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Okay so, not gonna link any sources because they're all in arabic/hebrew because i am from west asia.
but what do you guys think about the oil field sitch (situation) off the shores of lebanon and occupied palestine ?
in essence, russia cuts the west off of gas, biden scrambles to secure gas for the west to keep them in NATO, sends amos whatever to negotiate with hezbollah, hezbollah says the lebanese portion is 600 billy dollars, with a deficit on 60 billy, lebanon's economy is fucked anyway, they are protesting 24/7 about living costs, no electricity, water, meat. etc …

hezbollah doesnt seem to be backing down, the israelis have given the greek ship the order to start drilling, they haven\'t started extracting, but hezbollah says if they extract so much as to 1 gram, they will bring that ship down. (hezbollah keeps their word im assuming since in 2006, they vowed israel would retreat from lebanese territories, which they promptly did, they are scared of him)

thoughts ?


Hopefully Hezbollah will keep their word since they are almost certainly going to try anyways.


Is Israel still expanding it's borders, so i would assume this drilling is quite likely, regardless of what iran says


Mediterranean happening incoming? It seems like an interesting situation, though did Hezbollah imply they would simply destroy any Greek ships or seize them? I think they should go for the latter to keep things as diplomatic as possible/not entice anyone to further escalate with them. Also how recent is this OP?


>west asia
I'm sorry, I'm just gonna have to say this, but Asia is a completely nonsensical geographic region that's defined solely by being east of "Europe" while not being in Africa.


What is a more accurate category? Tectonic plates?


lol, being from the occupied lands, we literally have the syrian african rift so we are divided. oh god, everything around us is divided.


hmmm. not sure if its the last week or the last few days, but this is very recently.
the americans seized 2 irani oil tankers, and so did the iranis do the same for greek oil tankers. im not sure exactly, somethting along those lines.
but yeah idk, and no they didn't imply seizing it, seeing as that would be way harder than just setting off a rocket and watching it go up in flames. so there's that. also if u seize it israelis can bomb it. so
it might be happening, all political commentators i know are saying its gonna be a very hot summer.


still better than the orientalist saying of middle east …. look up orientalism


OP do you mind linking the sources anyways if you can please? Hard to find info on this, and we can always use Google or Yandex to translate



How do classes work in Middle East?



its called the carish/karish gas field.
been in negotiations mediated by the americans since 2000, apparently i guess with the west and US sending proxies to ukraine and having no gas for the next winter, the powers that be decided now would be a good time to stir shit up, what with the uk/rus/US/nato proxy war up top in ukraine


what do you mean classes ? social classes ?


I mean in the context of social classes, how do they affect day to day lives of people of Israel, Lebanon and Iran.


i mean, idk bruh, the rich get richer, healthcare is free but the arab countries of western asia are embargoed so nationalized free healthcare sucks ass cause the hospitals have been bombed.


>hezbollah says if they extract so much as to 1 gram, they will bring that ship down
Lets just say that Hezbollah are not the dudes Id have a blunder with


Doesn't Israel have great health care


whats your point ?


I am disputing validity of your previous statement


israel isn't an arab country of west asia …


Israel is a diverse country that also has many Arabic people.



אחי בחייך עוף לי מהפרצוף נו …………


go back to pol bro/ziocunt
Israel isn't a country, it's a settler colonialist imperialist project, #1.
#2 yeah it has a minority 20% of arabs.
still not understanding how my claims are wrong, admins pls deal with this guy


I don't speak Hebrew


sure you don't, buddy.


I agree with you, but that doesn't change the fact on healthcare.
I am being completely honest


bro it's only logical, look at all the money they get from the US and from germany in reparations still to this day, not to mention the jewish diaspora world wide rallying and pooling money together for them.
it's only logical, meanwhile lebanon, jordan, syria, iraq and iran have been embargoed, thrashed by the US and NATO, destabilized to all hell, and whatever puppet regime the US appoints there eventually DOES just rob the populous blind and pockets all the money to themselves, how is this news ?


Why are you arguing with me, i don't dispute a single thing that you just wrote.

I just want to learn more about countries that i don't know much about.


do it gamer nasrallah


ask whatever you want


I am mostly wondering about the Egypt USSR relationship and why it went sour



idk fam i dont fuck with the ussr like that, being that stalin actually supported israel lmao


This is a junko thread


Sadat wanted to get in with the West and expelled soviet advisors without being asked by Washington


i hope hezbollah doesn't change when nasrallah dies
nitpicking Zionist please kill yourself


>Caribbean plate
Whoa, is that super Cuba?


