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/leftypol/ - Leftist Politically Incorrect

"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Join the volunteer team and help out the moderation of the site!

What you do:
- Keep the site clean from spam
- Ban rightoids
- Help decide things
- Communicate with the usertariat
- Keep the reports page empty
- Dev work if you're a dev

- Be leftist/communist/anarchist
- Not be a lib, right winger, nazbol, etc
- Be less radioactive than a banana
- Have the ability and time to coordinate via matrix
- Have time and willingness to contribute and moderate

Send an email or hit us up on matrix with answers to the following prompts. Please keep your answers to less than 800 characters (it's not strict, just don't write a bible). Post a word on this thread and send us the word you posted as the first prompt.

1. What word did you post in the volunteer recruitment thread?

2. What do you think is going well regarding the site, community, or moderation?

3. What would you like to change or in what ways are you particularly interested in contributing as a volunteer?

4. Are you a leftist/communist/anarchist/etc?

5. Any other comments?

Please send an email to (leftypol_dot_org [the at symbol} protonmail {the dot symbol] com) or contact one of the volunteers in the matrix with your answers.

We will slowly be holding interviews on matrix. The interviews are very slow due to the asynchronous nature of moderation, so please be patient.


I am willing to volunteer to go through the reports page a few times a day if given some guidelines on ban times and when to delete and when leaving or when to red-text.
I know my post-history is not great but I lurk a lot more than I post, letypol.org is sadly one of my most visited sites. (yes, I know, touch grass and etc).
Unique Identifier: Spicy Noodles.


>holding interviews
Jannguard confirmed for being red bourgeoisie. Do I need to bring my portfolio too?


This thread is for recruitment. Please take mod drama to /meta/.


>offer services
>hang around in chat asking for jennies for 2 days
>none speak up
gr8 recruitment m8


What room are you in?


File: 1659318700199.jpg (41.98 KB, 720x663, dr-retards.jpg)

Main. I will be back tomorrow to see if any jannies are around.
very based and adult pilled anon… your parents must be so proud.
> just look at the behaviour from the mods in this thread.
Sir this is a recruitment thread, please fuck off to impotently seethe about the shitty jannies quite literally anywhere else on the whole fucking website you ginormous autist.
ffs. ass burgers are the worst burgers.


Could you please give your username? Or could you make a quick post in the chat so that we can invite you for an interview?


This guy's not me >>1097118

My actual matrix tag is @regionalhomo:matrix.org


>not be a nazbol
Stopped reading


>imagine wanting to be a mod
anyone who wants to be a mod, shouldn't be a mod. jannies should invite people to be mods based on their posts and contributions. they have notes on everyone anyway, might as well use them for something useful.


this would be nice (and has some logic to it) but it's not that easy, is it? The issue is exactly that they do not want to mod.
If I picked mods, I'd recruit bri*ish socdemfag, brazilanon (if they are still around) and that one poster posting the videos. What's your pick?


sabocat, EZLN/Zapatista anon, and the russian black flag anarchist.


relax, brah. Your application is being processed and all that shite.


Can't see any email from you nor have I seen you in the chat. Can you DM me?


I shitpost too much to be a mod, but I wish effortposters luck


I really don't think shitposting matters like any, if it is non-malicious. In general, the post history is not strictly necessary, it is just additional information. It would just in practice skip the step of figuring out if someone is some completely unhinged maniac / wrecker.


I don't know if time commitment wise I can fully fulfill the expectations of comrades, but I can try to put in the work when I can if there aren't enough folks still.

Word: boba


>I don't know if time commitment wise I can fully fulfill the expectations of comrades
It's not like there's rosters or anything. The more comrades there are, the less each person needs to do, so even just being on when you normally post is useful.


Sounds interesting, do you guys pay in USD or some shitcoin?


You get paid with the skulls of banned chvds


ye but can I redeem those in a bank of some sort for actual money?


How often do you have to be on the Matrix? I'm not super well read but I am pretty genuine in my beliefs + have been on imageboards/forums in general for 10+ years so I kinda have been around and can spot lots of stupid/cancerous shit

As a bonus I am a Burger who is up late at night, so I can clean up that stuff when a lot of other jannies are asleep


In my experience, not super often.


They are redeemable for labour vouchers once socialism is established.

You don't have to be super talkative on the Matrix however it would be nice if you at least set it to start on boot and look at any notifications, while it's not strictly needed for you to give your opinions on upcoming decisions, it is expected that you respond at some point to any queries from other mods about any contentious moderation decisions that you've made.


File: 1659494918316.png (219.17 KB, 567x562, ClipboardImage.png)

i wanna get paid to do this


We are broke.


Would vales de despensa work?


ima "paraplegic" 😉


the very least expected of you is to answer if any of your moderation actions are called into question and show up every so often in the monthly meetings (or at least read the notes taken from them) since a lot of their about the site's direction and stuff like that.


Yo can i become a janny?


>Inb4 who tf are you
Check your notes


apologies, we are not a workplace equipped to accommodate people with schizophrenia




aren't these places supposed to pay their labor


this is the generation internship
get real, baby


We're in the red, comrade.


paraplegic, non-tor this time


If you've applied, please make yourself known in the vetting/waiting room, in the main chat, in the congress room, or DM a mod.

Unique IPs: 20

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