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Thread on one of the most unstable parts of the world.
Hope local anons will contribute.


-Ansarullah's Marib offensive in Yemen is going on but getting progressively slower and slower: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1k_5mC2oHM9Lj4I5irFA0pkXbqKQ&ll=15.368048501226081%2C45.226202631639545&z=12

-Lebanon's collapse accelerating, sparking protests


Rockets were launched at Al Asad air base (same base that Iran striked with ballistic missiles last year), one US contractor died. This is probably retaliation for the US airstrike in Syria a few days ago


How is it that so few people die in these missile strikes?


Early warning systems I imagine


These aren't really "missile" strikes they are just shitty rockets launched by PMU militias which don't do that much damage, but they can still kill people. The actual missile strike last year from Iran did a lot of damage and caused a lot of injuries but didn't kill anyone since the troops in the base were able to evacuate in time


The stated reason for the airstrike in Syria that happened in February was that it was supposed to deter the PMU from attacking the US in Iraq. All it's done is the opposite


Radar and bunkers.


I fear Biden will take this as reason to escalate


For over a year now it's just been going back and forth with the US air striking the Iraqi PMU and Iran, and the PMU and Iran striking US bases with rockets/missiles. I don't think it will escalate unless one side does something even more drastic


On top of whats been said about bunkers and early warnings a lot of these US bases have point defences, most strikes will end with the rocket/missile being shot out of the sky by either a counter-missile missile or a barrage from a CIWS gun. Theres missiles that can get through them but they're mounted to Russian and Chinese vehicles and not in the hands of militias.


File: 1614811071870.jpg (290.67 KB, 1554x1160, EvjSsR6WYAAntAk.jpg)

Apparently this is the rocket launcher that was used in the attack


Very common design


>counter-missile missile or a barrage from a CIWS gun.
n+1 of anything will get through n counter-measures


iran is have a fuck ton of protests rn as well that seem to have a revolutionary character


I heard something in Balochistna, but it seems the classic Baloch insurgency active in both Iran and Pakistan.


File: 1614828646363.png (786.71 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Rocket attack on base in Iraq raises threat of US escalation
<One US civilian contractor died from a heart attack during the rocket strike, which inflicted no casualties on US troops and reportedly did little damage.



File: 1614829171373-0.png (1.98 MB, 1280x889, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614829171373-1.png (1.28 MB, 1280x792, ClipboardImage.png)

Kunduz massacre goes unpunished
<The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a suit filed by Abdul Hanan, whose sons were killed in an airstrike ordered by a German colonel in Afghanistan in 2009.



File: 1614831159522.jpg (38.52 KB, 646x595, ikyiuoka7d421.jpg)

>This has far-reaching significance for German militarism. The Bundeswehr is assured that it has nothing to fear from the prosecuting authorities and the judiciary when it causes large-scale collateral damage among civilians.

sounds familiar


New Mommy Martin just dropped


Do we have any west Asian comrades or is this another realpolitik LARP general?


>German military investigate ourselves and found that we’re innocent
Such transparency


It's dumb that they were allowed to investigate themselves. They should've been tried by the ICC or something


File: 1614912837217.png (926.15 KB, 2224x1668, E03DD31D-AF86-4FAB-BC7D-96….png)

This thread seems like a great place to post my proposal for “Peace in the Middle East”, which is achieved through a massive redrawing of the regions borders. Below is the list of explanations of the various border changes made in my Map. Please be open-minded and intellectually critique my proposal, Enjoy!

1) Israel returns to the 1967 borders (with the exception of
the Golan heights, which Israel keeps in exchange for allowing a fair, Two-State solution to the Palestinian conflict) with a independent Palestinian state created in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which has East Jerusalem outside the Old city as its capital, and the Old city turned into a UN-administered “International zone” with equal access to holy sites for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. In addition to these border changes, all Israeli settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem outside the Old city would be evacuated to Israel, with the Settlements used to house Palestinian refugees who were expelled during the Six-day War and their descendants, while those Palestinians who were expelled during the 1948 war and their descendants, and who reside in refugee camps outside the territory of the independent state of Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza), would renounce their right to return and be integrated into their respective countries of residence.

2) A independent Kurdistan is created from the Kurdish majority parts of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria.

3) Lebanon is Balkanized into a Shia state in the South and East (ruled by Hezbollah), a Christian State in the Center, and a Sunni state in the North.

4) Syria and Iraq are completely Balkanized with a new Sunni Arab state created out of Northern Iraq and most of Syria, Southern Iraq becoming a Shia Arab state (ruled by the Pro-Iranian PMF), the Kurdish areas of both countries going to Kurdistan, a Alawite state created on the Syrian coast (ruled by Assad), and a Druze state created in part of Southern Syria. In addition to this all U$ troops are withdrawn from these countries.

5) Artsakh is merged with Armenia.

6) Iranian Azerbaijan is given to Azerbaijan.

7) A independent Balochistan is created out of the Balochi majority parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

8) Afghanistan is completely Balkanized with the Tajik majority parts given to Tajikistan, the Uzbek majority parts given to Uzbekistan, a new Hazara state created in the center, and the Pashtun majority south merged with the Pashtun majority parts of Pakistan in a independent state of Pashtunistan (ruled by the Taliban). In addition to this all U$ troops are withdrawn from the country.

9) The rump Pakistan will acquire Kashmir from India.

10) Yemen is split into a Shia-dominated North (ruled by the Houthis) and a Sunni-dominated South (ruled by the Pro-Saudi forces).

11) Hejaz (ruled by the Hashemite dynasty) is granted Independence from Saudi Arabia.

12) Shia-majority Bahrain is made part of the Shia Arab state of Southern Iraq.

13) Cyprus is partitioned between Greece (which gets the Greek-majority South) and Turkey (which gets the Turkish-majority North).


Why do you think splitting countries apart on religious/ethnic/sectarian lines will solve the Middle East's issues? It would exacerbate those conflicts if anything. Not to mention it would be a wet dream of the US Empire for the region to be even more divided and thus weaker and easier to control


or we could just purge all religious nutjobs, faster and easier


>lets kill half the population
Noble, but mistaken.


File: 1614919824231.jpg (113.53 KB, 599x800, 2a9e519f4b6b.jpg)

Many of those independent states like Alawite state, Balkanized Lebanon, Druze state etc. have no separatist movements advocating for their creation.
Most of the sectarian divisions involve Wahhabis fighting against everyone else so just eliminate the Wahhabis.


