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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1659746676346.jpg (86.94 KB, 960x720, Dugin-NBP_bunker-1996.jpg)


What are your thoughts on this man and his "fourth political theory"?


I haven't any because I've never read him. What are your thoughts? Anything I should know?


Barely even knew who he was before Russia invaded Ukraine, I haven't read him either. Kind of why I made this thread, I want to know more and know where to start


Reactionary socialist


I learned about him in tandem with caleb maupin because radlibs we're smearing them together on SDL's fbi.gov years ago. aside from memes I dont think about him, he seems like a fascist but also just literal who that no one would care about if not for the anti russia propaganda


Just a rehash of Heidegger.


Fascism, just in a country where the strong antifascism in WW2 has made blatant fascism unpopular among nationalists who consider their victory a high moment in their nation's history. "Fourth Position" is just a way to rebrand fascism by calling something totally new to circumvent this.
Remember that fascism always tries to portray itself as the true new revolution, but at the end of the day, there are two main classes. If it's not for the proletariat, you'd better bet it's serving the bourgeoisie.


I've not read 4PT but I've read some articles he's written and I get the impression it's more like early fascism, since he believes that the reason every fascist movement failed was because it got into bed with the rich and instead of culture or race he wants to build it around "Dasein". So I guess in the context of the 90s they wanted to hard reset the oligarchs rather than work with them, while someone will point out fascism can't work without the backing of the rich it's even more pointless to form a fascist movement to back a bunch of traitorous Yeltsinites.
Russian fascism is also more commonly like Italian fascism than Nazi stuff, even their old fascist emigres in Manchuria weren't particularly racist besides the antisemitism. Dugin isn't even antisemitic so after a bit you start to wonder why he even chose fascism, and it's probably just a branding choice for a kind of romanticist authoritarianism which people wouldn't really get excited for if you just packaged it in your average cryptofascist conservative party.


Was it him or the other guy who was big in the Soviet punk scene?


File: 1659748320080.png (623.92 KB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

that's what Doogin looked like in 1996?



File: 1659748480818.png (644.38 KB, 656x453, ClipboardImage.png)

Limonov. Becomes obvious when you see pictures of them both lol


File: 1659748483413-0.png (6.68 KB, 324x216, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659748483413-1.png (39.66 KB, 746x428, ClipboardImage.png)

why did the NBP design their flag to look like like the nazis? just to be edgy? People here have told me they weren't antisemitic or racist or whatever, but it seems like a bad idea to design your flag to more closely resemble the country that tried to genocide the USSR.


File: 1659748975725-1.jpg (44.57 KB, 400x716, nazbol qwt4543.jpg)

File: 1659748975725-2.jpg (50.34 KB, 500x333, nazbol grills.jpg)

File: 1659748975725-3.jpg (50.5 KB, 333x500, nazbol girl 445.jpg)

File: 1659748975725-4.jpg (131.01 KB, 450x621, nazbol study group.jpg)

>just to be edgy?
Pretty much. Limonov was involved with punks and art hoes so they probably found it funny, and their target demographic was angry young men to fight Yeltsin so edgy helps. Also a lot of their photography contains pics of young women, art hoes and models, but more of their candid street shots are young men.


You will not waste your time at least reading his material or a book of his

Interesting world view and concepts


That liberals have gone psychotic over so called Nazbols, what effectively is a glorious edgy LARP, is quite funny. But as for the 4PT, it's not bad but not the greatest invention since mister Carlos Marks either. Westoid media shills and similar hacks have just hyped up this business quite racistly in fact as their spooky Russian manipulator, the Rasputin Commu Putin Nazi that secretly commands the Putin administration's activities, even though Putin is probably too cucked to do any of that shit. Just read their real published books if it's that imperative instead of this hearsay nonsense.


Any good bands come out of that scene?


>punk rock


No idea, I'm not Russian I just read some machine translated stuff on it over the years.


Yes, it's by far the most diverse and living rock scene


All rock music is shite


Stop pretending to be British and sophisticated


Third rate failed professor who has never produced any original theory and presents rehashed 19th century British geopolitical theory. In other words a grifter.


>rehashed 19th century British geopolitical theory.
From the other side as in how to defeat it

That's what makes Aleksander "I am with Africa" Dugin interesting enough to read if you have nothing better to do


It's rehashed nazbol ideology


Finally! Someone who actually understands that punk rock is shitty!


Nah. That's prog rock and heavy metal.


