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Taiwan general is back
>As soon as the House speaker touched down Tuesday, Chinese officials unleashed a barrage of furious statements and announced plans for military exercises starting immediately.
>U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi left Taiwan after a visit that heightened tensions with China, saying Wednesday that she and other members of Congress in her delegation showed they will not abandon their commitment to the self-governing island.
>For Taiwan this trip by Nancy Pelosi is about support, but also legitimacy. Taiwan needs America's support, military and otherwise. But it craves legitimacy. It craves recognition that this is not some "renegade province" as Beijing calls it,
>America's determination to preserve democracy, here in Taiwan and around the world, remains ironclad," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.


I can't believe all it took to defeat communism forever was a single plane trip…


History was made yesterday


The ultimate problem with China and – to a somewhat lesser extent – Russia is that they make too many empty threats. They're infuriatingly bad at playing against the West.


durr hurr


Xi failed to consider the optics


>she left already
What happened to China imposing a no-fly zone? Let her fly in, but don't let her leave. The fuck mayne.


Only fools thought China would start WWIII over a diplomatic plane ride to a country that China knows the U.S. de-facto already recognizes.

Expecting Franz Pelosi’s plane to get shot down was a tabloid clickbait fabrication from the very beginning and it turned out to be an absolute nothingburger like any geopolitically savvy person would expect.

China doesn’t care about the U.S. conducting diplomacy with Taiwan because the PRC doesn’t see Taiwan as a threat.


See this: >>1102715

Anticommunist/antichinese memes are just misrepresentations of actual history


>China doesn’t care about the U.S. conducting diplomacy with Taiwan because the PRC doesn’t see Taiwan as a threat.
If Taiwan were to declare independence and host US forces they absolutely would be a threat.


damage control


Yes, Americans damage control the narrative so that Chinese response gets diminished in American history, so that it looks like China did nothing.


>so that it looks like China did nothing
What did they do apart from complain a bunch?




>so that it looks like China did nothing.
they literally did nothing


this is apparently what they've done so far:

1. Condemnation at the diplomatic level.
2. Started military exercises with rocket firing, including missiles potentially capable of carrying nuclear warheads, but so far with non-nuclear warheads.
3. Partial blockade of the island by exercise zones. Until at least August 8th.
4. Requirements for airlines not to fly in Taiwan airspace.
5. Suspension of the $5 billion CATL battery plant project which would create 10,000 US jobs.
6. An embargo on the supply of natural sand to Taiwan (on the island it is used for the production of cement and glass).
8. Suspension of imports from Taiwan to China of two types of fish and citrus fruits.
9. Prohibit Chinese companies from cooperating with Taiwan Democracy Foundation and Taiwan International Foundation for International Cooperation and Development.
10. In general, it can be expected that China's main response will be on the economic plane. But in general, it is obvious that current events have brought a future war over Taiwan closer.


>These two girlbosses made the xicucks and chinacels worldwide seethe


China brands US and Taiwan ‘destroyers of peace’
The leadership in Taipei and the US are responsible for creating conflict between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Taiwan affairs office of China’s State Council, has insisted.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), “relying on external support, willingly took on the role of pawns and stepped up provocations in the quest for independence,” Ma said on Tuesday, referring to the visit by the US House speaker Nancy Pelosi to the self-governed island, which Beijing views as part of its territory.

“The US intensified their efforts to try to play the Taiwan card, continuously added fuel to the fire, making plans to contain China through Taiwan,” the spokesman pointed out.

Taipei and Washington won’t be able to whitewash themselves, regardless of the “tricks” they could employ to do so, because “they are the creators of conflict between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait [which separates the island and mainland China], the destroyers of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait,” he said.

According to Ma, the plans of Taiwan’s leadership to “rely on the US for independence” are doomed to fail. And the illusion of “seeking independence by force” will only accelerate the fall of Tsai and the Democratic Progressive Party, while also plunging Taiwan into an abyss of disaster, he added.


Imagine thinking you're a "leftist", watching this whole Nancy Peligrosi thing and being like "yes, this is what the world needs. It totally makes sense to provoke war and send war planes and war ships to a tiny island very very far away from the US. This is totally fine."

Hard to even imagine.


pro wrestling banter


Okay why wasn't this shared earlier. This list of measures are actually quite good. PRC is hitting ROC with a sledgehammer of sanctions (but then again ROC will just pivot to more trade with the US, and from what we just saw, the PRC isn't ready to exactly block ROC-US trade yet…). What a confusing number of days this has been.




Mmm this is a slap on the wrist level of sanctions. Maybe a stern slap on the behind. We haven't even gotten to slap in the face, much less sledgehammer sanctions. The US really set the bar high on that.


File: 1659528511136.png (253.37 KB, 732x655, ClipboardImage.png)

>Hard to even imagine.
Somebody clearly doesn't follow Agent Kochinski!


he said leftist, not cia agent


That's the larger overlying problem.

China would have gotten more out of it firing a bullshit rocket into sea as a display of power and looked tough than some wishy washy sanctions that will get very little media coverage days later. Instead Pelosi looks like a brave person with some level of valor now when she was a absolute laughing stock 2 days ago for years on years.

China at the moment looks weak to public eye, perception is reality. People can make what cope they want it doesn't reach the masses . Like 5% at most are policy wonks tuned into fine details.


Thank god I've never touched a single video or tweet from this guy, all of the bullshit I see are from random screenshots from other people.


Or more if they just stayed quiet and not use their bullshit fake tough guy rhetoric.


i still can't believe people take him seriously after it's been proven that he's a fucking sexual degenerate of the highest orders


He's drifted from being popular among leftist i think to being a staple for neoliberals. I see approval for him on normal liberal reddits by Biden Warren type people


>he's a fucking sexual degenerate of the highest orders
most people are these days, for some reason its almost given some level of admiration or like a badge of honour. degeneracy knows no bounds in the current age


Nothing wrong with being into weird shit but you should at least keep it to yourself. Being horny isn't degenerate, but building a public persona around horniness is.


The thing with Agent Kochinski is his fans go like "you are taking him out of context", "he was joking", "that's not what he meant". About literally anything bad about him, he has a cult


>Nothing wrong with being into weird shit
i mean i WOULD agree with you if it wasn't him talking about horsecock and how he let his geckos lick his cock


Right, i can appreciate a gentlemans taste in big booty latinas but Agent Kochinski well… I wouldn't trust him alone at a zoo, a barn or with my dog.


So, what did Pelosi talk about with Taiwan? Independence? Is the US officially recognising Taiwan?


thinking the biggest winner of nancygate is going to be russia. china will start moving further away from the us and the west and integrating with russia. the divorce between east and west is being finalized across the board. russia had already done it but china was trying to ride the fence. no more. the china-russia alliance will be in full force from here on. also, putin looks like the chad who actually stood up to the west's provocations.


Our Queen 😻😻


Russia is able to get more explicit now about their pro china outlook and have it not good bad optically to people who are not communist.

Russia is sanctioned to absolute death, they are removed from anything eu related and us related and now china soviergnty is challenged in a direct aggression that is relatable to their own. So they are able to make statements like this


Not look bad*


>him talking about horsecock
Tbh I would put that in the category of being harmless if you keep it to yourself and don't actually engage in acts of bestiality. Unfortunately Agent Kochinski seems unable to do either of these things.


>China at the moment looks weak to public eye, perception is reality. People can make what cope they want it doesn't reach the masses .
the sole reason china has amassed as much power for itself is exactly because they don't give in to this stupid way of thinking.


Insider trading with Taiwan's top semiconductor manufacturer.


So China is going to do something or that's it?


August 4th. Trust the plan. PLATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL



same, and hasn't bene influenced by his ideals either. he sucks ass, his name once contained the ukrainian flag


why is there another thread? is scraping the bottom of the barrel your kink or something?


Anon in thread no.3 requested


>he's a fucking sexual degenerate
he's a pedophile, is what he is
>most people are these days
most people are not pedophiles

>muh "degeneracy" dog whistle

really makes you think


File: 1659544459504.mp4 (11.56 MB, 1920x1080, vaush is a p*do.mp4)

the fact that the FBI hasn't kicked down his door is proof he's on their payroll imo


File: 1659544585013.png (295.63 KB, 720x468, ClipboardImage.png)

reposting from ukraine thread


xi cuckping


Pelosi's plane didn't crash but the quality of this thread sure did.


