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Taiwan general is back
>As soon as the House speaker touched down Tuesday, Chinese officials unleashed a barrage of furious statements and announced plans for military exercises starting immediately.
>U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi left Taiwan after a visit that heightened tensions with China, saying Wednesday that she and other members of Congress in her delegation showed they will not abandon their commitment to the self-governing island.
>For Taiwan this trip by Nancy Pelosi is about support, but also legitimacy. Taiwan needs America's support, military and otherwise. But it craves legitimacy. It craves recognition that this is not some "renegade province" as Beijing calls it,
>America's determination to preserve democracy, here in Taiwan and around the world, remains ironclad," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.
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this seems quite significant


Sanctions imposed on Nancy Pelosi


>How big is the linguistic difference between the mainland and Taiwan?
Taiwanese Mandarin and Mainland Mandarin are very similar in their standardized forms, with only some minor differences in pronunciation and vocabulary. In their colloquial forms, the difference is larger, but they're still easily mutually intelligible. I've never heard anyone claim that Mainland Mandarin and Taiwanese Mandarin are separate languages.
>It's been 8p years since Mao developed simplified Chinese and they've been under separate governments and economic models, how long until Taiwanese could theoretically become its own nation even under Lenin and Stalin definitions?
Going against one of Stalin's major ideas will probably be controversial here, but I firmly believe that trying to define a nation is futile, because it has much more to do with self-identity than with Stalin's factors (language, economy, geography, etc.). Like, Ireland in the early 20th century was predominantly English speaking, but there were still some people there who were monolingual Irish speakers; does that mean they weren't part of the same nation as the monolingual English speakers? Or look at some Native American tribes; are the Lakota one nation (on the basis of history, culture, and language), or several (on the basis of the current political separation between their various tribes)? If African-Americans constitute a nation (as many communists believe), does that mean they aren't part of the larger American nation, or is it possible for one nation to be a subset of another? Anyway, to get to the point, the important thing in this situation is that most people in Mainland China see Taiwan and its people as part of the Chinese nation, while most people in Taiwan see themselves as part of a distinct nation.


File: 1659718718524.png (113.34 KB, 509x779, ClipboardImage.png)

Heh I was trying to check how many US troops were in Taiwan and found this article.


>A Google search for "how many troops does the U.S. have in Taiwan?" brings up a Wikipedia page about United States Taiwan Defense Command.

>This existed between 1954 and 1979. The Wikipedia page noted 30,000 troops from Combined Arms and branches.

Lol. A US Senator. We are lead by retards at the highest levels of government. Or actually I imagine somebody in the permanent state isn't retarded and has a strategy and a plan that they feed to the elected officials.

I wonder who really came up with the idea for this Pelosi stunt.


I remember something about Cena being on tiktok practicing his chinese and promoting lao gan ma, and apologizing for calling Taiwan a country which made R*dditoids call him John Xina. So I presume this is calling on that perceived cozy relationship between him and China's corporate. But I have no longer who the two they're banging are. Are they supposed to represent some real or ficitional Japanese figure?


File: 1659720306705.png (90.11 KB, 792x440, ClipboardImage.png)

why is this woman still alive and entrusted with the highest position in the US government below biden (another person who is, incomprehensibly, still alive and involved in US politics)


I do not understand this addiction to the eschatological feeling. Do they have nothing to live for? Is this is a uniquely American thing or has it spread worldwide now?


Are you asking for reactionaries or why are you here?


A feeling of resentment at the status quo finds satisfaction in seeing everyday society get turned on its head. I think it's the same reason that zombies and post-apocalyptic scenarios are popular: catharsis at seeing a "normal" world get torn up and modern illusions broken. Though they might believe in "socialism or barbarism", and acknowledge that barbarism is supposed to be the worse option, they would also feel like the West had it coming anyway if it failed to have socialism.


I wonder if the anti-chinese have any sense of contrarianism, because while it is not a good thing to be constantly against the mainstream for stupid reasons, I wonder how people don't feel ununique for having the same opinions as everyone else when it comes to China/Russia.


Are the only people who care about this shit imageboard users?
My retarded liberal friend who is mildly pro-ukraine never gave a shit about this "happening" and only commented after I kept mentioning it.
He just waved it off by saying if China is smart they'll do nothing about it like they always do.
So this was really just to make rightoids feel good and stroke their cocks


"Prosperous woman visits prosperous island" lacks so much of the pathos of "Evil Asiatic Dictator Wantonly Invades Helpless Nation of Blonde-haired, Blue Eyed Wheat Farmers." Besides, the prospect of nuclear war is such a bummer. Not much clout to chase there.


There already is a China general.


