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i'm thinking about shay daniels's research papers and the west virginia baathist natsoy who keeps getting banned, but i'm not sure what tier those would go on.


>e-celeb thread


Baboon Poster
Jimmy Dore
Richard Wolff shout out
Ismail from /marx/
9ch leftcels
Unofficial Leftypol fbi.gov
GETChan connection
4chan /lit/ origins


Nazbol Gang
Rojava Question


shay isn't an e-celeb, they're a person that literally posts here lol


>4chan /lit/ origins

i used to post on /lit/ alot. what are its secret origins?


The lore is that leftypol was created by disgruntled lit users.


Socdem poster
Leninhat = Phil greaves
leftypol sued by the British Labour Party
that Irish girl who went to rojava


Winning an imageboard e-sports football tournament
Thai King incident
Jason Unruhe Posts


Fizzle Gang and Sizzle Gang


I remember some user spread a lie about CHAZ here and it went viral on social media.


Park Chung hee schizo
Howard Scott the technocracy guy
An Prim poster


Anonymous Brazilian effortposter
New Multitude
Xerxizy and that other dude whose name I forgot who turned into a radlib and did all the videos


Red Terror in 4k
Alunya and friends
Russian Drawfag Family Drama


Hakim and Yugopnik leftypol connection
Reddit Catgirl incident
/leftypol/-/leftpol/ split


Everything below the water line is GamerGate


United Chans
Mentioned in Vice
Escape from Catalunya
Alunya featured in SuperTuxKart
Haz fan attempts copyright takedown of a five word text-only post


The Protracted People's War against the Thai Monarchy


Bunkersoy Plugin
Libertarian Leninism
Rebel Absurdity Femboy Arc
Nazbol Gang Latvia
Egoist Camping
Labour Party Cease and Desist
Codemonkey is Q
OldBO Gamergate Connection
Murdoch Murdoch Takedown


Bunkerchan links to journalists
Hotwheels confirmed as /leftypol/ lurker someone check the veracity of that
Weird Sex Web Site
Prof. Lazlo


Detroit commune


>leftypol sued by the British Labour Party
quick rundown please


leftybritpol were posting leaks from the Labour Party and Space_ got either a DMCA or cease and desist order from it


>Winning an imageboard e-sports football tournament
New one running this month, I'll make a thread.


>/leftypol/ the most frequently requested board to be deleted on 8chan
>/leftypol/ mentions years ago by now well-known e-celebs like Vaaush and ContraPoints in obscure or now-deleted social media posts
>/leftypol/ mentioned in academic papers
>Viral screenshots attributed to 4chan but actually from /leftypol/
>Hidden boards like /dead/


>academic papers
sauce or gtfo


>Nazbol memes originated on /leftypol/
>Original flags from OG /leftypol/ (~2014-2015)
>Catgirl drawgirl leaves and works for Riot Games
>Popular VK page in Russia named "/leftypol/"
>News Anon 3.0's twitter account
>/leftypol/ Gamergaters
>/leftypol/-/monarchy/ relations
>goth trans blowjob video
>Socdem Gang
>Pixel war autism threads
>Rafiq cultists



>>Original flags from OG /leftypol/ (~2014-2015)
This reminds me
>4chan /pol/ uses leftypol OC flags


File: 1659398474195.png (866.95 KB, 822x584, ClipboardImage.png)

This fucking greentext being from leftypol




no, fake junko. back to /siberia/


The Detroid commune


someone already said that:
- > >>1098556
but give details.


File: 1659398963571-0.png (16.4 KB, 682x78, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659398963571-1.png (42.47 KB, 1047x218, ClipboardImage.png)

>Haz is Rafiq conspiracy theory
>foiled Pyongyang coup
>doubleposting bug
>Carnymancers soy the royal turnip
>/leftypol/ mentioned on 4chan over 100,000 times
>Fake /leftypol/ on .pl 8chan

>I remember some user spread a lie about CHAZ here and it went viral on social media.
Yeah they faked a tweet screenshot about how everyone there was starving because they "ran out of food and need soy donations" or some bullshit and a bunch of rightwing outlets picked it up


