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🇧🇷 /brg/ Brasil General 🇧🇷
Football, favelas and fascism.


E aí. Creio que o perigo esteja nas milícias. Como derrotar-lhas?


I sort of like Paulo Freire.





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Considered "radical leftist propaganda" in modern Brazil.


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Redpill me on Getúlio Vargas. What was he like? Was he based?


> : (
Spitting on Brazil's cultural heritage. FUCK.




So, will now that public servants' salaries have been pretty much permanently frozen, including cops' salaries, will we see major unrest and police strikes, kinda like happened in Espirito Santo a few years ago? This is looking more and more like a revolutionary situation, or at the very least civil war/social collapse, especially with covid killing 3k people a day and almost no vaccination in sight.

Also, is this thread for posting in english or portuguese is fine?


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A revolutionary situation without a vanguard party or massive grassroots movement just escalates to fascism. Mourão is praying for social unrest that ends in bloodshed, it's all the old fucks in the Millitary Club need to impose Martial law.


Portuguese :)


The real question is if a 2nd Lula administration can put humpty dumpty back together, if he and PT can't do it then civil war/social collapse might come


>was he like?

bourgeois positivist who created a dictatorship, just another El presidente, just another defender of international capital.

Was he based?



Para os camaradas lusófonos. Concordo com essa teoria. Se lerem as teorias da escola superior de guerra ela sempre trabalha com um nível de caos interno.

Bom como responder?
Nesse momento não temos ais tempos para fazer um movimento de massas e um partido de vanguarda. O que nos sobra é organizar as comunidades para se organizarem e criarem milicias populares e zonas libertadas.

Os conclamo a pensar a guerra.


Do y'all read Alvaro Cunhal's O Partido Com Paredes de Vidro? Really good shit. Very practical.

>Os conclamo a pensar a guerra.

wtf no. Bad idea. Every time left wingers have gone to war without overwhelming support, they have been met with extreme and overwhelming violence.


might be spending some time there this fall, can any anons recommend me good brazilian history texts/scholars?


in english or português?


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Alô? Alguém aqui? /brg/ no Bunkerchan está vazia, /canudos/ está vazia, onde está todo mundo? Na fila de leito de UTI?


Caso alguma viva alma ainda visite este fio, lembro-lhes que, após um curto período em que parecia que o retadado seria derrubado, os riscos estão aumentando novamente. Já foram cotar preço de rifle com seus para-empreendedores locais? E agora estão até enviando por Correio!



File: 1616996498961.jpg (100.53 KB, 720x1280, media_EwncxLNWYAQOQMV.jpg ….jpg)

Olha afilhadaputice: depois de um ano negando tudo, eles têm a pachorra de chamar quem defendeu o lockdown de negacionista.

Lembrem-se dos rifles. As chances de golpe estão baixas, mas eu rezo para uma oportunidade futura de varrer essa escória. Não quero viver no mesmo país que que esses subhumanos. Achei que dava pra dividir o planeta, mas nem isso é possível. Sua pulsão de morte os leva a tentar esterilizar a porra da biosfera. Não sei dizer quantas décadas compoem este período, mas digo com certeza que ou a direita morre ou matará toda a humanidade. Não lutaremos por nossas vidas nem nossos países, e nem mesmo pela humanidade, mas pelo maldito planeta inteiro.


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Since apparently every damn /leftypol/ user got corona'ed, I guess I'll use the thread to post some updates in English.

After a year playing down the pandemic in the most crass ways possible ("masks are for fags"), Bolsonaro did a 180 in the exact day the death toll broke past 300k. The new line is to lie brazenly about having always worked towards bringing in more vaccines, which is not only false but the opposite of true, as they have deliberately sabotaged all efforts. Like, they're not even pretending they changed their minds, they're all pretending they always defended vaccines. Way back during the 2018 election campaign, I noticed that everyone in Bozo's circus followed this exact M.O. of lying brazenly, no matter how much it contradicted their previous lie. More subtly than that, they not only never acknowledge ever having been wrong or changing narrative, they never acknowledge even anything which might imply they have ever been wrong or changed narrative. I haven't seen a single one of them falter in this M.O. so much as once. Clearly, this directive was dictated from on high (Olavo, most likely), but still, I'm genuinely surprised there seems to have not been a single slip-up. Tactically, it's clever, because conviction matters entirely too much for this sorry excuse for reason our species has, even more so in a country deliberately dumbed down, and most of all on reactionaries, who legitimately loathe reason. It's related to that inherent incapacity of the right to be a legitimate mass movement, which drives them to always try to appear the majority, which is enough for their irrational goals. It's quite possible that support for Mussolini at no point went over 50%, but that's beyond the point. They don't need a majority, they just need the majority to think they have a majority. It's inherent to their idealistic, irrational mentality. The information age provides them new opportunities into assembling this Potemkin majority, or at least of dissimulating the facts enough to make their enemies not be visible. In Bozo's case, his popularity is finally sinking faster than a slow descent, and they're managing to piss off the Congress they shamelessly bought off. Any government before this one wouldn't have been able to look like lame ducks with no choice but resigning, but by having the open support of all TV networks but one, they're able to make it seem everything is normal to enough people. Or rather, they behave as if everything is normal and they're moving from victory to victory with nothing to show for it, Q-style, but then again, conviction. More than ever, faking it makes it, and they must have noticed that the ill-fated calls for mass demonstrations in Trump's support seem to have crippled Republicans' Potemkin majority, so they're all about culture war. Behaving as if they're strong has this unconscious effect even on people aware of the bullshit… and I'm rambling. Sorry.

Anyway, they're all about culture war shit now, even more so than before. The foreign minister, known in Twitter as the 4chanceller, does nothing but repeat the most cliched anti-globalist conspiracy theory shit, and has actually demanded China recall their ambassador for a simple criticism well within the bounds of diplomacy. Unsurprisingly, Congress wants him gone, and the circus fought back with their Potemkin majority on the internet, shitting on dissenting rightwing senators, raising a shitload of retarded Twitter tags, spreading the most tired China talking points ever and so on. The 4chanceller himself accused a senator of some retarded shit about a senator being bought off to take part in their sinister 5G plan. All bullshit straight from Republican talking point memos translated proverbially, and possibly literally, through Google Translate, and into social networks it goes. Brazilians don't give a shit about China. Trump failed stupendously at making the Chinese flu stick, yet they're trying that here now – the "vaChina" is their rallying call now – and no one but the pathological reactionaries in their base even gives a shit about China, let alone believe in babby's first propaganda campaign. It's all so tiresome. Still I think the 4chanceller won't fall. Neither will the dipshit failson polyp who made le epic okay sign in front of cameras to distract everyone from the death toll. Especially the failson, because he's one of Bozo's main puppeteers. I think that, from now on, his circus won't make any more concessions to the """centrist""" Congress. After carrying water for them for ages simply so they don't impeach his ass, he is puting his foot down – actually he's being told to put his foot down – because the "centrist" Congress does not really want him gone. Besides the fact that Bozo serves most of their agenda while they catch none of the blame, impeachment would put them officially in charge which would put the Congressional left officially as opposition. And media that violates the strategy adopted by all TV channels, including the self-proclaimed oppositionist one. They simply refuse to acknowledge the left even exists, after Lula's reputation surprisingly survived their attacks in 2018. They literally pretend the left doesn't exist. And it's bound to work, because that's the post-post-modern hell in which we entered. So they can plausibly ignore any and all protests – seriously, they just plain don't mention any events they don't want no matter how important – and they can pretend the "center" is opposition in one minute and support base the next. But get rid of Bozo, and they have to acknowledge the left exists at least in Congress, while having no one to cheer – they constantly attack even his bought-off support base. And at this stage, this pretty much ensures a leftist victory in the 2022 presidential elections. Keeping in mind this is my assesment and mine alone, I'd say that the circus has little left to lose so they're giving an ultimatum to their Congress-for-hire: "no more deals; either play ball or Lula wins 2022".


Aaaaaaaand now they're trying to make a hero out of a cop who went postal and was put down by his colleagues. They claim he was a brave dissenter who refused to arrest workers, despite there being videos of him taking the goods from poor beachside salesman and throwing it into the sea. They say he was executed despite him firing the first shot after 3.5h of negotiation. All they have to show is a grainy video which might be complete CGI for all I know. Tell claim cops are threatening to go on strike because of it, which is laughable. All of this distract from their other fuck-ups and to tarnish the local PT governor, but more importantly, to make it look like they have any sort of actual significance, both to their base and to any poor bastards who look at the Twitter trending bar at the wrong time. It's part of the whole Potemkin majority, simply by making noise on the internet.

Letting aside the fact that they're not just lying but completely inverting the truth – and about something which doesn't concern them at that. They literally have nothing to show. No actual battles to rally around, at least none they could publicly admit to, and sure as fuck no victories to parade. Absolutely nothing. They have to distort something completely unrelated to even have something to tell the cattle who support them to angrily moo at. I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with one such "happening" completely out of whole cloth, fictional Gary-Stu and everything.

Also, one of Bozo's sons, who also happens to be a federal Representative, is loudly leading a campaign to get another governor impeach, this one from a succdem part which forms his quantic support base/opposition. This would have been a massive scandal in the past, even from a non-leftist party. Now, it literally doesn't even make the news.


File: 1617003984586-0.jpg (66.89 KB, 725x593, media_ExoJ9ikWQAMvfaF.jpg ….jpg)

File: 1617003984586-1.jpg (88.34 KB, 749x923, media_ExoCVfjWgAET1jw.jpg ….jpg)

First pic, the deputy leader of Bozo's support base – as in the few who actually support him instead of selling their votes piecemeal – comparing the cop gone postal to a Venezuelan gusano I never even heard of. (As an aside, I'm not surprised that a gusano is white and blue-eyed).

Second pic, a made-up that makes an action movie cliche speak seem fresh. Notice the MLK Jr. quote.

Lastly, an emotive homage to that fallen hero. It's in Portuguese, naturally, but it has some… enhancements. Do give it a listen.

Lastly, I just realized that, besides the motives mentioned in the first paragraph of >>142774, this must be an attempt to kickstart stochastic terrorism which is cackhanded and heavyhanded in equal measures.


File: 1617004050075.mp4 (1.54 MB, 320x688, dmpGYAuA0xQVxnzh.mp4)

WHOOPS forgot the audio


A known rabblerouser and Bozo supporter is in front of the hospital where the rogue cop is, trying to rouse rabble. He brought a bunch of plants with him talking about "getting rid of this communist governor" (police forces here are organized by state here). He himself is a former cop and, apparently, a professional shit-stirrer. It's some retarded way to try to get an armed something going. This isn't even the first time Bozo's underlings try to get cops to rebel. In 2019, a legit strike for better wages in a state governned by a leftist party and whatnot was highjacked by another shitstirrer who just happened to be a failed candidate in the previous elections and Bozo supporter. Even after a deal was officially reached, the fucker kept on trying to get more cops to rebel. Thankfully, it seems the Brazilian center-left has finally grown balls, because it was deemed a mutiny, the governor in question took the reins of the situation to the point of driving a fucking bulldozer to bust down the barricades the cunts put up and the rabblerouser in question soon had a warrant for his arrest and AFAIK is still on the lam. I simply can't emphasize how important it is to not treat reactionaries as if they're human.


english preferably, not sure ill be able to handle a portuguese text from what little learning i can manage before visiting. ill take portuguese text recommendations tho, maybe itll help and i can just power through


File: 1617015915907.jpg (99.92 KB, 480x600, senador5895.jpg)

Everything there's some retarded "wouldn't it be funny if someone staged a coup for our sake you know as a joke haha" publicity stunt of theirs, every single person in Bozo's circus is on the social networks simultaneously. Congressmen, e-celebs, intelligentsia and thought leaders, internet ringleaders (and commanders of the bot hordes), you could almost set your clock by it, it's so transparent. Now they're using the cop who committed suicide by cop to say, all at the same time, "would it be REALLY REALLY FUNNY if someone staged a coup to put us in power haha" more openly than ever. They're actually calling the governor in question a genocidaire, an epithet which has recently stuck to Bozo on the internet. I reiterate my statements that reactionaries are subversive by nature, and they prefer, whenever possible, to not just lie, but completely invert the truth.

I just found out his circus in Congress has, a couple of weeks ago, delivered a formal request for impeaching a Supreme Court judge (the charming man on the pic is the senator who formally made the request), unsurprisingly, one who has been acting against the online bullshit. Not that it's saying much, because mostly he ordered the arrested of a dipshit who was writing flat-out fiction under the guise of a journalist dropping leaked information to slander Bozo's enemies. That judge isn't even sympathetic to Lula or anything. In any case, the request to impeach didn't have enough signatures from Congressmen because it actually was filed based on citizens' signatures. One of these mechanisms which allows for people to theoretically get a law written by the people approved but never ever suceeds. In any case, the request claims to have collected over 3 million signatures in 2 days. Seems legit. Also the petition was started by one of Olavo's key failsons in media who happens to be a literally who to most of the country because he's just a radio guy and not a TV guy.

And only recently I realized that in 2 days, it will be the anniversary of the god damn fucking coup. The one from 1964, I mean, and a pox upon all reactionaries of the land for making me need to fucking specify which one. And what do you know, a little less than 2 weeks ago, a federal court (not the fucking Supreme Court, incredibly) granted permission for the armed forces to fucking celebrate it officially.

It's all so stupid. If I had a thousand men half as hardcore as the OG Chekists, I would be running the place before the end of the week.


File: 1617019133218.jpg (412.96 KB, 1024x576, pepe it's all so tiresome.jpg)

>Florida Democrat using Bolsonaro as an excuse to call for intervening in Brazil
Back during the big fires raging in Amazon, I imagined if destroying the place wasn't actually an order from Uncle Sam to create an excuse for intervention a few years down the road.


Oh yeah, I also mentioned how Bolivia's coup executed by cops would give all the wrong ideas to the rest of Latin American reactionary scum. Based Evo going after the coupists is absolutely right, you can't afford to offer peace to reactionaries. This whole fucking mess we're in now stems from the fucking universal amnesty at the end of the military dictatorship. Seriously, it was agreed to forgive both the dictatorship's torturers and authoritarians and the victims of torture and authoritarianism. That was the basis of "reconstruction". Fucking hell, it was the new republic's original sin. The generals who were leaving then all agreed the dictatorship was a mistake, and this current crop of dipshits worship the very worst elements which the generals themselves sworn off.


Devo dar minhas parabenizações ao esforçoposte do anão, eu mesmo não consigo parar pra ver essas merdas de tanto que a bile sobe na garganta.


Internationalist Solidarity Antifascist Invasion of Brazil, by the revolutionary people's republic of the USA?


File: 1617049879321.png (79.36 KB, 260x300, kino.png)

This country is so fucked that it's not even funny anymore. Surely the elections will fix it, right?


>literalmente "no u"
negacionismo é quando sua mãe é feia haha se fudeu otário


>This country is so fucked that it's not even funny anymore.
Latin America in a nutshell. Even the absurdism of how bad it is lost it's humor.
>Surely the elections will fix it, right?
… I'm not optimistic.


Good effortposts.
>This whole fucking mess we're in now stems from the fucking universal amnesty at the end of the military dictatorship
>Fucking hell, it was the new republic's original sin
Yes yes yes. The new "democracy" was unstable from the get-go because of this, and the inevitable conclusion of it all is how these days it seems like every two weeks all the high and mighty army shitbags "threaten" a coup either to gauge the general reaction or as blackmail and there's basically nothing anyone can do, it's basically just a matter of time before we're in a de facto dictatorship again, whether it's "official" or not.


File: 1617054108809.jpg (25.02 KB, 770x998, -.- .. -. --- .jpg)

>I'm not optimistic
That question was rhetorical


I was projecting my last sliver of hope that it might and assumed you were serious.


What are some Brazilian left wing communist(non liberal) news media? I dont mean youtubers I mean actual communists organizing like Nildo Ouriques.


File: 1617055749102-0.jpg (32.11 KB, 719x330, media_Ew7NkEGXAAUpQ7I.jpg ….jpg)

File: 1617055749102-1.jpg (65.98 KB, 720x689, media_Ew7NkNjW8AE6jE2.jpg ….jpg)

Surprising no one, the president's personal intelligence group (ressurected by Temer, Dilma's backstabbing veep) is involved in drug trafficking using air force planes.
Let me point out the time when someone in Bozo's official entourage was arrested for trafficking a whopping 39 kg of cocaine in Spain. The presidential intel group was the one responsible for that flight's security, including baggage check, so you do the math. This was one of several fuck-ups which would have brought any president down in the past, besides his daily "minor" fuck-ups which would have brought down a PT president.

There are Representatives openly calling for police forces to stop obeying "illegal orders" and remove "little tyrants", in reference to governors and mayors which enacted lockdowns.The rent-a-majority in Congress still doesn't do jack shit besides printing "motions of concern", seemingly not noticing a noose is tightening around their own necks too.

The former education minister, Abraham Weintraub, is an accomplice in the genocide, because the budget he withheld from universities would partly fund the construction of at least 3 teaching hospitals, or whatever they're called in English.

This Weintraub is a particularly revolting dipshit. He would be the very portrait of the failson trying to lash back against the world if only he hadn't been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, which allowed for him to cause damage. He just barely graduated from some diploma mill, and held a bullshit teaching job for which he wasn't qualified for a while, but his real breadwinner was being a trust fund manager. He definitely was among the core of Olavo's crew, the internet-savvy bunch in charge of all the digital bullshit, including the bot horde and coordinating attacks like in >>142979. Back in late 2018, when Bozo was riding high, Weintraub and his brother provided lessons to young reactionaries, including, and I'm quoting a straight translation here without any embellishments, "when a communist comes up to you with some blahblah, cuss at him. Do as Olavo de Carvalho says. And in a discussion, you can't have rational premises". This was a rare glimpse into their mentality because it was a public event, part of a "Conservative Summit of the Americas" who had Bannon as one of its organizers. That was the first and only edition. Eduardo Bolsonaro, a.k.a. 03, was another one of the main guests, and he asked his fiancee in marriage at the end of the event. Anyway, Weintraub did little in his job besides withhold funds and slander anything related to public universities. He was among the few circus members whom Globo, the one self-proclaimed oppositionist TV network, attacked, and it's understood by everyone familiar with him that criticism from the press makes him less likely to fire a minister, not more. In April 2020, the Supreme Court finally opened an investigation on him. Not for sabotaging national education, mind you, but for a racist tweet. He joked about China, using a popular comic character who can't spell the letter 'R', referring to the stereotypical Chinese speech impediment. This investigation probably only was started at all because the Chinese embassy openly accused him of racism. His real fuck-up tho, about the same time, was mentioning how he wish he could arrest all those bastards, referring to, among others, the Supreme Court. This got him another investigation, in connection to the fake news shindig which still is ongoing. Bozo had no choice but to sack him after that. But he didn't do it right away, because Weintraub would lose his "privileged jurisdiction" or whatever in the English term for the cushy treatment that high-ranking public office holders enjoy. So Bozo alloted him to a World Bank position, and his official firing only happened after he had safely landed in America, after travelling with his diplomatic passport. Now his World Bank colleagues are calling for him to be investigated. Abraham Weintraub is one of the people most responsible for my conclusion that reactionarism today is a personality disorder.

My prediction that the 4chanceller wouldn't fall >>142748 flopped, and today he finally was dismissed, after over two years of doing next to nothing but editing a newsletter about the many crimes of cultural Marxism, the globalist agenda and the usual bogeymen we know so well. He had to stop foing that at some point because journalists and diplomats got tired of that bullshit. Early in his term, he had a fixation on the cover of the Brazilian passport, which he wanted to change from its Mercosur logo to its old design which had the Brazilian coat of arms. It's a non-issue if there ever was one, and it was funny to see him unironically claim this was a big demand of the Brazilian people. The 4chanceller was also the one who openly claimed Trump was sent by God to save Western civilization, and dreamed of an alliance of the 3 biggest Christian countries, US, Brazil and Russia. The "4chanceller" nickname was well-deserved.