People in the West think he somehow advises Putin on foreign policy when in reality that probably isn't even true. Just libs blowing things out of proportion.


They love cherrypicking Foundations of Geopolitics, specifically the parts that make sense and played out and ignoring the insane retard parts like "RUSSIA MUST INVADE XINJIANG AND ARMENIA"


It's absolutely not, considering dugin himself explicitly disavows racism; you'd know this if you actually read his work rather than lazily posturing in relation to a strawman which you derived from a preconceived bias.


Why are nighas shilling Dugin here? For what purpose?


same reason people support nationalism against imperialism


Because they aren’t commies but like red aesthetics?


Dugin is cool


Are Russian Nazbols even racist? Between Limonov and Dugin I've never heard them say anything racist, and Limonov is more progressive than Dugin. Although Limonov did have a wacky scheme to use racial tensions to overthrow the government of Kazakhstan and use it as a base to invade Russia. Which is probably more racist than anything Dugin has ever done lol.


File: 1659771880933.jpg (75.12 KB, 759x656, 1628925499880.jpg)

I've read Dugin's book and even wrote a review for a leftypol publication, dunno where is it now
The guy is a massive theorylet and I have to agree with >>1107380 Dugin's only notable thesis is a calque from heideggar


I think Limonov was "edgier" but in a pissed-off avant-garde punk way. It's like an action-artistry and a tradition of Russian "stiob" humor or like "taking the piss" by overidentifying with something provocative, like commemorating the Decembrist revolt with a mock hanging in a supermarket. He was very anti-Putin too while Dugin is not from what I understand.


>Limonov’s particular brand of ambiguous stiob found its way into American culture, after he returned to Russia, and took up writing for the English-language The eXile which catered to an ex-pat audience in Moscow. The eXile set out to mock the hedonistic lifestyles afforded to westerners in Russia, during the 1990s, through macho-posturing and explicit sex scenes but also via absurd depictions of Putin’s Kremlin. There is still debate today as to whether Limonov, and his fellow American journalists Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames, were writing about real misogyny or taking on an ironic satirical pose.


Dugin is a schizo
His theories are schizo
And people around him were and still are schizo (Limonov was schizo, Letov was schizo, Dzhemal was schizo)

The only more schizo russian of modern times was Grigory Klimov


>People here have told me they weren't antisemitic or racist or whatever
except against literally any non-Russian. they're about as "not racist" as the Portuguese fascists were; ie they fetishise the multiculturalism and miscegenation but have clear masters and slaves of the "race" hierarchy


>why did the NBP design their flag to look like like the nazis?
>just to be edgy?
Basically yeah.
Limonov, who was the leader of the NBP, Didn't really believe identical/similar things to Dugin - even though Dugin was in the NBP, he was more a 'post-leftist' Utterly delusional kinda anarchist punk - Dugin basically tried to steal the NBP out from under Limonov and make its political position 4PT - And when he formally left he formed the Eurasia Party and the Eurasian Youth Union around himself

I read his little book 'The other Russia' ages and ages ago, from what i remember it makes Dugin sound fucking sane

He wanted Russia [Which either he came up with the idea of turning into 'Eurasia' or he must of learned from Dugin when he was part of NBP] to be a confederation of communes / oblasts, With no nuclear/monogamous/Christian families, Free-Love, and the idea that Russia/Eurasia should openly invade with full force as much of the Eurasian landmass as they can [None of Dugins 'foundation of geopolitics' - Limonov says something like 'It will be like WW2, when we enter a country a portion of the population will willingly accept our ideas, and another will collaborate out of fear - Like how the Nazis and communists made militias in the occupied nations in WW2 those who refuse to accept us will be pointed out by the collaborators and be destroyed', plus some shit about how formal education needs to be abolished, and kids should just be allowed to like play outside all day and like *Hits blunt*…Just like…Just like be themselves And receive military training man!


File: 1659785286721.mp4 (113.38 KB, 480x200, JtSN.mp4)

>With no nuclear/monogamous/Christian families, Free-Love, and the idea that Russia/Eurasia should openly invade with full force as much of the Eurasian landmass as they can
lol yeah

like we are the pink-haired punk maniacs who will crush you under the treads of our tanks! Very 90s figure.


limonov is based but you ned to understand him in his time:
everything but Yeltzin. Everything.


Uhhhhhhh source?


best post, nothing else really needs to be said


>bumping this shit
unironically kill yourself, anon.


Just an esoteric fascist


The guy to his right looks like he has a head ache from having to sit next to him.

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