-Nazism.

This has been a public service announcement for all good, non-Fascist, non-Nationalist folks. Remember to vote Lukashenko in 2025 or OMON will come into your house and drag you to prison you fucking American loving, liberal supporting, privatization advocating, Fascist, CIA paid traitor.


Because tattoos make you easier to identify by cops, when leftists do direct action. Never, NEVER get a tattoo!
Reactionaries can wear them, since in capitalist society they will normally never be repressed as hard as leftists.
To give you an example, Sweedish antifascists, who were regularly attacking nazis, were identified by a survaillence camera, while buying a burnerphone. Cops will put in all the effort to catch leftists but none for fascists.


Opinion: The Editorial Board
The World Has a Choice: Work Together or Fall Apart

>[…]There is merit in trying to put world food supplies above the exigencies of conflict, but easing the sanctions that Russia is demanding — those imposed on Russian exports and financial transactions, as a Russian deputy foreign minister, Andrei Rudenko, said on state media — would mean giving in to Russia’s aggression and attempt at humanitarian blackmail.

>What might yet work is a joint appeal to Mr. Putin by the countries that stand to be most affected by the food crisis. Mr. Putin has met separately with the leaders of Turkey, Israel and the African Union, among others, and has insisted publicly that responsibility for the emerging global food and energy crises falls entirely on Western greed and Western sanctions. He repeated that message forcefully in a speech on Friday at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, blaming the United States for the world’s instability.

>But he may find it harder to brush off an appeal from nations that are threatened by hunger, especially those that have so far resisted Western pressures to join in the ostracism of Russia. The United States should encourage and support such an appeal, which would get these countries involved in a way that serves their critical interests. And if an appeal includes a proposal to provide an escort of ships flying Ukrainian flags, Ukraine might feel less distrustful.

>International trust and cooperation are in desperately short supply, but it’s the only way out of any of these intertwined crises. 'The Biden administration should see this moment as a critical one for America’s leadership in the world, and step up to meet it.


File: 1655629021529.jpg (160.21 KB, 1024x640, 245.jpg)

>blah blah blah
>zero concessions to Russia
>fall in line or there will consequences


Based and Luxemburg pilled


File: 1655629633996-0.jpg (468.22 KB, 670x607, R(10).jpg)

>Work together or fall apart
>Which neans ganging up on the kid the rich kid deems the designated whipping boy
Shut up faggot rootless cosmopolitan cracker. If there is anyone people want to gang up on and exterminate it isyou demon faggots


carol more like crackwhorel


>Remember to vote Lukashenko in 2025 or OMON will come into your house and drag you to prison you fucking American loving, liberal supporting, privatization advocating, Fascist, CIA paid traitor.
Sounds based.


>mara gay
also wtf are you talking about?


good talk. so much liberal brainrot in the audience when the Q&A comes up though


This. Western neonazis also caught the tattoo culture from prison gangs, like the aryan brotherhood, and subcultures like skinheads


2nd vid:
0:00 - Biden winning the primary
0:02 - Biden wins presidency. New FDR!
0:07 - Biden presidency now



File: 1655633342526.png (289.53 KB, 596x666, 1654254642005.png)

British troops must prepare ‘to fight in Europe once again’ says new Army chief
‘We are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again,’ the new head of the Army vowed
>Britain must have a military capable of fighting in Europe and defeating Russia, the new head of the Army has said.

>General Sir Patrick Sanders, who took over on Monday from General Sir Mark Carleton Smith as the professional head of the Army, said his “singular duty” would be to “make our Army as lethal and effective as it can be.”



File: 1655635413676.mp4 (11.98 MB, 960x540, female soldiers.mp4)

Get your cunt to the front Liz. Show us the power of girl power.


File: 1655636023551.png (362.58 KB, 463x771, ClipboardImage.png)


that would require a proper economy though.


>"Ukrainian family describes life under Russian occupation"
>Proceeds to show family that fled said occupation


File: 1655642783754.jpg (113.43 KB, 622x867, winning too slowly.jpg)

>the Russians are going to lose because they are winning too slowly


File: 1655643483246.jpg (32.29 KB, 600x655, Smugjak.jpg)

> ha! you fucked my girlfriend for hours giving her multiple orgasms, instead of cumming after 30 seconds.
> Looks like I win!


Retreating Ukrainian unit doesn’t seem to realize the bridge they’re crossing is out.


File: 1655645235165.png (479.96 KB, 517x384, love.PNG)


File: 1655645417130.jpg (62.61 KB, 500x680, 6k68ts.jpg)

Putin’s stagflation revenge: Everyone said his war would destroy Russia’s economy but he’s killing America’s too
>Between a tanking stock market, soaring inflation, and mounting recession fears, Americans are turning on the economy.

>And somewhere, Vladimir Putin is probably smiling about it.

>Amid all the chaos, inflation has become the biggest financial concern of nearly every American as prices rise for everything from gas to groceries.

>There are several reasons that inflation reached a 40-year-high of 8.6% last month, including rising rents and labor costs. But economists say a major driver is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the subsequent disruption to commodities that it has caused.

>“The Russian invasion and spike in oil and other commodity prices is the No. 1 reason, followed by the pandemic & the housing shortage,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, wrote in a recent Twitter thread.



>they fell in
holy shit, I thought they were going to stop on the bridge, start shouting and turn in a panic. Nope, fucking drives straight in. They'll be storming Moscow by Christmas!


theres massive speculation happening too, which is one of the primary cause. the west is so fucking retarded, cant wait for it to collapse


Like, it's not some sudden thing, they come in at a straight, flat approach, and the bridge is completely gone for maybe 20 meters, the road is covered in debris, and they slow down before apparently just taking the plunge into the river.


>economists say a major driver is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the subsequent disruption to commodities that it has caused.
>that it has caused
western media can never seem to say sanctions and economic warfare. nope, just 'russia invaded ukraine' and then the consequences are somehow worldwide inflation and stock market crashes. it's as if there haven't been wars going on all over the place since forever. it's almost like something unusual happened relevant to the global economy besides the invasion that caused this but they can't seem to notice or mention it.


looney tunes ass moment


>Everyone said his war would destroy Russia’s economy but he’s killing America’s too
putin, extend this war.


What a bunch of idiots. LMFAO!



Do any of you have a single update on the map or war in general? This thread just feels like it's talking about anything but these.


latest i've heard is that russia is winning, libs are coping and seething, and eurocucks are going to be starving and freezing.


Reminds me of this


>and eurocucks are going to be starving and freezing.
based, China should invade taiwan and make counter sanctions that anything produced in china will not be exported if they join in the sanctions against them.


The back-and-forth is a bit boring right now.
Humanitarian corridor for Azot in Severodonetsk, and continued shelling of Donetsk which is supposed to do something I forget.



File: 1655649609114.jpg (125.57 KB, 960x720, 1639375997137.jpg)

This is why you always check the mini map.


File: 1655650098825.jpg (113.49 KB, 860x659, 765765.jpg)

They should have both attacked at the same time so that the west is split between support for Ukraine and Taiwan.


Girl in the punching bag pic has a fat ass


i think what would also be based is that, after ukraine get's mogged, they should use the split between the interests of the third world and the first in a "you are with me or against me" and then attack, the third gets free and still trade and the first gets the same treatment the soviet union had, exiled from the global market and just trading between themselves, but would be worse, because most of the western world productive forces are in china, they don't have industry like the soviet union to mantain themselves.


yeah but we all know thats way to good to happen any time soon


yea, the crime of most of the anti-capitalism and anti-west seems to be inaction and neutrality when total brutality is needed the most, when it's time to strike.
if this keeps up the world will never change.


No she doesn't lol. She's actually kinda skinny. Not that either of those is bad, but using specific body types as shorthand for "makes my pp hard" is cringe.


lol they fell in the piss river


first pic
that biden bag is fucking the girl


Yeah, now that I look at it again you are right, it is just shapely. The girl in the OP has a nice body and I will leave it at that.


American adults have already spent an average of 205$ in gibs to help Ukraine in their kamikaze effort. What would you do with that money?


STFU, COOMERS! Nobody cares!


Obviously one needs to consume information critically and consider the biases that may be present

For maps based content:

>Defense Politics Asia (vidrel, very recommended)


>Military summary








For commentary about developments of the overall war, again, behold of bias:

>The New Atlas


>Österreichs Bundesheer


>>The Duran

>Alexander Mercouris

>Alex Christoforou


Personally I just keep tabs on DPA(vidrel) for daily war updates and the listen not too seriously to the Duran commentary for gossip and check this thread and social media posters for happenings and curios. It may also be interesting to keep tabs on the Russian MoD, if just to see their counterpoints to the western account of events.


File: 1655654764085.jpg (87.88 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20220619_180502.jpg)

This will be the head of the newly-founded Kherson People's Republic.


File: 1655655049981.png (337.04 KB, 474x570, ClipboardImage.png)



it just keeps happening


Has Russia occupied all of Kherson, even?

>Kherson's request to join Crimea and the like was genuine, actually


Video proof of what was reported, that Ukraine takes out bridges without having evacuated its troops first. I think it's about incompetence as much as it is about malice


*without even telling them the bridge is gone, it seems.


File: 1655657628963.mp4 (3.66 MB, 720x1280, OtXWZZNpxNYB0Oo5.mp4)



Well, manpower advantage is the only advantage Ukraine really has at this point.


Even the Nazis tried to wait for their troops to cross, a la Bridge at Remagen.


Is US/NATO (with WEF help) pushing for a Global South famine?
>Is the proxy war in Ukraine turning out to be only a lead-up to something larger, involving world famine and a foreign-exchange crisis for food- and oil-deficit countries?

>Many more people are likely to die of famine and economic disruption than on the Ukrainian battlefield. It thus is appropriate to ask whether what appeared to be the Ukraine proxy war is part of a larger strategy to lock in U.S. control over international trade and payments. We are seeing a financially weaponized power grab by the U.S. Dollar Area over the Global South as well as over Western Europe. Without dollar credit from the United States and its IMF subsidiary, how can countries stay afloat? How hard will the U.S. act to block them from de-dollarizing, opting out of the U.S. economic orbit?



Kh(oom)erson People's Republic


File: 1655659448530.jpg (64.25 KB, 539x463, zilvV7A.jpg)

Germany to fire up coal plants as Russia turns down the gas

>Germany must limit its use of gas for electricity production and prioritize the filling of storage facilities to compensate for a drop in supply from Russia, Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Sunday.

>In a move that goes against the principles of his environmentally-friendly Green Party, the country will also have to increase the burning of coal, Habeck said.

>Russian gas company Gazprom announced last week that it was reducing supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for technical reasons, saying there had been delays in the repair of compressor turbines by the German company Siemens Energy.

>Germany has come under intense criticism in the past, particularly from the US, for its reliance on cheap Russian energy sources, which Washington has always seen as a security risk for Europe.

<pic not related


Imagine being this socially retarded


>In a move that goes against the principles of his environmentally-friendly Green Party
lol, implying, they're the ones responsible for raising german coal emission since years due to their retarded energy policy


It is eternally funny that the Greene party ended German nuclear power because of scary 'nuclear explosions' and went with LNG because it puts less carbon into the atmosphere, and now this is happening.


post the boner pic


sucks that future war documentaries about this war are going to have annoying t.me watermarks all over them


*less than coal. Yeah, basically the least 'green' party ever and also undermines their ability to turn away from Russia



in american prison culture, if you don't join a racialized gang and get a bunch of racial retard tattoos, you'll get treated as a race traitor and get gang raped. idk if it's the same in eastern europe. prison gangs are part of the terror the bourgeoisie use against proles, and it's an easy way to divide up the proletariat. This is the reason I think for the prevalence of these kinds of tattoos in America at least, but again idk much about Eastern European prison culture beyond the cyka wars


Bold of you to assume the ""documentaries"" will use real footage.


>faux Cyrillic with non-Russian Cyrillic letters
how is this pronounced


Rada Bans Russian Music In Ukraine
>The Verkhovna Rada has banned the public demonstration/performance of Russian musical works (songs performed by Russian singers, music videos, etc.) and tours of Russian performers in Ukraine.

>The document prohibits public performance, public display, public demonstration, public notification (bringing to public attention) of phonograms, videograms and music videos that contain a recorded performance of a musical non-dramatic work with text carried out by a singer who is or has been in any period after 1991 a citizen of a state recognized by the Verkhovna Rada as an aggressor state.

>Besides, Russian performers are prohibited from holding touring events in Ukraine.

>At that, a list of musical performers (singers) of the aggressor state is being introduced, condemning aggression against Ukraine, to which the above restrictions do not apply.

>An application for inclusion in such a list should be submitted to the Security Service of Ukraine by a person who has the right to provide permits for the use of musical works in Ukraine, and the National Security and Defense Council should keep such a list and monitor its update.

>The bill also:

<- increases to 40% the share of songs in the state language in broadcasting (was 35%);
<- increases to 75% the daily volume of broadcasts, including news and analytical units, entertainment programs (by announcers, radio broadcasters) in the state language during broadcasting (was 60%);

Ukrainian parliament banned Russian music and Russian performers. And at the same time they increased the mandated amount of Ukrainian (state) language radio content


Apparently they're banning Russian literature in Ukrainian schools too. Ukrolibs have been writing articles justifying it, of course they'll never admit they're ethnically cleansing their land.

How Russian literature serves Russian Imperialism
>There are three pillars in being a Russian author: become a sell out to the ruling elite, emigrate or die. Sometimes, Russian authors combine a few of these options.

As a bonus, scroll through this guy's twitter: https://www.nitter.net/kamilkazani/status/1516162691701772292
>Russians are wild and always want to conquer
>you can't understand Russians because you can't understand their dumb language


>cleanse Ukraine of anything Russian
>fuck all remains


Dude, the famine has been there for a long time. Already almost 8 million have been starving to death annually.
Impressive how capitalism maintains an eternal famine more deadly than any gomunist famine.


File: 1655662875361.mp4 (2.81 MB, 848x480, Teez6tFRtXw5LsJI.mp4)

This chant could be better, what other names should we add?


Filmmakers can reach out to the users who shot the videos and license the footage to get the source material (in fact I think they are legally compelled to do this but I could be wrong).

However, for independent filmmakers who are not producing something for profit but rather just release online for free, if they can't get hold of the source material, there are methods to automate the obfuscation of watermarks, or the removal of watermarks (the latter is a pretty recent development afaik)


>They remove the watermarks
<the footage is accused of being deepfaked as a result

calling it now


File: 1655663968616.gif (1.21 MB, 498x493, deleted.gif)


File: 1655665103477.jpg (374.06 KB, 1000x750, lt11.jpg)


File: 1655665678834.gif (1.53 MB, 480x200, what n idiot.gif)


Some RU pov heli footage


They have also apparently banned the works of Nikolai Gogol, after spending years trying to prove he is akschually an Ukrainian writer and not Russian. Guess that finally settles it

>There are three pillars in being a Russian author: become a sell out to the ruling elite, emigrate or die
As opposed to authors elsewhere lol


File: 1655669503646.png (48.32 KB, 600x800, ClipboardImage.png)

damn, one of our better insults blowing up like that


>In a move that goes against the principles of his environmentally-friendly Green Party


wonder why they bailed at the end, didn't look like they got hit


At this rate, it will regress back to Western Ukrainian People's Republic with capital in Lviv.


