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File: 1659745322631-0.png (42.67 KB, 2560x1280, Yugoslavia.png)

File: 1659745322631-1.jpg (287.38 KB, 1280x1865, Ethnic Map Yugoslavia.jpg)

File: 1659745322631-2.png (64.48 KB, 1887x1242, Frontline Yugoslavia.png)


Did Yugoslavia/Serbia really commit war crimes or is it Western bullshit? To me it seems that Serbia was the side that deserved to be critically supported since they were on the defensive trying to protect their minorities in countries like Croatia and Bosnia where literal nazis and mujahedeen terrorists were going to genocide them like they did in WW2.
Similarly, Serbs were ethnically cleansed from Kosovo by Albanian terrorists with the help of NATO in the early 2000s. Not all Serbs left however and the remaining few are persecuted by the illegitimate government occupying the Kosovo region, with recent events being a discrete manifestation of this trend.

There’s been talk about "denazifying" Kosovo in the past days in the Serbian government which is leading me to believe that a new war is coming in the Balkan. I need materials such as books, movies, documentary and news articles that shows the truth about the recent history of Serbia/Yugoslavia, the ethnic cleansing and persecution of Serbians in Kosovo and the NATO bombings so I can preemptively prepare for future debates against the libs/nazis.



I'm pretty damn sure Serbs were genocidal ones and Bosniaks/Albanians were the victims, I don't but whenever someone mentions Serbia to me I imagine a state fillen with literal far-right ultra-militaristic neo-crusaders who want to exterminate Muslims in Europe




File: 1659746053868.pdf (2.42 MB, 183x255, 1614706295182-3.pdf)

Idk if Parenti is leftypol approved but he did write this book on it


Enver warned about hyper revisionism and serbian chauvinism


>Why have so many Muslims come to hate the West? In this controversial three-part series filmed in Lebanon, Gaza, Israel, Egypt, and Bosnia, Robert Fisk—award-winning Middle East and Balkans correspondent for the London Independent—reports on Muslim unrest as ideology, religion, history, and geography come into conflict.

>To the Ends of the Earth compares the plight of Muslims in Egypt and Bosnia. Though separated by geography and the distinct cultures in which they live their lives, this video reveals the feeling of betrayal by the West experienced by these two Muslim communities. Interviews with Islamic freedom fighters and war casualties shed light on the dynamics of the ongoing struggle for the survival of these communities.


Everything that is against western interests is actually based and redpilled. If you think about it, the Hutus were anti-imperialist.



exactly the kinf of surety you have when you read nothing.
After being done in Bosnia, parts of the Islamists there started planning 9/11


The reprisals were harsh


yeah they were harsher than the crime they acused Serbia for.
And thats not even mentioning the eternally Nazi loving Croatians


This is one conflict Ive really never looked into to. Never was a fan of Yugoslavia itself personally. Serbia seems kinda sus but in the West its hard for us to separate the alleged genocide from the West's handling of the whole affair which is why you have Parenti and even Chomsky simpnig for Milosevic.
I shouldnt tlak though because I really dont know but id like to see this thread take off


ITT: westoid leftists try to redwash vojislav seselj and other rightoid ultranationalists because anyone that opposes burgerstan is heckin based


I don't really know much but from what I little I do know is that the Hague ruled that Milosevic was not guilty of war crimes and genocide.


>Europe on their way to demonstrate once again they are bloodthirsty war demons.


File: 1659789429032.webm (461.47 KB, 626x360, parenti tips bottle.webm)

>idk if Parenti is leftypol approved but
howgnu.ru-seriously though Parenti is well liked here, and welcome.


>parts of the Islamists there started planning 9/11

9/11 was a farse anon, and do you deny Serbia is the most ultra-militaristic, far-right, racist and xenophobic state in Europe?



Stopped reading there

Kys Nazi filth


File: 1659797556022-0.png (2.7 MB, 2216x1122, serbian.png)

File: 1659797556022-1.png (1.47 MB, 1820x844, serbs btfo.png)

File: 1659797556022-2.png (219.33 KB, 1196x636, kuran srpski.png)

bre moment


>Serbia really commit war crimes
>or is it Western bullshit?
Westerners exploited that fact to achieve their desired political outcome, but never underestimate the bloodthirsty delusions of serbs.


maybe the fact that every other ex-yugo nation dislikes them carries more meaning than the ramblings of foreigners who want to fit a square peg in their round hole


these memes were made by some croatian /pol/tard

who cares if the serbs have brown skin


I mean here's nothing wrong with shitting on Nazis but these editions were made by literally White supremacists from Croatia and Slovenia who see Serbs as way too brown to be allowed into the "Euro club"


I mean that's fair but from the Serb perspective, all those countries are separatists so of course they don't like Serbia.


This dude whose posts were deleted is probably the same guy who was furiously advocating for Serbian nationalism and fighting with everyone else in the Kosovo thread a few days back.


from the americans' perspective all these countries they invade "hate them for their freedoms", who cares


also, why are fashoid retards so obsessed with cuckoldry?

That quote about "viziers raping their wives" doesn't come from some work on serbian history or some account from the ottoman times. It come from some memoirs of some journalist who visited Belgrade in 1990s, lol


>also, why are fashoid retards so obsessed with cuckoldry?
cus its HOT


Remember the "communist" Zizek was and remains 100% pro-NATO in this


Why do none of the "Serbia didn't commit warcrimes, that's propaganda" fags ever want to discuss Ratko Mladic and the Srebrenica massacre?


That reprisal was also harsh

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