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What should leftists do a degree in, in university? Is there any point to attaining a higher education other than personal growth and career? Should leftists skip higher education and become tradesmen or factory workers to have a greater connection to the proletariat?




File: 1656025701936.png (710.95 KB, 751x500, ClipboardImage.png)

business and entrepreneurship


begom electrical engineer


Get a business degree, beat Porky at his own game.


>What should leftists do a degree in, in university?
Closest /tech/ thing which will bring automatization.
>Is there any point to attaining a higher education other than personal growth and career?
No, be materialist and try to find way for self realization.
>Should leftists skip higher education and become tradesmen or factory workers to have a greater connection to the proletariat?
No point unless you don't care about nothing you can find job in. You'll be either in unionized workplace and be be well off or too broke to attempt to unionize. You wouldn't ask here if you had revolutionary potential to make any meaningful change in society.


Economics. If you don't tackle the economic questions of planned economy head long you shouldn't speak your mind about it.


>Should leftists skip higher education and become tradesmen or factory workers to have a greater connection to the proletariat?
As a tradesman, for the love of god, do not pick up a trade purely because you want to have a "greater connection" to a part of the proletariat that you for some mistaken reason perceive as being "more prole". If you have something you have an interest in, and it doesn't break the bank and will sustain you, just go for that. Becoming a tradie purely for ideological reasons sounds nice at first until you're working overtime every single week and the work stops being "sore but satisfactory" and just wears your bones, back, and lungs to the point you feel 20 years older then you are. Organizing is also easier said then done, especially in smaller shops. Trades have by far the highest amount of anti-labour and anti-communist propaganda flowing through them at any given time comparative to other type of jobs, so be wary of that as well (for the mandatory English class at my trade school, we had to read Solzhenitsyn of all people). If you have a good opportunity, then take it whether it be trades or academic. You can also pick up one or the other later on.


if you can tolerate learning bourgeois economics, i wouldnt suggest it.


most economics degrees teach neoliberal neoclassical rubbish and nothing else. At least advise people to take an economics degree at a university that includes ricardian/postkeynesian/marxist econ like the New School in new york city.



March through the institutions, challenge the carceral state, sharpen rhetorical skills along the way, etc, etc.


IDK man, you should probably just do what you're interested in, and also have a decent chance to get a job obviously. if you're remotely interested in IT/engineering/maths/etc then do that, if not, then just follow your dreams I guess


Unless you want to get into finance, economics isn't gonna help you much in the job market


These days I think we need more lefties involved in ecology to reckon with global warming and to make alliances and persuade greens with liberal politics.


Maybe, but only practical ecology, go into mechanical engineering/renewables engineering/etc. Soft science degrees are fairly useless unless you're at an elite university.


Unless you plan on writing theory or something I dont think it matters. Just aim to be in a union


You should choose the one which maximizes your wealth. There are no ethical choices.


Anything related to entrepreneurship. Money can mean power nowadays. Just have enough of them and you can easily wield political power.


That's a good one. There are a lot of good government jobs in that field.



if OP is asking, then he clearly has no strong passions as per course. Therefore the most logical action would be whatever maximizes wealth, or alternatively, recreation.


>What should leftists do a degree in, in university?
what kind of dumb question is this


File: 1656041218885.gif (1.5 MB, 250x233, 1643764667208.gif)

Honest to god, (at least in my case) a university degree doesn't amount to shit half the time, your net-work will be your networth. I've known folks who came from TAFE and are making bang for their buck and folks with masters degrees in philosophy or w/e have hardly got a penny to their name.

Don't get me wrong, this education is useful, but capitalist firms and your jobs want people with E X P E R I E N C E, and they sure as fuck ain't gonna waist their time on a graduate, unless they are INCREDIBLY exceptional, which in it of itself is a small amount.

Half the jobs I've gotten were based more so on the experience I acquired and just me talking the talking the talk. Capitalism isn't a meritocracy and your degree, no matter how impressive, doesn't amount to shit if you don't have connections to go with it


Capitalism IS a meritocracy, what nerds don't understand is that they just aren't the ones setting the definition of merit.


File: 1656043319010.png (411.3 KB, 680x680, a26.png)

Business obviously. But other than that, seems like all anthropologists and sociologists are leftists. Then you will have a superhuman ability to counter the human nature argument.

If you just want something as free from ideology as possible, math rocks. Or language studies might be good too.


In USA porky big state is behind 1T of loans for useless degrees, so be careful



Why are there so many retards ITT.
Do whatever you think is best for you.

