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This declared war has greater dimensions than Ukraine, and its goal is to qualify Russia to lead the world and to lead the axis of resistance and to rehabilitate Putin, who has a black history of seizing power, liquidating his opponents, violating the rights of the Russians, and trading power with Medvedev for decades, qualifying him to lead the axis of resistance. Which includes Iran, the Islamic resistance, the Palestinian and the Yemeni as well.. This is how the West hopes that Putin will become qualified to lead the peoples with the right judges. And to reproduce the old polarization with the Soviet Union, which was somewhat comfortable and did not threaten Israel in terms of existence as the resistance threatens Israel. If this situation indicates anything, it indicates that the real conflict exists, even if it is not visible, between Russia and the axis of resistance over the leadership of the peoples, and not between the United States and Russia. Putin is a creation of the West, not a representative of the Russian people. And now his view of Dugin has entered the line, and the goal of assassinating his daughter may be to float his Eurasian project, which is the new incubator of Israel.
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File: 1675714979981.png (423.54 KB, 826x358, ClipboardImage.png)

This war in Ukraine is not what we think , and we hardly know anything about it . But it is turning into a joke . The west does not want to arm properly Ukraine or supply it with appropriate weapons so that it wins over Russia nor will they send tanks on the ground . What does this mean except allowing Russia to gain more ground which Russia is doing to a certain extent . But the real joke is the sanctions on Russia that Russia is managing quite well to the point of becoming richer and still able to keep spending on this war so that the war continues . How far we are from the sanctions on Venezuela or the sanctions on Iran or Lebanon or the Caesar’s law on Syria . There is nothing close to this happening to Russia. The US will make sure that this war continues, and Ukraine and Russia will take turns in gaining ground or losing grounds and this will last as long as wished by the US belligerent that is orchestrating the whole thing . It is the Ukrainians that will pay the price and are paying the price . Ukraine will end up like Syria and will serve the world powers agenda of immolation and genocide .


File: 1675715028294.png (1.51 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Different feelings come to surface for some of us when we try to sympathize with Turkey and i am sorry to say this . So much harm has been done to Syria through Turkey and this has not stopped . This is NATO Turkey that played a full role in destroying and looting Syria . It is the Muslim country that serves the world powers and serves israel . The Muslim country that sponsors terrorism in all its forms, and would fight this unjust war on Syria on behalf of the world powers until the last Syrian . The one who showed “sympathy” was Lebanese PM- Mister Miqati- who has been severely criticized for sending help to Turkey in terms of rescue teams even before sending them to Syria because -as it seems -he has business in Turkey -since he is a business man- and needs to show sympathy . All in all, we certainly are not ill intentioned nor do we wish that natural disasters happen to people . All we are saying is that there are obstacles that prevent our sympathy from reaching . Imagine that 10 years of war on Syria and of sponsoring terror and of looting and destroying Syria literally did not even push one Turk to take to streets and protest against this violation and call for stopping this carnage , and no one among the Turks objected the sending -on behalf of Turkey- of thousands of Syrian refugees to cross the Mediterranean on inflatable boats and drown, only to be used by Erdogan to blackmail Europe and exhort billions from the EU as a price for stopping this dubious activity. Turkey’s Erdogan did all this, whereby it proves difficult for us to forget this pool of blood , and stretch a hand to the Turks .
While all this is happening the constant seism of resisting occupation in the occupied land has cost the martyrdom of 5 Palestinians killed with cold blood by the israeli Army . This earth quake has been going on for more than 70 years and the International community is still not learning the lesson.


File: 1675727425628.png (470.48 KB, 700x463, ClipboardImage.png)

>Putin, who has a black history
happy black history month y'all


>5 months and still going

You know, It is usually trolling on this board but this is probably the first legit schizo thread I have seen yet. Kinda cool actually.


File: 1675975159330.png (71.68 KB, 266x190, ClipboardImage.png)

Our deepest condolences on the death of the martyred Christian fighter, Mr. Eli Lahoud, the head of the “Resist” movement, who died in mysterious circumstances. We salute his steadfast and bold stances, his support for the resistance, his commitment to true Christian principles, and his demonstration of the true Christian position on the line of Christ, peace be upon him. It represents the Christian awakening in all its meanings and dimensions, which will triumph and become a beacon and beacon. A salute to the living resistance fighter who gave Christianity its foregone right. To the gardens of eternity with the great revolutionaries and militants


File: 1675975209935.png (556.34 KB, 739x415, ClipboardImage.png)

There is a message to read in this disaster and that these cities are harbors of disasters, and that they go against nature and against natural manifestations . It should not be allowed to raise buildings and highrises and live in them , because these buildings are a real danger and they cannot stand before earthquakes; they challenge nature and the question is are they up to nature? These cities look more like reservations that were created for refugees displaced from their villages to follow the fake dream of western civilization . And since there were too many peoples they had to build houses with many stories to accommodate these new “refugees” who have deserted their villages in order to serve the world powers agenda and populate these buildings designed for them and that defy nature where they are destined to live at the cost of their safety and security


Radwan Mortada told us the official version of what happened to the militant activist Eli Lahoud, which is that Lahoud committed suicide in the church with a gun he had in his possession. Mortada adds that Lahoud was in debt and required to pay his debts, and he had lawsuits, which made him in trouble and unable to coexist with those crises. What Mortada says may be true, but it does not detract in any way from the resistance to Lahoud and from the correctness of his thought, correct assessment and positions. Good and insightful. As for his problems, they are because he is the son of that environment with all its complexities, and it is the environment that does not help its children, especially if they are distinguished, but rather tests them and may exclude them and fight them. Murtaza may not understand this matter. What makes Lahoud special is that he is a human being who suffers and aspires to the highest with all his heart. As for what we do not understand, why Mortada does not want people to accuse Geagea, and why does he donate to defend him, and wants to appear as an honest judge in that tragic and sensitive case, and wants to do justice to Geagea, as if Geagea understands the language of fairness. Let Geagea defend himself while he does so and file various lawsuits against whoever accuses him, and he does not need Mortada to volunteer for that. It is really disgusting in a case in which we must do justice to Lahoud before anything else, not Geagea. Let the people accuse Geagea if they want. This is Geagea's business, not Mortada's business. Have you heard, Mr. Murtada, the proverb that says: Do not throw pearls to pigs?


File: 1675975375900.png (1.14 MB, 1135x717, ClipboardImage.png)

The earthquake in Turkey that proved devastating has revealed many things for the Turks themselves about how unprepared Turkey was for such an event. There was simply no plan to face such a disaster even though Turkey is a seismic country subject to earthquakes . It turned out that many decisions taken after the last earthquake in 1999 were not implemented whether regarding the edification of buildings or the infrastructure that will limit the damages to the minimum, and the Turks are asking where did their tax money go `. Finally the army that used to have a very active efficient role in such disasters now stands unable to operate properly as it used to . It has become unfit . The reason for this deterioration is that Erdogan had his head somewhere else. He was busy destroying Syria and sending terrorists to Syria and training the Syrian opposition and supplying ISIS and al Nusrat and looting the factories of Aleppo to the point that he completely forgot about Turkey . He spent most of the time in the operation room that managed the war in Syria together with other war belligerents like KSA and Qatar and of course USA. Thus, Turkey was left unattended by master Erdogan who drowned Syria in tears and blood and carried on the NATO agenda regarding Syria forgetting to cater to his country’s needs. The Turkish media spoke about a real scandal and real mistakes that caused this high number of casualties and this wide destruction over 500km2 of land . As for Syria , the country is totally unable to deal with such a challenge, and this is due to the fact that Syria is still suffering from the war repercussions and has not recovered yet from the NATO conspiracy that destroyed many cities , killed people and undermined the infrastructure and made Syria totally vulnerable . This is how astute Erdogan shared in destroying one country and in exposing another that is his own, and he expects the Turks to reelect him and reward him for his misdoings , and he does not stop praising himself and his achievements. A real curse on both Turkey and Syria


<Russia's Supersonic Super Missiles that doesn't afraid of anything


>It should not be allowed to raise buildings and highrises and live in them , because these buildings are a real danger and they cannot stand before earthquakes
>It turned out that many decisions taken after the last earthquake in 1999 were not implemented whether regarding the edification of buildings or the infrastructure that will limit the damages to the minimum, and the Turks are asking where did their tax money go `
So, we may live in cities again.


goodbye erdogan. you won't be missed


File: 1676153315611.png (755.49 KB, 928x525, ClipboardImage.png)

The days will show you what you were ignorant of, and someone who you did not provide will bring you the news.