Let’s be honest, did anyone here actually expect China NOT to cuck out to the USA at any given opportunity? They’ve been America’s perfect little bitches ever since the 70s maybe even earlier with the Sino-Soviet split.


File: 1659545555041.png (148.3 KB, 757x1000, ClipboardImage.png)


something something productive forces 2050


Very 4chan worthy post. Would love to see how you interact with people in the real world.


this is why revolution has to start in the imperial core. when revolution happens in the periphery, the socialists there are given 2 choices: tell hegemony to fuck off and get the CIA/sanctions/embargo treatment, or try to work with the hegemony and sacrifice your principles to the altar of international diplomacy and trade.


China should support Texan independence. as a bit.


That'd be fucking hilarious


Well, what are you waiting for?


>heheh why haven't you started revolution by yourself yet

Americans need to act collectively against their own hegemony. This probably won't happen in my life time. My health is rapidly declining anyway, even though I exercise, eat well, and don't smoke or drink. Fuck this Earth.


Let's fucking go!


That would create WW3, but it is inevitable anyway so whatever.




Why the fuck do you think people are supporting a multiple world order at the cost of warfare? The whole reason is to weaken the threat of possibility 1
Nothing has done more damage to international leftism than the fact that every leftist that seizes power is put in this bind.
>noooo but of Russia china are also the capitalist imperialists
Doesn't even matter in this situation. The mere fact that there are serious alternatives to the west for development aid seriously defangs the threat of sanctions. That the west is still a major threat means that the east isn't going to be able to easily force countries to their will either.
There will only be more blood in the guture but its the only way out
>noo but thats bad for proles
Too bad. It's class warfare. Not class protests, not class thumb-up-your-ass. It is judt as much a bullets and fire and suffering war with just as many ugly decisions as any other war between two militaries.


Hecking wowie! Proles all over the world will still suffer under capitalism but this time the bosses will be trans queer BIPO- I mean, wholesome based Russian and Chinese multipolaristas!


Smug is the last refuge of cowards


Smugness and dangerous amounts of copium is all Russia and China stan’s have.


Do you know the difference between ends and means?


Dengoids on damage control!


File: 1659548852197.mp4 (319.01 KB, 480x276, 1645330559224.mp4)

He confirmed it himself.


Hard not to be smug when you have "communists" (really just Orientalist QAnon as King Lear puts it) who openly simp for capitalist regimes and whose immediate interests center around wholesome chungus non-white imperialism facing off with the West
<Sure anyone with a brain can see, no, this probably won't lead to "socialism" but rather the collapse of civilization, but muh heckin catharsis against the other people I see walking around the street
Tankoids revealed their true selves when they openly stated their current desire is the rise of non-Western imperialism to militarily compete with Western imperialism in a series of wars they know will happen in other countries anyway


if there is one more vaùsh post itt i'm unsubscribing from this subreddit


now that taiwan was a nothingburger do we even need these threads?


It wasn't a nothingburger . Just because it didn't result in something sexy like nukes flying doesn't mean it didn't have serious implications for Sino-American relations. Or that China isn't actively hacking the US governments servers by triggering dormant rootkits it has installed and exploiting backdoors it has already discovered through previous probes.

I do think that the CCP State Council can't take this sitting down or appear weak. They've been building up their military and offensive capabilities for the sole purpose of challenging the US.

Now's their chance to prove whether China really is a sleeping dragon or a paper tiger.




omg he admit it


How many poems did she read in support of Taiwan?


Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua Reject US Interference in Taiwan
>Through a statement released on Tuesday, the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry rejected the acts of interference and meddling carried out by the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi with her visit to Taiwan.

>"We alert the international community about these actions, which constitute a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Chinese nation and ignore Resolution 2758… wherby the government of the People's Republic China was recognized as the true and only legitimate representative of the Chinese people," Bolivarian Diplomacy said, pointing out that China maintains diplomatic relations with 181 countries on the basis of the "One China" principle.

>Venezuela also reaffirmed "its unrestricted adherence to the One China principle and to the recognition of Taiwan as an inalienable part of the Chinese territory," mentioning that the Bolivarian government practices a "Diplomacy of Peace" and adheres to the international law principles related to non-intervention in the other states' internal affairs.

>From Nicaragua, President Daniel Ortega's administration issued a statement in defense of China's sovereign rights and "strongly condemned the provocation" that Pelosi's visit to the territory of the People's Republic of China represents.

>"Nicaragua's Government of Reconciliation and National Unity, deeply aware of the interfering and interventionist policy of the U.S. imperialism, which has unsuccessfully tried and continues to try to dominate the world, demands respect for the sovereignty, independence, and will of the peoples," the Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

>“Making the complete reunification of the Homeland a reality is the common aspiration and responsibility of all the sons and daughters of the Chinese Nation. The will of its people cannot be challenged and the trend of the times cannot be reversed," it added.

>On Tuesday, Cuba's Foreign Relations Ministry also expressed its firm rejection of the actions aimed at harming China's territorial integrity and sovereignty and condemned the U.S. interference in the internal affairs of this nation.

>The Cuban diplomats made it clear that the worsening of the situation in the Taiwan Strait is the direct result of the aggressive foreing policy of the United States, a country that undermines international peace and security through the sale of arms to Taiwan.

>Cuba also reaffirms its unrestricted attachment to the "One China" principle and to the recognition of Taiwan as an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.


You do know that Agent Kochinski is also a self-proclaimed pedophile, do you?


Has the military build up in Fujian stopped? Have flights resumed?


I didn't.


>revolution has to start in the imperial core
<rev. will start in countries where the labor aristocracy enjoys the loot from imperialism



File: 1659563040889.png (179 KB, 964x875, Chinese cat.png)

How will China save face? I've read rumors about economic sanctions and while I would love seeing China finally fucking up the US with all its economic might they've built up after all these decades, is this possible without China shooting themselves in the foot? I guess if they can find another trade partner (or partners) to export their shit to that would be a sufficient replacement of the US's huge demand, then they should go for it. However does such country even exist? Seems like it would necessarily have to be more than one, to make up for the losses of losing the hungry US consoooooomers


They might actually invade Taiwan, daring US to intervene.



How do you propose revolution


You answered your own question. China cucked out because they still depend too much on Burger bucks.


I'd take burger bucks over burger nukes any day too






Exports to the US account for a tiny percentage of chinese gdp


>China Central Television states that due to the ongoing military exercises, ALL Taiwanese ports and trade routes will be blocked to any civilian or commercial vessels, for at least 4 days.


Step one is to stop venerating states that are gone and wanting to emulate revolutions that happened over a century ago in a different context


90% of MLs are closeted idealists
>oh sure lemme just not update my views on actual revolutionary practice to fit the specific organizational, technological and institutional material realities of LITERALLY A CENTURY LATER


Literally no ML says we need to do exactly what countries in previous revolutions did.
Most people who shit on marxism leninism and think its 'outdated' believe that in order to have a revolution we need to make better lefty memes and catering to incels and other social paria, their concept of 'updating' revolutionary practice revolves around shitty internet culture and pandering to modern freaks


>Most people who shit on marxism leninism
Interacted with them enough to gradually lose all respect for these LARPers in denial
>their concept of 'updating' revolutionary practice revolves around shitty internet culture and pandering to modern freaks
The irony of saying this not only as a tankoid, but specifically as one that also lives in the West and posts on a niche leftist forum no one knows about


So don't we already have a PRC thread? Why not take it there. One China and all



I know. I'm more interested in what da land forces doin.


Need I remind anons about Paul Cockshott and his followers, plus the numerous MLs that went to fight for Rojava.


No, because when I mock LARPers I mean, LARPERS, that is, basically just politics LARPing history fans that cling to a specific aesthetic, not people that actually go out and do shit

You can't just take credit for the actions of people with vaguely similar beliefs to your own


I'm not talking about Cockshott et al, I'm talking about LARPers who act like revolution is just going to be copypasting tactics from a century that has been literally over for 20 years


You claimed that 90% MLs are "idealists", I'm claiming the opposite is true - some of the most serious communists alive today are MLs.
Not ML by the way.


doesn't matter
only twitter clapbacks are real now


Threat of nuclear war peaked under Khruschev and Stalin made numerous gestures towards peaceful coexistence with the west, what are you smoking.