File: 1659399218226.pdf (5.6 MB, 180x255, labourreport.pdf)

this is the leaked document we almost got sued over


>ctrl+f "corbyn"
>641 results




Level 2: Stalin Did Nothing Wrong, Grover Furr, Parenti, Operation Gladio,

Bottom Level: Communist Hyperborean Slav Aryans


File: 1659403592965-0.mp4 (18.33 MB, 1280x720, stalin goal 2.mp4)

File: 1659403592965-1.mp4 (16.94 MB, 1920x1080, Stalin goal.mp4)

>Winning an imageboard e-sports football tournament


Level 5/8:

Jenny Wrote Capital
Engels was Stirner trolling Marx
Lenin was a Mushroom


/leftypol/ was involved in GamerGate early on until 2016.


lmao what the hell was this


-Getchan music YouTube channel
-Leftypol vs. Rorke stories from Brit

(haven't seen these one yet)


File: 1659404296710.png (104.18 KB, 1447x310, ClipboardImage.png)


Basically /lit/ used to have frequent threads on Marx and Marxist scholars/authors until the janny team got co-opted by poltards. In fact a lot of boards on 4chan do have pol jannies. That's the origin story.


File: 1659404405411.png (233 KB, 1540x615, ClipboardImage.png)


>Hakim, Yugo

Jreg also has been using memes from here in early videos.


Jreg posted on /leftypol/ he will reveal it in his next video


>Jreg wil reveal X in next video.

It should feel like an overused joke at this point but tbh it's still funny.


-Junko exposed as Zionist agent
-Junko-Agent Kochinski relationship


>Junko-Agent Kochinski relationship


Who the fuck is professor Lazlo?


Kek this is the only one in the thread I don't know about too


Junko has talked a few times about how she used to talk to Agent Kochinski on Instagram and that she used to be an involved member in his community. Several times she has demonstrated insider knowledge from his mod team and refuses to use his only name and refers to him as 'Ian'. Most likely her insider knowledges stems from some sort of personal or online connection like having been a fbi.gov mod and her grievance against him corresponds more to a personal vendetta than a political or ideological evolution, maybe she even got groomed or something.


SÉX with soyjak


This has been debunked


holy hell


File: 1659408219545.mp4 (1017.14 KB, 404x720, top quack.mp4)

Sensual penetrative intercourse with Master Soy Jack
Listen here Jack
Sensual penetrative intercourse with Master Soy Jack
Listen here Jack
Sensual penetrative intercourse with Master Soy Jack
Listen here Jack
Sensual penetrative intercourse with Master Soy Jack
Listen here Jack
Sensual penetrative intercourse with Master Soy Jack
Listen here Jack


File: 1659408425334.png (3.07 MB, 1580x2238, ClipboardImage.png)


She was also the annoying voshoid Biden poster during the elections with flag related


>Brit Labor Party
Are you retarded, you've gone out of your way to do it wrong


was the detroit commune the name of the Antartic colony,or is it another one ?
there was greenland too,supposed to be used as a stepping stone,but everybody got butthurt at colonizing the inuits even tho they're like 50K people. (we should've picked Jan Mayen I guess)


some of the stuff above the iceburg are not well known. who the hell is baboon poster? who is shay? who is afroplasm? and who is the irish girl who went to rojava?


>colonizing greenland
Yeah, I remember that dumbass thread. It died after I pointed out that lolberts tried to do the same shit in New Hampshire.


File: 1659409631824.png (3.66 MB, 1580x2238, ClipboardImage.png)

version 2/?


if you mean the burger spelling of "labour" it was just to make the british mad


junko being a zionist is true


codemonkey is q is on there twice


i was getting tired

i also notice i wrote "engels was stirner trolling marx" and not "stirner was engels trolling marx"


>posting a test match (vid 2) and not Stalin's 9.0 goal

That's the 4chan /pol/league, the Infinity Cup (for small imageboards, much more comfy) is coming up this month.


That has been debunked


i don't care how many times she says she didn't actually mean it, i was there and i saw it.


It was debunked in a recent Snopes article


well shit can't argue with that


>NAZBOL GANG in lowercase
Stopped reading.


