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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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🇧🇷 /brg/ Brasil General 🇧🇷
Football, favelas and fascism.
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File: 1618436207656.png (40.42 KB, 1308x484, Ey7i-_bWUAM6HSj.png)



File: 1618441306947.jpg (358.33 KB, 1080x1667, IMG_20210414_195902.jpg)

Globalist deepstater, the disgraced carwash architect, Sergio Moro is giving input on the secret protocol Biden is negociating with the Regime about the privatization of the Amazon



But the gov will pay 25Usd/month stimulus


>So sanctioning this year's budget might finally undo Bozo, but it has to be signed sooner or later, and Congress doesn't really give a shit if massive protests take place because Bozo would catch all the blame and then some. What's our clown-in-charge to do with this ticking timebomb of a bill? Why, he plans to flee the fucking country just so he's not the one who will have to put their name on it. And further, his veep will do the same thing, so the person who would be saddled with the bill (heh) would be one of the fuckers responsible for this mess, the head of the House. Except he might not be allowed to be acting president because he's currently a defendant in a criminal case, so the bill would have to be signed by another party repsonsible for the porkfest, the head of the Senate, who is currently busy trying to deflate the Congressional inquiry into Bozo's neglect of the pandemic, which is another serious threat to Bozo's term.
Absolutely glorious.


Dilma was just absolved from that Pasadena refinery "scandal". One of the several non-crimes which media furiously tossed around to create hate.

Very believable, but I'm going to need more than Brasilwire as source.


File: 1618443550150.png (120.46 KB, 513x295, media_ExWSMMYWUAMDn7m.png ….png)

Speaking of which, besides the rise in entrepreneur bullshit in media, there has been an even more noticeable string of things like "how to properly prepare rotten food" and pic related.

Don't let your hate overtake you yet, but don't let it die down either.


Oh yeah, for you gringos, our media, which is acting in a manner so concerted when it comes to class issues it would make Pravda blush, is educating the public with things like this: "what to eat with a dollar a day".


File: 1618444439720.png (393.56 KB, 591x763, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



We gotta live frugal life so Paulo Guedes can work his magic


File: 1618452685470-0.png (97.75 KB, 801x800, media_Ey-B4FdWgAkXAvK.png)

File: 1618452685470-1.png (106.06 KB, 801x800, media_Ey-B4FbWUAE2jDp.png)

File: 1618452685470-2.jpg (117.71 KB, 1024x1022, media_Ey-B4FdWUAAxDWY.jpg)

File: 1618452685470-3.jpg (111.6 KB, 1024x1022, media_Ey-B4FbWQAMmj3Y.jpg)

>2018 já foi uma eleição cuja divisão de votos por gênero registrou a maior discrepância da história da redemocratização. Hoje vendo pesquisa PoderData temos 47% dos homens votando em Bolsonaro e 41% em Lula. Mulheres? 61% em Lula, 23% em Bolsonaro. Impressionante.


File: 1618502899058.png (34.81 KB, 588x355, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1618505142958.jpg (53.98 KB, 556x420, memeritv.jpg)

what the fuck is wrong with evangelicals


File: 1618507255239.mp4 (3.1 MB, 480x600, 1bTaDOQHFRlNsQI5.mp4)

That's most likely a bot.

These, however, are sadly real. In protest against the fact that churches, like most everything else, can't open up, a particularly revolting crowd decided to have one of those pseudo-mass things in the subway amidst a bunch of poor essential workers who are already being shafted by having to commute in the middle of a pandemic. I suppose that the fact that they don't need a fucking church to do these cringey singalong things and thus could have done it outdoors in a quiet place was lost on them.

There's no doubt about this, reactionaries who order things like this are knowingly sending people to their deaths. The evangelical chimpouts in particular must have been encouraged by Olavo's cult because he hates their guts. And I bring up, again, the fact that there will need to be a humiliation factor in the healing of the country. The cunts doing shit like this who aren't pathological reactionaries have to openly acknowledge and admit they fucked up badly, or else they won't learn anything and will fuck up badly again even if they regret supporting Bozo. See also >>162568


Now Bozo has been reccomending a drug called proxalutamide, which is new and, unlike the rest of his death prescription list, has no proven use. It interacts with the hormone system and it's under trial for several disorders related to it, like prostate cancer, male pattern baldness, breast cancer and such, and, for some reason, coronavirus as well. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the manufacturer just figured they're already going through all the expensive trial process for their intended uses so why not just add coronavirus to it? Who knows, it might be a miracle cure, right? Well it isn't and its trial as COVID treatment is flunking badly. Nonetheless, Bozo has been promoting it because it needs a licensed manufacturer here before it can be prescribed, so there's your golden opportunity if you happen to be a psychopath with a pharmaceutical-grade synthesis laboratory lying around. In any case, there have already been trials in Brazil on behalf of a private healthcare company which has been hawking the precocious treatment bullshit, in Amazonas to be precise. There are strong signs of fraud and even suspicion that those responsible for the trial let some of the participants die.