>eliminate the Wahhabis
Wahhabis are mere puppets. Take them all out and a new puppet group will quickly spring up in its place. You got to go after the puppet-master (USA) and make it leave from the region to really bring peace.


>Most of the sectarian divisions involve Wahhabis fighting against everyone else
This. Like in the Iraqi Insurgency, both Sunni and Shia insurgents were mostly focused on fighting the US occupation until 2006 when Al Qaeda went full retard and started attacking Shias which led to the insurgency degenerating into sectarian infighting


File: 1614922406153-0.jpg (25.01 KB, 446x330, ISISterritorialpeak.jpg)

File: 1614922406153-1.png (620.36 KB, 3199x2087, Yemen_Warmap.png)

kek your imagined sunni state in Syria and Western Iraq looks almost identical to ISIS's territorial peak. Also
>Yemen is split into a Shia-dominated North (ruled by the Houthis) and a Sunni-dominated South (ruled by the Pro-Saudi forces).
This is already the de facto situation in Yemen and it's complete shit. There won't be peace until one side throws in the towel (which will hopefully be the Saudis)


There won't be a complete víctory for either side in Yemen.
A possible outcome though is Ansarallah keeps the North Southern separatists the South and UAE annexes Socotra.


In my Ideal World of a Global USSR, every ethnic group would have their own their own SSR or ASSR (with religious freedom and respect for the Traditional culture of the titular ethnic group), and thus the Middle East’s borders would be the same as in my peace proposal, accept the Arabs would all be united in one SSR, without the sectarian divisions that are recognized in my peace proposal.

However, the chance of a future Global USSR ended in 1991, and Socialism today is restricted to two countries (Cuba and the DPRK, though I’m growing extremely concerned that the former is on the verge of a Dengist takeover) and four Maoist insurgencies (in India, the Philippines, Turkey, and Peru), none of which have a bright future unless the Blackest of Black Swans appears and collapses the Global Imperialist-Capitalist System. Thus, I feel that it is much better for the people of the Middle East to maintain their Traditional Islamic Culture instead of embracing the degenerate Neoliberal Capitalist Consumerist culture of Wall Street (Greed and Consumerism), Silicon Valley (Transhumanist Technophilia), and Hollywood (Homosexuality, Transgenderism, and Radical Feminism), that is being forced on them by the Western Imperialist powers of the U$, EU, Russia, and China. My proposal for “Peace in the Middle East” is meant to simultaneously end the regions violent conflicts and preserve the regions traditional culture by giving every ethnic and sectarian group their own sovereign country.

My Sunni Arab state in Northern Iraq and most of Syria, resembles ISISs territorial peak because as controversial as it is to say this, ISIS emerged due to the dissatisfaction of this regions Sunni Arab population with Iraq’s Shia-dominated government installed by the U$-led 2003 invasion, and Assad’s Alawite-dominated government in Syria propped up by Putin’s Russia and Shia Iran, not from “Muh CIA plot” as the Twitter Tankie Dengoids allege. My map solves this Sunni Arab dissatisfaction in Northern Iraq and most of Syria, by giving them what they want and deserve, a independent Sunni Arab state.

With regards to Yemen, my proposal is significantly different from the status quo in that it involves the permanent division of Yemen into a Shia-dominated North (ruled by the Houthis) and a Sunni-dominated South (ruled by the Pro-Saudi forces), that would mutually recognize each other and stop the needless bloodshed. This contrasts sharply with the status quo in which both groups fight each other with the goal of seizing control of the whole country and genociding the defeated group.


You need to stop worrying about libs finding excuses for what they already want to do, it's not healthy.


>My map solves this Sunni Arab dissatisfaction
The conflicts in those countries aren't purely Sunni vs Shia though. Most of the people fighting for the Syrian government are Sunni, and many Sunnis fought with the Iraqi government against ISIS. The solution should be to reduce sectarianism in those countries rather than assume that Sunnis and Shias can't live together without bloodshed and partition Syria and Iraq which would just further entrench sectarianism in those regions and lead to more conflicts down the line.
>With regards to Yemen, my proposal is significantly different from the status quo in that it involves the permanent division of Yemen
But the borders you want for Yemen pretty much already exist and neither side seems to want to except these borders as permanent


File: 1614928821950.png (889.36 KB, 3749x2818, EdPF9emXkAEGZsP.png)

>and genociding the defeated group.
Ansarullah (Houthis) do not have that as a goal, and neither does the National Salvation Government which they are part of. In fact many of their supporters and allied combatants are Sunnis who are opposed to the imperialist Saudi and UAE actions in Yemen. The idea that this is a sectarian war is false propaganda spread by Saudis.
The only side which would accept those borders are UAE backed southern separatists.


>>105278 (me)
*accept not except


> Most of the people fighting for the Syrian government are Sunni
Not only that. Most of the ministers in the government are Sunni and Assad himself is literally married to a Sunni.


Yeah the only side in that war that you could say has genocidal aims is the Saudis since they (along with the US Navy) are responsible for the blockade which has caused the massive famine in the country


File: 1614931059537.png (524.1 KB, 800x539, ClipboardImage.png)