What happened to the Lebanese media, which sympathizes with Syria and the earthquake in Syria, mourns the victims, hurries aid, and chooses support for Syria? What happened, you see? It's a strange thing! And it is the same that conspired against Syria, supported terrorism, praised Al-Nusra and ISIS, and spread chaos in Syria, which is more like an earthquake, but it was more ferocious than an earthquake. When it promoted terrorism, supported chaos in Syria, and sought to overthrow the regime, displace people, destroy cities, destroy the economy, and ignite war and sedition? And now you see it mobilized in favor of Syria. It is also conspiring against Lebanon and wants to spread chaos in Lebanon after Syria, and it is a hypocritical media that is nothing but a conspirator against Syria and Lebanon, and its heart is in its pocket and the bribes it receives. Do not be deceived by appearances. The position of these media outlets has not changed at all, and their focus is on the foreign project that they serve and in which they see the source of all the good they hope for. She cannot see the totality behind her relationship with the other, as she is provided by the other and the other provides her.


File: 1676153372515.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

The great absent in this disaster is RUSSIA we hear nothing about Russia under whose custody Syria has fallen . Where are the Russian troops to help seeking survivors ? Where is the Russian equipment to unearth the victims ? Where is the Russian aid and help ? This is so embarrassing to see that the major ally of Syria is little concerned and has not mobilized his forces present on the ground . People are asking and there is no answer . The Iranians have rushed and started an air bridge , the Iraqis, the Popular Crowd are sending convoy after convoy with fuel and supplies . the Algerians were the first Arabs to answer the call with help coming by air . The Lebanese have sent teams on the ground and open the airport and the sea port to receive aid from abroad and have started campaigns to collect money and food and other supplies, and the Resistance has mobilized its medical teams and civil teams in a large campaign that covers the whole country , and has started collecting donations. No one is mentioning Russia and Abu Ali Putin the knight on a white horse or on a polar bear that all expect to come to help his Arab ally . Imagine if it were israel that was devastated what would have Putin done . One might say he is busy with Ukraine but his forces are on the ground in Syria and not very far from Aleppo and he has brought his Ukrainian agenda over to Syria to start an alignment against USA headed by Russia. Other than that there is nothing and we have no answer to those who ask.


File: 1676153434658.png (100.19 KB, 225x224, ClipboardImage.png)

Mr. Radwan Murtada, I want to ask you a question: Do you write with the right hand or the left? In other words, are you left-handed? I mean, if you used a gun - God forbid - and wanted to pull the trigger, would you use your right hand or your left hand? Because it appears that Mr. Elie Lahoud is not left-handed, and yet he used - it seems - the left hand to pull the trigger. Why do you think he used the left hand instead of the right, and did he want to mislead the investigation, for example? Or did you rush to adopt the official version? I have been following you for a long time, and your opinion is correct most of the time, but this time I thought you were in a hurry, and the question should remain open for Mr. Lahoud, which is whether they killed him or did he commit suicide? We are here in front of first-class craftsmen. They are literalists in killing, and our investigation should not be primitive, right? We should not proceed from accusing the victim and acquitting the others. I would like to hear your opinion on this matter




File: 1676684282698.png (172.37 KB, 460x276, ClipboardImage.png)

The Iranian Revolution is celebrating its 44th birthday , surviving all the challenges and dangers and threats and sanctions and sieges and conspiracies and defamation campaigns and enmity and confrontations and infiltration and you name it. There is nothing the world powers have not tried to defeat this Revolution and so much this defeat meant to them . There is nothing they did not try to defeat the Revolution , but the Revolution was resilient and well rooted in the Spirit of those who conceived it and lead it with deep faith and firm resolves and it is difficult to overcome such endeavor . Not only this but the country was able to grow and develop and become autonomous and independent facing the hardest measures ever, and was able even in these circumstances to lend a helping hand to others , to the Lebanese Resistance and the Palestinian Resistance and the Iraqi Popular Crowd, and others in Latin America like Venezuela, and those beneficiaries proved deserving . As for why this declared enmity that the western powers have shown and practiced this is another question. Iran is not a physical threat on USA nor does it have the military strength that could threaten USA physically. Why then was Iran challenging USA to this point . It is not because of its physical strength nor because of its large army that outnumbers the US army . What the western powers feared is something else, it is the Universal Spiritual drive and strength and not the material strength . It is the totally new beginning and orientation of such endeavor .It is the spiritual inspiration and orientation that goes totally against the world powers material ambitions, and responds thus to the deep aspirations of man and answers the universal call of man and his spiritual quest and longing that is genuine and true and of the nature of man . This is what sets the world powers against Iran and against the Resistance also because this Revolution and Resistance can give a new turn to humanity and start a new endeavor that gives its due to the Spiritual dimension of man . lt is like Yazeed feared al Hussain who was not a power on the ground , and like Herod feared Christ the infant, not because they represented a physical threat, but because they started a new turn. From here we see that the polarization between this Axis of Resistance – to include all its members – and the world powers, is of the nature of kind and not of the nature of form and quantity, while the polarization between the World Powers – or USA versus Russia and China is of the nature of a difference in form and quantity and not of kind . These powers are on the same side, and on the opposite side, stand Iran and the Axis of the Resistance. Therefore, any assumed polarization between US on one side, and Russia and China on the other is fake, irrelevant and not real and is superimposed on the real polarization .


File: 1676684319545.png (292.4 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)

Leader Imad Mughniyyeh who was martyred 15 years ago remains a mystery, and more information is being revealed by the Association in charge of gathering facts about the Leader Martyr and more videos have been broadcast that showed him guiding and instructing the Resistance fighters . It was not just training that these Resistance fighters underwent but they underwent full teaching as well and leader Mughniyyeh transmitted his knowledge to them. Leader Mughniiyyeh known also as hajj Radwaan gave importance to building the personality of the Resistance fighter and have him grow and progress adding that it is longing to the goal that should motivate those who have engaged on this path. The engineer of the two victories of year 2000 and year 2006 – as the Resistance calls him – remains a mystery and, as time passes, more things are being revealed about this unfathomable personality that for decades kept the USA and israel busy for whom Mughniyye was a real target. So many attempts at reaching him failed until he underwent his trip to Syria in 2008 where the Mossad tracked him. But it was too late . Leader Mughniyye had already prepared, trained and educated thousands of freedom fighters who will continue on the path as Sayyed says.


File: 1676684352859.png (409.55 KB, 660x371, ClipboardImage.png)

The Russians said yesterday that they have ended the rescue operations in Jabla south of Ladikiyya whatever this means . But the problem is that this news have only been reported by the Russian media and not by any other media that we know of . How this thing was not reported by the media outlets, and how did the rescue operations ended when we did not know that they had started?


