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File: 1656266923454.png (2.45 MB, 1400x968, ClipboardImage.png)


>The tyrant is dead, long live Playboy!” thundered the writer Vasily Aksyonov in the pages of the first issue of Russian Playboy. It was the summer of 1995 and the men’s magazine was but one glossy then making its debut in the Motherland, promising to bring American-style soft-core to the sex-starved Soviets

>Playboy was part of a tidal wave of pornography that flooded the former Soviet Union after it collapsed in 1991 — along with many other hitherto hard-to-find consumer goods, from bananas to Pepsi to punk rock. (Interestingly, the “feminist sex wars” were raging in the United States at the exact same time, with anti-pornography feminists like Andrea Dworkin calling porn the “orchestrated destruction of women’s bodies and souls.”)

>In the early, vertiginous years of the post-Soviet period, pornography was ubiquitous in Russian cities, selling mostly on street corners and in metro stations. “Nothing prepared me for the omnipresence of this stuff,” wrote an American traveler to Russia in the pages of the magazine Off Our Backs in 1993. “One simply can’t avert one’s eyes — it’s everywhere.” One survey conducted in the early 1990s indicated that Muscovite men were in possession of 50 percent more pornography than their British brethren and 20 percent more than the average American male

>That Russian men delighted in an influx of smut may not be surprising — sex had long been taboo under Soviet rule, and pornography was simply illegal — but the way that much of it was presented as an explicit extension of nascent democracy and newfound “freedom” is

>The first issue of homegrown men’s magazine Andrei was introduced in 1991 as “essential today…the psychological freedom [of men] is a prerequisite for the emancipation of society from the crushing complexes of a distorted era.” An editorial letter in the second issue reads, “We’re certain that Andrei and its battle helped strengthen democratic tendencies in the area of social awareness and rights.” As Russia scholar Eliot Borenstein writes, the inaugural issue of Russian Playboy politicized itself a bit more humorously, with a cartoon featuring “happy rabbit-eared men and boys marching in Red Square with placards displaying the bunny image of Playboy.”

>(Andrei and Playboy represented two very different takes on Russian male sexuality, with the former seeing itself as ushering in a nationalistic revolution in intelligentsia-approved ertoism and and the latter as a bullish celebration of capitalist plenty. By the seventh issue of Andrei, its editors were lamenting that the revolution they’d attempted to kick off was already over: “it was short and stormy, like the beauty of Russian women,” they wrote.)


File: 1656266986875.png (3.64 MB, 1400x2100, ClipboardImage.png)

>Pornography wasn’t exactly new in Russia, but it had been strictly controlled. After an initial post-revolutionary period of sexual permissiveness in personal relationships — a socialist aspiration to free love, and looser laws around divorce and abortion, for example — pornography was expressly outlawed in the Soviet Union in 1935. Even before that, the Bolsheviks had made a point of confiscating artistocrats’ erotica — which lived in a special section of the Lenin Library only open to top party officials

>Sex itself was seen as the selfish fulfillment of individual desire, and also an act that demands privacy — a remnant of bourgeois domesticity not on offer in the U.S.S.R. (though people found creative workarounds, of course). Soviet scientists, legislators, and Ministers of Health and Culture spent decades performing rhetorical acrobatics to hitch all official talk of sex to puritanical narratives of procreative productivity and frightening cautionary tales from the front lines of its “Hygiene War.” All discussion of pornography was couched in the ominous language of psychiatric disorder and spiritual decay. As a result, the Soviet regime offered its citizens an extremely limited sex education. (“There is no sex in the Soviet Union,” a Moscow woman famously quipped in a glasnost-inspired 1986 television program promoting cultural exchange between Soviet and Americans.)

>So it’s no surprise that into the 1990s, as an unprecedented quantity of pornography was finding its way into Russian hands, there was debate and concern about how to classify such imagery, not just morally but ideologically. A piece by Andrei Maksimov in a 1992 supplement to the Russian newspaper Komsomol’skaia Pravda read, somewhat tragically, “We are ashamed to admit we are excited by the naked female body because there is no [official] position, no ideology behind this excitement.”