What is at stake in the regional conflict is not resources or hegemony only , what is at stake is the region itself: its existence and its identity, and this is visible in Syria and elsewhere . We are before an identity crisis , and the normalization and the neutral stand asked from Arab countries is but a step towards coexistence and peace with israel and giving up enmity to israel as if this enmity was an ideological stand that is not rooted in reality. This is because israel is a legal state acknowledged by the UN , and enmity towards israel goes against the international community or against the law. . What is required is to reposition oneself towards israel for which purpose the Arab Spring was created . After the Arab Spring rocked the existence of these Arab countries and specifically Syria ,these countries entered the state of confusion and loss regarding their existence and identity , and on the ground of this confusion was introduced treatment in the form of the model and pattern of coexistence with inimical forces like Terror and Turkish invasion and US occupation and israeli assaults that have become a routine and retaliated in a way that does not transgress a certain ceiling. Syria has normalized with all these aspects of occupation and intrusion and attacks , and the news is spreading that israel has provided Syria with anti Covid vaccines bought from Russia . Where will Syria head is the question with so many parties on the ground pulling in different directions, and where the rule is looking passively at what is happening in letting the parties sort out their differences on the Syrian ground as if Syria did not belong to itself or to the Axis of the Resistance. This is also happening in Iraq and Lebanon where neutrality and internationalization of the Lebanese issue are at stake . In Syria , the Russian element is managing the presence of the various parties and giving access to Turkey and israel, and empowering them on the Syrian ground and empowering also the Kurdish element in order to facilitate the introduction of Turkey and using the Iranian presence in order to justify the israeli attacks and maintaining the terrorist presence on the ground . This is how we ended up with a Syria that is very different from the Syria we know, The Syrian Army itself has become or at least part of it controlled by the Russians . Who will rebuild Syria is also a question that has no answer, and now besides Russia, the Gulf countries and namely the Emirates are presenting their credentials . Also the Eurasian entity is present as a virtual choice that will host israel and the Arabs together in one virtual entity and Syria is being pushed in this direction by Russia . Will the Eurasian choice work as a solution? It is a solution for israel certainly . There is need for Syria and for Iraq and others like Lebanon to recover their identity and rebuild themselves in solidarity with others constituents otherwise their very existence will be threatened. This recovery should take place at a national level and at an individual level also. The enemy that is monitoring this change is making very difficult this task by sanctions, encirclement and Covid 19 and also by sowing discord , but there is no other way to face this challenge .


File: 1614932916069.jpg (46.01 KB, 360x360, glowie bullshit.jpg)



File: 1614934109690.png (1.67 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

In Lebanon, the situation seems very complicated : no government, no money , the destruction of of the sea port and on top Covid . Although we are suffering in these conditions , the truth is that this circumstance is super imposed and has its causes outside and not a natural internal development or incident . We are being attacked, and corruption is a problem, but corruption never lead by itself to this kind of deterioration. Why we are being attacked is because we defended ourselves so well and did not let the predator get to us . To those who still have doubts , the predator who feeds on peoples has been defeated on more than a front . In Lebanon, in Iran, in Palestine , in Yemen, in Venezuela, the predator has been defeated. This is true . Imagine what happened in ‘Ain al Assad in Iraq . Imagine a US military base attacked and destroyed and without the US retaliating. Can you imagine the US not retaliating to an attack that targeted its military base and harmed its soldiers? Can you imagine israel’s army crippled to the point of hiding 5 km away from the borders with Lebanon from fear that one of its soldiers gets killed by the Resistance ? No doubt the predator is not in its best condition and is losing and cannot even attack Gaza nor take al Hudaida in Yemen , nor achieve any of its purposes on the Yemeni territory . What is a predator that cannot attack its prey? It is no more a predator and can no more survive . This is how the problem is not ours . The problem is the predator’s . It is the US and israel that have a problem and israel’s existence is at stake and so is US survival as a super power. Because israel and US can neither solve this problem nor deal with it nor rule it out , they can only project it on others , and this is what they are doing . They are projecting their problem on us, and making it difficult for us to live, and creating obstacles ranging from financial to administrative to educational to medical to other. The predator hopes by this to relieve itself and take the attention away from the crisis the predator is going through . What one could do is throw back the problem on the predator or at least know the origin of this incumbent crisis .


This poster is just trolling to discredit leftcom confirmed



Ansarallah advancing around Marib lake, with the next goal being the Marib Dam then probably to cut the southern supply road to the city.


If they take Marib where do you think they will go next?


I think the next front would be Taiz city, which is way smaller though, and then some small campaign to fully lift the siege around Hodeidah port (which is the main Ansarallah port and is partially under siege).

Marib is the big prize though, with 2,5 MILLION people inside.


Fuck you, fuck your defeatism and fuck that shitty map you made. What a cuck.


Interesting that leftcom flag was banned for shitting up the BLM thread but nobody other than this anon >>105370 noticed that he's also an outright Zionist.


*and ban evasion


Zionism is fascism, so yes.


I didn't see his OG comment so I don't know what exactly said, but it suffices to say that it's probably reactionary bullshit.


He said Arabs will have to deal with the existence of Israel under communism, which is plainly retarded. We don't have to ethnically displace people to recognize the illegitimacy of the zionist occupation.


File: 1615025074432.mp4 (7.64 MB, 1280x720, frozen conflict.mp4)

When will it end


>Ah yes, but he is also a nazbol, apparently
<He doesn't know


File: 1615066394050.png (734.38 KB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Peace between israel and Arabs is a contradiction, but can happen theoretically with what they call a moderate israel which is a nonexistent assumption. It is like moderate terrorism that brought terrorists to the negotiations table in Syria thanks to Russia and according to Duginism that wages for coexistence between opposites. There is no coexistence with the predator and no peace with him . israel is the real face of the US predator and their nature is preying and this will never change .Duginism is a lie meant for the protection of israel and so are movements like BDS and their like .They are meant to protect israel by waging for policies that assume that israel is negotiable and can with USA grant rights to Palestinians


File: 1615066506391.png (1.05 MB, 960x595, ClipboardImage.png)

What is required from the International Community in order to solve the Palestinian issue is to work on relocating the Zionist settlers and repatriate them to their original homelands or to other countries ready to host them, and start dismantling the usurping state of israel that is an insult to humanity as Dr Ahmadinejad describes it. The International Community should do this in order to secure peace for both settlers and Palestinians .There is no other solution for the Palestinian plight except the dismantling of the state of israel, and the repatriation of Zionist Jewish settlers to their respective countries so that Palestinians can return to their homes and retrieve their land ..The usurping state cannot last, and it will crumble of its own sooner or later or under the strikes of the steadfast Resistance . So why not spare the lives of both settlers and Palestinians and start dismantling the evil state . The predators should undo what they have done and send boats and planes to carry the settlers away the same way they sent them almost a hundred years ago. This endeavor was a total failure and should not be repeated . No alien people should be sent by predators to usurp others peoples homes and prey on them . This is an evil endeavor that should be stopped , assessed , and never repeated again. Palestinians should receive every kind of compensation, and their homes and land restored to them ,and the Jewish settlers should know that they have been used as fuel to feed an evil project that did not benefit them in any way and they should ask for compensation and for whatever the predators owes them in terms of apologies and indemnities and so on. .This is the only peaceful solution and there is none other


File: 1615066613704.png (69.66 KB, 300x215, ClipboardImage.png)