Well that's why we came up with 'the middle east'


what does junko mean ? new here


A zionist girl who used to post here. She kept her opinions about Israel and Palestine mostly to herself until pretty recently due to an anti-Israel thread and went fully unapolegitcally zionist. She got banned multiple times and ever since that happened she hasn't posted anymore, I believe.


File: 1656484916399.png (1.35 MB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Is a fool and has fallen into a trap who thinks that one could reach an understanding with Israel regarding border lines or sea border lines or who thinks that we have to deal with a regular country or neighbor or that Israel will respect any right and recognize our shares in the embedded oil and gas . When they have not respected the rights of Palestinians and have not honored any agreement with Palestinians why would they honor any agreement with Lebanon? The companies that are on contract to extract the gas from the sea are being reluctant and refusing to carry on the terms of their contracts with Lebanon .
Is a fool who thinks that negotiations with the usurping state will lead, or that Lebanon will be allowed to extract its share of gas after the border lines have been drawn and the blocks determined if such a thing ever happens. We say this because the intention of the enemy is to encircle Lebanon and impoverish Lebanon and kill its economy and tighten the siege on the Lebanese by confiscating their bank assets. And this policy has been followed towards Syria as well . Blowing up the Beirut port was for this purpose, and now targeting the Damascus airport that is out of function after the Israeli raid targeted it and harmed its infrastructure . This is a strike to the economy of both countries that are to be replaced by the usurping state as economic centers.
This is all according to a defined plan that seeks to force normalization with the enemy on Lebanon and Syria . Observers speak about an operating room that groups US , Russia , KSA, the Emirates and the usurping state whose goal is to push for normalization and undermine the countries that resist it . This encirclement of Arab countries including Iraq and the encirclement of Iran is not the work of USA or of Israel . It is the goal of the whole world powers not of Israel and US alone . The usurping state is a world endeavor that involves all the countries that recognize Israel with no exception, at their head the UN. When we say the world powers, we mean China as well and Russia, and all support Israel . What should be done in this case is what the Resistance expresses in saying that there is no digging for gas for the enemy before Lebanon defines its sea borders, and this is final says the Resistance.
All what is happening regionally is related to this endeavor whether the war on Ukraine or the normalization with Gulf countries or the Israeli and Turkish escalation in Syria to which Russia is turning a blind eye . Why Russia has been pushed to wage this war on Ukraine is because the world powers want to create markets for the Israeli gas that is Palestinian gas which the Israelis have stolen, and this because -observers say-the US has difficulties in continuing to support the usurping state that has to grow somehow independent and that is still relying on the billions of dollars sent to it by its US sponsor and without which it cannot survive .
The Israeli gas will replace the Russian gas, and this is the deal with the US according to which Russia will annex parts of Ukraine after annexing Crimea against allowing Israel to replace it in the gas markets . The Russians have accepted the deal and invaded Ukraine, and Israel is starting to extract the gas by stealing the gas from the Lebanese gas fields and infringing on the Lebanese rights hoping to supply Europe with stolen gas and get the needed money . The ways of the predator world order are many and since Israel has been created the whole concern of its creators is to keep it alive and to cater to it no matter what and the latest is to have it confiscate Palestinian and Lebanese gas and sell it to Europe .
Previously , in the 16th century when Northern America was colonized by the Anglo Saxon settlers , the usurpers asked the Natives to sell them the land, and the Natives answered that they did not own the land to be able to sell it to them . The colonizers then decided to sell them the land and to give them property rights and then to buy the land from them , and this is how the colonizers were able to appropriate large portions of land and to expel the Natives and chase them out of their environment . The Natives who belong to a totally different culture that is positive and peaceful did not know what was happening to them and did not understand how they were evicted from their land . They were cheated by the predator colonizer. Certainly, we are in a better condition than the Natives, and we know with whom we are dealing, and this is because the predators ways are familiar to us and the predator is not across the oceans totally unknown and alien but is within reach and accessible , and his ways are familiar and known to a certain extent . What happened to the Natives in the New World who were almost totally exterminated will not be repeated by God’s grace .

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