From what I've seen of racist communities on the internet, all of them were able to identify anti-Chinese racism as basically safe– in other words, it had always been a socially acceptable target for racism and not even particularly edgy, and they approached hostility towards China and the Chinese in an essentially gloating way and they eagerly treat China in public forums in ways they could only treat other countries in private arenas.

So I don't think there is a particular backlash but a sense of victory: I was right, and you knew I was always right.

The Liberal perspective has not really shifted either. The American liberal-left has been deliberately excluding Chinese from anti-racist ideology for a long time, and anti-racism as it addressed Asians usually did it from the accusatory standpoint (bad allies.) You can see it when they stopped using terms like PoC in favor of BIPoC, which intentionally removes Asians. On the left you also had pretty open sinophobia in which Chinese were blamed for harming the American Working Class and you have folks like Amber Frost who are outright sinophobes.

Basically I don't think there was ever a point where being anti-Chinese was not a socially acceptable position in the US, so I don't think there is a contrarianism resulting from mainstreaming of open racism, among racists. HOWEVER I do think that there is developing a clearly subversive element to China and this might be the basis for the development of a counter-culture.


PRC should have cancelled all those military talks earlier. They were purely confrontational and were misleading people into thinking there were "guardrails" or "lines of communication" which were preventing serious errors because of their names. That's not what those were and they were not doing that, and so those frameworks were worse than nothing.


>China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd' and 'bully and strangle them at will' as it severs cooperation with Washington and fires ballistic missiles after Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan trip



Pretty much the entire internet in China is flooded with Taiwan shit right now, from every direction. To gain a little insight, I am just going to choose the top post on Zhihu, and the top comment, and translate it using my spiffy AI translator and briefly checking the results (robert downey junior: "he is very lazy"). I don't know what it says yet so here we go:

Link: https://www.zhihu.com/question/547135232/answer/2611798397

Everyone thinks that this series of measures targeted against Pelosi's visit to Taiwan were merely done because she disregarded China's strong opposition. The reality is that this old lady's physical and political lifespan is not long, and whatever she does will not affect the overall, long-term situation of US-China relations. The high level decision makers are not that naive, and didn't put on this big show just for Pelosi.

What will really affect the big picture of US-China relations is the US Congress pushing through the Taiwan Policy Act. The bill would elevate Taiwan to the status of an important non-NATO ally and pave the way for future U.S. military involvement in Taiwan; support Taiwan's participation in international organizations through legislation; provide billions of dollars in of no-cost support for Taiwan's armaments; and support the renaming of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO).

This bill should have been considered in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee in the past two days but was was postponed by Biden due to the visit. It is still expected to be submitted to both chambers for a vote soon. Once passed, the bill will completely upend the U.S. one-China policy and the strategic ambiguity of the Taiwan issue. Even more concerning is the domino effect that it will trigger among US allies. The bill (at least before Pelosi's visit and the introduction of a series of Chinese countermeasures) is almost a foregone conclusion to pass the House and Senate. All of China's current measures are, in fact, a way to seize the initiative regarding this coming re-adjustment of US-China relations.

It has two functions. It is preemptive, meant to prompt careful consideration and deter the U.S. before elevating relations with Taiwan. It is to seize the initiative so that subsequently, no matter how the U.S. adjusts its policy toward Taiwan, it will be met with a countermeasure in response.

China has asked more than 100 countries to reaffirm their support for the one-China policy so as to draw a line in preparation for the subsequent struggle. This is to make clear which party is provoking change, to stabilize the situation in half the world, and to not to be in a passive position after the U.S. policy adjustment.

At the same time, the military exercises practicing embargo of Taiwan will tell the United States and its proxies that the Chinese mainland is ready for armed unification no matter what, and there cannot be a good outcome from continued offensive actions.


Two more things:

The U.S. Congress is almost entirely hawkish towards China, and in the current situation where the struggle between the two parties is acute and consensus cannot be reached on any issue, Pelosi's grab for power has received rare bipartisan support, that is, being tough on China is almost the only issue which can achieve bipartisan consensus.

The legislative work of the Taiwan Policy Act has now been postponed to September, and in the current atmosphere of unprecedented confrontation between China and the United States, and unprecedented anti-China efforts by both parties, the probability of the bill being passed in the U.S. Congress is infinitely close to 100%. After the bill is voted in both houses, it will be signed by the president to take effect. The U.S. executive branch is relatively more sensible, but there is great uncertainty whether Biden will refuse to sign it under the enormous pressure from Congress, especially the Democratic caucus.

Biden and his team have repeatedly acquiesced to Pelosi's trip on the grounds that they could not interfere with the actions of members of Congress. Could it really be that no one on the Chinese side understands the separation between the executive and legislative branches of the United States? Of course not. But this time the Chinese side just frankly told the U.S. side: I don't care about the details of how your government works. No matter what your separation of powers is, and no matter that the executive branch cannot restrain the legislative branch, on the bottom line issue of Taiwan, in our eyes you are one and the same.