The condemnation of israel cannot be partial , meaning one cannot condemn israel for racial segregation or for building settlements and expanding, or for taking Jerusalem as a capital, or for persecuting and arresting Palestinians ONLY . The policies of boycott are a partial condemnation of israel meant to pressure israel in order to give Palestinians their rights . It is assuming that israel enjoys rights in Palestine that israel can give to Palestinians . In other words, it is assuming the right of israel to exist in Palestine. And all the other forms of boycott consecrate the right of israel to exist in Palestine and do not question this right but consecrate it and ask israel to modify its behavior and its policies . This form of partial condemnation is the first step towards normalization with israel . It is a partial normalization and not total like the normalization between Bahrain , UAE and israel . What is required is not to boycott this or that product or condemn this or that transgression on behalf of israel . Israel as a principle should be condemned .This is Palestine and not israel, that is the simple TRUTH, and israel is as real as winged horses. It should not be allowed under any pretext that a country be usurped and a people be displaced and genocided like the Palestinians were genocided not to speak of giving it a fake name and fake owners . Total condemnation does not make room to any normalization neither total nor partial , The model called israel should be shunned and exposed and denounced and condemned as a false idea and as a forfeited concept and principle .Never should its existence be consecrated or recognized , lest it is normalized and accepted as a practical everyday fact to the detriment of the principle of the truth of Palestine. That is how we came to recognize USA , Canada and Australia, and we are paying the price for this recognition from our originality and truth.


That's some of larpiest decolonization bs I have ever heard, I do agree Israel is a parasitic state but at the moment the offspring of Jewish settlers are the majority in the region, the history behind the taking may be unfair but the Israelis are at the moment native to the area with little connections to their real homeland



Ansarallah keeps pushing to acquire control of Marib Lake and Marib Dam and its also approaching the southern road to the city, which at this point could soon be cut.

Saudi stay seeth1ng


File: 1615070289430.mp4 (78.98 MB, 1280x720, _The People_ - Osama al-Am….mp4)



File: 1615077233926.png (260.28 KB, 530x352, ClipboardImage.png)

>That's some of larpiest decolonization bs I have ever heard, I do agree the Greater Germanic Reich is a parasitic state but at the moment the offspring of Aryan German settlers are the majority in the [East Europe & former Western USSR] region, the history behind the taking may be unfair but the Aryan Germans are at the moment native to the area with little connections to their real homeland
This is the equivalent of what you argue, in an alternate present where Nazi Germany had actually succeeded in its drive to colonize Eastern Europe and the western USSR via the genocide of the native Eastern European and Soviet peoples in the 1940's and the Greater Germanic Reich thus established continued to exist into the present (2021), which most likely would culminate with the remnants of non-German/"Aryan" Eastern Europeans and Soviet citizens being driven into the deepest reaches of Siberia. In such a scenario, the Greater Germanic Reich would be the equivalent of Israel and far eastern Siberia would be the equivalent of the West Bank and Gaza.

Now, would you accept this? The Greater Germanic Reich accepted and normalized as legitimate (rather than colonialist) and the Germans as "native to the region" (rather than colonial settlers and occupiers) with respect to the Reich's usurpation of East Europe and western USSR? No? Then why should the same be accepted with Israel, the Zionist settlers and the usurpation of Palestine? It should not and we should not accept this.

You contradict yourself in your own post, as you say that Zionists Israelis are both "Jewish settlers" and "native to the region" (in the same sentence even), when those two statements obviously cannot both be true. That is illogical.

As Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the General Secretary of the anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, anti-Zionist, pro-Palestine Hezbollah resistance organization, has expressed:
<"The Right must be clearly announced on this day. Palestine is an occupied land stolen from its native people and time does not make it a property of the thief even if the entire world recognized that. Israel is an occupying entity that made all its accomplishments through terrorism. It should never be recognized and the right must return to its owners,"


Anyone who is borned and raised in an area is a native, that includes colonizers in the Americas
Idk why we bring nazis into the thing I doubt most jew whould be OK with killing all Palestinians in the west Bank and settling it, although early zionist were nazi jews.
>You contradict yourself in your own post, as you say that Zionists Israelis are both "Jewish settlers" and "native to the region" (in the same sentence even), when those two statements obviously cannot both be true. That is illogical

I said the offspring of the settlers


These settlers are white as snow and should go back to their european homelands


BTW the opposite example will be if like girl of Indian decent borned and raised in London is a native and I feel we should agree she is


Do they have any connections to them? like I understanding why an American jew is considered a settler especially if he goes in an illegal settlement but I don't see how anyone born in tel Aviv in 1991 is a non native


she obvviously isnt the english wont treat her like a native and she herself will know she isnt
this is just the wishful thinking of a rootless cosmopolitan


Obviously they came from different countries but for example the german jews speak a form of german and have a german culture


How she isn't English dude she is literally raised in England
Are we gonna larp Muh brown people blood and soil
Fuck off


Do they have a home in Germany?
Are they borned and raised there


>How she isn't English dude she is literally raised in England
Are we gonna larp Muh brown people blood and soil
Fuck off
Those second generation immigrants are absolutly rootless this girl would neither be english nor indian she wont be accepted in both countries
>Do they have a home in Germany?
Are they borned and raised thereDo they have a home in Germany?
Are they borned and raised there
More than in Israel these jews live in germany for hundreds of years but as I stated these second generation immigrants have a difficult position


At this point rootless cosmopolitan is a buzz word
If you think Europeans are inherently racist you watch to much decolonization tik tok
Most second generation migrants are accepted, if they have citizenship then they share the same rights
Racism exists but that irrelevant to the real truth of the matter
I repeat though how are we gonna say people have metaphysical connection to lands and consider ourselves materialists
And sry but jews do have a better metaphysical claim


Also if 400 years makes you European then wait 400 years and jew become native, you just put arbitrary numbers nativity


I am german we have alot of migrants here mainly from turkey and eastern europe but nowadays also from northern africa
Those people dont have it easy yeah if they have the citizenship they have the same rights as everyone else but those are bourgoise rights thouse the right to be exploited and to starve and these people dont have it easy they are forced from their homelands into a different country where they are dispesed
Metaphysical is the wrong word you meant to say Idealist
But even then its not right the connection a people have to their country is not arbitrary these connections are very real and exist in the material world even though they might be ideal (ideal not idealistic those are different thimgs)


Jews born and raised there do have a connection
Migrants are exploited for material reasons not idealist ones
And anyone can be exploited despite nationality
The connection is real but I am sry a 2nd generation turk is a German
Maybe turks have closer connections to their ancestral lands but still germans


what makes them german?