File: 1656267095145.png (2.31 MB, 1400x908, ClipboardImage.png)

>For its part, Playboy already had cache in Russia. “Playboy has a very profound symbolic value” for Russians, Artyom Troitsky, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, told the Moscow Times in 1995, since it was “one of the favorite targets of the Soviet anti-propaganda apparatus. That makes this very exciting.” The magazine, according to Troitsky, “was a symbol of the forbidden fruit in every sense, be it sex, or the American way of life, or anything.” As Russian sociologist Igor Kon argued in the volume Eros and Pornography in Russian Culture, just as “anti-pornography slogans enabled the Party to direct popular fury and frenzy against glasnost and the democratic mass media,” so too did pro-pornography sentiment give post-Soviet citizens (men, in this case) an opportunity to snub their noses at the regime and revel in their democratic freedom

>Playboy tried hard to play up both its associations to the Soviet past, and its potential as a herald of freedom and independence. They “wanted to have it both ways,” according to Borenstein. On the one hand, they sought to represent the magazine as a mainstay of Russian maleness, a totem that had been smuggled in and passed among the elite for decades. An early issue boasted an interview with the personal translator to four Soviet leaders, who admitted he always returned from his travels with copies of Playboy in his luggage. Elsewhere in the magazine, Borenstein says, was the insistence that “the Playboy ethic of sexual freedom was the natural ally in the struggle against totalitarianism.” Troitsky even suggested it was no accident that Hugh Hefner started Playboy in 1953, the same year Stalin died

>Many scholars have examined the emasculating narrative that attended the end of the Cold War, specifically, the penetration by Western capital of a weakened Soviet Union. Borenstein, particularly in his 2008 book Overkill: Sex and Violence in Contemporary Russian Culture, argues that it is precisely this embattled masculinity that Playboy and its ilk swooped in to redeem. “In the textual and visual two-dimensional world of the Russian pornographic magazine,” he writes, “Russian men saw themselves as fighting back against national and sexual humiliation.”

>Russian men may have initially glommed onto Western nudie pictures, but the reign of the soft-core men’s magazine would soon come to an abrupt end, as the internet took over and altered the pornography landscape forever. These days, it would appear that most Russians aren’t looking abroad for titillation. The top porn search term in the country is “Russian.” I guess their own broads will do just fine



One day the united states, the avant guard of the kinsey sex cult and the demiurge of capital that it serves, will all be eliminated with cleansing fire.

All such sickness will be fully erased.

All existence denied.


Is this why Russian imageboards always have so much porn spammed everywhere?


>Sex itself was seen as the selfish fulfillment of individual desire, and also an act that demands privacy — a remnant of bourgeois domesticity
why did the soviets get so retarded and reactionary about shit like this


reactionary nonsense


t. Porn addicted Liberal


because this entire text is 9 parts bullshit, 1 part truth
for example
>“There is no sex in the Soviet Union”
a cursory search in google reveals that the woman spoke in the context of advertisements on tv, albeit with poor phrasing, which was the cause of many laughs


I never understood how """leftists""" would look at measure that only prevent harm to a populace, banning porn for example and say its reaction because you aren't letting the porn industry give people erectile dysfunction


being a sex addict is reactionary



Sex addiction is different than sex in general. Explain further cause you two sound like like incel dorks.


Sex is a reactionary act.


>gets mad when sex addiction is called reactionary
the problem is you


there is a little bit in Blackshirts and Reds about how pornography and sex work exploded in eastern europe after the collapse of the USSR, with child porn being legalised and such.


where is this from OP?


File: 1656359914850.webm (5.92 MB, 1280x720, have Sex.webm)

Fake news. Have sex.


volcel vanguard reporting for duty


Do porn really give people erectile dysfunction?




cry about it pol



Porn are just like movies: bread and circuses designed to keep the people silent while they earn more money.


I really hate this kind of vapid anti-communist articles that invent a "story" out of nothing. Was this published in Spiegel or Guardian? Unless it's a parody, in which case it's a good one.


It was written by a NYT/Guardian journo.


Also Slavic women were sold into sex slavery by oligarhcs



>why did the soviets get so retarded and reactionary about shit like this
because the OG bolsheviks were born in the 19th century


It’s not reactionary, it’s a social ill that needs to be treated. This is like saying obesity is reactionary


Social ills are a social construct, what is wrong with being obese or porn enjoyer


Imagine thinking this is true. People in the USSR afaik fucked. Their attitudes to it were a little restrictive,
I agree, but politicizing it is peak reaction


Sexual purutanism among leftist revolutionaries has a lot to do with the total hedonism and selfishness of elites. Just look at Hunter Biden. Trump's comments about his daughter. Biden groping lolis and sniffing their hair live on CSPAN and still getting elected. Etc



This really says a lot about society.