Let me correct myself
90% of the ones you encounter in the West and 99% of the ones online
No shit not all MLs are useless, ironically the people most prone to strawmanning and shitting on other leftist groups are online ML


File: 1659567691731.png (141.56 KB, 2688x2688, 1344177706902.png)

Okay, so the strategy might be to use this de facto blockade to occupy the islands of Wuqiu, Matsu, Kinmen and maybe Penghu, and dare Taiwan or USA to escalate?


Those are some specific numbers you got there comrade. I don't suppose you have any evidence to back up your assertions?
>inb4 i made it up
No anecdotes please.



I agree with that sentiment, but bad mouthing dead nations like USSR and Maoist China does literally not help the communist cause, even if you personally think both were/are evil imperialist nations. All it does is reinforce the status quo of “980 gorbillion dead” as the reason why socialism/communism/Marxism should be outlawed.


I just don't care about those countries one way or another
For, against, I'm apathetic, one is gone, one has prerogatives totally independent from the labor movement globally and in my country


hegemony's over now though


There's more going on with the PRC in general than just the China-Taiwan-America situation. I say as a given flashpoint it deserves its own general until interest dies out organically.
Then again I really don't care



I wish people would just let the past go, and stop worrying about dead people, but unfortunately rightoids are so fundamentally obsessed with history, and some leftoids feel the need to compensate.


Men make their own history, and they really shouldn't worry about the past. -Marx, probably


Why do questions of 20th Century state craft and governance actually matter?
You realize the vast majority of Soviet history is arguably worthless to the labor movement? Literally the only part of Soviet history that matters right now is specifically the years leading up to the Bolshevik revolution, at which point you should also study revolutions in other countries and other movements as well.

Anything other than that is largely hobbyism, and nothing wrong with enjoying history, history is very interesting, but don't pretend like this stuff has any use for us outside of internet arguments
>Why Stalin did X, Y, and Z; how evil Khrushchev destroyed the USSR
This shit doesn't matter to people nowhere near running a government


File: 1659570261692.jpg (36.93 KB, 296x386, 1344741259094.jpg)

>Why are scientists obsessed with data and measuring things? Let's not pretend like this stuff is useful outside of academic arguments.
>Learning history and learning from history is irrelevant and for losers.


Exactly so it doesn't matter
Have you convince yourself you're the next Stalin? You will soon lead a government? Half the shit discussed here is utterly irrelevant, there's vanishly little to learn about events you cannot control that don't give you the faintest idea of what to do

You wanna be a history nerd, fine, don't pretend like it's political action or something


File: 1659571162967.jpeg (49.5 KB, 612x588, 1619451367632.jpeg)

>learning doesn't matter
>socialism isn't scientific
>so just don't worry about it
>*about to launch an insipid, banal and platitudinous speech about "enjoying every moment" and "not sweating the stuff you can't control" like a shitty manga artist*
>it is you who is the idealist, btw, now watch this trite nihilism
>I'm a real commie, I have worthwhile things to say on communism, trust me
Anti-intellectualism is anti-communism.


>ironically the people most prone to strawmanning and shitting on other leftist groups are online ML
>said straightfaced by someone doing the exact same thing right now
Now that's some delicious irony


What value is learning the positions of the stars to communists? Something in the same field.

Look, I know you really, truly need to believe that what you choose to do with your time is important, but I want you to tell me how. How is arguing with people about Soviet state policy on the internet important? How do you intend to utilize your biographical knowledge of Joseph Stalin's life, to convince normies he was a good guy? How do you intend to use this knowledge you claim is of extreme importance?

Notice how I didn't claim studying any portion of history is useless, studying labor history specifically in your own country is very useful, studying the history of local leftist movements and different revolutions around the world. But half this other shit? What immediate value does it have? Who actually gives a fuck about statecraft and other nonsense when you have 0 political power?

Unless you believe you will one day, maybe even soon, possess state power? Do you?

Can you answer my questions directly, or will you sidestep with a green text?


>Now how dare anyone see us in the same uncharitable light our clique of online leftists shows everyone else


keep strawmanning anon, you are pretty good at it


I'm an idiot. What's the clearest most, succinct argument that Taiwan is a part of China?


Yea, I guess anyone that doesn't see you the way you see yourself is "strawmanning"


> I say as a given flashpoint it deserves its own general until interest dies out organically.
Or until we all die out organically because of it


I learn, because it is my duty to learn. As it is yours, and everyone's. Those in dereliction risk destruction.


Fuck KMT, and fuck Chiang Kai Shrek.


>What's the clearest most, succinct argument that Taiwan is a part of China?
Taiwan is part of Qing when it got Shimonoseki'd, and Taiwan is part of the original ROC when it got returned from Japan in 1945. The PRC then claims all of China as its legit territory, something that includes Taiwan (but also several territories currently administered with other countries).


China wants it, China gets it. Simple as.


Taiwan has historically been a part of China since before states such as the USA even existed, and the only reason it is separate is because of a Civil War. The notion that it is separate is just a way for imperialists to gain a strategic position against China.


File: 1659572473167.png (248.33 KB, 772x853, ClipboardImage.png)

The Chade wuMao vs the virgin white western leftist


satire or drop flag


What the h*ck does that even mean?


I ❤️ you King Lear


This was the biggest nothingburger since that one time NK shelled a random island in SK


>The PRC then claims all of China as its legit territory
Not out of nowhere, it sees itself as the legitimate successor to the ROC, which the vast majority of Chinese people seem to agree with considering the PRC's approval. The PRC's borders are actually in every way smaller than previous incarnations of China, contrary to western myths about China being expansionist, they've only settled agreements of their borders that came from prior governments of China and have only ever relinquished sovereignty such as in the cases of Mongolia, parts of Myanmar, Korea, etc.


how does it feel to be a part of history anons?


>What does a Wumao mean
Pro-China Internet propagandists. They spread, as mentioned previously, pro-China propaganda, or information that sides with the CPC's interests.


File: 1659572976979.jpg (63.54 KB, 719x688, SUFFER.jpg)

Fuck Your Mama was right all along, bros…


File: 1659573065434.gif (1.24 MB, 245x253, hitchens laugh.gif)

The fact that what you said is literally already addressed in the first post you wrote just shows that you're too illiterate to be taken seriously.


>Most so-called modern “Marxist-Leninists” are Crypto-Fascist Revisionist Dengoids who support Chinese/Russian Imperialism, while the Real Left consists of Maoists, Hoxhaists, Trotskyists, Left Communists, and Anarchists, all of which refuse to take sides in Inter-Imperialist Conflicts, describe Capitalist states as Socialist, and root for Right-Wing “Populists”/Crypto-Fascists to win elections in Bourgeois Democracies.
Terminally online take.


M8 you’re not even arguing with the guy who initially called you idealists


>serious alternative to the west
<can't even protect their sovereignity in "their" town territory because it would hurt the trade with the USA
I imagine that the people who actually fell for the West vs East smoke and mirrors spectacle are the same kinda people who believe Wrestling is real.


File: 1659573979297.png (569.3 KB, 690x607, ClipboardImage.png)

>can't even protect their sovereignity in "their" town territory because it would hurt the trade with the USA


Let me tell you a story about Pizza Hut.


Ban test, 😜!


>Prohibit Chinese companies from cooperating with Taiwan Democracy Foundation and Taiwan International Foundation for International Cooperation and Development.
Based. If it does not bring any benefit to the common folk, just do it. Ban it.


Hi lear how's your take on this issue


Dentist China cucked out and will never Invade Taiwan or go to War with the U$ because they are a giant Sweatshop for U$ corporations, 😂🤣😜!


I meant “Dengist” not “Dentist”, 😂!



To sum up my view of the so-called “Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis”, beyond the fact that it reveled how weak Dengist China truly is, it is essentially a giant NOTHINGBURGER!


The American ruling class truly is repugnant. The fact that they dared to pull this at a time of heightened instability already is truly despicable.


don't come to taiwan tomorrow


Thanks Deng.


tfw Putinists have more balls than Dengists


>most people are these days
Most people are not f*cking p*dos.


>no emojis
>not a parapgrah long spew of obnoxious buzzwords
Sus imposter


Imagine if they stopped trading with the US entirely. What would occur?


What do you suppose they should do though? Minecraft Pelosi's plane?


Taiwan is administered by the Republic of China. The PRC does not recognize the Republic of China and thus, the territory they control isn't recognized by them.


