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A few days ago, the name of George Orwell came to the spotlight during a discussion in the Greek Parliament. In one of their usual dogfights, Prime Minister Mitsotakis and major opposition-Syriza leader Tsipras referred to Orwell's concept of “totalitarianism” in order to attack each other. Mitsotakis quoted the novelist's aversion towards “left totalitarianism”, while Tsipras replied that his party has always been critical towards the actually existing socialism. Their reference to Orwell is no accidental: Despite their particular differences, bourgeois politicians find themselves on the same camp when it comes to anti-communism.

Eric Arthur Blair, commonly known as George Orwell, has been a symbol of enmity against the 20th century socialism. Under the pretext of “anti-totalitarianism”, conservatives, neoliberals, social democrats, progressive leftists and opportunists have idolized Orwell as an uncompromising intellectual who deserves to be respected. His famous allegorical novella, the “Animal Farm”, is considered a masterpiece of literature against Stalin's “totalitarian regime” in the Soviet Union. The so-called Orwell Foundation, based in London, which aims “to perpetuate the achievements of the British writer George Orwell” runs the Orwell Prize seeking to reward books and journalism that “making political writing into an art”.

However, the reality about Blair is quite different from the one the bourgeois propaganda presents. Orwell wasn't merely anti-stalinist or anti-soviet; he was an anti-communist who became an informer on behalf of the British intelligence agencies.

A former officer of the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, Blair joined the collaborationist trotskyite Workers' Party of Marxist Unification (POUM) during the Spanish Civil War, fighting against communists and anti-fascists. Orwell's participation in POUM shaped his fiercely anti-communist views, covered under the burden of “anti-stalinism”. Between 1941 and 1943, in the midst of the Second World War, he worked in the BBC's Eastern Service. During this period, he wrote a review for Hitler's “Mein Kampf” where he shamelessly admitted: “I should like to put it on record that I have never been able to dislike Hitler”.

Although the bourgeois propaganda presents him as an “anti-fascist”, Orwell's hostility was directed primarily against socialism-communism. His much celebrated works, like the “Homage to Catalonia”, “Animal Farm” and “1984” are deeply anti-communist novels aiming to slander the construction of socialism in the Soviet Union and the other socialist states. For this very reason, his works were enthusiastically promoted by the ruling bourgeoisie of the large imperialist countries (US, Britain, Western Europe). Orwell's novels had a prominent position in the cultural warfare unleashed by the CIA against the Soviet Union. According to CIA historian Michael Warner, following Orwell's death in 1950, the Central Intelligence Agency negotiated with his widow the making of US government-funded propagandistic films based on “Animal Farm” and “1984”.

Eric Arthur Blair wasn't only a reactionary anti-communist novelist and journalist; he was also an informer of the British intelligence agencies. In 1949 Orwell handed over to the Information Research Department (IRD) of the British Foreign Office a list of 38 people, among them intellectuals and artists, who were considered to be communist sympathizers. The intermediary between Blair and IRD was a friend of Orwell called Celia Kirwan who was working in the Foreign Office as an assistant of notorious anti-communist Robert Conquest.

The list remained a secret until 1996, when file FO 111/189 of the Foreign Office became accessible under the Thirty-year Declassification Act. In June 2003, newspaper “The Guardian” published a copy of Orwell's list, verifying his role as an informant of Britain's intelligence agencies. Among the names found in the list were those of Charlie Chaplin, J.B. Priestley, E.H. Carr, Sir Michael Redgrave. In his notebook, Orwell had also included the names of Katharine Hepburn, Cecil Day-Lewis, Paul Robeson, George Bernard Shaw, John Steinbeck, Orson Wells and others. As journalist and writer Alexander Cockburn wrote once, Orwell's list was “a snitch list” that revealed the novelist's bigotry towards Jews, blacks and homosexuals. It is characteristic that in his notebook, Orwell uses words and phrases like “crypto-communist”, “sentimental sympathizer”, “tendency to homosexuality”, “very anti-white”, “Jew”, etc, next to the names of the enlisted personalities.