Culture and homeland
2nd generation turks are generally considered annoying by most real turks same with other minorities
Imagine an American claiming he is a German


Although nationalities are arbitrary




Truly a thing to behold


Gods I hate this shitty dynasty so much, they will pay for what they did


Imagine purposefully cutting your labor supply to own Ansarullah, thereby resulting in more recruitable people for Ansarullah and lower profit rates for you.

Masters of strategy.


Does that include Hadi?


They killed the fucking princess for falling in love
Fuck them the saudis should suffer for not killing the saudis the last 100 years



Mixed news from Yemen's frontlines today.
Ansarallah keeps rolling around Marib but loses some positions on the Southern Front.



File: 1615265628810.png (970.06 KB, 1920x929, Screenshot (277).png)

Also the Houthis/Ansarallah launched missiles at Saudi oil facilities again. The US says it's "commitment to the Saudi Kingdom and it's security is unwavering" so all that bullshit about Biden stopping US involvement in the war already seems to be unraveling



Ansarullah still pushing around Marib and Saudi coalition still pushing on the Taiz front.

Tonight things will evolve again a little.



Ansarallah lines in the Southern province of Taiz are collapsing under Saudi pressure.
No updates on Marib front as of now.



Yes: >>105934


Yes: >>104984


File: 1615336517443.mp4 (142.33 KB, 256x144, Shia backed militias.mp4)

The Shia militias in Iraq are backing themselves somehow


I get that you hate my Map, but what is your favorite and least favorite border change I make?


I think your principles of borders are good but they need a little bit more realpolitk
as many nations as possible should have some kind of port access in their own borders. Give the kurds more of turkey, etc.. It's doubtful those micronations are going to remain on their own for long so its better to integrate them now into their protector nations.


I was genuinely asking why you think partitioning literally everything in the region would create peace. It can do the exact opposite, just look at how many deaths were caused by the partition of India and the break up of Yugoslavia.



Situation in Lebanon keeps getting worse and worse and worse, and no socialist force seems to be on the horizon…


Are the protesters like Libs or Islamists?


Mostly libs, and probably they'll vent their anger going all out against Hezbollah. I fear a new Civil War in the area.


Very very bad news for Ansarullah.

Turkish puppet brigade Sultan Murad announced they will recruit people to go and fight the Yemeni resistance.
Victory at this point seems very very far.


>with the exception of
the Golan heights, which Israel keeps


kek aren't those guys supposed to be in the Free Syrian Army? They sure get around


The KSA is in a state of war and explosions are being daily heard the airport navigation is daily being suspended . Aramco has been hit and Ras Tannoura also by drones and by ballistic missiles . US has warned its citizens not to take risks . In Ma'rib, the Ansarullah are progressing and are surrounding the whole province


No progress in the last two days of fighting though, and in Taiz district Saudis are pressing.


It seems there are some news from the Marib frontlines in Yemen today, i'll post a map when it will be out.
Meanwhile Ansarullah is regaining a few of the ground lost in the southern province of Taiz.


Since yesterday, the Resistance Units and National Army of Yemen liquidated almost 3k mercenaries & captured another 11k around Marib; reaching three entrances of the city. The Saudi/USA/Israel invaders are witnessing the steadfast military genius of Yemen’s warriors.

They are taking their lands back. Strategic location of Marib will come under their control soon. The Turkish mercenaries will soon left fearfully and with heavy losses.

The battle on the ground has been amazing for Yemenis, what is most admirable is that Yemen doesn't gain pleasure in killing so they always capture many, important in this battle also is the tactical pragmatic calculations that Yemen anticipated that saw many tribes and military factions switch loyalty and pledge alliance to Ansarullah this is also beneficial for anticipated negotiations that might happen.

The reason why the number of prisoners is always high is because these recruited soldiers by the Saudi Coalition most of the time become defectors and they do not want to fight a battle that is not theirs especially that they are Yemenis themselves fighting their brothers who are carriers of a righteous cause. They end up surrendering to Ansarullah.



So if the loyalists and Saudis lose Marib and Taiz is it pretty much over for them?


If Saudis lose Marib they will lose their last possibility to avoid a peace treaty with the Houthis, if they lose also Taiz then the war will pretty much conclude with a Ansarallah victory.


File: 1615800334857-0.jpg (75.97 KB, 1200x675, OOK6TGYSGUNHAQUCVIPZOW6UBM.jpg)

File: 1615800334857-1.mp4 (1.67 MB, 720x404, Strike US Base Iraq.mp4)

Damn. It almost looks like that silly shit those Russian 3D artists came up with where a missile launcher is secretly built into a cargo truck. It looks exactly like a dump truck because it probably is a very lightly modified dump truck. Makes me think of a stealth artillery system. I guerilla could sneak it to any vantage point in a country and fire a barrage straight at an office building or something where it could do a fuckload more damage. I wonder what's the maximum payload on those rockets.


Here's the footage of the strike taken by US drones.


If this can be mass produced it will become a standard weapon especially in urban context


Ho Chi Minh lives on


File: 1615802065459.mp4 (1.35 MB, 640x360, redditsave.com_Kindhearted….mp4)

What you described reminds of this old video. It's a video from 2008 showing Kata'ib Hezbollah (Iraqi Shia milita) using a disguised semi-truck as a rocket platform to attack a US base in Baghdad, the attack killed 2 soldiers. Kata'ib Hezbollah is now part of the Iraqi PMU that just recently launched those rockets at Al Asad airbase, so they've been fighting the US for a very long time


So if i get this correctly, the Houthis are /our guys/, right?


In the war in Yemen they definitely are. See this post >>105279


File: 1615807197646-0.mp4 (19.63 MB, 854x480, Caleb Maupin Truth About Y….mp4)

File: 1615807197646-1.jpg (162.18 KB, 1280x955, EsoTZqLXMAEA6xT.jpg)

File: 1615807197646-2.jpg (94.58 KB, 960x528, ERAsND3X0AAHLiP.jpg)

File: 1615807197646-3.jpg (536.34 KB, 2007x1401, 24342.jpg)

File: 1615807197647-4.jpg (176.62 KB, 960x540, DmKtbp3WwAIQ0Rr.jpg)

There are also Yemeni communists from a splinter faction of the YSP fighting on their side.


