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>This is a Lithuanian MP justifying the blockade of the civilian population in Kaliningrad with casual racism about Russians. If it matters, alcohol use per capita in Lithuania is the highest in the EU and higher than Russia.

Geopolitics General >>1004370

Cometh ye folks, cometh into the new age.
For previous threads, check >>>/leftypol_archive/


>N.B. liveuamap.com is not to be trusted, they mostly parrot Ministry of Defence, these others may not be better, check their reporting first



Andrei Martyanov YouTube & blog for how military strategy: https://www.youtube.com/user/smoothieX12

Here’s two specifically about Operational Art & Ukraine


NEWS / EVENTS: https://tv.leftypol.org/r/HappeningsviaKlash

HANGOUT / CHILL: https://tv.leftypol.org/r/bloodcast


https://nitter.net/asbmilitary (still banned)


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tbh i have much less sympathy for these guys than the dumbass reddit legion. I can at least understand how those retards were brainwashed to think they were doing the right thing after seeing Russia invade, but this fat fucking angloid war tourist joined just to murder people in the Donbass and thats a fact jack


File: 1656093938838.jpg (194.1 KB, 1500x1419, 96589193.jpg)

US drones won’t survive over Ukraine for long – Foreign Policy

As Washington reportedly stalls on selling Gray Eagle combat drones to Ukraine, military officials in Kiev are asking for fighter jets such as the F-15 and F-16 instead, saying they have a better chance against Russian air defenses.

Ukraine is “not Afghanistan” and the expensive drones would just get shot down, one pilot told Foreign Policy this week.

Retired US officers and pundits like Moscow-born Max Boot have loudly advocated for the delivery of Gray Eagles to Ukraine, calling it a potential “game changer” in the conflict. However, the White House has put plans to send four such drones to Kiev “on hold,” Reuters reported last week, due to fears they could fall into Russian hands.

While the Ukrainian generals would like to get their hands on the drones, the pilots would prefer US fighter-bombers, according to Foreign Policy.

“We are not advocating for the Gray Eagles,” one pilot, who went only by ‘Moonfish’, told the outlet. “It’s very dangerous to use such expensive drones in our case, because of the enemy’s air defense,” he added. “It’s not Afghanistan here.”
The MQ-1C Gray Eagle is the latest in the General Atomics lineage of strike drones used during the US “war on terror,” from Afghanistan and Iraq to Somalia and Yemen. It is armed with Hellfire missiles, which have a range of about eight kilometers – less than the Switchblade or Phoenix Ghost suicide drones the US has sent to Ukraine already.

“It could be useful” on the frontline, said another fighter pilot, introduced as ‘Juice’. However, he added, the Gray Eagles would probably not survive for more than a mission or two. Each drone costs $10 million.

Ukraine has made a big deal out of having Turkish Bayraktar TB2 strike drones in its arsenal. The TB2 costs around $2 million or so. Moonfish claims they were “very useful and important” in the early days of the conflict, but are “almost useless” now that the Russian troops have beefed up their air defenses. The pilots told Foreign Policy that Ukraine was now limiting the use of Bayraktars to “rare special operations and attack missions.” Russian war correspondents, meanwhile, suggest that it’s because most of the drones have been shot down already.

“We have a lot more pilots than jets right now,” Moonfish said, suggesting he and his colleagues should be trained on “advanced” US fighter jets such as the F-15 and F-16, which would be more survivable against the Russian S-400s.

Both types first appeared in the 1970s. They have been repeatedly upgraded since then, and the latest versions are considered by Western experts to be on par with the Russian Su-35 and MiG-35 jets, and slightly ahead of the Su-27 and Mig-29 fighters Ukraine operated at the start of the conflict. However, there are no indications the US has any to spare, or that there is political will in Washington to send them to Ukraine.


link me


Agressive beahavior isn't that great in current times though. There's a lot more to be gained through cooperation. Literally only the US keeps provoking countries at random.


this is the way but it might be too based for Russia


File: 1656095413312.png (644.67 KB, 576x780, ClipboardImage.png)

Has that retard Putin breathed a new lfe in to the EU, Ukraine and NATO?
I feel like these three things were crazy unpopular before this year and since this retardation have come up with whole new propaganda avenues and reasons to exist, Ukraine is building a whole national identity.
Why did he do this? Is he just an idiot or is there some strategy here?