I dont even wish hell to annex them. Give it to Poland, no return.


Switzerland, obviously. :^)


>Remember to vote Lukashenko in 2025
Thanks for the reminder, I'll keep it in mind.


Nah, Gogol is pronounced differently from hohol


He literally said they got hit. You can also see them dropping flares in the mirror. Also "external reducer" was flashing at the bottom left, but I dunno helicopter stuff.


Is joke. Where else embezzler billionaires go to, anyway?


we will pass on the offer, thanks


File: 1655671321239.png (752.27 KB, 887x749, ClipboardImage.png)


Dat NATO projection, tho.


Russia absolutely does not use indiscriminate aerial bombardment like the US does.


I wish they did in Cuckraine tbh.


Satanic trips of truth


Blessed multipolar world


Why would they indiscriminately bomb majority Russian populations?


Hehe, good point. It's Galacia then.


They should indiscriminately bomb Galicia and make it the sole territory of Ukraine so they can roll around in the mud and give all their money to NATO like they've dreamed since they met the Nazis


really going all out to prove they're not a fascist state. why hasn't russia just kalibr'd the rada already?


y tho? They can't pass more anti-Russian laws (in territories they're about to lose) and alienate more of their Russian-speaking population, if they're dead.


Israel, UK


thats true but at the end of the same year ISIS was no more. Not neccessarily endosring it, but I preferred the outcome.


Banderastan is Israel for libs


call me Bushiite but its ISIS


>those numbers
GETS are confirming NATO as the Great Satan.


They think it's Palestine though


File: 1655672362980.png (342.91 KB, 1080x856, ClipboardImage.png)

Israel is already "Israel for libs".


Another banger from Luka
Yup, you are literally making their jobs easier.


File: 1655672494429.mp4 (1.3 MB, 640x360, SoRSpecial.mp4)

>They should indiscriminately bomb Galicia


ISIS was no more because based orange retard literally stopped funding it. :^)

>President Trump has ended the clandestine American program to provide arms and supplies to Syrian rebel groups, American officials said


>ISIS was no more because based orange retard literally stopped funding it
while true, it didnt disappear by itself. omebody had to do the dirty work and that was Assad and Russian bombers


Trump probably was one of the greatest modern presidents


Why did he tear up the INF treaty and send the most weapons to Ukraine tho


>so much liberal brainrot in the audience when the Q&A comes up



Because he wasn't perfect, he was just the greatest


Westoids are so used to their wars being 100% adventurist and pointless (to the average person) imperial affairs two continents over "for democracy", they can't even conceptualize of a "traditional" conflict where mutual contradictions between two neighboring countries mount to the point where diplomacy no longer works.


For all the wrong (but funny) reasons.


If you're referring to declarations that both sides should resolve the situation peacefully and through mutual dialogue, that's the international political equivalent of "I don't have an opinion".


Which should be the default in an non interventionist country


>isis is no more
outstanding analysis as usual by zretards from the framed 't. i made it up' school of thouht.


I think the point is that ISIS is a shell of its 2014 self, but this is mostly because of Assad's gov't and Russia


I'm referring more to westoids thinking this conflict is just Russia imperialistly and unilaterally invading a peaceful country for clay rather than the result of 8+ years of precarious diplomacy between two neighboring states, which is pure projection


just lost like 90% of their manpower but otherwise theyre great. Al Shabab is a different story but alsi different people.


Are you sure you're not confusing them with the Turkish-backed "moderate rebels"?


Yes. ISIS actions have been heating up again in both the ME and with their African and etc affiliates.
As usual you people are being dishonest little shits… but of course you can be when you have the blessing of the jannies to ban anyone who pushes back against you to hard…


The echo chamber of this forum is quite annoying. Is there an official party line written anywhere, so that i don't do any wrong think


well, I guess the money flows again


Damn. Cumbag Israel?


Holy shit the audience is fucking SEETHING lmao


>ISIS actions have been heating up again in both the ME and with their African and etc affiliates
Are you sure about this? Maybe you're confusing them with another group? ISIS has been irrelevant for years now, they lost all their ME territorial holdings in like 2019. Their most successful little aneurysm attack since then was the suicide bombings in Kabul where they killed 13 american soldiers and like 100 afghan civilians.


File: 1655678219058.pdf (587.34 KB, 67x118, IF10328.pdf)

Not that anon, and I haven't followed Syria closely for some time now but this past month there has been increasing reports of ISIS activity I've noticed. PDF related has a some summarized info about their activities in Africa, southfront has reports of recent happenings in Iraq & Syria


>but of course you can be when you have the blessing of the jannies to ban anyone who pushes back against you to hard

1. Don't shill for Western imperialism and Ukrainian nationalism

2. Don't blame the divisions that Ukraine is dealing with on Russians

It's not hard. I've been here since the start and you only get banned for these two. Why? Because you decenter the reactionary role of the unprecedented unipolarity that imperialism developed into. Instead, because it's a form of liberal unipolarity, we get all sorts of ahistorical positions about how the cause of global crisis is the reactionary character of the illiberal nonwestern world.

This form of liberal bias in the Western left, a product of post cold war weakness, needs to be challenged. It's degenerated into a form of social patriotism with this crisis of Western led globalization, with Ukraine on the frontline of this dying order's battle for supremacy


But have you considered that Russia is capitalist, tho?


File: 1655680606027.png (41.62 KB, 330x620, 330px-AZOV_logo.png)

Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion attempts rebranding

Following the surrender of hundreds of its members to Russian forces in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine’s Azov Battalion has undertaken a PR rebranding effort to distance itself from its neo-Nazi background by introducing a new chevron which Azov refers to as “Three Swords,” or a golden trident. The symbol will be used by the newly created Azov Special Forces Unit based in Kharkov.

The “Three Swords” refers specifically to a monument installed at the Azov Regiment’s base in Mariupol. Oleksyi Reins, a member of the Azov Battalion described it as a “symbol of military glory and promise of revenge on its enemies.”


Yea that's the shit I'm tired of hearing, everyone is a reactionary capitalist state so lets side with the liberal one

All this does is offer left support to the idea that a) liberalism has a universal idea of capitalist development b) any particular crisis is caused by its rejection by a capitalist state, which we should be silent on

Except we can't because this is all about the core-periphery relation


>look guise, different logo, no more nazi, promise :)


>Ukraine’s tattoo removal industry booming


File: 1655682368493-0.png (502.91 KB, 526x701, kononovich-new2.png)

File: 1655682368493-1.png (1.21 MB, 1170x860, kononovich-new.png)

Very good news! There are finally signs of life - new photos - of the Kononovich brothers, who disappeared back in early March after being detained by the SBU over their involvement with the Ukrainian Youth Communist League:
>The Kononovich brothers are alive! Seen below depicted with their lawyer, after months of imprisonment under false charges of espionage. They are Ukrainian citizens being imprisoned by the Ukrainian government purely for the "crime" of being Communists.

Big props to the WFDY for drawing global attention to their cause.


>You know we had to do it to em


Sometimes it feels like some unholy fusion bringing together the worst of Twitter radlibs, the Haz front, and GenZedong


File: 1655683054259.gif (1.03 MB, 500x500, 1425663755574.gif)

Respect their chosen pronouns, you problematic shitlord.


Damn. So are you prepared to explain why Russians in Donbas ought to have been bombed to shit by neonazis, instead?

Or are you about to slink off to whine elsewhere again, like the dumb fuck you are?


The hard pill for some to swallow is that it doesn't matter if Russia is capitalist or socialist, because the USSR would have done exactly the same, probably would have gone in earlier.

So it's redundant to ask whether Russia is imperialist or not because it's not doing the war because of its alleged imperialism.


Please ask Africans what they think about this war. From what I've seen Africans say is that they even more Z Gang than this thread


File: 1655685690583.jpg (48.78 KB, 640x497, 1627712937617.jpg)

Maybe for the most fervent of NATO dicksuckers.

A neonazi state (which everybody agreed was neonazi, prior to the invasion), installed by USA (with proof) getting run over AND USA getting stuffed at the same time is undoubtedly a good thing, regardless of who is doing it.

The difference between Ukraine and other attempts by US to topple governments, is that it succeeded, but is being dismantled by outside forces, which puts the heat to the toes of the NATO pseudo-leftists more than just outright failure.

The Asiatic Slav hordes are coming for you, NATO ""leftists"".


File: 1655685949196.mp4 (2.17 MB, 640x352, africa russia putin.mp4)


Sorry babe, Westerners know what's best for the third world.


Latin America is flexing its muscle, Western imperialist expansion east into Eurasia has been halted under a hail of bullets, Syria and Iran have halted a reactionary regional realignment pushed by the West, India and Africa are eager to think for themselves, and China is boldly making it clear that there will be no 'anti-democratic containment' that leverages colonial concessions like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This decade is gonna be a reckoning for imperialism. With this decline of the liberal international order, be on the lookout for comprador leftists looking to call this reactionary regression. They are social patriots in disguise. They preach a motte and bailey type of internationalism that accuses emerging periphery states of being imperialist if they're not committed enough to the international order monopolized by imperialism.


China could stand to not be so passive, though. And interfered in Myanmar, if only for practice.


That's why the old geopolitical realism guys like Kissinger and ex-generals have come forth calling for detente, because they are the walls closing in.

The empire hasn't lost any of its viciousness but certainly much of its competence. American Presidents were always dumbfucks but there advisors weren't. The people advising Biden (a demented man) and Harris (a moron who can't finish an English sentence) are a bunch of failsons who are just in it to reap short-term monopoly rents from their advisor firms.


File: 1655687666537.jpg (4.61 KB, 279x165, 1344404092193.jpg)

>expecting an empire to decline quietly


<RU pov: RU Southeast Intelligence Service (SWO) captured a group of UA soldiers including one ATGM instructor


I think that would be risky. What they are doing is a peaceful rise which gives dependent regions more choice in how they develop.

It makes it hard for the West to scaremonger these regions about fueling a big bad hater of freedom when they pathologically refuse to export their system.

>That's why the old geopolitical realism guys like Kissinger and ex-generals have come forth calling for detente, because they are the walls closing in.
>The empire hasn't lost any of its viciousness but certainly much of its competence. American Presidents were always dumbfucks but there advisors weren't. The people advising Biden (a demented man) and Harris (a moron who can't finish an English sentence) are a bunch of failsons who are just in it to reap short-term monopoly rents from their advisor firms.

That's very true. What's interesting about this emergent multipolarity is how liberal ideologues are conflicting with realists who think the West needs to cut its losses and accept balance of power rules, not false liberal universalism thats just an obvious skinsuit for Western unipolarity. Thats why Blinken only offers dogwhistles to every meeting and press briefing he goes to.

There is something poetic about globalization undermining liberal unipolarity, and it's because of how it confirms our theories of imperialism. Why is the democratization of capitalist development undermining liberalism? It's paradoxical, unless you're a Marxist or non-Western. It's because the West didn't come up with some universal model of development at the end of the last century, it came up with one model that all the imperialist states could agree on.

Finally you are right that the most ideological right now are by far the most incompetent. The West truly is dealing with overproduction of elites. The way the Ukraine crisis has been handled is just one blunder after another, and what's disturbing about it is how much of it is covered for by the institutions that monopolize civil society plus the public they are supposed to make literate and conscious. This crisis has revealed how liberalism has combined state and non-state power to achieve hegemony, revealing the true source of the 'hybrid war', and it's become very dangerous with this push to use some idea of democracy's emergency self-preservation powers. This is truly the democratization of imperialism, making the supremacy of your nation the extension of your rights.


<ru pov: pro-russian forces assault on toshkovka


The British and French empires decline quietly as their ruling class didn't want lock horns with the US empire with Stalin sitting in central Europe.
This time the US has to decide if it wants to lock horn with Russia while China has already surpassed it in industrial output and technology.


Can anyone translate?


<UA pov. The moment of the cruise missile strike on the positions of the Ukrainian army in the Zolochiv district of the Kharkiv region
apparently what the guy says roughly translates to “bitch all of ours are there fuck”


<UA POV - Euromaidan Activist, Nationalist Roman Ratyshnyi, 24 y.o. Killed in Action in Donbass_


File: 1655690495835.jpg (246.71 KB, 1224x1445, 1482805782576.jpg)

>I think that would be risky.
Of course it would risky. Burma makes Victoria 2 counties look sensible, stable and level-headed. Look away for five minutes, Myanmar is calling itself something else and genociding a different minority.

The problem is that leaving a civil war shitshow inside a massive drug state on your border unattended has a way of turning out badly in the long run.

Both World Wars were fought over this issue. Not even Belgium and Netherlands let go of their colonies quietly. So I'll assume you're merely pretending to be retarded.


The British Empire still existed in 1945, the British even planned to drive onto Moscow alone till their war planners realized the USSR army was stronger then the British, Americans and French combined.


<RU pov: Russian soldiers helping civilians evacuate from near the frontline whilst under Ukrainian fire (3 parts)


<Kharkiv Whatsapp group share info to avoid conscription subpoena ambushes

this seems like a worthy effort if it's a Russian intelligence op, and providing legitimately useful info to local Ukrainians trying to dodge the meat grinder



<Tiny brain
>Rescuing your own civilians while under fire from the enemy
<Galaxy brain
>Rescuing enemy civilians while under fire from the enemy


If Wilson's idealism was savaged by what the imperialists carved for themselves and how that made his promises false, I see a direct parallel after the cold war and the promises of liberal unipolarity.


<German TV Presenter: "I am afraid we are now faced with a situation where we have to face an uncomfortable truth…and that is that Russia won this war.”


Russia indiscriminately carpet bombed Grozny in the 1999, as part of Russia's genocidal invasion of Chechnya where the Russian invaders slaughtered and raped over 250,000+ Chechen civilians. Ask me how I know you are a zoomer


<AFU taking up positions in Verkhny Saltov (Kharkov oblast), get discovered by a drone & then get hit with TOS-1A MLRS


Russia is indiscriminately bombing Ukraine, especially hard in the south and east of Ukraine, the regions of the country where the majority of the Ukrainians speak Russian, like in Odessa and Mariupol during the siege. These are the same south and eastern regions of Ukraine where Putin and his forces claim to be "protecting Russian speakers". Curious.


that video is from 1995, the first Chechen war


File: 1655694519488.jpg (83.06 KB, 500x726, al5xu48fr8t61.jpg)


File: 1655694900556.png (141.56 KB, 2688x2688, 1344177706902.png)

Remember that "Russian soldiers just randomly gunned down civvies" bullshit with internally inconsistent footage? Wasn't it Vice that helped Ukraine spread it?


CNN spread it big time.


Anyone know what's going on with the Kaliningrad Oblast?


>If it as not for __, I would be nowhere near this ridiculous mess.
What got him there, I wonder?

Weeks ago in the general, there was a guy with a Viet Cong flag who said he was collecting all the bullshit Ukraine was doing.


A buddy's name, probably.