Rumors Ocalan is dying or dead going around



oh shit


Rumors of an internal coup in Aden, with Hadi's (Saudi puppet) government deprived of his power to the STC (Southern Transitional Council, UAE puppet).

Unclear what the consequences of this will be longterm, but a clear signal that UAE's ambitions on the Arab peninsula are here to stay.


File: 1615900127572.gif (136.99 KB, 128x128, 782293562372259860.gif)

Fake, revisionism makes you immortal.



Saudi personnel in Aden fled, so Saudi influence in Southern Yemen is falling fast. The problem now will be UAE influence but they are way weaker than Saudi Arabia having slightly more than a quarter of the population of the former.


And most of that population consists of South Asian expats


<28% of the population made by Indians
>11% only by Emiratis
<Workers treated as slaves in the desert
<Literal absolute monarchy

How do they manage to avoid full collapse?


US puppet.


This is one of the most bizarre things I've seen in a while…
>Pro-#Syria demonstrators were attacked today in Frankfurt.


>Germany Used “Universal Jurisdiction” to Convict ex-Syrian Official Who Sent Protestors to Torture Camp


A fight between gusano diaspora and non-gusano diaspora


Why do no-gusano diaspora stay in their own country?




Cause in war bullets fly and people die?
Not everyone is a hero of sort


They don't want to die.
Or maybe they emigrated before the war. I remember pro-gov Syrians demonstrations back in 2011/2012


There can be many reasons. Like some of them were already working or living outside Syria when the war broke out. Or their hometown is still occupied by "moderate" rebels.


There was a lot of migration between Syria and Venezuela in the past. Which has resulted in one city in Syria (As-Suwayda) having a population of 60% Venezuelan-Syrian dual citizens.


I think these people are hyporcites. As true syrian patriots, they should have stayed in Syria and defend Assad. But they betrayed him and now have a comfortable live as armchair patriots in Germany. How pathetic and hypocritical!


ok tough guy.


I'm serious. First you stab your beloved leader in his back, then you flee to Germany, member of NATO and then you still claim to be a true syrian patriot? Isn't this peak hypocrisy? I think it is.


I would never ask someone to go and "fight for their country" but c'mon now


Ansarallah keeps pushing towards Marib, albeit at a creeping pace (which was to be expected due to intense Saudi resistance).


While the battle for Marib still rages Ansarallah secured back some positions in the southern district of Taiz, fending off an earlier offensive by Saudi forces


File: 1615983875746.jpg (70.42 KB, 1024x903, 1535297126850.jpg)

>Tankies one greyzone article away from staning grey wolves in germany




Turkey is in NATO and is allied to Israel, retard.


what does grey wolves or even turkey have anything to do w this lmao


I made a thread on this earlier but it didn't get much engagement so I'll try reposting it here.

What are the various class bases of Sunni vs Shia Islamism? When one takes a cursory look at the conflicts raging between Sunni and Shia Islamist organizations in the middle east, it's very difficult not to notice the huge gulf between them. Not in terms of religion necessarily, nor in terms of their social conservatism (although even this can be significant) but in their general vision of how to transform the institutions of Islamic society.

When we examine Sunni extremists, represented most dramatically by ISIS and Al Queda, as well as their Saudi backers, we find a movement striving for a fundamentally pre-modern society. The goal of such groups is to re-create the original Islamic caliphate complete with a literalist interpretation of Islamic law, labour relations such as feudalism and slavery, the eschewing of national boundaries, absolute theocratic-monarchic rule, etc. In short, their movement is one seeking to erase the encroachment of modernity and its associated institutions into Islamic society. Even Saudi Arabia, though by no means striving for a caliphate, is still very much a society structured around premodern institutions of aristocracy and tribal affiliation, literally a medieval society endowed with fantastic wealth and modern technology.

Compare this with the Shia Islamists and their primary state backer Iran. Iran is of course infused with an Islamic rather than Christian/Greco-Roman philosophical and political tradition, but despite this it is in every way a modern state. It is a republic, it has a constitution, conceives of itself as a nation-state, has a separation of powers, parliamentary democracy, and does not take a literal interpretation of Islamic law. In short, it's exactly what one would expect a bourgeois democracy to look like in an Islamic as opposed to a Western context. Iran's regional allies are very similar in this regard. All of them conceive of themselves and seek to promote essentially modernist ideas and institutions, whether this is the secular Arab pan-nationalism of Syrian Ba'athism, or the nationalist Islamic Republicanism of Hezbollah, the Houthis, Iraqi Shiite movements, or Iran itself. Indeed one only has to look at the differences between the Iraqi PMUs and ISIS to see this: the former speak explicitly in terms of Iraq as a nation state and a republic, composed of the associated institutions, while the latter seek to abolish the national boundaries that divide Muslim populations from each other, and to sweep away the institutions of the modern nation state in favour of those transplanted from medieval Islamic history. It also seems like Shiite militants are far more willing to build constructive relations with Sunnis based on shared national identity, whereas Sunni militants are far more rigidly sectarian. For example Iraqi PMUs fight alongside Sunni tribal militias, whereas ISIS hunted down Shiites wherever they could find them.

This has got me to thinking: what could be the materialist forces behind such a profound ideological split? The respective modernist and anti-modernist bases of Shiite and Sunni Islamism are almost reminiscent of the ideological struggles between liberalism and feudalism of 19th century Europe. Indeed prior to the struggle between communism and fascism, there could hardly be said to be two political forces more diametrically opposed than these. Therefore, it seems to me that these movements must possess dramatically different class characters. I don't know very much about the class bases of either of these movements, however this seems like one possible explanation. Under this understanding, Sunni Islamism would be viewed primarily a movement of the regions remaining aristocracy (hence all the money pumped into it by Gulf princes and sheikhs) and perhaps also its peasantry and tribal populations. Since these are essentially classes and groups who predominate in a pre-modern context, it would make sense for them to fall in with a movement which espouses a return to a medieval golden age. Shia Islamism meanwhile, and its secular nationalist allies, could be explained as a movement of the bourgeoisie and proletariat, not unlike the liberal movements of the 19th century. Hence why they think in terms of nation states, republics, and constitutions. Of course more research would need to be done on these movements, who supports them, where they recruit from, etc. However at a cursory glance this seems like one possible explanation of the conflict between the two.