Add to this the appalling chloroquine nebulization thing here >>169716 and it's quite possible that the ongoing genocide actually does involve eugenics. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa

The only odd thing about this is, the patent owner is a Chinese company. This stands in contrast to their unsubtle petty attacks on the Chinese vaccine. Which, come to think of it, seem to have subsided as of late.



File: 1618511761098-0.jpg (111.02 KB, 827x1367, media_EzB-j50WQAAK5CG.jpg)

File: 1618511761098-1.jpg (125.84 KB, 827x1314, media_EzB-j5zXEAEqLCC.jpg)

Sabem o delegado da PF que peitou o psicopata do meio-ambiente Ricardo Salles? Foi trocado. Isso nem é aparelhamento, é puro patrimonialismo, usam o Estado como brinquedo.

E o fazem, devo ressaltar, não em retaliação contra a esquerda ou quem quer que seja. Fazem porque não sofrerão conseqüências. A maldade é pró-ativa. Apenas quando encontram oposição é que eles arrefecem. São covardes por natureza. E é por isso que a saída desta era negra requer violência política direcionada diretamente contra eles. Se a velha corja resolver derrubá-lo, nao tenha dúvidas que lhe darão anistia. Isso, sem dúvida alguma, fará com que toda esta merda continue, pois a velha corja continuará fazendo o mesmo que a nova está fazendo agora. Ou seja, a violência necessária não partirá das instituições, nem se a esquerda ganhar em 2022.


Sabem o dono das Casas Bahia, Samuel Klein? Se não, saberão em breve, pois operava um esquema de pedofilia por décadas.



Ele já faleceu, mas o filho dele, coincidentemente, está sendo investigado pela mesma coisa.


Pedro Bial já entrevistou Olavo (introduzido como filósofo e tudo), Flordelis (depois das acusações) e outros pulhas. Agora falou que "o Lula já até disse que gostaria de fazer o programa comigo, mas tinha que ser ao vivo. Pode até ser ao vivo, mas teria que ter um polígrafo acompanhando todas as falas dele". Aposto que Lula vai dizer que aceita sem pestanejar, e o assunto nunca mais voltará à tona. A Globo só voltará a admitir que Lula sequer existe quando noticiar seu óbito.


File: 1618514458998.mp4 (1.92 MB, 1280x720, 971ocR1qSZJ67iTj.mp4)



File: 1618514673027.png (193.3 KB, 589x531, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Enquanto o país desmorona, olha o que a Câmara aborda. Prioridades, né? A redenção de Lula está fazendo as corjas borrarem as botas.


File: 1618514919959.png (317.71 KB, 504x674, media_EzBeKKsWgAEAovc.png)

I'm genuinely surprised at the rejection rates.


An interesting development on the 2021 budget shitshow.

First, a clarification.
I'm not saying he intends to flee the country for good for now, but only until the budget's deadline is past.

Okay then, a few hours ago, this news hit. The head Representative, Arthur Lira, gave Bozo an ultimatum: if he vetoes the budget, he loses his rent-a-majority. Partial vetoes are negotiable, but scrapping the bill isn't. Considering he has well over 100 impeachment requests after him and STF is currently rehabilitating PT's leaders and the fucking genocide currently raging through the nation, he's more than a bit scared of that. Paulo Guedes is the one who told Bozo that signing it would configure a crime of responsibility and he has reaffirmed this conclusion, whereas Lira has frequently said that's not true. Even a retard like Bozo has good reason not to trust Lira, because besides being a mercenary of a Congressman, he's very high on the succession line, right after the vice-president in fact. Theoretically, he couldn't be president since he's currently a defendant in a criminal case, but everyone knows this technicality can be easily brushed aside.


The most amusing bit: "Paulo Guedes once again said he's willing to hand over his job, but no one took him seriously."


Bozo keeps up with the coup dogwhistling, even tho he's hanging by a thread. Yesterday he said so, couched in terms of "doing what the people want me to do". Today, his online militia is trending "#IAuthorizePresident" and setting up another flopped manifestation on 21 April.


Look at bots trying to mememagic this bullshit.


"At least 500 thousand people" squatting near the STF building and not leaving until the judges are arrested. And several bots saying "you can count on me", "I'll travel to Brasília" for this and even berating people into "let go of their mobiles for a second and take to the streets". Algorithms trying to write reality. They mostly fail, but the fact that it works at at all is absurd.