To end on a funny note, a Bozo supporter in a capital's city council who used to claim that only "devil-touched" people caught COVID, caught COVID and died. His official political title was, and I swear I'm not joking, Brother Lazarus.


Bozo sacked no less than 6 ministers and minister-tier underlings today. The most noteworthy change is for the justice ministry. The newly-appointed minister is a personal friend of Flávio Bolsonaro, a.k.a 01, the presidential son most involved in crimes.


After 300k dead and an encyclopedia worth of crimes, incompetence and just plain cringe, the armed forces have been grumbling about their image being tarnished. The lack of grumbling about the dead and the crimes speaks volumes. It seems several officers in various jobs on his government (it's a lot, and they're all as inept as their boss) are cnsidering a mass resignation.

About an hour ago, 03, a federal representative, was openly calling for the Supreme Court to be removed. It's important to point out that another federal representative said the same thing a month ago and was arrested for it – funny how those judges only act against threats to democracy if they're the main target – tho he's already out on house arrest. They're obviously pushing it. I figure sooner or later someone will finally grow the balls to remove Bozo with or without his veep, and it will turn out the much-feared repercussion will be just a wet fart, because of the Potemkin majority I mentioned before.


It seems Bozo's circus is going for broke, although not quite, because it's in a typically dissimulated, plausibly deniable form. They're trying to get a police rebellion going and 03 is just plain daring Supreme Court to arrest him, in order to sput a coup in March 31, anniversary of the 1964 coup. The brass, however, is finally distancing itself from him. One of the ministers who left today, a general, mentioned in his parting letter that he "preserves the institutions of the armed forces". Maybe they're jumping ship and letting Bozo commit political sudoku, maybe they're just distancing themselves because they're reactionary and thus cowardly by nature and would promptly back a police-fueled coup if it looked like it could win. Then again, there's the ridiculous plausible deniability of it all, where everyone outside of Bozo's circus pretends nothing is happening, and thus nothing happens because no one took their bait.


File: 1617059226357.png (5.26 KB, 218x178, this is fine.png)



>A falta de apoio das Forças Armadas na sua tentativa de decretar o Estado de Sítio foi a principal razão para Bolsonaro demitir sumariamente o ministro da Defesa, Fernando Azevedo e Silva, segundo fontes militares ouvidas pela coluna.
>Bolsonaro queria que os militares pressionassem o Congresso a aprovar o estado de exceção, que suspende garantias individuais e dá plenos poderes ao presidente. Há várias semanas o capitão já vinha preparando o terreno para adotar essa medida extrema, ao fracassar no combate à pandemia e anunciar que "o caos vem aí".


So let me understand: Bolsonaro is planning a coup in the open and nobody bats an eye?
This will not end good, won't it?


*Will it?


>muhghg fo0tbal
you guys are doomed for eternity


A particularly crass way in which Olavo's cult fucked up in the last couple of weeks was to further alienate officers by using their internet army to tarnish them as watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside. An insult cribbed directly from American jarghon, because of course. At every single turn, without fail, Olavo tried to solve any disagreements within the ranks by proverbially clubbing them into submission with internet bullshit. This doesn't seem to have worked once. At the same time, isolating himself to be the only one with a hand up Bolsonaro's puppet ass fits his style as well. At any rate, it's astounding that he has managed to fail so hard and so often and still be in charge of anything. A metaphor I have been using for Bozo's government is that it's a house completely worn out by termites and the weather but somehow still stands because there's not the smallest outside force applying any pressure on it. It would crumble down to nothing if someone would so much as fart on it.

Maybe it's best to let him declare an official war situation. It paves the way for Bozo to get the death sentence.

It's some stupid not-coup where acting against obvious coupists would risk getting you tarnished as the real coupists. We can thank our dear establishment for that. They broke reality by impeaching an innocent president and absolving a guilty one in quick succession.

On the one hand, Bolsonaro does not have enough support anywhere for a coup. On the other, we're in post-post-modernity now, so he can just pretend he has. If it fools enough cunts into joining and enough enemies are cowed into doing nothing, he wins. It's ridiculous beyond words, but that's life now. You know how his victory in 2018 depended essentially on creating a illusory mass support on the internet which fooled enough morons into joining, thus creating an actual majority? He's trying to do the exact same thing now, but to do a fucking coup. If somehow enough cops and soldiers do rise up, he wins. If nothing happens or there are just isolated cases, he'll just go "I was just joking haha don't you have a sense of humor breh" and our comatose institutions will let it slide.

I really have to insist on that inversion of reality they did with Dilma and Temer, it boosted a capitalist trend of blurring between image and object. Now the image can be more important than the object itself. Only what you see on TV is real, anything else is fiction. In more practical terms, politicans don't even have to pretend they are honest, they just have to claim to be, and it flies. And they can claim to be a complete crook the next minute too, and that too will be taken for granted, but if someone complains, he claims to be honest again. He can piss on your foot and tell you it's raining, and other people will believe it's raining and in turn so will you.

Personally, I think that the root of this morbid symptom is in the very core of the bourgeois mentality. It's a side effect of their legalism and their pretense at being egalitarian and fair unlike the absolute despots of the past. This, naturally, has always been abused by the bourgeoisie itself, who corrupted their own supposed ideals by abusing language in order to benefit themselves. So what if everyone knows Berlusconi is the biggest criminal in Italy? Documents state he's a-okay. Court verdicts say he's innocent of all accusations, newspapers reinforce that notion etc. The reality is, he's guilty as sin, but The Word is, he's clean as a whistle. And, in post-post-modernity, The Word matters more than reality, so if you call him a crook, he'll sue your ass for slander and he will win. This duality between image and object is a crucial part of bourgeois mentality, and the blurring between the two started from the get-go, as the bourgeoisie subverted their own ideals of legality for the sake of their class dictatorship, resulting in this schizophrenic world in which we live, in which courts aren't just settlers of disputes but the very arbiters of what is real and what isn't, and media has a similar role.


>250 paragraphs




File: 1617064718803.jpg (15.82 KB, 406x373, media_EwAC6PxWQAEkeoj.jpg ….jpg)

>250 paragraphs
No way I'm stoppin at so few paragraphs.


File: 1617066321640.png (190.68 KB, 578x621, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

To drive home the point of the appearance of power as their tactic, their bot horde is spamming just about any videos of rowdy crowds claiming it to be cops revolting. Videos of football crowds are resignified as cops marching towards the governor's mansion. The goal is to get as many people to believe it, so supporters will "join" an event which isn't happening and thus make it happen, and enough enemies to be cowed into passivity. This has been their praxis this entire time, not just in the election but with any and every talking point. Also, this explains their ironclad rule about never acknowledging anything which might even imply what they're saying isn't real as I said in >>142748.

I'm reminded of 3 things. One, mememagic. These fuckers are consciously trying to will something into existence using symbols. That's literally the definition of magic. Even the etymology of the word "spell" connects symbols with power over reality. The blurring between image and object now makes this more viable than ever. In a way, decaying capitalism has made magic real. Hyperreality itself is a lingering ritual spell. Two, the Qult. They celebrated victory after victory, an eternal march towards ridding the world of pedomasonic lizards or whatever. But it aimed at maintaining a passive support base, not to egg them onto actual collective action. Maybe the Brazilian rerun of that bullshit aims higher because it did experience a rousing success in its first try in 2018, maybe because it has had the support of all but one of the TV networks. But the latter can't echo everything the bot horde can. In fact, it can echo very little of their material. Three, this entire bullshit over image and object which allows for an absurd degree of plausible deniability. It's obvious this is a coup and planned by the shortbus kids, but the people trying to mememagic a cop rebellion into being can, and in fact some already did, delete posts and claim they were misled. They do this an awful lot, and of course, in the bourgeois legal paradigm, this absolves them of all guilt. If nothing or very little happens, the would-be targets of the coup can just pretend nothing serious happened, just like in previous retarded coup attempts like the protests against the Supreme Court, and carry on with this shitshow.


>On the one hand, Bolsonaro does not have enough support anywhere for a coup. On the other, we're in post-post-modernity now, so he can just pretend he has. If it fools enough cunts into joining and enough enemies are cowed into doing nothing, he wins. It's ridiculous beyond words, but that's life now. You know how his victory in 2018 depended essentially on creating a illusory mass support on the internet which fooled enough morons into joining, thus creating an actual majority? He's trying to do the exact same thing now, but to do a fucking coup.
So it's a bluff. Are you serious that in all of Brazil nobody will call his bluff? What are you waiting for, seize the means of production.


File: 1617070232478.jpg (63.13 KB, 750x409, media_ExcbOzWWgAAqq2E.jpg ….jpg)

People were already more docile than dogs thanks to the anti-PT campaign literally conditioning them like dogs to protest on cue, and now we have lockdowns in place on top of that. Save for the popular engagement typical of elections in 2018 and Lula's prison during the same period, politics after Dilma fell are like a soap opera: something you can only possibly watch, passively, not influence in any way. So you just root for this or that character to see through the baddie's plans and do something. But this has been one remarkably shitty soap opera, and Bozo has enjoyed an indulgence from the entire rest of the federal government which past presidents, even the porky media's succdem darling who preceeded Lula, couldn't possibly dream of. Congressional enquiries are nearly zero (they used to be very common in all governments), Supreme Court has done next to nothing besides slap away direct threats against themselves and sloooooowly undoing Car Wash. Congress… I think we haven't updated gringos on what happened with Congress earlier this year, so let me expand a bit.

Bozo has had a quantic support base from the start, even before media started that narrative, because everything about Bolsonaro besides the authoritarian fits, the ineptitude and his impoliteness is exactly what the establishment want, and it would gladly overlook these flaws if they thought Bozo could deliver, but alas, he failed repeatedly. Part of his failures were due to the head of the House for the first half of Bozo's term being arguably as decent a person as comprador elites can make. I'm positive that, if he had been in charge during Dilma's term, we wouldn't have had a coupeachment. So although neoliberal crap was all approved easily, the head of the House himself took the initiative of nipping Bozo's most egregious crap at the bud. He was effectively the gray eminence of the country because the House does the brunt of legislative work whereas the Senate involves mostly bureaucracy. So things were going relatively fine for the first two years. By which I mean the country was being taken apart piecemeal and institutions kept on being delegitimized by the circus on purpose, but it was all a mere fraction of what could have been. Admittedly, the head of the House was just one factor of many which minimized damage, most of them stemming from the sheer incompetence of the circus and Olavo, driving away all but the most subservient lackeys.

So the head of the House played mister nice guy, constantly rebuffing Bozo's shit yet refusing to review any of the 68 impeachment requests, alleging overuse of that mechanism would obviously not bode well, and since it had been succesfully used spuriously against Dilma in 2016 and unsuccessfully against her backstabbing veep afterwards, I think he was waiting for some "cooldown" and intended to impeach Bozo in the second half of his term to throw off the scent. American elections came (that was late into Bozo's 2nd year), and I figured Bozo was bound not to finish his term. Then the Boomer hall Putsch happened and I figured Bozo wouldn't finish his 3rd year in office. Then 2021 came along and it was time to elect new heads of Congress for a 2 year term. Mr Nice Guy wasn't running but he had an annointed successor, but regardless, he was absolutely crushed. 2/3 of the House voted for Bozo's pick, a typical rent-a-majority crook. Nice Guy got his panties in a bunch, broke off with his rent-a-majority party's president and but didn't cancell his affiliation because that would require him to yield his seat. He managed to go from gray eminence to lame duck backbencher overnight because he didn't act against Bozo when he could. As the clown kept burning his bridges, he depended more and more or distributing pork, offices and, no doubt, bribes, just so Congress would leave him alone. Well he did a good job at it because he gave them enough gifts to buy that majority off. Thanks, Mr Nice Guy! You looked at 120k COVID victims (it's 340k now lolol), 68 impeachment requests (I wasn't joking about the amount), daily misdeeds which would have had Dilma impeached, multiple misdeeds which would have had any previous president impeached… and saw nothing.

In a incredibly… Brazilian turn of events, the key obstacle at this moment is the fact that his bought-off Congress majority are more corrupt than they are authoritarian. Bozo is so weak that he can't even get his merc majority to approve all his shit. He keeps getting overridden and such, just not as often as with Nice Guy. A committed Congressional would have made this latest coup attempt quite feasible.


I see the bot horde is already shifting the narrative to "those idiots a're saying bolsonaro wants to coup…. HIMSELF lolololol".


thank you for the comprehensive reply


O congelamento de salário é ainda pior do que você imagina: https://nitter.cc/deccache/status/1370557719644635138


File: 1617074543104.png (674.72 KB, 864x693, ClipboardImage.png)

Os liberais estão bem satisfeitos com o status quo


Brian miller ok but full sucdem ( the whole telesurverse is sucdem)




File: 1617074804005.jpg (59.78 KB, 750x477, media_ExshZ8OXEAEF40x.jpg ….jpg)



File: 1617074900541.jpg (82.72 KB, 1326x665, media_Exr6A72XEAINX1v.jpg ….jpg)

Porra, Carlos, liga o autocorretor!


File: 1617077172439.jpg (39.84 KB, 720x567, DtB40BqW0AAmClv.jpg)

Well I guess things make sense now. Bozo insists on a hard coup, dreaming of deploying the armed forces to cities and states which enacted a lockdown, and the brass ain't down with that. I'll be a cynic and say that their lack of support stems not from morals, but because they're too fucking lazy to actually be bothered with any of that warfare shit. They didn't see combat once on their lives, why start now that they have cozy general perks and extras from these federal sinecures?


File: 1617098598483.png (362.98 KB, 602x581, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

A troupe of reactoids spotted saluting a mock box of chloroquine while playing the national anthem (2021, decolorized)


So he's astroturfing support for a coup.
By what you're telling me he has some military support already though, so my question is: WTF will happen if he musters just enough support to pull the coup off but not enough to fully take control?


Write more paragraphs like this you gentle anon.


Starting to think there is something to Taxoplasmosis fucking with the population's brain



The three heads of the military branches resigned simultaneously yesterday. Not because of the deliberate genocidal mismanagement of the pandemic, not because of the constant crimes, not because of the chronic ineptitude, but because Bozo kept trying to take charge of the armed forces. Although I guess "trying to take charge" might not be the best term, because I genuinely think he cannot comprehend why the president can't just order the the army around as if they were hired goons. At any rate, the armed forces are finally washing their hands clean of him – while still working for him, mind you. There are at least 6000 servicemen currently alotted in the federal executive branch and over half of them haven't even be discharged. The heads of the military branches resigning is not any act of protest or defiance, it's the brass merely cutting their losses. With this in mind, you will notice that mainstream media has already gotten started on that narrative of these venerable old generals refusing to let this crass captain boss them around. Demori here is absolutely right: this has been a military government from the start and that hasn't changed now nor will it change if Bozo finally folds. They're trying to have their cake and eat it too. They didn't stick around with the worst god damn leader this blighted land has ever seen against their will, they did it because they're privileged shitbags who didn't have a good opportunity to ditch the shitbag until now. So expect virtually all of mainstream media to paint the higher echelons of the officerdom as sensible leaders stepping away from a madman, and remember that, among other things:

- Again, there are at least 6000 of them mooching from the federal teat, half of which are still also collecting their officer paychecks.

- The armed forces have had their own pandemic management, completely separate from the planned genocide the people was saddled with, and theirs was based on distancing, contagion tracking and other appropriate measures from the start. Bozo seethed over this but the brass didn't mind much when their suggestion to apply the same treatment to the public was thrown into the trash (https://nitter.cc/demori/status/1376745824550588421#m) Almost no one talks about this because for some reason the media has blacked it out. The pro-Bozo media, for reasons obvious, and the anti-Bozo media, so as to not strain their relations with the brass. So while Brazil currently has a whopping 2.5% mortality rate, the armed forces are at a mere 0.13%, despite having a higher infection rate. (https://nitter.cc/oatila/status/1376264219918733324) They don't have to worry about ICU vacancies like 210m people do, so they dont give a shit about this fucking genocide.

- The armed forces are currently under investigation for ommitting the fact that they have vitally important ICU beds available (https://nitter.cc/jovensreacinhas/status/1372628811884400640). While people have been drowning in their own mucus waiting for a bed in the collapsed public and overloaded private healthcare systems, the military has been hiding life-saving equipment. They have always been and likely will remain the most bloated of all the bloodsuckers feasting upon Brazil, and even a pandemic of genocidal proportions has not changed their stance in the least.

Yet despite all of the above, media will now suck up to the armed forces and try to help them look like they're disentangling themselves from the dipshit of the millenium despite them not even doing that – the strategy now, apparently, is to let Bozo burn himself out and keep fucking the country up for God knows how long while getting their fat paychecks. Odds that they will themselves stage a coup are, as far as I can see, virtually zero, yet this is not a virtue in the least, as if we should be thankful to those lice for their choice to bite us one time less than usual. This is the one time in their miserable existence when they're not literally the worst thing in the country, and they will take advantage of that. I urge any of you active in politics to suggest your organizations shift their rhetoric right now to aim straight at those dipshits so that their fully undeserved reputation with the people collapses like it ought to. Even when they're not the ones murdering us, they still let the murders go on for as long as possible and don't even notice the abhorrence of this choice.


If Lula gets in and performs sub-par compared to his first administration would happen? Civil War? Fascist insurgency? Revolution?


Any civil war/fascist insurgency will probably be between him being elected and taking office or a little afterwards, that's usually when the outrage is at its highest.
If he does poorly they will probably just try – successfully – to impeach him, like they did with Dilma.
If he makes it to the end of the term the left will simply lose even worse than in 2018 and probably to someone even more to the right.


>probably to someone even more to the right.
Who in Brazil is to the right of Bolsonaro that could win an election?


File: 1617117140594.png (411.91 KB, 1481x1077, 122ea0fe1d2034451266b44fb5….png)

>Surely the elections will fix it, right

I've been in the police force of minas gerais for a few years now, I'm from a rural city so I'm not used to these "big city problems", but I can attest, he knew the consequences of what he did, he did it knowing he was going to die , and endangered the lives of everyone around him, including "the good people" he did not want to arrest, he is not a "hero", he was not "fighting" for something greater.

In this country there are no politicians who "support agendas linked to public security agents", all Bolsonarists who spoke out about the case are nothing more than opportunists, bourgeois cockroaches.


File: 1617143952149.png (157.56 KB, 245x373, media_Exg-c1jXEAIp4oY.png ….png)

Whoa, a genuine gommie cop? The Gramscian cultural Marxist Foro de Sao Paulo agenda conspiracy fueled by Pyongyang gold is going just as planned. És tu, mineiro comedor?

Please do share the police's take on this whole trainwreck. How many of them are still Bozo scum? How many are regretful idiots? How many are regretful fashies? How popular is that anti-fascist cop organization? Are the odds of rebellion at all significant? Tomorrow is the fateful day.

I think Lula is pretty much guaranteed to win at this point, and the last few days seem to have exposed the armed forces' real deal: save for the pathological cases, they just want to grift in peace. So the odds of a triumphant return are very high. This bullshit media blackout would spell disaster for the left if only the establishment could keep things running with a minimum of stability, so somewhat ironically, the blackout will eventually give Lula a boost from the underdog effect. While porkies shooed us away from their programming completely, we'll grow under their shadow, like the psychotic pastors did in PT's time.