What do you guys think? Can the sectarian conflict in the middle east be understood in terms of a struggle between modern and premodern class forces?


So you're saying that Sunni vs Shia is kinda like Vandeans vs Jacobins?
It seems kinda a stretch to me: i think a good parallel can't be found for the Sunni/Shia division cause it's so longstanding and so impactful to create its own dialectic in a sense, especially in places where capitalist bourgeoisie even today is not fully a class in itself or at least not in the liberal sense (Gulf states are One industry states with heavy state involvement and absolute dynastic succession of power, Iraq under Saddam had heavy state involvement until the end and never took off after 2003, and in Iran despite there being a bourgeoisie it has not developed absolute power due to the preminence of the ayatollah in the political sphere) .

This is my take on this but take it with a pinch of salt cause it comes from observation and some historical knowledge but i'm certainly not an expert


It's kinda paradoxal because ideological divide Sunni Shia is over Muhammad's succession, the Sunni considering the caliphate is a common man chosen by the faithful which would make them closer to liberalism, whereas the Shia consider Muhammad's heirs are the legitimate rulers, which is closer to feudal ideology.


OK first a historical background
After the rise of 1800s imperialism Muslims realized that Islamic powers really didn't have Allah on their side and in general the west was unbeatable even by the ottoman caliphate.
This gave rise to a reformist movement that adopted salafism
The idea that the Islamic world degenerated the last 1000 years and Muslims should denounce traditionalist baggage and return to the salaf aka the first three generations of Muslims
The early salsfist reformers had little to do with modern day ones, and in general were the inventors of modern day Islamic apologetics.
Many supported for example anti imperialist co-operation with non Muslims in inidia and Mena, and that you should criticize old Islamic structures of government (although your criticism should be based on the Quran and hadith)
In Shia Iran this movement was associated with red shiism a movement that despite leading the Iranian revolution was betrayed by the mullahs.
In Egypt the movement gave birth to the Muslim brotherhood and wahabism in Saudi Arabia.
So what changed
In general the salsfist hope to spread true Islamic education and that quickly clashed with all modernizing attempts
Also there was a split between salsfists focused on peaceful education and others on violent jihad.
With the spread of communism and the Iranian revolution many monarchist governments were afraid of popular revolts thus the started funding imams inside and outside their states, thus connecting Islam with loyalty to the king.
Since most of this kingdom were mostly sunni they focused on sunni salafism.
The Shia minority outside Iran had an clear interest in pushing for liberal tolerance since any Islamist movement will be majority sunni
Class wise is as tribalistic as sunni extremism in my experience
A Shia imam will support the axis of resistance a sunni the wahabists


Modernist islam was very similar to romantic nationalism ,al afghani despite being the father of islamic apologetic against evolution had little intrest in theology and was a freemason with ties to theosophy


Also there was an alliance between persian petit bouj and clerics since the tobaco revolt


How long will this bullshit keep going on.



Ansarallah blowing up a Saudi Aramco facility today.


Interestingly, Hamas is a Sunni Islamist group but they are more similar to the Shia Islamists you described (nationalist, willing to work with other sects) than they are to Salafis like Al Qaeda and ISIS


Not really, Hamas has a mixed record, they are heavily influenced by Saudi aligned muftis and turkey
They are seperated into pretty much thee groups but the pro Iranian pro democracy branch is dying more and more


Any other Saudis in here?


Used to live in the KSA myself. Hi.


You want to write an article for us on the situation there?


I've noted that. Another big exception would be the Iraqi Ba'athists who were dominated by Sunnis, but even they were largely absorbed into the Jihadist milieu after the burger invasion.


It seems Erdogan abruptly sacked the Central Bank governor, sending Istanbul stock market in a tailspin.
Let's see if this will make turkish lira reach 8,00 for a dollar again.


>Let's see if this will make turkish lira reach 8,00 for a dollar again.
It hit 8.3 just yesterday.


Yeah but it bounced back, just checked now and it is at 7,8.
(Still pretty shitty for their finances)
Hoping for this to escalate.



How can they have so much BDE?


They were connected to the muslim brotherhood, saddam hoped like all other leaders to block baathists,communists,socdem and minorities from gaining popularity by allying with the imams and nationalists


What’s the story on the Muslim Brotherhood? I’ve heard that they are aligned with Iran but I’ve heard others say that that isn’t true. I know that Hamas is an offshoot of them. Do they have a strong presence outside of Egypt? What is their political program?


What's the political situation like over there



Thousands of ships tailing behind a single ship which got stuck lol.


File: 1616548219761.jpg (143.55 KB, 1242x1394, GIGACHAD.jpg)

First images of the captain of the ship which got stuck


File: 1616548364127.jpg (117.64 KB, 898x898, ExMOMClVoAkMTpa.jpg)





File: 1616548776225-0.jpg (51.8 KB, 236x208, IMG_20210323_201718.jpg)

File: 1616548776225-1.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3000x2001, CM20190606-ad97d-66179.jpeg)

Excavator for scale


are they trying to make the canal wider?


Who knows
It hasn't moved yet


It's telling when a single ship can knockout world trade for several hours


Fucking lol, source?


Any updates for Syria and Yemen?


Nothing for now, will post news when they'll surface


I don't keep much track of it to be honest, but it's not good.
>energy price increases
>taxation increases
>return fire from the south
>war is becoming very unpopular
lots of other shit too.


Is there any sort of left wing movement in Saudi Arabia right now


The Saudis after calling for a cease fire in Yemen hit the San'aa' airport . The Yemenis see this call as a maneuver not more after the Saudis have been trapped in this war and losing ground also. The Yemenis are progressing surely in Ma'reb and have the city directly under fire and they are two steps away from taking the whole of Ma'reb in a costly battle that has lead to the death and injury of almost 3000 among Mansur Hadi forces. Many have evacuated and those who stayed are losing ground bit by bit . Despite the air force helping in the beginning , the engagement in close battles makes this airforce intervention useless if not impossible and this is how the Yemenis are neutralizing the airforce by engaging closely with the enemy in battles . What the Yemenis want is the instantaneous stopping of the war and the lift of the siege and the opening of al Hudaida seaport and the San'aa' airport otherwise they are not concerned. and will not stop defending their country.