I'm not sure why Xiggers keep defending China's weakness by telling us what we already know about the plane-shooting thing: that it was just some tweet from a media editor recommending that action.
I suppose it's just a convenient deflection from the fact that China threatened "forceful measures" if Pelosi visited Taiwan and that these "forceful measures," by all appearances, are a lame military drill, a ban on fruit imports, and a ban on sand exports.


The government that controls Taiwan is the "Republic of China" which claims mainland China as its territory. Both sides agree that Taiwan is part of China while disagreeing about which government is the legitimate government of China.


She can't stop slaying!


I'll do it tomorrow morning I'm too tired today


This was a fucking nothingburger


>Don't leave Taiwan tomorrow


File: 1659585235732.jpg (56.87 KB, 960x960, 1639880027504-4.jpg)


Look, I'm not dengist myself, and I'll admit I did call it out that China would likely not shoot pelosi down here,

but this sort of smug sort of attitude ignores the context of the situtation. We can dunk on Dengists all we want, but in what reality would it make sense for China to start a war, especially when such an action would detrimental to their country?

1. At this given point, they're already on a winning path through establishing soft power internationally and leading the charge through economics- yes, trade deals with israel and saudi arabia are certainly a bruh moment and a half, but this "do deals with everyone" Sigmarx grindset is what China has been pursuing for years and has been to their benefit arguably at the cost of the international socialist movement

2. If they were to start a war, they would fail at the offensive. In comparisson to the US naval/ airbases around the world, you could only count them with either one or two hands. They do not have the logistical, strategic or tactical advantage to wage an offensive war in pacific. If they started such a war, there's a high chance for them to loose a lot of their international assets, assets which they can't properly protect.

3. Culturally, China has been subject to the 100 years of humiliation, a civil war, and horrific cultural revolution- they know all to well the horrors of war and imperialism first hand. Why on gods green earth would they willingly subject themselves to another battle- one mind you which presents a high risk of defeat.

For China to survive, and for the sake of world fucking peace, they had to take this L, disapointing as it is.
>but I want fucking war
How psychotic do you have to be to want a fucking war where millions are likely to perish. I'm no vet, but I can't imagine people would willingly want to put themselves through the loss of limb, life and mind that comes through the horrors of war- or at least be comfortable knowing their friends, family and comrades go through such a horrific event. Is the death of a US senator worth a world war? Are you willing to open the flood gates of US Imperialism and risk China losing? What would their possible death at the hands of US imperialism achieve? I assume the people who are crying for war are either terminally online fuckwits or unempathetic fuckwits.


File: 1659586099388.jpg (146.04 KB, 1280x720, 1344862995698.jpg)

Give them a break, "bants" is all they have. When shit actually hits the fan, their shitposting stops, and my shitposting begins. Half of them will start shitting on China for actually doing it, and the other half will be shitting themselves, because they didn't actually want it.


What does Taiwan get out of this though? Why piss off China, especially when the US is currently leaving Ukraine to rot?


Because the upper portion of the bourgeoisie cares more about capital and power than nation. See Germany completely cucking itself for the USA right now, or decades of African politicians kneeling over for Westerners.


But I want my hoi 4 game


I have a bunch of Chinese friends on WeChat. Before Pelosi landed, a lot of them oosted about this. One said she was nervous, the other girl welcomed a war, another girl said if reunification needs a war then so be it, another one privately wrote me tha Taiwanese should be able to decide on their own, a guy wrote he would fight for his country, another gun posted a video of someone with a toy gun attacking the flight tracker website screen. After she landed safely, all of them deleted their posts except the toy gun guy


war's inevitable but the waiting game's in china's favor, while the US is steadily losing, while Taiwan's position hasn't dramatically changed because a states person visited.


Damn, embarrassing. China got our hopes up for nothing, guess it's time to just sit back and watch the US turn full fash or something


File: 1659588126147.jpeg (313.39 KB, 657x655, 1641251106160.jpeg)

The more I think about it the more I believe this whole affair was a personal business trip on Shillosi about she and her husband's investments in chip stocks. Let me paint you a picture.

>Taiwan is home to TSMC , the world's premier semiconductor manufacturer

> go on www.quiverquant.com to see stock market transactions of govt officials
>Meanwhile the Senate is set to vote on $52 billion in government subsidies for U.S. semiconductor production, as well as an investment tax credit for chip plants estimated to be worth $24 billion.
> Lots of movement around Nvidia; Shillosi has been loading up on millions worth of call options at a $100 strike price
>Strike price is set to expire in SEPTEMBER
> Shillosi's visit sends the chip stocks tumbling by spreading market panic, bringing her closer to the strike price at which she will buy the stock
> Once market panic fades from the Taiwan visit and the Senate presumably will pass the prudent chip funding bill, chip stonks will rebound big time
>Shillosi profits megalomaniacally

Who said female psychopaths don't exist?
Also bear in mind that
>Cuckmander in Chief Biden and his Chiefs of Staff all thought the visit was a bad idea
>Shillosi still went about it anyway, making it a PERSONAL trip.
>Shillosi has an established history of abusing her office to game the stock market
Of course she did it all because FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY
Can't stand this corrupt hag.


I've also noticed the comment section of every Taiwan or Pelosi video is locked. And Weibo was down when she landed.


It's possible, the problem with having a clown government like the US is not being able to tell if all the clowns are in on the prank. Maybe she really went on a solo mission to save democracy in Asia, or maybe the white house protests were just to save face, we'll never know.


Damn, why do I keep seeing these types of posts? Do I need to go to /sp/ to identify shitpost templates? Like the "I have to write an essay"?


I have no idea what you are even saying.


She definitely did it for the stocks bro. Let's not kid ourselves. This is boomerism at work


You forgot the most important part of it, why the fuck would you turn a reviled politician into a martyr? I would just take whatever L I had just so they had to deal with her bullshit at home again.


>I have a bunch of politically involved friends!
>they made some predictions!
>but now they are embarrassed and btfo!
Every. Fucking. Time.


Nobody said they were politically involved (most Chinese are grillpilled). Fucking Dengoid schizo lmao


>buy a bunch of MIC stocks cheap
>stage an international incident, that threatens war
>collective butt clenches, stocks go up
>sell that shit, make a mint
>diffuse the situation
That would be next level insider trading.


>Shillosi profits megalomaniacally
Okay but Pelosi is just a corrupt politician. She has no capitalist business to grow with milestones and breakthroughs no? So what difference does it make to her to be a dozen or two million $ richer when it's not going to change her lifestyle either and shes fucking 80 years old?

This is too big of a stunt for too little payoff to be a personal thing.She ain't climbing any higher politically, socially or economically by doing this.


Spoken like someone with restraint, that never made gorillions.


so what happened as repurcussions?
any sanctions or just dick waving from both sides


rich people are mentally ill hoarders
news at 11


File: 1659592547667.jpg (18.61 KB, 474x418, guessillshrug.jpg)

True, but i guess my overall point is that a war waged NOW with such a high chance of defeat would not be beneficial to China (or most people who want to see the US fall for that matter).


This is all part of the plan
Read dengs biography unification by 2040


Taiwan. Right now. Is fucking blockaded.

Pay attention.


fuck that bitchass cunt. That's a pretty sneaky move though I really wouldnt put it past her. Stonks are pretty much just for insider trading anyways


It's blatantly obvious to everyone that war would be bad for China. The people who want it don't care about that. They're basically addicted to the feeling of eschaton. They constantly want to relive it. BLM riots. Early Covid. January 6th. The first month of the Ukraine War. The assassination of Solemani. They just want some spectacle that promises to deliver them an orgy of bloody violence, just like a movie. They're waiting on tenterhooks for this. A huge war. A climate catastrophe. The next thing that will be the beginning of the end.


Holy shit, what's next
who is blocking them? china?


Of all those the BLM riots were good, or at least a good sign.


Azan continues to be the most based pop left voice

Calling out america's imperialism and slimey interest in tawianese "democracy"

And all the other so-called "liberation" efforts they've done around the world leaving dead bodies behind in their wake

Basically stay tf out of Taiwan, burgerrina
You don't care for their people, only your war bonds

I fucking hate the US, Fake heroes


It's mostly the feeling that something is happening that will change everything. And after a little everything feels the same but worse and everyone is a little more pissed off. Surely there must be a breaking point somewhere (there isn't)


>Taiwan #1, China not even #2
>most based pop left voice
Don't set the bar too high now.


watching now.
The bar is set so so low and still Hasan is the only anti-imperialist in the pop-left space (that I know of).


