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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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A dedicated general thread that includes any visual-media by content-creators that deal with philosophy, political economy, and politics. Not strictly a containment thread, feel free to start another thread about specific videos if you feel that is necessary. For ongoing content such as live streams and smaller updates, and daily news/vlogs; please use this thread.
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Mentioning haz should be a bannable offense tbh


Leftypol is being brigaded Vaushites


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I'm going live if anyone wants to come chill and hang out. More top gear tonight and toons




File: 1618564188678.png (695.36 KB, 584x1510, haz eyes.png)



File: 1618569248595-0.jpg (84.67 KB, 353x499, hongkong-nation-s-holzweg-….jpg)

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>I thought the term came from Chinese leftists about other Chinese leftists
If I remember right the term was coined by Liu Zhongjing, who is a Chinese "alt-right" guy who lives in the U.S. actually and is a proponent of what's been called "Auntology," which is like a combination of Ayn Rand and Oswald Spengler (Dugin is also a big Spengler fan). They also want to break up China into a bunch of smaller countries. It's very strange.

Liu was also apparently once mixed up with the Chinese Youth Party (中國青年黨) which is a small fascist group based out of Taiwan.


>You are all jealous that Infrared is rising and will rejuvenate the national spirit by seizing control of CPUSA.
I know you're being ironic but I think I'm going to join the CPUSA now on a mission to prevent this from happening.


Yeah, it's probably the right move by the CPUSA to have blacklisted Infrared. The type of people that make up this "community" are complete trash and frankly seem unwell, you don't wanna associate a serious political association with this kind of crap.

It's fucking frustrating to be honest. The CPUSA seems to have gotten some dynamic in their Youth League and are now reflecting on their failures in the past years, and here comes some e-caleb that pushes this "CPUSA 2036" meme with quickly draws attention and will associate the CPUSA with the sewers of the internet and screaming moron who calls people cucks and how he filled their mom's pussy. I'm already completely fucking done after Paul Morrin used his platform to wreck the CPI and now this Infrared crap is here to ruin a potentially rising Marxist-Leninist shift by dragging it into the mud of Twitch dating shows and infatuation with ultra-right esotericists.


>If I remember right the term was coined by Liu Zhongjing, who is a Chinese "alt-right" guy who lives in the U.S.


How do Hazbots reconcile their deep love for both MAGAtards and the CPC with MAGAtards' intense hatred of all things China and Chinese?


Its easy you just don't hate and working class.


>Paul Morrin used his platform to wreck the CPI


Meh, I guess Infrared is the talk of the left internet (or at least those who know what a "tankie" is, not that I call Haz a tankie if I want to be pedantic). Like it or not, that is what "communism" is in most places. The whole left is getting rolled up.

There's so many ops among the "dissident left", not just with tankies.

It's not youtube but there is some juicy drama between Phil Greaves Clique and some of the "dissident anti-covidist" movement (in particular Naomi Wolf, who is a shitter the more I read of her, and Alison McDowell who tbh is just part of that paranoid style of American politics).


>insecurity about board traffic here has never been more apparent.
Nobody excpet you retards and the zoomer jannies that spawned you cared about PPH. That is to say; we'd rather have a dead board than you here. fuck off.


File: 1618593754273.mp4 (387.49 KB, 640x360, Žižek I Hate Life.mp4)



It's easy for leftists sure, but what happens when a MAGAtard demands that 1 billion Chinese must die for the American worker or they're not supporting your Marxism-Leninism of 2036 kek


File: 1618594350224.jpeg (41.93 KB, 739x415, soy.jpeg)

>Nobody excpet you retards and the zoomer jannies that spawned you cared about PPH. That is to say; we'd rather have a dead board than you here. fuck off.


>it is everyone else ruining the board not my constant soyjacks and hazposting.
okay child. :)


File: 1618594674016.webm (1.39 MB, 540x960, 1618373150407.webm)

Destroying the board 1 shitpost at a time


Zizek is a weird guy and many people think, he is just quirky old man and likes to fool around. But what, if he means it the way he says something? When he says "I hate life" he might actually mean it.