File: 1676684386277.png (62.37 KB, 429x325, ClipboardImage.png)

It is significant to see Syria begging for recognition from those that recognized israe and ISIS and begging Europe to send help and speaking about injustice and asking that the western countries be fair and just, these same countries that shared in destroying Syria are being solicited to act and help as if these countries could help. The truth is that these countries or the western countries with their Arab accomplices of the Arab League have succeeded in having Syria acquire the status of a rogue state that needs recognition for which Syria is begging under humanitarian pretexts .It is ISIS and its sisters that have snatched the recognition and acquired legitimacy as a legal opposition to the regime .


best thread on leftypol
the NEOM folks released a new vid recently


File: 1677044736570.png (215.25 KB, 600x319, ClipboardImage.png)

The earthquake in fact helped the inimical forces who are targeting Syria . It falls within their agenda that is why no empathy is to be expected from those, and they will not help because they will be working against their interests. This earthquake comes in handy for those powers who target the people especially if the people choose to resist or support the Resistance. For this reason if we were to believe the fact that earth quakes could be triggered we will not be going very far if we said that this earthquake could have been triggered by the world powers who might want to teach their stooge Erdogan a lesson. They had already in 2016 operated a coup with the help of Fethullah Gulen that had drastic effects on the society as a whole .No problem for the world powers if thousands are killed in wars or earthquakes because those do not count like the Syrians did not count when they sent ISIS to operate in Syria . It is absurd to expect help or to address the humanitarian tendencies of such powers . The real enemy of such powers are the people . Not only this but yesterday the US has started operating through ISIS and has sent ISIS to kill in the Syrian desert where at least 70 people were killed who are civilians that were all shot in the head for no reason except collecting truffles. Who committed this crime is the USA , is the western powers and not anyone else, it is neither Islam nor Arabs . And the absurdity is to expect anything humanitarian from those in times of disaster or distress. And in order to make the scenery perfect israel yesterday struck Damascus killing 7 civilians in an air raid . So the help expected has come in the form of ISIS and israel and is foolish who expects any thing else from those who are now destroying Ukraine only in order to sell weapons and keep their factories going. This has been going on since the genocide of the Natives of the New World and until now it is genocide the agenda that is ruling the world .


File: 1677044812331.png (14.35 MB, 2160x3840, ClipboardImage.png)

An unbelievable situation in Syria . At least 53 civilians were killed by ISIS in the Homs Desert, and some say that more than 70 were killed while they were picking special type of truffles that grow in the desert . The victims were shot in the head . The US had opened the prisons were ISIS criminals are kept guarded by the SDF army in Deir Ezzor and they were released in order to operate in the Syrian desert maybe as a retaliation to the attack on al Tanf US military base on behalf of Syrian tribes operating under the orders of the Syrian rule and this as a sign of gratitude for Russia . President Assad had expressed the fact that Syria owes this to Russia to side with it against US along the Ukrainian alignment maybe ignoring the implications of such act that might be the cause behind ISIS crimes in the Syrian desert . While Assad seems so well disposed regarding Russia this stand is not reciprocated by Russia who does not lift a finger to stop the israeli assault on Syria that are Russian coordinated. These attacks by missiles coming from the Golan Heights targeted civilian areas in Damascus killed 5 among them 2 ladies and injured 10 and these attacks that are nor properly retaliated have become more and more frequent
This not to speak of the Russians not helping on the ground in the afflicted areas after the earth quake . They were not seen anywhere and proved once more reluctant to lend a helping hand as they are responsible for sparing ISIS and terrorists in general by opposing that the Resistance tracks Terror in its havens in Syria as it did in Lebanon . It is very dangerous to have left thousands of ISIS terrorists under US custody in the north of Syria free to operate . Terror has not been eradicated in Syria unfortunately . As for israel, an equation should be reached like the one ruling the Lebanese israeli conflict whereby each strike will be retaliated by an equal strike and each victim will be avenged. This is the only way to hold back the beast.


File: 1677044859808.png (2.22 MB, 1376x917, ClipboardImage.png)

One cannot ignore the earthquakes and the destruction caused by them and the number of casualties, and continue to live as if nothing had happened . There is a message to be decoded and understood . It is not nature that is attacking us; it us who have departed from nature and lived as if nature did not exist , as if we could be on our own and live out of tune with our natural environment, and this is what we have been doing for some time . Nature is attacking unsuitable unwanted constructions and not human beings and Nature has a say. As a result, nature is sending us a message so that we remember nature, and the message says that we cannot continue to live as we are doing. Can we still ignore the laws of nature ? Can we still live in conglomerations and settlements called modern cities that are threatened to be demolished with earthquakes that cause people to be buried under the rubble by thousands and sometimes alive ? What we have done is refute every kind of native life , and we have condemned this native life that is so close to nature as improper and regressive and unfit, and we have embarked on the genocidal trip of modern civilization . We started killing animals , and we destroyed their environment . We killed all animals except the ones we eat, and those we have kept in closed areas in infernal conditions and exploited them to the last brim, and even those we tend to replace with cloned animals . At the same time we have attacked the Natives and considered them savages who did not deserve do to live. When we killed the Natives, or when we approved of their killing we lost our connection with nature, and we embraced the predators’ agenda .This is when we became defeated. Then, we were easily pulled out of our environment to come to cities and live in boxes called building apartments . These were conceived like graveyards and expressed the predators’ intention . We created the state of israel that is the proof of our defeat and our crossing the line of no return . We behaved as if God did not exist nor natural law. We broke all the laws of nature and caused nature to react and respond . There is no way except to go back to nature at whatever price , and accept that nature has a great say in our life and not some distorted predator with a genocidal agenda. We have the opportunity to go back on our choices ; opportunity granted by a country like Iran and a Resistance like Hizbullah who are both restoring to man his humanity and to life its spiritual dimension and bringing back the set of values that we have been trampling all the way. No wonder the world powers are mobilizing everything they have to face the Iranian Revolution and the Lebanese Resistance because they go against everything the predator represents .


File: 1677271330455.png (467.22 KB, 602x339, ClipboardImage.png)

Because of the injustices that are going on in the world, everyone thinks that justice lacks power. no one believes that righteousness can be victorious and thinks that power is only in the hands of injustice and that we have to adapt to injustices which we can not change. one of the causes if not the main cause that suffer a lot at the hands of injustice is the Palestinian cause. Palestinians and Arabs were not able to face israel because of power imbalance, until the Iranian revolution got its victory, and Arabs and Palestinians now have the support of Iran in facing israel. Iran supplies Arabs not only with arms and money but also with moral and spiritual support. The Lebanese Resistance was able to free South Lebanon and this was a victory over the World Order that created and legalized israel and owns the israeli project and was preparing to expand it to the whole world not only the middle east. The Palestinian Cause right now has a flow of support. this is how power joined righteousness. The time when power was exclusive to the perpetrators has passed. Justice now has power in its own hands and a huge victory. this shift in power affected all the people in the Arab and Islamic world, and the whole world as well. one group of normal people who grew up among the poor and marginalized were able to face the lords of arms and force. it spilled over and now all causes want a share in this auspicious adventure . Yemen and Iraq and Palestinian organizations are all following the same path, and others shall follow. this is what colonialists are afraid of. To cover up what’s happening in this struggle, the World Order created a new struggle in Ukraine to distract from the other struggle and direct all the attention somewhere else. they were hoping it eclipses the other struggle and hide it from the light.