Now, let's ask ourselves: Why do the bourgeois mechanisms, from mass media to historiography, consistently promote George Orwell and his works? Why do they present him as a “saint” of democratic values and anti-totalitarianism? Orwell's rabid anti-stalinism isn't enough to explain the bourgeoisie's love for him. The answer is clear: Eric Arthur Blair was a committed and staunch anti-communist who devoted his writing talent in the fight against socialism-communism. Keep this in mind next time you hear someone praising the “Animal Farm”, “1984” and other Orwell's works.



knew it was gonna be a ml source lol. nah orwell was based because he shat on stalinists who were the actual anti-communists


File: 1660115894955.png (1020.41 KB, 2922x2019, orwell.png)



This website isn't like hardcore ML from what I have seen.


Saying he's merely promoted is an understatement. Orwell is a staple in western schools. I personally had to read both 1984 and Animal Farm. Shit writer btw



File: 1660116546019.jpg (753.59 KB, 2274x1252, turmoil enjoyers.jpg)

The more MLs seethe about Orwell the more I'm inclined to agree with this.


What is it that you agree with exactly?


Orwell was like a more talented Paul Mason


Best part about 1984 is when he goes into detail on how language can be manipulated and changed make dissenting thoughts opaque and inaccessible. Naturally he has to portray it through a large governmental organization with inexplicable resources rather than the natural result of marketing and capitalist propaganda forms, squandering even his most poignant observation


Every single meme gets recycled by anyone. How is great human purges a good thing? Especially now that we know how USSR ended, and you still defend it, as if it was some real socialist society


>he was based because he was against stalin (the biggest name for communism at the time) and had his shitty books used as brainwashing against socialism and was a tool against ebil stalinists that hated whites like Paul robeson
Incredible how Stalin still makes socialist idealists seethe even after dying a hundred years ago.


He owned the libs by being a leader of a country that couldn't last a 100 years.


yea because the last leader was a socialist idealist with a troupe that, just like him, seethed about "Brutal Stalinism" and "Stalinist bureaucracy", then they did the Socidealist shtick of so killing the country because it was not born perfect in the absolute rock bottom that it started and existed for all it's existance lmao.


Capitalism revolution was quite mild compared to the communist one, don't forget. But nice excuses anyway


File: 1660123970554.jpeg (58.13 KB, 568x335, 18jwl2-3200537196.jpeg)

his doublespeak is a God-tier trolling of dialectics nonsense tho


>Capitalism revolution was quite mild compared to the communist one
only because the means of killing were not so developed at the time

but people still seethe about the English revolution civil war and Ireland shitshow and the whole French revolution shitshow


30 years ago we didn't have developed means of killing? Makes no sense

Valid points, civil/cold/world… wars are quite popular among humans.


>30 years ago we didn't have developed means of killing? Makes no sense
huh? you're calling the soviet collapse a "capitalist revolution" lol?
revolution goes from the bottom up, not the other way around
that's why we don't call meiji restoration a capitalist revolution


>revolution goes from the bottom up, not the other way around
It wasn't REAL revolution



ok, cost of the """russian second capitalist revolution""" is in millions of lives
you could even add the casualties of the current Ukraine war to the list lol, along with every other ethnic conflict in the post-soviet space


Don't forget about horrendous demographics of Russians


snitches get stitches bitch
imagine defending a fucking informant that produced anti communist propaganda for his glowies master and the lib hegemony.

its a good way to spot retards though, anyone being like "muh orwell" or "totalitarian" is a lib and no comrade of mine


also any linguist would laugh him out the room. He just create an upper class language.


wat the fug is this revisionism


How is it revisionism?


you equate the lengthy clusterfuck of a (partly civil) war with an armed coup, the economic devastation wrought by capitalist restoration was pretty bad, and you conveniently forget many other capitalist revolutions that caused at least as much chaos


I still stand by my original statement, that "Capitalism revolution was quite mild compared to the communist one"


yeeees, except russian revolution grew out of this thing called the first world war and the total devastation and disintegration it brought..