This is a pretty good place for all of Ukraine's bullshit


File: 1655697548287.jpg (30.8 KB, 940x529, 62182691_403.jpg)

>Russia says over 50 Ukrainian 'generals and officers' killed in missile strike

>Russian forces targeted a Ukrainian command post while senior Ukrainian military officers were holding a meeting, Russian Defense Ministry said. Moscow said they used sea-launched "Kalibr" rockets in the attack on the site near Dnipro, Ukraine's fourth-largest city.

>"Over 50 generals and officers of Ukrainian military were eliminated in the strike" including members of the high command, said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

>The spokesman also said Russia destroyed a tank repair plant in Kharkiv as well as 10 howitzers and up to 20 military vehicles in Mykolaiv in separate missile strikes.



<Russian Forces strikes at enemy targets with precision-guided munitions in the Bakhmut direction
POV from the camera mounted on missile


These are the people telling me to die for Kyiv, Taipei and Tel Aviv? Jesus wept. Maybe they're in cahoots with Putin to get all Eastern European nazoids to huddle together and get bombed more easily.

Is there any fashoid legislation short of forbidding interracial marriage left for them to enact?


>Are you sure about this?
Yes. I know it is true and you know it is true.
I am not sure why you people are so invested in being dishonest but it is very frustrating. please stop.


>This time the US has to decide if it wants to lock horn with Russia while China has already surpassed it in industrial output and technology.
This would be a really bad idea, aside from the prospect of nuclear holocaust. What the fallout from Ukraine has shown is that Russia (and China) need the West a lot less than the West needs them. This confuses Western elites because they have a supremacist view of themselves as the "indispensable nations" that everyone else needs, kind of like a geopolitical trickle-down theory. In reality, Russia makes material stuff that people actually need, while the West produces financial management schemes, pop culture, 'intellectual property' and other crap that people don't really need in a pinch. Russia and China can do without all that if they have to. If things really went scorched earth China could cut off the West and it would cause a lot more destruction to them than China.


File: 1655698751141-2.jpg (146.26 KB, 1280x877, media_FT1ZG8GWIAAmmnG.jpg)

All those words and no pics of the symbol. For shame, wooswoos.


Shortly thereafter, all the libs will pretend the nazi symbols were never a thing.


File: 1655701000743.jpg (114.89 KB, 1125x890, media_FVqAvNtWAAAC_XS.jpg)

<Strelkov said that the DNR’s 1st Army Corps’ headquarters in Donetsk was destroyed by shelling yesterday.


File: 1655701204508.png (752.05 KB, 1500x846, 1407349817140.png)

What the fuck did I say about posting this irrelevant monarchist LARPer?


>The United States has committed approximately $6.3 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Biden Administration, including approximately $5.6 billion since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked invasion on February 24.

>On June 15, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced $1 billion in additional security assistance for Ukraine. This includes an authorization of a Presidential Drawdown of security assistance valued at up to $350 million, as well as $650 million in Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) funds. This authorization is the twelfth drawdown of equipment from DoD inventories for Ukraine since August 2021.

>United States security assistance committed to Ukraine includes: (picrel)



Victory or loss, ukraine and nato will not win this war. Whether Russia “wins” is debatable, but Donbass, Crimea and Herson will be liberated one way or another and Ukraine will be in serious political and economic disorder


>Russia’s unprovoked invasion
I bet whichever NATO executive was writing this bursted out in laughter after that line


>the video and physical evidence of bombed out neighborhoods and mass civilian deaths of Odessa, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Bucha etc. in Ukraine are "j-just a l-le CIA narrative bro"
Literally "i-it's le Jews" /pol/ tier talking points but "woke" and "leftist".(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


>Russia killing civilians willy-nilly
thanks Vice (did not watch btw)


Held hostage by Azov
Russian collaborators killed by Ukrainians
Ukraine military deliberately used civilian buildings for cover

Imagine doing CIA's job for free. (is atrocity propaganda CIA's job?)


Not what’s he’s taking about, which is Russia troops moving through villages and killing civilians with small arms fire.


>THREAD Let's start a long thread about how Russian book market prepared Russians for a full-scale war against Ukraine, NATO, the West, and promoted stalinism and nazism, and how this was ignored by the West. Keep seat belts fasten, you will see a lot of nasty things here.
Twitter thread for (mostly) kino western projection.


>and promoted stalinism and nazism
liberal brainrot


just wait until this guy finds out about G.I. Joes




Russia opened up corridors for civilians to evacuate. Ukrainian military refused civilians to use these corridors, used them as human shields. Mainstream Western media will show you empty buildings and claim it is evidence of Russia indiscriminately bombing civilians without this context. They will also ignore the context of how the war started in the first place. See vids.
> Bucha
Sergey "Botsman" Korotikh and his men did that massacre. See vids.

Understand the CIA has been trying to provoke a Russian-Ukrainian war for decades by funding the Ukrainian neonazis through the National Endowment for Democracy, backing the far right during Euromaidan, and getting the far right to pressure Zelensky to abandon Minsk II, which would have ensured peace. Understand that even cold warriors in the USA in the 90s were against this kind of reckless NATO expansion and knew it would result in armed conflicts.


File: 1655705572215.jpg (261.93 KB, 821x716, Infinite Stratos.jpg)

The same people upset about Russian shitlit probably love to consoom "What if Nazis won tho" garbage they can't stop cranking out, or think Tom Clancy isn't dogshit.

You should also see the Japanese soyfacing over "Japan is the sole superpooper nao!"

Oh, look, it's Apple TV+


>Tehran is the story of Tamar Rabinyan, a Mossad computer hacker-agent undertaking her very first mission in the heart of a hostile and menacing city, which also happens to be the place of her birth. Tasked with disabling an Iranian nuclear reactor, her mission has implications not just for the Middle East, but for the entire world order. When the Mossad mission fails, Tamar goes rogue in Tehran as she rediscovers her Iranian roots and becomes romantically entwined with a pro-democracy activist. Tamar's soul-searching leads her to become even more conflicted about her mission, while the tension mounts as Iranian authorities tighten the net in their desperate search to locate her and her Mossad colleagues.
KAN Israeli Public Broadcasting, Cineflix Rights


Stunning how few westerners understand that Iran uses nuclear power for energy and only threatens nukes to ease sanctions


If every Russian troop was doing that, we would hear about a new Bucha every day


File: 1655708336256.jpg (49.53 KB, 782x575, educate urself.jpg)


It's Kharkov not "Kharkiv", Ukrop.


File: 1655710133612.mp4 (2.32 MB, 344x360, 1647206850025.mp4)


Heartbreaking. "Anti war" westerners will suppory this.


Oh based. I will ask the Ukrainians in the chat about this.


> $6.3 billion in security assistance
Total dosh sent to neonazis far exceeds that "security asssistance". Back in early March, Congress approved $13.6b in one fell swoop, which, coincidentally I'm sure, slashed 15b from COVID relief for Americans.

Oh Getfiscal-kun, you card.


White people age so quickly, these guys could be 18 or 40.
Great news to hear they are still alive. The solidarity shown by WFDY was admirable. Hopefully they are released and can gain political refugee status somewhere.


File: 1655711623088-0.gif (298.59 KB, 500x373, Laffin-squidward.gif)

File: 1655711623088-1.png (137.43 KB, 526x526, 1652463958876-1.png)

>Wooden monument
Bahahaha! Can these CIA funds not even affort them anything better than cheap plywood?
It's the HoLOLdomor vs Soviet monument contrast all over again. Damn, how the mighty have fallen into poverty since the 90s. Absolutely pathetic beyong belief.


lol did they leave up the "Ukraine has a neonazi problem" video?


hahahahahaha I have 0 skills and I could make that for 40 bucks
BASED corruption


File: 1655712316727.jpg (108.16 KB, 600x941, ggg.jpg)

Holy shit this is so bad. It's a Cracked listicle with the sarcastic descriptions replaced by the most cynically fake outrage I have seen since the previous azovoid whining. I'm afraid he will argue Russians are trying to time-travel or resurrect Stalin next.


National exceptionalism is definitely something that is unique to Russian lit. Civiized nations like, say, the US or Japan would never do anything like that


>these guys could be 18 or 40.
I guess prison time makes you look like shit.

How old are they actually, btw. I know they are in the communist youth group leadership, but that could mean anything from early 20s to early 30s. It might be the lighting but looks like one of them is graying.


slavs are PoC
Based. They seem relieved. Hopefully they can somewhere safe and keep agitating


BTW do you have a Russian/Ukrainian source?


>Total dosh sent to neonazis far exceeds that "security asssistance". Back in early March, Congress approved $13.6b in one fell swoop, which, coincidentally I'm sure, slashed 15b from COVID relief for Americans.

I mean… This happened:
<The Most American Thing That Has Ever Happened
>We are once again witnessing history being made, folks. Today, in the Year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-two, we get the great privilege of bearing witness to the single most American thing that has ever happened.

>The Biden administration has asked top Democrats to decouple the federal government’s Covid relief spending package from its much larger bill for funding of the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, because one of those two things is too controversial and contentious to pass quickly.

>Guess which one.


It doesn't get any more in-your-face than this. Anyone who doesn't get it doesn't want to get it at this point, whatever their political beliefs.


>Pidarahi, do you really hope that the sanctions will be lifted with the end of theirs? I often come across such dreams here.

>Buddy, let me break your mania. After the end of the war, SANCTIONS WILL ONLY INCREASE until Russia is completely cut off from the world economy. Europe will deliberately get off Russian gas so that it does not have to depend so much on the Orthodox Taliban, which is at war with all its neighbors.

>Moreover, after Ukraine there will be another war with Kazakhstan (100%). On this occasion, they will throw more.


>Only political cotton, such as perestroika, will quickly help lift sanctions. This will take years of reform and years of negotiation. To do this, it will be necessary to completely replace the composition of the government of the Russian Federation, because they are all war criminals. The changes should be of the level "all shot and new ones selected". It will be necessary to release the hated fagot Navalny and drag him to some official position, because he is a handshake for the West.

>Can you imagine how hard it is? And this is if Russia simply does not become Venezuela from sanctions. Then there will be not only poverty, but also civil war and/or NATO intervention.

Something I've noticed about this war is that leftypol is much more optimistic about a good outcome for Russia than actual Russians are. Is this because leftypol users aren't actually suffering under sanctions? Are Russians just doomers?


>one random post on the interest represents russian opinion
why even lift them? russia's doing fine with them, and the west is rapidly sinking into economic catastrophe. some westoid russian libs have the same delusion that western libs and elites do: that everyone else needs them. russia doesn't need the west as much as the west needs russia. this is the lesson of the sanctions debacle.


Comrade Hitler sounds like it has potential tbh. Can you imagine the sheer horror of waking up in that body in the mid-late 1930s, trying to stop or redirect the juggernaut of the coming war, while trying not to get murdered by your own death-cult?


ahahaha this faggot's opinion glows like over 9000 pentagons, gchqs and freedom houses. so russian libs on the internet are either glowies or equally retarded as our libs. in the latter case i think its safe to establish that liberalism is a mental illness


I think the sanctions will begin to hit hard eventually, but we don't know how hard and it won't stop this war, so we'll have to wait and see. Certainly none of this fantasy about purging the government and putting in Navalny will happen, nor would it even work to lift sanctions imo


> Are Russians just doomers?
Russians are probably the most pessimistic and doomerist people in existence, its very deeply engraved in our culture
t. Russian


uyghur you posted a screencap from the russian equivalent of /pol/ that is filled with deranged self-hating navalnite liberals who want NATO tanks in Moscow. It doesn't represent the thinking of actual Russians any more than this place represents the average American.


File: 1655733236465.jpg (108.64 KB, 500x767, 1.jpg)

How about "a Russian nationalist was reborn in Trotsky's body, so he icepicks Stalin and establishes NazBol"?


Russian libs on the internet, especially imageboards, are utterly deranged. Straight up Anti-Deutsche genocidal self-hatred, "I want NATO tanks in Moscow" tier.


>Something I've noticed about this war is that leftypol is much more optimistic about a good outcome for Russia than actual expat Russians are

FTFY. What's actually remarkable about this conflict is the explosion in western pessimism about the sanctions war. It mixes terribly with the failure to bring nonwestern countries in on it

<The concerns over the cost of living crisis which is also hitting America as well as the UK, shows that 56 percent now believe sanctions against Russia hurt the USA more while just 42 percent think it harms Russia.


Meanwhile Russia appears to have an actual future in the world economy. They're bragging about how commodities rule.


File: 1655734749230.jpg (121.83 KB, 604x427, U2.jpg)

>Russians are probably the most pessimistic and doomerist people in existence, its very deeply engraved in our culture
>t. Russian

Ukrainians seem the same way

The barbarian rubbish of the earth should struggle and tear down the imperialist civilization that exploits their divisions


File: 1655734791760.png (30.17 KB, 584x257, ClipboardImage.png)


>posts picture of le meathead military guy
rightoids are so closeted lol


File: 1655735285889.png (378.6 KB, 953x536, unknown-10.png)

Russians aren't that pessimistic, don't let internet doomer zoomer peepee poopoomers paint your perception of an entire nation


jocko is based and not a meathead
please do not judge people by their appearances


Who wants to volunteer for the international trucker battalion and deliver the residents of Kaliningrad their consoomer goods?


Sorry but if he was a chinlet I doubt anyone would pay him attention. Also is he against American imperialism/militarism? I kinda doubt it lol



File: 1655737829653.jpg (304.07 KB, 640x431, serov.jpg)

>A US citizen, a hereditary neo-Nazi


I don't think they mean it like that. NATOids don't really want Russia to export those goods, they want to frame Russia's exports as blackmail to de-legitimize trade partners and legitimize their own interventions to "liberate" those "trade hostages" from Russia.

Retard rant ahead:

The problem is that the Hydrocarbon, Fertilizer, Grain and any others market manipulations(remember, the UN predicts no grain shortage) are convenient for the partition of allegiances of the new cold war and the muscle-ing of global south and other unaligned countries into supporting the US or further debt entrapment or being punished for choosing "the wrong side" over mass starvation and collapse.

Mostly, the US is making sure that, like with the Marshall plan and the original creation of NATO(and rehabilitation of Nazis therein) that Europe's industries and holdings abroad remain within the US control and firmly opposed to Russia, which, comparisons to the USSR aside, is just too damn convenient and efficient to trade with. But just like back then, it needs to be wrapped in an ideological narrative of Good vs Evil, The Free World vs Authoritarians, Prosperity vs Privation and so on , in order to mask the material interests and avoid damaging the control the USA's assets exert over the politics. Remember, this whole conflict is just the US, through NATO, manufacturing a cold war so they can make their declining hegemony explicitly a military problem.

Which is all fine for Eurocucks high on war propaganda and their first world problems, but there is no Marshall Plan in place to claim moral superiority here, they are openly suiciding their economies and massively degrading their welfare states at the whim of US, which is clearly profiting. There is no pre-existing devastation from a world war to blame for the misery either. So now they have to justify the per-emptive cold war escalation, up to triggering a particularly bad wave of starvation and a fuckton of proxy wars(Syria full scale war soon?), against Russia/China which is nowhere near the expansionist threat that the USSR was.