That said, Lula will most likely be back to his bullshit concilliatory tone. Hell, he already is, someone posted this in the bunker thread: https://youtu.be/WAiCH360VjQ Evo's absolute Chad move of saying fuck-you to their equivalent of an amnesty bullshit gives me hope that Lula will talk soft and carry a big stick, but I'm not holding my breath. The far left will have the responsibility to push things further, regardless of whether the institutional left wants it or not. We can't slack around like the first time around anymore, as reactionaries have made it beyond clear they're antithetical to democracy. We'll have to radicalize the discourse, taking care not to overdo it so the institutional left cuts us off. We will have to "apparelate" the State (is there any actual translation for this verb into English? I can't think of a single decent term) out of simple self-defense, because if we don't do it, the right will do it against us; reactionaries, despite the name, are proactive in the same way as fucking cartoons villains. And we will have to start covertly stocking armaments, gain out of self-defense, as the dipshits will always fire the first shot so we better be ready. I already said this before the 2020 crash, but now, we really have no choice. Capitalism is in open decay, and odds of Brazil developing within that system are absolute zero now. Our every action should have transition in mind, because capitalism itself will become non-viable in the future. It might be many decades, but regardless, the sooner we start shifting away, the better. It's time to start behaving with the self-righteousness that we deserve, because we are incontestably the only moral force in this land, and the abnormalization of reactionarism is an absolute must. We course, we can't simply ban it yet, these things start with everyday actions. I mentioned in old Bunker/8chan threads that we should teach the people to legitimately hate the right and "center", and that's how the way to end these abominations is paved.


A bill to punish public servants who dogwhistle and call for coups and dictatorship and sheeit: https://www25.senado.leg.br/web/atividade/materias/-/materia/147866


File: 1617147753420.jpg (90.22 KB, 750x670, D15-wO-XgAEqvDO.jpg orig.jpg)

The defense minister who was appointed yesterday already officially said the 1964 "movement" should be celebrated.


File: 1617152739565.jpg (81.18 KB, 720x726, Exw1SU1WYAEeFtG.jpg)

A late development of Bozo's coup LARPing is saying the heads of the military branches who quit yesterday are actually his allies, and the resignation was a tactic to goad commies into making a move.

Pure Q stupidity. Our elites can't even come up with their own bullshit, they import it from America by the boatload.


File: 1617152864108.png (51.23 KB, 200x268, Prosperar pelo comércio so….png)

Apparently, foreign monarcucks are starting to to worship picrel as some sort of philosophy king or something, while romanticizing him almost as much as the royalist cocksuckers here. How do I tell them they are full of shit without explaining Brazil's entire history in the 19th century?


File: 1617153429893.png (459.43 KB, 900x650, media_Exv41p_XIAMeOy2.png ….png)

"A interlocutores, Bolsonaro também demonstrou irritação com o que considera pressão de Gilmar Mendes e disse que não aguenta mais ser “mandado” pelo magistrado."


File: 1617154728715.png (27.91 KB, 594x290, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Programaço pra ouvir em primeiro de abril.


File: 1617154871992.pdf (735.98 KB, 67x118, A Anarquia - Errico Malate….pdf)

Eae anões
Se tiver algum anão anarquista aqui, ou alguém mais pra esquerda libertaria. Eu e meu grupo de tradutores a gente traduziu o clássico de Malatesta "Anarchy", se vocês quiserem podem compartilhar esse pdf, vai demorar umas semanas ainda pra entrar em Biblioteca anarquista lusófona.


Bem-aventurados são os tradutores. Mande também pro Libcom e pro Marxists.org


File: 1617162740723-0.jpg (55.26 KB, 749x570, media_ExwlfvVXEAk8X1z.jpg ….jpg)

File: 1617162740723-1.jpg (80.97 KB, 749x591, media_ExwlfvXXEAUTFLH.jpg ….jpg)

File: 1617162740723-2.png (111.82 KB, 610x338, media_ExvpU4IW8AI6Tgc.png ….png)

File: 1617162740723-3.png (56.52 KB, 595x418, media_ExvpWb3WYAADjq-.png ….png)

Alguns arrependimentos que encontrei hoje. Estou surpreso com o Felipe Moura Brasil, ele era o Smithers do Olavo e agora vai de "it wasn't real conservatism" ao atacar Bolsonaro. Alguém sabe o que houve? Foi ele quem vazou do culto ou foi expulso?


So what do these resignations mean? Bolsonaro is planing an autocoup?


File: 1617165265664.jpg (368.37 KB, 864x864, pepe hoonker 1087961_magsa….jpg)

Well Bozo tried yet another coup today. It was unsubtle even by his standards. One of his goons in the House formally requested that a bill he presented on the 25th to be voted under urgent protocol (i.e. today), and the bill in question would grant Bozo the power to declare a state of national mobilization (art. 3 of the constitution) all by himself during the pandemic, effectively putting the police forces under his control. It would be blatant even if it didn't come from this lobotomized Franco, and the events of the past couple of days make it obvious that it's a particularly absurd coup attempt. I mean, think about it. This is a hair away from trying to slip a piece paper which reads "This law gives all power to me, President Bolsonaro" on the pile of documents waiting for the head of the House to ratify with his signature. And the kicker: they couldn't fit the vote in today's schedule, but they might at any other session. It's so ridiculous I actually don't know how to react to it.

For your appreciation: https://www.camara.leg.br/proposicoesWeb/fichadetramitacao?idProposicao=2275484

He's not just planning, he's trying and failing, and has been for the last few days. We can see, in real time, the literally retarded president try not one but multiple maneuvers to take control of security forces, and, so far, fail at every single one of them, and all of it without even knowing if he has enough support within those organizations to pull this off. On the one hand, I suppose this shows that, incredibly awful as the institutions have become, they actually can prevent the worst case scenario from happening, and that genuinely surprises me. I mean, they have prevented it so far and may fail as early as next fucking morning, but the fact that they worked at all is astounding. On the other, he most likely will face no official repercussions from these because they're all done in a plausibly deniable way – and it's important to notice that, in this post-post-modern nightmare, all it takes to plausibly deny something is to say "no u". See what I wrote about corruption of language and blurring of image and object in >>143925. And to make things even more maddening, this real-time shitshow which is visible to everyone is barely being noticed by people reading the news online, let alone by the populace at large. It's for reasons like this that I insist revangelism is the only path forward. Mankind is failing as a civilization to properly manage information. Bringing people together into the same reality is a practical necessity for collective action to take place again.

We're well past clown world. We're at clown galaxy at the least.


Ele rachou com a saída do Moro
Ele é lavajatista do antagonista


>Mayors from Brazil release a video asking for international help to fight the pandemic
Come to Brazil and bring medical supplies!


File: 1617166953792.png (365.94 KB, 485x819, media_ExyAL0gUcAAuLYZ.png ….png)

E enquanto o país desmorona, Jair trata de assuntos importantíssimos.


I-I-I'll offer my help!


A couple of days ago, Brazil reported more COVID deaths than the next 10 countries in the daily death toll put together.

You have been mistreating reactoids, haven't you, fellas? It's not quite the justifiable-murder-on-sight-on-grounds-of-self-defense which should be the norm, but we gotta start somewhere, because no one else will. Besides never mentioning the word "left" for several years now, the media has only ever used the word "right" with decreasing frequency since 2019, and seem to be pronouncing it even more rarely than "left" for months now. They're already coming up with their "third way" (their own words), declaring "neither Lula nor Bolsonaro" and such, and unless we properly marshal the use of information starting now, you better bet even 03 can get elected in 2022. I can already see it, a religious theme (03 is even less pious than his father) and a slogan like "the Son will redeem the sins of the Father". 100% of the evangelical vote right off the bat.

Spread hate towards the people who deserve to be hated.



Era ou não era impeachment se fosse o Lula?


File: 1617170765312.png (25.46 KB, 589x229, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Era ou não era impeachment se fosse o Lulinha?


do florida anons have honorary brazilian status?


File: 1617174148768.jpg (68.3 KB, 620x465, minie-04.jpg)

You're pretty much Brazilian Deluxe, Miami and Orlando are the Mecca and Medina of our comprador scum.

Pic related, a juvenile gusano dolled up to act as journalist bait for a totes-legit newsbit attacking Dilma. The sign says some crap about her family cancelling their trip to Disneyland once the dollar hit the mark of 3 bananabux. That particular index is a key economic indicator here, mostly as a cargo-cult economic thermometer, so showcasing the falling exchange rate was always an easy jab at her. It goes without saying that the exchange rate started going to shit right when Car Wash began. In any case, the dollar will soon hit the mark of 6 bananabux, yet the popularity of the exchange rate as thermometer mysteriously fell out of favor after she fell as it still kept going to shit. There are several screenshots of now-notorious reactoid shitbags telling people to HODL until Dilma was ousted because the rate would skyrocket in our favor. It never did.


The brazilian bourgeois sound like the worst in South America


File: 1617176613485.jpg (34.28 KB, 525x395, D8ZNa1nXYAAyAgH orig.jpg)

The world. The worst in the world.


File: 1617190556544.jpg (17.9 KB, 460x325, 460_0___30_0_0_0_0_0_bande….jpg)

I know most of you guys here are commies but do you have any opinions on FARJ ?Are they recognized as a political force ?



Podem me indicar livros sobre Stalin? Quero entender porque ele é uma figura tão importante. Muitos o criticam.


nah, that's still the u.s. imo


>Whoa, a genuine gommie cop?
3 years and some months in the police force

>És tu, mineiro comedor?

mundo pequeno né?

>Please do share the police's take on this whole trainwreck

As I already said, he knew the consequences, he would end up doing something fucked up if the police had not shot him, he would end his life and his career by killing an innocent passerby, from the moment he put himself against the police action, being armed, he is already taking the risk of losing his life, and the actions he took did not help him at all, I believe that the lack of medical and psychological assistance in this case was also a big factor, as I said before, I’m from a small town, I believe the state should provide therapeutic assistance to defense system agents, but who am I to say what the state should do right?
>Please do share the police's take on this whole trainwreck. How many of them are still Bozo scum? How many are regretful idiots? How many are regretful fashies? How popular is that anti-fascist cop organization? Are the odds of rebellion at all significant? Tomorrow is the fateful day.

Most of them avoid talking about politics, they only comment on politics when they are directly affected, the environment does not allow it, I know many conservatives there, do I need to say that I am the only communist there?

I know some who vote for left-wing parties, like the PT, but they are not radical leftists, they are not even leftists, they vote for left-wing parties for no apparent reason, good part of they are conservatives, few of them vote for left-wing parties, for no apparent reason.


File: 1617236383803.jpg (86.75 KB, 1024x763, media_Ex2AfNkWEAAp3Wa.jpg ….jpg)

tweets que nasceram cringe e envelheceram mal


why the actual fuck are you (or HOW are you) a cop if you're a communist

here in burgerlandia that would like…..what? Totally unfeasible


File: 1617237990226.png (215.75 KB, 597x406, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Terra do supremestiço branco, Filipe Martins.

Temos falta crônica de vacinas pro povo porque não aplicamos doses agudas de chumbo nos inimigos do povo. Não faço ameaça e sim apenas digo o óbvio: a prosperidade nacional depende da morte das elites brasileiras, incluindo todos os sabujos vira-lata que a cercam. Faz muito, muito tempo que passamos do ponto em que essa morte podia ser figurativa.


File: 1617239031224.jpg (193.29 KB, 1920x808, incitement of kidnappinng ….jpg)

NTA but if you have police on your side in protests and civil confrontations, it helps. Why let fascists have all the luck?


Olha o besteirol traduzido direto de propaganda gringa: https://nitter.cc/baia_canuto/status/1377315089267691525

Já mandou Ciro tomar no cu hoje?: https://nitter.cc/Estadao/status/1377397796739837954


NYT dishing out pro-coup propaganda back in 1964: https://www.nytimes.com/1964/04/05/archives/brazil-coup-affects-whole-continent-overthrow-of-goulart-is.html

Goulart came from a porky family, but he was a legitimate Statesman who wanted to develop the country, and he a very basic, if not downright obvious, fact which our elites have long ago memoryholed: national development doesn't just improve the living standards of the lower classes, but necessitates it to get started at all. And our ruling classes would rather convict hundreds of millions to misery than let them prosper just for that. They're just plain evil, there's really no other word which applies. They can ignore and even work against their own material interests, and have done so more than once in the past, just to satisfy this malignant urge to see their supposed inferiors suffer.


File: 1617240285349.png (107.06 KB, 590x403, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)




Sinceramente, o que passa na cabeça do Lula quando ele veja a burgesia Brasilieira e pensam que collaboração das classes é possivel? Me lebram do Nildo Ouriques dizendo que os sindicatos velho acreditavam que socialismo era um coisa obeleto e que so com concilição o Brasil poderia desenolver.


Ainda nāo li, mas ouço bastante falar no "Stalin: História e Crítica de Uma Lenda Negra" do Domenico Losurdo


Um exemplo de bot de empresa de publicidade: https://twitter.com/Cisterna_Vertic

Fica spameando um produto qualquer, e, de vez em quando, repete alguma merda do Epoch Times ou uma passada de pano no Bozo.

Seria muito fácil, para alguém com recurso que investigadores de orgãos federais têm, descobrir os principais comandantes da esgotosfera. Se isso não foi feito, é porque não querem mesmo, nem o STF que faz birra quando alguém ataca ele e apenas ele. Esses cornos merecem levar bala tanto quanto os cornos que os contratam. Uma meia dúzia de CPFs cancelados silenciaria dezenas de milhares de perfis que ficam enganando o povo às custas do povo.


File: 1617244020860.png (213.96 KB, 590x554, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Influencers, celebrities and other modern lumpenbourgeois who spread disinformation can and should be considered legitimate targets in a society in a modern society in a state of armed class conflict. Whomever defends them on grounds of freedom of speech is equivalent to the pacifists in WW2 of which Orwell said: "Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other." The stupidsia wields entirely too much power in this time of data overload and deliberate dumbing-down of the masses, and they misuse it out of design or negligence. Distinction between these two categories can be made as to what fate they deserve, but they're nonetheless as guilty as a public servant or a wealthy individiual who misuse their power for whichever reason. You know for a fact that some CIA goon financing covert propaganda is not just a valid but a priority target, how can the people who take that money and turn it into ignorance and bigotry be innocent? In the information age, lying while wielding influence over society constitutes abuse of power.


File: 1617245582687.jpg (510.14 KB, 4096x2158, media_Ex2nIieWQAA9njN.jpg ….jpg)

The area in blue has had as many COVID deaths as the area in red today.



Never heard of them.



Gringos are the curse of this Earth, goddamn.


File: 1617255037031.jpg (36.9 KB, 587x370, D-WzzHNWkAA5ktH orig.jpg)

Well shit, it has been staring me in the face yet I didn't notice it. Of course Bozo won't be removed from office. He's doing what our elites have always dreamed of doing, if badly. It's a dream come true to them. They're not doing anything because a genocide is taking place, not despite.


File: 1617256136350.png (142.43 KB, 593x504, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Primeira decisão do regime Bolsonaro que eu apóio.


Danm including America wow.


Democrats managed to outdo the goal of 100m people vaccinated in the first 100 days.


So these influencers are being paid by Bolsonaro to promote "early appointments" for a pseudo-science quack Covid treatment? I don't speak Portuguese but I do speak Spanish so I tried to interpret.

Did I get that correct?


Yep. The buzzterm is "precocious treatment", and it consists of start taking meds like chloroquine, ivermectin, azitromicin and others right now, whether you even show COVID symptoms. The number of deaths attributable to those had been very rare up until a few days ago, when Bozo did a 180 like I said here >>142748. Since then a few "COVID kits" became somewhat popular among the less fortunate side of the IQ curve. Some cities distributed these with healthcare funds. Two relatively close cities took opposite stances. One, with a Bozo-dicksucking mayor, did the above, whereas the other, ruled by a PT member, did a lockdown and the proper measures. The latter managed to finally reach 0 deaths a day, whereas the first one had a 1300% rise in fatalities and a massive shortage of ICU beds, I'm reading 64 were waiting for one but I dunno if that was the highest number in this particular event. In that city, among other places, there's a shortage of intubation materials and even the anesthetic used to do it. The drug's price, unsurprisingly, has skyrocketed the past year. Before the pandemic, it was 2 bananabux an ampule. At some point recently, it reached 200. Free market's efficiency and whatnot. And guess which of the two mayors got death threats.

Some doctors have been prescribing those meds too. Health secretaries in some places have been defending it with "each person does what they want", as did the head of the federal regulation agency of medical practitioners, a Bozo goon of course. I'm seeing reports of 3 fatalities from renal failure, and 5 others who now need a kidney transplant. God only knows how many more cases are lost between the cracks. A particularly creative doctor in a public ER told people to use chloroquine with a nebulizer, and was fired. During some radio interview with her (most likely by a Bozo-aligned station; most of the media has been sucking Bozo's chicken-flavored dick with revolting enthusiasm), the cretin-in-chief himself called in and complimented her (yep, Bozo-aligned station). She did it to at least 6 COVID patients. 2 improved, 3 died, tho it's not clear if the nebulized chloroquine was the cause.

All of this is way past the bounds of normalcy, even by the extremely lax Brazilian standards. It's impossible to distinguish between malice, stupidity and insanity when it comes to reactoids now. And yet, it has all been normalized. I have yammered on endlessly about how the more reactionary porkies have weaponized the disinformation storm of the internet in order to turn hypernormalization into omninormalization, where whatever happens is largely accepted, in past threads. I can dig up screencaps if you want. America was under the grip of omninormalization too under Trump, but his fall, especially after the Boomer Hall Putsch, signalled the return of hypernormalization – a carefully crafted official narrative which omninormalization disrupted – with a vengeance, as the leninist porkies, aligned with the deep State, will make sure will stick for good now. Cue the eternal brunch, growing internet message control to match that of old media and so on and so on. I hoped Brazil would follow the same path, especially since, without Trump, I figured Bozo was guaranteed not to finish his term, by Brazil managed to blindside us again. See >>144080. So we're still plowing the depths of omninormalization with no end in sight.


>right now, whether you even show COVID symptoms
Or maybe only when symptoms start. I don't know, it's all so absurd, not even their bullshit has internal consistency anymore.


ayy nice filter


double ayy



The media which deliberately blacks out anything related to the left criticizes Lula for not saying anything about the latest ministerial dance. I miss the days when this sort of shit was the most revolting thing in my timeline.


There are currently 74 impeachment bills or requests or whichever is the proper term against Bozo. That means only 6 were filed February and March, when Mr Nice Guy left 68 requests gathering dust before being outsmarted by a literal smart. However, today, more than 30 new requests will be filed. Here's a list of things which this will change:


Good news for once: access to water is now considered a right.


Oh yeah, there's a tracker for them: https://apublica.org/impeachment-bolsonaro/


So uh, I'm curious, what is exactly wrong with Brazil? I know the COVID situation is bad, but man the posters in this thread seem despondent, even by LatAm standards


If only you knew how bad things are


Now you see why I came to the consluion reactionarism today is literally a personality disorder. Like fascism, this is a pathology reaching power in order to imprint itself on all of society.


File: 1617309399934.jpg (116.79 KB, 970x650, 1614972833101.jpg)

>why the actual fuck are you a cop if you're a communist
like it or not it is a "job", when I finished my military service the opportunity arose and I was unemployed.
>HOW are you a cop if you're a communist
I didn't need to say it was, but I believe that one of my tattoos clearly marks me as a communist (a che guevara), they asked me about it only once, I said "I was young when I did it" (which is true), believe it or not, the tattoo never got me in trouble.
I’ve always been poor, I live in a poor neighborhood, my whole family is poor, I’m also a history teacher, I’m currently teaching at EJA (it’s a government program that aims to offer elementary and high school education to people who have passed the school age and who have not had the opportunity to study.).


nothing wrong or contradictory with being a communist cop. I wish there were more leftist adjacent cops. You don't need to prove anything to anyone.


File: 1617310042156.png (235.37 KB, 604x669, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Este cartunista aqui é outro arrependido, não é?

Orra, preferiu Moro ao culto? Estou sinceramente surpreso. Ele pregava a palavra do Carvalho na Veja (aliás, valeuzão, Veja, um dos principais culpados por tabela por este genocídio) a ponto de publicar um soneto que compôs em sua homenagem.