>copyright notice only on tier -2
I literally disclosed that publically for the first time today. Tier -2 is for Wolff shoutouts.


guys i appreciate your crits but i'm not making that image again. i welcome you to improve it yourselves


Well, upload the GIMP save file so we can edit it ourselfs. Open source, yo.


what no lol


>Rebel Absurdity femboy arc
Now that takes me back ngl


Is the de radicalisation interview in Foreign Policy/Foreign Magazine or whatever it was called conducted by a certain BO who shan't be named and used as a bargaining chip for the merger already being included?


Add Caballo’s clique in the lower half.


you mean the Caballo Cabal


File: 1659424026179.png (286.69 KB, 500x360, 1629317042911.png)


Satan's nudes?
I remember that one lol


Conspiracy theory that Jason Unruhe murdered a woman in the 90s and got away with it.


Leftypol carnymancers soy the turnip.

Coming for your toothbrush whitey meme

Eglin Airforce Base pill


File: 1659425947080.png (Spoiler Image, 297.21 KB, 1500x1008, meme about ismailsama's bo….png)

Ismail of eRegime
Rafiq's timeskip form, as Haz
scandal over modteam's notes on users
bunkerchan.xyz mistakenly believed to be located in albania by M$M
vindication of some of the fears of old BO and a few veteran staff


Leftypol Action Front


OldBO nuking the board in a retard move based on his incorrect views about Rojava.

Mod suppression of poster union

Corrupt modocracy


the finno-korean thing is classic /his/




Anal Water. Satan Nazi. Satan Nazi taytays


The latest lore is that OldBO has been vindicated, Sage.


Not one crime.


unless I am guessing wrong,some unbearable faggot


File: 1659431627125.png (546.14 KB, 570x556, ClipboardImage.png)

Add ZOAR to the abyss tier
Any uyghas here even remember it?


wasn't it made by that stormfag who used to post here


I do, and I regret that you reminded me of it


You are going to need to be more specific.


File: 1659440127397.jpg (21.69 KB, 480x360, nice jenny.jpg)

>Jenny wrote Capital
lol I remember that


No one talked about :
>Leftpol/leftypol schism and reunification
>Chaya being a trans ancap
>Chaya cursing Unruhe


>Old Bo post about how communist will be banned in america due to the war in syria


>8chan schism
Plus /marx/. And a /leftyb/, though that wasn't a real schism.


Yugop literally first advertised his videos on leftypol, that should be at the top of the iceberg at best


and the mod coup that led to the old bo getting kicked out


The 2016 Detroit commune actually happened but the 2 guys that showed up made an agreement to never mention it again cuz it was so cringe.


Jreg advertising on /leftypol/
Hear that haz if you hadn't turned on /leftypol/ that could have been you as well


Latest i.e newfag.

Unless anyone else can tell me of the deep lore that is action front, I should be considered the oldest poster

>it didn’t exist

Oh but I have so much proofs :)

Old BO is probably the enraged Meysann poster.


>no Maupin X Haz Sex Tape


oh please, it's not like we planned to put in a ball pit or anything


Action Front is more recent than Detroit Commune


Can't forget the Richard D. Wolff mention. Also, y'all remember when we tried to write a letter to either Žižek or Chompsky one word at a time?


>some anon met finbol and went to a sauna with him
>soyjak.party alliance
>origin of /gulag/


did they have SÈX in the sauna also?


File: 1659481110698.jpg (978.53 KB, 3371x3819, neugene.jpg)

Newgene deserves a spot


>4chan /lit/ origins
I thought it was common knowledge that leftypol originated in /lit/


Nah 8gaggers still pretend leftypol was born from /pol/.


The fuck is an 8gagger?

Whatever happened to him? Or Danov?


Yeah, not sure why it's mentioned here because it was totally a /pol/ thing that the creator just came into the thread for.

>I should be considered the oldest poster
I'm 74, my whiskey is older than you.

>Can't forget the Richard D. Wolff mention
no-one did, RTFM

Evidence would be cool.


This is true. I was being deliberately obtuse of course towards old Bo simps


File: 1659550306261.png (36.48 KB, 507x684, milley_nobg.png)

National Salvation Council under the esteemed leadership of Chairman Milley


From the context it is usually used, it's probably a pejorative term meaning 8chan user.