The way I see the recent theatrics over grain and their "negotiations" which are mean to retcon their self bloackade position until now:

It has to be Russia's nefarious grain blackmail(remember NATO manufactured this too, Russia isn't blockading any grain shipments) when African etc nations decide to trade with them and China so that the US can intervene and "rescue" Africa from the clutches of the new not-so-red menace(until republicans get in and the focus shifts to China).


File: 1655738941048.jpg (77.65 KB, 1024x576, 765765.jpg)

>The most Optimistic country is the one lead by a Communist Party.


Will Russia ever be able to take Kharkov and cleanse this world of these fucking neo-nazis?


File: 1655740108554.jpg (26.53 KB, 570x640, gigachadsmile.jpg)

> Serov was known for boasting that he could "break every bone in a man's body without killing him".


File: 1655740425297.jpg (35.35 KB, 600x539, Mega Kek.jpg)

One of those Liberals in the Qna at the end was practically crying.


>67% of Brazil's youth is optimistic for future


Why do europoors support adding (another) nazi NEET shithole to the union and provoking Russia, literally their only threat? What do they gain with this?


They think they're Captain Columbia and they'll win the confrontation against loki and his magic boot or whatever




They see the writing on the wall. Russia has been on the decline for more than a decade and the Chinese Century is dead in the water, so they want to be on the winning side.


File: 1655742758683.jpg (11.82 KB, 320x306, kekkety.jpg)


If Russia in declining why should europoors continue paying their tax euros to NATO, specially when they are losing to America in R&D and to China in logistics?


Damn, nice bait, almost got me


Opposition party 'For Life' permanently banned/dissolved by Ukraine courts

>On June 20, the eighth Administrative Court of Appeal granted the claim of the Ministry of justice and banned the political party “opposition platform — for life”.

>This is reported by the analyst of the CHESNO movement Alexey Rogovik, who is in the courtroom.

>Consideration of the OPP case lasted a total of 5-6 hours — the longest of all other cases on the Prohibition of political parties. The first part of the meeting began last Thursday, but then they did not have time to consider the case and make a decision and announced a break until Monday. Also, this is the First party that defends itself and takes part in the consideration of the case. According to the representative of the Ministry of Justice, the representative from the OPPJ participated in the meeting via videoconference.

>Due to the fact that the court did not allow journalists to enter the courtroom, the arguments of the parties to the trial are not known and will become available only after the full court decision is made public. Formally, all meetings banning political parties are open, but most of them are not allowed to journalists without explanation or refer to quarantine restrictions.

>According to the court's decision on the OPPJ party, the property of this political force was transferred in favor of the state. This decision can be appealed within 20 days to the Supreme Court.

>Thus, the OPPJ is already the 11th Party whose activities are prohibited in court. At the same time, it is the only parliamentary party with a truly significant representation in local councils.

>For reference. Now the authorized persons of the opposition platform — for life party are people's deputies Vadim Rabinovich and Viktor Medvedchuk, who appear in the Register of state councillors of the honestly movement, and Yuriy Boyko.

>The party changed its name twice and participated in parliamentary elections 4 times (as part of blocs and independently). The first chairman of the political force, Viktor Golovko, is now a member of the Political Council of the OPPJ, and in the 2019 elections he ran for people's deputies on its list, but did not receive a mandate.

>The stage called "OPPJ" began in 2018. In the summer of that year, Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the Ukrainian Choice Movement and a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, joined the ranks of the Za zhitya party headed by Rabinovich. Subsequently, the chairman of its political council Yevgeny Muraev left the party, and Medvedchuk took his place.

<Read also: for life, for Rabinovich, for Medvedchuk

>In September 2018, za zhitya began negotiations on unification with the ideologically close Opposition bloc on the eve of the presidential elections. As a result, this led to a split in the “Oppoblok”: Rinat Akhmetov's group, which did not want to unite with Medvedchuk and Rabinovich, expelled Yuriy Boyko and Serhiy Lyovochkin from the faction, who in November signed a separate agreement with za zhitya to create an OPPJ.

>According to the initiators, the “opposition platform – for life” was supposed to become a platform for uniting opposition forces based on the principles of “establishing unconditional peace in the country”, the neutral status of Ukraine in the international arena and “ending the economic genocide of Ukrainians”. Subsequently, the OPPJ was joined by the Development Party of Ukraine, which is associated with Lyovochkin. In the 2019 presidential election, the opposition platform supported Yuriy Boyko, although he ran as a self-nominated candidate.

<Read Also: The Cradle of socialism is forbidden. Who went into politics for Moroz's parties?

>Recall that on March 20, 2022, Volodymyr Zelensky put into effect the decision of the national security and Defense Council (NSDC) to terminate the activities of a number of political parties.

>In addition to the opposition platform — for life, the court has already banned the activities of the opposition bloc, Nashi, Volodymyr Saldo bloc, Socialist Party of Ukraine, State, Socialists, Justice and development, left opposition and Sharia party parties.

<Read also: ban on the Sharia party. How did you fight the pro-Russian project?

>'In turn. The " Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine” filed a counterclaim, so the consideration of this case was also postponed to June 23. Consideration of the case on the “Workers 'Party of Ukraine (Marxist-Leninist)" has also been postponed — this ban should be considered on July 5."



Because even though Russia is on the decline, it's still a nuclear power. Russia is the senile boxer who can't remember his father's face but can still throw a haymaker at the nursing home staff.


I think Georgia is a popular spot for middle-class russians seeking to leave the economic block, so maybe just fucking them in particular so war is as much of a hindrance to every russian as possible.


Notice the date, breh. Normies were high on PURE IDEOLOGY.


Reading accounts of Russian libs who dropped everything and fled to Georgia only to find out that it's kinda poor and has no use for their underwater basket weaving degrees has been an endless source of schadenfreude.



The face of Western imperialism after the cold war is a liberal-nationalist alliance dedicated to revising things to be what they're supposed to be if WW2 never happened.

We think we've progressed far enough towards a universal idea of justice that we provoked Russia Russia reveal its true face, the battle against which will lead to a kind of democratic and European rebirth after it slid into decay and division so soon after the 90s. This would be a springboard to reassert that globalization and the expansion of democracy are connected.

The problem is that, as Marxism predicts, we don't have a democracy (it was just the logic of raising the bourgeoisie to the ruling class) and we aren't progressing towards a universal idea of justice that undoes history. Instead, this is idealism that covers up how we have an imperialist historical order that has a reactionary export to its periphery which divides the world, causing the crisis of globalization

In short, we have one belief of
>the ebin winners of history given an ebin smackdown for the revisionism of those who haven't learned from history
And another of
>whether 1918 or 1991, liberal promises are disrupted by imperialist realities (powerful states extracting from the world the concessions needed to secure their interests) and we are tired of paying the price for it because we have less wealth and power

One believes the present order is causing a reckoning for past crimes, the other believes this is a reckoning for the real logic behind the present order (the democratic pretense of which is contradicting itself and revealing this logic)


Provoked Russia to reveal its true face*


>Ukraine in Blood: Banderite Genocide
Kino, wish I could read this


<gotta have some fun before I go back to Florida
About that…


File: 1655752241560-0.png (484.65 KB, 393x609, 76565.png)

File: 1655752241560-1.png (557.78 KB, 439x663, 76765.png)

File: 1655752241560-2.png (570.22 KB, 453x680, 766565.png)

File: 1655752241560-3.png (556.39 KB, 451x679, 76656565.png)

File: 1655752241560-4.png (572.33 KB, 449x680, 7656554343.png)


This artwork is epic


Share some.


Dutch join Germany, Austria, in reverting to coal
>The Dutch joined Germany and Austria in reverting to coal power on Monday following an energy crisis provoked by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
>provoked by Russia's invasion of Ukraine


Putin's climate change


File: 1655756218721.jpg (276.74 KB, 1200x837, Z(25).jpg)

We'll run Trotsky's Train straight through Lithuania.




File: 1655757444443.jpg (174.39 KB, 720x540, 1356598103056.jpg)



Nuclear is the true socialist power source


In fact, it was Germany's Green party that got rid of nuclear and replaced it with coal. You didn't think bourgeois "environmentalism" amounted to anything else, did you?


I agree, but keep in mind that nuclear powerplants can take 15 years to build.


the opinion of one Mongolian cave painting forum dweller is not enough to represent the opinion of the average person.


fat people on stationary bicycles
it's not so hard FUCK!!


File: 1655759164838-0.png (411.76 KB, 587x654, 1655756494507.png)

File: 1655759164838-1.jpg (89.54 KB, 720x634, Sp2.jpg)


File: 1655759326909-0.jpg (104.49 KB, 481x778, 1655758698105.jpg)

File: 1655759326909-1.png (290.39 KB, 598x735, 1655758849784.png)


QRD on putin and tokayev recently?


Amazing. The US literally can't stop stabbing its "allies" in the back.


>Petro wins
>The Kononovich brothers reapper
Can this day get any better?


>unreliable, depend on geography
>depend on geography
>unreliable, need lithium AND work in reverse to typical population's electricity consumption


Ya like blackouts, son?


Im 99% sure thats fake news. can't find anything about it and the USA banned Russian oil imports at the start of the war.


When Russia sells extra oil to China for cheap, and they have a surplus of oil and resell it for profit, is it still Russian oil? Even if so, they could sell their non-Russian oil and consume the Russian oil.


>Amazing. The US literally can't stop stabbing its "allies" in the back

Not malice, incompetence. The international order that was constructed wasn't built for this conflict. When Marx mentions contradiction, an example is that pic


File: 1655760215390.jpg (36.18 KB, 522x478, 2352345235.jpg)

My reaction to the current developments after remembering what happened to Ukraine. I will start packing my backs the second they start talking about restoring cordial relations.


maybe you tards shouldn't have declared the blockade? lol


That article is from Apr. 4th, recalling a statement by Popov to Komsomolskaya Pravda on 3rd, about weekly imports, which were in March. And yes, imports rose in March, despite the executive order. They stopped in April, though.


I mean, there is literally 0% chance you'll do anything more outside of letting one of your senile chauvanist politicians make an angry borderline-genocide endorsing post on twitter. But anyways, what the fuck are you even smoking, what blockade? This is literally just a part of the EU-wide embargo on a limited list of goods. Or did your TV already told you the undeniable truth that actually its just Baltic nazies recreating Petrograd and starving poor poor Russian totally-not-settlers just for fun and on their own initiative?


Those poor colonized nazis


>Balts getting stomped
That would be based.

If Grillpill keeps talking, I'll end up supporting Balts getting the Crimean Tatar treatment.


butthurt belt strikes again


It's not. I looked at the story and weekly import claim it made is right, but it's because of a dip and we were returning our average before the ban in April.




Your country will be sacrificed if the West wills it. Your country is a nazi shithole for the precise reason of it being convenient to the West. You're safe for now. Ukraine wasn't safe because Russian officials have been setting red lines which the West has continously crossed, on purpose, to provoke Russia and destabilize the region. No such thing has happened in whatever shithole you're from.


File: 1655761302648.jpg (76.64 KB, 750x501, burger.jpg)

>OUR embargo isn't a blockade m'kay
Looks like US worms transmit like an STD to their colonies
Well, the other side of the coin is invasion and nuclear war. In any case, Spain has a warm climate and you can be in contact with the original gusanos if you don't mind..
Unitl the atom close the curtain of course


File: 1655761426188.jpg (103.85 KB, 420x500, 1344420670778.jpg)

>Russia threatens retaliation against Lithuania following rail ‘blockade’
>Moscow has threatened to retaliate against Lithuania after the Baltic state halted the rail transport of Russian goods under EU sanctions to the exclave of Kaliningrad.
Oh penis.


nice paywall


>Those poor colonized nazis
I know that nazism lives rent free in every v*tn*ks head like a public enemy number one, but do you really think that you aren't going a bit far with this one? If anything Poles are even more guilty than Russians on this front, and I don't even say this to blame anyone, more of a balkan-tier joke to piss you off, but whatev's, guess saying that German civilians are humans is too far nowadays.

>Nazi shithole
Tell me how I know you know jack shit

Which part of "EU's original sanctions" you didn't get? Ya know, same sanctions that you were taking the piss off for the last month and praising how glorious Putin cucked Europe and how the sanctions don't do nothing? What now, you are going to larp pretened that your imperialist shithole is Cuba 2.0?



Forest Brothers movie was released in 2014, btw.


Are you willing to critically accept my arguments for why that is a shitty argument or will you just say "nazi cope"? Your answer determines if I go to sleep or make one last reply to your post.


File: 1655761833660.gif (4.48 MB, 380x285, matrixrevo.gif)

mfw the Lesserweinerans get glassed


>Throws the ball to the EU
That is why I ended the statement with the atom ending it all. Worst case scenario of course


I'm just saying. Baltic history of Nazi collaboration, anti-communism, and rehabilitation of collaborators makes you a target of bullying and objections really ineffective. I mean, not even Wikipedia is with you on this.

>The genocide rate of Jews in Lithuania, up to 95–97%, was one of the highest in Europe. This was primarily due, with few notable exceptions, to widespread Lithuanian cooperation with the German authorities.


Kek I was right this guy is a Euro chauvinist

Yes, the struggle is against Russian settlerism. That's what divides the international proletariat, not rapid imperialist expansion into a power vacuum completely dividing, as it reaches its furthest extent, a region in a way it's not meant to be. Ukraine is in crisis exactly because of it. Now Kaliningrad will be too. Lithuania can be the next in the chain reaction if it so chooses.


File: 1655762429359.gif (462.74 KB, 480x270, brushy brushy.gif)

Are you just going to leave a house abandoned after you've cleaned the vermin out of it?


Russian minority in Lithuania is currently at 5% (140k), which is less than half of what it was in '89 (~345k).

I'm not good at settling, but I'm pretty sure their number isn't supposed to dwindle in that case.


He means Kaliningrad presumably


>forest brothers
Where can I read more about these guys? I remember having a hard time finding any detailed account a couple months ago when I tried, only really could find a couple short subchapters in books pertaining to the Balkans/Nazi collaborators in ww2


I know, but it's not the point. The national divisions Western imperialism blames on Russia are also the ones it claims to have no use for. That is, after all, what Gorby saw in Europe. If in fact Europe has not learned the lessons of these divisions, then it has doomed itself and will learn the hard way.


File: 1655764258920.jpg (1.15 MB, 1299x1299, 264643.jpg)

Alright, so I mainly have two arguments for why calling Lithuania nazi isn't correct. First, the basic political argument. Literally no one here is nazi in their ideology, not even the biggest rightoids in the political sphere. At best you'll get skinhead FC guys who want to split Polish people's heads open and get arrested a lot, but that is within the lines of what I imagine nazism is in every country on average. When it comes to the actual political scene, the far right, or let's be honest, just right as they aren't super far, are split into two categories of conservative NATO-fundamentalists on the one hand, and, sorry to use the word, v*tn*ks on the other, except its a bit of a mixed circus of Russian minorities from shitty neighbourhoods that listened to RT 24/7, schizo Polish nationalists and deranged Catholic culture warriors that make up this second right-wing group. Also usually the first group is neutral on cultural issues, just far-right economically, while the second group is very culturally right wing, and just populist-corruptionist in terms of economics. So, yeah, not nazi material. At absolute worst you have a nationalist party that barely gets any votes, is considered by everyone as a joke and is begringly aligned with the pro-Russian parties despite probably being the only one that could be called, well, at best I'd call them fash, not really nazi either.