Soneto do estudante sério
(Felipe Moura Brasil)

Para Olavo de Carvalho *

E agora que eu li tanto, tantas obras
De autores tão malditos, quanto pude
Receio não haver nem mesmo sobras
Das minhas vis paixões de juventude.

Quão falso era meu mundo, e amiúde
Com quanta prontidão lhe fiz as dobras
Na ânsia de manter minha atitude
Imune a todo tipo de manobras.

Fui tolo, como assim o é quem pensa
Não ser manipulado pela imprensa
Em todas as questões da vida humana.

Ninguém recebe alta desse hospício
Sem auto-humilhação, sem sacrifício
De sua cabecinha provinciana.


File: 1617310263964.png (190.02 KB, 604x413, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Ó só, direto de um ex-gado. Obsessão por cu e piroca. Patológico.


File: 1617311741402.png (66.71 KB, 579x590, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Finalmente sairam da mesmice de exaltar "empreendedorismo" de fazer ovo de páscoa rpa sobreviver.


File: 1617312893138.jpg (18.4 KB, 314x400, a02149393485fbecd3858ee3c1….jpg)

CARALEO agora que dei refresh na página quase surtei com o novo design


File: 1617313709668.jpg (142.06 KB, 1024x1044, kuruminha_by_gabriel_naves….jpg)

celebrating with cringe


Straight from the site of the federal House: a survey made almost literally on the eve of the 64 coup showed Goulart had the support of 70% of the populace. It wasn't divulged at the time.


That's over twice what Bozo has now. The conclusion is inevitable: even if you're optimistic enough to think our elites don't want this genocide, they still prefer genocide over land reform, ending illiteracy, creating a welfare State and on and on.

And it's for reasons like this I say the left should adopt a moralist discourse, without abandoning any old rhetoric of course. This collection of ghouls we call our elite are not just malignant, but well beyond any kind of redemption. Ending it is both a practical and moral imperative.


File: 1617320858309.jpg (206.05 KB, 1168x1234, Exuzj7zXIAQrH5r.jpg)

On the left, a pic which had been spammed by Bozo's bot horde. On the right, the latest cover of Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil.


File: 1617320902330.jpg (3 MB, 1594x2185, media_Ex7AdM_WUAAr_co.jpg ….jpg)



LMD is probably the best leftist monthly on international affairs but usually they aren't this edge, haha


we don't live in a society because everyone fucking died


And by being 'edgy' I only mean their aesthetics


A few days ago, it surfaced that some bigshots from one state bought vaccines privately while most of the population still awaits theirs. Besides the fact that being vaccinated amidst an overwhelmingly unvaccinated population isn't much, it turned out the vaccines were fake. They paid 600 bananabux for a saline shot.


File: 1617322516205.jpg (559.69 KB, 1062x1456, capa128.jpg)

Their covers are remarkably much more to the left than the actual contents.

Bonus: a bozosphere site spilling salt about a magazine cover "pressuring the courts" back before Moro jumped out of that bandwagon: https://www.sociedademilitar.com.br/2018/03/capa-do-le-monde-diplomatique-encomendada-coube-quase-tudo-da-lista.html


Yesterday Bozo worked a grand total of 1 hour. Today, not at all. Par for the course for someone who had 3 bills approved in 28 years as Representative, all of which no longer are in effect.


File: 1617323903980.jpg (80.78 KB, 1138x1260, media_ExksbO6WgAI_-7J.jpg ….jpg)

Early on, the circus tried anti-immigrant rhetoric, because Trump, of course. It was smarted even by their standards.


File: 1617325967080.png (225.99 KB, 609x411, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

This is fine.


File: 1617326495387.png (246.77 KB, 590x568, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Fireman sets fire to a newspaper's office because he "disagreed" with lockdown.

Now yoou can throw terrorism on the pile of crimes committed by Good Men. Not that the perp was charged with that, of course.


Would any anon be kind enough to jajapill me on Lula? Mostly wondering how legit any of the corruption charges are, and what other shitty stuff he might have under his belt.

Of course I'm aware that all politicians are corrupt and thats just the unofficial official way it operates and he was only caught because people had it out for him, I'm just wondering which charges were legit, how it compares to other corruption in Brazilian politics, etc.

Also heard something about him helping overthrow Aristide in Haiti, which doesnt disqualify him as an otherwise good leader and I realize being president of a secondary power in this world means participating in shitty realpolitik, but it sucks to hear nonetheless.

Just wondering because he seems like a good guy and a hopeful potential development for Brazil, though I'm sure him being elected is less likely than some schizo rancher with his wallet stuffed with OAS bucks shooting him before he gets in.


da Joker in Brazil 😳😳😳😳


oh perfect lol. thanks anon


File: 1617343591215.png (22.15 KB, 328x210, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)




Na thread dos banners tem um guia maneirinho de uma extensão que muda o CSS dos sites.


>Casually forgets that the joker was the villain of the movie.

I believe this image speaks for itself.


File: 1617345881367.png (153.04 KB, 500x333, lmao.png)


Can't say it was undeserved.


File: 1617346168990.jpg (86.75 KB, 1024x763, media_Ex2AfNkWEAAp3Wa.jpg ….jpg)

I also saw a pic of him in the style of The Godfather.


File: 1617347023507.mp4 (3.6 MB, 640x368, C_r8x0VlaeS0ia4i.mp4)

A video calling for people to join protests in March 15 2020 with the usual pro-Bozo, anti-SC and anti-Congress trifecta, with some COVID denialism for extra zestiness.


File: 1617347285717-0.jpg (93.14 KB, 768x512, 15842974835e6e760bcd1fa_15….jpg)

File: 1617347285717-1.jpg (56.02 KB, 768x512, 15842842405e6e425021576_15….jpg)

File: 1617347285717-2.jpg (46.38 KB, 768x512, 15842842345e6e424a8719c_15….jpg)

File: 1617347285717-3.jpg (124.52 KB, 768x512, 15842842305e6e4246471a8_15….jpg)

File: 1617347285717-4.jpg (63.34 KB, 768x512, 15842966495e6e72c92c357_15….jpg)

The turnout followed the usual pattern: multiple cities, but each with small crowds of assiduous supporters who had been hyped up in some nest in the sewersphere. The pics they pass around have a conspicuous lack of high-angle shots (press helicopters make up the shortfall) and an excess of pics from past, unrelated, much bigger events.


File: 1617349387139-0.jpg (62.69 KB, 750x525, media_Ex68u70XMAMDS5J.jpg ….jpg)

File: 1617349387139-1.jpg (45.46 KB, 609x482, media_Ex68u70XMAEQJ0B.jpg ….jpg)

Lula's live interview today happened at the same time as Bozo's daily (I think) livestream. Notice the audience numbers.

As a journalist pointed out, Lula is often interviewed by big international media outlets, while Bozo is interviewed by the local equivalents of Jerry Springer and Geraldo. But no one here even knows Lula gives interviews, whereas a lot of people watch these slimebags on TV. The left currently lacks capilarity, and that's what revangelism would be about.

(A sidenote to gringos: the fedoramancer interviewing Lula used to be one of the most notorious mouth-foaming reactoid, the kind who is paid to badmaouth and slander while getting legal protection from their networks. He actually said at one point that Hillary Clinton was a socialist and thus a fascist. However he turned against Car Wash relatively quite early, way before Lula's 2018 arrest, eventually defending him and PT against the political persecution. I don't know a single other reactoid who had a redemption arc like this.)


File: 1617407029672-0.jpg (145.3 KB, 1080x1223, media_Ex8g1PmWEAIxPjb.jpg ….jpg)

File: 1617407029672-1.jpg (123.37 KB, 1080x608, media_Ex8g1syXAAELD8g.jpg ….jpg)

File: 1617407029672-2.jpg (136.32 KB, 1080x608, media_Ex8g1-pWgAAAB5A.jpg ….jpg)



File: 1617407838245.png (403.5 KB, 803x655, yang tiresome.png)

>just barely avoided a coup by sheer laziness and apathy from the military and nothing else
>rightoids literally foaming at the mouth and becoming more and more schizophrenic every day
Things are looking grim, to say the least.


If people start to act like these guys think i don't know how much Brazil can keep a functioning society.


Honestly, ramping up and directing the absurdity with our own bots is the best thing we could do short of killing the dipshits in charge of this internet astroturfing. Feed the bullshit back into them until they're too divorced from reality to convey any meaning, let alone act.


These are fake profiles or pathological reactionaries aware they're spreading bullshit. Bozo's support base has only ever shrunk, and radicalization at this point will harm their cause. Look at the Boomer Hall Putsch.


File: 1617413579640.jpg (107.06 KB, 1242x1235, media_ExsG_hQWEAA5dGR.jpg ….jpg)

Yesterday (during this livestream >>149292):
>After the last Brazilian is vaccinated, if there's a vaccine left, I'll decide if I take it or not. That's the example a leader must set. Like in the army. generally, the commander is the last one in line. He's the one who sets an examplo for the others.

Today: the president's office announced he would be vaccinated tomorrow


File: 1617415103504.png (341.12 KB, 720x737, media_D8qCaNYXoAAXTTa.png ….png)

Olha a cara do Toffoli.


ele nem finge que se importa.


File: 1617435843581-0.jpg (138.95 KB, 1500x1000, EDUARDO-CUNHA-DILMA-ROUSSE….jpg)

File: 1617435843581-1.jpg (16.84 KB, 500x159, Cortado-5-1.jpg)

Holy fuck I just typed out my biggest post yet. Relax and open wide to receive my entire verbal load.

In a couple of weeks, we should hear news about Eduardo Cunha, the head of the House who started, but didn't finish, Dilma's impeachment process. So I'll make a timeline here.

He's a rather typical crook, and had been head of the House since February 2015, as PT's candidate. He belongs to MDB, the rent-a-majority party par excellence. The left sometimes refers to them as radical centrists, not because of their stances in themselves – in practice they're slightly less reactionary bougies who try to pretend they're nice and enlightened libeals – but because they will support anyone or anything which might reach power. Effectively, they, and the smaller but nigh-undistinguishable parties which orbit it, keep the country hostage. Crucially, Dilma picked a veep from the same parties precisely as part of the ransom they charge to allow the president to preside.

In 13 October 2015, PSOL and REDE requested his expelling from the House for typical crook crimes as reported by Car Wash, for which he had been under investigation for some time. Unsurprisingly, he used his powers as head of the House to shunt that request aside.

Only 2 days later, Cunha picked one out of the 37 impeachment requests available (the media campaign was arguably at its peak), and his decision process no doubt involved political considerations. For starters, none of the 3 people who filed it were politicians at the moment, helping the narrative that the entire society was fed up with Dilma.

(Parenthetical since it's too long for a timeline item. One of them was a former succdem minister and thus already suspicious, as left warned. One was a sucessful lawyer without a political career until then, and seems to have been brought along by the third man, but I'll get to him in a bit. This second proponent supported Car Wash and attacked PT with fervor matched by few, which brought her fawning adoration from the press which built her up as another of the many "bulwarks of morality" of the post CW age. She was eventually elected in 2018 by way of the same party Bozo used (has has long left it because he fucks everything up). She became the most-voted state Representative in our history in the most populous and economically-important state, São Paulo, one of the many shameful records that shitshow of an election gave us. After Moro ran away from Bozo's circus, she chose to remain on the former's side, justifying her former support of the latter with the usual "I didn't expect this retarded shitbag would act like a retarded shitbag". Anyway, on the the 3rd proponent of the chosen impeachment proposal. He was the 2nd one's mentor in academia, and had, until then, been a venerable figure of the left. He was old as balls, having been of one Goulart's ministers, and would later be one of the ~100 founders of PT. After their ascension in 2002, he was among the many influential figures who left the party as it became a fixture in the political scene instead of enacting any serious reforms, and as these things usually go, despite disagreeing with PT from the left, he moved rightwards to the succdems, PT's biggest rivals. Throughout his life, he had been an attorney for humanitarian causes. Defending civil rights, prosecuting vigilante policemen and the like. And then he shat all over his legacy by helping the country go from its most prosperous age to its worse age out of knee-jerk political . To be fair, he most likely did it out of good intentions. CW fooled a lot of people.)

The dates are no coincidence. Cunha most likely put a noose around Dilma's neck to get PT to remove the noose around his neck.

Ever since at least 19 November, the proponents of Cunha's expelling process tried to get the House to officially start the process but were barred by interference from other government offices and a multitude of cheap tactics. Think filibustering-tier shit. Effectively, it was frozen since late November.

In 2 December, Cunha officially began Dilma's impeachment process, which would have multiple stages and a lot of other government offices butting in, partly to stop Cunha's bullshit and partly to unduly interfere, so it remained effectively frozen since some point in December 2015. There had been another attempt to get his expelling process going the day before.

Cunha's expelling process would start de facto only in 3 March 2016, despite having been open in late November 2015 but frozen by aforementioned cheap tactics and external interference. The reason is simple: Car Wash's investigation of him brought up official charges.

The public side of the anti-PT campaign had been losing steam after peaking in late 2015, especially after the process was frozen like I mentioned above. This was quite possibly deliberate on the part of the people intervening, trying to avoid a crisis. Years later, a bigwig whose name I can't recall right now, said that the impeachment would probably have fizzled, were it not for…

In March 16, Dilma nominates Lula for a ministerial job, which would automatically grant him some juridic privileges, the most important one of which was that the ongoing investigation on him would be removed from Car Wash and Moro's jurisdiction and handed over to the much more agreeable Supreme Court (these privileges always come up when there are anything involving politicians here, some of them need these like they need air to breathe). This was quite clearly a maneuver to protect him, and the establishment did not let it slide. On the same day, Moro released the recent results of wiretaps on Dilma's phone. The key points are Lula, Dilma and other bigwigs arguing about this manuever, to which Lula was initially reluctant. Although there are no records of him accepting it for that reason, it was quite obvious, and media had a field day with it. Live updates, vaguely defamatory images, the works. They succesfully created the feeling that the entire country had caught someone with the proverbial hand in the cookie jar.

(This might not have seemed like much – it certainly was completely glossed over by our press – so let me clarify here that what we call a 1st instance judge wiretapped the fucking president of the republic and divulged the contents just like that. This was unheard-of even here and most likely violated an entire book worth of laws, not to mention the glaring issues of national security involved, and, to top it all off, even his order to declassify those audios might have been illegal. Our magistrates are horrendously powerful, because besides their nominal powers, it seems that everyone obeys whatever their orders by default like they referees in a game. Unless someone else – almost inevitably, a different magistrate – steps in, they can do nearly damn everything. Among the factors which might cause this, I would mention our past of absolute monarchy, dictatorship and sheer awfulness of our elites; a horribly overgrown bureaucratic apparatus which, like our ruling classes, has never been really disrupted and remade, only ever scarcely reformed, although "patched" might be a better term, so the government has an absurd mess of laws and regulations of very unclear hierarchy; the current constitution was written in 1988, amidst a global tendency towards civil rights and anti-authoritarianism, so the many legal protections end up compounding the aforementioned bureaucratic mess; and last but not least, the post-post-modern loss of distinction of image and object make experts of various social institutions the arbiters of what is fact and what's fiction, and the highest of those are government courts.)

The very next day, March 17, Cunha resumed Dilma's impeachment process.

On the 18, the biggest crook in the Supreme Court barred Lula's nomination for that job.

(That very same crook has led the charge against Car Wash and demonstrated increasing sympathy towards Lula, as if the bastard hadn't been aware of everything. Regardless, events have turned the biggest favor-monger in government into the unlikely hero of democracy. "Brazil is not for amateurs", indeed. There are several quite moving videos of him denouncing CW's abuses and the attacks on democracy perpetrated by other people. A particularly inspiring performance took place after CW overplayed their hand and sealed their fate by misappropriating a shitload of recovered money which supposedly had been stolen by the people they convicted, but that's a story for another time.)

On 17 April, Dilma's impeachment process was started in earnest. Like I said, there are multiple stages. It's part of the messy bureaucracy.

Cunha was barred from his job on a provisional basis, pending the end of the process, in 5 May.

(The fact that the man who oversaw the impeachment process himself fell before it even ended didn't cast doubt on it. Such a principle applies only to judges, it seems, and I don't even know if it applies to judges in Brazil. Regardless, it's one of those many flaws of the modern State structure.)

Dilma was barred from her job on a provisional basis, pending the end of the process, in May 11. Her vice-president was now officially in charge.

Dilma was finally impeached on 10 August.

Cunha was finally expelled from the House in 12 September.

The fact that these events overlapped in time is enough to arouse suspicion. As far as I know, there's no conclusive proof of this, so with that in mind, what probably happened is, Cunha hanged Dilma because PT voted to expel him from the House. And that's pretty much it.

Cunha was arrested on 19 October, his arrest order carrying Moro's signature, another notch on CW's belt. Key to his convictions? The infamous plea bargain snitching which fueled most of CW's cases, including Lula's. There's a lot to be said about those, for now it suffices to say that a lot of those snitches had a lot of incentive to make as many accusations as possible. And Cunha wanted in on it to shave some years off an accumulated 30+ which CW would hand him (not to mention another 24+ sentence from a completely unrelated case wew), but Moro and the prosecutor-general of the republic (part of CW, of course) didn't like his snitching so tough luck. Given that it's known that he used these bargains, as well as intimidation, in order to get the accusations he wanted from the people he already caught, this is certainly suspicious, especially given how a central figure like him is bound to have a lot of juicy details. The press has also been unusually disinterested in interviewing him, tho I suppose he might not be interested either. During his first published interview in 29 September 2017, he claimed to be a political prisoner and that his snitching had been ignored because CW wanted trophy convictions and the prosecutor-general was an enemy of his. Well the two prosecutor-generals which came afterwards didn't give a shit about his accusations either.

Which finally brings us to the present. He has been writing a book, Goodbye, Honey - The impeachment diaries, and the contents are highly anticipated. It'll be released on this 17 April, the 5th anniversary of the first, preliminary impeachment vote. A few tidbits have been released today.

Among them:
- it was PT who tried to bribe him and he was the one who refused, but he had already said that before.
- other Congressmen also offered their help in exchange for bribes, but he bravely resisted them too.
- the Congressmen who would decide whether he was expelled or not also tried to blackmail him, but he remained brave. Stunning and brave.
- complete innocence from every accusation.
- PT's highest echelons sicced Car Wash on him in order to get him to play ball. Yeah, no, this one would never fly, and now more than ever. Among them he includes that prosecutor-general enemy of his, who, it turned out, also backstabbed PT.
- neither he nor Dilma had to fall if only big bad PT hadn't gone after him in the House. So he seems not to notice he's admitting he wanted to exchange favors.
- it seems that this "going after him" refers to the filing of the proposal to get him expelled all the way back in October 2015. PT didn't sign the proposal and I can't tell if they were behind it.
- after that supposed move by PT against him in October 15, he filed an impeachment request and signed it, and had the other necessary signatory sign it as well, and left the date blank. It was locked away in a fucking safebox, and Cunha intructed that colleague to immediately date it and get it published in case anything happened to Cunha which prevented him from being there. A pre-approved impeachment request!
- Lula, on the verge of tears, confessed that picking Dilma as his successor was the biggest mistake of his life. On the one hand, Cunha is a very biased source and particularly so when it comes to Dilma, but on the other, this regret of Lula's has been a rumor for years now.
- Dilma's veep not only welcomed, but also actively worked towards, her impeachment. In fact, he said it would never have happened without his negotiations with the parties to allocate the government offices and funds on his administration.
- Cunha is (or most likely was) close friends with one Joesley Batista, a bonafide porky and one of Car Wash's most prolific singing birds, if you get my meaning. This makes Cunha's claims that PT sicced CW on him even more ridiculous.
(A shitload of very high profile CW operations were based on his and his brother's snitching, and they became weird celebrities despite being ostensibly corrupt shits since they were helping "clean the country". Business publications had their own way of doing this, by painting the brothers as master businessmen, printing their photos doing the stereotypical crossed-arm power pose.)
- Joesley was very well-connected, and besides Cunha (to whom he owed the great fortune of his company thanks to leaked information), he had direct access to a Supreme Court judge, who happens to be one directly named by CW's leaders in the chats The Intercept leaked. Joesley also frequently hosted talks between Cunha and other players, including PT leaders, not always amicably.
(This is more interesting to Brazilians since it might be a bit too hermetic for foreigners. One of these tense encounters was with Jacques Wagner, who is at the same time part of the high leadership of PT, a candidate with ever-rising popularity and a skilled behind-the-scenes operator. He's currently senator, and before that, he was the governor of Bahia, the blackest state in the country, which I find somewhat amusing because he's a white jew lel)
- Aécio had been opposed to the impeachment… because he wanted her ticket to be annulled by the electoral courts instead, because this would remove the veep too and trigger new elections, which he was quite likely to win. Once it turned out that would take too long, he went with the impeachment.
(Then soon afterwards had his shit pushed in by other succdem bigwigs fighting for PT's spoils, he's the first of the biggest 3 succdems I mentioned here: https://bunkerchan.net/leftypol/res/1322147.html#q1330544)
- Cunha waves and winks towards Bolsonaro, remembering the time when he binned a complaint from a PT Representative. I think it was one which was filed after the infamous incident when he said the only reason he didn't rape her is because she wasn't worth it. Cunha's daughter, Danielle, will continue her father's bloodsucking career, and has already said she will rally behind Bozo.