He's controlled opposition


I don't see much of him, but to my perception, he doesn't even call himself a socialist, nor a communist and is still way more principled anti-imperialist than all of breadtube.


>I don't see much of him
Then you don't know where/how to look, for a proper assessment
He's one of the top streamers on Twitch and recently started a "podcast" / vodcast with the very popular Youtube gossip personality Ethan Klein / "H3" called "Leftovers". There he peddles Weberian conceptions, standpoint epistemology and other radlib crap that he uncritically internalized through his US university education (he took polsci), like being "pro-sex work" and shilling its Legalization (while conveniently ignoring neo-abolitionism).
He frequently not only describes himself as a socialist, but also has made a fortune at this point recuperating bolshevik and communist aesthetics to give his brand a "radical", "out there" edge. Meanwhile, when he's stripped of his irony and "humor" it turns out that he's practically just another Blairite anti-communist and another defender of NATO (peddles Cool Japan, "authoritarian", "social credit", "Xinjiang" narratives on China, mocking the ongoing communist struggle in his home country of Turkey, been a shill for the Bernie Sanders, "Justice Democrats" and Vote Blue no Matter Who to this day, picked the side of Ukraine in the recent conflict, gets visibly/audibly offended when someone simply cracks a joke about Joe Biden's near-constant gaffs (Ethan on "Leftovers")
He's despicable. He's made a career off being the newphew of Cenk Uighur of "The Young Turks" (media connections by birth), spending a lot of money on his appearance and a polsci degree and then stealing more informed takes from random people on Twitter while eating on-stream.


<The Chinese military launched PCL 191 ballistic missiles (MLRS) across the Taiwan Strait.


Post breadtubers supporting American imperialism.


Well the Agent Kochinski clique is the most obvious example.


Do we need to qualify what "Breadtube" means?


File: 1659602723620.jpg (24.15 KB, 345x450, 1354928874087.jpg)

>we gonna blockade your ass for 4 days
>Day 1:


Didn't it stop having a concrete definition years ago? I mean literally it's supposed to be anarcho-communist (Kropotkin's The Conquest of Bread), but even back in the day ContraPoints was often included into the category, and she never claimed to be an ancom; in fact she ending up being just another liberal.
Who are he ancom breadtubers? Only one come to mind and that's Emerican Johnson and that project is very much a shared one with Luna Oi (an ML). But then again maybe I'm a victim of youtube bubble bias, I consider myself a Marxist.


File: 1659603609999.png (5.4 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan and met with Tsai Ing-wen, sending a seriously wrong signal to the separatist forces for "Taiwan independence." Clinging to the United States to seek "independence," like drinking toxic wine offered by Uncle Sam, will prove their own undoing.


the US is definitely in the process of leading all its "friends" to ruin: Ukraine, Europe, Taiwan…


The US has no friends only minions


theyre so smug:
"here how about we make them fly just metres apart from each other for more show"


<China Central Television releases footage of missile launches in areas around Taiwan during exercise


<The Taiwanese army began the transfer of 155-mm howitzers M114 and 120-mm mortars closer to the areas of the exercises of the PLA



What happens to these missiles anyway? Explode mid air? Fall into the ocean?


There's an argument to be said when everyone but one strain of leftists supports China, when everyone takes a "neither Beijing nor Washington" stance which clearly favors Washington, etcetc


I've been seeing him for about 2 years and not even half of what you said is even true. What I'd true is that he believes that the Uighurs were CULTURALLY genocided and that their domestic policies were bad or atleast not effective (i don't particularly agree with this). Since day one he has said that NATO is bad and that Ukraine was the west's fault even though he still sees Russia and putin as bad and reactionary, he has not changed this position. Hasan is not a communist even though he claims to be marxist, he's more of a pro labor left socdem/demsoc than anything else. Also the yeah the whole dem support is cringe but he is American so that's inevitable really. Hasan is the only political twitch streamer who isn't absurd, he is stupid and liberal leaning but not absurd like Voush and others.


>"half of what you said isn't true"
>essentially just critiques my tone on specifics
Tell me what I'm lying about and I'll prove to you that he's said as much.


They could fight a defensive war indefinitely. They have all the world's industry, and their shipbuilding capactity exceeds that of the US and all its allies combined.


Wow, it's almost like they were launched from the same launcher!


For starters could you prove that he is an anti communist blairite that is pro NATO?


He's morally bankrupt, peddling marxism while buying mansions and luxury cars and doing sex tourism.


>Taiwan #1
This shit is so pathetic, if the communists never took over in China we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now about Taiwan, because America recognized both Taiwan and the South China Sea as China's under Chiang Kai Shek.


This isnt addressed to Hasan specifucally, honestly I see him saying more based stuff than not but i dont watch him and Im sure he just regurgitates whatever the socdem media says, that said
>CULTURALLY genocided
meaningless distinction that was made up after getting called out on there not being an actual genocide. I dont keep up with the latest atrocity propaganda but I dont even see the "cultural genocide" bullshit get thrown anymore either


The West just remembered they don't give a shit about muslims, that's all.


Marx did not advocate that his followers be poor.


File: 1659628234065.png (87.52 KB, 795x355, ClipboardImage.png)

why is US flying airplanes in the vicinity of China military exercises?


there's no cultural genocide unless you think the uighur culture is cutting people's throats and blowing themselves up which would be very fucked up


I believe this point is underappreciated: unless the US engaged in a total war to exterminate mainland Chinese with nuclear weapons, a war between industrial societies is a measure of the competing powers' productive capacities. It is not a question of ability, since they can fight indefinitely, but one of ideological endurance in the face of the horrors of war. If the US destroyed Three Gorges Dam would Chinese steel themselves or buckle under the weight of the disaster? We saw how they responded to covid, so I believe the answer is clear.


Related to the Garuda Shield I guess? It's geographically close to Indonesia, let China claim the NDL and you'll see that it also includes a small portion of northeastern Natuna of the Riau Islands


Marx also spoke about commodity fetishism. Buying a multimillion dollar mansion is so far from being poor. I'd bet like 90% of the world population won't make that much money in their life. Calling out the hipocrisy in a person consistently living in capitalist excess while spouting supposedly leftist values isn't me saying every marxist should take vows of poverty.


File: 1659629571565-0.png (189.13 KB, 786x654, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659629571565-1.png (373.25 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

i feel like im taking crazy pills


spy-planes checking up on military maneuvers is a little old school, but maybe there was a technical reason for not using a satellite.

Dams are hard to destroy with conventional weapons, because it's like blowing up a small mountain made out of steel reinforced concrete. The 3 gorges dam used 28 million m² of concrete and half a million tons of steel. Destroying that with conventional weapons means getting close with heavy bombers or using heavy ballistic rockets. It would be difficult to get either through anti air defenses. The other thing is that the US also has exploitable geological features that would become targets for retaliation.


God I hate that witch's face so much. Why didn't china do what it needed to and let her fly back


This is totally misdirected aggression lel. China got cucked by the US, but instead of punking the US is bullying taiwan instead. Typical bully shit.


Anon, the PRC and the ROC are still oficially at war, how can it be misdirected?


I think i finally get it, they are treating this as an internal matter, and they are trying to bring a rogue province in line. To them it's worse that somebody in Taiwan welcomed Pelosi than the fact that she went.

I think you are right however that directing aggression towards the US rather than Taiwan would be more effective. Because in the end they want reunification with Taiwan and aggression towards Taiwan will make that harder.


>Because in the end they want reunification with Taiwan and aggression towards Taiwan will make that harder
I agree with this part but this is why I think that any reaction beyond purely economic and diplomatic stuff is just for domestic propaganda purposes


Why are zoomers incapable of thinking in non meme terms? Half the posts on this board are how one country 'gets cucked' or something as dumb


Now that the post-nut clarity is setting in your realizing you fucked up right? This is now the new normal. Simulated blockades, missiles over the island, economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure. This was a tremendous gift for China and tremendously harmful for Taiwan independence.


File: 1659635662832.jpg (227.17 KB, 800x450, glowie.jpg)

>intel slava z telegram
yeah totally clicking and signing up for that with my phone number.