I highly doubt that NATO would be allowed to wither away because it is 'unpopular.' they would have invented another reason to keep everything as it is. Provoking Russia via Ukraine was already that, but if Russia hadn't invaded NATO would have bombed some country to keep it alive and kicking


<has KPD brought new life to Hitler?


File: 1656096203668-1.webm (2.5 MB, 608x1080, 1655985459533.webm)

Viral Chinese food show vs. viral Ukrainian food show. Knowing the difference may save your life.


File: 1656096255676.png (422.21 KB, 596x419, 1344177706898.png)

>I feel like these three things were crazy unpopular before this year
>muh feels and idealism mufuga


EU sort of, NATO and Ukraine no one really thought much about until the invasion happened so that I don't think I'd call it breathing new life so much as it got back on the spotlight again. Neither of them were necessarily or even likely going to die if Russia didn't invade.

Also, being unpopular does not necessarily mean less power. Genocides and war crimes are unpopular, and that doesn't stop people from doing them, continuing them, and getting away light or even scot free





I'm sorry to tell you,but none of those three were unpopular (if you mean in first-world/western nations,obviously) outside of outliers like greece and Italy that are getting destroyed by it,and a growing vocal youth movement that is still small as most just end up giving up entirely on politics.


Don't confuse dormancy for death. The fact that this conflict activated the fascist primitive accumulative impulse in liberals so rapidly and with such force should tell you that such sentiments were hardly on the decline and were simply waiting for the appropriate catalyst to assert themselves.


Anons. UK left the EU and even in france skepticism is the thought of the day with regards to the EU.
Before tnis war Ukraine was viewed in the media as a country turning away from democratic prinsibles with a large neo nazi problem and a government that didn't have control over it's own boarders or armed forces.
If you have nothing to say then shut the fuck up, retard.


public opinion doesn't matter, are you some idealist retard?


>Washington Post: Ukrainian forces have tactically evacuated from the insignificant village of Severodonetsk and moved to more valuable territory, in what anonymous officials are saying seems to be a clever trap set for Russian forces to walk right into.


>public opinion doesn't matter,
But it kind of does, and especially seemingly though the russian lens, if not why did they fund international 24hour news sources for multiple decades that was even one of the best regarded in the west?
Besides, as the current orders collapse I would rather the new wave of parties run on a renewed anti-NATO platform than some retard pro-NATO muh russia bullshit.
If this shit happened 2 years ago do you really think the brits would have left the Europeen Union?
What would be the response of NATOs Double-Track Decision by the wider left be today? Barely a whisper i'd imagine.


politicians literally care for nothing else. You can starve tomorrow if you just give em your cheer today.


Thats the power of HIMARS, Russia isnt capable of locating it in time, theyll be gone by then.

The issue is that while you need training to deploy and use HIMARS launchers, theyre very easy to use, and the US is giving a scrambled together army weapons that they could blow into Russia with while asking them not to.

Considering that Russia is currently scared shitless about its border safety with the US first attempting to establish itself in Crimea and then the EU and NATO trying to absorb a country right on their doorstep, I dont think its smart to give a big minority of paramilitary extremists a bunch of weapons they can fire on Russia.


you don't understand,here in this very site,we talk more about politics in one day than 70+% of the population does in a year.
the only reason the UK leave happened is because one of the main party advocated for it and so couldn't just be dismissed as le funny weirdo (like Asselinau in France for exemple) and they can just jump back on "we must reform the EU because it's not good,and maybe we could ignore some of the rules too" but nobody advocates for quitting it,and the only thing you will get if you did advocate for it would be critical support on the internet that doesn't translate into electoral votes,so nobody cares.


Yeah, to neutralize it and to tell people what to think. US isn't getting universal healthcare. Ever. Brexit isn't actually happening, either.


Like I mentioned, unpopularity means very little in terms of real power. Nato might be unpopular, doesn't stop it from being a threat. Ukraine might be unpopular being seen as a state with a Nazi problem, but that doesn't mean that it's not useful to America nevertheless. The war in Afghanistan was unpopular, but America stayed there for years. And even if later they're universally recognized as victims, the damage is already done and the perps get away with it. Public opinion only means something if it's organized into a militant counterforce, and there was no meaningful anti-NATO movement before the invasion anyway

The choice facing Russia was either to slowly get squeezed out of diplomatic, military, economic influence until it is in a position where they might actually not be able to win a nuclear war–or they cut their losses, decide Ukraine in NATO is the last straw, and do whatever means necessary to make sure they don't get backed into a corner. They probably succeded a little better than they expected, since I'm very sure they knew that it would be "unpopular" and that sanctions would follow (though probably not so self-destructively as with the gas thing).