So now you blame ww1?


why not?


Maybe because other participants, didn't do purges, or socialist revolution


>Maybe because other participants
we were talking about the cost of revolution, I explained that it is retarded to ignore what role ww1 played in the higher death count of russian revolution

>didn't do purges

dude you really want to go this road? fucking casualties from the drug abuse alone are in the millions and still counting

>or socialist revolution

revolution just happened
blame your fucking impotent libshit bourgeois provisional government
they had plenty of time after the February revolution, but they fucked up everything that they could, they couldn't make it work even with the help of the Petrograd Soviet's executive committee collaborationist menshevik and SR traitors


You know what, tell me what role did ww1 play in death count of revolution?

If people kill themselves with drugs, I really don't care.

I don't think it just happened.


>what role did ww1 play in death count of revolution?
complete devastation of the economy
people in the cities literally had nothing to eat
war casualties were a huge hit to the agrarian economy
massive shortages of fuel and other raw materials
complete disintegration of the old state civil administration
just off the top of my head

>If people kill themselves with drugs, I really don't care.

if you don't care about human lives why are you whining about muh purges retardoid?

>I don't think it just happened.

weell, it just happened
nobody cares what you think as nobody cared what bourgeois fucks in the provisional government were thinking


>During this period, he wrote a review for Hitler's “Mein Kampf” where he shamelessly admitted: “I should like to put it on record that I have never been able to dislike Hitler”.

The full quote of this line is:
"" I should like to put it on record that I have never been able to dislike Hitler. Ever since he came to power - till then, like nearly everyone, I had been deceived into thinking that he did not matter - I have reflected that I would certainly kill him if I could get within reach of him, but that I could feel no personal animosity. "

It's a largely negative review btw, with the concession being that the book still managed to compel people.

Orwell's greatest sin was being a Trot. That's it. His critiques of Stalin were largely correct, his service in the Spanish Civil War is commendable and nobody can reasonably ridicule it from an armchair, and his "informant" period was iirc entirely when he was very sick and on the brink of death and the person collecting info from him had been a friend… it's entirely believable that he was unsure of the scope of the situation.


conveniently forgetting civil war again revisionist snake ?

>didn't do purges
revisionist again
go read a book and shut up moron



There is only one critique of Stalin that holds water for me: That he and soviet state he presided over, was nowhere near the totalitarian monstrocity he/it needed to be. If it had been, with total control over every aspect of political and economic activity, socialism would have been victorious.

I'm glad the degenerate brit Blair suffered in his final years.


File: 1660153073834.png (496.36 KB, 1511x646, ClipboardImage.png)


why do you hate marx so much?


File: 1660153161601.png (130.07 KB, 1452x157, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1660153191968.png (48.43 KB, 800x800, baitchads.png)


damn making bait is easy, all you have to do is read marx


stalinoid cope thread


the violence of capitalism isn't in some political "revolution" but in the constant and unceasing Social Murder of the poor. it is done indirectly, and abstractly. If Stalin lines up 10 nazis POWs and has them shot, Stalin has killed 10 people. If porky fires 10 people and they later die of conditions related to their homelessness, they are said to have "died."

That is the great irony of deaths under capitalism. None of them count as deaths caused by capitalism unless you ask a socialist! They're all written off as "deaths". The reserve army of labor, which necessitates a constant pool of desperate unemployed to scab in the event of labor unrest, leads to a constantly growing number of deaths caused by poverty in proportion to the population. The US doesn't even include in its unemployment statistics those who have stopped looking for jobs. So it hides those people away, pretends they don't exist. We should be reconstructing society on the basis that poverty will be impossible but capitalism finds poverty and desperation profitable, so it continuously reproduces it on that basis. Poverty is death's draft.


>you didn't read marx b-because I said so!!


>Capitalism revolution was quite mild
I suppose the millions of people pushed off their land, plus the millions of slaves, plus a handful of headless aristocrats would have a different opinion on that.