And the most interesting revelation of all: back in the day, he had a meeting with a general who mucks up way too much in politics, and was surprised about his detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the president's office. Cunha came to the conclusion that the military had been spying on Dilma the entire time. Not just listening in on her calls, they were aware of details of her schedule and who she talked to. The general in question is Villas-Bôas, arguably the most responsible person for Bozo's presidential bid. He was Bozo's connection to the troops, taking him on tours of barracks and all that shmoozing shit, and acted as his operator until neurodegenerative disease turned his brain to mush. Villas-Bôas, I mean, not Bozo. And may his new career as a vegetable last as long as possible. It can't possibly be easier than the career of a Brazilian officer.


File: 1617436251125.jpg (35.51 KB, 346x386, 1337736503937.jpg)

Holy shit, that post actually went through? That was over 16k characters. Finally a place which can accomodate my massive, throbbing, veiny intellect.


holy fucking shit this is the longest single coherent post I have ever seen on this website


File: 1617438625178.jpg (68.77 KB, 1280x534, maxresdefasssult.jpg)

the longest one so far


File: 1617439663421.png (268.81 KB, 592x597, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Este protesto sozinho foi maior que todo o levante bolsonarista nas polícias.


File: 1617454653331-0.png (18.98 KB, 588x195, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

File: 1617454653331-1.png (119.04 KB, 591x419, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

File: 1617454653331-2.png (166.78 KB, 591x486, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1617455100392-0.png (19.42 KB, 587x198, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

File: 1617455100392-1.png (26.96 KB, 594x301, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

File: 1617455100392-2.png (122.84 KB, 324x360, media_Es3L3K9XUAsBdET.png ….png)

File: 1617455100392-3.jpg (104.83 KB, 1080x1030, media_Es3L427WMAc4ayT.jpg ….jpg)



File: 1617455916470.png (16.22 KB, 588x216, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Será que Bolsonaro acabará com o nacional-taxismo?


File: 1617462284980-0.jpg (66.26 KB, 680x357, media_Ex5gzR_WgAEXy_7.jpg ….jpg)

File: 1617462284980-1.jpg (76.28 KB, 750x707, Ex9Z3wbWUAIGzrS.jpg)

Sabem estes fofuchos aqui que assinaram umdane-se pela democracia? Adivinha qual ex-juiz de primeira instância também foi convidado? Só não foi porque os atuais patrões não deixaram.


File: 1617462519013.jpg (75.11 KB, 680x383, media_Ex5ioUhXAAopCt4.jpg ….jpg)

Dentro em breve, Bolsonaro junta-se à frente ampla antibolsonarista.


kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk BH sendo BH


File: 1617465944766-0.png (66.52 KB, 593x365, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

File: 1617465944766-1.jpg (20.42 KB, 1024x512, media_Ex-H-r7WQAAt7CW.jpg ….jpg)



>And the most interesting revelation of all: back in the day, he had a meeting with a general who mucks up way too much in politics, and was surprised about his detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the president's office. Cunha came to the conclusion that the military had been spying on Dilma the entire time. Not just listening in on her calls, they were aware of details of her schedule and who she talked to. The general in question is Villas-Bôas, arguably the most responsible person for Bozo's presidential bid. He was Bozo's connection to the troops, taking him on tours of barracks and all that shmoozing shit, and acted as his operator until neurodegenerative disease turned his brain to mush. Villas-Bôas, I mean, not Bozo. And may his new career as a vegetable last as long as possible. It can't possibly be easier than the career of a Brazilian officer.
Not that it would surprise me if it were true but do you really trust Cunha on this one?


I don't see any motive for him to lie about this. If anything, badmouthing the military could only bring trouble. Also, our elite is literally the worst one. Come on, you beieve it too, don't you? It's hard not to.


In 2019, Bozo took 9b away from healthcare and the military got 4 new warships to play with which cost 9.1b.



File: 1617496208787.jpg (205.8 KB, 1280x945, media_EyAq6WuWgAATQ0h.jpg ….jpg)

I wasn't joking when I said media conditioned people like dogs. This here is a Pavlovian reaction. Come to think of it, Pavlovian reactionary is a good way to describe reactionarism state of complete and utter inhumanity. It literally has no reason to exist, it just keeps on doing what it does like an animal incapable of understanding its condition.


Apropos of Dilma's impeachment. The private attorney who wrote it – he's not even a magistrate, just a regular attorney, altho for porkies – also wrote an impeachment request for the favor-mongering Supreme Court judge who has been attacking CW, with some help from an actual magistrate. Fashies using democracy to destroy democracy.

Violence is the only choice.


File: 1617498642826.png (125.22 KB, 600x358, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1617499227946.jpg (134.13 KB, 958x499, media_EyFMR15XIAwG75P.jpg)

I fully support letting churches and churches alone remain open.


BTW, it was Bozo's SC dipshit who okay-ed this. He's set to nominate another one in July.

You simply cannot undo the damage they're doing now while remaining inside the institutions, and doubly so for anyone in the left, because you can't fart without media decrying it as a biochemical terrorist attack. If we even get to have an election in 2022, and if the left wins, it's a matter of time before another coup happens. We have no choice but to abuse the left's victory to push things forward. Using public funds to buy weapons is simple self-defense now. And fuck it if it's against the rules, but the cunts we now see vomiting hatred on our screens will have to get got. In the extremely unlikely case the institutional left manages to patch the country up, would you still want to have Bozo appointed cunts fagging the place up for eternity? Because you know as well as I do that the establishment, no matter how much it currently pretends not to like Bozo, would rather coup the left than let us do the necessary purge. Ergo, violence is the only choice.


File: 1617544044275.jpg (123.71 KB, 760x1210, media_EyCz_XEXIAIkeZn.jpg)

Fuel and gas have obscene prices because, it seems, Petrobras is under orders to maximize payout to shareholders.


File: 1617546342628.jpg (523.32 KB, 1069x1073, media_EyGEHvrXMAEUMVk.jpg)

Paulo Guedes also predicted Plano Real would be a failure. He never got a single thing right in his life.


The genocide isn't just a project in itself. It's part of the economic project as well. The fucking president of the Central Bank said that saving lives would be worse for the economy.


This is so absurd. We're not only in the middle of a genocide, but people don't even know it's tking place at all even as they drop like flies. Were other genocides like this? Or is this deadly dissociation enabled by modern media?


Não sei se os camaradas zucas 🇧🇷 sabem, mas o Lula foi entrevistado aqui em Portugal por uma jornalista reaça com síndrome de burro:

A resposta dele sobre a VUVUZELA, que terminou a entrevista, foi muito boa


File: 1617571909384.jpg (53.11 KB, 539x609, media_Ex5clhvW8AQU3OF.jpg)

Happy Easter!


This past week has been very "productive" for Bozo in the sense that he has pulled more bullshit than ever. Yet the head of the House arguably managed to outdo him. While the country falls apart and the checks and balances fail stupendously, he introduced a bill allowing private entities to buy their own vaccines, skipping the national program which prioritizes occupation and age of the population. They would even get a tax rebate and wouldn't even need to hand over any leftovers to the program. Basically, the rich have more right to live than you do. It was so awful his own Congress shat on his head. Later on, manufacturers of the various vaccines let out a press release stating that they do not sell to private entities, only to governments, on account of there being a fucking pandemic and all. According to a sanitation expert at Carta Capital, these companies have had to say that every other week on account of Brazilian porkies flaunting that bullshit constantly. Our elites are so fucking awful they expect capitalism itself to accomodate them.


Oh yeah, and let it be known for a fact that our elite is worse than Big Pharma.


This is why I dont buy into accelerationism. Brazil is rock bottom but there is not "spontaneity." and if there is it would be quickly coopted like in 2013.


I always make the same argument except s/Brazil/USA/. Why is it that most accelerationists seem to be american whilst there country is if not rock bottom about the closest to it in the west whilst other countries that have far healthier social welfare systems and whatnot have stronger leftist scenes?


So then, what is to be done? I don't think there even is a debate to be had, because the only paths possible are mass mobilization and political violence, and the former is out of the question until further notice and revangelism is the only way to undo that. Individual attacks on the scum are the only way to strike back at this moment in time.

Let's imagine a few scenarios here. Lula seems poised to win 2022, and 2018 has shown that PT could go on without him. How would our dear ruling classes react? For starters, I doubt anyone here will disagree if I say that the former Bozo supporters who now say "neither Bolsonaro nor Lula" would immediately go "YES BOLSONARO" if it comes down to that. But I honestly edon't think it will come down to that. Look at MSM, the main agents of the anti-PT campaign. We're at a point when fucking Globo is the only TV network who attacks Bozo at all and informs us about the pandemic, and all the others are pure braindead entertainment 24/7 with shameless Bozo dicksucking. Do you seriously think these cunts will let go of the privileges they have now? Imagine that, come 2022, Record decides to simply go whole-hog and broadcast all the bullshit which is currently restricted to the circus' internet cesspools. Conspiracy theories involving Foro de São Paulo, "Lula stole gorillions of dollars", the works. Congress would, at best, write polite letters tut-tutting and nothing else. The executive branch, needless to say, would do nothing. Supreme Court might try something, and immediately come under attack on cynical free speech grounds. Really, our porkies can do whatever they want right now, because we have no civil society and relied solely on the State in order to put any restraints on them, however minimal, and now that's not possible. So Record would get away with it. And the other TV networks would follow suit, including Globo. This madness isn't out of the question, it's just a logical progression of the current madness, and we would be powerless. Even if Lula or Ciro or some other leftist is elected president, how the fuck can he work with fascists abusing democracy to destroy democracy like that? Right now, they're abetting genocide, and when there is finally a reckoning over it, all those networks will need to be seized and destroyed, and can you imagine the shitshow that global porkies would start over this?

I guess I'm just rambling on, so the short of it: things will not improve until political violence begins. I don't mean things won't be fixed, I mean they won't improve at all. You simply can't undo this much damage without, at the very least, arrest everyone involved in extremely public show trials, and whatever leftist candidate wins in 2022 will have the power nor the willpower to do this.


*will have neither the power nor the willpower to do this.


File: 1617581138142.jpg (231.11 KB, 1150x1548, media_EyGPJq9WYAEojfs.jpg)



File: 1617582220772.png (246.1 KB, 587x553, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Well and lookie here. The porky attorney is buddies with Moro, and they advocate a new constitution. Nothing to see here, no sir, not at all.


File: 1617591707051.jpg (95.44 KB, 988x587, EyLE1jMXIAAyYgp.jpg)

O circo atacando as antas. A Noite das Facas Longas da direita trissômica.


>political instability about to reach breaking point
>porky suggests a new Constitution
Really makes you think.


File: 1617630428545-0.png (253.39 KB, 364x291, 1615697060531-0.png)

File: 1617630428545-1.webm (336.96 KB, 640x360, 1615697060531-1.webm)



I just find it weird they bring this up now, when the CW gang is a step away from being arrested. If they had done that while still allied to Bozo, then things would be looking grim.


File: 1617638370164-0.jpg (160.53 KB, 972x1879, media_EyNqDgCXIAQq9Kx.jpg)

File: 1617638370164-1.jpg (180.88 KB, 972x1931, media_EyNqEa9WYAMKEzg.jpg)



File: 1617638842328-0.png (76.47 KB, 2400x1350, media_Ex99p7sXAAUkCXm (1).png)

File: 1617638842328-1.png (56.18 KB, 2400x1350, media_Ex-nJvcWYAAwMFp (1).png)

File: 1617638842328-2.png (104.8 KB, 2400x1350, media_Ex-uLfmWEAIKr1t (1).png)

The green area in the 3rd graph is Brazil's vaccination plan without Doria.


Brazilian liberals are, historically, dumb as shit. From the First Republic to current day neolibs, they serve only as enablers of wannabe caudillos.


File: 1617642460967.jpg (156.25 KB, 624x367, Andre_C.jpg)


Then again, they're only dumb if you assume they have good intentions in the first place.


File: 1617644956073.png (301.13 KB, 591x588, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Now Bozo's little daughter is officially the only one in the family not under investigation.


Something I heard on Twitter: he looks like a powerbottom Hitler. What's your verdict, lads?


O congelamento salarial afetou também as polícias. O Bozo não fez questão alguma de dar prioridade à categoria na fila das vacinas. E os cornos de urna ainda não ousam nem subir a voz.


Seria a cornidão o vício cabal do brasileiro?


Why are rightiods so weak and effeminate?


File: 1617660279558.png (6.13 KB, 168x152, rrherherh.png)



I'm seeing some ads about Brazilian athletes likely to win gold medals. There's a high chance that Brazil will just plain be barred altogether from this year's Olympics.


Estranho, a grande mídia até esses dias não tava alertando da possibilidade do Bonoro usar as polícias estaduais como força paramilitar?


File: 1617667594007-0.jpg (477.58 KB, 2400x1600, 16172137666064b94624a8f_16….jpg)

File: 1617667594007-1.jpg (58.86 KB, 750x501, 750_protesto-barra_2021329….jpg)

File: 1617667594007-2.jpeg (32.56 KB, 640x427, g_wesley-soares-protesto-….jpeg)

File: 1617667594007-3.jpeg (49.68 KB, 640x427, g_wesley-soares-protesto-….jpeg)

The support for that gone-postal cop upthread was virtually nil outside of the astroturfed crowds (honotable mention to the pyromaniac fireman here >>149094) so it looks like his support among police forces, at this point at least, was severely overestimated by everyone. Part of the illusory majority the right always creates. Googling, I can find zilch signs of discontent from cops during the past couple of weeks. There's this protest in the very place the nutso soldier died, but the size of the crowd means it can safely be written off as the astroturf scum who always show up to Bozo-related events. The "cop" here is just a store-owner, exactly the sort of scum who frequents the sewersphere where shit like this is conceived. Sere also >>149281


However, there are operators like the dipshit who tried to get something going in front of the hospital in which the nutso cop died, but they seem to be failing.


It seems the circus is trying to hold onto their influence in the police forces by co-opting their older demands – the very demands which Bozo has ignored or even worked against. Notice, as usual, the fundamentally subversive nature of reactionary practice. Remember in the election, with the endless "what about PT" and other unrelated shit which they would bring up nowhere in order to steal valor?


File: 1617668470850.jpg (308.41 KB, 2400x960, 16172140006064ba300d366_16….jpg)

Whoops, the first pic is from the prodictatorship cunts in 31 May. Speaking of which, these were underwhelming as well.

In São Paulo, the event was dubbed the March of the Christian Family for Liberty, which started in front of a (Catholic) church and ended in front of a military command center or somesuch, at which point the assembled scum asked for "military intervention with Bolsonaro in power".


Guess what? The military dictatorship is also to blame for the evangelic plague!



File: 1617681483928.jpg (17.45 KB, 480x480, 8a1.jpg)


>smashed my phone and tablet against a wall when they could not figure out how to erase the hard-drive


File: 1617696378762.png (200.8 KB, 550x366, CBIFOT201020185094-bolsona….png)

Pois é, é disso que estou falando quando digo que não há como consertar o estrago sem violência. É óbvio que essa merda está crescendo horrores com grana estatal, mas vocês já sabem qual seria p escarcéu se um governo de esquerda tenta fechar essa merda, mesmo com todo um caso jurídico mostrando por A mais B que essa trolha nunca deveria ter existido. Pra não falar, é claro, no expurgo maciço da laia que fez toda essa merda, e da laia que deixou ssa merda acontecer fingindo não ver nada. Ou seja, limpar o estrago sendo feito agora significa expurgar literalmente toda a classe política e "intelectual" à direita do PT. Nem precisa falar qual o resultado.


File: 1617715822187.png (431.56 KB, 593x636, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)


There's nothing left to do but to attack the ruling classes regardless of existence or not of a wider plan because they are literally killing us by starvation and plague, and educating the people to prepare them to attack the ruling classes more.


The reality is that Lula will keep his "lula, paz e amor" conciliation to bargain for little higher salary while precarity among workers grow.


File: 1617743896777.jpg (25.46 KB, 480x270, 1616612400770.jpg)

Today I was listening to a conversation from some co-workers at the police station, apparently talking about this case, as I said here, politics is something we avoid at work, they were talking shit about the president, I have no hope that they will change their ideology, most of they are conservatives as expected, I just believe that in the next election a bunch of cops, and conservatives too, will not vote for Bolsonaro, they probably chose to vote for another right-wing cuck who will effectively be the same thing.


File: 1617748389727-0.jpg (50.78 KB, 1024x802, media_EyQCSOCXIAcy9Pc.jpg)

File: 1617748389727-1.jpg (47.53 KB, 1024x771, media_EyQCTWiW8AA2i46.jpg)



Qual é a pílula vermelho sobre Nordeste?


File: 1617749484440.png (252.62 KB, 593x690, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Seria isto, ouso dizer, baseado?

Efeito Lula.


File: 1617750215249.jpg (63.68 KB, 800x902, pottery.jpg)

Pura cerâmica.


Podem anotar: Bolsonaro cai quando a vara se tocar que as tão alardeadas reformas seriam aprovadas muito mais rápido com qualquer grupelho no comando que não seja o circo. Pode ser o Mourão, e se ele cair também (o STF pode cassar a chapa quando quiser), quem vira presidente é o Arthur Lira. Os próximos na linha sucessória seriam Pacheco e Fux. Qualquer um deles faria um serviço melhor que Bolsonaro.

Pensando melhor, a vara já deve saber disso, mas está esperando o genocídio terminar. Qualquer um desses outros nomes seria melhor que Bolsonaro em aprovar reformas, mas só ele pode cometer genocídio literalmente sem perceber.


File: 1617755610883.png (275.54 KB, 593x643, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

This is obvious in hindsight, but I suppose the best insights usually are. Fake news and assorted viral imbecility have a much wider reach than bullshit which directly contains circus crew talking shit. Even as people turn on him, they might still fall for disinfo they constantly spread because they don't make an association between those things. Like I said before, people have lost the capacity to judge facts. They receive data and act on it without thinking about its veracity, much like… bots.


File: 1617756215750.png (255.31 KB, 596x538, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Regarding the blackout on anything related to the left. Globo, which is only in the opposition because Bozo was too stupid to accept or to notice their peace offering, reports on the city which has managed to have zero COVID deaths after enforcing a lockdown, without mentioning the mayor's name or their party once. I'mf half surprised they bothered to mention the city's name.


