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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Everybody's mad about trains rights

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in work they have BBC radio 2 on, and the call-ins about putin are always the worst. ngl some of them genuinely scare me with how dangerously retarded they are.


It's the worst, my parents love it tho so they have it on all the time. Well honestly I think they don't even listen but just like the noise. They were also talking about whether we can really tolerate having UK/EU 'boots on the ground', and the silly bint replied with 'well warfare has changed, we don't need boots on the ground'. I think she's missing the point of the metaphor a bit.


jfc lmao



File: 1656607261604.png (259.65 KB, 556x855, ClipboardImage.png)

Another 30k


what's this about m8


Strike innit, joined by another 8k BT callcenter workers, making it the first national callcenter strike in UK history.


jolly good


Will scotland leave?


Thing is, lots of left liberals will have switched to yes, but the rightoid no will also be invigorated. A lot of people in Scotland are extremely EU cucked and that has a big part in it. The question of what will happen with EU membership will be top of the footballs that get kicked around.

It’ll be interesting to see how woke and anti woke play into it this time, cos that whole narrative wasn’t so top of the agenda last time.

Watch as they flip out with the “vote to stay in the U.K. or using the wrong pronouns will be made a hate crime under globohomo Nicola”


Aristocratic social democrat, British nationalist, antisemite, apartheid supporter. Grade a cunt.


>Apartheid supporter
>British nationalist
I'll give you social democrat but where the heck did you get the rest?


for the caps the four are all the same


< I see Marx who was an old Jew, as the last of the Old Testament Prophets, this old bearded man working in the British Library,
<Tony Benn, as British secretary of state for energy, conspired with the racist apartheid state of South Africa to rob occupied Namibia (then Southwest Africa) of its uranium for British nuclear power and weapons. Check the details of the Rossingham contract and see for yourself.
Supported British rule of Ireland like good little jingo when he was in the Wilson government.


< I see Marx who was an old Jew, as the last of the Old Testament Prophets, this old bearded man working in the British Library,

Sounds like a compliment to me, the biblical prophets also being old Jews with beards generally


there is only one god and Marx (peace be upon him) is his messenger


If a christian compares someone to bible prophets, you think thats a negative or positive comparsion


Negative of course since religion is false and religious prophets frauds and charlatans.


It's no different to Bakunin, another aristocrat, calling Marx a scheming jew.

Antisemitism always comes from aristocrats and other swine like Benn and Mosley.


<“Well I came across Marx rather late in life actually, and when I read him, two things: first of all I realised that he’d come to the conclusion about capitalism which I’d come to much later, and I was a bit angry he’d thought of it first; and secondly, I see Marx who was an old Jew, as the last of the Old Testament Prophets, this old bearded man working in the British Library, studying capitalism, that’s what ‘Das Kapital’ was about, it was an explanation of British capitalism. And I thought to myself, ‘Well anyone could write a book like that, but what infuses, what comes out of his writing, is the passionate hostility to the injustice of capitalism. He was a Prophet, and so I put him in that category as an Old Testament Prophet.”
This is a 100% positive view even if maybe tokenising


Does "scheming" really denote the same thing as "working in the british library"

Working and scheming are two different things, scheming is done in secret, profit is ill gotten. Working is honourable, honest. The working in this context done somewhere open, like a library, not just a library but the British library.

Just textually I think we can read this as a compliment. Then as the other anon says, the author themselves is a Christian, giving credence to the idea that they think Old Testament Prophets were generally good people, more than that, the greatest of all people.

I really can't read this as anything but a compliment


what are your thoughts on the doctors plot?


Exactly, this is actually a really nice quote. I can understand the other issues leninhat has with him, but this is clearly an incredibly positive view of Marx.


File: 1656680855158-0.jpg (355.11 KB, 720x1113, BennIreland.jpg)

File: 1656680855158-1.jpg (366.88 KB, 720x1128, BennIraqSanctions.jpg)

File: 1656680855158-2.jpg (362.31 KB, 720x1127, Hitchens on Benn.jpg)

Retarded take. Bakunin was an atheist and had a /pol/tard view of Marx and Jews while Benn praised Marx by comparing him to religious figures he respected; the fact that you can't distinguish between the two is insane.
Benn also shifted his position on Ireland pretty early on which makes sense because his "heirs" such as Corbyn were relentlessly attacked as IRA sympathizers and continue to be attacked as such to this very day. Such a thing would not be possible if he was truly a hardcore nationalist as you claim.
Regarding Iraq sanctions I also found comments from him stating that sanctions on Iraq were inhumane.


There's no reason to bring up Marx's Jewish ancestry. It was and is irrelevant but anticommunist antisemites have always howled over it. And Benn was both.


A long overdue crackdown on scum who'd poisoned Bolsheviks like Zhdanov and Shcherbakov. Unfortunately they also ended up killing Stalin hinselfm


It's not praise. It's bullshit making Marx out to be a religious figure. That's always been a common and boring complaint, Bertrand Russell, another aristocrat anticommunist jolly old Englishman, also called communism a religion.

Don't judge Benn by his words after he lost power, judge him by deeds. And those deeds in power were chauvinism and supporting colonial rule of Ireland.

Had Corbyn become PM he'd be sending weapons to Ukraine by now.


Unimaginable levels of pottery: comparing Marx to a biblical prophet is antisemitic but murdering jews was needed.