File: 1618523866705.mp4 (36.45 KB, 498x268, vai dar pt.mp4)

Lula's convictions by CW trials are officially annulled, STF has just ruled 8x3 in his favor. The disenting votes were the dipshit appointed by Bozo, disappointingly Marco Aurélio who is usually the least worst of the bunch, and the sitting president of the court, motherfucking Fux, himself among the CW conspirators.

The lowlight of the session was Bozo's moron rattling off random shit about Lula, like the bullshit evidence from the first conviction. He had to be reminded that they weren't judging the supposed crimes' cases but whether the CW courts have the capacity to judge those cases. It will take 26 years for this cretin to retire.



Liberal da globo….


File: 1618526937538.jpg (49.65 KB, 508x604, EzDA5FkWgAANRML.jpg)



E membro do Instituto Millenium. O que me lembra, na esteira de 2022, entre as muitas (MUITAS) exigências que devemos fazer é forçar esses think tanks a, no mínimo do mínimo, ter contas completamente públicas.


>Sobre Lula Elegível, Bolsonaro pediu que as pessoas comparassem os ex-ministros do Lula com os dele. Comparem Gilberto Gil com Mário Frias e Roberto Alvim etc.

Até o Bozo já está fazendo campanha pro Lula.


Nosso pizzagate
Precisamos de um qanônimo para denunciar a elite pedófila


Doctors Without Borders have officially labeled our situation as a humanitarian catastrophe.


Cuma? Qanon era uma zorra que acusava alguns justamente pra acobertar outros.


File: 1618533197603.mp4 (1.66 MB, 1280x720, vGiFdetlVZVXL-gp.mp4)

Literalmente piada no exterior.


File: 1618538396616-0.jpg (24.09 KB, 719x417, EzDMP14WUAcGyqP.jpg)

File: 1618538396616-1.png (595.39 KB, 850x491, EzD1pJ6W8AIcrrX.png)

File: 1618538396616-2.jpg (68.51 KB, 540x532, EzDGF1xXIAQcdh9.jpg)

Bots are going apeshit over STF.


Oh yeah, besides the Lula thing, one of the STF judges also ordered the head of the House to explain why he's just ignoring over a fucking hundred impeachment requests.


File: 1618539058297.mp4 (6.33 MB, 720x720, Ds1HcNjNUMcuHzlx.mp4)

The moment he learned about this was caught on camera.


File: 1618567907962.jpg (425.09 KB, 1536x2048, media_EzC_SUpW8AM4gxv.jpg)





File: 1618608708578.png (43.86 KB, 605x296, media_EzGYF62WUAgnnXZ.png)

Renan Calheiros junta-se ao rol dos heróis improváveis da democracia brasileira.


Que nenhum tem 99 anos


Ele sempre foi based pô


File: 1618609829179.jpg (53.07 KB, 457x672, Ex1tGzaXEAIAUv1.jpg)



Cunha's tell-all memoirs, to be released tomorrow (see >>150617), won't get him a dime in royalties. Authorities ordered that dosh to be confiscated because he doesn't have money to pay for a lawsuit he lost in the past – they checked his bank account and it was empty. That old suit was about a journalistic piece made about a bill he proposed back in the day to create an official Straight Pride Day.



File: 1618612077262.png (179.58 KB, 596x585, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1618613435577-0.png (298.01 KB, 589x411, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

File: 1618613435577-1.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1707, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

Expectation vs reality of the 11 April manifestations. Although that tweet profile is no doubt a bot trying to mememagic a Bolsonaro coup into becoming reality.


File: 1618613505033-0.jpg (658.08 KB, 2560x1707, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

File: 1618613505033-1.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x1707, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

File: 1618613505033-2.jpg (971.01 KB, 2560x1707, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

File: 1618613505033-3.jpg (849.29 KB, 2560x1651, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

A few more pics from the event.


fácil demais, nem vale o esforço.


File: 1618629042345.jpg (150.02 KB, 775x1006, d666dc40862f6e166e99650d7c….jpg)

The latest big fake news making the rounds says people were going to sacrifice 3 children on a cross to stop COVID as they prayed around them. As with all fake news, this–

Oh wait, this one is actually real.


How's that rifle coming along?




File: 1618669716587.png (164.3 KB, 624x755, ClipboardImage.png)



>just another defender of international capital
This I very much disagree of. Getúlio was a dictator, yes, but he was the only statesman that Brasil ever had. He didn't bow at all to international capital, specially since then, there was no real international capital

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