>His critiques of Stalin were largely correct
His critiques were boilerplate lib shit, not unlike what Trotsky himself was saying.


Orwell was an ok writer (at least as far as his stuff before Stalin took up living in his head rent free goes) but a fucking terrible Marxist. His "critique" presented in 1984 and Animal Farm amounts to "le road to hell is paved with good intentions……" with zero material analysis. All of his commentary is just vague left-ish idealistic, liberal doomerism. Combine it with his elevated class background and his endless kvetching about "juice-drinking bourgeois socialists" becomes simply funny. I wish people stopped pretending he is anything more but an entertaining writer to own le conservatives who say everything is 1984.


Orwell is one of the greatest writers of the 20th century together with Ayn Rand and Solzhenitsyn.


speaking of Solzhenitsyn, I've been told that the rat scene from 1984 was lifted straight from the Gulag Archipelago but Ive never read the latter to confirm


Why would I need to list every revolution, I can compare just 2.


Orwell is cringe but it's pretty funny how much people alternately fawn over or mald over his shitty books.


wait I think the Solzhenitsyn book came out after so this cant be true, idk anymore


I was referring to the 1991 capitalist revolution. Why are you so mad at Orwell, would you have wanted UK to copy USSR?


>His critiques of Stalin were largely correct,

Oh yes, totally, the Animal Farm was a correct critique! Get a load of this guy

>his service in the Spanish Civil War is commendable

Oh, and what did he do during the Spanish Revolution?


Remember how Revolutionary France was warring against whole of Europe? It still got owned by monarchies, by the way, but capitalism still won over eventually despite a temporary setback.


Oh, and don't forget all the propaganda against the French at the time. Despite there being no proof, everyone firmly believed that French were eating christian children by the millions, same preconception, borne out of false propaganda, as with USSR or China


Thanks for reminding me, what does this have to do with 1991 Russian capitalist revolution?


How many Christians and Christian children did USSR kill?


There was no revolution in 1991, revolution is exclusively for moving forward.


All of them and then some on top. They've killed the entirety of Russia


What's the definition of revolution?
Not yet, but demographics are horrible


Exchanging old outdated societal order for a new more progressive one.

>Not yet, but demographics are horrible

Oh yes, communists are to blame for former USSR's demographic problems which started in 90s with capitalism. Darn communists couldn't have predicted that capitalism would return and have failed to take measures to ensure good demographics for the population! Nevermind European, American, Japanese demographics


Where is this definition from?


You are right, west also has terrible demographic picture, even China. But you are wrong to place blame squarely on capitalism.



Here we see the virgin angloid lefty soying hard against the chad hellenic stalinist.

Άιντε στο καλό.



Who would win:

A western cherished author who exposed the evil crimes of a totalitarian regime.


One grey hat.


1984's merits lie almost entirely in its exploration of new forms of propaganda and mass manipulation. Concepts like Newspeak, Doublethink, etc. are pretty interesting. Remember that for all out bitching about Orwell on this site, we still use terms and concepts from that book like "memory hole". It's not surprising too considering that he based most of it on the propaganda tactics he saw firsthand working for the BBC. That book is at least as much about the West as it is about the USSR.

Animal Farm is simplistic Trot fanfiction, but I do have a soft spot for it since it got me interested in socialism in the first place. At the very least it presents an image of socialism being a good thing that was "betrayed" by unscrupulous leadership. It could send somebody down a lib-left to ML pipeline, which is what happened to me.


>Capitalism revolution was quite mild compared to the communist one, don't forget
Lol. Lmao even.


For someone who proselytizes Orwell, it's ironic that you're engaging in the inversion of customary meanings, which is a critically emblematic motif in his work.
Imagine thinking that Stalin was an 'anti-communist', all because his actions didn't conform to your idealistic preconception of communism as an ossified prescript. The real movement understands real politik, the real movement is historically contextualized. You are an ultra-leftist, your ilk have never contributed anything to the history of socialism in practice.