They’re just getting now that it’s not a meme. What actually happened is the US completely blew up the terrific arrangement they had where they got to ignore ambiguity and the status quo, and China had to respect it. It’s always been one of the biggest fictions in IR that China did not also share in strategic ambiguity, allowing RoC to participate in fully normal relations with the world in all aspects except for diplomatic courtesy. That all is over. And what did the US get in return? A photo-op to glorify the most hated, corrupt politician in the country.


because the internet is brain poison and 90% of everybody who is into politics has had their capacity for rational thought rotted away and replaced by dipshit memes used as thought-terminating cliches


Nancy Chads stay winning




Anon, just what do you want him to do? Suppose he sells off all his assets and donates it to charity, how will that bring us any closer to socialism?


>be China
>do nothing
>win again

Incredible how it keeps happening


he could purchase a business and run it as a worker's co-op. it's not socialism but at least it would show done kind of dedication to the cause beyond words. hell, even just donating his wealth to a socialist org or even a liberal union engaged in a strike would be doing more.


File: 1659638384085.png (1.25 MB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

the chinacel fears the italian busty grandmommy milf stacy


File: 1659638809400.png (162.02 KB, 448x375, ClipboardImage.png)

>They might actually invade Taiwan, daring US to intervene.


That's a major war crime. If the US loses that war, US and ROC officials would be charged to a high degree.


>US officials
lmao, by who??


All of them especially Agent Kochinski and Shit Empanada


The Hague


File: 1659640414784.png (292.34 KB, 1643x727, ClipboardImage.png)

i don't know about that one chief


Chairman Milley's National Salvation Council


>we can't be charged with warcrimes because we said so
Do Burgers really?


Notice how it was passed right before Iraq?


>Do Burgers really?
yes and i wish more people understood the global implications of the sole global superpower stating it does not adhere to international law and its courts


That fucker should've coup'd Trump while he had the chance. Most Americans would've supported it.


The American Exception

They knew they were about to do some war crimes

The imperial core because most Western countries are junior partners in imperialism. They can go tsk tsk about Americans not having free healthcare but they can't really do that much to stop America from burgerfrying the rest of the world.


Young Nancy Pelosi.

Would you?


File: 1659641367629.jpg (48.29 KB, 960x544, i.shoosh.jpg)

Any time, any age, any place


they'll dew nuttin


all the evil she did corrupted her


Okay Roald Dahl


yeah but at age 18 she was a pretty faced rocket tits gal


>That's a major war crime.
Yeah the US doesn't exactly have a good record on that front.
>If the US loses that war, US and ROC officials would be charged to a high degree.
Prosecuting US officials for warcrimes will be difficult. The US would almost certainly loose a War against China, collapsing the US empire. However the US would remain as a regional power with lots of nukes and forcing them to hand over war-criminals against their will would prove difficult.
If I had to make a guess i would say that who ever is involved with blowing up a dam to drown millions of people is going to get hunted down by Chinese state police, dragged into a dungeon and water boarded daily while being kept alive for decades. Along the lines of the Jewish Nazi hunters tracking down Nazis after WW2 that evaded the Nuremberg trials.
Chinese people aren't cruel but after witnessing a Biblical calamity nothing will be off the table to create deterrence.


Surprised a Chinese diplomat hasn’t flown to Puerto Rico and recognized there right to become a state. I’d totally play tit-for-tat at this point.


It’s not that
It’s because, how tf will you make America hand over its war criminals if they don’t want to?
If the US Empire collapsed America would still be the regional power of North America defended by a sea on its Eastern and Western borders and much weaker (and heavily dependent) neighbors to the North and South; America is a nearly impossible to invade country, who’s gonna come for them?


I had the same exact thought when this shit started.


xi jinping mi pueblo anhela la libertad.




Brazil would have to fight through all of LatAm and then Mexico before fighting America
That does remind me that the only outside force with any hope of destroying the US state would be the combined forces of all of Latin America


Not if they're in on it.


self immolater anon?


In all honesty, after an attack like that, and a US defeat, Americans better watch themselves when they go overseas.


It's 8 AM around Taiwan. Anything?


China's response has been worse than nothing, tbh. Not sure what these impotent drills are meant to accomplish.
Imagine being pantsed in front of your entire school and your response is to go paintball the shopfront a few blocks down from your bully's home to show him you mean business.
< Oh no, China is firing some shit into the ocean


>Not sure what these drills are meant to accomplish.
They are disrupting Taiwan's ports with this.


If Taiwan opposes them, then it's an overt declaration of opposition to China. If Taiwan lets them happen unopposed, then it's a tacit admission of submission and a continuation of the status quo. It's not that hard.


i just want the chinks to stop delivering sand to this reddit nation.


It literally doesn't matter what the response it as long as it doesn't cause any more trouble tbh. China's position in the world won't change because of this Pelosi situation. China is rising, the US is collapsing, that's not going to change


File: 1659672691359.png (Spoiler Image, 7.17 MB, 3000x3026, ClipboardImage.png)

Sparrow has decided to get in on the meme action (it's pr0n, obviously, so spoilers).


File: 1659674387192-0.jpg (233.26 KB, 1004x2048, ltzl2ftpzsf91.jpg)

File: 1659674387192-1.jpg (48.59 KB, 720x477, guo6rdtpzsf91.jpg)

File: 1659674387192-2.jpg (42.36 KB, 1080x578, xrke9mtpzsf91.jpg)

File: 1659674387192-3.jpg (41.36 KB, 846x479, sxxi4etpzsf91.jpg)

>Chinese missiles being fired directly over Taiwan for the first time


Good to see someone with taste in porn has taste in politic too.


Out of pure curiosity, what do you guys honestly think will be the result of this so-called “Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis”, as everyone knows what my prediction is (A total Nothingburger), but I am honestly curious to hear other Anons predictions, 🤔?


>as everyone knows what my prediction is (A total Nothingburger)
World War 3 at worst, albeit a very small chance. Escalations may also occur on the following months although in small margins.


A nothingburger because we're talking about the country that is famous for over 900 final warnings:


if anyone escalates this to a war it's going to be the US finally losing it.


Certainly a flex. I'd prefer they occupied some islands, though.


what about the ussr? they played their hand and are no more


>He's morally bankrupt, peddling marxism while buying mansions and luxury cars and doing sex tourism

oh shut up you dumb dogmatist
you are everything that's wrong about pesud left

>reee class traitor is shilling marxism, so bad!

genuinely end yourself, for peddling rightist propaganda about communism being some new age charity cult

fucking hate dogmatist that act like communism is something as pure as mother's milk and not an economic system on how to allocate the resources of the planet


wtf are missilies even? they're shooting blanks or where is that shit gonna land and bomb at


yes i would tell plant fake drugs on her and get her permanently banned from congress



>>we can't be charged with warcrimes because we said so

>Do Burgers really?

No they don't do that. They are worse than that. Not only do they refuse to recognize the jurisdiction of the courts at the Hague, like almost every other country in the wold has. They also threaten to invade Holland if any of their soldiers are charged at the Hague.

This is while they simultaneously threaten other countries with the courts at the Hague, and make accusations of genocides and war crimes.



What an utter climbing prep school psycho.


What the absolute fuck does this mean?


Brits were worse, tbh.

>If you're a neutral country trading with someone we're at war with, we'll stop your merchant ships and take it.

Primary reason for the naval arms race, too.


File: 1659681306123.png (770.13 KB, 1279x542, ClipboardImage.png)

No clue. Translating it doesnt help much lol, assuming this is accurate


>fucking hate dogmatist that act like communism is something as pure as mother's milk and not an economic system
So what are your opinions of China?


How big is the linguistic difference between the mainland and Taiwan? It's been 8p years since Mao developed simplified Chinese and they've been under separate governments and economic models, how long until Taiwanese could theoretically become its own nation even under Lenin and Stalin definitions?


File: 1659682399345.png (264.98 KB, 474x612, ClipboardImage.png)



uygha do really expect me to watch
all that shit


That stupid book turned me into a materialist I swear


File: 1659693435236.png (312.67 KB, 1127x1015, ClipboardImage.png)

you're spooked buddy. she just aged. you will too.


File: 1659693678690-0.png (824.69 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659693678690-1.png (11.24 MB, 3264x2448, ClipboardImage.png)

it's one of these things right?


i gotta start mirroring her market moves 1:1


reminder china has THOUSANDS fewer nukes than USA


t. cuck
you lost and literally no one takes your shitty "country" seriously anymore


They just need to hit the people responsible to be a credible response


China has always said its actual 'red-line' which would cause actual war is either Taiwan committing an act of suicide by attacking PLA/PLA-AF/PLA-N forces OR the ROC shrugging off its label and attempting to formally declare itself 'Taiwan'.