Now, okay, there is the Lithuanian Genocide Center and this is where the actually sus stuff begins. They are the ones who whitewash certain forest brothers. Keyword certain, but we will touch on this later. Important thing to keep in mind is that they pursue total whitewashing, and one that I do believe they themselves believe in. Because to an average Lithuanian (maybe less average as it seems to an extent the propaganda is giving in to the point that his plaque got removed (then reinstated privately by that fash party I mentioned before, if memory serves right)), the claim that, say, Vėtra was a nazi collab (and he was, and a really shitty one at that), is crazy talk. Is it a really bad look? Yes, but in practice it isn't nazi worship, because no one worshiping thinks that they were nazies.

But then the other argument - the historic one. I in no way deny the collaboration of Lithuanians with nazies (however I would very much like to point out that during WW2 there was a large number of Lithuanian communist guerrilas that in my view somewhat shake the view that we were purely nazies, one such red partisans was our long-time First Secretary Antanas Sniečkus). What I am denying is the supposed 1-to-1 relation between forrest brothers and nazi collaborators. The partisan units mainly started growing AFTER WW2. They were mostly composed of nationalists who wanted independance and of disgruntled middle / upper class people that didn't want communism. In other words - reactionary terrorists, not nazies. The nazi connection primarily stems from the fact that they were also joined with the surviving nazi collaborators after WW2, however, again, these weren't the majority. And don't you think I am deffending forrest brothers. The fuckers, like any US-sponsored contras, did a lot of dispicable shit like murdering civilians and public workers. However my issue is with the historical revisionism of rebranding them from class-motivated anti-communists, with whom the propagandized Russian audiance don't really have bone to pick, into public enemy number one nazies.

And just for the final point I'd like to repeat the one point of pride I do have about Lithuania, that out of all Baltic states, we are the only ones who didn't have an SS unit.

I don't give a shit about Russians in Kaliningrad. By my own very weird logic of what is and isn't settlerism, I'd argue that by now its their home. I was just pointing at the interesting fact that in over a such short period of time a region that was dominantly German, with maybe some impoverished Lithuanian in the countryside, it transformed into 87% Russian region. And again, Russians are far less in the wrong here than Poles who did the same just on a wider scale.

Wait till you found out how Lithuanian population numbers changed since '89… Fucking Gorbachev.

Anyways, goodnight. Might respond tomorrow if this gets honest replies.


As I said in >>1025300, literally just Contras before Contras. Some were even paradropped by the CIA to re-infiltrate and cause problems for the LTSR.


>Here are my arguments for why Lithuania isn't Nazi: [a fucking book]


Nazi collaboration is just the most stark facet of the whole nationalism that imperialism rehabilitates in the east.


To be fair to our baltic forum troll, Lithuanians were significantly different from their Latvian neighbors in terms of collaborationism. Latvians were 1/10 in the SS, and much of the population collaborated in other ways. Lithuanians were much more split/divided on this.


Fuck Balts. Fuck Polackos. Fuck Romanians. Fuck West-Ukrainians.


File: 1655768190300.png (559.09 KB, 663x837, 1593373327401.png)

>Lithuania 1940
>Pop: 2.6 million
>~250k Jews
>95% annihilated
>actually, only half of Lithuanians did it

You should already know better that the Nazi threat was going to come from the moderate, liberal center, not the far-right, which are foot soldiers, at best.

>the one point of pride I do have about Lithuania, that out of all Baltic states, we are the only ones who didn't have an SS unit.

>The Lithuanians were holding out for an independent formation led by Lithuanian officers and not under the control of the SS. They also requested that the formation only be used internally within Lithuania, and not outside their national borders.
Damn, imagine being so dumb, bad and obstinate, you can't get along with other anti-communists, and so high on blood and soil, you think lines drawn on a map give you super powers.


>#BREAKING Russian journalist's Nobel medal sells for $103.5 million, proceeds destined for Ukraine aid


Your weekly reminder that if Medvedev were in power, attacks on "decision-making centers" in Kiev would've occurred long ago.


File: 1655770011636.png (859.32 KB, 1024x682, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1655777683955.png (83.78 KB, 928x495, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are they like this?


Scratch a liberal, a fascist bleeds..


Liberals are chauvinists


File: 1655779124998.png (72.14 KB, 533x477, putinspeech.png)

The world is changing. Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Russia and China? To stand against the might of Putin, Luka, Xi and the union of the periphery? Together, Comrade Xi, we shall create the Multipolarista. The old unipolar world will burn in the fires of runaway inflation. Their stock markets and gas supplies will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machinery of war with the Kalibrs and thermobarics and the iron fist of Wagner. We have only to remove the coping libs who oppose us.


File: 1655779528720-0.jpg (56.93 KB, 720x720, 1655130401705.jpg)

File: 1655779528720-1.png (268.27 KB, 1400x1000, savage europoids.png)

>Just nuke the dog-eating tankies, what's so hard about that?
Sure, keep coping. Also who tf are the barbarians?


You know what, why don't you come to Kremlin & assassinate that monke yourself? I hope it'll trigger propaganda of the deed from Russian extremists & such to do the same for their rulers.


And why you need to censor this creature name? Out with it. I tried search about the quote in Google images & somehow I got worse results.


The Western Allies ain't do any shit. They're the problems from the very beginning. We just cleaning the mess.

After sacrificing so much fellow workers, the West stands still as menace to freedom of the workers.


The only barbarities are from the nordic. I guess that is what you end up doing in such freezing shitholes. and maggot cheese
>Almost everything is blood and entrails
Chart maker is a sensitive fuck who deserves hunger and anaemia.


File: 1655784721318.jpg (77.82 KB, 720x504, IMG_20220621_052651.jpg)

Remember that the Ruthenian/Galician transliteration that is forced upon us now basically overnight since February (the "Kyiv" shit) only represents about 15% percent of the country, not even the Kiev region. Most of the Ukraine speaks Russian or "Surzhyk" which is Russian with an Ukrainian dialect that follows the standard ISO-9 transliteration for our Latin alphabet for Russian-Cyrillic.

Surzhyk, also called "mixture of flour" is the representative of Russians and Ukrainians basically being almost indistinguishable and has therefore been viciously hated by Ukrainian nationalists after Euromaidan. Yurii Andrukhovych, one of the most famous nationalist writers and poets called that language a "child and bastard of incest by multiculturalism" (literal translation was "blood sin"). It really confirms the view that a) the Galician ruling class and emerging upper-middle strata is the main driver of a fascist "cultural revolution" of Banderite nationalism superimposed upon the rest of a decommunized Ukraine in which Leninist national policy was turned on its head and b) that a determination to superimpose Ruthenian/Galician upon the rest of the country (see for example the conflict with Hungary concerning the Hungarian speakers in Transcaparthia) combined with the vicious attacks on the Donbass Republics in violation of Minsk II constitutes, according to the UN definition, genocide.


This is yet another example of ultranationalist ukroid fuckery I wonder why libs seem to have no problem with. So when fascists like Franco outlaw Catalan and Basque and want to force all language minorites to speak Spanish only it's bad but when Ukrainians do it suddenly libs stop giving a fuck.


Can use translate function to read it.


Apparently, Russia's oil exports to India have risen by 31 times. And Indians are very happy with it because Russia gives them a discount due to the risen oil price, so they are more than happy for more.


File: 1655786789478.gif (3.86 MB, 240x266, 1546537854174.gif)

>culinary horror


File: 1655786848328.png (91.52 KB, 176x200, HAW.png)



Most modern Liberal-NATOists would side with Franco.


>Russian with an Ukrainian dialect
It's Ukrainian with a Russian dialect. Sounds awkward and silly like any other language with a Russian dialect. Also, it's from the post-Soviet nationalist impetus of being Not Russia, not a secret cabal of Galich-Volhynians. The same impetus that led them to this war, and going to lose them ALL of that territory in red.


Salazar's Portugal/Estado Novo was a founding member of NATO


File: 1655788972754.mp4 (5.12 MB, 400x728, Under-The-Sea.MP4)

ain’t nature grand?


Exactly. These people will deny they would have supported historically "bad" rightist regimes but they would have.

I remember these types turning around and acting like they'd always supported Mandela.


File: 1655789457875.jpg (96.22 KB, 800x450, Mandela.jpg)

Yeah they would have called him Red Fash Tankie.


Their alignment currently is dictated by current popular support, and current geopolitical interests. Their attempts at convincing you to oppose their enemies will always be by comparing them to the "currently bad thing that you agree is bad". If the circumstances change, so do their positions, opinions and rhetoric.

Now you understand their obsession with chosen pronouns.




I literally just interacted with someone complaining about the only non-wrecker leftists being tankies while giving unrelated praise to Huey Newton's organizing skills and I was like oh boy if you hate tankies I have bad news about Huey


>I was like oh boy if you hate tankies I have bad news about Huey
Yeah a lot of anarchists and socdems admire the Black Panthers despite them being Marxists, it's strange to see


No, see, they're gone, so anyone can project any positions they want on them, and claim their cause as their own.


File: 1655790233036.jpg (102.22 KB, 572x905, Black Panther Magazine.jpg)


Huey P Newton was a Maoist, as were the Black Panthers.


Who do you guys think is the most reliable commentator on this war (on either side)


Test Ban, 😜!


Anarchists don't really take black radicals that seriously, same with Latinos. Pretty weird considering they take Arabs, Euros and Asians seriously. Doesn't seem very consistent but there's probably something I would have noticed if I was American to link it together. Maybe just because they're often poor in the USA?
Like lots of them even like Sankara, an actual Blanquist military officer who cracked down on trade unions and tribes lmao


File: 1655791036305.jpg (160.56 KB, 800x1280, IMG_20220621_075628.jpg)

Ukrops now pretending the civilians they murdered in Donezk were killed by Russian forces.


File: 1655791395735.jpg (125.66 KB, 1062x598, Sankara.jpg)

> "Anarcho-syndicalists?"


~ Thomas Sankara and Students.


Maybe to them it's an aesthetics thing? The Black Panthers weren't flying red flags and hamsics everywhere so they must not have been evil tankies


File: 1655791552380.jpeg (170.92 KB, 960x1049, critical support.jpeg)

They just refuse to read books or to come to term with their "beliefs"


The Black Panthers by definition were not “Tankies” because they were Maoists, as a Tankie was originally a synonym for Revisionist “Marxist-Leninists” that supported Khrushchev during the Sino-Soviet Split and today largely refers to Reactionary Dengists who support Capitalism, Imperialism, and Fascism with “Marxist-Leninist” aesthetics, 😂🤣🤮! Thus, Anti-Revisionist Marxist-Leninists like Maoists and Hoxhaists are by definition not “Tankies”, and if Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao were alive today they would have been horrified by modern Tankies and throw them all in the gulag alongside all of their Reactionary brethren (ie. Right-wing Liberal/“Conservative” MAGAtards, LOLbertarians, Neo-Nazis/White Nationalists, Putinists/Eurasinists/Nazbols/Duginists/Vlasovites, Islamists and any other Theocrats, Absolutists, etc.), 😜!


I hope that is copypasta


I just typed it in the last few minutes, 😜!


> Add filter


The online infighting between the pro-Russian right and pro-Ukrainian right has been hilarious to see, they're literally arguing over which side is more gay/more Jewish

>Your side has pride parades!

>Yeah but your side has Dedovshchina!


Liberals call anyone who believes in Marxism a "tankie". The word has nearly lost all meaning. They definitely call Stalin and Mao supporters "tankies".


The reason people want to filter my posts is because they know I’m right and have to cope with it by hiding my damning takedown of their Revisionist/Tankie/Dengist Marcyite Campist ideology in order to avoid facing reality and embracing Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the highest stage of Marxism, ✊😜!


Completely nonsensical narrative, what does Russia even gain from false flag shelling Donetsk? Western media is silent about the shellings of Donetsk and will be silent even if ukrops detonate a dirty bomb there. It even makes Russia look kinda bad since they promised to defend Donbass and it's still getting shelled 4 months later.




File: 1655796119406.mp4 (37.18 MB, 1280x720, s0cwe3ov4t691.mp4)

Ben Stiller visits Ukraine
>KYIV, Ukraine - Award-winning actor and director, Ben Stiller has visited President Volodymyr Zelebsky in Ukraine. The 56-year-old star of Along Came Polly, Zoolander and Meet the Parents had words of advice and praise for the embattled president. According to people present, Stiller offered guidance on military tactics, Zelensky's public image, the President-cum-Hero's crowdfunding campaign.

>"Definitely a sad, but also exciting time", said Stiller in an interview. "To be able to work with an actor of such magnitude is a privilege." "The man acted his way into the presidency!" Stiller added.

>President Zelensky said Ben Stiller is one of his favourite actors and added that Stiller's comedies provide "a light respite" from the horrors of the Russian invasion. The meeting between the two giants of entertainment ended with a reenactment of a scene from Along Came Polly, to applause and raucous laughter of everyone present.

>While Russia may be taking ground through violence and pyrrhic victories, one thing is certain - they will not break the Ukrainain spirit easily.


File: 1655796491041.jpg (35.35 KB, 600x539, megakek.jpg)

> President Cum Hero


The way this corrupt shithole country has become such a cultural signifier for Western celebrities is amazing. Feels a lot like Marilyn Monroe visiting American troops in Vietnam.


One of the hallmark features of liberal (and this includes conservatives and libertarians) fears about totalitarian states is that tyrants have all the resources to engage in psyops, surveillance, military, law enforcement, and none to provide for their own. Not only is it economically absurd, it's an obvious hypocrisy given the US' defence budget as compared to their social services, and hesitate to provide even the basic symbolic gestures to their population. (And they still fail to achieve their hegemony) So of course everything that happens in Ukraine is Russia's fault one way or another, which makes the ones who believe it stupid and makes it even harder to believe when Russia actually does something bad for the ones who don't.

The worst thing about feds and propaganda after the coups and bloodshed is that they force people to become justly paranoid to deal with their influence.


> ended with a reenactment of a scene from Along Came Polly
Did Stiller ejaculate in the Cum Hero's hair?


Ah shit, that's the wrong film isn't it?


The amount of times I've seen /chug/ sperg against Dugin's deconstruction of the "white race" and how it's an invention by anglos to divide and rule over people is staggering


>"The man acted his way into the presidency!" Stiller added.
Unintentional backhanded compliment lmao


That's true, but in this case there's not even any reason for Russia to engage in false flag ops. It's literally just "Putin is evil and likes to shell people for lulz". Literal cartoon tier perception of reality.

What's funny though is that you can be branded a "conspiracy theorist" for pointing out the MILDEST, absolute surface level rot in Western governments or just generally insinuating that they don't quite have the common good in mind; but when it comes to Russia and China it's perfectly fine to just make up the wildest reptilians-tier actual conspiracy theories.

Biden may be beholden to corporations: you're a heckin trumperino conspiracy theorino!