What does this mean, can you address the Christian question in the USSR


So purges are communism?


>I should like to put it on record that I have never been able to dislike Hitler

Why don't you actually read the full article, he says right afterwards:
>Ever since he came to power—till then, like nearly everyone, I had been deceived into thinking that he did not matter—I have reflected that I would certainly kill him if I could get within reach of him, but that I could feel no personal animosity


Lmao I suspected there was this kind of dishonesty


People do this all the time with Orwell. He was a pretty big shithead on his own, but for some reason mfs feel the need to dishonestly portray him as much worse than he was.


I was avoiding this topic because its been years since I read Orwell, but I stumbled across a Red Sails article from a few months ago about Animal Farm and I'm glad that my main recollection of the book, the fact that I was insulted by the depiction of the workers, was a fair observation. Seems like Orwell spent the whole book showing how dumb the workers are, I personally only remembered poor Boxer the horse. I encourage you to read it but heres a snippet from the conclusion
>Orwell spends the entire book describing generations of animals as easily confused, dumb, stupid, illiterate, amnesiac… the entire book! The main target of this book’s critique aren’t the revolutionaries or communism: it’s the working class. George Orwell writes from an aristocratic ethos. “Elite theory” posits the people as incapable of self-governance, without the capacity to constitute themselves as a political subject, and therefore always the object of dispute and manipulation by vying elites. The people lack the capacity for political self-determination, cannot build a political program or engage in autonomous political action. This is George Orwell’s theory, borne out by his choice of metaphors.


From history. Revolution means destroying old inept shitty system and replacing it with a new working one fit for the times. Destroying socialism to bring back capitalism is not a revolution, it's a reaction and degradation - and all the times such shit happened it resulted in massive losses of life and living standards due to degradation of productive and social forces, fall of USSR being the prime example of it.


>"Western students have applied the word “purge” to everything from political trials to police terror to nonpolitical expulsions from the party. The label “Great Purges,” which encompasses practically all party activities between 1933 and 1939, is an example of such broad usage. Yet the Communist Party defined and used the word quite specifically. > The term “purge” (chistka–a sweeping or cleaning) only applied to the periodic membership screenings of the ranks of the party. These membership operations were designed to weed the party of hangers-on, nonparticipants, drunken officials, and people with false identification papers, as well as ideological “enemies” or “aliens.” In the majority of purges, political crimes or deviations pertained to a minority of those expelled. No Soviet source or usage ever referred to the Ezhovshchina (the height of police arrests and terror in 1937) as a purge, and party leaders discussed that event and purges in entirely separate contexts. No political or nonpolitical trial was ever called a purge, and under no circumstances were operations, arrests, or terror involving nonparty citizens referred to as purges. A party member at the time would have been mystified by such a label.
>Getty, A. Origins of the Great Purges. Cambridge, N. Y.: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1985, p. 38

Seems to be a way for the government to "breathe" and keep on existing.


<Ezhovshchina (the height of police arrests and terror in 1937)

Which didn't fucking happen. Who was purged by Ezhov, ffs? USSR in the war had twice as many officers per capita than Nazi Germany. Numbers of supposed cleansings and factual numbers of officers, bureaucrats etc don't match


orwell is right in that


No, you are wrong on this with Orwell


the vast majority of people get bamboozled by the dumbest possible techniques while thinking they're too smart to fall for any of it


That happens regardless of class, though. Something debilitating flatness of bourgeoisie something


UK will copy USSR whether you like it or not, and Soviets' Revolution was bloodless. What wasn't bloodless, though, the intervention of the entire capitalist world against Soviet Russia. UK won't get such an intervention, though, not in this century


Don't forget that Eastern Europe lost tens of millions of population over 30 years period on top of massive migration to Western Europe and elsewhere. Capitalists really, really want everyone to forget all those industries Eastern Europe once had and try to revision history so that nobody ever mentions those industries, as if Eastern Europe was feudal until yesterday, lol


yes, which means orwell was right, except in showering only one class with those epithets


>I've been told that the rat scene from 1984
No, it comes from a nazi/white pamphlet entitled 'Bloodlust of Bolshevism' (Der Blutrausch Des Bolschewismus).