Neither of which it has done, so China will not attack / was never going to attack Taiwan/ROC over this.

China's foreign policy is a lot less like some sort of Inter-war infant USSR trying to blitz towards Warsaw like their (You) playing Hoi4, and a lot more like Stalin after WW2 reacting to happenings in Greece or Korea - i.e They are not going to start an engagement unless they are sure that victory is more or less 95% / within a margin of error - certain because actually Going in and losing is a lot worse then just never playing that particular geopolitical game to begin with.


>and horrific cultural revolution
Deng's [Completely valid] recognition that Mao wasn't some sort of omnipotent, omnipresent proletarian ubermensch who was never wrong [Which should NEVER become an accepted belief among communists about any particular leader], without doing a complete heel-turn and completely forgetting/defaming him was obviously correct and justified [i.e 70/30]

But the decision to COMPLETELY vilify the GPCR, Refusal to acknowledge arguably any of the positive initiatives and accomplishments, and refusal to apply the same '70/30' standard he applies to Mao in general to to the entire last stretch of Mao's leadership of China of a period stretching for 10 years sticks out like a sore thumb.

His analysis of what the GPCR's apparent folly was absolutely asinine. its foolishness encompassed by his term to describe it
>'Feudal-Fascist Dictatorship'
It only takes you examining each word in this phrase (Feudal, Fascist and Dictatorship) individually and then asking yourself these questions.
<Was the PRC in 1966-1976 Feudal?
<Was the PRC in 1966-76 Fascist?
<Was the PRC in 1966-76 a 'dictatorship'
Obviously, the answer is NO. NO. and NO.


<🇨🇳⚡️Chinese army exercises to continue Friday in three zones around Taiwan - statement
<🇨🇳🇺🇲⚡️China foreign ministry: We will cancel dialogues between US and China military.
<🇨🇳🇺🇲⚡️China foreign ministry: We will suspend US and China cooperation on cross border crime prevention.
<🇨🇳🇺🇲⚡️China foreign ministry: will suspend US - China maritime safety mechanism talks.
<🇨🇳🇺🇲⚡️China has suspended dialogue with the United States at the level of regional military commands.


Bunkersisters what do you think about this Bloomberg article claiming that Nancy Pelosi is kind of a loose canon that Biden couldn't reign in


At a quick glance either the truth, an attempt at saving face, or dissembling

My bet is on the latter





You gained a stupid photo, you got the whole liberal MSM circus excited about Pelosi's incredible stunt and you get to spam imageboards with memes about how that old witch owned the PRC. Congratulations. This is your epic win, burger glowshit.
Meanwhile, the Chinese military is holding a big ass maneuver around Taiwan.
I would have had a good laugh if they would've actually gone ahead and sunk one of your big dick carriers in minecraft to spite you, but Xi apparently isn't such a hothead, he's more about realpolitik and doesn't give a fuck about burger posturing. Which is good, as there are enough retards acting up in world politics, including the embarassing green bumpkin, who is in charge of our foreign policy right now.


this seems quite significant


Sanctions imposed on Nancy Pelosi


>How big is the linguistic difference between the mainland and Taiwan?
Taiwanese Mandarin and Mainland Mandarin are very similar in their standardized forms, with only some minor differences in pronunciation and vocabulary. In their colloquial forms, the difference is larger, but they're still easily mutually intelligible. I've never heard anyone claim that Mainland Mandarin and Taiwanese Mandarin are separate languages.
>It's been 8p years since Mao developed simplified Chinese and they've been under separate governments and economic models, how long until Taiwanese could theoretically become its own nation even under Lenin and Stalin definitions?
Going against one of Stalin's major ideas will probably be controversial here, but I firmly believe that trying to define a nation is futile, because it has much more to do with self-identity than with Stalin's factors (language, economy, geography, etc.). Like, Ireland in the early 20th century was predominantly English speaking, but there were still some people there who were monolingual Irish speakers; does that mean they weren't part of the same nation as the monolingual English speakers? Or look at some Native American tribes; are the Lakota one nation (on the basis of history, culture, and language), or several (on the basis of the current political separation between their various tribes)? If African-Americans constitute a nation (as many communists believe), does that mean they aren't part of the larger American nation, or is it possible for one nation to be a subset of another? Anyway, to get to the point, the important thing in this situation is that most people in Mainland China see Taiwan and its people as part of the Chinese nation, while most people in Taiwan see themselves as part of a distinct nation.


File: 1659718718524.png (113.34 KB, 509x779, ClipboardImage.png)

Heh I was trying to check how many US troops were in Taiwan and found this article.


>A Google search for "how many troops does the U.S. have in Taiwan?" brings up a Wikipedia page about United States Taiwan Defense Command.

>This existed between 1954 and 1979. The Wikipedia page noted 30,000 troops from Combined Arms and branches.

Lol. A US Senator. We are lead by retards at the highest levels of government. Or actually I imagine somebody in the permanent state isn't retarded and has a strategy and a plan that they feed to the elected officials.

I wonder who really came up with the idea for this Pelosi stunt.


I remember something about Cena being on tiktok practicing his chinese and promoting lao gan ma, and apologizing for calling Taiwan a country which made R*dditoids call him John Xina. So I presume this is calling on that perceived cozy relationship between him and China's corporate. But I have no longer who the two they're banging are. Are they supposed to represent some real or ficitional Japanese figure?


File: 1659720306705.png (90.11 KB, 792x440, ClipboardImage.png)

why is this woman still alive and entrusted with the highest position in the US government below biden (another person who is, incomprehensibly, still alive and involved in US politics)


I do not understand this addiction to the eschatological feeling. Do they have nothing to live for? Is this is a uniquely American thing or has it spread worldwide now?


Are you asking for reactionaries or why are you here?


A feeling of resentment at the status quo finds satisfaction in seeing everyday society get turned on its head. I think it's the same reason that zombies and post-apocalyptic scenarios are popular: catharsis at seeing a "normal" world get torn up and modern illusions broken. Though they might believe in "socialism or barbarism", and acknowledge that barbarism is supposed to be the worse option, they would also feel like the West had it coming anyway if it failed to have socialism.


I wonder if the anti-chinese have any sense of contrarianism, because while it is not a good thing to be constantly against the mainstream for stupid reasons, I wonder how people don't feel ununique for having the same opinions as everyone else when it comes to China/Russia.


Are the only people who care about this shit imageboard users?
My retarded liberal friend who is mildly pro-ukraine never gave a shit about this "happening" and only commented after I kept mentioning it.
He just waved it off by saying if China is smart they'll do nothing about it like they always do.
So this was really just to make rightoids feel good and stroke their cocks


"Prosperous woman visits prosperous island" lacks so much of the pathos of "Evil Asiatic Dictator Wantonly Invades Helpless Nation of Blonde-haired, Blue Eyed Wheat Farmers." Besides, the prospect of nuclear war is such a bummer. Not much clout to chase there.


There already is a China general.


From what I've seen of racist communities on the internet, all of them were able to identify anti-Chinese racism as basically safe– in other words, it had always been a socially acceptable target for racism and not even particularly edgy, and they approached hostility towards China and the Chinese in an essentially gloating way and they eagerly treat China in public forums in ways they could only treat other countries in private arenas.

So I don't think there is a particular backlash but a sense of victory: I was right, and you knew I was always right.

The Liberal perspective has not really shifted either. The American liberal-left has been deliberately excluding Chinese from anti-racist ideology for a long time, and anti-racism as it addressed Asians usually did it from the accusatory standpoint (bad allies.) You can see it when they stopped using terms like PoC in favor of BIPoC, which intentionally removes Asians. On the left you also had pretty open sinophobia in which Chinese were blamed for harming the American Working Class and you have folks like Amber Frost who are outright sinophobes.

Basically I don't think there was ever a point where being anti-Chinese was not a socially acceptable position in the US, so I don't think there is a contrarianism resulting from mainstreaming of open racism, among racists. HOWEVER I do think that there is developing a clearly subversive element to China and this might be the basis for the development of a counter-culture.


PRC should have cancelled all those military talks earlier. They were purely confrontational and were misleading people into thinking there were "guardrails" or "lines of communication" which were preventing serious errors because of their names. That's not what those were and they were not doing that, and so those frameworks were worse than nothing.