>opportunity granted by a country like Iran and a Resistance like Hizbullah who are both restoring to man his humanity and to life its spiritual dimension and bringing back the set of values that we have been trampling all the way


File: 1677457369933.png (449.76 KB, 685x796, ClipboardImage.png)


Who created israel? And who created the first israel ie the USA ? Who killed 150 million Native indigenous in the New World by spreading small pox and through starvation and displacement and abuse ? In the International Day for Mother Tongues -consecrated by the UN – one wonders what happened to the Native languages, and how Native children were having their tongues pierced with needles when they dared speak their native tongues in the boarding schools that hosted them and that were managed by the various churches and the state ? We are still in the same circumstance, and the predators are not using needles because they have replaced them with other means as lethal if not more .
The UN did not think about these children when it celebrated this day openly, nor did it bring up this topic where hundreds of thousands of Natives who were abducted from their families were deprived of their Native tongue and forced to speak English exclusively or be abused by their white western masters .Nor did it bring up the acculturation processes that are going on every day especially in our area that are the killer number one of Mother Tongues and Native Cultures . This day should be a Day for the massacre of Mother Tongues that the colonialists have themselves committed and are committing now through the UN. And this is because the UN is a colonial product, and has been established by the colonialists and the proof is that it shared in creating the colonial state of israel by recognizing it. And israel has bred its own artificial language that is laboratory made, and has been elevated to the status of state and has continued to usurp land and massacre people .
This is the kind of treatment we are getting until this very day by the world powers lead by the US and the UN. And they are not alone, but are being seconded by a bunch of vassals who help them carry on their destructive scheme . One of them Putin who destroyed the apartment buildings in Moscow in 1999 in order to access to power , and who seems to have engineered the 9/11 attacks on the WTC together with George W Bush , and he was the first to associate terror with Islam, and put it in practice by virtue of which terrorist groups were created by various Intelligence services working together everywhere , in US and Europe and in Muslim and Arab countries . And these vassals now are assuming the role of pole to the world powers and an alternative to the world order and they are one of its pillars . A world order that developed biological weapons in its laboratories located in China and elsewhere, and that created Covid and spread it in the world, and then produced a vaccine that is even more toxic. And China has never been properly investigated as for how Covid 19 spread and wherefrom it originated . Those who addressed the right questions were silenced, and China is keeping jealously its secret posing as a threat to the US with its flying ineffective balloons while hosting the biological labs of the predator .
The whole world order worked together on promoting Covid and its vaccine . A world order that created ISIS that this week killed more than 70 innocent civilians by a bullet shot in their heads in the Syrian desert who were armless and helpless and picking truffles . This is the evil world order that created israel and that we have embraced and identified with, and which we have to take in enmity if we are to survive as groups and individuals . The abusive world order has usurped power and taken over the administration of this world with its vassals , and is intent on destroying man and his environment , but now is being checked by Revolutionary Iran and the Resisting Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen. These movements and countries are totally outside the usurpers’ equation and are the ones qualified to confront it , and not corrupt Putin or controversial China .


File: 1677538354366.png (170.74 KB, 828x466, ClipboardImage.png)


Any relations with western countries cannot overlook israel; and the usurping state is an essential factor in such relation . The western countries are not any countries , they have their hands soaked in blood , in African blood, in Arab blood, in Native blood, in Asian blood , and you name it , and they are hiding their crimes and posing as the avantgarde and leaders of this world in freedom and democracy and tolerance . They are fooling the whole world and many are being fooled, and want to live the US dream and never awake from it . The usurping state is not just any random endeavor undertaken by the western world or a mere experimentation on the ground that is lethal but limited . It is an essential part of the vision and the future that the western world has conceived about life in general and the future of mankind and societies in particular . This endeavor is deeply rooted in the western psyche, and has a major significance . israel is everything the western world stands for, and at its heart colonialism . There is no expression of the western world better than israel. In israel has materialized everything the west represents and practices and longs for . Therefore israel is a perfect picture of the western world and its future agenda . it is necessary to awaken to this reality if one is to overcome the usurping state that many are calling now the temporary state because it has a very limited life span as many are realizing or about to realize. Any illusion about a difference standing between the temporary or usurping state and the western world will stand as an obstacle before liberation and victory because the usurping state is a western offspring that shares its temporality . How the Lebanese Resistance defeated the usurping state and liberated the land is because it culturally and religiously disengaged itself totally from any belonging or identification with the sponsors of the usurping state ie the western world and whatever this world represents. For the same reason, the Islamic Revolution in Iran was able to reap victory over its enemies of the world powers. It stood aloof regarding the western civilization if such thing exists. It closed the US embassy and took its white male staff as hostages . This constituted a total rejection of the predator and exposed the US as the real enemy of peoples. At the same time, it closed the embassy of israel and opened the embassy of Palestine instead giving the Revolution its real authentic orientation far from the predator and its offspring : the usurping state . israel and the western world are one and the same, and israel is the western world and the western world is israel . It constitutes the western vicious endeavor in its climax . It is in the western world dark undergrounds and in its dirty distorted minds and in its lethal laboratories and controversial think tanks and in its prejudiced and evil criminal tendencies and in its egoistic arrogant stand that the usurping state of israel was conceived .This vicious endeavor has to be confronted by all means . Previously, before invading the New World the British colonizer thought about invading the Ottoman Empire and repeat the crusades campaigns but it was repelled by the idea of the strong Ottoman Army and had to wait until the Ottoman empire disintegrated in the beginning of the 20th century to start operate. The Palestinians have to be here the Ottoman Army -so to speak- and repel the invasion and end the occupation once for all


File: 1677721441178.png (89.38 KB, 275x183, ClipboardImage.png)

The Palestinians are a peaceful people like any other people. They were living peacefully in Palestine before they were chosen and before all this happened. They are still a peaceful people in spite of being involved in a deadly battle of self defense , and they have not changed. The good Palestinian is the Palestinian who gives up voluntarily his homeland and abandons it becoming a settler of the world order. They are forced to leave their peaceful way of living and carry arms to defend themselves against being forcefully separated from their homeland. The Palestinians are not violent , they are victims who are trying to protect and retrieve their way of life and to ward off the attacks and the violations and abuses of the enemy .
Their way of life was abruptly interrupted . This happened in the previous century when the predators invaded them to massacre them and dislodge them and take their land . Why this happened to them is because the world powers wanted the land and the resources and the natives were the obstacle . They targeted them as they targeted the Native indigenous in the New world and in Australia . Their turn came next in order to implement the same scheme implemented in the New World and Australia by the predator . The Agenda of World Progress was to separate the Natives from their land by chasing them out and massacring them after this proved successful in America and in Australia and was to be repeated in Palestine in order to take the land and the resources, and not to found a home for the Zionists. Separating the Natives from their land is the world powers agenda, and the usurped land was to be handed on to the settlers, and after that to the various firms that exploited it . In Palestine , it is the Jews who were chosen to carry on the vicious endeavor; and the fake narrative of the land that returned to the chosen people was used in order to justify the vicious endeavor of separating the Palestinians from the land they live on. The hordes of Jewish gangs who were the predecessors of ISIS or the cavalry of the 20th century were sent by the world powers to massacre the Palestinians and chase them out of Palestine and establish the usurping state as a start to take over the whole world .The Jews here are a tool , they work for the world powers and are never left alone to decide for themselves.
It took the Palestinians 70 years to realize the fact that there is no way they could survive this together with their homeland except if they took arms and fought the fight of life or death against the mercenaries, and that all the talk about a separate state or a peaceful settlement sponsored by the world powers or a peaceful coexistence with the enemy were just verbal talk and imaginary that had no foundation . The Palestinians are not fighting the Jews in Palestine , they are fighting the whole world order and world powers, and the different firms and cartels that are the first beneficiaries from such a separation from the land. They are struggling on behalf of all because what we are dealing with is an encompassing endeavor that targets all peoples one after the other.