File: 1617758424288.png (166.65 KB, 591x513, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1617759713269.jpg (121.18 KB, 1056x1055, DuDq2qtWkAEygz3.jpg)

Well I spoke too soon about the vaccine purchase shit in >>152912. Today they approved a modified bill which, to keep up appearances, allows one to buy vaccines privately so long as the same amount is donated to the public healthcare system. However, as Big Pharma has been saying often, they don't sell these to private entities while the pandemic is taking place. The result: porkies will buy them from our healthcare ministry. Since it's fully tax-deductible, they won't actually pay a dime for it, and the condition of donating half of what they buy is pure and cynical diversion. The rich are just plain cutting in line and getting th vaccines first, pure and simple.

How's that rifle coming along? You can buy them piece by piece on the internet and assemble it yourself, you know.
It's also possible to 3D-print all parts save obviously for the propellant and the projectile weight. Obviously it won't make for a combat rifle, but it's still a few shots worth of disposable plastic. In urban environments, that counts for a lot, and will do increasingly so in the future.


File: 1617761468819.mp4 (2.57 MB, 640x352, lkEVoG3MK0Bz-m_N.mp4)

Reactoid celebration in Brasília in 31 March. Cue my comment on the lack of high-angle shots.


This reads like a fed post


I have been talking about rifles ever since the 2018 election. By then, I meant self-defense in case the troops came and you needed to skip town. Now, well it's still about self-defense, tho it means firing the first shot. It's an extreme measure, but there is no other.


I lost my shit at the ice cream salesman


File: 1617771491026.jpg (280.27 KB, 1066x600, media_EyS6TZFU8AMAJvr.jpg)



If there is no proper organized army then getting a rifle becomes LARPing like those second amendment weekend warriors in USA.



Books are no longer free from taxes, and the justification provided is absurd twice over: "only reach people read".


File: 1617803228784.png (168.95 KB, 591x422, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

wait, that's being considered, it's not enacted yet

but it will probably be


File: 1617812451631.png (230.7 KB, 596x497, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1617812611889.png (136.92 KB, 591x538, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1617812800713.jpg (197.04 KB, 1080x1315, media_EyS-dbpWYAAcn20.jpg)

Notice the date here. It was literally one of the first things he did.


File: 1617816239390.png (150.51 KB, 590x686, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

After his call of "COPS RISE UP" and his intended deployment of troops to cities and states which attempt to enact lockdown measures both failed, it seems the new strategy Olavo whispered in Bozo's year is to shit everything up even quicker now in order to get riots to start and deploy troops against them. I bet that will fail too, but only because of a complete lack of riots.


>O PCdoB acionou o Supremo Tribunal Federal para garantir que o Governo Federal pague o auxílio emergencial de R$600 a todas aquelas pessoas que receberam o auxílio na primeira fase.
Enfim esse partido dã uma dentro.


Calling it now. The new law goes through, they successfully hatch a scheme for the government to act as a middleman for corporations to buy vaccines, Big Pharma isn't having it and uses it as a pretext to halt all sales to Brazil.


I think that would be a PR disaster for the pharma companies.

In the same vein, I kind of expect China to retaliate against the circus' endless stream of bullshit against them, which seems to involve racism more and more and time goes on.


Right now, Supreme Court is in session to decide on the bullshit last-minute permission for churches to open up on Easter, signed, of course, by Bozo's appointed judge. The prosecutor-general and whatever is the proper term for the AGU guy are both shameless Bozo sycophants who supported that, seeing as both of them are vying for the next SC spot which will be free later this year. About an hour ago, the AGU guy said, and I quote, "true Christians are ready to die to guarantee the freedom of worship". Leaving aside that this whole bullshit flagranty goes against the Bible, which states multiple times that meeting at churches are not a vital ritual, this sounds like a veiled threat and, most important of all, the fucker didn't even realize he admitted he was sending people to their deaths.

In some other event, Bozo commented on the AIDS pandemic of the past and said gays had "unusual sexual behavior". This bastard raped a damn chicken.


Bozo's clan, with the assistance of the head of the presidential intelligence office (talk about an oxymoron) now came up with a new scheme to try to free 01 from the glaringly obvious financial crimes: they're blaming some guy who works for the Brazilian intelligence agency (a completely different agency from the presidential one) of forging documents to frame 01. Needless to say, their version is clearly disproven by facts already known, but facts don't matter much, especially for their narrative-driven subhuman supporters.


Pfizer agreed to sell 100m vaccines to the federal government, and one of the terms in the contract was that these terms were to remain private. The circus left the contract available in the government site for 5 days, thus jeopardizing the purchase of the 100m vaccines. Odds are high that they signed the deal in order to say they're doing something then deliberately sabotaged it.


The session ended today (the case isn't over yet) on another impassioned speech by Gilmar Mendes. A free translation of choice quotes:
>We represent 2.7% of the world population, but 27% of COVID fatalities. In this scenario, it's unthinkable to invoke any duty of the State which might imply a refusal to work for public health.
>Even tho any calling might lead one to a personal choice of delivering one's live for his religion, the constitution does not protect a fundamental right to death.
>In the face of this subtle attempt to erode constitutional normalcy, this court must be increasingly vigilant, and even more so if this abuse of the right of action is made by Pharisees who take the name of God in order to defened the right to death.

Take note, lads. Gilmar is wisely chastising evangelical maniacs using their own terms. This was obviously a trap for the reactionary scum to cry about muh freedom of religion to stir shit up even further, and outdoing them at their own moralizing game is vital for rhetorical victory against fundamentalists. This showcases one of the reasons why we should adopt moralizing rhetoric, as it gives us a weapon while simultaneously depriving the enemy of it.


File: 1617838103829.png (89.44 KB, 1328x1140, gp7akcq2c0201.png)

>Butantan suspends Coronavac manufacture citing lack of raw materials


File: 1617844076289.png (235.43 KB, 598x646, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Bozo is having dinner right now with a bunch of megaporkies. Cross your fingers for Corona-chan!


I hope whatever flightless bird species Brazil has busts in their and pecks all their eyes out


File: 1617847001602.jpg (71.45 KB, 868x644, media_EdpqIJiXgAArF2k.jpg ….jpg)



First for Brazilian metal.
It's an underrated scene. Granted there's really only one guy holding it down, Max Cavalera.

This album is a real gem of political metal, it's like if Rage against the Machine finally finished puberty .

Trapped on the inside, you stare in
Who the fuck are you to tell us anything
Rotting right through, poison inside
Thirty-one flavours of napalm to try

Fuck you and your plans
I live my life my way
Vai toma no cú
You scumbag, you waste

Tired of your ways, hate rising again
I know you'd like to see me put a bullet in my brain
I'm not gonna be part of your plan
Fuck your solutions, 'cause nothing gets changed

Fuck you and your plans
I live my life my way
Vai toma no cú
You scumbag, you waste



is he offering that bird a pack of cigarettes?


He's showing it a box of chloroquine. No, that's not an edit.


RIP in F, André Matos


It would have been better if he was offering the bird a pack of smokes tbqh


fucking surreal


File: 1617862438124.png (1.24 MB, 1200x799, sad.png)

Camaradas, sinceramente, como você conseguem motivação? Olhando pra essa thread e a vontade que dá é de deixar esse país morrer.


File: 1617886349239.jpg (35.54 KB, 480x357, 11205217567262.jpg)

Se eu viver pra ver pelo menos um desses caras sofrer uma morte terrível, tudo vai ter valido a pena.


Like the other poster said. I have only spite keeping me alive.


File: 1617898004304.jpg (29.34 KB, 719x446, D60R61TXYAA5I8w orig.jpg)

I have shifted my mentality. Instead of wishing for a better world for decent people, I wish to harm the evil ones. Living on hatred is better than living on compassion.


File: 1617900507548.png (282.69 KB, 589x617, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

And speaking of hatred…


One of 01's attorney did a oopsie woopsie by revealing that the head of the Brazilian intelligence agency oriented the defense team.

Now stop and consider for a minute. The Trump government was a utter shitshow, and not even they stooped so low. Imagine what would have happened if the head of the fucking CIA were caught helping Eric Trump's defense team against a FBI probe.


You can never hate reactionaries too much: https://nitter.cc/LuciferProprio/status/1379926940350607362


The porkies who dined with Bozo yesterday are revolting even by swine standards: https://nitter.cc/JornalismoWando/status/1380154715443507200


File: 1617905393017.mp4 (2.93 MB, 480x600, olyFEvfJdxxnXHRm.mp4)

Vocês estão muito estressados, precisam de uma pausa pra um lanchinho leve como este.


File: 1617917241454.jpg (80.29 KB, 750x617, media_EyOxwMSXIAEEVH0.jpg)



O que essa turma esta fumando?


Acho que isso foi feito de zoeira pela esquerda. Acho.


Visitei o Twitter, é um liberalóide Curitibano, do tipo que reclama de falta de isenção de artigo que denuncia merda do Bozo e que diz que, entre Bozo e Lula, anularia.


>Camaradas, sinceramente, como você conseguem motivação?
Motivação exatamente pra quê? Tá tudo dominado, se não percebeu.
>Olhando pra essa thread e a vontade que dá é de deixar esse país morrer
Morrer não vai, mas tenho convicção que esse nosso ciclo republicano de 1988 vai acabar ano que vem.


File: 1617925290227.png (559.32 KB, 946x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

Neolulismo, agora com mais IDPOL e pallocismo

Vai ser o gov Dilma 2 com mais competência na area política


Você está louco se acha que a vara não prefere dar mais um golpe do que engolir Lula de novo. A situação já está muito desgastada pra retornar à normalidade. Quanto à mídia, por exemplo, comentei aqui >>153158.


Busquei informação a respeito do tal Jairinho:
>Eleito pela primeira vez em 2004, é figura conhecida do Legislativo carioca e filho de um ex-deputado estadual, o policial Coronel Jairo (PSC), que ficou na Assembleia Legislativa de 2003 a 2018.
>O vereador chegou a ser líder do governo de Marcelo Crivella (Republicanos) na legislatura passada. O pai, por sua vez, foi preso em 2018 pela Operação Furna da Onça, suspeito de receber mesada para aprovar projetos de interesse do governo de Sérgio Cabral (MDB).


Se ele prometer não mexer no butim do pôs golpe, e botar um lib na economia ele doma esse povo…
O teto de gastos admite revisão em 2024, duvido eles comprarem a briga para revogar antes.


Ao que parece, o pai do Jairinho é miliciano. Adivinhem quem pediu que votassem nele.

Eles já destruiram o período mais próspero do país pra jogá-lo no mais miserável, são capazes de absolutamente qualquer coisa. Eles perceberam que podem fazer o que quiserem, então farão. E se a mídia passar a campanha eleitoral de 2022 falando que Lula literalmente come criancinha, que recurso haveria? Nenhum.


File: 1617931215975-0.jpg (62.81 KB, 1086x652, xsara-winter.jpg.pagespeed….jpg)

File: 1617931215975-1.jpg (59.61 KB, 680x453, sara-winter-01_jpg.jpg)

File: 1617931215975-2.jpg (32.92 KB, 680x453, winter-3.jpg)

A Sara Winter rodou por causa daqueles atos cringe pra caralho e agora quer fazer delação premiada. Com o Estado totalmente aparelhado? Nem fodendo.


Apparently, Brazil had more deaths than births for the first time in its history. Congratulations to us, guys.


Vai pegar um promotor amigo do "mp pró fascismo" e se livrar


Imagina a histeria se esse cara fosse do pt/psol kkkk


Supreme Court has stricken (striken? stroke?) down the bullshit decision about temples being exempt from quarantine. Besides the Bozo-appointed cunt who issued that bullshit, only one of the judges was in favor of it: Toffoli.


como eu queria estar em Brasília na época que essa porqueira aconteceu, deve ser bom demais bater nesses caras.


File: 1617932532912.jpg (51.07 KB, 828x448, media_EydaZs9XIAAuynm.jpg)

Lula was shot with the hipster ray gun, it's ogre


File: 1617932705135.mp4 (1.96 MB, 640x360, OTyhP7vcXKF97CNy.mp4)

Bradesco now has a Stunning and Brave marketing campaign about insults their chatbot has received. Now it replies to insults appropriately.

Meanwhile, Bradesco's CEO was one of the porkies who gave Bozo a standing ovation in that dinner yesterday.


File: 1617944130980.png (81.82 KB, 421x421, EqrahViWMAA71VF.png)



File: 1617949811724.mp4 (3.13 MB, 1280x720, KbAlffiqoSAgtZuP.mp4)



File: 1617959784664.jpg (54.57 KB, 720x617, Ex8TQCJUUAAfeuN.jpg)

Imagine você vende este tweet em 2014.


File: 1617960322107.jpg (27 KB, 385x385, 1543862885857.jpg)

>not allowed to call a bank chatbot a whore
libs do be living in 2077


File: 1617961017222.png (116.54 KB, 593x429, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Old tweet, but I just had to cap this galaxy brain-take.

Remember how much SJWs cared about polygonal women while abusing real ones? "Good" times.


ela não sabe mesmo aonde se coloca em, toda hora virando a casaca.


File: 1617986415772.jpg (244.44 KB, 1515x1536, media_EygPn4NWEAAuZ8_.jpg)



File: 1617999541136.jpg (124.87 KB, 1080x608, Eyi0zXgXEAEM7Ew.jpg)

Estou convencido de que não estariamos nesta furada se fosse possível dizer, em tempo real, quando alguém está falando merda, para que as outras pessoas escutando aquela merda saibam.


So besides the head of the Brazilian intelligence agency, the head of the IRS is also lending a hand to 01's legal defense team.


This isn't just 'apparelizing', this is patrimonialism. The presidential clan is using the State like they owned the fucking thing.


Depois da aquele video do Meteoro Brasil sobre Alexandre Garcia eu pergunto, existe uma criature mais nojento no Brasil?


The official unemployment figure divulged a couple of days ago is the highest one ever recorded using the modern methodology, and probably the highest we ever had in the modern age. The clown's response? To say that "it's wrong", that the official statistics bureau of the federal executive is trying to fool the populace and threatens to intervene i.e. forge it.

Would this have warranted an impeachment if he were a leftist? It would have warranted an impeachment if he were a leftist.


File: 1618001687453-0.jpg (68.93 KB, 1125x712, media_Eyh2vI1XMAEO9V1.jpg)

File: 1618001687453-1.jpg (48.54 KB, 1125x546, media_Eyh2vIzXIAY8jRG.jpg)

File: 1618001687453-2.png (2.55 MB, 2452x2768, thinking skeleton a87.png)



File: 1618006763970.png (174.54 KB, 590x528, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1618008177495.jpg (50.11 KB, 720x720, media_EykDemhWgAAxzaF.jpg)

Os deusvultinhos estão putos com essa trollada.


Bozo is getting so desperate he brought back the #WhoOrderedBolsonarosDeath maymay.


Wait, he actually ordered the feds to reopen the case. Again. This is the third fucking time the same crime is investigated by the same agency. Those dipshits are running out of bullshit to lie about.


Human Rights Watch would like to hear from people who were blocked in social networks by sitting authorities.



On the topic of media blacking out the left's very existence. Now that Bozo's quantum support base has collapsed into a state of being an actual support base, media is forced to acknowledge the left because only the left is opposing him. Yesterday, Globo was faced with this dilemma, which they solved by referring to "the opposition". No Congressmen names, no parties, no close-up of the people in case, just "the opposition" and a few quick shots of a large mosaic of Congressmen in the middle of an online conference.


Levei block do based Renan calheiros por pedir a prisão do moro kkkkk


*no close-up of the people in question


File: 1618014268406.png (205.09 KB, 593x637, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



Oh yeah, I didn't mention the background behind this. The Senate should have created a Congressional inquiry into the president's mishandling of the pandemic back in february. All the necessary legal requirements were met and the request was filed, and the fucking constitution itself states it should have begun right then and there, yet the head of the Senate has just plain been lazily pushing it aside with lame excuses. Yesterday, a Supreme Court judge ordered the dipshit to obey the constitution and start the damn inquiry, and Bozo's bullshit machine has been talking crap about muh SC is ruling the country and ruining muh constitution. In any case, instead of starting it, the head of the Senate says he will ask the people who signed the petition to retract their support, so that he doesn't need to start the inquiry which he was just told to start.

Besides the general cynicism and dishonesty at play, I want to point out how they can pull all this bullshit without there being any punishment for it. It's a cliche that impunity is one of the country's worst problems and all, but it's an inevitable fact that we got into this mess because we let impunity to fester forever until it reached this critical stage. And I don't mean just impunity in the sense of actual crimes, but anti-social behavior in general. These cunts keep foing this because they know they will not only never be prosecuted, but also they will never lose so much as a single elector because of it. Fuck, he won't ever so much as hear his misdeeds being described. To them, breaking the law is as risk-free as eating a candy bar. There aren't any consequences, no matter how informal or indirect. This is something which will have to be fixed if we're to get out of this hell. And considering whichever leftist candidate wins in 2022 most likely will have neither the support nor the will to give the system the thorough reform it needs, it would fall to the likes of us, the left whose connection to PT is plausibly deniable, to bring some consequences to these bastards e.g. bring lead pipes to their kneecaps. Seeing as the establishment has rejected any measure of peaceful development and class truce, we will have to play dirty because against them simply to keep them from doing it to us first, and the bigger parties won't do it. I mean, to be honest, the recent Bolivia thing has really warmed my heart up, it's exactly the sort of thing the country needs and has needed for centuries, and it caught me completely by surprise. I thought Evo would take it like a bitch because he has always been the most bleeding-heart of the entire pink tide, but it seems he wised up. I really, really wish PT to grow balls in the same way, but we can't count on that. So in the absence of public trials for treason, lead pipes will have to do.


File: 1618018561248.png (131.28 KB, 870x707, ClipboardImage.png)

Crise da (((CONIB))) continua


File: 1618032281399.png (89.9 KB, 588x385, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Ciro conseguiu a proeza de pagar um mico maior que o circo do Bozo.


File: 1618071517115.jpg (58.24 KB, 828x875, media_EykHsr-XEAEbM-H.jpg)

E é por isto que não basta se arrepender. É preciso haver um pouco de humilhação, para o idiota admitir pra si mesmo que errou, senão ele acha que foi só um percalço qualquer, "quem podia ter previsto né" e faz a mesma merda de novo e de novo. O que, aliás, é o que a Globo e o resto da "oposição" quer, e foca toda a culpa no Bolsonaro e apenas nele, ignorando por completo seus apoiadores e eleitores. Eles querem que o idiotas convictos que o elegeram continuem sendo idiotas convictos. É necessário haver humilhação, não por degradação mas por humildade. O reacionário destroi a civilização de muitas formas, e atualmente, isso inclui valorizar a convicção mais do que qualquer argumento. A derrota dele incide na restauração de valores civilizados e humanistas, e ter a humildade de admitir que errou é algo que o reacionarismo empenha-se em eliminar com completo com as sutilezas da propaganda. Vocês já repararam que parece que nehuma figura pública, hoje em dia, pede desculpas por nada? Desde altos políticos até míseras e-celebridades. A humildade está morta. Isso não á acidental.


Jairinho e Crivella em live pedindo pra Deus abençoar o palhaço.


File: 1618076569852-0.png (126.01 KB, 591x603, media_EyenQrIWgAUdIr0.png)

File: 1618076569852-1.png (219.9 KB, 592x820, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

how do you do, fellow memers


O tão benevolente Doria está doido pra aproveitar a boa cobertura que tem recebido pra sabotar a quarentena.

>Hoje SP registrou 1.572 novos óbitos por covid nos cartórios. No entanto, o boletim da secretaria de saúde aponta 657 novos óbitos apenas.

Classicídio é um destino benevolente demais pra nossa elite.


File: 1618083812813.jpg (171.64 KB, 800x1024, media_Eyjk16_WQAQzBie.jpg)

Does anyone know which book is the leftmost one?


File: 1618090655967.jpg (240.08 KB, 1080x2033, Eyiml_OXEAIY4-5.jpg)

A falsa enfermeira de MG pode ter sido uma genuína heroína do povo.