How would sexuality work in an non puritanism country, what would the elites want to see in that kind of a society?


File: 1658501874382.png (9.62 KB, 202x249, burger.png)

>what is wrong with being obese



People still waiting for some sort of revolution to happen? Every mingled with the male youth of today? Totally fucking useless pieces of shit. Porn is the best weapon the elite ever introduced. Viva la SEX revolucion


t. "communist" who just wants to "gulag" demographics he doesn't like and doesn't actually care about the emancipation of the working class


leftybros once again falling for bait




Playboy was a leftist zine.


Porn culture much like drug culture is a CIA psyop deployed to strengthen attachment to capitalism by diverting men away from thoughts of solidarity or helping others and instead replacing it with a hedonist culture of laying with as many women as possible.

Under socialism porn will be actively fought against. China fights against it. Belarus fights against it. Cuba fights against it. Vietnam fights against it. North Korea fights against it.

Death to porn. Death to the CIA. Death to America. Death to Capitalism.



Maybe it has to do with communism being the dominant economy for so long that East Europe is affected by it's collapse?

Excessive masturbation. But hey, I'd rather have ED than HIV or unwanted pregnancy


The hedonism culture is responsible for excessive nostalgia and the creation and extension of childhood and helicopter parents.
It's also the reason why people have contempt for trades and think teen labor is inherently evil.


stackhanovism starts at age 5
get in the coal mine


File: 1658692785484.gif (2.43 MB, 498x413, coomer.gif)

>porky bad
>porn porky good
>porn petty bourgeois good
Why are some "leftists" like this?


can you speak without memes


If leftypol is so against porn why is si/b/eria so full of it?
It baffles me.


who the fuck said porn production is good?


Siberia and /b/ used to not have any porn on them, except maybe for the fit girl threads.


Porn is unavoidable


most of the pics are from random woman on their social media/preferred paywall app,but I will concede some JAV is posted.
Also siberia is slow af,try posting on it if you want to remove the porn threads.


siberia much like /b/ is shitposting general and was designed to have lax moderation thus it has the most outside influence (soyjack party, 4chan tourists, etc.) which drag it down to coom shit.


Even semi-theocratic Indonesia is the origin country of a fuckton of pornsites.


File: 1658721844912.jpg (198.94 KB, 592x536, 1657262768987.jpg)

>bro porn is bad for the russians, so it must be bad for everyone else.

This is a very narrow minded view on this. There's a difference porn and the porn industry. The latter as it exists now should be eliminated much in the same way the film industry of hollywood ought to be, but that is not to say that films shouldn't still be made.

If folks want to be exhibitionist and make erotica/ porn, I'm not one to complain provided the people within it are above the age of 18 and have the ability to consent- simultaneously if folks do not want to participate in it or contribute to it, that's their choice too. The problem is, is that capitalism creates a horrific power imbalance- there are folks who do have enough resources and money that want to go into porn and erotica out of a genuine interest and exhibitionism, and ones (not sex slaves) who do it more so out of necessity in order to survive this capitalist hellhole of reality. Everyone's gotta make a living/ find a way to cope in order to float as opposed to drown.

Furthermore, each cultures view on sex is going to be different, and trying to apply a sort of universalist solution on how everyone views sex or porn is bullshit and completely undialectical. It's not a question of keeping or banning or erotica, but rather the attitude towards the content and the attitudes toward the producer. What folks will do under this hypothetical socialist scenario is entirely up to them. If they want to be like the more socially conservative Bolsheviks, or a bunch of sex-work positive western online anarchists, I'd give a shit, provided its observed from a mandate of the masses. Imho, it's less to do with the content that is made, but rather HOW and WHY the content is made that we should examine before we start making large strokes. :^)


File: 1658724015333-0.gif (9.29 MB, 640x640, kadirov.gif)

Вы НЕ запретите мне дрочить на порнографию.

people need at least some joy in this dystopian nightmare we live in

> There's a difference porn and the porn industry. The latter as it exists now should be eliminated much in the same way the film industry of hollywood ought to be, but that is not to say that films shouldn't still be made.



File: 1658732057590.jpg (15.62 KB, 200x356, 2.jpg)



Do they rehearse these events? How are they saying "punish" and punching all in unison?

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