File: 1677960894918.png (379.42 KB, 660x330, ClipboardImage.png)

The western world and the US have declared war on Lebanon and are tightening the grip by playing with the financial and monetary condition of the country . They play with the dollar that is rising daily in a disproportional and triggered manner in a country where every transaction uses the dollar. The dollar is not the only problem. The enemy is infiltrating the Army , the Central Bank, the various ministries , the government . The US is everywhere especially in the media , and the media is mobilized against the Resistance, and their sole concern is to try to expose the Resistance and to speak ill of its community and supporters. A defamation campaign that has no par and that touches on everything even the religious . And the accusations are everywhere of Lebanon suffering under what they call “Iranian occupation” and becoming an Iranian extension while it is the US that we see and feel everywhere and under whose hegemony we suffer . This is real war even if they call it soft . The US Army has now 2 bases in Lebanon in coordination with the Lebanese Army but that no one speaks of , and the military US aircraft has now bases in Lebanon from where to take off or land, and this has been going on for a while . And the Lebanese Navy has shared in maneuvers organized by the US Central Command in which the israelis were included. This is a real scandal although the leadership of the Army said the Lebanese navy was only present as an observer. But this excuse does not work, and it is a huge concession on behalf of the Army that is most worrying . And we don’t know where to hide . On the other hand, the banking system is totally collapsing, and the banks are no more banks, they have turned into something else and, after withholding peoples’ money, they have resorted to illicit practices that hurt the national currency and the economy . The goal is to throw the country into total chaos hoping that the Lebanese- at least the Resistance direct environment- will turn against it. But this is not happening because the Resistance has taken measures and is helping and providing -like never before- supplying people who could not have survived otherwise with the necessities whether foods or fuel . Despite all this drastic policy the enemy is failing to reach its goal and the US ambassador has met the various NGOs- that are US funded- in order to scold them because they have failed in rallying the enough number of people to take to streets and protest and cause more havoc and disturbance .The US has spent billions on this endeavor that is not reaping fruit because the Resistance public is not turning against it . What is collapsing in Lebanon is the whole system, which the west inspired and built in Lebanon and not the Resistance . The school public sector has totally closed and the banks are about to close doors, and they have already declared a strike that lasted almost a month in a step that was never witnessed before world wide. And while the Resistance remains unharmed , it is what the west has created and sponsored that is fading away. What is collapsing is on a world scale and not on a local scale . It is the world powers system that is falling apart at the same time, and everything the world powers have created is shaking whether in Lebanon or in the world because such system bears inherently its own destruction seeds . And who knows if not only the death of israel but also the death of the world order will take place at the hands of Lebanese and their Resistance.


File: 1678053378767.png (744.97 KB, 822x537, ClipboardImage.png)

israel has the right to its own spring. After all, the israeli spring is more than justifiable . But this spring was delayed as much as possible , and the so called Arab Spring came in order to rescue israel from its existential crisis or from its Spring ? It is israel that is in crisis and not the Arabs . The Arab crisis could be solved through resorting to different agreements and compromises . It is a system crisis but not an existential one and is solvable . But who can solve the israeli existential crisis ? It is the very existence of israel that has been rocked by the Lebanese and the Palestinian Resistance strikes that the israelis could not ward off and by the Iranian threat that the israelis could not meet . What do the israelis want? why are they protesting ? Do they want democracy really ? Is there room for democracy in a place like israel ? in a military society where all are militaries , in an abusive state built on genocide how can democracy exist or be claimed ? There is no room for democracy in Israel and this is an absurd demand that is not realistic and has no precedent . What the israelis are protesting is not the absence of democracy because this goes without saying what they are protesting is their altogether vulnerable condition where they found themselves after the Lebanese Resistance defeated them twice in 2000 and 2006 and after Iran started presenting a real threat and also the armed Palestinian Resistance in Gaza. The israelis feel no more secure and they are protesting against this . their sponsors are unable to protect them and their nuclear which were provided to them have become under the Lebanese Resistance fire . So what kind of security is this and what kind of existence ? This is what the israelis are protesting. What they are protesting is that the land of milk and honey has turned sour and their sponsors are not ready to protect nor will they declare war on Iran for their sake. This is the simple truth and the israelis have difficulties putting up with this fact, therefore this israeli spring we are witnessing right now.


File: 1678053417247.png (1.27 MB, 1180x787, ClipboardImage.png)

Bakhmut is about to be taken by the Wagner mercenary militia hired by Russia , and we are expected to rejoice and celebrate as some leftist progressives are doing . Why ? because Bakhmut is being taken by the mercenary militia after the Russian Army proved incapable of achieving any progress in this war , but now Bakhmut is about to surrender , and the Ukrainians are being displaced in great numbers, and their homes destroyed. What is Bakhmut ? is it a Palestinian city that has been liberated so that we rejoice and celebrate ? What is the effect of its liberation ? and is it affecting our central cause -that is Palestine -and our struggle against the predators of this world ? Is it having any positive repercussion on our cause ? No, it is just a furthering of the world powers scheme in displacing people and victimizing them and destroying their homes, which is the scheme that the war on Ukraine serves , and Russia is partner in this mess otherwise how to explain that the next day after KSA offered 400 million$ to Zelenskyy, Russian deputy minister of foreign affairs -Bogdanov- is assigned by KSA the task of negotiating with the Yemeni Ansarullah and to reach a settlement of some sort . The Yemenis are not trusting this attempt because they know that Russia is not a fair intermediate, and that Putin sides with MBS the Crown prince. Thus, after offering money to Zelenskyy, KSA rushes for the Russian help .We certainly have to do with one group and not two . it is a war launched by all against the people of Ukraine . Any polarity seen here between the world powers and Russia is fake and superimposed .


File: 1678241564037.png (513.07 KB, 860x484, ClipboardImage.png)

The poisoning of female students in Iran by way of chemicals bears the signature of the predator, and reminds us of the blankets contaminated with small pox that the Anglo Saxon settlers distributed to the Natives of the New World in order to make the disease spread among them – Natives of various tribes- and decimate them . The predator has more than a deadly trick, and will not back off before anything, and is intent on carrying on his genocidal agenda and is ready to decimate half the population especially among Natives using whatever available means . The goal is to show that Iran treats female students like Taliban treats them and to draw the parallel between terror and Iran. A bestial and barbaric act that has no words for describing it . What else to expect from those who spread Covid 19 in the world and got away with their crime ?


File: 1678348353354.png (307.34 KB, 708x625, ClipboardImage.png)

So what makes the Palestinians resist and offer this number of sacrifices ? For more than 70 years now they have been offering sacrifices in their ongoing struggle , and what makes the Yemenis sacrifice to the point of starving ? No doubt they must be sacrificing for something that they consider worthwhile and that is dearer than life itself . Martyr Sayyed Abbas al Moussawi- founder of the Lebanese Resistance – said in one of his speeches that one cannot sacrifice one’s life for something that is beneath him and that sacrifice always is for the sake of the higher. What makes the Palestinians sacrifice is the sense of the righteousness of their cause, and this righteousness is above all and has to do with the divine . An Israeli or a world order predator would not have such concern, there is no such belief in something that transcends this level of existence and that is higher and worthy of sacrificing the self for . A belief in a higher order based on righteousness and morality , a spiritual order around which everything revolves . This belief is the real weapon of the freedom fighter, and it is a strong weapon that will have the supremacy finally and will defeat the enemy. Some westerners who describe themselves as spiritual aspirants and do spiritual practices- like Yoga – think that one can engage on this path without sticking to morality or what is called righteousness. Nothing is more absurd than giving up morality or trying to reach any salvation by any other way. The Israelis therefore are doomed and their project is doomed and the future is for the Palestinians , the Yemenis and others because righteousness protects and so does morality, while unrighteousness exposes and undermines.


>axis of 4 capitalist countries
Yeah no thanks.


File: 1678859576633.png (338.5 KB, 602x335, ClipboardImage.png)

The series of unexplained murders in Russia is continuing for years now , and lately : top scientist Andrey Botikov – creator of the Sputnik vaccine- was found strangled in his apartment , and this after General Vladimir Makarov was found shot dead in his home in an apparent suicide after being fired from his job of combating extremism . Before that , Russian Tycoon-Pavel Antov- who criticized the war on Ukraine was found dead in India after falling out of a window as was reported . These mysterious deaths are not new, they have been accompanying Putin’s rule all the way . The leftist progressives who support Putin are not interested in pondering over these crimes and asking the right questions, as they are not interested in investigating Putin’s past and how he ascended to power and why many of his opposers were liquidated . They were totally deluded by Putin’s propaganda campaign on social media that pictures him riding the Grizzly bear and scoring in Judo , but they will not look into the previous KGB records or the Yeltsin and the Russian mafia records .