How successful the current series of countermeasures can be in intercepting the Taiwan Policy Act, I cannot say. But judging from the current Chinese measures, we have seized a valuable strategic head start, regardless of whether this bill will eventually be introduced.


>China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd' and 'bully and strangle them at will'
Kek, zzing


read into the missing malaysian flight from 2014, increased tension leading to a flashpoint event is exactly what the us wants, they're fishing for an international incident to start an isolation campaign.


File: 1659745231536.jpg (77.66 KB, 800x450, WAT.jpg)

>and you have folks like Amber Frost who are outright sinophobes.


If you think perception is reality, my friend, you're braindead.


File: 1659746191477.jpg (75.59 KB, 960x639, Kente-Pelosi.jpg)

>>China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd' and 'bully and strangle them at will'
oh no


You're on the USS Reagan and the DF-17s start hitting


File: 1659760774413.jpg (87.48 KB, 590x542, revisionims.jpg)

Since this is the Taiwan thread I thought I'd just post this here. I saw this and had to do a doubletake. I don't care about "patsocs" or even who this person is, but I was a little taken aback by this person, who appears to be a typical example of the sinophobic left, just straight up lying and/or projecting their own historical situation onto Taiwan.

There is an actual group of Indigenous People in Taiwan and it is NOT the Hoklo Han, which made up the majority of the island's population well before the Chinese Civil War. The KMT indeed did not target the indigenous people and in contemporary Taiwanese politics they are a reliable KMT constituency.


< Oh no, China is now firing missiles into the ocean on the other side of Taiwan
Dengoids are embarrassing. Like Russia, they apparently don't even know how to use kompromat or lob intel-sourced grenades on America.


This was US provoking China into becoming an aggressor. Instead, USA managed to show the world that USA are the rabid aggressor. All the countries, even european vassals but to a lesser extent, are looking at USA funny right now


>USA managed to show the world that USA are the rabid aggressor.
Superfluous display.
>All the countries, even european vassals but to a lesser extent, are looking at USA funny right now
It's a nice thought, but the truth is that they just don't give a shit. As long as America has global power, they'll keep dancing to the American tune.



This is a good analysis of events, how the Chinese government sees these events, and the historical reasons for their position.



panicky pablum


<Taiwan’s senior missile development technician found dead in a hotel room in south Taiwan. No further details


burgerstan has fucked up big time



Chinese special agent hooker assassinated him?


>Superfluous display.
Dude, just a year ago it wasn't even in the talks that Iran would be reintegrated into the world economy through China. It was commonsense that India would be in Quad or any other Anglo-led alliance, but instead we have India in BRICS aligning with China. It's very not superfluous


How's that going to work out since Indians are Taiwan simps?


Go check out voting record of India in UN and whether it was mostly aligned with USA or China. Pretty fucking obvious that Anglo propaganda has India as a hardcore adversary, while in reality it's stance is different. It's basically Vietnam all over again - Anglos propagandized themselves to believe that Vietnam hates China and will let USA have bases on Vietnamese land, lol


Nah I'm not talking about propaganda I mean over the last few days the Indians on twitter have been going full "Indians-simping-for-Israel" tier over Taiwan.
India probably has the most annoying nationalist spergs, even beating out Turkey, so I think how annoying they are about something on twitter is actually a good metric.


What I meant by a superfluous display in response to the comment "USA managed to show the world that USA are the rabid aggressor" is that the 199424th piece of evidence that the USA is a rabid aggressor is completely negligible in light of the other 199423 pieces of evidence. There's not exactly some game-changer here in terms of news value.



>I think how annoying they are about something on twitter is actually a good metric.

Basing a worldview and geopolitical analysis on their twitter feed. One of the global billion, mid 2022.


Go ahead, post the polling


Nothing happened nobody cares


>Amber Frost who are outright sinophobes
ummm… she's chinese


can infrared stop not missing? This is getting ridiculous


>Meng Xiangqing, a professor at the PLA-affiliated National Defense University, told state broadcaster China Central Television in an interview published Sunday that the drills aimed to “completely smash the so-called median line” and demonstrate China’s ability to prevent foreign intervention in a conflict by blockading and controlling the Bashi Channel, an important waterway between the western Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.
Mediocre, China. Mediocre.


true although already much better than nothing. Was worried about that for a secl


War when?


China cucked. This is it boys, let's wrap it up


Later. It's not like America will stop pushing.


>China cucked.
Looks like it. Still waiting to see the "forceful measures" that were threatened before Pelosi's visit.
(INB4 someone who can't read changes the subject to the shooting-down-plane bullshit.)

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