File: 1618096040212.png (276.6 KB, 954x777, tyjtyjtyj.png)

So, whereas pro-Bozo media are nothing but bullshit nowadays, the self-proclaimed oppositionist media uses the pandemic disaster to attack him while hiding away the full scale of the disaster, because they're among the culprits what with the anti-PT campaign and the whole sequence of tragedies which followed. So they hammer away at the death toll and nothing but, and don't disclose how much of a pariah we have become worldwide. Pic related. When it comes to economics, the situation is even worse, as they're unanimous in ignoring it, avoiding words like "crisis" as much as possible (after using it endlessly from 2014 to 2016) and noticeable increasing the amount of soft propaganda. The news segments about entrepreneurship is absurd, and doubly so when said entrepreneurship consists of lower class people who had to resort to informal gigs to survive amidst 14%+ unemployment. No, a family which has to make snacks to sell on the internet in order to get by are not entrepreneurs, they're borderline dispossessed nobodies. "Free media" has managed to become something undisputably worse than any hyperbolic interpretation of State-monopolized media. There isn't a single aspect of the bourgeois "way of life" which hasn't failed beyond redemption.


Moro já declarou apoio ao danilo na coluna no anta


File: 1618099887855-0.png (191.38 KB, 602x480, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

File: 1618099887855-1.mp4 (7.45 MB, 1280x720, Mu0dvcHl72oUK2-j.mp4)

Pandemia correndo solta, e o boçal vai passear na feira.

Parece que o MBL vai decidir se investe nele este fim de semana. Quem ajuda um palhaço sociopata a ser eleito, ajuda dois, né?


We broke past 350k victims. That's higher than the population of 5693 of the 5770 cities in the country, according to some journo.


Fresh from the oven, an article about US involvement with Car Wash. From a French, because like fuck a mainstream media organ in Brazil will ever say this.

An article in Portuguese commenting on that plus recapping the previous episodes of this tragicomedy.

While I'm at it, Peru is in an interesting state right now. They were going through a boom, bigger than Brazil had been, and then the local Car Wash bullshit started and fucked them over even worse than it did us, and corona compounded it. Now they're worse off than us both economically – last year, GDP shrunk a preposterous 11.1% – and politically, with a whopping 18 presidential candidates in tomorrow's election, none of whom reaches past 10%. If "none of the above" were an option, it would be the be the uncontested winner with 28%. They're not as deep in post-post-modernity like we are, but they're deeper into the end of history. Discontent keeps rising yet no one manages to tap it, so this zmbie representative democracy stays out of sheer lack of options. And this is the point where I say the usual game of electoral campaigns, nearly-dead unions and the like is over and the left simply has to revangelize. It's the only way to truly tap it, and only the left can do it, so every day it doesn't retrofit itself to adopt this M.O. is a day wasted.


File: 1618162245478.jpg (114.22 KB, 749x1137, media_EytPJgTWEAYhHpo.jpg)



File: 1618180167430.png (49.26 KB, 444x287, 1433094802857.png)

>Paulo Guedes diz que na hora de pousar em Marte os macacos atrapalham tudo. glo.bo/32004WO

>Paulo Guedes says that when it's time to land on Mars the monkeys get in the way of everything


File: 1618182582141.png (52.34 KB, 574x465, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

A turma do "nem Lula nem Bolsonaro" elencando toda a restolhada que Bolsonaro deixou por onde passou.


Me lembrei daquele effortposter falando sobre "revangelismo".
O livro é "No Shortcuts" - Jane McAlevey


File: 1618185321481.png (286.41 KB, 720x1516, Screenshot_20210411-194814….png)



File: 1618197977337.jpg (61.8 KB, 586x450, tiresome.jpg)


See this guy here >>142979? The Senator who took part in a phony motion to impeach a STF judge is an obvious but plausibly deniable attack by Bozo's circus? Astoundingly, he was also the guy who petitioned the STF to get them to force the Senate to do their fucking job and start a Congressional inquiry into Bozo's mishandling of the pandemic which I mentioned here >>161786. The judiciary and legislative branches have, since before the election, ignored innumerable reasons to remove the tard-in-chief, each for their own reasons. Not a day goes by during which he doesn't provide at least one incident more serious than the bullshit used to as excuse to impeach Dilma, and there have been plenty of incidents which would have impeached anyone who came before him. But they can keep on ignoring these in a plausibly deniable way – plausible deniability is the cornerstone of post-post-modernity. This Congressional inquiry is the only thing which could finally break this plausible deniability shit and force the dipshits who are hanging from Bozo's balls, so they're desperate for it not to happen, even tho it should have started in February.

In another twist, the same Senator just divulged a phonecall with Bozo himself, in which the latter openly asks him to investigate governors as well in order to take the focus away from him? That's another thing which would have ended in impeachment in Dilma's time right there. And then Bozo goes on to ask the same Senator to keep asking filing motions to impeach STF judges. That's another thing which would have ended in impeachment at any point before 2019 right there. And it gets worse: alongside this conversation, the Senator posted a video saying he agrees with the tard-in-chief. And the cherry on top: I don't even know if this Senator divulged this as some clever brinksmanship envisioned by Bozo's handlers, or if he's just really too stupid to comprehend the government-collapsing seriousness of that converstion. Then again, things which would have collapsed governments in the past are now just a slow Sunday night.

(oc pic donut steel)


>Homem é detido ao fazer funcionária da Gol de refém no Aeroporto de Guarulhos.
>Suspeito afirmou ser policial da PM do Paraná e falou palavras desconexas sobre corrupção.
Normal. Normalsíssimo.


File: 1618236454196.jpg (83.05 KB, 625x411, lenin facepalm.jpg)

So, the audio from >>164616 is the most painfully obviously rehearsed horseshit I have ever heard. I'm at a loss here. In a different time and/or place, I would guess that the obvious falseness of the conversation were a deliberate move into making STF think he wants them to depose him and thus cower them into not trying. Given the abyssal lows we're dealing with here, however, the falseness probably wasn't intentional, and Bozo does indeed want them to try to depose him so he can play an ace in the hole and finally execute his self-coup. However, the same abyssal lows lead me to think that he's completely wrong about the ace in the hole and that his ass would get deposed without major incidents. And I can see no other reason for this bizarre maneuver. The bullshit conversation about doing this "for Brazil's sake" simply cannot fool anyone that isn't a pathological case already worshipping him.

This is all so absurd I'm actually feeling a bout of derealization right now. Any thoughts?

It's gonna be a long day, so here's a livecast with Marcelo Freixo and a few interesting Twitter guys: https://twitter.com/LeilaGermano/status/1381598680315224068



Oh, and today is Freixo's birthday, so congratulate him.


File: 1618244181586.png (167.69 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20210412-131259….png)

- Peruano não é de esquerda pq não apoia a agenda liberal fe costumes
- presidente do psol


We are nazbol gang fear us


Serio. O que aconteceu com PSOL? Essa gente sabe que PSOL foi fundado pelo socialistas/anti-liberais que foram expulsos do PT?


É mais um problema sistêmico da esquerda no ocidente…
Os temas liberais de costumes tomaram a pauta


File: 1618271290419.jpg (5.95 KB, 232x230, I'M_X.jpg)

Well it was silly of me to expect a long day. Bozo & co. divulged a no-two-ways-about-it proof of an impeachment-worthy crime, so obviously nothing happened feijoada.


File: 1618272422803.png (18.62 KB, 616x108, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1618274869896.jpg (54.75 KB, 400x400, 20210412_214715.jpg)



There's so much wrong with this pic it's beyond cursed.


File: 1618277825738.jpg (202.19 KB, 1080x986, media_EysodQpXMAIZHr9.jpg)

Pic related. Like I always say, the right is the actual subversive side. There's clearly a deliberate US effort to export idpol shit as the hot new form of cointelpro. And honestly, I can hardly blame those """socialists""" who fall for it, because, as far as my analysis goes, this co-optation is literally unavoidable for as long as porkies can keep an aura of normalcy. This is wide-spectrum propaganda, as it involves intelligentsia mercenaries, political stooges and media people – even entertainment and journalism are vehicles for it, so as long as there are no disruptions in the form of large manifestations or other more serious events, the cointelpro works its magic. The way our media is trying to make a collapsing society believe it's chugging along just fine save for a president who chews with his mouth open serves that function, besides of course the function of simply hiding away the collapse. And what makes this inevitable in any bourgeois republic is simple: the means of communication are all in Porky's hands. The dominant ideas are the ideas of the dominant class, and this has only ever become more true as technological development shifted what was once a relatively level playing field (mass media restricted to printing presses) into cultural industries which almost only capitalists can afford to play. The media problem is one we simply one we cannot live with, because it undermines our efforts before they even manifest, yet we can't fight it head on. The only way is around it, and that's the biggest argument for revangelism, bigger than the healing of social bonds. People are all living in an increasingly ridiculous and forcefully-imprinted hyperreality, and the very first step to resurrect collective action is to bring people back to reality, the reality we all share but do not know. I wish I could think of an allegory from Greek mythology, but really, the best example is the Matrix. Everyone lives in a fantasy land where they think they're free, while in reality they're cattle harvested for their life energy. Defeating the Matrix necessarily entails making people realize this. Revangelism is what the rebels do, making people literally wake-up to the awful reality, and chiefly, the same reality for everyone. The start of a new socialism would be this lifeline shared by these people, united by a basic understanding of the world, against the capitalist degenerative trend of post-post-modernity, of science as a matter of opinion, of lies as "alternative facts".

Interesting, thanks. I'll give it a look. I'll comment on the part you posted in a longer post later.


File: 1618278395994.png (530.4 KB, 844x652, ClipboardImage.png)

>muh tears
SJWs don't exist anymore. How much longer can they keep up this "leftist tears" meme?


For most of these people if they can no longer sustain the illusion that they are edgy and offensive their base falls apart.


File: 1618278737676.png (20.02 KB, 535x198, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Oh shit guys, I figured out! A surefire way to get them to depose Bozo! He has no party right now, so we just get him to join PT and damn, guaranteed impeachment.


File: 1618280875760.png (58.03 KB, 1019x565, media_Eyzk2eYWgAYPDKu.png)

Enquanto isso, no gabinete do senador Kajuru…


File: 1618332108061-0.jpg (47.02 KB, 659x454, media_EyyAi8xXMAc-gbU.jpg)

File: 1618332108061-1.jpg (39.11 KB, 1242x291, media_EyyR-i4WUAE_BnS.jpg)

File: 1618332108061-2.jpg (25.23 KB, 671x457, media_EyyAi8wWYAcC5V5.jpg)

Ele também possui programa semanal na TV Cultura, que pertence ao governo estadual de São Paulo.

Não poderemos nos dar o luxo de ignorar mercenários de palavras como esse após o primeiro tiro ecoar. Na era da informação, mentirosos são criminosos por definição.


>SJWs don't exist anymore
Elaborate? I've never heard about that before


O Pondé não tá na propagaganda do Vacina Sim, da Globo?



File: 1618340709617.png (27.73 KB, 592x286, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Ah, mas ele é o moderado, racional, limpinho e cheiroso. Ele apóia vacinas. Mas lockdown, rastreamento de contágio, e, valha-me Deus, auxílio? Isso é puro radicalismo, igualzinho a bolsonarismo mas com sinal trocado!

Por isso insisto tanto na importância da informação mesmo no meio desta crise fodida. Nem crise sanitária nem econômica mostram qualquer novidade. A compreensão acerca delas, porém, é um sintoma novo e extremamente mórbido. Não apenas normalizam um genocídio, mas também conseguem esconder o fato de que é um gecídio pra começo de conversa. Isso é um novo grau de degeneração, e o fluxo de informação contemporâneo é o que precipitou isso. Antes, um escravo era mantido dócil ao convencê-lo de que não era um escravo. Agora, é possível convencer um homem sendo estrangulado até a morte de que tentar se defender infrigiria o direito de seu algoz de remodelar sua traquéia! Solucionar a questão superestrutural é o ponto de partida, não importa quão ruim esteja a situação material.


File: 1618341314500.jpg (663.2 KB, 2048x1024, media_Ey3SOpWWUAsslVR.jpg)

Last Sunday, we had yet another round of pro-Bozo manifestations, this time bringing back an old label, the "March of the Family with God for Liberty", which admittedly loses a lot in translation. In any case, it was the same old shit. It took place in lots of cities, but always with a tiny crowd – which does reinforce my theory of reactionarism as mental pathology.


File: 1618341391114.jpg (38.52 KB, 1310x332, media_Ey4AXS2W8AAQ6h6.jpg)


Vamulá, cambada, faz força para que Corona-chan faça justiça!


File: 1618342676799.png (44.8 KB, 856x568, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't want to derail this thread.
tl;dr the SJW boogieman was very big up until the 2016 election, then they started to become irrelevant.
Right wingers have been trying to keep the boogieman alive since then. Some people's entire shtick centered on owning college freshmen petit retards (Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Milo Yannopulous (sic), etc) or complain about SJWs (Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, some other retards). Once new generations caught on to this and stopped giving a fuck, the SJW boogieman started to wane. This was also what culminated to the Trump election. Once Trump was elected, people stopped caring so much about retarded minutia.

Here the guy is milking the "triggered le leftists" shit, despite libs not giving a fuck for a long time now. And given how this is the BR thread, I'm assuming that cunt is Brazilian. I don't know what that retard is saying, but "leftist tears" is just an imagined scenario of him owning leftists over some stupid cultural shit while the country is burning.


The term implies they never were real tho.


File: 1618343167100.jpg (1.08 MB, 2515x3353, xi sama.jpg)

esse velho nojento só pensa em sexo pqp
qual é a pira de acadêmico com reduzir tudo a sexo? Eles já não comem alunas [spoiler](e alguns alunos)[/spoiler] facilmente impressionáveis o suficiente?


File: 1618350062907.jpg (100.53 KB, 720x1280, media_EwncxLNWYAQOQMV.jpg ….jpg)

Não é coisa de acadêmico, é coisa de reaça, mesmo. Eles só pensam em sexo e morte, e não por coindência. Freud explica: essas pulsões estão entre as mais básicas e mais instintivas de qualquer ser vivo, entendendo-se a vida como uma luta por recursos escassos e por reprodução. Esses anseios mais basais são o objetivo da id. Eu explico: reacionarismo consiste em um antagonismo fundamental às normas sociais, que nada mais são do que freios nesses impulsos puramente individuais que, porém, ferem o coletivo. O reacionário praticamente não possui o superego, a moralidade (que nasce da vida em socidade) que age contra anseios basais (que são, por definição, individuais). Logo, o ego, ao invés de mediar superego e id, torna-se servo desta última. Isso reflete-se no comportanmento estereotípico do cidadão de bem, que é cronicamente hipócrita. Clama para si toda a superioridade moral, mas racionaliza toda e qualquer violação desta por sua parte; ou seja, ele é guiado pelas pulsões e toma suas decisões baseadas nelas, e os argumentos e justificativas são uma consideração secundária, posterior ao fato. Seu processo cognitivo está invertido num nível epistemológico, pois, a menos que faça um esforço consciente para evitar isto, ele tende a chegar primeira a uma conclusão instintivamente, para apenas depois justificá-la. Daí esse comportamento que, a primeira vista, parece pura sociopatia, mas na verdade opera de forma diferente. O reacionário, ao contrário do sociopata, é perfeitamente capaz de sentir empatia e possui um superego, só que sua condição faz com que este seja muito facilmente evitado, a ponto de que seja evitado quase sempre, e de modo totalmente inconsciente. Qualquer coisa que poderia causar sentimentos negativos como culpa ou vergonha – que é o território do superego – é rotineiramente evitado, a menos que sirva o interesse da id. Seu superego manifesta-se plenamente com pessoas com que ele se identifica, seja sua família, sua raça, sua religião etc., pelos quais ele pode sentir emptia, mas isto quase não ocorre com quaisquer outros que não façam parte desse "ingroup". Veja como Bolsonaro vive pagando de moralista sobre moralidade e corrupção, mas fala abertamente em "dar o filé pro meu filho". O reacionário patológico simplesmente não vê contradição nisso, esse é o deficit cognitivo deles. Eles literalmente acreditam no que querem acreditar. Argumentar com eles é futil, a menos que uma mudança de posição lhe traga vantagens práticas, ou a posição atual, desvantagens.

A maioria deles, porém, é inteligente o bastante pra perceber quando deve frear seus instintos, não por considerações morais, mas práticas – é a covardia fundamental do reacionário. Bolsonaro, justamente por ser retardado, não consegue realizar esta compensação. Daí seu reacionarismo patológico manifesta-se quase que puro, e esse é seu valor pro "movimento": sua burrice faz com que ele diga o que todos eles pensam. A grande função do líder fascista é estar entre os poucos deles que não são fundamentalmente covardes, e Mussolini e Hitler são os exemplos definitivos. Eles estavam entre os poucos reacionários patológicos com culhões, e portanto agremiavam outros, ajudando-lhes a vencer sua covardia natural e a solidificar-se em um grupo alinhado, e daí o fascismo como manifestação extrema de uma patologia fora de controle. Bolsonaro, assim como Trump, serve este papel de agremiar outros doentes como ele, só que não por ter culhões (sua ficha corrida mostra que é tão bunda-mole quanto os outros) mas meramente por não ter a capacidade de processar as conseqüências que ele sofreria ao dar voz a suas pulsões. E a grande tragédia disso tudo: ele fez os outros casos patológicos perceberem que as conseqüências práticas que eles temiam simplesmente não existem, ao menos nesta época. Eis aí a bancarrota da dita democracia burguesa, incapaz de coibir o comportanemnto anti-social dos reacionários patológicos; as leis são seletivamente ignoradas, e a sociedade civil não retalia porque está totalmente mesmerizada pelo ideário deles, que normalizaram seu comportamento hediondo. O sistema acaba não só por ignorar a maldade, mas recompensá-la. O transtorno mental manifesta-se coletivamente.


File: 1618350831072.png (638.37 KB, 595x1305, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



Well after the bizarre conversation from a couple of days ago, Bozo's circus has been trying all sorts of tactics to delay the inquiry as in >>168021. One of them, mentioned by Bozo himself in the conversation, would be to enlarge the scope of the inquiry to investigate not just him, but also mayors and governors. This is clearly and unambiguously not allowed by law.

The head of the Senate just announced that's exactly what they will do.


File: 1618352781542.png (493.57 KB, 596x990, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1618354515427.jpg (69.83 KB, 1086x652, media_Ey4LBUpVEAAw87Z.jpg)

The Rio state secretary of health only learned today that the governor started some bullshit called Scientific Committee, whose goal is to spread pseudo-science like "precocious treatment". At least 6 of the 10 doctors which compose it prescribe that shit. This committee seems to be officially powerless and this is a stunt to give those hacks publicity and false authority. It's via social media that dipshits like them do damage. Pic related, it mentions "the dictatorship of evidence-based medicine".


It turns out that this tactic had been used before, by Dilma of all people. STF slapped it down back then.


A few days ago, coronavirus reached the point where it killed more than every single other single cause of death combined. I forgot to save the graphs, sorry.


France suspended all flights coming from Brazil, stranding even their own citizens. The French parliament literally laughing at us: https://nitter.cc/jairmearrependi/status/1382103318940487683

As an aside, this suspension seems to come on the heels of a uniform media campaign of disguised xenophobia and racism. This reinforces my theory that Euro porkies are battering down the hatches after the 2020 collapse and acting in concert to fully manipulate the public debate, completely shut the left out of the public eye and generally be reactionary shitheels.


The impeachment request of a STF member by Kajuru, as dictated in the leaked, or "leaked" conversation, will be judged by… the STF judge appointed by Bozo who tried to keep chuches open for Easter.


File: 1618360251441.png (147.56 KB, 872x788, ClipboardImage.png)

Libs tentando matar professor


Based France saved us from been forced on the OECD and that pro agro EU deal


Esse imbecil aí é do PSB. Eu falo que reaça é subversivo por natureza, não é à toa que a esquerda no Congresso fique se apelegando tanto mesmo na oposição.