Of course he means it, at a fundamental level all humans hate life and so on.


File: 1618609442065.gif (1000.32 KB, 418x480, 1556223908872.gif)



File: 1618615731256.png (437.75 KB, 1031x665, IUGT87TIY7.png)

What do you guys expect from the next Infracel Hazler stream?




More xizophrenia™️.
Xizophrenia: n. the paranoid schizophrenic ideological state that rejects western leftism and projects all desires onto the Chinese people.
Example: Haz is showing worrying signs of xizophrenia.
Etymology: a portmanteau of Xi Jinping and Schizophrenia.


Casual sinophobia is still sinophobia.
Reported for being problematic.




File: 1618620913256.png (624.17 KB, 783x433, 91516150532267808983360.png)



File: 1618621896150.png (323.08 KB, 456x740, infrasoyjack.png)




File: 1618622247654.png (379.42 KB, 1220x688, Screenshot from 2021-04-17….png)

Infrasoyjak is real


timed out for asking >_<


Haz says, his fans are creeping him out :D


File: 1618623226345.png (660.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1618542472016.png)

Minecraft is based, baizou libtard anglo cuck soyboy


File: 1618623371592.jpeg (115.13 KB, 783x899, 61DQ- AZCwL._AC_SL1000_.jpeg)

Haz is actually like a tamagotchi. You can talk with him, feed him with baits, play with him…


File: 1618623521854.png (478.31 KB, 1025x673, 7f89uq5it61rqf1.png)

>Default harassing Hazler through DMs after getting banned
>Gets accused of fed behaviour


What's the play to make him have a steroid fueled hysteria tonight boys


File: 1618623800681.webm (675.72 KB, 426x240, 1607700228247.webm)



What are some leftist youtubers from Russia and China that speak English?


Haz now trying to make an unpolitical Minecraft server with a 18 year old girl.

Marxism-Leninism in the age of multipolarity


Marxism-Leninism under the age of multipolarity




Oktyabr: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0FX3bfMGgbDm70vAJZBIqg/
Lef1ne (who got recently axed from Youtube, possibly due to the Nazbol Party documentary): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIr7Ba0JFyxLUibzb98JWSg


I'm not a furry, but…-Haz


Haz tries so hard to be a normie.
And sometimes I wonder if normies are becoming rarer and rared and new normie is already being fucked up, with the new generations.


I'd consider that girl he had on a normie. But it's so awkward to see him interact there trying to hard to appear normal and it never quite works out. It's fucking bizarre how his cult chat reacts to this like "people who watched your debates should watch this! You can be normal when people are friendly to you." Like, what the fuck, is it some great achievement to not be a raging psycho? But the reason he never really shakes off his weirdness is because even in conversations like this he can't stop the low key posturing.
>when I was your age, I was already hanging out with people much older than me
>when I was younger than you, I already did all the things people do in college. Got myself fake IDs and went partying in Austin
>didn't go to my prom, I boycotted it because they weren't allowing LGBT couples
>when I was your age I had already read all those books
What an infantile personality Haz actually has. Honestly prefer gorilla Haz, fake-normie Haz is really off-putting. Also:
>don't make this political! Don't make it political! Everybody who says something political is getting banned! Don't be weird! Don't be weird!
You know what's weird Haz? Being an explicit political channel trying to make " Marxism-Leninism mainstream" while playing Minecraft with underage girls and getting triggered when someone says something political. The girl even came from Hasan and considers herself a leftist, it's not like she was apolitical either.


>>174014 (me)
Also, wouldn't that whole shtick also not being a form of gatekeeping and clout-kulaking? He also couldn't help himself and shit on /leftypol/ again, trying to present /leftypol/ to this girl as this dark web pedo website. Fuck you Haz.


my nigga that's crazy but i don't remember asking


Lmao, Voosh did the same thing with MikeFromPA


Thoughts on this?
I think he's right, except on the reason more people are joining, there are more


He's a self-hating larper but he directs a lot of this hate towards his own viewers which are a reflection of himself. IMO streaming has ruined him, he should have continued with their early format of essays and interviews. People only continue watching him because he's become such a clown.

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