>Russian drawfag family drama
Actually he is Ukrainian


Shining path board game played in secret by Peruvian teenagers


File: 1659553564249.png (548.88 KB, 1080x589, Shay's plan for Ukraine.png)

dont forget this one


>soyjak.party alliance
No idea what this means. What did I miss?


Didn't the creator even private his twitter account because of leftypol?


lmao good one


the pics on the right don't look cursed or consistent enough imo, like in the og meme etc


Tradcath Christcoms go in normie tier


>Anonymous Brazilian effortposter
The marx flag guy?


File: 1659559181778.png (23.44 KB, 255x83, thumb.png)

During the heyday of soyjak.party, we used to have a lot of crossposters from there on si/b/eria. Their last /soy/ general is still "archived" on leftychan (https://leftychan.org/b/res/128448.html). They made picrel, which I sadly didn't save at the time.


some roleplayers on /siberia/ and //raid/, not worth putting on a list


>other partisan areas of the deep vernacular Web were also considered (e.g., 8chan/leftypol/) but were ultimately found too insignificant in terms of Dutch activity.
Damn, roasted.
>irish girl who went to rojava?


>I'm 74
No way. In my head the oldest regulars here are late 30s and actually were on 4chan back in 2004. I've suspected that a handful of New Left boomers have stumbled in here, did a couple effortposts and left, but I never thought any of them stayed.


74 year old in this site
You must have very a high autism score


Yeah, saw that line. I think they're more concerned about 'terrorism' and the closest we ever had was


haha dude im not 74


File: 1659630212286.jpg (1.69 MB, 1576x2528, Iceberg template.jpg)


Does anyone remember that brief period of time when like 50 people started avatarfagging on siberia all at once? There was some guy avatarfagging as some eyepatch cartoon character and another as a stock photo of a black guy holding a clipboard, I think that's where pennyposter came from too. It was so strange that I honestly need confirmation that it was real and not a fever dream I had lmao
You could honestly fill 5 more levels on the iceberg with more strange obscure shit that like 3 people remember


i remember this


This shit's great but I feel like they're not very well sorted by obscurity, the Stirner-Engels conspiracy and the Lassalle gamer moment are relatively well known but I'm willing to guess most of the people here didn't catch the Thai king incident or the self-immolating trot I completely forgot about, let alone the Irish girl being in the first tier.
If people are willing to fill the thread with even more suggestions to add to the bottom-most tier I'm willing to make another version


>old bo vindicated
But also
>mod glowie infiltration
Actually, therefore, not vindicated at all.


Why do you leftypol Carnymancers soi the Royal turnip


I'm pretty sure Nick Land used to post here some years ago, you can recognize his writing style fairly easy if you're familiar with his work.


I think you confused him for one of the GPT-2 bots


Of all the shit I made for this trashheap of a board, I can't believe Zizek Sonic and Alunya mouth are the two things that survived.


This is missing that the "gang weed" thing was a transformation of the /leftypol/ "Post made by [X] gang!" joke that was popular here in like 2015.
/leftypol/ was also ground zero for a number of maymays ("pls read zizek" and variants, "read a book", "communism is when" corruptions ), and pretty much got the ball rolling on pigpoopballs although it took a several years for leddit to make that one soar.
There are many more, but my memory is hazy right now.


Most unbearable phase in /leftypol/ history.
>some eyepatch cartoon character
Phil Ken Sebben from Harvey Birdman.


You can thank /GET/ for that one.


Anarco-nihilist shay
Cato-Leninhat alliance


>110 year old Hitler
What is this a reference to?


Yeah that's possible too, wish I had screencaped one of those posts to compare with his texts


Vorefags undefeated


thanks fam, that's better
(i made the first 2 versions which sucked)


File: 1659653882548.png (733.89 KB, 632x529, ClipboardImage.png)

that a lot of nazis escaped to South America with American help (which is not only true but is interestingly paralleled by the fact that a lot of confederate slave owners escaped to Brazil)


Anybody posted the kid who used Grover Furr as a source in school and got iced for plagiarism?


you can theoretically use Furr as a source



Marxist Matey


Kek I remember the reddit catgirl thing. It was /r/socialism banning them, right? I think that was right before I started lurking here, but I was never subscribed myself. Did that cause an influx of new users at the time?