Putin/Xi has 20 different cancers and is operating under a proxy body double, secretly puppeteers half the globe, puts Uyghurs/Ukrainians into underground genocide camps by the millions etc: you're just a clear eyed realist


File: 1655801605123-0.jpg (317.45 KB, 2501x1563, Z(27).jpg)

File: 1655801605123-1.jpg (386.12 KB, 2048x1280, 2Q==(23).jpg)

File: 1655801605123-2.jpg (394.92 KB, 1577x1577, 2Q==(22).jpg)

File: 1655801605123-3.jpg (125.63 KB, 1280x858, Z(26).jpg)

Or "Free Tibet" in the 90s. When you make tens of millions of dollars by playing pretend, you start to feel like a fraud, so you need a pet project to virtue signal to others that giving you tens of millions of dollars is a good thing, after all.


It's so cringe, I can't watch it.


Incidentally, it's incredible how completely gone that glowop went, and even more incredible how it has been neatly replaced with uyghur genocide. Did the Dalai Lama sell out or something?


>Dugin's deconstruction of the "white race" and how it's an invention by anglos to divide and rule over people is staggering
Do you have any source for that? I have low expectations of Dugin, but this sounds interesting.


File: 1655806681856.jpg (123.26 KB, 1400x734, Z(28).jpg)

Just read The Invention of the White Race, by Theodore W. Allen.



>blood pudding is a british/ irish thing
blood sausages are eaten all over Europe.


Blame Russia, not sanctions, for global food crisis, says EU's top diplomat

>The European Union's top diplomat said on Monday he has written to all African foreign ministers to explain that the bloc's sanctions on Russia are not responsible for the looming global food crisis, and pledged to work out ways for exports of food and fertilisers to reach their continent.



I thought that Free Tibet was ultimately legit but that the glowop was in the global double standards.


File: 1655808830804.jpg (142.23 KB, 997x801, Socialist Nationalism.jpg)

National/Ethnic Separatism in a country lead by a Communist Party is always a glowop.


here, one of the salty /chug/gers compiled a few of such Dugin's quotes


putin's global food crisis


bull testicles are good. we call them rocky mountain oysters here


King Lear



putin's heat dome
putin's drought
putin's texas secession
putin's collapsing american hegemony



putin's heat death of the universe


File: 1655816389365.jpeg (5.91 KB, 238x212, images.jpeg)


I would prefer not to give this a click


File: 1655817065135.png (65.43 KB, 785x242, ClipboardImage.png)



>Sniffman has gone off of the deep end.
Read between the lines, he is trying to bargain with the Devil to save Assange.


Blood sausage is great!

IDK about bull testicles and sea urchins and shit but hey, no shame in making use of every part of the animal you are slaughtering.
I remember rural stories of my father and grandfather's participating in the slaughter of pigs with the whole village and the point was that ,disgusting as it may be to city folk(and holy shit I wouldn't bring a kid or a teen to these things, ever), every part of the animal that *can* be used *will* be used and that required a communal effort to make sure all of the pig , from blood to bone to fat and guts be processed and preserved before it spoils.

As disgusting as some dishes may seem, they aren't really "horror" unless you are wasting animals, farming inefficiently for a tiny "delicatessen" or inflicting undue suffering like with Foie gras. Which is funny because much of mundane meat comes from industrial farming methods that may as well be animal torture at an industrial scale.


Anyone whose been consistently saying Russia will win.


File: 1655817458401.jpg (1.87 MB, 3600x5479, 65465.jpg)


Objectively we can see that Angloids create racial categories to rule their colonies, but from inside those colonies the distinctions must appear natural and real. There is no difference.


How can someone so deeply involved with academia be such a pseudointellectual? Truly the decline of the west


Deep inside he was always a lib and an eurochauvinist, I still respect him for being my gateway to leftism tho.


File: 1655818201013.png (190.96 KB, 1228x1150, annoyedpepetilt.png)

> How can someone so deeply involved with academia be such a pseudointellectual?


Total presence breaks on the univocal predication of the exterior absolute the absolute existent (of that of which it is not possible to univocally predicate an outside, while the equivocal predication of the outside of the absolute exterior is possible of that of which the reality so predicated is not the reality, viz., of the dark/of the self, the identity of which is not outside the absolute identity of the outside, which is to say that the equivocal predication of identity is possible of the self-identity which is not identity, while identity is univocally predicated of the limit to the darkness, of the limit of the reality of the self). This is the real exteriority of the absolute outside: the reality of the absolutely unconditioned absolute outside univocally predicated of the dark: the light univocally predicated of the darkness: the shining of the light univocally predicated of the limit of the darkness: actuality univocally predicated of the other of self-identity: existence univocally predicated of the absolutely unconditioned other of the self. The precision of the shining of the light breaking the dark is the other-identity of the light. The precision of the absolutely minimum transcendence of the dark is the light itself/the absolutely unconditioned exteriority of existence for the first time/the absolutely facial identity of existence/the proportion of the new creation sans depth/the light itself ex nihilo: the dark itself univocally identified, i.e., not self-identity identity itself equivocally, not the dark itself equivocally, in “self-alienation,” not “self-identity, itself in self-alienation” “released” in and by “otherness,” and “actual other,” “itself,” not the abysmal inversion of the light, the reality of the darkness equivocally, absolute identity equivocally predicated of the self/selfhood equivocally predicated of the dark (the reality of this darkness the other-self-covering of identity which is the identification person-self).

t. D.G. Leahy, writing in Foundation: Matter the Body Itself.


>Read between the lines, he is trying to bargain with the Devil to save Assange.

Honestly, this.
The article reaching the approved conclusions but it's full of backhanded compliments to NATO/US and this part is so out of place that one wonders if it wasn't "paid for" with the rest of the article:

>On the day I am writing this, we learned from the media that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the US has been approved by UK Home Secretary Priti Patel. His crime? Nothing other than to render public the crimes confessed by Bush’s slip of tongue: the documents revealed by Wikileaks revealed how, under Bush’s presidency, “the US military had killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents during the war in Afghanistan, while leaked Iraq war files showed 66,000 civilians had been killed, and prisoners tortured.” Crimes fully comparable with what Putin is doing in Ukraine. From today’s hindsight, we can say that Wikileaks disclosed dozens of American Buchas and Mariupols.

>So while putting Bush on trial is no less illusory than bringing Putin to the Hague tribunal, the minimum to be done by those who oppose Russian invasion of Ukraine is to demand Assange’s immediate release.

It seems to me that this last paragraph is pretty useless as virtue signalling to lefties because anyone with two braincells would balk at all the preceding NATO apologia, so it can only be targetted at the normies that would consume the propaganda in earnest, and getting them to act.

Normies love their "defectors" and now the appointed popular culture approved "anti-tankie" leftist defector(will he replace Chomsky?) is telling them the virtuous thing with regards to Ukraine is to save Assange, which means immediate action.


"Saving Assange" by promoting the idea that we need a stronger and more interventionist NATO is like violently derailing a train and killing hundreds inside to save a child on the train tracks


>This is the real exteriority of the absolute outside: the reality of the absolutely unconditioned absolute outside univocally predicated of the dark: the light univocally predicated of the darkness: the shining of the path to communism!
This guy could've been a great Maoist



The point is that the intended audience for this outlet would consume
>the idea that we need a stronger and more interventionist NATO
from Zizek or from a fistful of propagandist hacks all the same. But now he's incepting into the gullible normies the idea that , despite having no relation to the Ukraine war whatsoever, they should act quickly to save Assange to show their support for Ukraine and be properly virtuous. And that idea passes right through their critical thought, coasting on their propaganda conditioning.


File: 1655819145067.png (185.58 KB, 400x388, Copium.png)


>you have to condemn both bush and putin !
except your condemnation of nato dont lead to any real consequence, while your condemnation of putin is used as justification for this retarded economic war causing massive instability and starvation, hurting proles everywhere, and sleepwalking toward nuclear annihilation
similarly, your virtue signaling by "defending assange" still havent had any effect on his fate except provoke big medias to smear him even harder and suck US dpt cock even harder. The revelations he made had 0 consequences for US war criminals and prompted all glowies to take more immediate control of big media outlets like the guardian and make an example out of him.
Also I will point out russia reasoning to go to war is thousands of times more justifiable than any modern US war waged, if only because its a real threat on their direct border, and equating bush with putin is complete bad faith.

in short fuck off zizek, fuck you and your libs friends, stop eating from the trashcan and look at material conditions

what was the quote about anti vietnam war intellectuals ?
>“During the Vietnam War, every respectable artist in this country was against the war. It was like a laser beam. We were all aimed in the same direction. The power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high.”
Kurt Vonnegut


There's no 'saving' Assange.


oh I'm sure it passes right through it,up until it does out of their heads entirely.
also assange is never going to be released unless an actual madlad break him out.


Zizek believes in appeasement


He always held this position when it came to foreign policy. Although it is particulary stunning from a "Marxist" philosopher that always talks about recent events to absolutely black out what happened the last 8 years. One might say he knows better and is deliberelty malignent.


>shouldn't try
absolute faggot


<The craziest notion floating around these days is that, to counter the new polarity between the US and China (which stand for the excesses of western liberalism and oriental authoritarianism)
<oriental authoritarianism
I mean, this is almost racist. What the fuck.

Some Zizek fans tried to gaslight me a year ago that is "pro-China" or whatever.


File: 1655822635316.jpg (141.66 KB, 920x1086, unpleasent history.jpg)

>like violently derailing a train and killing hundreds inside to save a child on the train tracks
Zizek is trying to "use existing propaganda narratives" to get attention for Assange. I can't blame an old man for trying to save his friend.
Hold your horses, i think that Nato should be disbanded and that the West should stop sending weapons to Ukraine, and stop breaking the world economy with sanctions. Instead it should pressure the leftover Ukrainian rump state to make a peace deal. I don't agree with what Zizek is saying about Russia. But the insane media war that the western press has waged, was completely pointless, it didn't change the outcome of history. The events that we are witnessing now have been set in motion a decade ago when the US intervened in the Ukrainian internal political system by ousting Yanukovych.

We should tell the truth about the Ukraine war because it's bad if people form their political opinions based on lies and deception, and telling the truth about war is Assange's legacy too. But I can't really be too mad about Zizek intentions, he is trying to manipulate the Liberals to do something about Assange. He's probably prostituting him self out for nothing, but lets wait and see. Letting Zizek do this doesn't mean that we should change our political line, We just politely ignore Zizek.

I always wondered why Russia never tried to extract Assange from the UK, it would have been such a big propaganda victory about promoting free journalism and democracy.


haven't been paying attention to this war for hte past 2 months. who is winning?


get a load of this faggot. kek.


>I always wondered why Russia never tried to extract Assange from the UK
How? With Speznaz?


00:00 Intro
01:17 Cross Border Shellings
02:12 Missile Strike on Ukrainian High Level Military Meeting
05:14 Odessa Front
06:34 Southern Front
09:32 Zaporizhzhia Line
09:46 Donetsk Front
11:35 Bakhmut Front
14:30 Luhansk Front (Vrubivka)
14:58 Russian Objective in Luhansk Front
17:07 Hirske-Zolote Front
19:53 Luhansk Front
23:56 Izyum Front
26:06 Kharkiv Front
30:46 Conclusion

This is a summary / SITREP of Day 114~116's development in the Ukraine-Russia war as we start off the day in the morning (ukraine time) of Day 117 of Russian's "Special Operation" against Ukraine.


the dialectics


>How? With Speznaz?
There was plans for this, up to and including shooting any plane that would take him away, iirc.


Slow but steady progress by Russia in Lugansk and other regions, but especially Lugansk. They've started a new offensive along all the front in Donbass and are allegedly preparing to go on the offensive in other regions again.

Allegedly, Ukraine loses 1000 men a day. Russia's losses have dropped to a minimum.

All Ukrainian counteroffensives have been repelled and stalled. Even in Kharkov, where Russia stalls a larger portion of Ukrainian forces with a skeleton crew.


File: 1655823304330.jpg (111.91 KB, 707x731, Yoda.jpg)



>haven't been paying attention to this war for hte past 2 months. who is winning?
The US/NATO want to create the economic damage to justify a Marshall Plan so Europe can be separated from Russia/China and they need to blame those two for the fallout(Russia now, China later) so that they can deploy other proxy wars and "liberate" Africa and South America by military means.

Everyone is losing, but the US is especially buttblasted and flailing wildly, the entire world winces and braces for impact and the southern hemisphere is looking like that one victim of Jeffrey Dahmer that the police turned down.


Nah he was always just a fascist.


Why do you say he is a fascist?


File: 1655828156474.gif (4.18 MB, 320x240, 1650917159485.gif)

>How can someone so deeply involved with academia be such a pseudointellectual?


you are right. the signs were always there from the start.


>Global Distinguished Professor of German at New York University
>and international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities of the University of London

Wes Brot ich ess, des Lied ich sing.

turns out sniff man is an average eastern euro anglocuck lib. he just larped as commie for a while to gain attention. kinda sad tbh.


He ran as candidate for a liberal party in the 90s lol


File: 1655831927254-0.png (214.55 KB, 750x604, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655831927254-1.png (2.11 MB, 1750x2400, ClipboardImage.png)


Pacifism is the wrong response to the war in Ukraine

>The least we owe Ukraine is full support, and to do this we need a stronger Nato


Idealism–never once.


can we finally drop zizek? the guy is a clown


He's literally a Hegelian what did you expect


Sniffman is a cokefiend isn't he?


>Sniffman is a cokefiend isn't he?
No you retard.
Imagine swallowing rightoid memes uncritically as truth.


He just reminds me of other coke fiends I've known. What's his excuse for all the sniffing?


you have never known any coke fiends


Lol wut. Chill out Zizek and stop playing with your nose.


>Imagine swallowing rightoid memes uncritically as truth.
Thing I don't like = rightoids did it
Stop being such a fucking baby


Anticommunism, his permanent semi-ironic apologia for fascism, his Slovene nationalism, antisemitism, idealism.


>He just reminds me of other coke fiends I've known.
no he doesn't, stop lying.
At my most charitable i woul say he probably reminds you of some cartoon caracture of a coke head you seen on tv.
>What's his excuse for all the sniffing?
it is called a tic.
>Thing I don't like = rightoids did it
they did though, retard. it is a transparent attempt tp discredit him. go and see any rightids talkin about him what they say you absolute fuckwhit.


He's just a dumb liberal who's mad he got censured by the Yugoslav authorities and kicked out of his teaching job.


>they did though, retard. it is a transparent attempt tp discredit him. go and see any rightids talkin about him what they say you absolute fuckwhit.
Nah you just want to call it ableist but know you'll be laughed out the thread


Zizek himself is a rightoid, who cares what other rightoids say about him?


File: 1655833936105-0.png (3.02 MB, 1920x8226, zizekukraine.png)


8 years? Trotsky warned of the exact same situation. Putin has failed Ukraine and the global left for the same reasons Stalin did. Even though he still won WW2, his inability to control countries as equals and not as conquered territory is why the USSR and Warsaw Pact no longer exists. Putin has no WW2 and is doing nothing but trying to conquer and control through violence, a failing argument that should never be tolerated by any serious leftist.