File: 1678859609705.png (821.62 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

An israeli strike from North of Lebanon on the vicinity of Tartous and of Hama injures 3 Syrian soldiers and causes damage in the area . These strikes have become a weekly routine . israel by this is targeting the weakest link of the Axis of the Resistance and is trying to make up for its incapacity to face the Resistance in Lebanon and the Revolution in Iran by having Syria totally exposed . Syria’s defense to the israeli assaults is limited to trying to intercept the israeli missiles which is the ceiling that Russia has put to the Syrian retaliation that should not exceed certain limits in order to allow these strikes to continue . Of course , not all missiles are being intercepted, and some are reaching their goals . All this while Moscow, who is busy fighting NATO in Ukraine is pressuring Syria to reach an understanding with Turkey that will be in favor of reelecting Erdogan despite what Erdogan has done to Syria and has inflicted on the Syrians , an understanding that could be only for electoral purposes and might witness the return of some Syrian refugees under Turkish conditions but will not put an end to the Turkish occupation and to the more than 170 Turkish military points that Turkey has created in north Syria with Russian help . The Syrian efforts to lend a helping hand to Erdogan in his electoral campaign are converging with the Saudis efforts to have Erdogan overcome the economic crisis that is unprecedented and this by putting the sum of 5 billion dollars in the country’s Central Bank which will play in favor of Erdogan’s reelection . One wonders why Putin who is fighting NATO in Ukraine is Helping NATO Turkey in Syria. What kind of war is happening in Ukraine, and who is fighting who , while the country is being destroyed and the people displaced??
The truth is that this is a soft war we are witnessing happening parallel to the real war launched on Ukraine whereby the world powers who have failed in defeating Iran and the Resistance have resorted to this new kind of infiltration of the Axis of the Resistance and assimilation of the parties involved . The world powers have created together this war in Ukraine that they can control unlike the israeli /Axis of the Resistance conflict, and they have created new alignments that could dilute this strong resilient Axis . They have introduced Russia, Turkey and now China . If Iran is playing the game this should not be understood in terms of surrender to the world Powers. The Axis of the Resistance who also wants to avoid direct war is also ready to enter this challenge trusting the fact that where the direct war failed the soft war will also fail .
The war launched on Ukraine and the turmoil inside israel that is creating instability as well as the encirclement of Lebanon and the sanctions on Syria including the new Iranian -Saudi understanding sponsored by China by virtue of which the diplomatic relations will be resumed between the 2 countries . All this should be understood in terms of the defeat of the world powers before the Axis of the Resistance.


File: 1678859655972.png (561.63 KB, 1060x408, ClipboardImage.png)

What is happening in the world is one because those who are in control are one, and the peoples stand as one on the other side, and what happened in Lebanon is happening everywhere .No doubt Lebanon is playing as an experimental field once again for various experimentations that have to do with confiscating peoples properties and then steeling peoples’ assets whereby the Lebanese can no more have access to their bank accounts, and banks are starting to collapse in the USA . This experimentation is one among many that the predator is carrying on one after the other to find out what suits his policies perfectly . And we are still victims of the same policies that took the lives of 150 million indigenous when the Native Indigenous suffered what they suffered, we did not know then that we will be next .The Anglo Saxon settlers were experimenting when they distributed to the Natives blankets that were contaminated with small pox, and they also experimented other eugenic procedures like causing infertility in women which also worked, and they used acculturation and schools and introduced alcohol and gambling to destroy the indigenous cultural and spiritual environment . The schools and small pox were a real success. Small pox alone took the lives of 90% of the indigenous population and the boarding schools took care of what remained . These experimentations never stopped, and the atomic bomb was one of them and had to be experimented twice in Hiroshima and Nagazaki in order to have enough data to rely on. And Covid is another one that they experimented world wide . Like there is a world order, there is a scientific order made of those who invest in technology and researches and experimentations, and those are vassals to the world powers, they are found everywhere, and they are scientific in their approach, and they will destroy the world and commit genocides using science and scientific rules and experimenting . There are 2 forces on the ground pulling each in its direction . One force seeks to please the divine, and another wants to please the senses to the point of forgetting everything else and forgetting the Self and Soul . Those who work on promoting the Spirit , their Self will stand by their side, and those who won’t will have to suffer, and their Self will turn against them.


File: 1678859714668.png (1.52 MB, 1198x575, ClipboardImage.png)

And now we have to put up with the giant called China, and forget how the Chinese have been hiding for 3 years almost the origin of Covid that they transmitted to the whole world . Nevertheless, we have to invest in China because this is what big brother wants us to do. And the celebrations are taking place everywhere on the silver screen and the social media and you name it , applauding the birth of a new world order to replace the old one where US is sent home and China taking over . We have won, not because we are resisting the occupation In Palestine but because China is rising as a power. And what is China, and who is China that manufactures biological weapons on account of the US ? Now, Russia headed by Putin does not stop mentioning the Ukrainian biological labs that are US sponsored and present a real threat , but no one mentions the ones in China that are US funded , among them the Wuhan lab wherefrom Covid might have originated. China is another sick nation no doubt. It suffers from gigantism, and is one of the world order satellites that is being promoted now with the hope of assimilating Iran and the Axis of the Resistance . Since when was China a friend of the peoples or their causes? And why should we rejoice , and what difference would the rise of China make in the ongoing struggle ? How will Palestine benefit from this or Yemen ? it is true that the world powers are being challenged and losing ground; but what China has to do with this? or Russia ? But the US is ceding power to those so that they can operate and make a step towards Iran that US cannot make. The situation and tension have reached a stage where no move proves feasible or possible except towards the enemy . The last attempt to destabilize IRAN failed drastically despite the huge efforts exerted to operate a change favorable to the world powers by creating chaos . But these powers are still maneuvering, and their last maneuver is what happened in China lately between the Saudis and the Iranians. But the controversial media is describing this as a Chinese victory, and praising the boldness of MBS who has freed himself from the US shackles, and has dropped the bloody saw in favor of the chess game , and is now working wonders as a chess player and has learned from experience to maneuver and outsmart all . What a joke ! when we know that the kingdom is totally under US hegemony or control and ruled directly by the USA , and MBS would not dare displease his masters although is burdened by his defeat in Yemen, and cannot pacify his enemy because the US wants this state of no war no peace to last endlessly . It is with US approval that the Saudis headed to China, and with US green light that the Chinese hosted this holy event , let no one have the least doubt about that. It is Iran that acted freely although left with a narrow choice in a frozen situation that cannot develop into war nor can breed a kind of peace….


>Chinese have been hiding for 3 years almost the origin of Covid that they transmitted to the whole world .
That's because they're being polite since the source was either USA research into gain of function conducted in wuhan or biowarfare transmitted during the military games from Fort Detrick

The USA knew what was going on before the central government, fortunately the Chinese province of Taipei was on the ball and informed central leadership in Beijing fairly quickly


>Islamic shithole and it's satellites
>axis of resistance

Only Syria is based here.