>China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd' and 'bully and strangle them at will' as it severs cooperation with Washington and fires ballistic missiles after Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan trip



Pretty much the entire internet in China is flooded with Taiwan shit right now, from every direction. To gain a little insight, I am just going to choose the top post on Zhihu, and the top comment, and translate it using my spiffy AI translator and briefly checking the results (robert downey junior: "he is very lazy"). I don't know what it says yet so here we go:

Link: https://www.zhihu.com/question/547135232/answer/2611798397

Everyone thinks that this series of measures targeted against Pelosi's visit to Taiwan were merely done because she disregarded China's strong opposition. The reality is that this old lady's physical and political lifespan is not long, and whatever she does will not affect the overall, long-term situation of US-China relations. The high level decision makers are not that naive, and didn't put on this big show just for Pelosi.

What will really affect the big picture of US-China relations is the US Congress pushing through the Taiwan Policy Act. The bill would elevate Taiwan to the status of an important non-NATO ally and pave the way for future U.S. military involvement in Taiwan; support Taiwan's participation in international organizations through legislation; provide billions of dollars in of no-cost support for Taiwan's armaments; and support the renaming of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO).

This bill should have been considered in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee in the past two days but was was postponed by Biden due to the visit. It is still expected to be submitted to both chambers for a vote soon. Once passed, the bill will completely upend the U.S. one-China policy and the strategic ambiguity of the Taiwan issue. Even more concerning is the domino effect that it will trigger among US allies. The bill (at least before Pelosi's visit and the introduction of a series of Chinese countermeasures) is almost a foregone conclusion to pass the House and Senate. All of China's current measures are, in fact, a way to seize the initiative regarding this coming re-adjustment of US-China relations.

It has two functions. It is preemptive, meant to prompt careful consideration and deter the U.S. before elevating relations with Taiwan. It is to seize the initiative so that subsequently, no matter how the U.S. adjusts its policy toward Taiwan, it will be met with a countermeasure in response.

China has asked more than 100 countries to reaffirm their support for the one-China policy so as to draw a line in preparation for the subsequent struggle. This is to make clear which party is provoking change, to stabilize the situation in half the world, and to not to be in a passive position after the U.S. policy adjustment.

At the same time, the military exercises practicing embargo of Taiwan will tell the United States and its proxies that the Chinese mainland is ready for armed unification no matter what, and there cannot be a good outcome from continued offensive actions.


Two more things:

The U.S. Congress is almost entirely hawkish towards China, and in the current situation where the struggle between the two parties is acute and consensus cannot be reached on any issue, Pelosi's grab for power has received rare bipartisan support, that is, being tough on China is almost the only issue which can achieve bipartisan consensus.

The legislative work of the Taiwan Policy Act has now been postponed to September, and in the current atmosphere of unprecedented confrontation between China and the United States, and unprecedented anti-China efforts by both parties, the probability of the bill being passed in the U.S. Congress is infinitely close to 100%. After the bill is voted in both houses, it will be signed by the president to take effect. The U.S. executive branch is relatively more sensible, but there is great uncertainty whether Biden will refuse to sign it under the enormous pressure from Congress, especially the Democratic caucus.

Biden and his team have repeatedly acquiesced to Pelosi's trip on the grounds that they could not interfere with the actions of members of Congress. Could it really be that no one on the Chinese side understands the separation between the executive and legislative branches of the United States? Of course not. But this time the Chinese side just frankly told the U.S. side: I don't care about the details of how your government works. No matter what your separation of powers is, and no matter that the executive branch cannot restrain the legislative branch, on the bottom line issue of Taiwan, in our eyes you are one and the same.

How successful the current series of countermeasures can be in intercepting the Taiwan Policy Act, I cannot say. But judging from the current Chinese measures, we have seized a valuable strategic head start, regardless of whether this bill will eventually be introduced.


>China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd' and 'bully and strangle them at will'
Kek, zzing


read into the missing malaysian flight from 2014, increased tension leading to a flashpoint event is exactly what the us wants, they're fishing for an international incident to start an isolation campaign.


File: 1659745231536.jpg (77.66 KB, 800x450, WAT.jpg)

>and you have folks like Amber Frost who are outright sinophobes.


If you think perception is reality, my friend, you're braindead.


File: 1659746191477.jpg (75.59 KB, 960x639, Kente-Pelosi.jpg)

>>China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd' and 'bully and strangle them at will'
oh no


You're on the USS Reagan and the DF-17s start hitting


File: 1659760774413.jpg (87.48 KB, 590x542, revisionims.jpg)

Since this is the Taiwan thread I thought I'd just post this here. I saw this and had to do a doubletake. I don't care about "patsocs" or even who this person is, but I was a little taken aback by this person, who appears to be a typical example of the sinophobic left, just straight up lying and/or projecting their own historical situation onto Taiwan.

There is an actual group of Indigenous People in Taiwan and it is NOT the Hoklo Han, which made up the majority of the island's population well before the Chinese Civil War. The KMT indeed did not target the indigenous people and in contemporary Taiwanese politics they are a reliable KMT constituency.


< Oh no, China is now firing missiles into the ocean on the other side of Taiwan
Dengoids are embarrassing. Like Russia, they apparently don't even know how to use kompromat or lob intel-sourced grenades on America.


This was US provoking China into becoming an aggressor. Instead, USA managed to show the world that USA are the rabid aggressor. All the countries, even european vassals but to a lesser extent, are looking at USA funny right now


>USA managed to show the world that USA are the rabid aggressor.
Superfluous display.
>All the countries, even european vassals but to a lesser extent, are looking at USA funny right now
It's a nice thought, but the truth is that they just don't give a shit. As long as America has global power, they'll keep dancing to the American tune.



This is a good analysis of events, how the Chinese government sees these events, and the historical reasons for their position.



panicky pablum


<Taiwan’s senior missile development technician found dead in a hotel room in south Taiwan. No further details


burgerstan has fucked up big time



Chinese special agent hooker assassinated him?


>Superfluous display.
Dude, just a year ago it wasn't even in the talks that Iran would be reintegrated into the world economy through China. It was commonsense that India would be in Quad or any other Anglo-led alliance, but instead we have India in BRICS aligning with China. It's very not superfluous


How's that going to work out since Indians are Taiwan simps?


Go check out voting record of India in UN and whether it was mostly aligned with USA or China. Pretty fucking obvious that Anglo propaganda has India as a hardcore adversary, while in reality it's stance is different. It's basically Vietnam all over again - Anglos propagandized themselves to believe that Vietnam hates China and will let USA have bases on Vietnamese land, lol


Nah I'm not talking about propaganda I mean over the last few days the Indians on twitter have been going full "Indians-simping-for-Israel" tier over Taiwan.
India probably has the most annoying nationalist spergs, even beating out Turkey, so I think how annoying they are about something on twitter is actually a good metric.


What I meant by a superfluous display in response to the comment "USA managed to show the world that USA are the rabid aggressor" is that the 199424th piece of evidence that the USA is a rabid aggressor is completely negligible in light of the other 199423 pieces of evidence. There's not exactly some game-changer here in terms of news value.



>I think how annoying they are about something on twitter is actually a good metric.

Basing a worldview and geopolitical analysis on their twitter feed. One of the global billion, mid 2022.


Go ahead, post the polling


Nothing happened nobody cares


>Amber Frost who are outright sinophobes
ummm… she's chinese


can infrared stop not missing? This is getting ridiculous


>Meng Xiangqing, a professor at the PLA-affiliated National Defense University, told state broadcaster China Central Television in an interview published Sunday that the drills aimed to “completely smash the so-called median line” and demonstrate China’s ability to prevent foreign intervention in a conflict by blockading and controlling the Bashi Channel, an important waterway between the western Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.
Mediocre, China. Mediocre.


true although already much better than nothing. Was worried about that for a secl


War when?


China cucked. This is it boys, let's wrap it up


Later. It's not like America will stop pushing.


>China cucked.
Looks like it. Still waiting to see the "forceful measures" that were threatened before Pelosi's visit.
(INB4 someone who can't read changes the subject to the shooting-down-plane bullshit.)


man it's almost sad to see how bad mutts have fucked up by instituting neoliberal policies. the us is a splendid example of the contradictions caused by capitalism, it's just a shame that 300 million + allies are dragged down the drain with it


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