Until diplomatic relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorate again. They have both participated in the last 2 offensives in that area (Operation Dawn of Idlib and Operation Dawn of Idlib 2), Russia on the side of the government and Turkey on the side of the opposition, and they would fight each other again when another offensive happens. They've been trying to normalize relations between each other lately which is why there hasn't been another Idlib offensive in over a year.




Literally Arab spring shit, they are Qatar and turkey funded Islamists


The muslim brotherhood may have used the Arab spring very opportunistically, but it didn't appear with it. It was founded in the 1920's


File: 1616784053651.png (1.16 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

The Yemeni saga will enter history from the wide door. Like other Resistances, the Yemenis are preventing the predator from achieving his vicious goals, and humanity should be grateful to them. Like the Native Nations and the Cubans and the Vietnamese and Hizbullah and the Iranian Revolution and others the Ansarullah are holding the beast back and preventing the beast from taking over and spreading its hegemony over the world. This Resistance to the predator has been building up and the Ansarullah are the latest bastion.

The Yemeni issue is being brought up again extensively because of the progress of Ansarullah in Ma’reb that is considered a base from which the enemy launches his attacks on the Yemenis and the fall of Ma’reb in the hands of Ansarullah is drawing close, and the enemy hopes by declaring a cease fire to stop the progress on the ground of Ansarullah . But the Yemenis are not being fooled by these declarations and are continuing their war hoping to reach victory; a victory whose agency they do not claim but that was granted to them by the Almighty as they say. What motivates them and brings them together around their goal is a secret and a mystery. They are masters of themselves and are not affiliated to anyone, and do not take orders except from themselves and do not refer to Iran as is believed. They certainly build on the Iranian and the Lebanese Resistance experience but they are a step further. Like the Iranian Revolution and the Lebanese Resistance, they do not identify with any alien colonial culture, and their ties with their culture are the strongest, and this is the secret of their determination and strength because they are not internally or inwardly divided by having multiple loyalties. Certainly, something magnificent is awaiting them that benefits all humanity. They are preparing the ground for something real that will uplift the Arab Nation and all striving peoples and Nations. The world after the Yemeni victory will not be the same.
The Yemeni journalist and writer Najib al Ashmouri hosted by the TV of the Resistance said that what has been achieved by the Yemenis in terms of Resistance and self defense is beyond any expectation, and is not to be compared with what happened in Syria or Iraq. Because what Syria and Iraq hope is to go back to their previous condition and they have this for ceiling. But in Yemen what we are going to witness is something completely different and unexpected, is something else that no one has witnessed before.

"We take permission from no one to defend ourselves, neither from the UN nor from the Arab League, nor from anyone on earth. This is our right granted to us by our Religion because we are subject to oppression, and we are defending ourselves and we did not start this war but this war was launched on us unrighteously." This is what Ansarullah leader Abdel Malik al Houthi said yesterday in his speech. Leader al Houthi was recalling how Yemen has been targeted during those 6 years of war, and what are the targets in this war, and to hear him enumerate the list of targeted places and people is heartbreaking, and how a rehabilitation center for blind Yemeni children was targeted and destroyed. The houses, the fields, the gas stations, the schools, the mosques, the sport facilities, the factories, the markets and the refugee camps everywhere and the refugees, the hospitals, the clinics, the fishermen who were either killed or kidnapped while earning their livelihood in the sea, the children going to schools, the graveyards, the farms, the flocks of sheep who were raided by the enemy, the archaeological sites that were not spared, the wedding ceremonies and also the funerals where people were simply bombarded and killed while presenting their condolences. Why asked al Houthi? Why were the blind children targeted or the goats or the chicken. Are these military targets? The most savage assault Yemen was subject to and the Yemenis by a heartless criminal enemy who knows no boundaries and no limits, and who is intent on destroying all and will not back off. The Yemenis say that the Saudis are just the tool for this war, and who is manipulating the tool is the USA and its European and western allies. What else to expect from the predator that preyed on the Natives more than 500 years ago, and on the Indians and Palestinians and the Vietnamese and the Iraqis and the Syrians and the Somalis and the Libyans and the Afghanis, and on the Irish who are their kith and kin whom they starved like they are starving the Yemenis and whom they even enslaved . The Irish are just recalling and commemorating the famine imposed on them by the Anglo Saxons and that killed a million people when the predator destroyed their potato stock on purpose in order to starve them? The Yemenis have gotten their act together and resisted the assault on every front and they are reaping victory. The world is oblivious of their suffering for who are the Yemenis on the world scale? They are worthless like the Native Indigenous were worthless, and they dare challenge the super powers and the cradles of the so called civilization like the US and Europe and their likes! But it seems they will have the final word regarding this conflict.


Based post


I used it to expalin their politics now ,check a previous post itt about muslim reformism ,the brotherhood was pretty much the mother of sunni radicalism


Best I can do is the steeply increasing demographic of liberalizers and feminists the past few years



It seems Israel-Jordan relationship is getting sour lately…
Will we live to ever see an uncucked Jordan?


Jordan on Israel's bad side would be a more cucked existence in current timeline.




What will they gain from sour relations with a strong neighbor they can't even tackle or dislodge?



Meanwhile Ansarallah resumed pushing towards Marib and making some gains north of the city.



<$100000+ APC

>0,80 $ lighter



I’m confused, are they just setting fire to captured/abandoned vehicles?


Yeah, because during mountain warfare those are not practical to go around with.


File: 1617100500660.mp4 (7.91 MB, 640x360, Assad War Is Not Over.mp4)

There is more than one way to do that. You don't have to be in Syria to spread the anti-Wahhabi message.


If they don't carry out at least one final campaign in the north of the country the war will conclude with the collapse of the Syrian Government.



Ansrallah keeps pushing towards Marib, slowly and steadily.


Update: After yesterday small advances Ansarallah is 7 km from the first Marib city buildings and currently fighting to push deeper in Saudi-coalition area.


Here the map showing today's gains for Ansarallah https://twitter.com/Suriyakmaps/status/1377700809757048834/photo/1

They're proceding mountaintop by mountaintop now.


When will Israel be driven into the sea?




Ansarallah keeps slowly grinding towards Marib city, bit by bit.

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