File: 1679108281681.png (2.08 MB, 1381x784, ClipboardImage.png)

Too much talk about the Saudi – Iranian rapprochement that is not founded and that assumes a freedom of the involved parties – mainly China and Saudi Arabia that both countries in fact lack . Whether KSA or China, they will not make such a significant move without the US blessings . They are deluded who think otherwise . When, in Lebanon, there was an attempt at bringing the Chinese firms to sign contracts regarding building electricity plants , the Chinese responded by asking Lebanon to get a US green light, and that such contracts could not be signed without US license . If such a thing as insignificant as building an electricity plant in Lebanon needs a US approval , what to say about bringing KSA and Iran together under a Chinese roof .
China is not in any way involved in real world alignments or in significant alignments like the one regarding the Palestinian cause for example. China’s stand in this case is in conformity with the world order stand , and China does not have a policy of its own regarding vital matters. It has been politically neutralized . The same applies to KSA or MBS who plays fully in US hands and does not take any decision or initiative without US approval, be it the war on Yemen or the reconciliation with Tehran .
If one is to look objectively at the latest developments , one cannot but link them to the process of normalization taking place between israel and the Gulf countries, and what is happening is but a further step in the process of normalization. Previously, after the war on Syria started, headed by NATO Turkey and funded by Arab Gulf money , Russia – which is a strong ally to israel -was introduced to Syria in order to curb the Axis of the Resistance, and the first Russian move in Syria was towards the Syrian chemical arsenal that was confiscated and delivered to the international community for the sake of israel’s safety. After that , israel was introduced to Syria and given the opportunity to pound Syria on regular basis without having to suffer any retaliation . This was the first infiltration on the Axis of the Resistance on behalf of world powers represented this time by Russia .
The motive behind this recent rapprochement in China is the same, and is in order to bring closer to Iran the normalizing gulf countries , and this rapprochement is meant to expose the Axis of the Resistance represented by Iran to israel through the various normalizing Gulf countries to which Iran is supposed to open doors, and strike deals with by virtue of this understanding . If the enmity towards Iran and the sectarian war and the world wide media and internet campaigns had for motive the isolation of Iran and the survival and safety of israel, why such rapprochement will not have the same motive, and what to do with israel in this instance ? Is israel to be overlooked and marginalized and transgressed as is circulating ?? Not at all . the purpose still remains the welfare of israel; and israel is too important for the world powers , and it is the endeavor that assures the safety and perennity of the colonial world order, and it is not limited to Palestine but includes all countries . israel is too important to have it undergo any serious risk. It is the crest jewel of the western civilization , and any deal or rapprochement will have to materialize in favor of the usurping state and for its benefit, and – therefore- for the benefit of its creators and sponsors and the civilization they represent .


File: 1679190906848-0.png (79.17 KB, 275x183, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1679190906848-1.png (1.63 MB, 1549x832, ClipboardImage.png)

How the bomb on Hiroshima was dropped and that on Nagasaki ? In what state of mind were those who decided to drop this bomb at this time on peaceful people , on men women and children ? Those who decided to drop the bomb in this special time and place, and those who dropped it, in what state of mind were they ? How were they related to their action ? And- most importantly- how were they related to their Self and to their Spirit ? Certainly, they were thinking and identifying as physical bodies weak and limited trying to attack other physical bodies. They did not identify with a collective physical or human Reality. They thought they and the others were what they saw with their biological eyes and what they heard with their physical ears . They had no idea about an Underlying Cosmic Reality where what they do they do unto themselves, and not unto others only. They identify with their physical and mental body, and their notion of Self is thus limited to their body.

And those who gave the Natives the small pox contaminated blankets; or those who spread Covid 19 in the world, in what state of mind were they ? The answer is that they behaved as laboratory scientists dealing with matter . They did not consider the other as self or as their brother in humanity as ordained by Morality, Religion and common sense. They considered the other as an object, and defined themselves as subjects superior to the object . This spiritless shadow considered the other as a spiritless shadow that could be dispensed with, and the spiritual bond that links people together as one and as God’s creation was therefore ineffective . It split into subject and object. The subject – be him a scientist or a soldier or an official – retained his superior position as a subject , and the other was stripped off his humanity to become an object of experience . This is what made the massacres possible . Sources say that in Vietnam, during the war , the US aviators who flew the air fighters were listening to classical music while dropping their bombs on the Vietnamese who were armless. They were getting high on Mozart and Beethoven while causing an unbelievable carnage . They probably thought they were living and sharing a masterpiece . One wonders how come people who belonged to families, who had brothers and sisters and children, could behave this way. The answer is that their feelings could not embrace others whom they could not identify with physically. Thus, their feelings were restricted to their physical and mental extensions and not more . They are humanly and spiritually immature and incapacitated so to speak, and this is a great impediment . The Religious, spiritual and cosmic wholesome view that considers both the subject and object as objects of an inclusive Reality that makes possible all knowledge and interaction is the view that can create a real bond and can spare humanity these disasters caused by the split scientific view of subject and object; the view where the object alienated from holiness and humanity , is a mere waste that one can dispose off. In short, it is not through the physical eye and physical ear that we know the other, but through the underlying consciousness, as we know our own selves.


File: 1679359265379.png (483.68 KB, 680x426, ClipboardImage.png)

So what will all this lead to ? The war on Ukraine will not end. It will not end nor will it be finalized on the ground . It will end when the US decides that it should end, and starts working on a compromise of some sort between Russia and Ukraine . And Putin for the first time is rebelling against the International Community , and not accepting the arrest warrant issued against him by the International Criminal Court accusing him of war crimes . He, who never failed in reminding us that the International Community laws should be respected and never transgressed or violated, there he goes rebelling against them , and deciding to file a law suit against the International Court and prosecuting it .This is because his law abidance is only a make up and only apparent and not real, and Putin is an outlaw himself, and since his very debuts has not stopped committing violations , infractions and crimes.

Although it would be relieving to see Putin under lock where he belongs , the time has not come yet for such a measure, although arresting him is not totally ruled out since many rulers faced a similar fate after their masters turned against them. Not that Putin committed war crimes in Ukraine in a war where the US invited him, and where he rushed to answer the call, but he should have been prosecuted much earlier when, in 1992, Russian deputy Marina Salye prosecuted Putin on the ground of theft in the food exchange program of foods against minerals monitored by Putin whereby foods worth 100 millions never materialized and disappeared in Putin’s pocket . All this is very well documented by Marina Salye . What does it feel like when a people are starving and the administration is stealing their food ? In Lebanon we are dealing with a similar issue whereby the Lebanese are being starved by the corrupt officials . But the Mayor of Petersburg stopped Marina Salye’s complaint and rescued Putin . And since then, Putin has been ascending slowly and surely the ladder of power and fame.

This past of Putin is rarely investigated, and his fans are satisfied with his image riding the Grizzly bear or scoring in Judo or riding the horse bare chested . This is the image promoted on the social media and by the world media, and no one is even investigating Putin’s relation to the Bush family , with Bush father and son , and his frequent visits to the Texas home where he first presented his credentials and offered his services to the father and the son who made good use of them . He is also the KGB agent who- as a student- used to deliver to the Russian secret services his classmates who had different political views, and this is how he made it through the KGB . But one needs not go so far . It is enough to link him to the death of so many of his opponents and rivals who are disappearing on regular basis, the latest not very long ago , a general fired from his job found shot dead in his apartment . This, let alone the 200 billions which is the estimate of Putin’s wealth whose origins must be as controversial as the first 100 million that disappeared by miracle.

There is no end to Putin’s tribulations . The question is: what can bring together the Islamic Republic of Iran to such a controversial person, and what kind of alliance is this alliance that is being praised and promoted almost everywhere? There is no future to such relation even if it is being boosted, and no foundation even if dictated by a certain circumstance . Similarly, the Saudi – Iranian so called resumed relations have no future because what can bring together leader Khamina’i and bin Salman? Nothing apparently. They are totally apart . So what is this fuss all about and bringing in China to bless this reencounter, and putting together all these unrelated pieces in order to convince us that something is happening, and that China has been at last inspired to assume a political role and a stand of some sort that will constitute a new pole . The truth is that the defeated world powers are just buying time trying to defer as far as possible the declaration of their defeat , in Palestine , in Yemen, in Lebanon’s and elsewhere, hoping to hide this defeat as long as possible until it reveals itself by itself.