What a stupid question, with all due respect. And what amazingly stupid answers. Trash thread.


File: 1656056881335.png (138.08 KB, 343x270, angry santa.png)

>OP thinks working class = le factory workers and tradesmen
did you even read Capital? factory workers will be increasingly automated away. tradesmen are in large part petty porkies
do whatever you like, read (and maybe write) theory, join an org


Obviously the right answer. I'd also advise OP not to "follow their dreams" by studying art or whatever. Study something that will open doors for you to make good money. It doesn't have to be tech. Do internships as early and frequently as possible, keep your curriculum polished.


God isn't gonna pay those loans anon


we need more STEM socialists for /cybersoc/, especially CS. also makes good money


Stfu larper idiot.


>>1030050 (me)
in fact historical evidence indicates that post-revolutionary periods tend to experience brain drain, so having more well-educated comrades is good
>everything I don't like is larp


Braindead larper.
I'm a software engineer, fucking retard. Go LARP as a revolutionary elsewhere, stupid fuck. You've done NOTHING irl and you demand OP study something that your stupid ass thinks will be necessary to some fantasy future socialism? Make a lifelong sacrifice like you demand of OP before you suggest such stupid things as you do now. I suggest logging off permanently.


>I suggest logging off permanently
no I don't think I will


I know you won't, so stop demanding from OP to subscribe to your deranged fantasies.


File: 1656061089895.jpg (2.88 KB, 111x107, wtf_sunglasses.jpg)

>studying CS is a "lifelong sacrifice"


What are you even trying to say?


>being this salty


Studying CS "for the revolution" or some other deranged fantasy larp is a lifelong sacrifice unless this person already wanted to study CS.
To stop larping, lead normal lives besides reading and doing socialist praxis.
Fucking kids these days apparently in highschool thinking wild shit about studying something they might not like, or choosing terrible career paths "for the revolution". That's not how shit works. Read more, do more organizing, live more. Kids, I tell you, you are too young to make decisions this retarded. If you have a road to relative wealth, take it.
Salty about what, stupid fuck?




>or some other deranged fantasy larp is a lifelong sacrifice unless this person already wanted to study CS.
getting an education in one of the fundamental fields of 21st century knowledge will always be a good thing IMO and if they're burgers or in any uni system with "majors" they can double major. They will have a way better chance at a good job too.

I don't think this is a "Sacrifice"


Because you're not the one doing it. Not everyone wants to become a CS major nor is it necessarily the best career path for them. It is a sacrifice if you do it merely because of "the revolution".


File: 1656074036258.png (52.6 KB, 542x497, degree.png)

don't go into a field unless you have the talent for it, obviously. not that this stops people who can't code from getting into CS I've noticed



El basado


Work your way up from the factory floor


Imagine wasting time on an ecology degree lol


I haven't done any coding in over 10 years (I switched fields) but does that code even iterate through those arrays?


File: 1656077982006.jpg (77.25 KB, 1280x720, goodu rucku.jpg)

I'll tell you what I did and do.


I hate the paperwork, I hate the pay, and I hate the management and board with a passion.

But fucking love the students.
I fucking love (most) of my colleagues.

I'm living by my terms with shit pay and overwork, but a lot of kids are gonna be alright. They know.

One kid asked about how come we don't talk about "employee" history in this country. I've got you little gal, a week of lessons on unions and "workers councils" and women's emancipation in those movements.

Can't wait to hint at the Black Panthers and ELZN for my other students.

Fuck I love teaching.


This is what USSR had in mind with institutionalized cultural marxism, and taking kids from the parents to classroom


don't pick your degree based on being a leftist you absolute retardo


Experience is a meme they want people with specific experience and if you take the wrong job it can permenantly derail your career cuz your most recent experience isn't relevant anymore


based anon, you're doing the lords work


CS isn't just being a SWE. You can go into cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, support, data science, etc. Even the academic route and become a professor/researcher


why are so many tradesmen labour aristocrats, or petit booj, or aspire to be?


Who doesn't aspire to become labour aristocrat. I think it's because it would afford them a decent life, provide them with fulfilment


Ideology shouldn't factor into your decision. That's dumb as hell. >>1029708 is right.

>Obviously the right answer.
/leftypol/ still gutter tier.


it's solving in cubic time a problem that is linear in time for three sorted arrays. even if you have to sort them yourself it should be at most O(n log n)


But teaching is for pedos.

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