Might actually not even be able to stalemate a nuclear war*, as in, being unable to fight back if America did decide to just fuck them up with nukes because of defence systems around its borders, proximity of missiles, etc


It honestly probably really did go as well as they hoped, only the US and its puppets are sanctioning Russia. They might actually benefit in the long term from moving their economy towards the east and completely giving up on the west.


oh for sure they wont! Cause people vote them anyway.
Why bother.


<In the process of cleaning Mariupol, an Ukrainian APC is removed from the river with a dozen drowned inside


I wasn't talking about America, anon. It is easier for them they are an ocean away. I was actually thinking about Europe.
Not everything has to be always understood soulely through an American lens, this perspective only serves to cause inaction, i.e. 'ohhh, it is all america ergo we can do nothing where we are because they control everything anyways!' it is unhealthy for the left to think like this.


Worse, he hired the fucking CLOWN MANAGER; MANAGER OF A CLOWN.
They were 50/50 or not really hot topics of debate. Plus you are a shill.
I wonder if they drove straight off the destroyed bridge like that jeep.


the entire war was made inevitable by 30 years of NATO's actions after the USSR's collapse. if people cannot see that the Russian Federation exhausted all peaceful options (like Minsk 2) then it is a success of NATO propaganda rather than a failure of the Russian federation. Libs gonna lib.


Putin: Ignore Western hysteria, Russia ready to guarantee Ukrainian grain export


NYT posts, randomly between an article about Ukrainian teen refugees in Pooland and Jan 6 drivel,
>By purchasing oil, China and India have emerged as financiers of Russia's war

So is that Russian oil? The same oil that gets bought and sold impartially on a capitalist world market? Not to mention the grotesque moralizing of this.


America was just a convenient example, especially since they're the ones who get intimately involved in things that are an ocean away, which testifies to the disproportionate amount of influence they exercise. But things like this happen all throughout so-called democracies, like in UK's labour party with how they reacted to Corbyn (and I'm not talking about the anti-semitism allegations, more the attempt to coup him from the party), or more recently the complete avoidance of a referendum as regards joining NATO by Sweden and Finland. Public opinion can be bypassed as needed, and democracies do non-popular or unpopular decisions all the time. All this was in response to one anon thinking Putin was being a retard for making NATO popular again or something. I have explained why that sacrifice of popularity was a perfectly rational thing for Putin, a bourgeois son of a bitch, to do, whether one likes him or not

And just because America controls everything and shit doesn't mean we can't do anything, only that one would be naive for thinking that it just means we'll solve this problem at the ballot box. Obsessing over public opinion like that first anon thought is a political dead end, especially if you know that you have much less control over the public than the media companies do, and with it, the ability to frame the discussion so that the real questions never come up. Trying to appeal to public opinion directly is to play a rigged game. Instead, the Left needs creativity and a sense of strategy to plan for the game being rigged.


Less than 10% of African countries are cucked to the West. The continent of the future.


What Do Russians Really Think About the War in Ukraine


where do these abominations come from?


The Infographics Show
(11.8M subscribers)


Offensive into Odessa confirmed?


File: 1656110073675.jpg (824.65 KB, 1724x1078, Emb.jpg)

Do you think they can pull it off?


Without a shadow of a doubt. But I doubt they have any reason to.


It would be epic, but they have no reason to unless we want to talk about the alleged gunfire from the U.S. embassy in Moscow back in the 1990s.


Bomber Boris do it again


>Stalin imprisoned and killed millions of his own people

So, ask georgians instead of russians maybe?


Pretty busy today so if somebody else could make thread 6 I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, before tomorrow noon I'll or cause do it with pleasure.
That Libs focus purely on the US now hopefully allows RU to wrap it up finally.


Global South minority decolonizes evil Russia.
Libs eternally butthurt


>Estonian government collapsing
What is the context of this. Are not Estonians rabid nazis afterall?


afaik it's just the usual coalition politics exacerbated by a looming economic and humanitarian crisis caused by Russia's gas embargo with both sides calling each other pro-russian commies


Make a new one, jackasses!


fucking revolting the garbage the masses consume on a daily basis. the moving image is the most powerful thing invented in the 20th century


They should have bombed when macron was visiting, kill two birds with one stone

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