File: 1655834041309.jpg (42.8 KB, 534x248, meds6.jpg)

>Nah you just want to call it ableist but know you'll be laughed out the thread
What the fuck are you talking about you turbo-autist?
IDK i have not really read any Zizek but he's good for getting the terminally online kids in to leftism i think.


Lmao Trotsky literally stanning banderites


>At my most charitable i woul say he probably reminds you of some cartoon caracture of a coke head you seen on tv.
Nah bro. Cokeheads sniff a lot. You're telling me the cokeheads you know don't have nasal problems?


He only schniffs when talking in english.


>it is called a tic.
Funny you should mention tics, which are also a symptom of cocaine abuse.

>Cocaine‐associated multifocal tics



File: 1655834931035-0.png (242.49 KB, 537x532, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655834931035-1.png (13.42 KB, 472x172, ClipboardImage.png)


‘The impossible’: Ukraine’s secret, deadly rescue missions
>KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — As was his habit before each flight, the veteran Ukrainian army pilot ran a hand along the fuselage of his Mi-8 helicopter, caressing the heavy transporter’s metal skin to bring luck to him and his crew.

>They would need it. Their destination — a besieged steel mill in the brutalized city of Mariupol — was a death trap. Some other crews didn’t make it back alive.

>A series of clandestine, against-the-odds, terrain-hugging, high-speed helicopter missions to reach the Azovstal defenders in March, April and May are being celebrated in Ukraine as among the most heroic feats of military derring-do of the four-month war. Some ended in catastrophe; each grew progressively riskier as Russian air defense batteries caught on.

>The 51-year-old pilot — identified only by his first name, Oleksandr — flew just the one mission to Mariupol, and he considered it the most difficult flight of his 30-year-career. He took the risk, he said, because he didn’t want the Azovstal fighters to feel forgotten.

>In the charred hell-scape of that plant, in an underground bunker-turned-medical station that provided shelter from death and destruction above, word started reaching the wounded that a miracle might be coming. Among those told that he was on the list for evacuation was a junior sergeant who’d been shredded by mortar rounds, butchering his left leg and forcing its amputation above the knee.

>“Buffalo” was his nom de guerre. He had been through so much, but one more deadly challenge loomed: escape from Azovstal.


*takes breath*


>AP """""""NEWS""""""


>If Buffalo had had his way, he would not have lived to be evacuated. His life would have ended quickly, to spare him the agony he suffered after 120mm mortar rounds tore apart his left leg, bloodied his right foot, and peppered his back with shrapnel during street fighting in Mariupol on March 23.

>The 20-year-old spoke to The Associated Press on condition that he not be identified by name, saying he didn’t want it to seem that he is seeking publicity when thousands of Azovstal defenders are in captivity or dead. He had been on the trail of a Russian tank, aiming to destroy it with his shoulder-launched, armor-piercing NLAW missile on the last day of the invasion’s first month, when his war was cut short.

>Tossed next to the wreckage of a burning car, he dragged himself to cover in a nearby building and “decided it would be better to crawl into the basement and quietly die there,” he said.

>But his friends evacuated him to the Ilyich steel mill, which subsequently fell in mid-April as Russian forces were tightening their grip on Mariupol and its strategic port on the Sea of Azov. Three days passed before medics were able to amputate, in a basement bomb shelter. He considers himself lucky: Doctors still had anesthetic when his turn came to go under the knife.

>When he came around, a nurse told him how sorry she was that he’d lost the limb.

>He cut through the awkwardness with a joke: “Will they return the money for 10 tattoo sessions?”


>“I had a lot of tattoos on my leg,” he said. One remains, a human figure, but its legs are gone now, too.

>After the surgery, he was transferred to the Azovstal plant. A stronghold covering nearly 11 square kilometers (more than 4 miles), with a 24-kilometer (15-mile) labyrinth of underground tunnels and bunkers, the plant was practically impregnable.

They transferred the wounded into Azovstal, into an area they knew was going to be surrounded. Galaxy brains or just pure fucking evil?


File: 1655837109071.png (252.98 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

>the human figure


File: 1655837130174-0.png (726.5 KB, 533x851, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655837130174-1.png (4.05 MB, 2048x1152, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655837130174-2.png (4.06 MB, 2048x1152, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655837130174-3.png (4.55 MB, 2048x1536, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655837130174-4.png (5.65 MB, 2048x1536, ClipboardImage.png)


Imagine thinking Ukraine's crisis is due to Russia and Putin's control over it, lol

What failed Ukraine is a dying empire flailing around first to ensure its order chases the economic center of the world as it moves east and second to incoherently (for a supposed liberal democracy) holding on to what it controls. Ukraine is a sacrifice for a failed foreign policy desperately working to set up new walls as it stopped expanding.

Trotsky would know what the problem is here. He called for an independent Soviet Ukraine, because that's really all that would hold it together. He knew how weak bourgeois democracy was in these nations and what they would default to in order to stay integral. Ukraine's history besides early on with the first Rada, which had a socialist influence, tells us all about that.


>terrain-hugging, high-speed helicopter missions
Arma 2 memories.


>KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — As was his habit before each flight, the veteran Ukrainian army pilot ran a hand along the fuselage of his Mi-8 helicopter, caressing the heavy transporter’s metal skin to bring luck to him and his crew.

>They would need it. Their destination — a besieged steel mill in the brutalized city of Mariupol — was a death trap. Some other crews didn’t make it back alive.

It's par for the course. Either it will be revealed who or what they were hiding in Azovstal(Russians still combing the place I think) or it wont, but the record of the suicide helicopter missions needs to be incorporated into the narrative somehow. As well as all the plane pilots which seem to get shot down as soon as Ukraine gets(or assembles I guess) new planes. They have to be willing heroes and their lives are not squandered, especially not for a few VIPs, no siree they risk everything for the lowliest trooper.

That's how they do much of propaganda, once an inconvenient fact becomes more dissonant if ignored than recognized, it gets incorporated to the narrative. The articles bemoaning the logistics difficulties
the morale problems,
the meatgrinders,
the Azov being Nazis,
the normalizing the various symbols, patches, tatoos by candidly portraying them in media without comment as if it was just mundane to empower Nazis
the desertions,
the hiding behind civilian houses in Kharkiv,
the "volunteer" heroics,
the "war fatigue" AKA casualties,
the implicit acknowledgement that no part of Ukraine is safe from Russian missiles,
the quickly buried leads admitting to Ukrainian and foreigner warcrimes,
the admission of the "information war"'s outright lies as if it was a "grassroots" way for the propagandees to stick it to Putin,
the blowback from sanctions(which were operating as intended by separating Russia),
the "corpse appreciator" Ukrainian soldier meant to retcon their pre-existing nazoid depravity as a consequence of the war trauma
the faux "grain blockade" negotiation to retcon the fact that it was Ukraine which so far refused to open their ports(and blocked them with mines and scuttled ships) while Russia offered safe routes
… these ones come to mind, I'm sure there are many more.

It all comes together so that the narrative is spun with retconned facts where the holes were, for later reference, while the leads to undesirable facts are buried behind all the "approved" late coverage. Except for "fringe" sources and openly hostile ones which means even passing references to the truth are "the enemy's version" of events.


I decided to re-post an effort post I made in the U$ politics thread that I feel is very relevant to this thread, IMO.

I wonder how the Revisionist/Tankie/Dengist Marcyite Campists who simp for Putinist Russia right now will feel if in the aftermath of the Republicans gaining the Presidency, a 60-seat Senate Supermajority, and a massive House Majority after the 2024 election, Putinist Russia enters into a De-Facto alliance with the U$ (this is more likely if Trump is the President then if it’s Desantis, as the former has voiced support for lifting all sanctions on Putinist Russia and recognizing Crimea as Russian, in exchange for Putinist Russia having a ceasefire that withdraws its troops back to the status quo antebellum in Ukraine, withdrawing from Syria, supporting a U$ Invasion of Iran, and severing it’s ties with Dengist China) against Dengist China, that sees the later completely surrounded on all sides and facing an inevitable Civil War after being defeated by the U$ Navy/Air Force (with help from Putinist Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan) in a Conventional War once their Sweatshops are Automated (thus allowing U$ Corporations to move their production back to the U$ without paying any Workers), collapsing their economy and forcing them to move against Taiwan in a desperate bid to “Rally around the Flag”, and subsequently get destroyed by the 21st century analogue of the Eight-Nation Alliance, 🤔?


Hey King Lear how will you feel if
>long fanfic I'm too lazy to write


fuck off retard

>trotsky stanning bandera

anything he said once he left the SU can be dismissed as salty rambling. If anything, lenin was too nice, and stalin should have followed his own ideas and dismantled these retarded nations that always become the basis for reactionary porkies to revert all socialists gains and cause instabilities.

>you're either a colony or a sovereign state

<that means they want ukraine to be a colony
what a fucking retard seriously, ukraine is already a fucking colony (and a lot worse off with the west than with russia), even EU is a fucking colony at this point, it's literally in process of suiciding economically to suck uncle sam cock, thats what he's sayin you absolute morons.

>in a state of racial tension and exploitation, the only way to effectively struggle for the working class is to focus on fighting racism

he's so fucking stupid I can't read more of that shit, he explicitly advocate for rainbow capitalism rather than class war the fucking idiot. Disgusting.


He's a fascist using communist rhetoric and imagery and he needs to be exposed and punished.


>implying they evacuated wounded rather than NATO personal
lol. Who do they expect to believe that ?

also, why not just surrender all your wounded to the russian so they get decent care rather than storing them in your filthy bunker ?


Didn't he also support NATO in the Yugoslav wars


Is Ukraine using any PMCs?


There is a US mercenary group called FOG (Forward Observations Group) that was allegedly fighting for Ukraine, but I haven't heard anything about them recently


Well they better start using PMCs soon because Russia is going to run them over with the amount of soldiers Ukraine is losing
That's assuming the West doesn't pull the plug on Ukraine once the recession hits full swing if the war reaches that point in time


File: 1655841376608.png (53.4 KB, 487x640, V5gvHuGl.png)


Don't know if anyone else remembers this but in the late 2010s Erik Prince said he wanted to replace the US military troops in Afghanistan with his own Blackwater mercenaries, maybe they'll do something like that in Ukraine


File: 1655842152464.png (1.57 MB, 3026x1860, Armstrong.png)

bravo Kojima


File: 1655842197278.png (237.96 KB, 800x533, ClipboardImage.png)

very good tweet


>dude light infantry lmao!
Name one PMC that rocks the heavy arms required for a conventional war.


What do fellow Anons think of my thought-provoking analysis of the future of the U$-Russia relationship, 🤔?


You should write a novel. You could be the next Tom Clancy.


File: 1655843132378.png (208.98 KB, 750x604, ClipboardImage.png)

He's right you know


Never said it was a smart idea



He's right. Someone should shoot Zizek. In Ukrainecraft.


Oh no schlavoj schischtersch


Nobody should even bother writing an article any more. The research suggests that 99% of the time people only read the headlines.


Have you seen articles these days? Typically 90% filler.


File: 1655843792833.jpg (232.89 KB, 1016x1280, rosa putin meme.jpg)

harden your heart
increase your attacks


I remember this russian account of some DPR officer who recalled how these "Badass operator" types where the first to bail out of battle, meanwhile the guys that looked like they wouldn't kill a fly where often leading attacks.


Reactionaries are inherently cowards.


PMCs are there to make money, not die for a cause.


File: 1655844094834.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1423922095745.gif)

PMC are proles, too!


Use the PMCs to operate the artillery? lol


cokeheads are extremely common in all big cities, touch grass


Imagine the bureaucracy of a PMC renting real military gear to fight a conventional war in.




Wagner has artillery and reportedly a couple of jets (unless the Russian army just let them ride them)


>Russia’s Wagner Group Doesn’t Actually Exist
Damn, reported by who?


No mercenary group on earth has jets let alone any form of motorization that goes beyond armored civilian cars


Literally use the artillery Ukraine is being supplied with.


Ukraine has an equipment problem, not a manpower problem.


That is hilarious, maybe I will try that, 😂! In all seriousness though, what do you think of my analysis at >>1026106 , 🤔?


RSOTM have posted videos of themselves flying actual combat aircraft. I don't know if they actually belong to "Wagner" or anything.

To be clear I am not a believer in spooky scary Metal Gear villains Wagner lmao, I am zigga gang. Just thought it's interesting.


What about Draken International? They have 70+ jets.

Wagner apparently employed the use of aircraft in Africa in the past


>Draken International
why does their logo have a sickle and hammer


pretty sure blackwater have helicopters and apc


File: 1655846180328.jpg (66.26 KB, 1125x1094, gykgpsp2k3t81.jpg)

>Putin's price hike


Why are you trying to make Maoism look bad? Is this some kind of sectarian glowop? Real Maoists know that MZT is ML applied to Chinese conditions and that peasant uprisings are not universal but unique to particular material situations. Hypothetical alternative history fiction doesn't count as "analysis" it just exposes you as a wrecker.



That's exactly why Maoism never became much of an international ideology.


Because he's a Gonzaloite LARPer, a petty booj from California, considers US military to be invincible, argues for revolutions to happen literally anywhere else, but US, and dreams of Balkanizing Russia and China.

Report and move on.


You must not know the difference between Maoism and Dengism, 😂! Maoists believe that Protracted People's War is universally applicable under the right conditions (currently PPW is applicable everywhere outside of the Imperial Core, including the Semi-Periphery Imperialist Powers of Putinist Russia and Dengist China, as shown by the ongoing PPWs in India, the Philippines, Turkey, and Peru), and that along with the concepts of the Mass Line, and Cultural Revolution, these three developments in Revolutionary Praxis make Marxism-Leninism-Maoism the highest stage of Marxism!

With that important clarification aside, it is worth stating that I was not discussing "Hypothetical alternative history fiction" in my post at >>1026106 , but was instead analyzing the potential scenario where Putinist Russia enters a De-Facto Alliance with a Crypto-Fascist MAGAtard-controlled U$ against Dengist China and Iran, 🤔?


File: 1655848348993-0.jpg (38.52 KB, 400x400, pc170UMG_400x400.jpg)

File: 1655848348993-1.jpg (285.01 KB, 2048x1366, media_Ed78eOjWsAASCrK.jpg)

File: 1655848348993-2.jpeg (336.32 KB, 2048x1364, EbSHOnvXsAAcX8v.jpeg)

File: 1655848348993-4.png (323.58 KB, 1125x1094, ClipboardImage.png)

It's just the emblem they use when they are read teaming as imaginary enemies while training US military personnel they have contracts for i believe. Their actual logo is different. 'Exerceo Cuspis' = 'Train the Spear' i think, so training the spear that slays the enemy dragon presumably is what they were going for



Accidentally copy/pasted that other anon's pic whoops


I'm not gonna lie, this would be a totally badass patch to wear in the Chinese armed forces.


File: 1655848542391.png (838.13 KB, 1281x843, ClipboardImage.png)

Based US government anti-imperialists.


>Russia’s barbaric war on Ukraine—and before that on Syria, Libya, Georgia, and Chechnya—has exposed the Russian Federation’s viciously imperial character to the entire world. Its aggression also is catalyzing a long-overdue conversation about Russia’s interior empire, given Moscow’s dominion over many indigenous non-Russian nations, and the brutal extent to which the Kremlin has taken to suppress their national self-expression and self-determination.