Yeah but lots of them were the kind of whiny fuckers who were happy being on a site that autobanned people for saying "dumb" so they immediately started requesting changes


Hello Hakim.


It may have been the ultimate downfall into the state we are in now, pro cat girl but anti political opinions


I hold my hands up to that one. I didn’t make it, but I did read villains of all nations and spam parts of it, encouraging people to make pirate related communist memes. Needless to say they did and… it was a mistake


There was a thread where someone was posting penny soyjaks and I made and posted some OC pennyjaks to fight the avatarfag menace. The thread then proceeded to get flooded with avatar fags


Did anyone save the original iceberg thread? It was funny trying to figure out what all of these meant.


i made a pennyjak and got banned for like a week for posting it.



Not sure where this may fit on the iceberg but i have insider information that, if true, may suggest that junkoposter and beeposter may in fact be female.


Bottom of iceberg: Marxist Matey's post-/leftypol/ war against DeviantArt diaper fetishists



why are you up to speed on some random adult baby diaper fetishist?



I googled "MarxistMatey" in quotes and it's on top of google images.


Leftypol dubtrack.fm ft. Ginjeet
Zer0 books podcast leftypol mention
"We're coming bucko" True Capitalist Radio
Bordiga-posting, Bookchin-posting


File: 1661060342645.png (13.21 KB, 329x266, sentient.png)

you may find this extremely hard to believe but it turns out that junkoposter is in fact a sentient insectoid


>Lenin was a Mushroom
lmao, this is a "Jesus is a mushroom" reference, right?


Yess. 🔥🔥
>Jehu replying to leftypol
Nice. Jehu is right of course. He posts here sometimes too, but he makes the theorylets seethe and it turns into a clusterfuck.


File: 1661070866183.jpg (87.52 KB, 728x450, lenin_shroom_2.jpg)


wtf lol



>Leftyclips on Peertube
>Leftypol in the Internet Archive

sadly admin has gone extremely busy
t. admin


I mean, he makes everyone seethe because all they do is ctrl+f the collected works of Marx to pwn the newbs instead of reading the damn books to understand context


We tried.


Is ghost still around?


Embedding error.
Watch the embed


Fuck it dropped the timestamp
Jump to 50:13 to see what's ghost up to


I remember this.
Those were comfy times.


File: 1663012067858.mp4 (966.11 KB, 898x504, Jehu_the_pseud.mp4)

>>1128078 >>1129373 >>1143727
I only remember one thing of Jehu, and that is him getting assblasted in a thread on Bunkerchan. He said he was quoting Marx, when it was actually a statement modified by the editors of the Marx/Engels collected works, which was something clearly indicated by the formatting in the source. But Jehu did not know what the formatting meant (even though the books themselves tell you that), meaning it was him who was mindlessly ctrl-f-ing things. I find above posts highly suspect and it wouldn't surprise me if it at least one of these is by himself.


Why does the TTS sound like a drunk scotsman?


We have all failed.

This iceberg does not include the great Chinjack wars, in which we destroyed 4chan for like a week asking them to post Chin. We collected many a weak jawline that week. All around the world they seethed and coped.



The whole gang meme started at /leftypol/ AFAIK. Not the gang weed meme but the "[x] is [z] that deeply sank into pop culture worldwide. Pretty crazy considering we are 200 active posters at best.

A few other suggestions:
>Muke slowly decomposing by extensive drug use
>/pol/ falling for the decoy fake /leftypol/
>sage's tenant union
Other than that I don't know more because I tend to stay away from the more crazy threads.


>avatarfagging as some eyepatch cartoon character
Old friend of mine I hope he is doing okay
And yes it was real


Furr is a professor at the Montclair State University. You can absolutely use him as source.