I thought it was from Too Fast Too Furious movie tbh



All of those are better than being a glowie.


I know this is an old post but are there any more long informative posts like this


They were enemies. To the gulag


>what is sapir-whorf




Many. Should have been all. Religion=mind disease


>You are an ultra-leftist, your ilk have never contributed anything to the history of socialism in practice.


<From these she made the shocking discovery that, in 1921, Eric had tried to rape Jacintha. Previously the young couple had kissed, but now, during a late summer walk, he had wanted more. At only five feet to his six feet and four inches, Jacintha had shouted, screamed and kicked before running home with a torn skirt and bruised hip. It was "this" rather than any gradual parting of the ways that explains why Jacintha broke off all contact with her childhood friend, never to learn that he had transformed himself into George Orwell.

A rapist, a snitch and a trot
What a trifecta


>A rapist
>"At only five feet to his six feet and four inches"
i imagine an actual 6ft4 rapist wouldn't of let his waifu get away so easily
>a snitch
the only consequence of his snitch list was that the people on the list wouldn't be recruited by the bbc for a special program. The exact purpose of the list, literally nothing happened to the people on the list aside from not getting hired.
orwell debunks this, he was only a trot because he was stuck with the POUM while he was attempting to join the international brigade.
The only reason he didn't join the international brigade was because the government decided to start the crackdown on the poum before he got to join and thus made orwell a fugitive.


>the only consequence of his snitch list was that the people on the list wouldn't be recruited by the bbc for a special program. The exact purpose of the list, literally nothing happened to the people on the list aside from not getting hired.

How do you know that list only went "for a special program"?
The whole point of a State broadcasting organisation is to proliferate
1)State foreign policy
2)State ideology

Which is why State news orgs are always filled with spies - to ensure that happens. That's why the BBC tasked Orwell with writing up a list of people that might penetrate British state ideology and prevent them accessing the media to do that

So not only is BBC an arm of the British state filled with spooks… British intelligence (since ww2) has been an arm of the US state.

Paul Robeson (one of the people on that list) was left debillitated after being poisoned by cia. Orwell could very well have contributed to Robesons death



>Paul Robeson (one of the people on that list)
Paul Robeson didn't get on the cool kids list, he was just on Orwell's notebook
>Other names in the notebook
>Some of the people named in Orwell's list, but not appearing on the IRD's subsequent list, were:
>Paul Robeson, actor and singer
>John Steinbeck, novelist
>Orson Welles, film director
>Katharine Hepburn, actress
if the cia poisioned Robeson i highly doubt orwells list had anything to do with it whatsoever considering Orwell didn't think he was cool enough to even bother putting on the official snitch list


>the "victim" escaped which shouldn't be possible ergo there was no rape attempt


>Paul Robeson didn't get on the cool kids list
The 1949 list, that we 100% have proof of, was released. The real one is still under lock and key
>he was just on Orwell's notebook
From your own wiki link the real list released to Feds was from Orwells Notebook
<But the real answer was known only to Orwell and former members of the Foreign Office's covert propaganda unit, the Information Research Department, to whom the author agreed to supply a list of "fellow travellers … not to be trusted". A private list of more than 100 names kept by Orwell to "sort [people] out and determine which of them is honest" will remain under lock and key at Orwell's executors "until all the people named on it are dead". The list he made for the IRD in 1949, meanwhile, is impounded by the Foreign Office.

<The existence of the IRD names, apparently transcribed from Orwell's private notebook and, in the novelist's words, "a list of journalists and writers who in my opinion are crypto-communists, fellow travellers or inclined that way, and should not be trusted", emerged last week through documents released at the Public Record Office under the 30-year rule.