File: 1618368271138.gif (31.35 KB, 340x450, wall of text.gif)

Today's "Brazil is not for amateurs" moment.

In Brazil, it's the executive's responsibility to write the budget, which is sent to Congress to be changed and/or approved. The latest budget, which is just waiting for the president to sign it into law, is a dumpster fire of the highest order. For starters, the original bill was full of mistakes, because of fucking course anything Paulo Guedes touches would go to shit. For example, the IT budget for the Central Bank was a straight zero, which means that Pix thing would just plain stop working (https://nitter.cc/BCPolitica/status/1382004048644218885). Even if those were all fixed, it would still be a mess because a whopping 95% of it is mandatory spending, leaving only 5% for investments, plans and other. The biggest culprit is the infamous expenditure cap, the great porky project approved soon after Dilma's coupeachment. Simply put, the government can only spend as much as it spent the previous year plus however much was the inflation rate, and obviously, the discretionary spending gets shafted, thus crippling the government's capacity to invest and help the country grow, and things like education and healthcare are always the first on the chopping block. There's also various bills approved before and early in Bozo's term, as Congress took for themselves part of the discretionary budget simply so there would be less money for Bozo to misuse. Lastly, there's the fact that, as I mentioned upthread, Bozo has had to buy the loyalty of Congress with a shitload of nominations and pork (and probably bribery but that's another thing), and the more Bozo fucks up, the more his rent-a-majority charges.

And quite late into the process, they charged a whopping 26.45b bananabux in pure pork, expropriated from the mandatory spending. To no one's surprise, most of that dosh was taken from social security, about 23.5 of it. Theoretically Congress should make a good case for such remanagements, but not now because lol fuck you that's why, what the fuck's anyone gonna do about it. And to make things worse, it turns out the original buget was already underestimated by 10b. Where the hell will the 36b bananabux that mandatory spending come from? Well that's the executive's problem. Raise taxes, print money, use the discretionary budget to make up, whatever – the one thing that can't be done is to raise the public debt, that's what the expenditure cap was all about.

So they handed the executive back this abomination of a budget, which has been criticized by politicians, economists and just about everyone, really, as "inexecutable", "a mess", "ridiculous" and "a work of fiction". As with regular bills, the president can veto any given part(s) and the veto might be overriden by Congress, but Bozo isn't exactly in a good position to bargain the pork away from Congressmen, tho they're willing to decrease it somewhat. And most important of all, the budget is question is for this year, and should have been signed into law no later than fucking december 2020, so they have to have something to show for it by April 22. But they have no idea how (or no willingness) to fix that shortfall. One solution is to simply reallocate part of the discretionary budget as I mentioned to pay the 36b, but that would be nearly 40% of the 92b the executive has, which is already the lowest since the current methodology was put in use in 2008, and that stiffing the bill on a lot of projects the discretionary budget would fund. Another solution, if it can be called that, is to stiff the bill on the mandatory spending itself, meaning partial payment of pensions, or not paying utility bills for public buildings. For the moment, they're going with the latter, deliberately underestimating mandatory spending, which is where the 10b initial shortfall came from.

This complete shitshow means that signing this year's already-late budget into law might be literally a crime, of a sort undeniably similar but infinitely worse than the bullshit technicality they used to impeach Dilma, a crime of responsibility. Bozo quite unironically commits such crimes every damn day (the leaked conversation here >>164616 >>165202 alone would have ended the term of any president before him) but this would be too much on the nose, and, crucially, this would actually get people mad, and unlike with the pandemic, the blame can't be avoided. So far, the people are more passive than a lamb on fentanyl despite the country collapsing around them, but taking their much-needed welfare would be sure to heat things up, and he simply would not remain in charge for long. It's like a Jenga pile on the edge of stability which remains standing due to complete absence of external forces.

So sanctioning this year's budget might finally undo Bozo, but it has to be signed sooner or later, and Congress doesn't really give a shit if massive protests take place because Bozo would catch all the blame and then some. What's our clown-in-charge to do with this ticking timebomb of a bill? Why, he plans to flee the fucking country just so he's not the one who will have to put their name on it. And further, his veep will do the same thing, so the person who would be saddled with the bill (heh) would be one of the fuckers responsible for this mess, the head of the House. Except he might not be allowed to be acting president because he's currently a defendant in a criminal case, so the bill would have to be signed by another party repsonsible for the porkfest, the head of the Senate, who is currently busy trying to deflate the Congressional inquiry into Bozo's neglect of the pandemic, which is another serious threat to Bozo's term.


Wait, it looks like CNN BR fucked up. They won't investigate mayors and governors, just the fund transfer from the federal government to city and state governments.


Tou assistindo "The Act of Killing" , no inicio tem muito sobre o assunto do governo Indonésia usando criminosos e bandidos para matar communistas. Estou curioso sobre a relação de narcotráfico na America Latina. A mais a crise aprofunda vai ver os traficantes matando as esquerdistas no continente.

PS lembrem que Pinochet traficava droga para europa.


Sabem o que faltava pra isto ser uma genicídio de verdade? Use de cobaias humanas por médicos psicopatas. Não falta mais!


Não há saída que não passe pelo completo classicídio dos 500 anos de entulho. Faz muito tempo que isto tornou-se inevitável, e a deflagração da LJ iniciou a contagem regressiva. O povo mais passivo que já existiu ainda não é passivo o bastante pra pior elite da história da humanidade, pois sua cupidez a malícia transcendem a luta de classes. Seu fim é tanto uma questão de auto-defesa quanto uma imperativa moral em si.


The circus is getting assmad because Lula's recent absolution has cost them control of the "topic of the day" on social media. Every damn day they would make noise over some bullshit to protect Bozo, or some culture war nonsense or defaming someone. Now that Lula is back on the public eye, they don't control the trending topics as much. The interesting bit is that they have as many bots as ever and obviously the amount of real profiles didn't change, the cause of their loss of this control is that their detractors were not aligned in their talking points. The system has the same elements as it did before, but a change in the disposition of those elements can completely invert the system as a whole.


The price of meat is spiraling out of control to the point the meatpacking industry can't pass on the full rise in costs to the consumer. Their costs rose 60% in the previous year, and the final price, "only" 40%. This despite the fact that the economic crisis keeps worsening and people's spending power keeps decreasing. The reason is external demand. Cattle farmers would rather sell pork at a premium to foreigners than to feed you at a lower profit, and one of the very first things Bozo did once in power was to end the federal council for food security. The invisible hand of the market, hitting you straight in the face.


File: 1618436207656.png (40.42 KB, 1308x484, Ey7i-_bWUAM6HSj.png)



File: 1618441306947.jpg (358.33 KB, 1080x1667, IMG_20210414_195902.jpg)

Globalist deepstater, the disgraced carwash architect, Sergio Moro is giving input on the secret protocol Biden is negociating with the Regime about the privatization of the Amazon



But the gov will pay 25Usd/month stimulus


>So sanctioning this year's budget might finally undo Bozo, but it has to be signed sooner or later, and Congress doesn't really give a shit if massive protests take place because Bozo would catch all the blame and then some. What's our clown-in-charge to do with this ticking timebomb of a bill? Why, he plans to flee the fucking country just so he's not the one who will have to put their name on it. And further, his veep will do the same thing, so the person who would be saddled with the bill (heh) would be one of the fuckers responsible for this mess, the head of the House. Except he might not be allowed to be acting president because he's currently a defendant in a criminal case, so the bill would have to be signed by another party repsonsible for the porkfest, the head of the Senate, who is currently busy trying to deflate the Congressional inquiry into Bozo's neglect of the pandemic, which is another serious threat to Bozo's term.
Absolutely glorious.


Dilma was just absolved from that Pasadena refinery "scandal". One of the several non-crimes which media furiously tossed around to create hate.

Very believable, but I'm going to need more than Brasilwire as source.


File: 1618443550150.png (120.46 KB, 513x295, media_ExWSMMYWUAMDn7m.png ….png)

Speaking of which, besides the rise in entrepreneur bullshit in media, there has been an even more noticeable string of things like "how to properly prepare rotten food" and pic related.

Don't let your hate overtake you yet, but don't let it die down either.


Oh yeah, for you gringos, our media, which is acting in a manner so concerted when it comes to class issues it would make Pravda blush, is educating the public with things like this: "what to eat with a dollar a day".


File: 1618444439720.png (393.56 KB, 591x763, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



We gotta live frugal life so Paulo Guedes can work his magic


File: 1618452685470-0.png (97.75 KB, 801x800, media_Ey-B4FdWgAkXAvK.png)

File: 1618452685470-1.png (106.06 KB, 801x800, media_Ey-B4FbWUAE2jDp.png)

File: 1618452685470-2.jpg (117.71 KB, 1024x1022, media_Ey-B4FdWUAAxDWY.jpg)

File: 1618452685470-3.jpg (111.6 KB, 1024x1022, media_Ey-B4FbWQAMmj3Y.jpg)

>2018 já foi uma eleição cuja divisão de votos por gênero registrou a maior discrepância da história da redemocratização. Hoje vendo pesquisa PoderData temos 47% dos homens votando em Bolsonaro e 41% em Lula. Mulheres? 61% em Lula, 23% em Bolsonaro. Impressionante.


File: 1618502899058.png (34.81 KB, 588x355, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1618505142958.jpg (53.98 KB, 556x420, memeritv.jpg)

what the fuck is wrong with evangelicals


File: 1618507255239.mp4 (3.1 MB, 480x600, 1bTaDOQHFRlNsQI5.mp4)

That's most likely a bot.

These, however, are sadly real. In protest against the fact that churches, like most everything else, can't open up, a particularly revolting crowd decided to have one of those pseudo-mass things in the subway amidst a bunch of poor essential workers who are already being shafted by having to commute in the middle of a pandemic. I suppose that the fact that they don't need a fucking church to do these cringey singalong things and thus could have done it outdoors in a quiet place was lost on them.

There's no doubt about this, reactionaries who order things like this are knowingly sending people to their deaths. The evangelical chimpouts in particular must have been encouraged by Olavo's cult because he hates their guts. And I bring up, again, the fact that there will need to be a humiliation factor in the healing of the country. The cunts doing shit like this who aren't pathological reactionaries have to openly acknowledge and admit they fucked up badly, or else they won't learn anything and will fuck up badly again even if they regret supporting Bozo. See also >>162568


Now Bozo has been reccomending a drug called proxalutamide, which is new and, unlike the rest of his death prescription list, has no proven use. It interacts with the hormone system and it's under trial for several disorders related to it, like prostate cancer, male pattern baldness, breast cancer and such, and, for some reason, coronavirus as well. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the manufacturer just figured they're already going through all the expensive trial process for their intended uses so why not just add coronavirus to it? Who knows, it might be a miracle cure, right? Well it isn't and its trial as COVID treatment is flunking badly. Nonetheless, Bozo has been promoting it because it needs a licensed manufacturer here before it can be prescribed, so there's your golden opportunity if you happen to be a psychopath with a pharmaceutical-grade synthesis laboratory lying around. In any case, there have already been trials in Brazil on behalf of a private healthcare company which has been hawking the precocious treatment bullshit, in Amazonas to be precise. There are strong signs of fraud and even suspicion that those responsible for the trial let some of the participants die.

Add to this the appalling chloroquine nebulization thing here >>169716 and it's quite possible that the ongoing genocide actually does involve eugenics. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa

The only odd thing about this is, the patent owner is a Chinese company. This stands in contrast to their unsubtle petty attacks on the Chinese vaccine. Which, come to think of it, seem to have subsided as of late.



File: 1618511761098-0.jpg (111.02 KB, 827x1367, media_EzB-j50WQAAK5CG.jpg)

File: 1618511761098-1.jpg (125.84 KB, 827x1314, media_EzB-j5zXEAEqLCC.jpg)

Sabem o delegado da PF que peitou o psicopata do meio-ambiente Ricardo Salles? Foi trocado. Isso nem é aparelhamento, é puro patrimonialismo, usam o Estado como brinquedo.

E o fazem, devo ressaltar, não em retaliação contra a esquerda ou quem quer que seja. Fazem porque não sofrerão conseqüências. A maldade é pró-ativa. Apenas quando encontram oposição é que eles arrefecem. São covardes por natureza. E é por isso que a saída desta era negra requer violência política direcionada diretamente contra eles. Se a velha corja resolver derrubá-lo, nao tenha dúvidas que lhe darão anistia. Isso, sem dúvida alguma, fará com que toda esta merda continue, pois a velha corja continuará fazendo o mesmo que a nova está fazendo agora. Ou seja, a violência necessária não partirá das instituições, nem se a esquerda ganhar em 2022.


Sabem o dono das Casas Bahia, Samuel Klein? Se não, saberão em breve, pois operava um esquema de pedofilia por décadas.



Ele já faleceu, mas o filho dele, coincidentemente, está sendo investigado pela mesma coisa.


Pedro Bial já entrevistou Olavo (introduzido como filósofo e tudo), Flordelis (depois das acusações) e outros pulhas. Agora falou que "o Lula já até disse que gostaria de fazer o programa comigo, mas tinha que ser ao vivo. Pode até ser ao vivo, mas teria que ter um polígrafo acompanhando todas as falas dele". Aposto que Lula vai dizer que aceita sem pestanejar, e o assunto nunca mais voltará à tona. A Globo só voltará a admitir que Lula sequer existe quando noticiar seu óbito.


File: 1618514458998.mp4 (1.92 MB, 1280x720, 971ocR1qSZJ67iTj.mp4)



File: 1618514673027.png (193.3 KB, 589x531, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

Enquanto o país desmorona, olha o que a Câmara aborda. Prioridades, né? A redenção de Lula está fazendo as corjas borrarem as botas.


File: 1618514919959.png (317.71 KB, 504x674, media_EzBeKKsWgAEAovc.png)

I'm genuinely surprised at the rejection rates.


An interesting development on the 2021 budget shitshow.

First, a clarification.
I'm not saying he intends to flee the country for good for now, but only until the budget's deadline is past.

Okay then, a few hours ago, this news hit. The head Representative, Arthur Lira, gave Bozo an ultimatum: if he vetoes the budget, he loses his rent-a-majority. Partial vetoes are negotiable, but scrapping the bill isn't. Considering he has well over 100 impeachment requests after him and STF is currently rehabilitating PT's leaders and the fucking genocide currently raging through the nation, he's more than a bit scared of that. Paulo Guedes is the one who told Bozo that signing it would configure a crime of responsibility and he has reaffirmed this conclusion, whereas Lira has frequently said that's not true. Even a retard like Bozo has good reason not to trust Lira, because besides being a mercenary of a Congressman, he's very high on the succession line, right after the vice-president in fact. Theoretically, he couldn't be president since he's currently a defendant in a criminal case, but everyone knows this technicality can be easily brushed aside.


The most amusing bit: "Paulo Guedes once again said he's willing to hand over his job, but no one took him seriously."


Bozo keeps up with the coup dogwhistling, even tho he's hanging by a thread. Yesterday he said so, couched in terms of "doing what the people want me to do". Today, his online militia is trending "#IAuthorizePresident" and setting up another flopped manifestation on 21 April.


Look at bots trying to mememagic this bullshit.


"At least 500 thousand people" squatting near the STF building and not leaving until the judges are arrested. And several bots saying "you can count on me", "I'll travel to Brasília" for this and even berating people into "let go of their mobiles for a second and take to the streets". Algorithms trying to write reality. They mostly fail, but the fact that it works at at all is absurd.


File: 1618523866705.mp4 (36.45 KB, 498x268, vai dar pt.mp4)

Lula's convictions by CW trials are officially annulled, STF has just ruled 8x3 in his favor. The disenting votes were the dipshit appointed by Bozo, disappointingly Marco Aurélio who is usually the least worst of the bunch, and the sitting president of the court, motherfucking Fux, himself among the CW conspirators.

The lowlight of the session was Bozo's moron rattling off random shit about Lula, like the bullshit evidence from the first conviction. He had to be reminded that they weren't judging the supposed crimes' cases but whether the CW courts have the capacity to judge those cases. It will take 26 years for this cretin to retire.



Liberal da globo….


File: 1618526937538.jpg (49.65 KB, 508x604, EzDA5FkWgAANRML.jpg)



E membro do Instituto Millenium. O que me lembra, na esteira de 2022, entre as muitas (MUITAS) exigências que devemos fazer é forçar esses think tanks a, no mínimo do mínimo, ter contas completamente públicas.


>Sobre Lula Elegível, Bolsonaro pediu que as pessoas comparassem os ex-ministros do Lula com os dele. Comparem Gilberto Gil com Mário Frias e Roberto Alvim etc.

Até o Bozo já está fazendo campanha pro Lula.


Nosso pizzagate
Precisamos de um qanônimo para denunciar a elite pedófila


Doctors Without Borders have officially labeled our situation as a humanitarian catastrophe.


Cuma? Qanon era uma zorra que acusava alguns justamente pra acobertar outros.


File: 1618533197603.mp4 (1.66 MB, 1280x720, vGiFdetlVZVXL-gp.mp4)

Literalmente piada no exterior.


File: 1618538396616-0.jpg (24.09 KB, 719x417, EzDMP14WUAcGyqP.jpg)

File: 1618538396616-1.png (595.39 KB, 850x491, EzD1pJ6W8AIcrrX.png)

File: 1618538396616-2.jpg (68.51 KB, 540x532, EzDGF1xXIAQcdh9.jpg)

Bots are going apeshit over STF.


Oh yeah, besides the Lula thing, one of the STF judges also ordered the head of the House to explain why he's just ignoring over a fucking hundred impeachment requests.


File: 1618539058297.mp4 (6.33 MB, 720x720, Ds1HcNjNUMcuHzlx.mp4)

The moment he learned about this was caught on camera.


File: 1618567907962.jpg (425.09 KB, 1536x2048, media_EzC_SUpW8AM4gxv.jpg)





File: 1618608708578.png (43.86 KB, 605x296, media_EzGYF62WUAgnnXZ.png)

Renan Calheiros junta-se ao rol dos heróis improváveis da democracia brasileira.


Que nenhum tem 99 anos


Ele sempre foi based pô


File: 1618609829179.jpg (53.07 KB, 457x672, Ex1tGzaXEAIAUv1.jpg)



Cunha's tell-all memoirs, to be released tomorrow (see >>150617), won't get him a dime in royalties. Authorities ordered that dosh to be confiscated because he doesn't have money to pay for a lawsuit he lost in the past – they checked his bank account and it was empty. That old suit was about a journalistic piece made about a bill he proposed back in the day to create an official Straight Pride Day.



File: 1618612077262.png (179.58 KB, 596x585, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)



File: 1618613435577-0.png (298.01 KB, 589x411, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

File: 1618613435577-1.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1707, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

Expectation vs reality of the 11 April manifestations. Although that tweet profile is no doubt a bot trying to mememagic a Bolsonaro coup into becoming reality.


File: 1618613505033-0.jpg (658.08 KB, 2560x1707, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

File: 1618613505033-1.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x1707, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

File: 1618613505033-2.jpg (971.01 KB, 2560x1707, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

File: 1618613505033-3.jpg (849.29 KB, 2560x1651, MarchaDaFamiliaCrista-Fami….jpg)

A few more pics from the event.


fácil demais, nem vale o esforço.


File: 1618629042345.jpg (150.02 KB, 775x1006, d666dc40862f6e166e99650d7c….jpg)

The latest big fake news making the rounds says people were going to sacrifice 3 children on a cross to stop COVID as they prayed around them. As with all fake news, this–

Oh wait, this one is actually real.


How's that rifle coming along?




File: 1618669716587.png (164.3 KB, 624x755, ClipboardImage.png)



>just another defender of international capital
This I very much disagree of. Getúlio was a dictator, yes, but he was the only statesman that Brasil ever had. He didn't bow at all to international capital, specially since then, there was no real international capital

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