I know the posts anon's referencing. Years ago back on fullchan in a thread about NRx


On the subject of name/avatarfags
>AW aka AnalWater
>Anal sex schizo
>Female satanchan (and her tits)
>Non-nazi Naziposter
>Ebay refund scammer (anyone have the OC for it?)
>Erectile Dysfunction Brazilian


There was also a certain femanon back in 8chan days that late became a vol


>Transhumanist-Anprim manifesto (the "we should turn humanity into wolves" one)
>Mental illness does not exist
>Grace poster
>Etiene, or whatever was the French name of that one allegedly prebupecant poster who was hyper-active for like half a year
>Full history of Satan-kun's ideological transitions
>The lost DirectX flag
>The promised but never delivered enhanced quality flags
>Incel general thread wars
>"Fuck you porky" shouted in the Wallstreet background noise during the oil price crash
>British sitcom evenings
>Socdem gang
>Acorn gang
>"Jesus christ, look at all the words"
>High-Quality Chavez gif banners


Anyone remember Hoochie? She posted ass here once and triggered the shit out of polyps.


>Everyone remembers the lolcows but forgot about Rebel Absurdity
smh although I gues non-nazi naziposter was a good fella.


>Mental illness does not exist
Now more prevalent than ever and it crept into mainstream leftist circles with the rise of the term "neurodivergence".


He snapped and starting dating a Nazi bull boyfriend.


>Pierre becoming an Infracel
>Muke becomes a leftcom and then slowly grows out of it
>Batko becoming insane and a trans chaser
I never trusted the first wave of e-celebs /leftypol/ produced because they were always crypto-liberals.


You did good. Thank you comrade


2015fag here. Been thinking of some old memes and stuff that hasn't been mentioned here
>Cockshott spam wars
>Gadsen flag guy who namefags
>Swedish socdem incel
>/leftytrash/ banned from /leftypol/
>"How to subvert /leftypol/"
>/pol/-/leftypol/ alliance proposal
>Nazi soybeans
>8ch/pol/ anti-semitism ban / anti-trump purges
>/leftypol/ is whiter than /pol/
>/leftpol/'s decline vindicates the Old BO
>Varg Vikernes posted on Batko's video
>Hoochie becomes a janitor
>China DDOSed /leftypol/
>/pol/yp who killed his own mother

Bottom tier, old/obscure shit most people probably won't remember
>Marx flag only used by expert effortposters
>Satan flag's boobs
>old /leftypol/ hated China
>/ussr/-/leftypol/ alliance
>Japanese communists to shut down 4chan
>gay porn spammer from /pol/
>8chan democratic centralist board (don't remember its name)
>BO of /fascist/ became a marxist
>9-7-2016 /leftypol/ reveals their true colors
>/pol/yp shooting his monitor to own /leftypol/
>Black flag most hated flag of /leftypol/


/leftytrash/ was never really banned


File: 1664011860264.png (4.2 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

We gave them to /GET/


I thought it had been banned and sent to getchan?


This is all really taking me back but you all forgot to mention prickly cactus (one of the former mods on 8ch/leftypol/) defending beastiality on egoist terms and posting an insanely autistic video he did as an irc project. also surprised how few people remember rebel_absurdity, also no mention of Comrade Yui? also no mention of the ninjutsu thread that inspired the headline for 8ch/leftypol/ for a bit that was like "ninjutsu and communism" or something

trying to think of some more but I basically stopped using 8ch in 2016/17


*school project, not irc project (it might have gotten posted in irc originally though)


That might have been after I stopped being around leftypol but it would be weird if he was because he was severely autistic and socially retarded and just strange. If he was a fed infiltrator he was a very bad one


I remember retard obesity. I thought they tried to be a YouTuber, failed and then transitioned


I don't think rebel failed so much as had a mental breakdown and went to a park at night to get raped by dudes (allegedly) and also sent me a bunch of self-harm pics on irc, and then transitioned and is hopefully doing better now


>old BO vindicated by leftpol decline
Then unvindicated by leftypols decline


Oh no one mentioned the freud cigar poster. That person made a fuckton of the earliest leftypol memes.


Oh that was me I think. What a throwback, I totally forgot about that.


There was also the anarcho-transhumanist guy.

I remember him saying “I look exactly what you would think a transhumanist on the internet looks like, long hair, bags under my eyes”


where is "breast feeding my cat general"?