Imagine having such a poor ability to view things from another perspective you can't understand that for some people a biblical prophet is a positive term


Guess what cretin? Jews can be anticommunists. Shocking, I know, to the "Jewish Bolshevism" types, but Jews have classes and divisions like everyone else. The crackdown on murderous doctors were part of the proletarian dictatorship. It wasn't an antisemitic campaign, that's cold war propaganda, plain and simple.


What class of people? What are their economic interests? What is their relation to communism? Why do they find any value in religion when atheism is the truth?


advanced autism that is


leninhat you've really gotta recalibrate your understanding of who is a friend and who is an enemy.
one has to ask: when not undermined by sneering traitors would a national enterprise board taking ownership of the top 100 companies in Britain represent a step forwards, or a step backwards?

the great thing about friends is that helping them is optional. it does not follow that one should help a friend, or perhaps an acquaintance would be a better term, in setting one up. he can be left (ah –no really!) to his own devices.


Critical support for Comrade Leninhat in his noble struggle against the Bennite renegades


the Bennegades if you will


remember this gem




>friend and who is an enemy.
Meaningless terms from a fascist ideologue repackaging "goyim and gentiles".


File: 1656700315174.jpg (89.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

self contradictory wilful ignorance. if the term is meaningless, it cannot also be a stand in for "goyim and gentiles", which would constitute a very clear meaning.


It's not "friends and enemies" but classes, cretin.
Schmitt was a fascist who took the protocols of zion and tried to make a philosophy based on it. Hardly the first.


leninhat, leninhat, leninhat, i expected better of you. think for a moment.
we're about classes, even history is about classes - in this you're correct - but classes have friends and enemies, just like men and dogs. what is a Menshevik but a friend of the proletariat in February and an enemy by October? What is the national bourgeoisie of an imperialised country leading a war against an imperial power but a friend to the anti-imperialist working class, even if their ultimate fate is liquidation at the hands of the international proletariat?


He’s right about socdems I’m just not sure he’s an anti semite


Leninhat is Starmerpilled and will be calling everyone an antisemite from now on


Dare you go to a synagogue and say that lamo


Socdem spitting lamo


Mensheviks were always enemies of the proletariat.
As for the national bourgeoisie, any progressive role they could've once played is long dead.
Afghanistan shows that. The bourgeoisie have proven utterly incapable of anything but a reactionary islamist system.


Starmer, like all good British nationalists and social democrats, is a zionist, and as Theodor Herzl said, antisemites are the best friends of zionists.
All synagogues should be closed or demolished the same as every other religious building.


File: 1656718559870.gif (990.81 KB, 500x343, kindness of strangers.gif)

UK balance of payments gap hits record, ONS urges caution over data

LONDON, June 30 (Reuters) - Britain racked up a record shortfall in its current account in early 2022, in part due to the soaring cost of its fuel imports, according to data that officials cautioned could be revised.

The balance of payments deficit - a measure of how much the country relies on money from abroad - ballooned to 51.7 billion pounds ($62.8 billion) or 8.3% of gross domestic product in the January-March period.

Data from the Office for National Statistics also showed the increasing strain on households as their real disposable income shrank for the longest period on record.

The statistics office said the current account figures were subject to more uncertainty than usual due to the impact of post-Brexit changes in how data is collected for goods imports and foreign direct investment, which are being investigated.

Economists polled by Reuters had expected a deficit of just under 40 billion pounds.

The shortfall was the biggest in records going back to 1955.

Samuel Tombs, an economist with Pantheon Macroeconomics, said oil and gas prices had risen further since early 2022 and Britain's current account gap would come under further strain as tourism resumes which causes money to flow out of the country.

"With the current account deficit set to remain large over coming quarters, sterling will remain very sensitive to global trends in risk appetite," Tombs said.

Sterling is on course for its biggest six-month drop against the U.S. dollar since 2016, the year of the Brexit referendum but was little changed after Thursday's figures.

Mark Carney, a former Bank of England governor, warned in 2016 that Britain was reliant on the "kindness of strangers" to finance its current account deficit.

The statistics office said the primary account swung back into the red after a rare surplus in the last three months of 2021 as investment-related flows, including dividends, out of the country outweighed income from British assets abroad.

Stripping out the effect of trade in precious metals - which the office views as a distortion due to London's role as a gold-trading hub - the current account deficit matched a previous record from the last three months of 2015 at 7.1% of GDP.


The statistics office also said a measure of households' disposable income fell in real terms for the fourth quarter in a row, the longest such run on record, underscoring the scale of the inflation hit to consumers.

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said on Wednesday it was "very clear" that Britain's economy was at a turning point and was starting to slow.

Many economists expect the economy to shrink in the April-June period due to inflation at a 40-year high of 9.1%, an extra bank holiday and the end of mass COVID-19 testing and vaccination programmes. But the economy is mostly expected to return to growth, albeit weakly, in the third quarter.

Britain's economy grew 0.8% in the first three months of 2022, the same pace as previously thought, the statistics office said. Gross domestic product was 0.7% larger than in the fourth quarter of 2019, the last full quarter before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Households did not dip further into their lockdown savings to finance their spending. The saving ratio held at 6.8% of disposable income, still above its level of 6.0% immediately before the pandemic.

($1 = 0.8228 pounds)


>74 year old men with at least one signifier (smoking) NEVER have strokes! It must have been a conspiracy!


>Afghanistan shows that. The bourgeoisie have proven utterly incapable of anything but a reactionary islamist system.
which still sounds better than going to sleep not knowing if a drone will blow up your house

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