>Serious and controversial discussions are now underway about reckoning with Russia’s fundamental imperialism and the need to “decolonize” Russia for it to become a viable stakeholder in European security and stability. As the successor to the Soviet Union, which cloaked its colonial agenda in anti-imperial and anti-capitalist nomenclature, Russia has yet to attract appropriate scrutiny for its consistent and oftentimes brutal imperial tendencies.


You know, has the American government given any justification for why they still have troops in Syrian land without the government's permission, which despite them not recognizing they still don't have any alternate government they recognize? Like, even Trump admitted to stealing Syria's oil to prevent revenue from going to Assad. How is this not colonialism if what Russia's doing to Ukraine is?


File: 1655848876286.mp4 (4.54 MB, 378x720, i8xsyhwx9z691.mp4)

Russian caught by Ukrainians had a pocket pussy.

Chad Hohol Mega Dildo vs Virgin Moskal Pocket Pussy


I feel bad for laughing. Atleast this guy still has his knees though


>Russian caught by Ukrainians
you mean a random guy they covered in duct tape


what the fuck is this BDSM shit, do they not have handcuffs in ukraine or something?


There is no reason to think Russia is looking to ally with the right wing of a chaotic West, which just crossed a line in Ukraine, to go after China.


Fuckin kek


Why would they do that, though?


Tell that to the CPI (Maoist), the CPP-NPA-NDF, the TKP/ML, and the Shining Path, that are currently waging Protracted People's Wars in India, the Philippines, Turkey, and Peru, respectively. It is quite tragic that Revisionist/Tankie/Dengist Marcyite Campists like yourself ignore the brave PPWs being waged by the Maoist parties I listed above, and instead believe that real "Marxism-Leninism" and "Anti-Imperialism" is exemplified by the Capitalist, Social Imperialist, and Fascist State of Dengist China, the Capitalist, Imperialist, and Crypto-Fascist State of Putinist Russia, and the Right-Wing Liberal/"Conservative" Crypto-Fascist MAGAtards in the U$, 😂🤣🤮!


it's their way of covering up his face either to preserve some dignity and not to be breaking the geneva conventions so blatantly (while still causing pain and humiliation when the tape comes off) or to hide the fact they just made a random ukrainian play the role of a russian pow for updoots


Yeah, why does the uniform look so barren and ill-fitting?


my brain is dying


Your brain will find details that may or may not be there or relevant when you start with a conclusion and try to retroactively justify it.


Every Pro-Russian "Alternative" Media website such as the "Moon of Alabama", "Southfront", the "Unz Review", "The Saker", and all the Schizo Dugin sites, along with Russian State Media such as RT and Sputnik, have been 24/7 advertising for Crypto-Fascist MAGAtards since the 2016 election, so you may be in for a big shock when Putinist Russia does a complete 180 in its faux "Anti-American", "Anti-Imperialist", "Counter-Hegemonic" rhetoric come January 20th 2025, when the Republicans hold the Presidency, a 60-Seat Senate Supermajority, and a massive House Majority, and can do whatever the hell they want on both domestic and foreign policy, including a De-Facto alliance with Putinist Russia against Dengist China and Iran if Trump is the President (Desantis may not be interested in this), 😂🤣🤮!


Possibly, but this isn't the first time I've seen Russian POWs being… mistreated. They tended to have patches and insignia (if they had clothes on).


>add filter


Maybe my Posts are cleansing your Brain of Revisionism, and you are desperately trying to cope with the fact that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the highest stage of Marxism, 😜✊!


Adding on to both of these: Footage of US volunteers in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion fighting in Severodonetsk


>according to a person familiar with the matter


You could've stopped at the CPI, it's the only relevant one

The reason Maoism sucks outside Chinese conditions is it's a form of ultraleft adventurism. It's a bizarre guerilla sect isolated from the masses and democratic politics. ML was good because it was flexible across conditions. It has more examples of setting up states and political coalitions based on an alliance of left forces.

Maoism is only good since it recognized Soviet revisionism. Mao was suspicious after Stalin of the 'socialist construction' path the USSR took to complete the half revolution of 1917. As an alternative, he proposed more socialist struggle as seen with the cultural revolution to complete his half revolution of 1949.

The world we inherited is based on these completion attempts failing and Marxism losing claim to the democratic revolution outside of the West (except China). The future here is not in brainless PPW in the most backward countries. It's working to reestablish peoples' democracy in the periphery. We need a dictatorship of progressive classes with an interest in combining the development of each respective nation. China is our ally, not the enemy, and Russia is a fellow traveler which must be led in a direction to where its Bonapartism exhausts itself and the claim to furthering Russian independence from imperialism and CIS integration can be handed over to a coalition of left forces.


more liek bidenflation


Hey kid!

Want a job? 😎😂 🇺🇸🫡


You're a brainlet hyped up on the info war. The US right wing is not interested in confronting Russia, however it is very much committed to a foreign policy in the mideast that Russia clashes with and ties to Europe which Russia has given up on. Russia is also pursuing rapid integration with China, which the right populists obsess over.

Russia boosts left and right voices in the West which oppose liberal unipolarity. There's no evidence it wants to ally with any of them against China.


Damn, CZ BREN 2's with red dots, and laser, SCAR-Ls with suppressors, and ACRs? They do be here to LARP as tacticool operators and play Cawadooty, tho.


>to become a viable stakeholder in European security and stability
They really do believe everyone is begging to be part of their freakshow, dont they


Also I forgot to add, I have my doubts this country will even survive 2022 and 2024 election results, assuming they are blowouts for liberals. We are quickly approaching a situation where the right wing will not accept liberal hegemony from globalization nor will liberals accept right wing hegemony based on basically everything that doesn't depend on a major population center


Yeah it seems like neither side can accept that they can lose elections anymore. First Russiagate in 2016 then Stop The Steal in 2020. Not a recipe for stability


File: 1655851976477.jpg (251.22 KB, 1917x1079, epsedl06hzv21[1].jpg)


We're way past elections now.


File: 1655852274557.mp4 (2.22 MB, 888x474, rino hunting.mp4)


That's just it. Our outcomes are now black and white in this fighting over who defines the transition to a post cold war America

It's too late now, it needed to be decided earlier. It doesn't matter what America looks like after the cold war, its place in globalization is bankrupt and we are entering a multipolar world. I get the feeling that'll make the fighting between the two parties more extreme


The Texas government is saying Trump is the legitimate president.

Republican death drive is so strong they will resort to killing each other apparently.


they completely swap equipment?



idealist and stupid post


LMAO what the fuck is going on in the US


>each other
RINO stands for "Republican in Name Only"


Yes, which means they are talking about killing other republicans as opposed to killing democrats or anteefa or black people.


Right wing infighting smh


Let's see what an actual fascist has to say


This is hilarious


>Like lots of them even like Sankara, an actual Blanquist military officer who cracked down on trade unions and tribes lmao
<Dude just let trade unions and tribes do their own thing that is communism and freedom


what the fuck is this?


MAGAtards threatening disobedient Republicans.


<Dude just let trade unions and tribes do their own thing that is communism and freedom
>implying this isn't exactly what anarchists would do


who is this guy??


All your posts have this veneer of crying about Dengists and Duginists and these fucking no-name rightoid websites with the readership of Haz's youtube channel, but in reality your fucking weird fantasy of a 'New Eight Nations Alliance' destroying those filthy Dengists literally reads like one of the demented word porridges that spills out these retired soldiers and Bronze Age Mindset freaks that Tucker Carlson interviews where they cope with the degeneration of their empire with fantasies about recreating the nanjing massacare and wearing childrens teeth as necklaces or something.

And your delusion about Russia + America teaming up to conquer those fucking browns comes right out of the 1990s NeoCon handbook.

The truth is that the re-centering of industrial production, weakening of the post-Bretton woods system and petrodollar, and cheapening of overland transportation of cargo making US thalassocracy obsolete is having a marked degenerative on the US economy and society - One that China and Russia are not facing at this moment.

America is done, forget about it, its over.
The longer the american 'left' refuses to acknowledge these harsh economic truths and focuses on endlessly trying to revitalise the constantly withering great society and new deal infrastructure (Which was only made possible by the aformentioend petrodollar, Bretton woods, a marked imbalance of industrial production and Thalassocracy) the more the common people will turn towards bizarre conspiracy theories to explain why the economy is withering on a vine.


what the fuck is a rhino



File: 1655854542331-0.png (304.81 KB, 398x304, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655854542331-1.png (66.65 KB, 259x134, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655854542331-2.png (61.22 KB, 210x170, ClipboardImage.png)

Did this pussy put on safety goggles just for smashing a door down?


right wing skitzoitds killing eachother? based, reminds me of how the sith in star wars always fuck up because they kill eachother for stupid shit


Neo-realist international relations analyst


Or like the Germans invading Poland?



File: 1655854814344.jpg (67.95 KB, 941x1080, InsaneChad.jpg)

Who else going to bat for Cuban(Or thiel?)/Yang 2024 for the reason party?


*forward party


Either Yang gang or Jimmy Dore if he decides to run. Otherwise I'm not voting.


All that's left is Bernie or Dore.


Wait this is the Ukraine thread.


Any anons know when vidrel is coming out?


Is this legit? Seems more like a parody or something.


File: 1655856936639.png (406.83 KB, 816x802, 1655846246954.png)


Cultural fascism. You know all the dumb shit reactoids said a few years ago about cultural Marxism? That's exactly what they're doing.


File: 1655858093679.png (575.91 KB, 877x606, 1655855778859.png)


File: 1655858195354.jpeg (11.91 KB, 193x261, celebrate.jpeg)

when ol sleepy joe dies and kamala takes place as the libfag leader of shitmerica, it will be time for the Mandate of Heaven to be restored


the "market" economy in the US isn't even a fucking market economy, it's a fucking monopoly of heartless bigcorp and their stooges and shillls (the government and feds)


So far only one Russian soldier has been put on trial for war crimes in Ukraine, Vadim Shishimarin


File: 1655858526218.png (95.62 KB, 1047x405, ClipboardImage.png)


Chen Weihua is based


Japfags absolutely humilliated


Drone footage of smoke rising from combat around Lisichansk


File: 1655858860453.webm (2.63 MB, 640x480, 1607473963048.webm)

>Africa needs Ukraine's grain the most not to starve
>US says Africans should pressure Russia to stop
>Africa: No
Panafrican anon status: Completely and utterly BTFO


Hate his guts, he's the base minimum. "Marxism dissappeared in the 80s" Gee I wonder why you liberal piece of shit.
Good talk to de-skiztify libs though on the topic.


John Mearsheimer is s realist scholar who bucked post cold war liberal triumphalism to argue balance of power politics hasn't gone away

He came out on 2015 and said the Ukraine crisis is caused by the West breaking this balance despite Russia's consistent signaling that this was happening

The significance here is that liberals argue balance of power is 19th century shit we've left behind and they don't have to deal with it in the 21st century. They argue that is the contradiction behind the crisis and therefore its russia's fault. Mearsheimer realizes this is a lie and liberalism is just the logic of Western supremacy in all balances, and we expanded too far with it thanks to unipolar hubris



Spitting truths, I'm kind of surprised so many people don't know this by now but I guess we need to be understanding of libs being slow learners.


Libs are legitimately everything they accuse of conservatives when it comes to international issues

They can only be superior to the latter on a national scale. Beyond that, they become very similar


I'm being serious about this to, there is a very similar behavior pattern between conservatives talking about racism and liberals about imperialism







File: 1655866898814.png (65.36 KB, 303x255, ClipboardImage.png)

>So while putting Bush on trial is no less illusory than bringing Putin to the Hague tribunal, the minimum to be done by those who oppose Russian invasion of Ukraine is to demand Assange’s immediate release.


>Russians are probably the most pessimistic and doomerist people in existence
You have not spoken to enough Bulgarians.


Žižek has been taking a lot of Ls during this war


It requires a highly esteemed scholar who helped popularize his own school of thought to either notice the obvious fact that America runs NATO, or to be able to say it publicly with authority. That shows the level of political literacy in the West today. I appreciate Mearsheimer a lot, he is on the front lines against the idiotic American popular opinion about this whole ordeal.


>be Captain Obvious compared to the average tankie
>still the smartest Americlap


Still no attacks on Kiev "decision-making centers." Sigh.
The Russians aren't stupid, so they have to know that their apparent softness and their timidity in following through on threats is responsible for many of their woes, including the Finland/Sweden NATO shit and the latest Lithuanian shit.
So what's the plan? Are they trying to enrage their public into calling for more decisive action?


It's a bit difficult to hit their "decision-making centers" when they're located in Washington.


They want Ukraine to be unable to retaliate, but they don't want to just destroy the whole thing.
Which, given the absolutely suicidal tenacity of the ukrops, just isn't gonna work out.


Given that "fight to the death" over lines on a map orders are coming from Zelensky's office it would seem stupid for the Russians to kill him.


How rich is it that the same Quebec flag poster who said in the U$ politics thread that they can't wait to vote Republican (and I called you out for it) is accusing me of being some schizo Neo-Fascist "Bronze Age Mindset" Cucker Carlson fan, 😂🤣🤮! In reality I am a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist who upholds the ongoing PPWs in India, the Philippines, Turkey and Peru while simultaneously critically supporting the U$ Democrats as a "Lesser Evil", due to PPW not being applicable to the current Material Conditions of the U$. Additionally, your reading comprehension must suck, because what I was doing in my potential future scenario of Putinist Russia aligning with a Crypto-Fascist MAGAtard-controlled U$ against Iran and Dengist China, that culminates in a World War III between these countries, was not predicting what I want to happen but what is a likely outcome of the current Material conditions of the Global Capitalist-Imperialist System. Finally, as much as I despise Dengist China for being a Capitalist, Imperialist, and Fascist State, I would hold my nose and critically support them in any potential War between them and a 21st century "Eight Nation Alliance" led by a Crypto-Fascist MAGAtard-controlled U$ and Putinist Russia, 😜!


>critically supporting the U$ Democrats as a "Lesser Evil"
taking sides in inter-imperialist elections? tsk tsk


I am begging you, with tears in my eyes, to please stop using emojis.


More evidence of western sanctions failing, this time against China:


new thread when?


should call it /z/



Why is Putin so concerned about NATO expansion? Must be pure paranoia! No one wants to destroy Russia you vatnik tankie!


Lol. Europe really is colonized by the US. Sorry, I know I shouldn't be laughing but so much nato nazi unity


>so much for nato nazi unity


Russophobia is one hell of a drug, one that's really effective for yuros. All concocted by the US0 and their antlantist allies.


Bruh someone make the 5th thread already


July apparently


File: 1655899079523.jpg (17.01 KB, 286x327, 1544319140714.jpg)

>Surrender, faggots!


>70% of coal used for European electricity generation comes from Russia
lol. lol


ill make a new one, gimme a sec


here you go :)


wOw ThAt ReTiReD dOd SkInSuIt SaId ThE oBvIoUs BuT iNcOnVeNiEnT tRuTh HeCkIn BaSeD bE mY iDeOlOgY dAdDy

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