I'm just wondering if anyone remembers the /sen/ate board on 8chan and how leftists managed to absolutely fucking mog the rightists in the roleplay so hard that the entire board fucking died because there was no way for them to do anything about it.


File: 1664026313319.jpg (43.27 KB, 300x330, Whenbwasgood.jpg)


lmao what's this?


8chan had a /sen/ate roleplaying "game" where people basically acted out as if they were a country's government and what to do with laws and various resources (i think there was some long-running thing with starting up a war and making a giant earth-drilling laser)
Rightists generally held power while all the lefties talked to each other on their various faction threads and set up a coalition that gave the Popular Front faction the voting power of like 6 other factions (that said factions could and once in a while did opt out of). It gave the PF such an overwhelming plurality of the vote that most right-wing players just dropped after a month, at which point the board kind of died cause there was nothing we couldn't do.


Based /k/ siberia poster.


We need a separate one just for /Siberia/


drunken fistfights and ninjutsu


That's Ginjeet


Aiura fansubs


>Hoochie's ass
>Feds revealed themselves posting on 8chan
>Original way I promoted /leftypol/ (by pretending to be a normal right wing /pol/ poster and aggressively telling any left-leaning anons on /pol/ that they needed to gtfo back to /leftypol/)
>The time /leftypol/ was restored last out of all the boards after a hack
>The leaked board owner/volunteer PMs that resulted from a hack (I hope these are lost lmao)
>The original transparent porky png


>>China DDOSed /leftypol/
i forgot about that shit


File: 1665024708936.png (69.67 KB, 645x770, rent free.png)

>>Original way I promoted /leftypol/ (by pretending to be a normal right wing /pol/ poster and aggressively telling any left-leaning anons on /pol/ that they needed to gtfo back to /leftypol/)
Haha I always jokingly said /pol/troons are free advertising when they tell people on random boards to 'go back to leftypol', I've seen many newcomers admit to that being how they discovered this place.

Someone explain…. almost all of these for the post-2020 users.


>trans chaser
Ah yes, because hanging out with trans people as a cis person and having gripes with leftypol makes someone a chaser.

Won't lie though, he certainly went insane.


/leftypol/ choir


Dunno if this has been posted yet but isn't the deprogram podcast reading from our leftypol iceberg in this episode?
Cool and weird if so since they are all very popular marxist youtubers, the biggest guy, second thought has 1.3M subs rn.


You're thinking of this other one we made about a year ago, not the one in this thread about our own board's memes.
Yep, it checks out. Post this link to show that it was /leftypol/ users.

Anyone going to listen to that, I'll do what they poster should have said: skip to 15:50, before that is just a snippet of explaining what the iceberg tier meme is and some derails about Graham crackers and bagels or some shit.


and it takes until 23 minutes to get to the second item (not tier, item) because a long rant about how anarchists didn't actually do WWI.


Thank you lol.
They mentioned iceberg memes on twitter but I suspect at least some of them still lurk here, and they mention old leftypol sometimes. This place actually has a lot of really popular content creators/ecelebs that will lurk or post anon, funnily enough.


I was wondering if they found it through here or if the image did a round around twitter and they saw it there since the podcast was about a week ago.
I reposted the image somewhere public a month ago but it got minimal reception so I don't think that did it. The leftypol twitter account also posted it in March ( https://nitter.net/leftypoldotorg/status/1507401813624082434 ) but similarly that didn't visibly take off. So maybe they did see it here…….


>just finish the super-sparse first two tiers out of 8
…they gonna do a sequel, right?


They mentioned they would do a sequel, we will see I guess.


Well if we still have those one or two /leftypol/ streamers, maybe they could get in as a guest in the sequels. Sounds like an opportunity!