> All the civilians are Sieg Heiling bastards
False, many are, but many aren't. It serves not Good to label an entire population in such a way.


File: 1679467167410.png (523.16 KB, 1035x588, ClipboardImage.png)

Assad’s visit to Russia has been praised by many media outlets and even if Master Putin was not personally at the airport receiving his Syrian par , the Syrian National Anthem was played at the airport unusually . Unfortunately , Assad expressed his will to have more Russian military bases in Syria absolving Russia from all responsibility regarding the israeli assaults. At the same time Assad said that he will sit with Erdogan if the latter shows his disposition to withdraw from Syria,. This is to say that Syria supports the reelection of Erdogan according to Putin’s wish despite what Erdogan has inflicted on Syria and it is very sad to hear Syrian official supporting the reelection of the war criminal called Erdogan who literally destroyed Syria in a war that is not over yet . And these officials defend their stand and are not convincing at all and they even attack those who think that it is better for the Syrian -Turkish relations that Erdogan is not reelected .


File: 1679886728857.png (815.29 KB, 823x552, ClipboardImage.png)

So what are the israelis about ? And what is behind the latest developments that show israel as torn apart ? There are many reasons behind these protests . First, israel is defeated; and israel has two main purposes : one israeli and about so called israelis, and the other non israeli and belongs to the World Order. The real purpose which is to create an advanced US military base in the region that will be in control has been defeated .
This is to say that the israeli endeavor is shaking and cannot fulfill its purpose, and has been defeated twice by the Lebanese Resistance and is being challenged by the Palestinian Resistance . One of the repercussions of such a defeat is the identity crisis israel is going through. israel is proving different than the promised land . It is not just justice reforms , it is the whole edifice that is being exposed. And while the israelis thought that the third Palestinian generation will forget Palestine and adjust to israel , what happened is that it is the fourth israeli generation that has forgotten the origins of israel and thinks israel to be a democracy and are rallying for judicial reforms and democracy.
Imagine a democracy built on genocide . This is what USA is : a democracy built on genocide. But it worked for the US until now because the Anglo Saxon settlers are the direct owners of the colonial project while the Jewish settlers are not the direct owners of the israeli project, they are a tool used and fooled by the colonizer, hence this confusion and chaos. Since their defeat in 2000 the world powers have been trying to remedy this situation . They have been trying hard through the Arab Spring and through terror and through NATO Turkey and Russia and, and through the ongoing process of normalization to change Arab Countries and have them not only accommodate israel but also share and be part of the israeli endeavor to allow this endeavor to survive and bare fruits and fulfill the world powers purpose. If israel cannot expand or even defend itself- militarily speaking- and take over Arab countries – as it was doing – and remain powerful and in control , then let an environment be created that can achieve that purpose and allow the israeli seed to grow everywhere . This is the purpose now of the world powers , and many things happening in the world, from the war on Ukraine to the new alignments created regionally and world wide, to the Eurasian endeavor , they are all meant to help the israeli endeavor survive and spread.
Certainly, the israelis themselves – who have been brought across the ocean – many decades ago – to the land of milk and honey -have difficulties now in identifying with the israeli project, and who knows how things will develop especially with the escalation on the Palestinian front and the growing tensions inside the occupied land that threatens society itself , and the army and the state . For this reason , the world powers are preparing right now the ground for this eventuality ..


File: 1679886764140.png (941.75 KB, 1204x762, ClipboardImage.png)

As we have said previously , the war on Ukraine has expanded to Syria and, suddenly, out of no where , what they call the Popular Resistance in Syria backed by Iran – as the media claims- – is attacking the US military bases in Syria- mainly al Tanf- on the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian borders . This is causing the US to retaliate in different places -lately in Deir Ezzor – hitting civil targets . This escalation has been prepared -as they say- by certain Russian drones that are constantly overflying the US military base at al Tanf . Why we say that it is part of the war on Ukraine is because president Assad himself said – on one occasion- that we owe it to Russia to show our support as Syrians , and to start operating on the ground in favor of Russia against Ukraine .So what is behind this targeting of the US military base is not that the US forces are present and occupy Syrian territories since 2014, but that Syria owes it to Russia to show support on the ground . Now, the 2 battlefields of Ukraine and Syria have become linked somehow . This is very surprising coming from a country that cannot ward off the constant israeli attacks that have become frequent almost on daily basis , the last one- few days ago- had hit again the ALEPPO AIRPORT through which Syria is receiving aid to help the distressed. When not one bullet is allowed to be fired on the usurping state of israel that is occupying the Golan Heights since 1967 and that is striking Syria constantly , what does it mean to target the US military bases in service to Russia? Or do we have to engage in a fight that is not ours and delay the urgent challenging conflict and forget the constant israeli air raids on Syria . At least Assad could have traded this service offered for free to Russia against a cessation of the israeli raids that are Russian coordinated . But no, it is a free gift offered to Putin , and this that does not tell anything good because, not only it engages Syria in international fights that Syria should be spared, but it also tells that the israeli raids problem will not be resolved soon .


File: 1679980400117.png (1.03 MB, 1024x683, ClipboardImage.png)

Some questions should be raised regarding the protests taking place in the usurped land . These protests seem to prepare the ground for something that is not restricted to the usurping state; and it is not far fetched to say that these protests are manipulated, and serve a certain agenda . There is polarization inside israel between what is called fascism- on one hand- and democracy on the other hand, as if there were something like this . israel is a colonial endeavor built on genocide; and like we deny the “apartheid state” promoted by the BDS that overlooks occupation, and thinks the problem in israel to be restricted to the racist segregation , we deny the fascist -democratic polarization in israel that overlooks occupation and qualifies a large portion of the israeli society – in fact the largest- as seeking justice and democracy and fighting corruption and facing dictator Netenyahu and what is called the far right and the religious fanatics . Unfortunately, some Arab experts and journalists have adopted this jargon, and are speaking about the fascist israel as opposed to the democratic israel . We warn about such dichotomy and see israel as occupation , and that israel – by assuming the role of the “democratic state” versus the so called ” fascist state” might be trying to rally the Palestinians and trying to lure them into believing that there is room for the Palestinians in this alignment with which they can identify . This polarization ( democratic /fascist) must have been inspired from the Ukrainian model where Russia- headed by controversial and usurper Putin- stands for democracy while the Ukrainians stand for fascism. This alignment might be generalized to the whole area, and obscure the occupier/occupied alignment that is the Axis of the Resistance alignment .


File: 1680048263075.png (1.27 MB, 1440x960, ClipboardImage.png)

Iran has denied any relation with the attacks on the US military bases taking place in Syria, and has warned the US about any retaliation that targets its facilities or experts in Syria . The attempt at dragging Iran’s name into these attacks on the US military bases is found in all media outlets where we hear of Iran’s backed Syrian Popular Resistance held responsible for these attacks . And like in Ukraine , so in Syria, Iran is accused of helping Russia militarily although president Assad himself said that Syria must compensate Russia for its pro Syrian stand by offering a helping hand in the war on Ukraine and targeting US in Syria itself, and this despite the fact that the Russian stand is controversial in Syria whereby Russia is ‘ coordinating with israel in Syria and with NATO Turkey also, and has been and still is coexisting peacefully with the US military presence and has not confronted US on the Syrian ground in any way . So why is Syria carrying on this endeavor alone when Russia has not engaged in it ? There is no answer to this question , and what adds to the confusion is that the last attack on Rmeylan US airport in Syria last week has been recently claimed by an Islamic group called al Ghaliboun operating from Iraq as they claim . Who is this group ? and who is backing it remain a riddle , but what is sure is that the Ukrainian alignment has expanded to include Syria and maybe Iraq at the expense of other forces on the ground.

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