>if the cia poisioned Robeson i highly doubt orwells list had anything to do with it whatsoever considering Orwell didn't think he was cool enough to even bother putting on the official snitch list

Probably correct but until proven otherwise Orwell killed Robeson.


File: 1662715866788.png (253.79 KB, 492x834, george orwell.png)

anon… i know you've probably watched too much anime and so your perception is skewed, but if a 6ft4 man wanted to rape a 5ft girl the girl is unbelievably screwed, there's no getting away from a 6ft 4 inch man when you're only 5 feet tall


i don't think a 5ft tall man could get away either


you have a simplistic black-and-white view
he could've been surprised by the resistance (most rapists probably don't see what they do as rape, it's just "a bit of fun" or "passionate lovemaking" or whatever other thing they tell themselves)
and this is just one out of many possibilities


do you, by chance, believe a child escaping a predator wouldn't be considered an attempted kidnap?


>Buddicom's cousin, Dione Venables, added a postscript to the memoir in 2006, suggesting that the real reason for the ending of Blair and Buddicom's friendship was the possibility that Blair, in an attempt to further their relationship, may have tried to rape Buddicom.[2] Dione Venables responded by revealing that Buddicom never interpreted Blair's adolescent fumbling as rape, but that the incident was merely a moment when his immature desires got the better of him.[3]
so was she raped or did the cousin just make it up


File: 1662718053461.gif (486.61 KB, 320x240, che gif.gif)

>so was she raped or did the cousin just make it up
<An English woman in 1921 trying to not make a fuss about a rape, back when it was legal to rape your wife and society would've blamed and ostracised the woman, means it didn't happen


>How do you know that list only went "for a special program"?
because nothing ever happened to the people on the list
Orwells list outed an actual stalinist spy and nothing came of it
>Peter Smollett was singled out by Orwell for special mention in his covering letter to Celia. Under “Remarks” on his list, Orwell noted: “…gives strong impression of being some kind of Russian agent. Very slimy person.” Born in Vienna as Peter Smolka, during World War II Smollett was the head of the Soviet section in the British Ministry of Information—one of Orwell’s inspirations for the Ministry of Truth. We now know two more things about him. First, according to the Mitrokhin Archive of KGB documents, Smollett-Smolka actually was a Soviet agent, recruited by Kim Philby, with the codename “ABO.” Second, he was almost certainly the official on whose advice the publisher Jonathan Cape turned down Animal Farm as an unhealthily anti-Soviet text. How, then, did the British state prosecute or persecute this Soviet agent? By making him an Officer of the British Empire (OBE). Subsequently, he was the London Times correspondent in Central Europe.


1984 was MUCH more based on the west then on the Soviet Union. It was written in 1948 when England was still devastated by WW2, but the Cold War was starting to heat up. Concepts like "newspeak" or "doubblethink" have become literally real in modern America and Britain in the past two decades.


>so was she raped or did the cousin just make it up
Even if it was absolutely true, she still wasn't raped unless we're operating on Minority Report logic here.


File: 1662735665401.png (245.85 KB, 800x600, Icepick George Orwell.png)

Every Chicken needs a pot
Every icepick needs a trot


>The only reason he didn't join the international brigade
Was because Harry "Based" Pollitt blocked him.


File: 1662740697656.jpg (31.46 KB, 940x198, pot trot.jpg)

Pardon me, Anon, seems you've dropped your picrel.


why did orwell go from fighting in the spanish revolution to being anti communist?


He was never a communist and he fought against communists in Spain.


He was sympathetic to the Anarchists and POUM and their suppression by the Comintern-affiliated factions in Spain really soured him on the USSR.


Where's the evidence of this? It's been said multiple times in this thread


He joined the traitors of POUM rather than the International Brigades.


So when did he fight against communists?



When the International Brigades attacked the POUM


File: 1662749531463.jpg (665.61 KB, 1080x1439, IMG_20220909_195108.jpg)

Retard Orwell in Spain


anarchist to anti-communist liberal pipeline in action


>George Orwell, an anti-communist traitor
We know. Who gives a shit, he's dead.

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