>Obama liberal, Daily Show tier
Got into politics in the 2000s, cannot interpret anything going on in the world, thinks that Republicans are to blame for everything. Most likely a Christopher Hitchens atheist
Has learned what capitalism is, starts noticing what's going on. Still believes the system can be redeemed.
>DSA Tier
Learns what a union is. Self-hating petit-bourgeoisie. Will still vote blue no matter who because of "harm reduction". Kautsky was right actually.
>New Leftist/Anarchist tier
Figures maybe they should actually read Marx, is still wading through various regressive tendencies like Foucault and Deluzeanism. Has likely read Fisher and entertained Accelerationism. Believes that the lumpen has revolutionary potential.
>Third Worldist/Ultra/Tankiddie tier
DPRK and PRC flag in bio, has read some theory and dipped their toe into an org. In utter disbelief at the state of society, suffers from bad consciousness. Will defend the Cultural Revolution at the drop of a hat.
>Jaded Orthodox Marxist
Realises that socialism has failed Marx, not the other way around. Understands that his critique is completely unsurpassed and that we are living in his shadow. Is ambivalent to moral arguments about capitalism, is only concerned with historical transition and potential.
>Lukacs-pilled Leninist realism
Heart is on fire but mind is cold, understands the practical tasks at hand and that it will be slow, thankless work. Understands that he must write as well as read to sharpen his analysis, he has the tools at his disposal. Can recite passages from memory and place them in historical context.
>Ascended Tier
Imprisoned by the bourgeois police force, writes from jail to agitate sympathisers. Receives love letters daily


I'm still on the jaded orthodox marxist level


Most people here are. Those on the above tiers we don't even know about, they have yet to appear.


>Projection: The Film


I think its pretty impressive that im on both the top of the picture and on the bottom (wont confirm anything)


>only baby leftists care about Deleuze and Accelerationism
lol, lmao even


>only baby leftists care about Deleuze and Accelerationism
Meh, true for Accelerationism but not Deleuze.


New Leftist in denial


File: 1666500831731.mp4 (1.9 MB, 640x360, coffee.mp4)

Someone who has YouTube or twitter or something (I don't), send them this:
It's the thread that the iceberg tier was first posted in, so it has explanations for many of them, as well as some extra suggestions that were not added in that version like picrel.


Jeremy Corbyn and Alex Jones drink the same coffee


> writes from jail to agitate sympathisers. Receives love letters daily
in america it's very expensive to communicate with people outside of prison




I remember that. /siberia/ is honestly some of the saddest shit I've seen on a leftypol website. It's still almost as bad as that era you're talking about, just with a little less avatarfagging. Still looks more like a erp circlejerk and weird /r9k/ spinoff than a good old random board. Everyone seems to have mental problems or be terminally horny. I didn't understand why mods decided to let it turn into that, but then I found out most of those avatarfags were friends with the mods and I realized they were all in the same boat.


bleak shit


>Still looks more like a erp circlejerk and weird /r9k/ spinoff than a good old random board.
Are we looking at two different websites? There's a bit of sad /r9k/ junk and some childish newfags but I'm not quite seeing what you're getting at.
>than a good old random board
/b/s are never good and can be found anywhere. Even bunkerchan /b/ was basically an idpol containment zone.
If you mean a General Discussion board,then I agree, but Random boards are almost never random and always become porn and edgelords and, nowadays, /pol/ overflow.
>but then I found out most of those avatarfags were friends with the mods and I realized they were all in the same boat.
The mods who don't use /siberia/ don't want to mod /siberia/, and the people with no-life enough consider /leftypol/ their main friend group become friends with each other in chatgroups, or become the obsessed dramafags that are somehow even worse. BAM, pathetic mental illness circlejerk.


>Are we looking at two different websites?
Half of the threads on the board are about porn, sex or mental issues. Don't you see a pattern here?
>/b/s are never good and can be found anywhere. Even bunkerchan /b/ was basically an idpol containment zone
The first iterations of /b/ weren't perfect but didn't have these problems. After siberia was renamed/remade it was nice but it got progressively worse until that time it got full of people avatarfagging. I'm not sure wtf was that but glad I'm not the only one who noticed it.


File: 1667643905836.png (81.88 KB, 353x158, ClipboardImage.png)

Whenever I see a namefag or tripfag there, I tell them to kill themselves.


Siberia used be comfier one or two years ago, even if it frequently still had plenty of (bad) retardation.


It’s better to pretend it’s not there. Every time I go there I am reminded that these are the people I’m posting with (and share opinions with) and begin to question my life choices.

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